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Friday News: Blago, Rezko Rear Their Ugly Heads

Obama and Blagojevich in happier times

Good Morning, Conflucians!!

Ooops! Someone goofed when redacting all information about President Obama from a motion filed in the Rod Blagojevich trial, and the judge had to call an emergency meeting. Meanwhile the unredacted material leaked out.

Former governor Rod Blagojevich’s defense team asked Thursday to issue a trial subpoena to the President of the United States of America.

The motion, intended to be heavily redacted, was improperly edited — the full document was easily viewable if the text is copied and pasted to another document (an error first revealed on Capitol Fax).

It seems that:

Obama may have lied about conversations with convicted fraudster Tony Rezko.
Obama may have overtly recommended Valerie Jarret for his Senate seat.
A supporter of President Obama may have offered quid pro quo on a Jarrett senate appointment
Obama maintained a list of good Senate candidates
Rahm Emanuel allegedly floated Cheryl Jackson’s name for the Senate seat
Obama had a secret phone call with Blagojevich

Read the details at the Ward Room, linked above. Here is the original motion requesting that Obama be subpoenaed.

The judge held an emergency hearing to discuss this terrible mistake.

The Rezko-Obama land deal has arisen again. As you can see, this information was being discussed in Chicago way back in 2006, but somehow it never really became an issue in the 2008 primaries or general election campaign, thanks to the bought-off corporate media.

Mediaite breaks down the material in the Blagojevich motion, and provides helpful commentary.

Jeralyn posted about the story at Talk Left, and she’s been busy censoring comments to make sure no one says there is anything questionable about Obama’s association with Tony Rezko and the land deal that allowed Obama to buy a very nice house that was way beyond his means at the time. From the comments:

Because (5.00 / 1) (#13)
by squeaky on Thu Apr 22, 2010 at 05:51:03 PM EST

The horse has been beaten to death, Rezko turned government witness and Obama has come out of this clean. A boneheaded mistake is miles away from insinuating criminal behavior.
Fanning the flames with innuendo of a criminal behavior is a cheap shot.

[ Parent ]

Actually, accusations (5.00 / 5) (#26)
by Inspector Gadget on Thu Apr 22, 2010 at 06:09:20 PM EST

were laid to rest pretty fast in the mainstream, and no one really got answers to anything. It’s probably why you are so sensitive to topics that continue to come up. When you can’t answer the question, frustration rises.
If it was beaten to death, and you know exactly what took place, perhaps you would share the information so we can all be as comfortable as you are about Rezko.

[ Parent ]

not so (5.00 / 1) (#30)
by Jeralyn on Thu Apr 22, 2010 at 06:30:33 PM EST

accusations were put to rest by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzerald. Obama did nothing illegal with Rezko. It’s Blagojevich that Rezko is cooperating against, not Obama.
Please stay on topic which is: Blago/Obama and Blago/Rezko. The only relevance between Obama/Rezko is Blago’s assertion that Obama may be able to impugn Rezko’s. He’s not claiming Rezko would besmirch Obama. His motion says:

President Obama’s relationship with Tony Rezko is relevant and necessary Fed. R. Evid. 404(b) and 406 evidence.
I wonder, did he mean 404(b) or 405(b)?

I’ve deleted sniping comments without substance. If commenters want to attack each other, please share your email addresses with each other and do it privately.

{hysterical laughter}

These stories are highlighted at Memeorandum, but Jerelyn is the only access blogger who has posted about them. I’m sure this will be heavily covered at the Cheeto once they get the word. Or not.

According to the Wall Street Journal,

The former governor’s trial is set to start June 3, a year and a half after he was ousted from office amid prosecutors’ allegations that he had plotted to sell the

U.S. Senate seat left vacant by Mr. Obama when he was elected president [….]

At a news conference this week, he called U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald a coward. Mr. Fitzgerald brought the corruption charges against Mr. Blagojevich and has challenged the former governor’s effort to make public all 500 hours of secretly recorded tapes at the heart of the case.

In an 11-page motion filed Thursday, Mr. Blagojevich’s attorneys argued that only Mr. Obama could resolve what they called contradictions between his public statements and the prosecutors’ case.

