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The Democrats are going to run on “results” in November??

Bart Stupak, poster boy for the "party of results"

I know, I know.  It took me awhile to stop giggling too.  They can’t possibly be serious.  But that’s what PoliticalTicker is claiming.   Swallow your coffee before you read it:

Washington (CNN) – When voters head to the polls in November, the Democratic National Committee would like them to remember Democrats with one word: results.

On Wednesday at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, chairman Tim Kaine revealed his party’s new message and strategy months ahead of the midterm elections. Kaine talked about the efforts with CNN Chief National Correspondent John King in an interview that aired on John King, USA.

Kaine told King that Democrats hope to convince voters they are the party of results. Part of their new strategy will involve pushing that message, helping local candidates, and convincing many of the new voters – that voted for President Barack Obama in the last election – to support Democrats in the midterms.

The DNC chairman said that while the economy still needs improvements, it’s moved from recession to recovery.

Kaine said, “I think the improvement will be noticed by our voters and we’ll be able to make the case to them, do you want to keep climbing or do you want to hand the keys back to the guys who put us into the ditch?”

Yeah, I’m sure that’s what they will be thinking as they head out the door today with their complimentary cardboard box for their stuff and their three month severance packages.

Actually, that’s not what I’ve been witnessing here in the heart of middle class suburbia.  What is happening is that the Republicans in NJ are stirring up an anti-tax rebellion and directing it against hapless teachers.  Why should THEY be getting decent bennies and a steady paycheck when the people footing the bill with their ridiculous property taxes are seeing their industries disappearing and their own lives on the brink of disaster?

Tim Kaine and the Democrats are utterly clueless.  They have no idea what is really going on out here.  Results?  What results?

Was the stimulus package big enough to stave off these drastic cuts in our school districts?

Did Democrats end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Did the Democrats fight hard for the entrepreneurs and small businesses to get the capital they need to start new ventures so people would have jobs?

Did the Democrats soak the rich bankers within an inch of their lives so that they would learn a valuable lesson and the financial catastrophe they brought upon us wouldn’t happen again?

Did Democrats put together an adequate bailout and mortgage restructuring package for strapped homeowners so they wouldn’t throw in the towel and walk away from their obligations?  Did they make it easier for mortgage owners to keep money flowing to the banks to keep them solvent?

Did the Democrats impose some emergency regulations so that bankers would stop gambling away our futures?

Have the Democrat done ANYTHING so far to make sure that no one touches Social Security and that we get our Trust Fund money back from the thieves who took it?

Did the Democrats give us actual health care reform that’s truly universal, affordable, with competition?

Did the Democrats protect womens’ rights and autonomy of her own body?

Did the Democrats fix gender paycheck inequalities for real or did they simply pass a law with no teeth?

Did the Democrats try to protect American workers’ jobs?

I haven’t seen any results.  I’ve seen them turn their backs on their own voters in 2008 in order to elect their lightbringer, an easy win for them.  All they had to do was change the roolz in the middle of the game and cudgel frantic American voters with false accusations of racism to guilt them into voting for one of the most unprepared but nakedly ambitious presidents since George W. Bush.  But it wasn’t enough to make him president.  No, the world had to give him a Nobel prize as well.  What’s next?  A MacArthur genius grant for curing cancer?  Where does he find the time??  The awards must be piling up on his little display etegere, like a bunch of 3rd place martial arts trophies.  Everyone who participates gets a prize for trying.

And the whining.  I can’t stand it.  We are now supposed to believe that a minority party, the Republicans, are responsible for all that has gone wrong.  They stand in the way.  They say no to everything.  Even when Democrats had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate, the Republicans were responsible.  How can that be??  I am trying hard to wrap my head around this concept.  Here’s what I’ve got: 1.) Democrats had a filibuster proof majority in the senate.  2.)Republicans got what they wanted anyway.  3.) Soooo, maybe the problem is actually *in* the Democratic party.   Three names come to mind immediately: Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and Bart Stupak.  You can throw Blanche Lincoln and Mary Landrieu in there as well but at least they can be leaned on.  Who leaned on Nelson, Lieberman and Stupak?  Those three swaggered all over Congress and Stupak in particular got whatever the hell he wanted.  It was Bart Stupak vs the majority of voters in the USA and Bart won.  BART won.  The Democrats allowed Bart and Obama to screw millions of women out of their personal autonomy and Democrats have the nerve to blame Republicans?

