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VAT is not the same as “soaking the rich”

Barack Obama is suggesting the Value Added Tax (VAT) as a revenue option for those of us just livin’ it up on our stagnant salaries.  Yep, we just have tons and tons of disposable income, what with gas at $3.00/gallon and excise taxes on our frugal health bennies and our kids’ college funds running on empty.

How many times do we have to go through this with our cowardly and craven politicians?  We want you to SOAK THE RICH. That is what you were elected to do in 2008.  We are sick of squabbling over the shrinking slice of pie that the bonus class is throwing us.  The day after Goldman-Sachs announced it’s whopping $3+ billion quarterly profit using money that we, the taxpayers, gave it through TARP, is not a good time to bring up the idea of a VAT.  If the country is broke, Mr. Obama, perhaps you should stop asking the vast majority of rules playing and responsible taxpayers to pony up.  Stop looking down the food chain at the plankton.  Look upwards towards the sharks if you need to recover the money.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about countries that actually have VATs, like some European countries.  In those countries, health care doesn’t mean that only consumers need to cut costs; doctors, insurance companies and hospitals share that burden too.  In those countries, the trains run on time and there are plenty of them.  In those countries, the gifted student doesn’t have to pray for a scholarship because higher education costs are a tiny fraction of what we pay here.

Listen up, Barry,  I’m not a gullible TeaPartier who is against government spending and reflexively anti-tax.  I am a middle class, well paid (but not TOO well paid), well educated, FDR Democrat in the burbs.  You know, one of the voters your party is losing at an accelerated pace these days?  I have no desire to live in GlennBeckistan where we stomp all over the poor and newly unemployed for being a burden on us.  But enough is enough with the taxes.  I’ve got a kid to put through college if I can keep her from losing her mind in a regular classroom after the devastating budget cuts New Jersey is going through right now. (Have you seen what a private school costs these days?  Of course you have, but to those of us NOT making a $400K salary every year, our gifted girls are stuck in public school)  Your job is to make government work for me, not make it worse and then take more of my money to cover your backers’ gambling debts.  Don’t piss us off.

I’m getting really sick and tired of hearing the rich whine about things like how bad our internet security is because they pay taxes and dammit, they deserve better treatment!  No, *I* pay taxes and I deserve better treatment.  I pay enough in taxes every year to keep a family of four above the poverty level.  Now, I don’t mind doing it because *someone’s* got to do it.  But my patience is wearing thin.  I can’t afford to pay for everything myself and I make too much money to qualify for any benefits.  Maybe that’s how it should be.  But if I am expected to have a social conscience, I think it’s only right to expect the same from the people pulling in millions of dollars in bonuses every year. Morality is not just for the average Joe.  If noblesse oblige doesn’t come naturally, it should be compulsory.  If I were a Democrat right now, I’d tax the living daylights out of any banker who received a bonus from Bank of America, Citibank and Goldman Sachs.  That right there will get you two more years.

So, before Obama even thinks about a VAT, he’d better go away and think harder about SOAKING THE RICH.  And don’t come back until you have a plan to do it.

Nope, don’t even go there.  Talk to the hand.

142 Responses

  1. Amen! the VAT tax idea is just their way of getting more money from the poorest citizens. Even Warren Buffet says our tax system is out of whack when he pays a lower tax percentage than his clerical employees.

    • I can’t believe Obama would even entertain the faintest glimmer of a notion of a VAT before he had made every effort imaginable in recovering all of the TARP money and taxing the bonuses out the wazoo. What is the color of the sky on his planet?

      • Social Security is on their list also.

      • I commented on this a few days ago.

      • His sky is evidently green. He made $5.5 million this year. Doing what, I’m not sure.

      • Yup, letting the Bush tax cuts expire is not the same as raising marginal tax rates on the rich. But that’s what Obummer is saying. (I’m trying out “Obummer.” Seems to be a favorite among those who voted for BO but now rightly feel betrayed.)

    • GE also paid nothing in taxes.

      • I heard that. They made a ton of money overseas and didn’t haven’t to pay any taxes here on it. wtf?

        • Probably so they can keep competing overseas. Good for GE investors, not good for US jobs or revenues.

          • Not good for GE investors. The return was mediocre last year. Good for GE execs, more likely.

  2. Dontcha know that poor people are “lucky duckies” who pay no taxes and get free government benefits.

    Whereas the rich put in long hours (supervising their hard-working minimal wage employees) then have to PAY TAXES on their (obscene) profits. Then when they die their heirs pay a death tax which is taxing the same (obscene) profits twice.