And in other news…..

Sorry, in my mind, there is no other news. Post your links freely in the comments and have a fabulous Friday!

120 Responses

  1. Ask me if I think Blago’s attorneys made the redaction mistake accidentally on purpose.

  2. Everyone that is expecting, or hopeful, that Obama will actually testify in this trial is sure to be disappointed. If there is a loop-hole to avoid the subpoena, Obama will crawl into it.

  3. I think the Blago’s made a good decision to go on those reality shows. It gave us all a chance to see that they aren’t monsters.

    I’ve got no idea how guilty he is but, going into this trial, I’ve got some idea about the kind of person he is.

    (good post, BB — I like keeping it to the story you’re watching!)

    • Blago and his wife are both corrupt as hell. And so is Tony Rezko. What does that say about their good friend Barack Obama?

      • I wonder if there are any politicians who aren’t corrupt?

        I guess there are varying degrees of it. But, I’ve come to the point where I think that ALL those politicians who took money through Act Blue (or whatever) with vows to vote for a “Public Option” are also corrupt.

        And I think it’s corrupt when a politician sends out fundraising letters to supporters/fans asking for money when they know good-and-well that they are about to suspend their campaign.

        And I guess I was speaking loosely when I said I didn’t know if he was guilty or not. He’s a politician so, I’m sure he is.

        Those guys all seem to think that if there is money someplace, it should be their own.

        • At this level one could not get there or exist without being corrupt . imo. The miracle of the Clintons is they give the devil his due, horor the law and demand something for the …gasp…voters too! But there are at least two factors that allow them to do this. A: They are geniuses . and B : They entered the game when it was still considered important to actually govern.

        • I totally agree, KB. I’ve gotten very cynical in the past couple of years.

          • I am with you.

            btw. since the subject of campaign money came up, did Obama ever help Hillary out with her campaign debts? AFAIR he had promised to do so but I still got requests, several times, for money from the HC campaign. By that time she may have joined the Obama admin as SOS. But she was still requesting funds.

            If he did not help her out, that must have been v. embarrassing for Hillary.

          • As far as I know Hillary got very little help from Obama donors in paying off her debt.

        • Yep. You always hear stories about young people who go down to DC all full of idealism, and within a couple years they’re working for Republicans instead. And you ask them why, and they say it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference, they’re all alike.

          • Believe it or not, once upon a time, even Joe Lieberman was a good guy. This thought should cure anyone from trusting any politician. EVER.

        • My son now lives in Cook County……I think all of the politicians in that part of the country are pretty corrupt. Just the sales tax alone will knock your socks off! High taxes, property taxes are the worse, corrupt cops and all the rest that’s going on in that crazy city leads us to who now is residing at the White house. Obama comes by his take no prisoners attitude “honestly” if that’s what you want to call it. I think Blago has every right to have all of the tapes revealed. What’s wrong with that? What are they hiding?

          It’s interesting what you say about Act Blue, etc. I was originally a John Edwards supporter and they were asking for money right up until the end as well. We all know that shouldn’t have happened.

  4. If the upper crust want you, you can start an illegal war over made up WMD that you don’t even bother to plant once there and it’s more than fine, they will help. However if they don’t want you, then 2 tickets to a Yankee game is cause for immediate impeachment…Blago is smart to make it worth Obama’s while to sweep his case under that bulging rug. I think Team Blago understands the limits of Obama’s ability to deal with hitches…this is a hitch alright.. lol!.

  5. Like his relationships with other unsavory characters throughout his life, Barack Obama used these bad actors to advance his career then threw them under the bus.

    The question about all this is if Obama was smart enough not to step in it. The house deal comes close.

  6. Hee hee hee – pass me that popcorn! Thanks for this post, BB – I posted it on FB, too.

  7. The photo of O with Blago looks weird. Whose hand is resting on the papers on the table? Unless Blago has 3 arms, I can’t make sence of that picture.
    Also, O is looking off into space and not at Blago.

    This must be photo shopped??

    • the little guy to the left of blago is the owner of the arm

      • Then the little guy would have to have his right arm in front of Blago, unless he has incredibly long arms.
        I just can not reconcile all those arms. That right hand claw-like on the papers on the table is disturbing!

