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    riverdaughter on Fitness Month: the longest mon…
    William on Fitness Month: the longest mon…
    jmac on S}#% I just don’t underst…
    Propertius on S}#% I just don’t underst…
    Propertius on S}#% I just don’t underst…
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      So, the evictions moratorium expired Saturday at midnight. Over a quarter of renters are behind in some states, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities think-tank. Southern states are some of the worst affected, though some 16 percent of US households owed rent — about double the amount before the pandemic. This wasn’t necessary, but the choi […]
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Sestak Now Leading Specter in PA Senate Race

Here is Joe Sestak’s latest ad–a great take-down of phony Arlen Specter.

CBS News:

According to the latest Muhlenberg College tracking poll (PDF), Specter leads Sestak 48 percent – 40 percent, with 11 percent either not sure or choosing someone else.

Now Sestak has unveiled a tough new ad portraying Specter as a political opportunist who only became a Democrat so he can win reelection. (See it at left.)

The spot shows Specter saying his party change will allow him to remain in office as well as footage of President George W. Bush effusively praising Specter. It also includes a shot of Specter with Sarah Palin.

“Arlen Specter switched parties to save one job: his, not yours,” an announcer says.

Specter has the backing of the Democratic establishment….

Ha. ha. ha.

This is an open thread.

98 Responses

  1. Politics Daily:

    Specter’s favorability numbers have gone down somewhat since the start of the tracking poll. He now is seen favorably by 54 percent and unfavorably by 34 percent with 13 percent not sure. On May 2, his favorable-to-unfavorable margin was 58 percent to 31 percent. Sestak has seen a slight rise from a 45 percent to 12 percent favorable-to-unfavorable margin to 48 percent to 13 percent in the new poll. But the biggest difference between Specter and Sestak is the percentage of people who don’t know enough about the congressman to be use of their opinion of him, which is 39 percent.

    Something tells me Sestak will become better known after this ad.

  2. On another topic: We’re so screwed down here on the Gulf!!!


    Any one ever heard of deep sea ice crystals before?

    • Did you see the link I left you down below? It’s conspiracy-minded Madsen, but it still makes me uneasy. Of course the situation is catastrophic anyway.


      • good read! and I’m beginning to believe the conspiracies, frankly. I can’t believe BP managed to skip out of all those studies and regs last year by snowblowing over the EPA. They’re all inept corrupt idiots back there in the beltway!

        • From the Guardian article linked below:

          While experiencing its highest profits in its corporate history, BP implemented budget cuts of 25% in 1999 and 2005 at each of its five US refineries. The safety board found a pervasive “complacency towards serious safety risks” at all of them.

          When the next great explosion at a US oil workplace occurred, it was of little surprise to learn that it was, again, BP at fault. It also came as little surprise that the location was the deep offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

          BP and the entire oil industry have lobbied aggressively to open new US waters to offshore drilling and expand the access they already had.

    • no, hadn’t checked back there yet … was figuring if something else wasn’t up, I’d post an update about the Gulf later. This is really looking horrible and we’re seeing dead dolphins now. That just breaks my heart.

      • OMG, that’s terrible Dak. This is so heartbreaking. From what I’ve hear from even maintream sources this could end up really bad. National Geographic says parts of the Gulf coast could be a “dead zone.”

        • exactly, this is about to turn a huge section of the country, possibly the size of a small state or a small country, and one rich with all kinds of things, into a no man’s zone. It’s like some horrid science fiction movie!

          • I’m really worried that it will get into the Mississippi River. That would be an unimaginable disaster.

      • (((Dak))). 😦

      • I thought the magnitude was scary but now I know it’s beyond imagination. Check these numbers and keep in ind that this represent the best case scenario. This are getting worse:

        Cost & Effects of The BP Oil Spill

  3. If this is Sestak’s claim to fame-he peaked to early. What is this guy running on? He is the Democrat and he served in the Navy? A very thin record if you ask me. And, then I hear that he actually is no progressive-Sestak I mean-and he votes very conservative. Then to top it all off, I find out he was a registered Independent before becoming a Democrat just 4 years ago to run for Congress. And, I hear has has taken big money from Republicans like Richard Mellon Scaife of Ken Starr fame. Sestak is a joke. And, he won’t release his military records either, just like he has made other claims that he can’t back up. The guy is playing everyone. I am not about to risk what Specter brings to PA for this joker.

    • What’s your point Marc? What does Arlen bring? I don’t live in PA, so please share.

      • Excuse me if I don’t care for Republicans, including our dear leader Obama.

    • Links? Proof? We’re not windchimes here so huffing and puffing has no effect

    • Where do you hear all these things, Voice of America Astroturfing, Inc.? Oh noes, not a registered Independent! And a political opportunist, too? Wow! Clearly Specter is the only option then.

    • Wait, where have I heard this kind of thing before? Oh yeah, I remember…


    • what does Spector bring to PA?