    That’s why poor people are poor – it’s so much better than being rich.

    • I think they wrote about it in their favorite book. Something about how wonderful it is for poor people because “they will inherit the earth” and all that. Patience poor people. Patience.

      • This VAT thing really burns my oatmeal. Here I am, struggling with this accelerated learner when G&T programs are being cut left and right and I’m about to pay more money for what? Government used to work for us. Now, both Democrats and Republicans seem bound and determined to undermine government AND raise taxes at the same time. Incompetence on this scale is staggering.

        • When are they going to wake up?” When? When?

        • riverdaughter — I will be e-mailing a friend of mine who is a published writer and teaches writing on-line to ask her if she has considered this teen age-range of advanced students having their G & T classes cut.

          Would your daughter be interested in an after-school writing class? There would be a fee.

          • What kind of class are we talking about? She’s already an advanced proficient writer. Better than most adults I know, present company excepted.
            I can find your email address and mail you later. I’m at work now and have to get back. Just stepped outside to check my email.

      • I like it when people who lived through the Depression say things like, “Why are they complaining about not having shoes? During the Depression, we didn’t have shoes.”

      • They inherit 8x3x6 ft. plots of it.

    • David Brooks!

      Don’t think we don’t recognize you just because you’re posing here as a clown.

    • the best way to make sure your heirs do not pay a hefty “death tax” is to put your wealth in life insurance. No tax, no probate. Of course if you have multi millions it is hard to imagine putting all of that in insurance. But put a large amount away in insurance and do it while you are still insurable and your kids will get the money in days rather than months.

  3. Delurking because you should be aware of another pitfall. If the VAT is passed, they will let it settle for a year or two, then work on amalgamating it with individual state sales taxes – saves money for the retailers, doncha know cause they won’t have two taxes to worry about.
    It happened here in my province, and in this situation, it means an additional 10% taxpayer burden, cause under the new “blended” tax, things that weren’t taxed under provincial tax before, are not taxed. Big windfall for the governments.

    • Sorry mistyped.

      Instead of “not typed” it should read “are now taxed”

      Mea culpa

  4. A very righteous rant!

    I’m a native of NJ [living out of state now] but I raised my family in the “Garden State.” I’m well aware of skyrocketing real estate taxes, car insurance and now the cuts in services must be a very bitter pill to swallow. My oldest was in the G&T program and for advanced students they can truly be a lifesaver. We didn’t have the money for private school either, certainly not with escalating college tuitions to face [and they went up and up the entire time my kids were enrolled]. Paychecks can only stretch so far. And savings? Hah! You just can’t keep up, particularly now.

    Anyway, if Obama proceeds with the VAT tax folly, it may be the last straw. People are unbelievably angry, not simply on the Net but in the hinterlands. A VAT tax could be the gasoline on the fire.

    • What G&T? My district just gutted it. Well, educators in my district never liked it anyway. They believe that EVERYONE is gifted. You know, I even went to the school board to stick up for these borg teachers who expect gifted kids to kiss their asses before they get recommended for classes. We are going to lose 80 teachers in my district and every one of the G&T teachers. What do I get for my support? Snippiness and mean spirited poppy leveling. The seventh grade G&T teacher is a witch. The 8th grade G&T teacher is a dream. How much you wanna bet witchipoo has seniority?
      Sucks, big time.
      Don’t come running to me 20 years from now when the country looks like Saudi Arabia and there aren’t enough engineers and scientists around.

        • Let’s just eat our seed corn.

        • they’re furloughing tenured professors here too …

          • Well what do the unwashed masses think they’re going to do with an edjumacation anyway?

          • That’s pretty much what Jindal thinks. He says we’ve got too many university graduates and not enough community college graduates and tech school grads. Go figure! If he’d go bring some companies to the state instead of attending EVERY frigging Republican fundraiser in the country, maybe there’d be jobs for our grads. But, NO!!!!!

        • yeah, but he is all for wasting money on standards testing and other garbage that has nothing to do with teaching children. Merritt pay is a joke. It is going to enable already over paid admin to punish teachers they don’t like personally and reward their friends or those who kiss their ass.
          Think about when education was really working in this country… it was not because they turned teachers in to automatons all doing the same thing the same way. It was back mid century when kids had less rights, teachers had more and not everyone had their own personal lesson plans.
          Now every child is a law suit waiting to happen.

