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What the HELL is going on?!

Oil covered pelican on island off Louisiana coast (MSNBC)

Why isn’t President Obama mobilizing every possible resource to deal with the mess that BP has made in the Gulf of Mexico? What the HELL is going on here? Now is the time for action, not “just words.” I’m getting sick and tired of seeing photos of dead and dying sea birds and pools of oil ruining irreplaceable marshlands.

Frustration grows over oil spill says CNN. No f*cking kidding!! According to CNN, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said today that

If the government finds out that BP is “not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, we’ll push them out of the way appropriately, and we’ll move forward to make sure everything is being done to protect the people of the Gulf Coast, the ecological values of the Gulf Coast and the values of the American people,”

So what is he waiting for? It’s been about a month since the oil started gushing out. It’s pretty obvious BP has no clue how to stop it.

Marcia McNutt, director of the U.S. Geological Survey, told reporters that while BP has failed to meet its own schedule for stopping the gusher, their schedule was probably not feasible from the outset given that the tasks involve construction, mobilizing equipment and fabricating devices.

“I think everyone has to understand that the kinds of operations they’re doing in the deep sea have never been done before,” said McNutt, who is helping lead a team of scientists from the Department of Energy, NASA and others in helping find a solution to the leak.

So why the HELL were they allowed to drill a hole deeper than Mt. Everest is high then? Should there have been a plan A, plan B, and plan C already prepared in case of an emergency?

Why the HELL are we allowing a foreign oil company to run the show while the gross and disgusting mess they have made gets worse and worse and damages our country’s precious natural resources forever and kills off endangered species like the brown pelican?

Does Obama really want the Mississippi River to be permanently fouled with BP oil? Does he really want New Orleans to become a ghost town? Again, I ask, what the HELL is going on here?

I read this post by Rayne at FDL last night: “White House in Denial; Public Wants Real Action on BP Oil Disaster NOW” and finally it has made it onto Memeorandum. Perhaps it will get some attention. Rayne writes:

It’s been more than 30 days since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and the well nearly a mile below on the sea floor began to erupt oil and methane, killing 11 of our fellow citizens and injuring even more both immediately and in the continuing damage which followed.

And nothing has happened of any consequence since then.

Oh, we’ve had a Category 5 hurricane of hot air, some decent questions from Congressional hearings, but zippo-zilch-nada in the way of an effective solution.

I agree. It’s waaaayyyyy past time for some action! Rayne offers 11 suggestions, beginning with:

1) Obama needs to use that goddamned unitary executive power he’s been clinging to and declare a state of emergency in federal waters along the Gulf of Mexico, using an Executive Order. This is now an international situation, not just an American one, because the oil will eventually end up in the North Atlantic.

and ending with:

11) And right now I’m tempted to tell one Barack Obama to get really, genuinely excitedly-upset, be more than that Spock character for once, add the passion of Captain Kirk and the anger of Dr. McCoy in the mix. That fakery last week only made us heave with nausea.

Not likely Obama will show any genuine emotion, but maybe someone could help him figure out how to fake it. While the US media remains mostly cowed by the WH’s efforts to pretend this ecological horror isn’t really happening, the UK press is covering the very real damage that has already been done. From the Daily Mail:

A pelican colony off Louisiana’s coast was seen awash in oil yesterday with birds and their eggs coated in the ooze.

Nests rested in mangroves precariously close to the crude that had washed in.

Workers had surrounded the island with oil-absorbing booms, but puddles of oil had seeped through the barrier.

Anger with the government and BP PLC, which leased the rig and is responsible for the cleanup, has boiled over as more wildlife and delicate coastal wetlands are tainted.

The story says that Obama has sent some “officials down to survey the damage.” Isn’t it a little bit late for that? How about we actually DO something like kick BP out of the Gulf and then prosecuting them to the full extent possible? And then how about listening to the scientists who are evaluating what is really happening, but are being ignored by the do-nothing Obama administration? And Salazar should be gone yesterday.

I read in Dakinikat’s post from last night that some communities are actually trying to raise their own money to try to deal with the oil. What the HELL??!!! What is wrong with our government? And what is it going to take for Americans to rise up and demand real change? We need leadership right now, and if President Obama can’t do the job, he should step aside so we can find someone else who will.

