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If I won the lottery: OPEN THREAD

Every once in a while a story comes along that makes you smile.  For me, it was the recent story of Christopher Shaw’s epic lottery win.  Chris is the kind of guy you want to win the lottery.  Down on his luck, with less than $30 bucks in the bank, this 27 year-old will now be able to replace his missing two-front teeth…and of course of few other things, with his $258 million dollar lottery winnings.  In the video above, Chris returns to the convenience store where he worked to check his numbers and claim his prize.

His story made me wonder just what I would do if I won the lottery.  How about you?  What would you do with all that money?

We could all use a bit of fanciful daydreaming at this point.

This is an open thread.

51 Responses

  1. The first thing I would do — before even claiming my millions — would be to set the process in motion to change my husband’s and my name so that as soon as we collect our money we could disappear with our booty.

    • Good for him!

      • I know… really! Did you watch the video? He was like “I think I won the whole thing.”

        He let an awful lot of people touch that ticket. I’d probably have about 10 bodyguards with me at all times.

  2. id make an appt .with personal financial consultant

  3. there getting ready to set the gulf on fire 2night

  4. Split the winnings with my fam and the Bff and the ex. Then start my own company doing modeling consulting and cheminformatics applications. Er, right after I hire a tutor from Princeton to teach Brook as we travel the world doing good deeds, like helping Mia Farrow in Africa. And maybe hire a developer to put together a web destination called something snappy so that we can start a viable third party or at least an influential voting block. Model it after the Christian Coalition. Run for congress in NJ-07? Learn to tango. Get porcelain veneers for my teeth and a personal trainer to work my butt.
    And sell this frickin’ townhouse in Conformityville, NJ and move to the town up the road on the rail line so I can get to NYC.
    Well, for a start…

    • You’d work? Dang. Life’s too short for me. It would be travel travel travel travel travel.

      Well maybe not on commercial airlines…

    • RD. I need a nap after reading all that you’d do. I got exhausted just thinking about it.

      I’m hoping to get a Wii Fit for Mother’s Day — maybe I’ll have your level of energy then.

      • Yeah, the weird thing is I want to do more worky kind of stuff but don’t have the financial freedom to do it. Kinda sick, really.

        • California should have legalized medical marijuana soon.

          • How about bankrolling research into naturally occurring morphine? That sounds like a worthwhile cause.

            Super easy trigger for an endorphine rush would also be lovely.

  5. Is that a cool guy or what? We can all take a few tips from his reaction to winning ALL THAT MONEY.

    • I know. “I think I won the whole thing.”

      I would be more like {{thud}}

      • A few years ago, we had a woman win a huge lottery payoff who had worked her entire adult life as a cleaning person at U. Mass Lowell. I got my undergrad degree there and remembered her. That made me very happy.

  6. I’d work my butt off. I’d share it with my friends and family, do some traveling, support various worthwhile services for women, and build an animal sanctuary.

    • I might go back to school and get another degree in something I really want to study just cause. LIke ancient history maybe.

      And I’d give a lot of money to help abused children.

      • Yes — I’d love to pursue more degrees. Just because.

      • I love to study too. I would probably study some foreign languages, definitely French. I am thinking of going back to school anyway, but not to study languages.

        Abused children – that’s a great idea. I bet animals would be really therapeutic for them.

        • The children would have to be screened though – I don’t want any abused animals.

  7. I’d spend it :0 I’d buy the hosiery factory in my hometown in Romania and reopen it- it fed half the town.
    And repair the city’s main street that my father built ( was project manager for) in the 80’s.

    Then I’d buy myself a forest maybe on a seaside- somewhere where there’s mountains and sea- like Wales or Ireland or maybe in the Black Forest, and I’d get me the strongest PC known to man, all books I can think of, and 10 guardian dogs, and I’d happily spend the rest of my life never having to see people again.

    • yes, the nicest thing about all that money is being able to tell the whole world to get lost.

      Me, i would pay off all my debt and my children’s debt, give money to all my relatives…well parents and siblings… and tell them to save for retirement. Then I would build my dream house on at least 20 acres. It would be on a mountain with a lake or large stream on the property.
      After that I would buy a condo in NYC and start auditioning for Broadway shows, maybe take an audition class or two as I am very very rusty.
      I also want to start a business that would employ hundreds of people, from which I would not profit but just break even. It would be some sort of “Green” manufacturing and something people could do without a college degree.
      I would also start a clinic to help poor people get their teeth worked on.

  8. I’d pay a team of lawyers to lobby for a law that forces Wall Street brokers to have brain scans to see if they have damage to the parts of the frontal lobes that are involved in empathy. And I’d pay to have pictures of their brains with lesions in the prefrontal cortex posted on billboards in the financial districts of large cities with explanations of why you can’t trust this person.

    If OK can do it to women who want abortions, why not bankers?

    And how about a law like the one in Ariz. where bankers can be stopped and searched for no reason–just because they are bankers?

  9. Anyone know who won the Mega Millions one on Tuesday?

  10. Right off the bat I’d pay down all of our debt. Then I’d split it down the middle, and invest half in something safe and slow. Like Norweigan savings bonds. Then I’d buy a nice house and a boat. Then I’d set aside some for traveling and donate huge amounts to Heifer International and a few select other causes. I’d set up a scholarship for LGBT youth, probably. And then I’d start buying extravagant presents for friends and family. And erase myself from the public eye and write books under a pseudonym. Then, every year, as my savings vested, I would engage in more philanthropy and live an upper middle class existence (except with a boat and a horse).

  11. Buy a couple of Senators and Representatives.

  12. Well, first I’d find out what the taxes on the winnings would be and set that amount aside. Then I’d take what’s left and use half of it to set up a charitable endowment fund. I’d use the other half to improve my family’s and selected friends’ financial security, but would probably still have a great deal left that I’d end up donating over time.

    I kind of like the idea of using some of the money to help with some key political issue, but would be very careful in that regard. So much political spending on all sides seems like it’s just thrown down a rat hole for all the good it does.


  13. I’d start a news network to take back the Fourth Estate.

  14. Nothing fancy for me. Some real estate – real – for living and gardening + wildlife preserving with family and friends – and virtual – pretty much for the same purpose – I’d get a chunk of the internets before it leaves me to make it safe for free speech.
    Today’s tabloids

  15. First, I’d do all the savvy financial protective things, then I’d buy a ranch house so I wouldn’t have to climb stairs and keep killing my arthritic knees.

    Then I’d set up a 501 (c) (3) that would allow serious work around reduction of violence against women and children. And give a ton to the Dystonia Foundation to find a cure for Dystonia (my husband and one of our children have it)

    Oh, and have some fun!!!

  16. I’d like to set up a fund for helping working individuals to further their education. A leg up for the working poor. Might have to donate part of it to gambler’s anonymous as well.

    Would no doubt also buy more prepared foods. As I am one of the barely working poor who does not cook well.

  17. C-SPAN coverage of former President Bill Clinton comments on Goldman Sachs and the SEC while speaking at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation in Washington, DC. Clinton says, “I’m not at all sure they violated the law…but I do believe that there was no underlying merit to the transaction.”

  18. Today in Orwell: the last election was largely devoid of “racial gamesmanship”

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