I don’t think Democrats understand the impact of their cowardice.  Women are not a special interest.  Workers have to work to pay taxes.  The financial investment industry is out of control and wrecking havoc around the world.  Our current wars are pointless wastes of lives and money.  Sick children should never have to pass through a gauntlet to get affordable health care.  And we need teachers, even the mean ones who can’t be bothered to address the needs of the gifted.  If they do a good job with the other 98% of the students in their classes, we will have gotten more than our money’s worth.

You want to know what I want to see in the results category?  I want to see real passion on the Floor.  I want to see yelling and screaming.  I want to see the progressives and liberals eat some red meat and throw a fit until the Bart Stupaks in their own party back down.  I want to see eggs thrown and smoke bombs and bloody noses.  I want to see incivility.  I want to see so much fighting in Congress by Democratic representatives on behalf of Americans not in the bonus class that the editorial page of the New York Times faints before it can reach the smelling salts.  I don’t want two Republican parties.  I want to see Democrats actually ACT like Democrats. 

Shove your “party of results” meme until you have some results.  I own my vote.  I don’t give it away for social promotion purposes.  You can’t scare me with the Republican boogie man anymore.  I voted for downticket Dems in 2008 but they haven’t pulled their weight.  If Republicans win this fall, Democrats have themselves to blame and no one else.  It was their responsibility to get things done and they blew it.  They coasted.   This fall, I’m not voting for either party.  I’m voting for a party to be designated later.

And stop calling me for money.

174 Responses

  1. Righteous RD!!

  2. Amen and Hallelujah!!

    • Am I the only one who heard Obama say the other day that he had “worked the congress pretty hard this past year”… and found it ridiculous arrogant and hysterically funny all at the same time?

  3. Oh geez RD..didja have to put his picture up there?

  4. Not only all of that, but Nancy Pelosi is claiming that the next election will be determined by WOMEN, and the Democratic Party is the party that “protects and values women’s rights.”


    • Are you sure that wasn’t from the Onion?

      • It’s true, they are NOW crediting women for putting Obama into office and the other group they are after are the Latinos.

        If women, don’t DEMAND the removal of Stupakistan Executive Language signed into Law to get Republican votes (oh, but, but they didn’t get any…doesn’t matter sweeties) from the HR bill and DEMAND a Public Option, then heck it is all about the MARKETING MESSAGE and not the PRODUCT! 😦 Me thinks!

        • I don’t think people, male or female, have ever mattered one iota to these folks. The U.S. Congress may be the largest single collection of sociopaths in the world.

    • was that air brush nancy or nancy who looks her age?

    • Now that got me giggling!

    • Because, as I read here, she had the chutzpa to say at the funeral of Dorothy Heights that “being a woman is no longer a preexisting condition”. Nope, Nancy – it’s cause for discrimination, thanks to you and your cronies.
      They propagandized this Orwellian twist very intensely – and they believe it took because , duh – echo chamber?

      • ““being a woman is no longer a preexisting condition”

        The nerve of Pelosi to utter those words in front of HRC!

    • Are you effing kidding me? She can go pound sand. I think we should go to every web site and blog and make sure that women know that the democratic party uses them for votes and thinks they are idiots who can’t see how they have been screwed.

  5. Results?

    They passed a Republican health care reform bill with no Republican votes! (except it doesn’t take effect until after Obama runs for reelection)

    • Those are results you can take to the bank. Well, someone can take them to the bank anyway.

  6. Yessss!!!
    A righteous rant!
    I believe the DNC came up with the slogan as they were working on HCR. The common wisdom was: Clinton lost Congress because he didn’t pass HCR. All we need to do is do the opposite and we’ll keep the power! Carville was predicting during the “historic” hoopla a 10 points bump in the polls from HCR – only lately, he at least, acknowledged the delusion. Democrats are so clueless, they still don’t admit that Scott Brown got in on the promise to veto HCR. In a very blue state that already experienced Romneycare.
    After purchasing propaganda in the media, they started to believe their own – paid for – PR.

  7. They’re running on “results” no one wants. This is the “better to pass something than nothing” philosophy. Like healthcare reform that left out the health, care, reform parts.

    And sorry. The “We Are the Party of Women” doesn’t wash anymore. Any woman willing to swallow that swill again is walking around with her eyes shut. Of course, that’s not to say the Republicans have or would ever take up the mantle. Women voters are on their own because the Dems have betrayed everything they ever stood for.