      Are you astro-turf for the PA DNC? Obama has proven he doesn’t care about the democratic primary voters. If he could have stolen delegates here in PA, like everywhere else, he would have. Did you hear that he offered Sestak a high level job if he would dropout of the race? Do you approve of that and if so, do you know that is illegal?
      Do you expect that Spector will switch to the PA for Spector party if Sestak wins the primary and do you, as I do, expect the white house and establishment dems to support him?

      signed Life Long Democrat sick to death of the elitist creeps in our party deciding they know best.

    • I will happily risk whatever Specter brings to Pennsylvania for Joe Sestak. If all Specter has to run on is pork and attack ads, then he has nothing to run on.

      Here are some facts: Joe Sestak not only served in the navy, but rose to the rank of three star admiral. He also worked with the Clinton White House and commanded battle carriers in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. He remained unaffiliated with a political party during his service in the navy because he believes that military personal should remain non-partisan. However, Sestak is fond of saying that “everyone in the military is a Democrat – they just don’t realise it” at many of his town hall meetings. During his four years in Congress, his offices have actually handled twice as many constituent cases as other congressional offices in Pennsylvania. Sestak’s resume is anything but thin.

      Joe Sestak’s military records are public information – Specter’s continued assertions that Sestak refuses to release said records are mere smear tactics which hold as much truth as the birther’s claims that Obama was born in Kenya.

      As for Sestak taking money from Scaife, I have seen no evidence to corroborate that claim. Please cite your sources, because having read extensively on Sestak, there is no evidence that his campaign has taken any money from Scaife or any other wealthy Republican operatives.

      Specter is the political windsock of the senate. Frankly, watching him in the debate with Sestak, I suffered from flashbacks to the campaign of Bob Dole every time he referred to himself in the third person. The fact that the current Democratic Party establishment supports this jowly joke of a candidate makes me determined not to extend his career beyond it’s current thirty years.

      • As nonsensical/hypocritical astroturfy claims go, releasing the military records is just ugly smear politics at its worst. They need to either have the ovaries to actually come out and accuse him of something, or stop playing these games. Soo Old Repub/Obama Dem. I’ve got a list in my pocket….

  4. You know, bb, it just makes me furious that last weekend, all of Washington DC including steerless leader were at that stupid dinner while TN people died from tornadoes and floods, the gulf situation just got more out of control, and then they had a terrorist act in NYC. It’s like all they can do there is theatrics. Other than Hillary, I don’t think the rest of them even know how to govern.

    At least the terrorist thing got Holder out of his office, but the rest of the cabinet secretaries they’ve sent down here are completely useless! If it wasn’t for the coast guard and the LA wildlife department, there’d be no one left living down here as it is. What is with these people? Specter is just another example. He’s just an entrenched, self serving, egoist like the rest of them. What kind of country are we going to leave to our kids?

  5. Got my mom an iPad for M-day. Do you hear me Steve?! I have just made an addict out of my mother. She has a scrabble monkey on her back and we are enablers, Steve. Don’t you feel ashamed? The least you can do is buy a round.
    Too funny about Specter. Ill have to ask my mom about him. I am in central, pa today. Is SOD around?

    • She is beating me. Oh, the ignominy! Oh, the humiliation!

      • Good for mom!

        • Yeah, but it’s not even close. She plays scrabble with the strategy of Sun Tsu.

          • She has discovered the apps store. We will never see her again. Someday, we will find her in her bed, fingers glued to the screen, dead from listening to Sinatra while she tried to make a triple word score in two directions.

    • I posted that ad the other day. It’s devastating.

      • He gives it a creepy little inflection, too. Sometimes it’s as if these guys don’t realize they’re being filmed.

      • I’m kind of surprised specter is still around. Doesn’t he want to do something else with his life?

        • I think he’s afraid to retire. He probably one of those guys that is certain to kick the moment he is unattached to his work life. It’s sad that people don’t value their non-work lives enough to call it a day and enjoy their golden years.

    • Love my ipad RD.

  6. BP Oil Spill has already eclipsed Exxon Valez:

    Ian McDonald, a biological oceanographer, strongly believes that the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill could have already surpassed the Exxon Valdez oil spill. He has categorically denied the estimates of NOAA and BP, which stands at 5000 barrels per day. According to his study and analysis, we are looking at a spill of around 25,000 barrels per day, rather than the 5,000 barrels estimated by BP. If his estimates are accurate, then we are facing a much bigger economical and threat than is currently being predicted.

  7. BP oil washes up on Louisiana’s Wildlife Refuge Islands


    • This is all just so horrific and there is nothing we can do to stop it. I feel so helpless. I feel so bad for Dak and the animals that will suffer immeasurably from this.

      • The brown pelicans that live in that refuge were just removed from the endangered species list.