    • It isn’t photoshopped. It was taken at a Democratic fundraiser during the campaign, and it was everywhere at the time.

    • It has to be faked – Obama isn’t bowing:

  8. If the Republicans take the House the Rezko and Blago problem will be the basis for a Presidential impeachment.

    • I don’t think that will happen even if Repubs take the house. They all work for the same corporations. If they, the bonus/owner class, don’t want that to happen, it won’t. If they want to play the Obama puppet longer that is. Of course if they decide they’re done with Obama, then he’s toast.

      • I don’t think the Republicans will be able to fight their own self-destructive urges.

        Also, they knew going in that there was nothing to Whitewater. In Obama’s case – there is some there there.

        • Yes, but they went after Whitewater anyway because they wanted to *destroy* the Clintons. Until the corporate donors are done with Obama, nothing will be investigated.

          • I don’t believe the House members, unlike Senate members, are subject to nearly as much pressure from Wall Street,

            House members will be listening to the birthers, teabaggers, rightwingers and regular Republicans back in their districts. And, they will not be able to resist the urge to play gotcha because they are generally a bunch of a-holes and haters looking to elevate their own importance.

          • If the Republican party wins the House and then listens to the birthers and goes down that path, put a fork in the GOP, it’s done. They will have a backlash of epic proportions. They will enable the Democratic brand to rebound overnight. Just my two.

          • I don’t think they’re that stupid. There are plenty of things they can bring up (or gin up) that would have a lot more punch than birther bs. Obama deliberately keeps that going himself for the sympathy vote, IMO.

          • Agreed, Seriously.

          • Re-reading, I see that Dee’s last comment was referring back to playing gotcha on Blago/Rezko and not necessarily on the birther baloney. I still think nothing good can come of the GOP listenening to that side of the party, though. Whether it’s birtherism or Blago/Rezko, if the impression is that the GOP is on another one of its witchhunts, it will eventually enable the Dems to mount a comeback without actually changing or doing anything to earn it.

          • Not sure about that one. They might not go the Blago/Rezko route, but I agree with Dee that they’ll probably go the attack route. They’d almost have to, because they’re in the same position as Obama. They’re not going to govern, they have to do something to distract anyone from asking about the opposition to the health care mess that’s mysteriously failed to materialize.

          • Oh, I think they’ll go the attack route–but if they had any sense they’d stick to attacking Obama on stuff that he’s done once he took office as president, rather than digging into his past at the behest of the “oh he’s a secret Muslim, get him, get him” crowd.

          • Oops my reply went into moderation.

            Anyhow, guess we’ll find out soon enough what happens.

        • Not only did they know there was nothing. The whole story was practically invented by Jeff Gertz of the NY Times. He was looking through records, thought he saw some discrepancy, ran with it to a “R” in the DA office in Arkansas . The rest is history.

      • Another motive for delayed or watered down financial reform.

      • I think you’re absolutely right, Dandy.

      • I think Obama’s largely served his purpose. He passed the insurance bailout act, banned reimportation from Canada, and destroyed the Left. All that’s left is to pass completely toothless “financial reform” and his work will be done.

        • Wrong. Social Security must be privatized before he goes off into the sunset.

    • why would they?
      So far Obama has been the most successful Republican president evah. They aren’t thru with their agenda.

  9. Hi all-just scanning the news today. The picture with Blago reminds me of people I have seen at parties who as they greet someone are looking over heads to see if someone ‘better’ has come. Always checking to see if they missed ‘the big cheese.’

    • My young friends call that sort of person “An Upgrader”.

      It started years ago when a guy named Kevin was always looking over and around everyone for a better female to hit on. Everyone started calling him “Kevin The Upgrader” – to his face. That same group of kids call every guy of this stripe “Another Kevin the Upgrader”. They call the females just “An Upgrader”.

