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LOST: The End

Sunday night will mark The End.  The end of an era.  The end of an addiction.  The end (hopefully) of endless questions. The end of LOST. {{pauses briefly to sob…wipes tears}}.

For those of you who may be LOST fans (or even the ‘hate it’ crowd), tonight begins the “Finale” weekend, with a replay of the 1st episode (currently on in EST), complete with sub-text explanations.  So, pull up a chair, grab a handful of popcorn and, if you’re so inclined, let’s discuss, theorize, share ideas, and just scratch our heads over the culmination of 6 years for this incredible series.:

What questions do YOU want answered?

Where did Vincent go?

Who is the mother of Jack’s Son?

What is the relevance of the flashback, flashforward, sideways flash, and multiple time periods on the island?

Why was the island under water last season?

What about the time machine?

Is Richard dead? or alive?

Is it about good vs evil?

What is the relevance of the Black Rock ship, and why was it on the horizon when Jacob and Esau were sitting on the shore this season?

Who is your favorite LOST character?

Is it Jack?

Is it Sawyer?





Who do you despise?

Is it Locke?

or Ben?

What are your theories about the finale episode? What do you think the island is about? Who is Jacob? What is the purpose of the “Smoke Monster/Man in Black?”

LOST can’t be over…

Maybe it will never be over.

81 Responses

  1. Wow — this is an awesome set of links and info!! Thank you SoD!!

    I’m watching the pilot now but, I’ll be bacfk when it’s over.


  2. This guy put a lot of time into explaining the time shifting element. It certainly helps explain why Hurley never lost weight on the island — something that has perplexed me for all 6 seasons.

    1 of 3

  3. LOST’s 3 burning questions from EW:


  4. ***Yawn***
    I’ll take my anime, thank you very much.
    That, or black and white Dr. Who.

  5. I’m guessing the mother of Jack’s son is Juliet, she’s about the only woman who hasn’t shown up in alt reality yet.

    • Katiebird said that the “concert” mentioned in the last episode might be a pivotal moment with many of the Losters showing up. We should see the mother there.

      • Yeah, Desmond and Kate were headed there. I think alt reality was kind of disappointing. It’s been interesting, but they had this opportunity to be really audacious and instead it’s as if they all just need to get back to the other reality, making the whole thing somewhat pointless, IMO. It’d be more interesting if everyone from the other reality needed to find a way to alt reality.

        • I don’t know anymore if those are alternate realities or just different “time” — watching those videos I posted upthread gave me a whole different perspective on the flashback, forward flash, sideways world, 1970 vs 1997 vs 2007 stuff. It also explains a lot about the Dharma initiative and how that all works into the story line as a subplot.

  6. LOST is Obama who fiddles while the Gulf dies. Lost is an ecosystem for the foreseeable future. Lost are the pelicans, sea turtles, dolphins and numberless
    beautiful creatures who did not contribute to Obama’s election campaign as did BP. LOST forever.

  7. Hey, where is Desmond in the choices of favorite character? I guess Hurley would be second after Desmond.
    Also, for entertainment, don’t miss this Totally Lost with Pellegrino and Welliver. It made me feel so good about the actors, I don’t much care about the mess of their Smothers Brothers charcters – they are fabulous and very funny actors
    I don’t have any expectations from the ending. But if they leave the “it would be a very bad thing if the magic light goes off” unexlained, it would remain a very silly show.

    • I’m really concerned that the end will not be satisfying. Matthew Fox was on Jimmy Fallon the other day and he said the ending will be “beautiful” and “moving” and I was like “huh?”

      So many nuances to piece together. Jacob and Esau/Good and Evil/etc.

      It seems to me that the Lostees have “issues” and when they work those “issues” out they die.

      The timeshifting theories are interesting too (1970, 1997, 2001, 2007, and 1800) and explain quite a bit but don’t really answer the good vs evil stuff.

      Desmond is a real curiosity. Those timeline videos I posted up thread explained to me more of his background.

    • Do you have a link to the Totally Lost thing? I didn’t see it.

  8. According to the timeline theory, the “hatch” was the center of electromagnetism and the Dharma group was able to capture enough of the energy to create a time machine. Ben set it up to loop time every 108 minutes — apparently to save the island from some catastrophic event to occur in 2007.

