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“The Republicans are the ones who liberated Europe in World War II.”

Kristia Cavere with Ed Feulner, President of the Heritage Foundation

I never knew that! Isn’t it fascinating to learn new historical facts? I’ll bet Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was President of the United States during WWII, would be awfully surprised too, if he were still alive.

My dad served in WWII, and he wasn’t a Republican, but he was in the Pacific. I guess all the Republicans were busy liberating Europe.

Kristia Cavere, 31, a resident of Tuxedo, New York, is a new rising star in the Know Nothing Republican Party. She’s a candidate for the House in the 19th Congressional District of New York. The seat is currently held by Democrat John Hall.

According to her website, Gold Star Sister, dedicated to her brother, who died in Iraq in 2007, Ms Cavere:

graduated from Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Maryland in the spring of 2002 with a B.S. degree in biology and a minor in chemistry, and with the honor of being senior class president.

After college, Kristia worked as a Senior Financial Analyst for the largest healthcare corporation in Maryland for five years until September 2007, when she began graduate school full-time….

In May 2009, Kristia received a Masters in Science degree in “Defense and Strategic Studies” from Missouri State University, which is located in Fairfax, Virginia right outside our nation’s Capitol. She graduated summa cum laude and with a 4.0 grade point average. This is the oldest and most prestigious masters program of its kind in the country and focuses on the three areas used to defend ourselves as a nation: the military, economics, and diplomacy.

So now we know what they are teaching in “Defense and Strategic Studies” programs. I wonder what other amazing facts she learned while earning her summa cum laude degree?

Samples of Ms Cavere’s writings can be found on various right-wing websites like Smart Girl Nation, and Renew America. In January she wrote about the “war on boyhood” at Renew America. She was stunned to learn that in a drawing competition held by the “Holy Childhood Association,” all of the prizewinners were girls!

I contacted the HCA, and they confirmed what I suspected: out of over ten thousand applicants, every one of the twenty-four winners is a girl.

If the situation was reversed, and not one girl was among the two dozen winners, the feminists would shriek about bias toward women. It has been documented that, on average, boys use bolder colors as opposed to the softer pastels used by girls. In addition, the majority of boys have motion in their drawings, opposite to the quieter subject matter in the art of most little girls.

But she doesn’t think the problem is gender discrimination per se. The real problem is that “the feminists” have made boys lose interest in academic achievement by making school really wimpy and uncompetitive.

Men are motivated by competition, and the present education system of coddling and unbridled compassion has dimmed the innate male proclivity to compete. When males feel that fair competition doesn’t exist, they will not make an effort.

“Boys have become the second sex,” according to Ms. Cavere. I did not know that either. I’ve learned two new facts today!

According to another article, candidate Cavere has a really big campaign war chest–maybe as much as $400,000! Except she forgot to file her report with the FEC, so some people have had the nerve to question whether she really has raised that much money. The writer of the article says her campaign has previously made false claims:

It touts her experience working in the defense secretary’s office at the Pentagon — making special note of her “secret security clearance” — without explaining that her position there was an unpaid internship during her final semester of graduate school.

What she does for a living is unclear.

At Comedy Central, blogger Dennis DiClaudio responded to Cavere’s claims about Republicans saving Europe in WWII:

It’s true; I looked it up. During the storming of Normandy, it was the Republican soldiers who bravely fought their way up from the beach and into the French countryside.

The Democratic soldiers pretty much all refused to use their guns because they were opposed to the Second Amendment. So, they mostly died, or else faded into the Parisian underground and became homosexual poets.

Well that explains it then. You can follow Kristia Cavere on Twitter and Facebook.

Consider this an open thread.

95 Responses

  1. This woman is going to give Michelle Bachmann some serious competition.

    • I see she has learned the obligaroy Katherine Harris boob enhancement pose.

      She needs to work on the makeup however – her palette knife technique is not yet perfected.

      • obligaroy = obligatory

        I kind of like my new word however.

        I am currently wrestling over my keyboard with my cat Popcorn. He is winning.

        • I like your new word and I like her pose. The lady not so much, but the pose is a winner.

          Good luck in the kitty battles 😉

    • This is the same topic Attaturk had today at FDL. Cavere is a non factor in a crowded field in the NY 19th. If we’re cherry picking dumb people who’ll believe anything, we could probably find some on the left without much effort. Why waste time or give more visibility to deluded people like this.

    • I’m finding Attaturk, BlueTexan, and TBogg somewhat sexist and anti-seeemitic. I think that may be the main difference between traditional liberals and so called progressives. The so called progressives are comfortable with casual sexism and anti-seeemitism. And they love BO of course.