    I have to say as a lifetime Dem I’m an equal opportunity hater of both parties. Neither deserves my vote. And neither will get it.

  8. What would James or Dolly Madison do? Cause frankly I’d like to talk this over with them. A seat by their fireplace, maybe some cheese and bread and a glass of beer. Cause I am now clueless and need to hear what they think. Maybe they’d give some perspective or maybe the three of us could go to New Zealand together.

    Cause all you say is right RD… And I don’t understand how stupid just keeps growing on top of stupid.

  9. Democrats try to take advantage of anti-immigrant hysteria in Arizona with Orwellian proposal:

    A plan by Senate Democratic leaders to reform the nation’s immigration laws ran into strong opposition from civil liberties defenders before lawmakers even unveiled it Thursday.

    Democratic leaders have proposed requiring every worker in the nation to carry a national identification card with biometric information, such as a fingerprint, within the next six years, according to a draft of the measure.

    Obsidian Wings:

    It’s a lose-lose, which explains why Democratic leadership found it so attractive.

    • It’s unbelievable.

      • Even Jeralyn couldn’t go along:

        What is Harry Reid trying to pull? The details of the Democrats’ immigration bill are coming out, and it’s a head-fake. Congress needs to “just say no” to this turkey of a bill.

        That was yesterday though, today she may be using new Kool-aid goggles.

        • everything they’ve done this year has been a head-fake with the exception of what they haven’t done which is basically keeping the dubya policies active

      • Well if you put it that way. 😉 Seriously though, Huffpoo is really piling on the stoopid. They can’t shake that hollywood crush on their idol.

    • Oh. My. God.

    • Orwellian for sure but here in Northeast Texas they are going to consider it Mark of the Beast territory. Many of the lunatics here already think Obama is the anti-Christ. This won’t help matters at all.

  10. Woo hoo! Nothing like starting the day with a righteous RD rant! Sing it sister. These “Dems” (what a farce that they use that name) are utterly clueless. Really, if they weren’t so repellent, I’d be embarrassed for them.

  11. RD, the only thing I can say is they must think since they got Obama elected without so much of a whiff of a reality check on his readiness for the job that most of the country is really stupid. They just keep treating us all like we’re ill-informed idiots. I’m not sure, but I think the fool me twice thing works here …

  12. I assume everyone saw yesterday’s NY Times article with this heading:

    “Obama Says Liberal Courts May Have Overreached”

    Lots of fun over at DU as a hand full of paid posters keep insisting he didn’t say it.

  13. The stupid……..it burns. There is no logical explanation for this totally abominable meme. Great rant RD. Yeah, they do think voters are stupid, there is some really good recent evidence – think Obots. But now that they have clearly, flagrantly jetisoned the women, LGBT, blue collar workers, elderly, poor – I don’t think the Obots will be able to carry this heavy burden.

  14. But where ya gonna go?

    (just kidding).

    • I sorta know you’re kiddin’ but, this is the year we vote 3rd party if there woud be any imporvement at all. Better yet, we have some great minds here and at other blgs who should consider running – yep, instead of saying home, let’s let them know we aren’t going to take it any more.

      It is frightening how ignorant even(or especially) the incumbents are – they have no clue on so many issues that they should have knowledge. These idiot meme’s that come out of their mouths – the recent Health care reform – it was touted as being a good American to vote for it????? Is that not the height of hypocrisy – it’s a flaming screw job on most Americans. The darn bill is still in the ‘making’ as they find loop holes for the insured that have to be fixed.

      Who amongst us will run for office? I hate that “where you goin’ go” – just about anywhere but an R or a D. Please consider those that are not as a option if you aren’t running for office yourself.

      • I am actually considering just voting against EVERY incumbent for several cycles, preferably for a 3rd party if one is running. And I mean not even voting at all on policies or anything (since that seems to make zero difference), but just repeatedly throwing them ALL out every 2 to 6 years – voting every time for whoever is not entrenched.

        What would happen if there were no such thing as a “long-time” senator or rep, sitting there like bloated tics sucking off the country for their various donors and lobbyists? What if they had the fear of God put into them they they serve at the whim of the People? I’m beginning to believe that whatever their supposed “platform” is is beside the point. They need to be made good and FUCKING AFRAID of us before we can even get to specifics.

        I am seriously at the point of thinking de-stabilize the whole system before we will ever have a shot at reforming it. Tear it down.