  10. Here is Kass from this morning’s Chicago Tribune.

    Apparently his take is that Blago wants BO on the stand to impeach Rezko’s testimony to prosecutors. I think maybe the tapes are weaker for the govt than was originally assumed … but, who knows…


  11. Thank you for this post bb – it is a gift. You made points I nor anyone else dare not at the referenced site regarding protection from the truth for this selected prez. Valerie Jarret is close to the top of my list of odious obot sycophants since Feb. 2008. I certainly am not expecting BO to testify, but the validation – once again, for my gut level(no links) feelings is good even though it tells me we have no idea how horrific this administration is going to be. I suspect there are at least two commenters at that site on the payroll – lol. They are beyond reason.

    • There is good stuff about Emanuel in there too.

    • “I suspect there are at least two commenters at that site on the payroll – lol. They are beyond reason.”

      You mean the alleged supplier of an iPad?

      It truly is amazing how that commenter consistently violates the TL commenting rules, stalking and attacking other commenters in the nastiest terms. And then, when somebody calls him/her on it, JM jumps in and starts “cleaning” the thread and telling everyone to be nice.

      • I have come to the conclusion that Jeralyn doesn’t respect the bloggers on her site at all. Why else would she allow that trio (Squeaks, Sher, Cpt Howdy) to abuse her posters with constant stalking and downgrading, lying, and nasty name calling. Yet without her posters she might as well close shop. Besides, all this violates the commenting rules and surely anyone else would get immediately threatened with a ban by J. I wouldn’t put up with that.

        Since esp. Squeaks continues to abuse others with impunity, I am convinced Jeralyn wants this to happen. I assume that If Jeralyn is displeased with a commenter’s opinions, she might want her/him gone and is perfectly d’accord with Squeaky jumping on every post with a vengeance. I did notice that she is present on that blog a lot. Maybe she is the blog moderator?

        There are still some really good posters over there but why they remain is a mystery to me. I would consider it a waste of my time. Jeralyn doesn’t seem to be concerned about them leaving her site at all.

        btw. I used to like Jeralyn when she did her pundit job on TV years ago. But she had me completely fooled.

        I don’t visit TL anymore as a rule, just went by today after I read this thread.

        • Jeralyn is the poster child for double standards. She insists on the presumption of innocence for Obama and Roman Polanski, but not for Sarah Palin. She enforces the commenting rules strictly for some people and not at all for others.

          I never violated the commenting rules but she banned me anyway.

          I was never real active in the TL threads anyway – I usually read the posts but rarely the comment threads.

          • You know, all that stalking, abusing, and banning on TL reminds me of of of “ethnic cleansing.” Too much of that going on these days 😦

        • I am so glad I never got into Jeralyn or TL…nothing for me to be disappointed in.

          • I am not disappointed anymore. I just expected her to be much more professional. I joined TL during the primaries because a lot of Hillary supporters were over there. It was impossible to remain at kos’ Obama site. At first I only read the comments to get used to the site and I have to say, TL had many very smart posters. I was v. impressed and it was a relief to communicate with likeminded bloggers after the nasty treatment Hillary supporters experienced on dkos.

            As everyone knows, once Hillary was out and Obama in, it was all over at TL. She changed completely. First you were appreciated, then she was ready to ban you for any little thing. Of course, I left on my own.

            I stayed away from the blogs for over a year.
            For years I used to think she was a decent professional and then I got to know her from a totally diff. side. But since I don’t post there, I don’t care anymore. But yes, she did fool me, but good 😉

          • I don’t know TL but from what people write, Jeralyn sounds like she believes among other things that every convict is innocent and every cop is corrupt. Another over generalizing over simplifying lay down liberal with an overactive imagination for whom reality is too much work. No wonder the term “liberal” went through a tough patch.

  12. Squeaky, being a troublemaker, was replying (and thread clogging) to my initial comment which said that I didn’t think the WH would be happy with these developments. My only point being that this would be a distraction and this is an issue they thought dead and buried. Now, I’ve never made a secret of not being a fan of Teh One, so squeaks has decided that I am one of the commenters she stalks around the site (she also doesn’t like my posting opinions over there that are not inine with her philosophy that all cops and prosecutors are evil and everyone in jail is some innocent who was railroaded). She was particularly on fire yesterday and in that thread, I tried several times to get the conversation back on track, but she kept calling me names and posting lies about what I said
    (her interpretation of what I said was that I thought Obama was terrified of testifying).