  2. Washington Adventist University

    Missouri State University, which is located in Fairfax

    Are these “real” schools? Or just fake Christian/Rightie schools?

    • I didn’t check. Maybe I’d better look.

    • The Defense Studies Program is in Fairfax, VA, but it’s part of Missouri State.


      • From the description:

        Our graduates are among the finest and best qualified professionals in their fields; many occupy senior positions in government, industry, the research sector, and academia. We believe they have and will continue to have a direct and major positive impact on U.S. national security policies and defense programs for years to come.

        Oh boy. We’re in good hands then….

        • Did you check out the faculty? Only three people listed and two of them are faded out.

          And this is a real indication of b.s. – “A high degree of flexibility is permitted in course selection…”

          Sounds like total crap. Think I will write them and ask for a diploma. Should be able to finish my masters by next week.

          • Make sure you graduate summa cum laude.

          • lol! You’re on a role. I’m still laughing about
            I see she has learned the obligaroy Katherine Harris boob enhancement pose.

    • It’s a well-funded right-wing diploma mill. All the students have high-grade assistantships, you spend a lot of time churning out assignments to support certain conclusions (Russia bad, Israel good, America #1, Reagan God–you get the idea), and I suspect the chair of the department is an Armageddon end of days type (lives in a bunker in the Ozarks). I applied for the program years ago, even interviewed with the faculty and talked to the students (they have money even for that!), but for obvious reasons declined their very generous offer.

  3. “Boys have become the second sex,”

    whooo hoo!!! break out the champagne! Finally!

  4. Washington Adventist University, Takoma Park, MD


    • Looks like they became an accredited 4 year institution less than a year ago and are ffiliated with the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

      Well good – I have grown tired of picking on Liberty and ORU.

    • I used to live in Takoma Park MD and they are VERY liberal. I can’t believe this university is in their back yard.

    • Come on SOD, by the current definition of the access bloggers, Bush was a huge progressive 🙂

    • You might need something stronger than aspirin. Try Demerol.

    • According to Glenn Beck the world is and has been crawling with evil progressives. I knew John McCain and Lindsey Graham had made the enemies list [they share the honor with Teddy Roosevelt].

      But George Bush? That’s a new one on me. Is that because GW tried pushing immigration reform with an amnesty program attached? Or was it No Child Left Behind? A rousing success. Or maybe it’s consorting with a prime enemy: Bill Clinton in the Haiti relief program.

      I know you have the link but I can’t bear to listen to the Beckovian spin on history anymore. This in a time when Phyllis Schlafly is hobbling around saying that Senator Joe McCarthy was smeared by Democrats [progressives, no doubt] and was in actuality a “Horatio at the Bridge” in the cause of Freedom, Democracy and the American Way.

      I think you’ll need to wash those aspirins down with several glasses of wine. The loons have been released and they’re hot on rewriting history in their own image.

      Btw, both my father and father-in-law served in WWII. My father is gone but my father-in-law is now 83. I think they’d both be surprised to find out the Republicans liberated Europe. However, they both served in the Pacific theater. Maybe the Dems defeated the Japanese.

      Who knew????

      • Well, they’ve been saying for years that Bush isn’t a real conservative, now he’s a progressive, soon he’ll be a socialist.

        • They already think Bush is a progressive trojan pony for socialism. Actually, this isn’t new. Beck has called Bush a progressive before. In his Warped World of Hysteria Lessons, Bush is one step away from being a pinko commie.

        • Spammy got my reply

        • I don’t know if he’s a socialist, but what I do know is they’re all nuts.

        • What made W a Progressive, based on what I see of the assholes who hide behind the skirts of the Democratic Party pissing off the Electorate and never take responsibility by name at the polls, is that they make up the rules as needed as they go on living it up.

      • Of the seven male family members who went to WWII, five served in Europe, two in the Pacific. Out of this number, only one, my father, came home. All were Democrats.

      • OK, if we are going to compare degrees of absurdity, what’s the big difference between Bush being Socialist and Obama being same?
        What we are left with is Bush=Obama. I find it interesting that this truth dawns on them. “Socialist” is just a word the wingnuts use for “we don’t like you”. In kindergarten it was “cooties”

  5. Kristia, is NUTS. I don’t know how to link, but NYT as an article about a gender lawsuit with Walmart, very interesting. Also, I have a personal problem, I need some kind of dental plan or insurance. I have been looking for a week on line. I need dental work that insurance will only pay for 35% after three years. And I have tried to get help from University schools. That did not work. Does anyone work in insurance that can give me some help. Is there such a thing as coverage starting immediately?

    • Very likely not for something that has already been verified diagnostically.

    • Look up “dental tourism.” People go to Mexico or Czech Repub for affordable treatment.