        • Tear it to the ground! Rebuild it better. I’ve come to believe it’s the only way.

  15. Glenzilla:

    “Obama has long self-identified as pro-choice and a defender of Roe . . .”

    Actions speak louder than words.

    • One word: Stupakistan!

      Who signed that? What did he get in exchange for selling women’s reproductive care down the river? Has he really explained why he signed the order? Did he eliminate Viagra and NOVA!?! No, the men got all their SantaO presents.

      • What he got in exchange for short selling women’s rights was the historic Private Health Insurance Industry Bailout Act. The nobel prize was getting old, he needed something else to wave around.

    • Obama is an O-bot. For O-bots, reality doesn’t matter.

    • And I have long self-identified as Queen of the Universe too. Don’t make me so.
      Funny how bloggers who may be right when it comes to civil rights et al, lose it when it comes to that “special interest group” – which is the majority of the population.

    • “defender of Roe”
      That’s the problem.

      I want a fearless, unambiguous advocate for a woman’s autonomy.

    • I like Women, i just wouldn’t want one sitting next to me while I’m eating my lunch at the Woolworth’s counter

  16. Results? You betcha I’m voting on their results. I’m worse off today than I was last year.

  17. Via Ian Welsh:

    “The Results Party? What results? My company’s still floundering and I expect a pink slip every day. My neighbor’s out of a job. My house is under water. The credit card bills are still piling up. We’re not taking a vacation this year. The car’s making a noise that I know means a repair’s coming up I can’t afford. And they’re talking about closing my kids’ school and all the rest rooms at the state parks. The health care bill is a good thing, I guess, and I’m glad I won’t lose my insurance if I get sick or lose my job except that I don’t want to get sick or lose my job and if I do the doctors are going to be the last people coming after me for money, and anyway, you think the insurance companies aren’t already looking for legal ways to break the law? And saving the banks might have saved the economy in that some businesses that need loans to stay afloat can get them, but the banks aren’t going to lend me any money, are they? And that tax cut you got me? Thanks, a lot. Didn’t even cover the jumps in the price of gas and my monthly minimum payments and my insurance premiums and my grocery bills. Didn’t offset the amount I lost in reduced hours and no more overtime and did I mention I haven’t gotten a real raise in ten years?”

    10 brownie points for the first person who recognizes where the name “Lance Mannion” comes from.

  18. Wired found Hogan after investigating clues on social networking sites, which allowed them to confirm his identity with a source.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/techchron/detail?entry_id=62491#ixzz0mbgVevkv

    I think they found him via FaceBook, because that was the application on the phone lD of the owner of the iPhone…the Apple engineer. Glad I closed my account!

  19. “Results”, eh? This is like when the Democrats told me I mustn’t let the perfect be the enemy of the “results”, er, the “results” be the enemy of the good? er, something or other?

    Also, that photo of Stupak could eliminate any need ever for cold showers.

  20. Exactly, RD.

    What exactly will get the Dem party to quit calling me for money?

    • I told them repeatedly to remove my name from their list. Said that I was not a dem, but independent of any party. No calls for months, maybe it sunk in.

      • I have filed a formal complaint with the FTC over the DCCC’s failure to honor the “unsubscribe” link on their web page. It hasn’t worked.

  21. “This fall, I’m not voting for either party.”

    Music to my ears (eyes?)… I’m not either. Decided that after the so-called health care debacle.

  22. oh.i wouldn’t miss voting for any thing what a pleasure to know my one lil vote helped get these crooks out

  23. The laughable “results” of 2008 in bold (NYT):

    “It used to be that the notion of an activist judge was somebody who ignored the will of Congress, ignored democratic processes, and tried to impose judicial solutions on problems instead of letting the process work itself through politically,” Mr. Obama said.

    “And in the ’60s and ’70s, the feeling was — is that liberals were guilty of that kind of approach. What you’re now seeing, I think, is a conservative jurisprudence that oftentimes makes the same error.”

    He added, “The concept of judicial restraint cuts both ways.”

    Mr. Obama’s comments, which came as he prepares to make a Supreme Court nomination, amounted to the most sympathetic statement by a sitting Democratic president about the conservative view that the Warren and Burger courts — which expanded criminal defendant rights, required busing to desegregate schools and declared a right to abortion — were dominated by “liberal judicial activists” whose rulings were dubious.