    Then Desmond missed a data entry and the island slipped out of the time loop, causing the ‘incident’ that brought on the plane crash and restarted the time.

    The “coordinates’ that Faraday had were the border area of the “bubble” around the island and once you pass through that coordinate bubble time shifts. So the Lostees first went home but Jacob had to convince them to come back to before the crash to reset the time loop (that’s why it was 1970 something at one point and then 1997).

    Of course that does nothing to explain the “special” nature of the water, the bright light, or Jacob (who was born in 1800).

    {{{ head explodes }}}

    Sorry…I’ll clean that up.

    • The whole “science vs faith” dichotomy seems to me resolved by ‘forget about science”. What you wrote about the “incident made sense until you get to Jacob bringing them to the island. So who was it? Jacob or Desmond? I decided to care about these details. I’ll just get – hopefully entertained – like I did watching Jacob and MIB “In Treatment” – don’t miss that May 20 edition of Totally Lost”

      • I haven’t been able to reconcile just what Desmond’s role is. He seems to be working for Widmore — and I have no idea what Widmore’s agenda is in this. Eloise is another puzzle along with Penny. I can’t fit those characters into any “theory” that makes sense to me.

        The timeline theory also helps explain the concept of “the constant” that came up a few seasons back and when Desmond called Penny from the future (or something like that).

        • Desmond seems to be some kind of facilitator for bringing everyone together in the present. To what end though? And will that become apparent at the “concert?”

      • I watched that — the episode of Totally Lost where they interviewed Jacob & the MIB — that was great.

        Also, I don’t have a problem with science and faith working hand-in-hand. It matches my belief that you can have free will and rules.

        At least that’s what I think tonight

        • That *is* a good point and helps gel the whole Jacob and Dharma pieces together when they seem so unrelated.

        • Except science and faith do NOT work hand in hand. It’s like the Texas school boards took a hold of this show at the end of last season and erased any claim to sci-fi the story might have had, making it pure fantasy. And I love good fantasy – in fact the mythology show was very promising. What bugs is the complete lack of consistency between the two.

          • There does seem to be this big chasm between what the island is and what the Dharma initiative is. I haven’t been able to link those two in my mind in any clear way.

          • I (think I) disagree. For one thing, I think you can be a person of faith without being a Texas-School-Board-Wanna-Be. And for another, I don’t think Jacob is all-good and I don’t think the MIB is all-bad either. They both openly admit to mistakes & flaws.

            Don’t they?

            I guess I’m thinking that we’ve got an island that pretty much forever has had some unique characteristics. Isn’t a part of the human condition to try to control those things? And isn’t also a part of the human condition to find explanations? Either mystical or scientific — according to our own inclinations?

            I like it that we’ve had the Dharma Initiative experimenting with the scientific aspects while Jacob & his brother have played with the mystical.

            But, I’m not watching it for either a religious or educational experience so maybe I’m totally off-track.

          • Someone once explained to a newbie that in order to understand the present goings on on Lost, they only need to have seen season one as everything in between was filler that had nothing to do with the main story. As someone who caught up last summer, I heartily agree.

      • oops, I meant the May 18, 2010 rdition

    • Jacob wasn’t born in 1800. Richard Alpert seems to have arrived on the island in the mid-late 1800s. Jacob and his brother seemed to have been descendants of the Roman Empire (from the way their mother was dressed). They were probably born shortly after the death of Christ so they’ve been on the island much longer than 200 years.

      • whooops. Yep. My math is waaaay bad. 200/2000. Jacob was born 2000 years ago (so biblical, no?)

  9. Just watched the rerun of the Pilot. It was weird to see how important Shannon and her brother were in the early episodes.

    They started out with over 40 survivors and now they’re down to the final 4.

    • Shannon’s death was the first time I thought there was some connection between finding “true love” and then passing on. It came back around to that idea this season.– Remember?

      Shannon and Sayid got together, and she was killed by Ana Lucia right afterwords; Hurley and Libby found each other, then she was killed; same with Sawyer and Juliet and Charlie and Claire.

      • Do Charlie and Claire count the same way? Charlie thought he was in love with Claire but, she never seemed quite as interested.