From Daily Mail: nesting pelicans as oil washes ashore

159 Responses

  1. Someone needs to light a fire under Obama’s skinny butt.

    • Jindal just gave a presser and said they’re tired of waiting around here. He’s going to start using state money to dredge some sand land bridges to block the oil from getting into some of the key estuaries. He was talking about how there fleets of ships just idle with boom not being deployed. He’s basically working with the coast guard and not talking to BP any more. All the coastal parish officials have just about had it with the Federal Government and BP. They’re worthless. The oil is just rolling ashore on 65 miles of our coast line. That’s the size of Maryland and Delaware’s coastline combined.

      • It’s about time!

        • This is going to decimate our economy! I think that’s why he’s actually doing something. There are so many folks below the I-10 whose lives are based on the Gulf it’s not even funny. If they don’t sell seafood, they don’t get incomes and the state and local parishes don’t get tax revenues. We’re already hurting down here. That doesn’t even count the disaster its going to cause to the wildlife and the entire food chain and ecosystem. There are folks that are life long shrimpers and fisherman plus every one that relies on them.

          The north part of the state has no real economy, the economic machine is down here and it’s being killed. We’re responsible for 1/3 of the nation’s seafood and 1/3 of the nation’s oil. What’s that going to do to the rest of the country when they drive us all into bankruptcy?

          • hey dk 🙂 I know the economy is a factor, but after all I feel more depressed for the life in the gulf that is being destroyed. This has been described as chernobyl or katrina (rightly so)… but it feels like the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Our leadership is Carter.

            ps. talk about a grim sunday… Limatime died last night :**(

            pss. great photo on your previous post

          • Those little shrimp on my plate and people (like me) that eat them are a big part of the way of life down here and the means to live down here for thousands of people.

            Great reading you!!!

      • Does he have the authority if BP try to stop him though? That’s the problem with these do-nothing Administrations, local and state officials don’t necessarily have the power. With BP dictating to the Coast Guard, supposedly…

        • He just has to call it a National Security emergency, I believe he already has or is a disaster of national significance not the same thing? Didn’t he do that when they called out the National Guard?

          • It’s hard to believe, but BO makes even Jindal look good by comparison.
            Is this what MO meant when she said BO would make us rise above ourselves or some sh1t like that?

          • votermom, possibly. Another version of “we are the change we have been waiting for” – not Obama.

        • I would love to 0bama actually do something to try and stop somebody who was actually doing something. Just what would the idiot do, call out the National Guard from Iraq to kill the people of NOLA who are creating sand bridges to stop the oil? It would be fun to see. Go ahead, New Orleans. Sell tickets. I’ll buy me some to see 0bama stand up to the people like he should to BP.

      • I’m glad there’s one adult in the room, but this is such a god-awful calamity. Is there anyone responsible in charge? Anyone?

  2. At least W only read the Pet Goat for minutes, not months…I always trusted Jr.jr to outdo his predecessor though.

  3. In the next four weeks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will drop at least 300 points upon growing fears of the ongoing economic crisis looming in the United States and abroad as instability in Greece and other European countries suffer the devaluation of the Euro as it tumbles into “no man’s land.”

    BP’s latest attempt to cap the oil pipeline 5,000 feet underwater (a.k.a. “Top Kill”) using robots will fail. They will then come up with a “new plan” out of thin-air in an effort to seal the pipe and to instill confidence in the public. The Obama Administration will finally step in to take control of the operation, adding much needed resources in an effort to assuage the outrage being felt by Americans everywhere over this environmental catastrophe. A team of engineers and scientists will be sent down to the ocean floor, via bathyscaphe, in order to view the damage head-on and to make assessments as to how to repair the damage.

    Is this a future foretold, or just simple deductive reasoning?

    You decide.

  4. BP’s Crimes and Obama’s Lack of Leadership:

    After their reported malpractice, and malfeasance, leading to the oil leak, British Petroleum has demonstrated incompetence and irresponsibility in its utter lack of planning and preparedness for the obvious potentiality of an oil leak such as this. The two main dangers an oil rig faces are explosion and leak. And, for a deep-water rig such as the Deepwater Horizon, that potential leak should be anticipated to be in very deep water. This was not an unforese

    British Petroleum’s actions have been akin to purposely driving a truck on the highway knowing that the truck has no brakes. They were not only so irresponsible as to have no seat-belts or airbags, endangering the driver and occupants, but no brakes, endangering everyone else on the highway as well.