          • Why should I have to sue? Why can’t educators’ stop projecting their insecurities on to their students?
            I think I have finally gotten through to Brook. When it comes to her education, teachers are obstacles and she has to think outside of the box and figure out a way of flowing around them. Running the educational establishment gauntlet is going to be great problem solving training for her.

      • I’m sorry to hear that. My son loved the gifted program he was in and had terrific teachers.

        You’re so right. If we don’t nurture these kids early on, we lose bigtime down the road. It’s shortsighted at best.

        Though I don’t have kids in school anymore, I was talking to my neighbor across the street. She’s a grade school teacher and was complaining of the same thing: cuts in teachers and programs.

        Makes you wonder where we’re headed.

        And everyone is gifted? Nice fairytale. I guess that parallels everyone is a trophy-winning soccer player. Or maybe just a convenient excuse to cut a program they’ve decided doesn’t fit the common denominator model.

        We’re really shooting ourselves in the foot on so many levels. Scary and sad.

      • Our new governor, Christie, compared teachers to drug dealers yesterday. What a guy.


        • I love the last line of that article, jawbone:

          “Christie is sorta like a Sopranos version of Reagan.”

          None of this is funny but that made me laugh. So, teachers are like drug dealers. Wow. What a way to win friends and cooperation.

          The whole country seems to be losing its mind.

        • I voted for Daggett. He was the only decent choice in this state. Interested more in saving money through restructuring rather than gutting.
          I think suburban voters are finally starting to get a clue. It has been a very painful lesson but I’m betting Republicans have really burned their bridges here in Jersey.

    • I’m also a native Jerseyan, out of there for the lat 11 years.
      I was a media specialist/librarian in several districts. Including South RIver on one side of Rte. 18, then East Brunswick. The school in S. River was near a dump and had sewage smelling from the basement, East Brunswick had money to burn (but didn’t replace rugs after a leak in the library and so I came down with asthma…)…

      Anyway, been on both sides of the fence. Nothing tops one on one attention. You can shove half the technology and spend it on smaller classes and good teachers. You can make a kid who thinks he’s dumb and acts out because of problems actually accomplish something and boost him/her up with a book and a pen and paper.

      I know it works because I did it!

      Back to basics doesn’t mean teaching by rote or to the test. I means giving kids attention instead of sitting them at computers all day…

      • teaching by rote has it’s place though and I am sorry to see people totally dismiss it. Memorization can be tedious, but for things such as the time tables and important dates, you can not beat rote teaching.
        Did you ever see children in the middle east in a classroom? You will see them rocking as they all recite information. Adding movement to the repetition of facts is a great way to remember dry information. I have seen that method used in the US lately and it works. Why do we all remember the words to songs we loved growing up? Because of the rhythm.

        • Sorry, I’ll classify…I’m not against rote learning, such as times tables, etc.

          I actually meant programming lessons for the tests that are being administered constantly and which will be used against teachers as more “reform” takes hold…

          Sorry for the misunderstanding…

          Memorization of things like times tables, etc. can instill discipline and a lifelong tool. Teaching to a test is not the same thing…it certainly undercuts efforts to instill critical thinking skills, which was my passion…

  5. I have no desire to live in GlennBeckistan where we stomp all over the poor and newly unemployed for being a burden on us.-RD

    Lordie, I busted out laughing when I read the above… 😆 Ayup, I don’t want to live there either, with that ‘SCREAMER’! Also, those countries with a VAT Tax have Universal Health Care and Obama blocked the Public Option here!?!

    • Jeesh!

      • That wouldn’t be uniquely American.

        • Yeah. Funny that Hillary thought a European-style system would be just fine, even in our “Uniquely American” situation. Granted, we would start from a place no one else had to before (employer-based system) but she found the most efficient and effective way to do that.

          • But but but “Everybody” knows Hillary would have been just as bad as Obama. She wouldn’t have given us single payer so obviously that means she would have sold out and given us a mandate for junk insurance just like Obama.

      • 😆 SOD, Ayup, I want what those other Western Civilized countries have and if we are going to be taxed more, why I will demand that we be treated to Universal Health Care. OK…I couldn’t let the Piggy go…
        “Put The Piggy In Its Place” HR 676

  6. Nick Clegg, candidate for PM in the UK wants a VAT for new home construction.


    • Yes, but they have can have serious illnesses and get treated. Their kids can test into Oxford and get a degree for next to nothing. What would we get for a VAT???

  7. Absolutely brilliant post, RD.

    Yeah, Barry–what she said.