        Oh — that reminds me of MY pointless question. What is the significance of Charlie’s ring? He put it in Aaron’s diaper then just recently Sun found it in the crib & she put it in her pocket. But, now that she’s drowned is the ring lost forever? Why did they bother to film that bit?

        • I know — but I keep thinking it’s some shout out to his role in The Hobbit (I’m probably just being silly on it tho)

          • Unless it has something to do with him deliberately creating a reference point for the different time periods.

          • Oh! Maybe so. I hadn’t thought of either possibility. I kept hoping Claire would find it and bring him back with the power of her love.

            Did you hear the theory that Charlie’s “vision of true love” in the sideways world wasn’t Claire — it was the Virgin Mary Statures with the heroin inside?

          • I never quite got Claire’s importance either. She’s always so peripheral to the story. She’s there at the end, and very likely at the concert so maybe there will be something definitive about her.

  10. From TWOP discussion

    So Richard can’t die, unless suddenly he can.

    Kate isn’t a candidate anymore until suddently she is.

    Widmore is an evil nemesis until he just isn’t.

    Claire has a profound purpose and gives her child an anvilicious name, until she has no purpose.

    Eloise has the answers – until we don’t see her again.

    It was stuff like that early on that made me drop out at the end of season one. But now I am back strictly for amusement.

  11. I wonder if they added the extra 1/ 2 hour for commercial sales expecting a big audience.

  12. So why does Desmond need to bring everyone together in the present/sideways world? And who all is there? Locke is there, Claire, Jack, Hurley, …

  13. Ah, also, in the despise category – where is Jacob? Ya know, the guy that ordered genocide of the DI and many ofher killings? How about Not-Mom?
    I think they take precedence over Ben & FLocke

  14. And what about those pregnancy studies? Was that just a side issue that’s been abandoned?

  15. stateofdisbelief

    Thanx… I thought I am the only person who is obessesed with LOST. In fact I think I am in love with every one in it . That is the weired thing even the bad people I don’t hate. At this point if the writer asks me I would say I don’t care about explanations, science or logic, I just want to keep seeing them. I told you I am in love. I had a fall out with my son during the primaries and the GE( he was an obot) it got to the point we stopped talking to each other. LOST what braught us back. For a while it seemed like the only subject we could maintain a conversation without it spilling into you know who. So it is big to me.

    • I’m so giddy with excitement for tonight it’s almost embarrassing. Thankfully katiebird and I have been having a running conversation over the show to stem my obsession.– so I totally understand.

  16. There’s a group of people who are going for a Guiness record by watching all the lost episodes in a marathon – timed to conclude with the finale.
    and here’s a George Garcia interview

  17. I’m glad people have something to amuse themselves with. But without TV for over a dozen years, I live outside of this particular American Hologram. When I go to the supermarket, I don’t recognize the faces on any of the magazines at the checkout counter. It’s like visiting a foreign country.

    And damn, that feels GOOD! Who would want to be part of what we have now, forgodssakes?!?

    • Yes but LOST is great for escapism and is very heady with philosophical, spiritual, and mythological elements. Not all entertainment is bad. Now, the MSM news….that’s another story.

    • Entertainment and theater as an art form has been a cultural mainstay, and in fact helps to define a culture, since recorded time.

    • I can see the value of this. I partially accomplish this good feeling by selective watching and skillful tuning in. Even with this show that now amuses me so much – I dropped out from watching it for 4 seasons – then I eventually picked it up in reruns last summer. Because I chose so.
      There needs to be a choice involved for this to be fully satisfying.

  18. I LOVE JACK. I have not read any of the thread. I’m in trepidation that Jack might die and in utter exhilaration for the culmination of six years of devotion.

    LOST is about the only show I watch religiously. I LOVE LOST.

    Mathew Fox said the end was going to be beautiful and moving and I want that . After Sayid blew up, I need beautiful and moving.

    I love all of the characters, I can even appreciate Sawyer. I loved the experience of being so immersed in something. Truth to tell, I don’t think I can ever give that kind of commitment to something else, it is too consuming.

    I’ve tried to enjoy this last season, without over analyzing it, but…

    I think Juliet is David’s mom, and to kill Flocke Jack may have to kill sideways Locke. But I’m trying to avoid thinking about any theories.