  5. This is Obama’s Chernobyl

    Consequences of the Gulf catastrophe will probably include delayed health effects of epidemic proportions, as toxins enter the food chain/water table and residents and remediation workers become exposed to contaminates. When that happens, attitudes (not only toward oil drilling, but toward Obama and Congress) will change as family/friends observe first-hand tragic implications for loved ones.

    Similarly, massive diversion of resources for mitigation (will Obama facilitate a “bailout” for BP?) would engender economic ripples affecting everyone’s every day lives.

    Further, we’ll see what happens when hurricane season starts and nightmare scenarios play out as the whirlwinds scoop up and indiscriminately deliver toxic sludge over thousands of inland square miles.

    • this whole matter just drives home to me once again that Obama was not prepared to be president and that he and his team think looking presidential is actually enough of a qualification.
      In a way I can not blame them, they are only following in Dubya’s foot steps. Who knew it would be a good idea to actually have some experience and talent for the job?

  6. I also saw that post of Rayne’s on FDL. There were some great comments as well, including by some who work in the industry and made it pretty clear that BP’s behavior all along had been derelict if not outright criminal.

  7. from susie madrak:


    very bad things going on down there – getting worse.

    • Reposting from below:

      Via Corrente:

      There have been several major eruptions of the seabed under riser pipe. I’ve been watching and live-blogging all day. Some screengrabs. Whatever happened is very serious, and I am sure not good news for BP or even Republicans. Seabed dropped several feet, Spillcam covered in oil, Spew increased. New leaking hole in seabed. Possible casing failure.

      • yeah, I just posted that same link

      • “Whatever happened is very serious, and I am sure not good news or BP or even Republicans. ”

        It’s not good news for any of us.

      • seabed’s dropping ? great, does this mean tsunamis?

      • If the seabed collapses, we’re all toast. Then the leak/ gusher will be unstoppable and this particular field that BP tapped is absolutely humongous. That’s why they were so eager to open it. With a gusher of this size with no end in sight? We’ll not only have dead spots in the Gulf, we’ll have dead oceans. And everything in the water and all that depends on the sea will curl up and wither away. That includes us, all of us.

        We should be on our knees, praying that this is not what has happened. BTW, I read an ominous prediction from an energy tech early on saying that this would be the absolute worst-case scenario: if BP damaged the rock structure with their carelessness and the seabed started to collapse.

        And meanwhile, the Obama Administration calls for a Commission to talk it away. We’re being led by utter fools!

      • not good for republicans? THEY AREN’T THE ONES IN CHARGE!

        This morning on Morning Joe, he and several other people were saying Palin has closer ties to BP than Obama based on her chant of “drill baby drill”. They have no clue about her record in Alaska, keeping the oil companies on a short leash.
        Why the hell do we allow such stupidity to pass as news of any sort and allow this swill to use our public air waves.

    • My goodness. So the worst hasn’t begun and Preznit doesn’t seem to be in emergency mode. We’ll be lucky if he gets a solid plan in action by the end of the month.

  8. Superman where are you now?

  9. I read this post by Rayne at FDL last night:, “White House in Denial; Public Wants Real Action on BP Oil Disaster NOW” and finally it has made it onto Memeorandum. Perhaps it will get some attention.

    The lead story at Memeodumdum is:

    The Huffington Post:
    Palin: Maddow Was ‘Prejudiced’ In Her Rand Paul Interview

    Look over there – something shiny!

    • Yep, but at least Rayne’s post was over on the highlighted stuff on the top right.

  10. NY Times is now accepting reader photos of the disaster with an explanation allowed of what the photo represents. We’ll see if they keep that link on the front page.

    • It’s about time. More Americans need to be reminded of the devastation as much as possible. This is Obama’s Katrina and he failed as miserably as Bush. Obama doesn’t care about people, animals, or the environment.

      • Kanye West said Bush doesn’t care about black people. Obama doesn’t care about anyone or anything (except himself.)

      • Unfortunately, neither do his core supporters. Unless they can somehow use the issue to their advantage.