  6. Is it just me or does Feulner in the picture look like Cheney’s twin?

  7. I go to Cuernavaca, Mexcio for dental work. It’s fun, the food’s great, the climate perfect and the dental work is excellent and 1/3 the price.

    They are usually years ahead of the local Dallas dentists as far as technology goes.

  8. Nan, do you have a name of a dentist?

  9. I do. and phone number. He’ll be in the states next week or so.

    Ernesto Leon
    drmelzmx@hotmail.com He is great.

  10. oh no…why is the world de-volving instead of moving forward? whyyyyyy? why did those fauxgressives have to put us on this path of divisive idiocracy? obama’s presidency is an open invitation for crazy like this to flourish. war on boyhood? if i hadn’t read it here, i’d have thought it a spoof.

    someone please make it all stop.

  11. the three areas used to defend ourselves as a nation: the military, economics, and diplomacy.

    I think that lately they’ve been trying out those economic attacks on American citizens.

  12. I’ve been watching the local news about the recent spate of tornadoes around here. I’ve been wondering when Pat Robertson is going to announce that god is punishing baptists and republicans since a lot of the damage that occurred in the tornado appear to be to baptist churches and the homes republicans like Haley Barbour’s family who lives in Yazoo. He’s oddly silent on this.

    • Who is God punishing with the oil spill, which sounds disastrous? Could it be President Obama for deciding to increase offshore drilling? But the WH thinks it’s no big deal, accidents happen.


      • I’ve been buying and eating all the fresh oysters and shrimp that I can because by Wednesday, they’ll be uneatable. We’re waiting to get the call to scrub oil off the shorebirds this weekend. It should hit the coast by some time on Wednesday. All the university biology departments in the area have the alert out to go be prepared to try to rescue the wildlife and to be prepared to wear the wellies and try to protect the mangoe groves, etc.

        • It sounds awful. 18,000 square miles contaminated already.

          • yeah, I think even Jindal has to pay attention to this, it’s going to cost the state a bunch

          • So utterly depressing. I feel sorry for the wildlife hurt by human caused ecological disasters that they never had any say in bringing about. I guess we have the same thing to “look forward” to here in NJ after offshore drilling commences just south of us off the coast of Delaware. Damn Obama and his broken promises.

  13. WTF:

    So this is in no sense a book from the inside of a campaign or of a presidency. While it’s notable that Michelle Obama isn’t included on the long list of those he was able to interview, Remnick makes effective use of interviews he did have with members of the President’s oft-interviewed inner circle. He offers shrewd insights—theirs and, sometimes, his own. You feel you’re getting close to understanding something important when you hear Valerie Jarrett, the President’s confidante and adviser, say of him: “He knows exactly how smart he is…. He’s been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do.” Abner Mikva, an early supporter, then a Court of Appeals judge, delivers a similar jolt when he describes his first impression of Obama as a would-be candidate for practically anything: “I thought, this guy has more chutzpah than Dick Tracy.”

    • sorry here’s something to go along with that wtf
      *hands out barf bags*

      • I heard that book is really disgusting. It sounds worse than Halperin’s.

      • Why would he need advisors….especially ones who are so much dumber than him?

      • Lol So that’s why he’s never accompished anything in his life, he’s just above our mortal plane. I knew there had to be an explaination. Does that go for Bush, too? I always thought W was a lazy, overentitled frat boy, but he’s probably just a genius who can’t be bothered to apply his prodigious talents to our undeserving realm.

    • That’s hysterical. “…too talented to do what ordinary people do.” So, what’s his lazy excuse for not doing what extraordinary people do? Good thing he knows how smart he is, though….I wonder how many of his past teachers would agree with him…..or, is Jarrett just so stupid he looks really, really smart?

      • That line about ordinary people is really something else. Obama says he wants to reconnect with the voters–this sure isn’t the way to do it.

        • But you know, “bored, disengaged, and above it all” is a great asset to a President, isn’t it? WFN will eat it up, though, because that’s how they see themselves, as the tragically unrecognized geniuses. As Lady Catherine de Burgh says in Pride and Prejudice, “I too would have been a great proficient–if I’d ever learned.” 😉

          • lmao… you’re right that Obama Nation will eat it up, but he already has their votes. Does Jarrett think all the independents running away from him will be thinking, “ah, yes, he’s too brilliant for me to grasp, yep, that’s the problem.” Then again… if we put our tinfoil hats on, perhaps this is all part of the master plan to lose Congress.