    • Ahhh, to go to an Obama event with a couple hundred of my friends and lead a dozen choruses of “BAAAAA-RRRRY”

      I just love to watch him lose his cool

      • That would be great if you didn’t have to hear him speak at all. Maybe a great pair of ear plugs would do it?

      • meh. You’ll probably be hauled off to that haven of justice AKA Gitmo.

        • What? He doesn’t like cheerleaders?
          Note to the primary candidate that takes Barry on: Get him to lose his cool on camera as much as possible. The last thing his creative class wannabees want to see is Barry not all swave and deboner. It will suck the cool right out of him.

          • That won’t be hard, he loses his cool at the slightest lack of deference, just like W.

      • im with you on that one RD

      • during the primaries when people were calling him Barry, I had some young men try to explain why using the name was racist. It was something about how it made you associate him with Barry White who was very dark skinned……..
        I’d join you in that chant just for fun.

  8. Shared prosperity is so 1990s. Has it really only been a decade?

    • Feels much longer ……

    • My American childhood was pretty darned perfect, even if we were barely middle class and my mom was a religious nut.
      My American adulthood just sucks. This is definitely not what was promised.

      • A very dear friend of mine used to say during the Clinton years every time our paths crossed, “Are you better off today than you were yesterday?”

        I never said no during the Clinton years. Never.

        Today? The answer is No, every. single. day.

        • Yup. Every. Single. Day.
          (And no, never during Bill Clinton’s days.)
          Hard to believe this is all in the same lifetime.

  9. Genius I tells ya! it’s genius!

  10. Andrew Sullivan needs to see a shrink about his misogynistic obsession with Palin and her baby.

    The reason I banged on and on about Palin’s bizarre story about her fifth campaign prop during the campaign was not because I wanted to invade someone’s privacy, or engage in loony conspiracy theories. The reason is simply that this story raised legitimate questions of fact, and that the press decided that it would never ask the relevant questions, and indeed ostracize and ridicule those who did.


    So I haven’t given up on this line of inquiry. Trust me. I have not given up.

    • Why the hell is Sullivan considered a liberal on any list?

    • I thought it was a “bizarre story” and kinda gross when I learned about the birthing process, too, Andy.

      • One imagines Sullivan running shrieking from the theater at the point of the birthing scene in Knocked Up.

        • Lol Of course he’ll keep his ticket stub for verification so he can opine about what a clearly ungrateful, mouthy $&@$) Katherine Heigl is, though. 😉

    • Andrew needs to get out more. Evidently the only pregnant women he ever sees are the cosseted elitist types, or movies where it’s all a big flustered production the moment labor twinges begin. Which may be why he finds her behavior so bizarre . Let me tell him something about rural girls and pregnancy:

      I was living in the sticks when I had my first 2 children. I never showed til well past 6 months. I gained only 15 pounds in the entire first 8 months of each pregnancy, then gained one pound per week in the final month, for a total of 19 pounds. (Yes, I had healthy 7 lb babies). I could easily have passed for not pregnant for a really long time.

      I rode motorcycles, hoed the 2 acre garden, and everything else that needed doing. After my water broke with #2, I puttered around the house for half a day before even considering going to the hospital. Why go lie in a bed hooked to monitors when it was going to be awhile, and I was more distracted having something to do? After he was born, I spent exactly 12 hours at the hospital. Then I came home.

      The NEXT DAY, I was out chopping wood for the woodstove (our only heat source), and hauling laundry baskets of wet clothes out to line dry.

      So no, Andrew, not showing very much early on, or not rushing off emergently to the hospital, or taking childbirth in stride as if its no big deal is not “bizarre” behavior. It’s how many hard-working women who are not freaked out by pregnancy and childbirth behave. We’ve been doing it for millennia, Andrew. We know our limits and we know our bodies, so STFU about what is “normal” for a pregnant woman. You’re the one whose behavior is not normal, not Sarah.

    • That’s the same thing the press does to birthers. Cuz it is a loony conspiracy theory.

      • Yeah, and they’ve never properly investigated BatBoy’s influence on the federal government, either.

  11. I’m going to have to read this tomorrow, as tonight I’m watching Food, Inc. on Ch. 13’s POV — and it’s awful to watch..

    I feel sick to my stomach, I feel angry to the tips of my toes.

    I’m so angry about what is being done to farmers who simply want to use non-GMO seeds that I could spit. I’m so angry at our corporate bought and sold politicians who kowtow to Big Corporations.