        • I shouldn’t be surprised but it still amazes me how little criticism Obama and his administration has received from Democrats and environmental groups. Can you imagine the response if Bush did the same thing? Kanye would be blogging about Bush being a racist. But no response when Obama does the same thing.

          • I imagine most of the environmental groups are afraid to say anything. They’ve seen Obama’s temperament and how he reacts to criticism. They’re probably still hoping, vainly, that this Admin might do something for the environment in the future and they’re reluctant to burn those bridges. It’s sad, but really all of the liberal interest groups are between a rock and a hard place.

  11. Hillary Clinton and Peter Daou for president. Yes, I want them both dammit!


    • BP’s PR people know that most people don’t react to written descriptions very much nowadays; they need to see video footage, in color, with dead and dying animals. It’s beginning, but wtthout the video there isn’t the same intensity of reaction.

      And Obama is just too cool for this kind of thing.

  12. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a really easy-to-understand visual of the exact setup at the site of the gusher? I want to understand the layout, the structures, the exact point of the leak(s), etc.

  13. This only takes us back to square 1—we are inundated from all sides of the political spectrum, the government bureaucracy and the corporations by bad/no planning, failure to act in the face of disaster aggressively, lack of any capacity for problem solving. NOLA has been at the end of a long funnel of disaster waiting to happen for decades—the agricultural runoff from the Mississippi alone has undermined wetlands making hurricanes more disastrous and creating a huge dead zone in the Gulf. And now we have the heart breaker.

    Maybe some here remember the disaster concern of Y2K—but wait, remember how there was an aggressive approach from our political leadership bringing together the best minds and resources of public corporations, universities and the government and voila—y2k was a non-event. Oh wait, wasn’t that Bill Clinton at the helm?

  14. candy crowley on cnn had a great interview with the head of coast guard in the area. she asks great questions and he was very credible. because this rig was registered in a foreign country, all they needed was paper that said they equaled or exceeded u.s. regs. unfortunately, you know what that means. additionally, the inspections this platform goes through takes about 8 hours vs. the several week inspection that those platforms registered in the u.s. so, it’s a total matter of money. I have a question for all of you. aren’t you getting tired of being a good citizen of this country, obeying the laws and paying your taxes and you see others and other companies who get to skate? we are questioning and investingating ourselves while letting others with arguably questionable legal intent run our country, run our industries, work at our jobs, etc. can i cherry pick which laws i want to follow? also, these rigs should have redundant after redundant systems to prevent this kind of catastrophe.

  15. oh, i meant to add that you can usually read transcripts of cnn programs at their sites. candy crowley’s program is called state of the union or something like that. it’s definately worth the read.

  16. CNN – Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen: Why the private sector is in charge in the Gulf (interesting)

  17. I’ll tell ya what. Not only does Obama need to get off his 11D ass. His cheerleaders need to wake the f#%! up and start doing something post-disaster, yeah not as cool as post-racial but really kinda urgent, about telling their f#%!ing president, the bozo they put in office, to make this a priority NOW! Not only have I had it with the dimwit in the WH, I’ve really had it with the dimwits that elected him. Hey, “cool” kids, do something that matters. For once. (crickets)

  18. Is there a reason everybody is calling it “BP” and not “British Petroleum”?

    When I heard Hillary speak in Hammond Indiana, she talked about getting British Petroleum to hire more people in Indiana. They seem to have a lot of lawsuits over accidents, but I have no idea how this compares with the rest of the industry.

    • Yes – if the American people get mad at the British and start pointing fingers, the Brits will react by pulling their soldiers out of the mideast.

      Many younger people were not aware that BP stands for BRITISH Petroleum and the corporate media is protecting that special relationship. A relationship that started in Iran in 1952 when we helped the British overthrow the new democratic government (and install the Shah) because they were canceling BP’s oil contracts and kicking them out. Ike saved their butt. So – we protect BP (owner of the British government) and they go to war with us.

      • I remember hearing that at one time the European powers had divided up the Middle Eastern (and world) pie, and it was only with great difficulty that the U.S demanded and got a slice–the presence of Standard Oil in the middle east.

    • Didn’t British Petro change its name formally to BP? Or does the corporation just use BP for advertising and PR purposes?

  19. And Obama is handling the investigation commission just the way he handles all things dealing with corporations: Voluntary compliance and corporate “input,” aka control.