    For some reason, Jeralyn allows squeaky to do this – as many here know, others would have been banned (and have been) for much less. I do recognize many of you from over there during the primaries. I, too, was banned (as cmugirl) when pod-Jeralyn took over after the convention. I stayed away for awhile, but came back under this name (Shhhh! Don’t tell!)

    Other good posters have left – Steve M left a couple of months ago. Anne is still gives her great and thoughtful postings. Cream City and a few others are still there sporadically. Kdog is still the wonderful rascal. Capt Howdy has changed and has seemed to have vibes on a whole vat of Kool-Aid.

    So, thanks for letting me posting “the rest of the story”)

    • JB, does that “other site” still exist? The “pantsuit sisters” discussion list?

    • I suspect that Squeaky is the one who bought Jeralyn her Ipad.

      Bribe her and she’ll put up with anything you say, too.

      • It’s funny you say that – I’ve long suspected that they are one in the same and that squeaky says what J wants to, but can’t under her own name for a variety of reasons.

        • For me, I actually think Squeaky is a deeper thinker than Jeralyn.

        • You know I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that was the case. But as I said in my above post, Squeaks seems to be on the blog a lot. Day and night just about. Does J. have that much free time?

          TL was a great site during the primaries but now it is really odd.

      • I have come to believe that squeaky is a solitary drinker. Sometimes she prefaces her ranting with a few comments that are almost coherent and rational, but as the evening goes on and shades into the wee hours, she gets nastier and nastier, more incoherent, and more belligerent. And If she happens to leave a comment before noon Eastern time, she’s still as nasty as she was the night before, probably because she’s hungover. Piece of work, that one.

        • Squeaks always talks about Squeaks always talks about not having a tv. The other day she was involved in a lengthy discussion about types of bongs and the best ones to use. I thought potheads were supposed to be mellow…?

    • Oh, and Capt Howdy may have affilitation with the movie industry, another reason to be beloved by Jeralyn.

      • I believe Capt Howdy was/is an animator for movies.

        • Oooooh! Whereas here at TC we merely have a economics prof, a biological sciences whiz, and a psychologist, and lots of other critical thinkers and people with common sense.

          Which is why we saw thru O.

          • You didn’t mention the clown.

            What’s the matter, don’t you like clowns? Don’t we make you laugh?

          • The Clown! You’re in the “critical thinkers” category. Or, no, I should have said “psychologists” 😉

            And come to think of it, I do find all that face paint funny.

  13. Will the role of Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi in this Blago / Obama / Rezko relationship ever be investigated?
    Somehow I doubt it.

  14. None of this will ever see the light of day. I’m convinced the whole damn thing–our political and social system–will just collapse of its own incredible moral corruption.

    Personally, I’d rather play with rattlesnakes. At least they tell the truth!

  15. Wired.com :

    The Obama administration is poised to take up one of the more dangerous and hare-brained schemes of the Rumsfeld-era Pentagon. The New York Times is reporting that the Defense Department is once again looking to equip intercontinental ballistic missiles with conventional warheads. The missiles could then, in theory, destroy fleeing targets a half a world away — a no-notice “bolt from the blue,” striking in a matter of hours. There’s just one teeny-tiny problem: the launches could very well start World War III.

    Change you can disbelieve in.

  16. bet bo doesn’t testify.

  17. http://www.leagle.com/unsecure/page.htm?shortname=innjco20100422375

    NJ court rules bloggers not protected by shield law. Says they are not journalists.
    This something that all blog owners should be aware of.
    I do not know if it changes things for them or not.



  18. Hi again, BBoomer! You guys? Ugh. It is getting to the point in politics where?

    It is that elitist thing everyone at the Conf has been speaking about for years. Anyway, Whitman is trying to pull an O-target-marketing move out here. Bazillions of dollars. So creepy.

    There is a bunch of research on the Rezko dealings — I think NQ has a lot, and once there was a whole blog on that too?

    Where were the investigative journalists? maybe laid off?
    it’s tragic what has happened but the newspaper meltdown is a huge part of it in my opinion.

    Big hugs from your pal in SoCal. I hope Jerry Brown wins?
    California. He is the kind of Democrat we understand…

    • It would be so great if Brown were Gov.