    • He’s to the right of Nixon. Progressives who helped elect this Republican trojan horse President should be hanging their heads in shame.

    • Mask dropped for a moment.

      • The thing about Obama is that his mask drops only to reveal another mask. Obama’s false equivalencies pervert the liberal brand, turning it into something that has no shape or form and is hard to recognize.

        • I think other than narcissism, everything else about him is a mask. Which one shows depends on the audience of the moment. That to me is the worst thing possible.

  24. You are all being unfair. They said they were running on “results.” They didn’t say, “good results.”

  25. It’s not just Stupak. Other “results” are the states falling all over themselves to enact one dehumanizingly anti-woman statute after another. Criminalizing miscarriages in Utah. Vaginal probes in Oklahoma. Wasn’t there something in Nebraska recently too? Is anyone keeping a list?

    Not one word from the party supposedly protecting women’s rights! Not one word even from the organizations begging for money to stand up for women! The last thing I got from NOW was an action alert to make the Global Gag Rule prohibition permanent. Hello?! Is anyone paying attention to what’s happening in THIS COUNTRY? Do they think FOCA will be easier to pass when there are 20 or 30 states whose laws would be overturned by it??

    I’m sick of this !@$#%#$@$



  26. The promo ads for the National biometric ID card have been ordered and paid for.

    • Historic!


    • Ezra is an annoying runt mouthpiece for this de facto Republican administration. Anyway it doesn’t look like the Dems are going to introduce Immigration in earnest before the midterms. Reid just needs to make some noise to help himself in Nevada. Doubt BO will have the courage to introduce it after the midterms when he’ll be fully focused on his re-election.

    • You left out the important part: 6) Profit!!!

  27. Second drilling rig overturns in Louisiana. The U.S. Coast Guard said Friday it was responding to another oil drilling rig accident near Morgan City, Louisiana.

  28. And just in time for elections, Mr Postpartisan is back – criticizing liberal SCOTUS of the past

    • I swear, there’s something seriously wrong with this nitwit. Maybe he should identify his multiple personalities and we can vote for our favorite. Does he really think this will get him anywhere after Roberts took to the fainting couch and acted like he was afraid for his life? He can’t stick to anything and his “measured nuance” is one big played out insipid CW cliche. It’s the worst of everything.

  29. Seriously, it’s time for some serious drinking. As they say on twitter: #mfbt

    • Mother-f**king booze time?

    • Got my ipad. Broke down and went for the 64GB version. I have some checks to cash so I think I should be OK. The cockatiel is checking it out right now as it is syncing my music library. He’s attracted to anything shiny. He’d better not poop on the screen.

      • Is the 64GB version the “Max” ipad?

      • Sweet. You’re going to love it.

        • I would have loved it more if Steve had gifted it to me so I could extol the virtues of it on my blog. Yes, I can be bought, Steve.
          Looks like the 64 was the better choice. My music library is 3000 songs and that’s just the stuff on my macbook. There’s a bunch of older music on my old imac downstairs that I have to sync too. I probably should get rid of some photos. They’re taking up a lot of space and some of them are of the inside of my pocket.

      • Cool. With 64GB you can now take over air traffic control at Newark.

        • All without a mouse. 🙂

        • That’s not funny. The flight path goes right over my house. You can see the planes lined up to land really good at dusk. They look like a string of pearls in the sky. So, no, don’t mess with the controls fergawdsakes. I hear the air traffic controllers in the NYC region are already in the just shy of freaking out stage.

      • 3G, too? I got the basic 16 GB a few weeks ago and love it!

  30. OT, I was just looking at the WHCD list and the seating. I feel sorry for Betty White, she is seated at the CBS table with Rahm.

  31. Ha! But I love Betty White.

    • Grand Canyon will not be the same.

      • Guess what my summer travel destination was going to be this year? I really have to rethink this. I was supposed to be taking a French exchange student with us. But the last thing she needs is to be stopped by some Minuteman Militia type lunkhead cop who wants to see her papers because she doesn’t speak fluent English.

        • It would make a great blog post though.

          • You mean I should set her up and see what happens? Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. Then, she can post pics of my daughter sunbathing topless on the French Riviera.
            (haha! Beat you to it.)

    • Ok, that’s stupid. That’s how research is done these days. Human DNA is grafted into animal DNA. Would that count? What’s the matter with Arizona??

    • Can we sell AZ to mexico? It would help with money flow, and be really funny at the same time.