    FDL post by emptywheel compares the House design for an investigatory commission to what Obama enacted with his executive order. Obama pulls his same old, same old: Go with the corporate protection approach.

    No subpeonas!! Yeah, like BP will volunteer any info which compromises its corporate health and profitability! And Halliburton? LOL (bitterly).

    Oh, and looking forward, not backward. Meaning no real assignment of blame bcz there won’t be any real search for what the hell went wrong Or who did the wrong..

    And, now, back to Lost.

  20. FDL link in post isn’t working…

  21. Obama is a wholly owned subsidiary of BP don’t hold your breath that he will do anything until it is way too late.

  22. Despite Obama’s Moratorium, Drilling Projects Move Ahead


    • That’s probably like the we’re going to renegotiate NAFTA speeches while sending Goolsbee to tell the Canadians we’re just kidding!!!

    • Yes, that was a “sternly worded” moratorium, just part of the Obama Kabuki to let the rubes think he’s on their side. As if he would actually do something to limit his corporate buddies’ profit taking.

  23. http://www.nola.com/news/gulf-oil-spill/index.ssf/2010/05/be_vigilant_on_oil_spill_an_ed.html

    Editorial from today’s TP:

    The Obama administration has seemed timid, too, in its dealings with BP since the rig explosion. That has left state and local officials scrambling to try to come up with ways to stop the oil from reaching beaches and marshes.

    The federal government needs to be working on three fronts simultaneously. The administration ought to have a muti-layered plan for preventing the oil from reaching shore. It also ought to be crafting a long-term recovery plan for the Gulf Coast and Louisiana’s wetlands and developing rigorous safety requirements to ensure that this sort of disaster never happens again.

    • I was resisting saying this was Obama’s Katrina, but, damn, he can’t resist following the Bush/Cheney lead on just about anything! Yes, Katrina was a well predicted storm; however, the overflowing and damage to the levees was not followed up on by the Federal government until many, many people were in danger. That’s the template our DINO prez is following.

      The Hope and Change guy.

      Hope the problem will Change and go away.
      And, taking the comparison international, if it’s Obama’s Chernobyl, he’s letting the MMS go ahead with permits for more of the same.

      From the NYTimes article on the FAILED Obama moratorium:

      The records also indicate that since the April 20 explosion on the rig, federal regulators have granted at least 19 environmental waivers for gulf drilling projects and at least 17 drilling permits, most of which were for types of work like that on the Deepwater Horizon shortly before it exploded, pouring a ceaseless current of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

      Move along, people. Nothing to see here. Just a few more permits — for more of the same.

      Asked about the permits and waivers, officials at the Department of the Interior and the Minerals Management Service, which regulates drilling, pointed to public statements by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, reiterating that the agency had no intention of stopping all new oil and gas production in the gulf.

      Department of the Interior officials said in a statement that the moratorium was meant only to halt permits for the drilling of new wells. It was not meant to stop permits for new work on existing drilling projects like the Deepwater Horizon.

      Well, Okaaaay, then. What kind of problems could come from drilling projects like Deepwater?

      (Pound forehead on desk.)

      But critics say the moratorium has been violated or too narrowly defined to prevent another disaster.

      Ya think?

      Obama’s going to get stuck in those tar balls and that gooey carmal colored sludgey oil. And then there’s that tritium in IL groundwater, entering those drinking water wells…. Great track record, Mr. DINO Prez.

  24. Also from the TP:


    For those saddened by the scenes of thick oil washing into Louisiana’s coastal wetlands a month after the BP oil disaster began, experts on oil spills and the coastal ecosystem have some advice: Get used to it.

    The crews mopping up oil on beaches and marsh shorelines this week are fighting just the first of what will probably be a series of rolling skirmishes that will last for months, if not years — even after the runaway well is finally capped. In fact, the untold millions of gallons of oil already fouling the Gulf off the Louisiana coast could stay in the area for at least a decade, and on the sea floor for more than 100 years.

    “I’m afraid we’re just seeing the beginning of what is going to be a long, ugly summer,” said Ed Overton, an LSU professor who has consulted on oil spills for three decades.

    “I hope and pray I’m wrong, but I think what we’re in for is seeing a little bit come in each day at different places for a long, long time — months and months.

    “That’s not what I said in the beginning of this. But events have made me amend my thoughts.”