    So far this season, I’ve been very satisfied (Well they did kill Sayid, and Jin and Sun – which was a shocker). But right now I think I’ll enjoy it.

    Then I will have to figure out how to purchase the seasons I don’t own.

  19. The NYT talk live with the show creators is now on video here

    • Those Lostathoners are funny. During the episode you can see them fighting sleep and acting a bit dazed. Then when the episode ends they get all jazzed up again.

      It’s pretty funny. They are also raising money for their identified charities so that’s a good thing.

  20. This is going to be the best day. I feel giddy, oh so giddy, I feel giddy and pretty and gay!

  21. Cuse and Lindelof were also on Jimmy Kimmel the other day
    Part 1

  22. Bwa-ha-ha! Lol cats video re-enacting Lost in one minute

  23. The excitement is building!

  24. Going toward 4PM — only 4 more hours to wait!

    My question: What is it that got you hooked on Lost?

    For me, I was taken with the colors of the ocean, the quality of the light, and the multi-national cast. I just felt immersed from the gitgo and wanted more, more, more. Even the one season it seemed to drag a bit, seemed to get a bit, uh, lost, I still thoroughly enjoyed the cast and their characters and the beauty of the island and its ocean.

    What about others here? What got you hooked?

    • I was hooked from the first episode. I remember watching it with my daughter and both of us looking at each other with our jaws dropped at the end.

      There was no turning back.

    • I watched as it was sold as sci-fi- ad I was going along just fine for some time. Loved Hurley’s numbers. And then, like many other stories, it was dropped. So I dropped the show in response. I was kinda offended by the sci-fi label afterwards, as the sci was missing even before it got all faith-y.
      Last summer, there was nothing much on TV and twice a day reruns on cable – so, I caught up.

    • The promo trailers were shots of the island, the water, Naveen Andrews and Mathew Fox. While I never really got into Party of Five, I loved Fox as the older brother Charlie. I thought Naveen was super sexy.

      And the island shots reminded me of home.

      I missed the very first airing of Episode 1 because I wasn’t a very faithful network show person, so I completely forgot. But they re-aired the pilot episode on the Saturday night, and by some quirk I was surfing channels and caught it right as it was about to start. I’ve been hooked ever since.

      The casting might be the best part of the show. Even when it dragged, I watched. I love the way the cast interacts. Their chemistry is amazing.

  25. 8 more minutes…

    • {{{{ It’s On!!!! }}}} giddy giddy giddy!!!! {{{ jumping up and down}}}}

  26. So far, so great! Although as things exploded in the cave I had to think of BP and their oil kill…

  27. I keep loving it. I expect Flocke is not done yet though.

    • This is the most incredible piece of TV I’ve ever experienced. OMG!

  28. I’m good with it so far. Now for the AU…

  29. Here’s my comment as I posted it on TWOP
    What happened, happened, and what didn’t (the AU) gave nice emotional closure.
    There was one detail from what happened that made me very happy: Ben telling Hurley
    “Those were Jacob’s rules, you can make your own. You do what you do best: help people”
    It was satisfying on two levels – the island is no longer going to be a sadistic jungle in the name of “free will” and second: it finally acknowledged openly what a sick moron Jacob has been (remember, he ordered Ben to kill all DI, kidnap kids and harass the Losties ).
    I think Ben’s redemption started when he told Hurley those things.
    As a reward, he was put in the position of setting right all the wrongs Jacob did.
    It’s why I believe that he was out of the church because he was still the island protector at the time.
    I never expected answers to questions – I learned since they dropped the numbers that this was not that kind of show. Plot-wise it was a mess – and it remained consistently so to the end.
    But emotionally, it paid off – in the AU and reality – with the “new rules” (cue Bill Maher)
    “There shall be no more idiotic rules set by someone who lived isolated their entire lives from other human beings”
    “If someone accidentally discovers the cave of light, he/she will be gently transported back home, to their original lives”
    “There will be no more questions, answers, polar bears or numbers”
    There will be no more people on the island and a cork shall be provided to close BP’s mess”
    (sorry, I had it in the back of my mind the whole time I was watching)

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