      • Better yet, can we just allow the South to secede? We can say, “Ok, you win, we were wrong. You can go. Just leave the slaves and go. You were right all along. It was never going to work out. It’s not you, it’s us. We’re just not mature. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be Ok.”

        • Can we keep the Grand Canyon?

          • If we redraw the border and incorporate it into Nevada and Utah.
            Crap. Utah.
            Beautiful place. Totally loony religion.

        • Uh, alot of us didn’t vote for Obama in the South.

        • Sounds good. We’ll let the Clinton’s be in charge of the new south, you can keep Obama. 🙂

        • As far as I can tell, a lot of our problems right now come from Chicago, not my neck of the woods. Plus, you know, down here in the Gulf Coast area, we’re not south like you think of south

  32. Just in time for summer… Obamaflops


    • See they have a McCain version as well. To think there’re a handful of people in AZ today walking around in their McCainflops.

  33. I think this is a brilliant tactic. The Democrats have produced results: Republican results.

    Why vote for a Republican when you can vote for a Democrat and implement Republican policies that a Republican administration would never be able to get away with? As I’ve said before, it’s hard to admire the outrageously brilliant strategy of the Right whilst I’m banging my head against the desk.

  34. From Jane at FDL. This is a nice post.

    Progressive Movement is officially dead

    Shortly after Obama took office, the White House tried to cut Social Security benefits, but they had to back off, fearful that they would lose the support of liberal interest groups who joined together en masse behind the scenes to oppose it. The administration subsequently herded them all into a room, threatened their funding, and captivated them in an effort to pass a health care bill written by the Heritage Foundation and the insurance industry. And the progressive groups went along with it, proving that there is absolutely no limit to what they’ll accept.

    Of course, the White House is going to go after Social Security again. It’s the pot of gold at the end of Wall Street’s rainbow, and they desperately want that injection of cash which could keep their giant ponzi scheme from exploding. . . for a little while.

  35. Markos sounds bitter.

    @markos: Will be as helpful as his ads for Corzine & Deeds. RT @chucktodd: Obama cut radio ad in support of Blanche Lincoln’s campaign

  36. Oil slick may impact Florida’s East Coast — beaches from Miami to Jacksonville in peril


    • Bjorndal said a floating oil slick can be problematic for these turtles, who surface to breathe. If they surface in the oil slick, they will become coated with oil and tar. That could affect their movement. The turtles could die if they swallow the substance. Thick tar could keep them from opening their mouths to eat.

      And these slicks could impact the nesting beaches. If oil and tar coat the eggs, it could impact development. And since hatchlings don’t know better, they have been known to eat almost any object that might be floating, from plastic to other materials, and will nibble on a ball of tar.

      Bjorndal said an active Sea Turtle Stranding and Salvage Network has volunteers throughout all of the Gulf Coast states and will be vital in finding affected sea turtles as they come ashore, whether dead or alive.

      “We expect numerous sea turtles to wash ashore [during the emergency],” she said.

    • That’s going to make my surfing grandchildren very unhappy, not to mention all the poor animals.

  37. A second oil rig has overturned off the coast of Louisiana


    • Saw that and couldn’t fricken believe it. Drill baby drill…

      • Is someone causing these mishaps? One=accident, Two=???? Start asking some questions I say.

  38. Bill Maher apparently said everyone who yelled “Drill Baby Drill” should have to help clean up the oil spill. I agree. Except I also think anyone who supported the people who are doing the Drill Baby Drill should have to as well. That includes Obama, the Obots, and of course Bill himself. I’m guessing he wouldn’t get that.

    • Lol I knew they were gonna find a way to blame this on Palin. She’s secretly controlling the federal government through telepathy.

      • It’s the evil spirits in her vajayjay.

        • Their drilling is different from our drilling. Ours is accomplished with a lot of thrust and pointyness, the way god intended.

          What happens when your entire Administration is predicated on cherchez la femme–and you forgot to appoint any?

    • Bill Maher and his crowd were for McCain, then Nader, then Obama and vehemently against McCain (full circle)–I’d almost say they should clean up the mess our country is in, except they’d only mess it up worse.

      • The best part is that even when they do a complete 180, they still can’t admit they’re wrong. “I didn’t leave McCain, McCain left me.” No, you fell for his maverick act and ignored reality and–voilà! Still doing it.

  39. thumbs way up!!! great article riverdaughter, thanks for your passion 🙂 always your fan…

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