    I’m so angry about chickens “engineered” to be so breast heavy they can barely walk, who live in such crowded conditions in filth. That beef cattle spend their days in feed lot standing in liquid manure up to well above their ankles.

    And I have no idea what to do about it. Buy locally — I’m helped in that since my local Foodtown owner has an arrangement with a local farm for local product in the summer. But, for things not grown here, like celery, I can’t find bunches of celery anymore with the leaves left on. And I like the leaves for soups, etc.

    Anyone else seen the movie? Saw it tonight?

    • I have the Food Inc, DVD. A better film is “Earthlings.” You can watch it here:


      It was a joint project between Sean Mosen, Joaquin Phoenix, and Moby.

      • This is the second time in a few days I’ve heard that. Guess I should get around to watching Earthlings (bought it several years ago).

        Another great one is Our Daily Bread by German filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter.

        Scenes of sunless, artificial factory farmscapes. where both animals and humans are deprived of even a glimpse of the natural world, presented sans narration. Eerie and hypnotic.


    • Yes, I’ve been watching this, too. So glad I’m a vegetarian…I grow veg all year round and buy local at the co-op.

      The brutality and control over our food supply is DISGUSTING!!

    • BTW, this website lists all of the organic farms throughout the country including co-ops / CSAs for people who want to “go local.”


      • thanks for the link, I love it! We have “artisanal” honeybees in Portland? ah, but of course.

    • I’m both sorry and happy for your experience watching Food Inc…..
      I’ve been a 90% faithful vegetarian for almost 10 years, I slip during holidays etc…

      Are you thinking about going vegetarian? If so…there are many soy alternatives to meat, as well as wild caught fish, for your protein, if you want to divest of the slaughterhouse economy… The soy products suck at first if you don’t know how to prepare them or “combine” them, it can seem like an ongoing endeavor keep it palatable. Better to eat peanut butter or beans/rice than support that dreadful industry, imo.

      • I keep moving towards vegetarianism.. Get there, slip back… Then get my ass moving in the right direction again. Love animals and feel crappy when I slip back. Admire the hell out of vegans and vegetarians. A good vegan/ vegetarian diet is healthier and morally more ‘er digestible. I’m still working on it… But I’ll get better.

        I remember Jane goodall’s a vegetarian and a role model. It’s just that some of the stuff really sucks for taste and it takes some work to avoid falling into pizza, cake fat diet when giving up meat.

        • Actually those vegetarian Amys frozen tv dinners are pretty good and it beats staring at the cupboard trying to figure out how you can eat that funny tasting stuff until you lose your mind and just want a big mac

          • I’m actually, the worst vegetarian evah. My diet is mostly, carbs, fats, and soy products. Yes, you can be a vegetarian and avoid vegetables altogether! ; )

    • I have the DVD. I showed it to a friend. Afterward, she sat in silence for a while and said, I can’t go home. This is the only place it’s safe to eat. (Meaning my house, where I have predominantly local foods, all from farmers I know.)

    • Ayayayay!! I love meat. I love veggies. Don’t blame the genetically modified seeds for what people use them for. I feel we are heading for some black/white thinking on the issue of foodstuffs that is bound to piss people off and drive them away. Your eating habits are like religions. It’s hard to discuss them without offending someone.
      If I could find some humanely raised veal, I’d cover a big fat chop with porcini mushroom dust and grill it to a nice medium rare. I am not going to feel guilty about it. Eating meat is not a moral issue to me. It’s a health issue and I don’t eat it everyday.
      As for Food Inc., I haven’t seen it but if it provokes that kind of emotional response, I would tend to avoid it. Just give me the facts, ALL of the facts and quit trying to push my buttons.

  12. LOL, just read this after hanging up on a campaign call from the NM Democratic Party about the governor’s race.

    I cut her off midstream since I knew the part about the Republicans spending millions of dollars blah blah blah to inform her that I was no longer a registered Democrat since Obama screwed us in the primaries. I said I was an older woman who saw that Obama was a misogynst and was giving away our rights and that there was no “hopey changey” here since he a Republican/corporatist.

    I told her I would vote selectively, but Obama had forced me actually come to the state where I would consider NOT voting.

    And then I hung up. So there!!

    • I love it when I get those calls now.

      • If we’re all giving the same message, how come they act so astonished when they hear it (for the forty second time).?
        Are Democrats really slow?