  25. I tried to post a link to a cartoon and HAL 9001 apparently doesn’t like that.

    “I’m afraid you can’t post that, Ivory Bill”. 😈

    • HAL hates emoticons, you’re lucky you got that one through. 🙂 He wants to suck all the joy from life….

    • I don’t know what Spammy has against you but if you post comments when the moderators are awake they will get approved faster than they will in the dead of night.

      • It’s only midnight in CA, you consider this the dead of night? Who are you and what have you done with myiq?

      • I work nights and sleep days Monday through Friday, and the habit persists on the weekends. :mrgreen:

  26. Test post

  27. http://video.newsweek.com/#?t=86933165001&l=82800303001

    The only piece of human technology that might address this is a nuclear bomb. I’m not kidding. If they put a nuke down there in the right spot it might seal up the hole. Nothing short of that will work. [See Paul Noel’s ideas above.]

    If we can’t cap that hole that oil is going to destroy the oceans of the world. It only takes one quart of motor oil to make 250,000 gallons of ocean water toxic to wildlife. Are you starting to get the magnitude of this?

    We’re so used to our politicians creating false crises to forward their criminal agendas that we aren’t recognizing that we’re staring straight into possibly the greatest disaster mankind will ever see. Imagine what happens if that oil keeps flowing until it destroys all life in the oceans of this planet. Who knows how big of a reservoir of oil is down there.

    Not to mention that the oceans are critical to maintaining the proper oxygen level in the atmosphere for human life.

    We’re humped. Unless God steps in and fixes this. No human can. You can be sure of that.

    Wow, this site has a lot of information and some pretty scary plan B type of suggestions.

    • Using nukes worked in Armageddon.

    • That’s cheerful. Someone should explain to O that if this doesn’t work out, we’re all going to die. Guaranteed, he’d come off the tee for that.

      • Nah, Obama et al think the rubes and proletariat will die. The true elites have their money, power gated communites, costly air filter systems, and think they’re immune from the effects of their bad decisions.

        Jared Diamond’s Collapse would be good to read now — I’m going to reread parts of it. Obama, elected as a Democrat, fer cryin’ out loud (and whimpering and even just tearing up), seems hell bent on demonstrating to us all that Diamond’s theory is correct. If the elites are too removed from the problems of the looming catastrophe and thus removed from the effects of their own decision making, societies collapse.

        • well said . Societies also collapse. when the elite no longer want to pay for anything…and we have seen that for years now. I’m waiting for a line like this to appear in the media ” a number police and fireman industry executives met with WH officials today…. ” Everything public is a target for privatization . Everything

  28. What has to be the most astounding thing about all this is that there are STILL supporters of this president running around trying to make excuses about how its not his fault that the pipe blew, completely forgetting that the primary issue is the RESPONSE to the pipe blowing that is the problem……..

  29. From a BBC science blog-Small satellites keep up their oil watch


    • That is fascinating — the satellite system for monitoring agriculture can detect changes to the marsh vegatation almost in real time.

      Great catch!

  30. Monkeyfister:

    Ya know… Back at the end of WW2 in Europe, Mussolini and his cabal were executed, and then strung-up in the street by their feet, so the people could vent their anger on the bodies.

    When it comes to BP, and their Executives, I think this is looking more and more like a good option, since we no longer have Public Stockades, and these fuckers don’t have the Honor to commit suicide.

    How do these motherfuckers sleep at night? Are they able to look their children in the eye? Kids like Dolphins, and Sea Turtles, and Whales, and Manatees… and these kids’ daddies are actively killing them… every day.

    • They don’t look their kids in the eyes, they pay people to do that. Raping the earth keeps ’em too busy . If you asked them what grades their kids are in, I don’t think many could tell you…oh and they sleep like tops

  31. NYT:

    In the days since President Obama announced a moratorium on permits for drilling new offshore oil wells and a halt to a controversial type of environmental waiver that was given to the Deepwater Horizon rig, at least seven new permits for various types of drilling and five environmental waivers have been granted, according to records.


    • Well, duh, Andrea.

      It’s not like BP didn’t already have a track record of cutting corners and neglecting maintenance for the sake of profits (see Texas City explosion).

      And it’s not like Obama didn’t also have a track record of allowing corporations to manipulate regulatory agencies.