      • You are not going to believe this one, BB — yesterday by accident I ran into a TV journo for a big station in LA at a food stand — we ended up talking about politicians and the media and the stations — turns out they want the money — so a policy of no criticism is in place or investigative.

        How totally creepy is that?

        Unbelievable. And there are no papers. In the hands of a few corporations.

  19. The bra advert with the fuller-sized model that proved a little TOO hot for American TV

    Lane Bryant Ad- McRib Remix

    • Warning… The Ad is to HOT for Klowns! 😆
      DON’T LOOK 😯

    • I almost wonder what commentary the person who remixed the mcRib with Lane Bryant was gong for?

      The original ad is tame and cute. I don’t see a darn thing objectionable about it.

      • Well, the woman looks closer to the average American and not a size ZERO model, and they fear women might get uppity if they begin to think they are just as gorgeous as they really are.

        The woman in the commercial is beautiful and has a million dollar smile.

        • ((Sigh.)) I didn’t like the “not what your mother would wear” language which implies mothers can’t be sexy. But there’s nothing wrong with the model’s size or smile.

  20. Health Insurers Shifting Costs Ahead of Law

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) Apr 16 – Some of the largest U.S. health insurers are changing their accounting practices to book administration costs as medical costs in an attempt to circumvent new industry reforms, according to a U.S. Senate panel’s report released on Thursday.

    Under the healthcare law passed in March, insurers must adjust their spending habits to meet new requirements. For example, large group plans must spend at least 85 cents of every premium dollar paid to them on actual medical care as opposed to administrative costs, while individual and small group plans must spend 80 cents.

    –Reuters Health News

    Big surprise, eh? In contrast, Medicare spends about 97-98 cents/premium dollar on actual medical care.

  21. And just as Obama becomes more tarnished, the “R” pundits who help bring him about discuss the state of their love for Obama

  22. Did anyone post this today?

    Do these people EVER do anything that is not a PR/marketing event?

    Obamas take ‘middle class’ holiday in North Carolina

    Barack and Michelle Obama flew off for a brief holiday in North Carolina on Friday in what was seen as an attempt to take a “middle class” vacation more in keeping with those of ordinary Americans.


    • Give me a break. Staying at the best hotel in the city, golfing, and fine dining is not what most middle class families can afford these days let alone a weekend getaway. Anyway, by next vacation they’ll be back in their million dollar home in Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard. Do they think one weekend in the country will make Americans forget his deals and vacations with the Wall Street bankers who bought him?

      • They didn’t even take the kids! Heads up, but going on couples vacations is probably an indication that you take more vacations than average and are therefore in an upper income bracket. Most people who take maybe one little jaunt every few years would tend to make it a family vacation.

    • Lol Only in Obama world is the solution to take yet another vacation. Maybe they should cancel the vacay and shoot lots of footage of him hanging around working tirelessly in the DC heat like everyone who can’t afford to go on vacation?

    • Wonder what would remain if all the marketing was stripped away from BO. Not much I imagine.

    • On his last visit to Asheville, in October 2008, the final month of his presidential campaign, Mr Obama complained that he did not have the time to play golf on the hotel’s private course, and vowed to return.

      North Carolina may also have been chosen because Mr Obama was the first Democratic presidential contender to win the state since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

      Yet another similarity between Obama and Carter. But Carter didn’t whine quite so much about not having time to play golf on private courses.

      Middle class my *ss.

  23. Thanks, BB. This certainly isn’t getting covered much.

    In today’s other <a href=http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE63M52I20100423hee, hee, hee news:

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein and other bank officials have been sued by shareholders in two lawsuits related to fraud allegations brought by the federal government.

    In complaints filed in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, Robert Rosinek and Morton Spiegel accused Goldman executives and the bank’s entire board of breaching fiduciary duties by letting the bank enter transactions involving risky collateralized debt obligations tied to subprime mortgages.

  24. “A boneheaded mistake is miles away from insinuating criminal behavior.”

    I forgot about “boneheaded.” Labeling an action boneheaded makes it stupid, but not illegal. Handy term.

  25. Why is WordPress ignoring Daylight Savings Time?

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