        • I don’t get many calls, but I still get emails. After many pithy replies, I’ve finally resorted to just replying: “BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” In your dreams. I will actively work against you in 2010 and 2012, until the people who destroyed MY party are all gone.”

          BTW, I by no means want Palin as president, but I did see a sign at a rally that I thought was cool. It said: “I can see November from my house.”

          • Lol, that sign is hilarious.

            It’s telling where we are at in American politics today that we always have to stipulate we wouldn’t want Palin for president. I do it, too, so that isn’t a criticism. But, I can’t think of any other politician where I always have to state out front that I wouldn’t want him for president…

          • WTV… just say no to qualifying your opinions. I get sick when I hear women say “I am not a feminist but….” or male candidates saying ” I am not personally in favor of abortion but….”
            When you qualify your opinion it is only to make sure people like you or think you are smart. F*ck them, it is none of their business who you might vote for.

          • LOL at that sign.

            TeresainPa, I agree with not qualifying one’s position. It’s so drummed into me as a woman, that I should not offend, that it’s been really hard for me to unlearn that.

          • I don’t do it so anyone will think I’m smart, I do it trying to ward off the eventual conflation of a) defending Palin from sexist and classist attacks, with b) defending her politics.

      • I got a robocall last night saying that the local GOP congresscritter was an evil minion of Goldman Sachs.

  13. VAT is a regressive tax. It’s what our neoliberal parties would rather do than raise the upper rates of income tax. Anything rather than do something that might upset the corporatocracy (who can do their shopping where there is no VAT or sales tax or anything like that, if they aren’t being given what they want for nothing to win their favour).

  14. Ruh roh. Triple double down flip back idiot mooning sighted:


  15. Ha ha. Markos = bore, Beck = loon. Neither are worthy of a second look. I have to admit though, I used to lurk at DK. That old hope magic had me in its spell before it all turned into mush. Pootie diaries are still pretty good though. Last time I looked anyway. And I like Sarah’s quilts. Hey, wasn’t Jed the “they darkened the Barack image” guy. Good work, Jed.

    • I have a cockatiel but you don’t see me posting pics of him, do you? What’s the deal with people and their pets? I don’t want to see that. it’s annoying. So your cat knocks stuff over and distracts you while you’re blogging. So what?

      • Guess I could have stated it better. Pretty new to this commenting thing. DK would do better as a general interest site since they’ve lost all credibility concerning politics. BTW, I loooove cats. Birds are cool, too. My cats are of the indoors only type – toy prey only.

    • Don’t they have the same problem in California? They have juuuuust enough Republicans to make sure their yachts and other watercraft aren’t taxed. It’s some weird arrangement.

  16. Per today tabloids, while the rich will not get soaked, they’ll be surely get a stern talking to, so there!

    • Well, Ok then. I know I feel better.

    • Why isn’t Obama speaking about Earth Day today? He could grandstand about Wall Street any day.

      • What’s he gonna say?
        “In honor of Earth Day, I will launch the east coast offshore oil exploration program and celebrate by harpooning a few whales.”

    • when ever Obama speaks, you have to look for the loop holes in what he says. He never means what he says.

  17. ummmm….. he doesn’t care about it?

  18. I am literally gritting my teeth. I can not believe this damn idiot. I just had this argument with someone the other day that this is where Obama was going and here we are. Hello, Obama, you want Euro-style VAT taxes, give us Euro-style social services, otherwise get lost.

    • Ha. I saw a conservative on a Red blog actually mention that the other day. He was pretty reasonable. He issued a caveat that he did not want European style socialism, but added that AT LEAST they get massive benefits for all that tax sacrifice. He could not figure out why even liberals would be in favor of pouring more money down a federal black hole with no real benefit attached.

      I was lurking, I don’t post on those sites, but if I had I’d have told him that not all of us are so stupid as to fall for that shell game.

  19. “Your job is to make government work for me, not make it worse and then take more of my money to cover your backers’ gambling debts.  Don’t piss us off.”

    RD… You just write so damn well!

    • I loved that too! I’m deeply opposed to the VAT. We just can’t afford it in the USA since as we know the trickle down is always on the rank ‘n’ file.

      Incidentally, conservatives have been saying that a VAT was inevitable to pay for the health sham bill. Just thought it interesting they knew this was coming down the pike.

  20. Nice one. YEP! GO RD!

    ps: all those millions Whitman has spent here in CA on her media blitz?
    Go after her first. We have homeless camps out here on the streets.
    The vids are all in youtube.

    I don’t expect it will happen though.

    hugs RD & Co.

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