    • Bob Bennett was just shut out of the primary in Utah. He’s done.

      • The Village doesn’t seem too pleased with this development.

        • Yes. It appears the unwashed masses have picked up their pitchforks and gas-soaked brooms.

          • Apparently, this is not change they can believe in. Hillary’s lumpen are beginning to look positively civilized in comparison.

        • Steny Hoyer even made an in-person plea for Bennett, to no avail.

  8. Is that fear I smell from all quarters of state DNC’s and national? Of course they can always just cheat; they do that often enough. I think though that if the numbers aren’t very close, they find that a little harder to do.

    The DNC is one of the most anti democratic, anti american organizations around. They should all be on the no fly list. That’s the first thing I’d do if I were running things. That and iPads for everyone. 🙂

    • Get those asshats on the no fly list, you can keep my iPad. 🙂

    • “The DNC is one of the most anti democratic, anti american organizations around.”

      Hey, that’s what I say whenever any Dem organization calls me for money. They must be hard up for cash, because they keep on calling.

  9. More reasons to hate flying:

    — turbulence leads to hospitalized passenger and flight attendent:

    — guy gets harassed over his small penis which became obvious after one of those new body scans. Beats the crap out of his coworker snickering at the image.


    So guys, if your junk is less than impressive, be prepared for some giggling and pointing at your expense.

    • I’ve seen those little ones grow to impressive lengths with the right stimulation.
      Er, TMI, huh?

      • 😯

      • Medically, they all end up about the same size when in action. The bigger ones just have to grow less. So, the smaller ones actually do more, in a manner of speaking. 😉

  10. Coming off his role in the star packed techno action thriller Iron Man II, Mickey Rourke complains that some actors suck at their craft. Hee.

    • I like Mickey Rourke anyway.

      • yeah but that plastic surgery…whoa.

        • Well, I was referring to his early films, actually. I haven’t seen the recent ones. He was fantastic in Body Heat.

          • Yes, the older ones were great. He was supposed to be good in his recent one The Wrestler.

          • I’ve liked Mickey’s acting since the first time I saw him on film (Body Heat, Diner). Unfortunately, acting ability is rarely a requirement for Hollywood entertainment these days. Ironically, Ironman has some of the best acting talent working: Downey Jr, Cheadle, Johansson, Rourke, Rockwell, Jackson, Bettany, Paltrow. But I imagine not much acting finesse is called for. Looking forward to watching anyway.

      • I’ve liked Mickey’s acting since the first time I saw him on film. Unfortunately, there are no acting roles in Hollywood anymore.

  11. BTW, we’re poised to cross the 9 million hits mark sometime tomorrow.

  12. While Nashville is drowning, That One is playing golf. And what is the msm doing? Not covering either the way they should. Oh, that’s right–it’s not Bush.

  13. Bob Bennett is a senior Republican Senator. Republican stalwarts are getting a blast from the tea party anti-incumbent winds. Bennett is about as conservative as conservative gets. I think that is a pretty big story—the Mormon church will be firing rockets to God over that rocking of the Mormon ship of state.

    In the Dem Utah race the primary challenge was because the incumbent Dem voted against the HCR bill—I don’t think you could manufacture a congressional district in Utah where someone could be elected because they want to vote and support O’s HCR package.

    • I goofed. Steny Hoyer made the plea for the blue dog candidate who lost.

  14. Oh, have I hurt someone’s feelings?

    • Huh?

      • Lost a couple of comments on Mickey upthread. No biggee. 🙂

        • I released them. I don’t know what happened.

        • I’m glad someone else remembers his performance in Body Heat. But did you ever see “Johnny Handsome?” He chews the scenery in that one–just slightly over the top.


  15. When acting was more important than special effects.

  16. dakinikat, on May 8, 2010 at 5:51 pm Said:

    On another topic: We’re so screwed down here on the Gulf!!!


    Any one ever heard of deep sea ice crystals before?
    Methane Clathrate(hydrate) deep sea ice crystals are the 50 billion ton Gorilla of global warming that is rarely mentioned. Continued warming of the Arctic is releasing methane gas from the permafrost. There is a real possibility that as warming continues, the Methane Ice could suddenly melt and essentially double the green-house gas effects “over-night”.



    The deep sea ice is formed when there is the right combination of high pressure and low temperature ie 5000+ feet below the surface in the Gulf, water and natural gas (Methane).

  17. Subprime bubble in action.

  18. It’s Sestak all the way with this pennsylvanian. I’ve heard him speak and answer questions twice and agreed with him on nearly every point. The guy does his homework; speaks without notes or teleprompters; read the entire healthcare bill before voting for it; sees the healthcare bill as something of a defeat for Dems and remains committed to the public option and subjecting insurance companies to anti-trust laws (they are now exempt); is committed to education and healthcare as his top priorities. I could go on, but you can easily find his positions on line. Thanks for this post, bb!

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