          • Their strategy always seems to be to throw red meat to their crowd and insult and sneer at all others, I don’t get it, but then it always seems to miraculously work in the end. Maybe it really IS 11th dimensional chess. 😉

          • Well said. People also say, ” I could write a book! If I had the time. ” Sure, that’s all one needs!
            because that’s how they see themselves, as the tragically unrecognized geniuses.
            LOL….soooo true.

    • He’s been bored to death his whole life.

      Hogwash. No intelligent person could be bored his entire life.

  14. Ah, the Heritage Foundation (guy pictured), that’s the same people that brought us this health care bill that is now the law of the land. A big thanks to all the Obots that brought us a president that follows that guy for his health care solutions.

  15. Has anybody ever seen Michele Bachmann and Krista Cavere in the same room at the same time?

    Or Sarah Palin?

  16. WTF, BBoomer. So that’s what the Dems in WWll did (in her last graf) Conf & Co I don’t think I have ever worried so much about our country as right now. Ever. This snarl of divisiveness is pure poison.

    I’m scared for Arizona and the West in general. I am. If Whitman wins out here? RD and Co, all I can keep thinking is that if Hillary had won we would not be seeing this. What we need is a WPA right now to address this economy in the country. You cannot believe what I heard on the radio today. It seems that this country has got to hold itself together right now, for everyone. We can’t lose that. The economy is driving all of this and I am afraid, really afraid,

    In our lifetimes how have things come to this?

    It’s just unbelievable. Unbelievable.

    sends hugs to all from the West.

  17. Hey, did you guys hear that Archie Comics are introducing a new openly gay character?

    • Yes, apparently Veronica is in hot pursuits and his dilemma is figuring out how to rebuff her delicately.

  18. I came here looking for RD’s take on the current immigration fight going on in AZ. While Latinos are about to have the Star of Davids put on them in AZ, I see that RD is STILL obsessing over the 2008 primaries. I was on the Hillside and a FURIOUS PUMA (still am in a small way because I don’t refer to Obama with president at the beginning). Too bad this site cannot get past some of its 2008 anger to spread the word about the blatant anti-immigrant sentiment and the damage being wrought SB 1070 in AZ.

    • You may have missed it, but SB 1070 in AZ has been part of the ongoing conversation here in comment sections, as well as in Boston Boomer’s weekend update


      BB referred to the law as “draconian” as well as remarking “How do they tell which people are the the “migrants?” I hope everyone in Arizona is ready to produce a passport or birth certificate at a moment’s notice.”

    • Maybe you should write something up and submit it as a guest post. Seeing as how you’re so passionate about it, I’m sure you’re just as willing to put in the time, research, and effort that goes in to writing these unpaid posts as you are to make demands on others’ time. Go for it.

      • Also if someone is so interested in this site’s take on the issue, it’s easy enough to plug in the word “Arizona” in the search field at the top.

        • Plugging words into search fields is so 2006. I cannot be bothered with such foolishness when I can just yell until someone else does it for me. Oh how we enjoyed all the times before the election when Obots would show up at 5am, pepper us with questions, and get extremely pissy when we replied “We’ve gone over all this 1000 times, if you want to know go search through the archives.”

          • yeah but if you asked them what the lightbringer’s policies were on anything, their eyes would get real big and then they’d say go to oblah blah dot com

          • Yeah and after O was annointed, they’d just say O and Hillary are identical on all the issues.

            But, I think it was because they didn’t want to show off their extreme wonkiness. They spent their whole lives being bored out of their minds by the tremendous amount of information their superior intellects led them to consume. They’re really just too talented to do the kinds of things ordinary Americans are expected to do, like know what they’re talking about.

          • Issues are for the riff raff… bots think big. Cowboys declaring mission accomplished and philosopher kings saying we’ve turned an existential corner!

          • I remember when Charlie Gibson asked Palin if she thought Iran posed an ‘existential’ threat to Issrael, I thought he was asking her about Sartrean despair. 😉

    • Thank you for your concern. Your complaint has been noted. After we seize power in the revolution we will make it a priority.

    • Speaking for myself, people like Tancredo will be like accelerant for mobilizing votes this fall, on both sides.

  19. I always have to laugh when immigration comes up as a red herring … Most of us came here on a boat ourselves. This shit started in Jamestown…and the great state of AZ would screech to a halt if the Latino population was not refreshed regularly by whatever means. It’s a freaking joke…basically the complaint is the Latino population isn’t enslaved enough and might want a social service in exchanged for their existence ..which of course AZ needs.

    Western society no longer wants to pay for its pleasures. Societies crumble when the pay stops. I think the people living on the border have a beef. They are in the way of desperate people trying to get in. But they are not running things and no one cares about their plight besides using it to make the necessary labor force 3rd class citizens. Our leaders want slave like labor established as law.

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