      JAYSUS, these people think Americans really are stupid.

      This is, indeed, Obama’s Katrina. And the the media who love him, especially MSNBC, will make every effort to protect him from any blame.


    • “There are real mistakes here”???? More like crimes Andrea dear, and you enabled the criminals.

  32. Frustration and anger are clearly useless when it comes to dealing with oil spills. I am no supporter of Obama, whose health care “reform” was a disgraceful surrender to vested corporate interests and basic American contempt for the poor, but all these calls for “action” amount to nothing if there is no obvious course of action available. Unless the usual American response to a problem is being suggested – fire a missile at the oil well and bomb it back to the stone age. Time for a little humility here: we have created a problem and we can’t solve it. On the small scale it is more or less exactly what we have done with climate change – though in terms of climate change partial solutions are available and we have refused to adopt them because they would have undermined vested interests so powerful they effectively rule the world. Instead we have adopted the denialists’ position – lying to ourselves about what our greed and reckless folly are doing, since lying is what denial of the truth really is. And the truth we are now denying with regard to this oil well is equally simple: we don’t know how to fix it. Lying about that and blaming Obama is pointless. Instead, how about letting experts come up with a credible course of action (if there is one – and it could take years) while (a) cleaning up the oil when it comes ashore as far as that is humanly possible – now that’s something the army is good for, better than killing and torturing anyway: (b) ensuring that off-shore drilling (or wilderness drilling) is never permitted again: (c) promoting a green economy that will wean us off our lethal addiction to fossil fuels. Oh, and not letting anger and frustration cloud our reason and judgment. In any matter.

    • I agree.

      Off shore drilling should have been banned years ago.

    • I’m not outraged at Obama’s action/inaction – I don’t expect that much from him. But that is letting him off the hook. Would it be too much to ask that he outline a plan such as you have? Directness with immediate and long term plans are the purview of a leader. This is what Obama fails at and needs to be called on.

    • so because you don’t think there is a solution everyone should just excuse the president for not looking for one?
      I think there IS a solution and I think we will find it much more quickly if Obama acts like the president and not a corporate tool.

    • Frustration and anger, if they’re strong enough, tend to lead to actions. Action is what’s necessary here–not only action to address the partial solutions you’ve indicated but actions to (a) find a solution to the current problem and (b) hold accountable all those who acted with criminal negligence, both in BP itself and in the government. That includes MMS, Salazar, and yes, Obama, who supposedly has authority and oversight over governmental departments.

      • He should be declaring this a national security emergency or something.

      • Thank you for saying that. All I’m capable of right now is a run-on sentences filled with #1!%#$%$^&*!*#!s.

      • You’re talking more about political and financial payback. That’s important too.

        • The immediate issue is to cap or plug the damned well. That’s (a). I’m perfectly willing to exercise deferred gratification and wait until that’s been accomplished to string the culpable parties up by the heels (b).

          Meanwhile, it looks as though Obama has overtaken W in the Worst-President-Ever Stakes and may in fact be nosing ahead.

  33. BP exec: Doing all we can.
    Shit, that sent a chill down the old spine. That’s when you know they aren’t doing squat. Also Obama’s Rose Garden finger waging thearter at BP told you he was planning squat ( of course) …and Jindal looking like a hero tells one how poor the leadership pickings are…he would only start publicly yelling if nothing, I mean zip, was being done or even thought of by others . Also, are birds etc being cleaned? …and if so, where will they be released to?? When one has a serious accident, it’s said what happen in the next hour, how fast and good the care, determines the rest of their lives. It’s called ” the golden hour ” The Gulf’s golden hour is about gone and still no action by our federal government.

    • No, actually I believe them. They are doing all they can. Only for their own purposes – meaning keep on siphoning oil while keeping their investment intact. The hell with Mother Earth!

  34. And where is Al Gore? Cue crickets!!

    • This is at least the second time he does this (after the stolen election being the first one). Then he started meddling in primaries and saying stuff like “W is my CIC” after 9.11. My good will reservoir for this guy is empty.

    • what?
      Probably where he always is, working in the background, knowing that if he says anything he will be pilloried in the media and any good idea he has, canceled out and not even considered because it came from Al Gore.
      What he has done in private that he never got credit for:

      Flying people out of NO after Katrina despite the best efforts of the bush administration to stop him.

      Freeing two female journalists for N Korea with the help of Bill Clinton.

      Starting a cable channel where actual freedom of speech is respected and real news if covered without corporate control to protect the current people in power.

    • Other than “I told you so,” what do you want him to say?

      Gore’s been trying for over a decade to get the US off the petroleum habit. Look, this disaster has been inevitable from the moment deepwater drilling was allowed to proceed without adequate safeguards–which means a series of at least three or four fallback strategies for dealing with a massive leak at mile-plus depths. Those strategies weren’t in place, despite at least some prior experience with PEMEX’s Ixtoc rig. That’s not Gore’s fault.

  35. Nouriel Roubini said the bubble would burst and it did. So what next?
    The dismal science? Don’t believe a word of it. If Nouriel Roubini’s New Year’s Eve invitations were anything to go by, economics is far from the dour affair it once was.

    “The crisis is not over; we are just at the next stage. This is where we move from a private to a public debt problem,” he says, his speech the mongrel drawl of a man who was born in Turkey to Iranian parents, raised in Israel and Italy and lives in New York. “We socialised part of the private losses by bailing out financial institutions and providing fiscal stimulus to avoid the great recession from turning into a depression. But rising public debt is never a free lunch, eventually you have to pay for it.”

    “We have to start to worry about the solvency of governments. What is happening today in Greece is the tip of the iceberg of rising sovereign debt problems in the eurozone, in the UK, in Japan and in the US. This… is going to be the next issue in the global financial crisis.”

    “In the US there is a lack of bipartisanship between Democrats and Republicans, in Germany Merkel has just lost the majority in her legislature, in Japan you have a weak and ineffective government, in Greece you have riots and strikes,” he says. “The point is that a lot of sacrifices will have to be made in these countries but many of the governments are weak or divided. It is that political strain that markets are worried about. The view is: you can announce anything, we’ll see whether you’re going to implement it.”

    Reform, Roubini insists, is necessary, recovery or not. “We are still in the middle of this crisis and there is more trouble ahead of us, even if there is a recovery. During the great depression the economy contracted between 1929 and 1933, there was the beginning of a recovery, but then a second recession from 1937 to 1939. If you don’t address the issues, you risk having a double-dip recession and one which is at least as severe as the first one.”


    • Roubini has a way of sounding smart by stating the obvious, of seemingly predicting the future by describing the present, of being right more often than wrong by prophesizing doom during a global economic recession. Wish he was less fortune teller, more solution provider.

  36. Thanks for reading my rant at Firedoglake.com. Hope that more folks will make it clear to the White House that inaction is not acceptable, and think deeply about solutions to the multitude of problems caused by the BP oil disaster and the governmental failures which facilitated it.

    We’re obviously going to have make this push-the-button easy by providing enough options for action, leaving no excuses on the table.

    • We’re obviously going to have make this push-the-button easy by providing enough options for action, leaving no excuses on the table

      Absolutely because obots will simply take him off the hook( again) with a ” what can Obama do about an oil spill?” These are folks who NEED help seeing their hand in front of their face, need help to understand 2+ 2=4. They will most likely let him off the hook anyway.
      For the true believers, believing after all reason to has passed , proves they are true believers! They take pride in it.

    • Thanks for writing it!!! I don’t think most people are aware of exactly how catastrophic this will be!!!

    • We need solutions more than politics, the most urgent one to plug the hole a mile underwater. What easy to push buttons are we talking about. I’ll run over and push it myself.

  37. At the end of the day, this is a case of domestic terrorism; plain and simple. When our citizens livlihoods, personal safety, and the safety of our waterways and wildlife are dessimated to such an extent, the executives of BP should be frog-marched to Gitmo for alittle water-boarding (in BP oil-contaminated water)!

    Will the man who received more monies than any other candidate from BP take a real stand? Hell no! He would have to have be a man of firm conviction. Instead he is an empty suit with corporate logos (BP) sewn on.

  38. Press Conference on C-pann earlier. has been posted. I looked to see if it had been posted yet. I didn’t see it.

    41 minutes long, but it was worth the whole watch for me.

    Governor Jindal wins for most substantive, imo.


  39. BP CEO Hayward: We Will Clean Up Every Drop of Oil; Chance of Top Kill Success at 60-70 Percent (via FDL)

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