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      .@GovRonDeSantis: “You don’t have to politicize every tragedy in this country.” Also @GovRonDeSantis: Immediately politicizes Hurricane Ian tragedy. pic.twitter.com/er3hjzL5kp — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) October 4, 2022
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Kick Ass with Hit Girl

If you were thinking of catching a movie this weekend, consider this one starring a ‘tween killer with a potty mouth:

First, let’s be clear. This is a movie for adults. If your kid wants to see it, say no.

Hit Girl is a character that I have never seen on screen before. She is an 11 year old girl assassin. This girl, played amazingly by Chloe Grace Moretz, is a walking destruction machine. She shoots, she stabs, she bayonets.


The thing about Hit Girl is not just that she is a brutal and ruthless killer. She enjoys it. Way. Too. Much.

And the language. I really thought there were language limits, but Hit Girl pushes those boundaries, and quite frankly, after this movie I don’t think there are any language barriers left. They’ve been trampled by an 11-year-old girl. Never before have a heard the c-word (yes, that word) uttered by a girl describing men.


You know you’re into different territory when the first scene you see of your heroine is her father teaching her take a bullet in a vest.

Not exactly Hannah Montana, now is she?


This is an open thread.

77 Responses

  1. Roger Ebert found it fairly horrifying, just another “we’ll call it satire without knowing what satire means just because we’re the irony generation” type film; I’m happy to take him at his word.

    • I use the “Costanza rule” on everything Roger says.

      Chances are if he likes it, I won’t (and vice-versa)

      • Ouch. I usually think he tends to hit the mark. (tastes being subjective and whatnot)

        BUT…the way you described it, I thought it was a totally different movie from Kick Ass.(didn’t get the title, I’m slow) I’ve been seeing commercials for this movie for weeks and none of them come even CLOSE to what was in this clip. (Wow)

        The TV commercials really do portray this as a kidz-nerds-non-superhero superhero movie. Whoa Nelly.

        Granted, I guess I didn’t notice this movie was rated R.

        While I love gore, love killing, absurd action and yada yada yada…

        This clip threw me for a loop.

        I can see where Ebert is coming from. Hollywood is totally misrepresenting what this movie is it seems. Does a comedy really require a little girl to drop the f bomb?

        I can also see who just might not react very kindly to this. (almost reaches the level of fetishism, particularly the huffpo blurb, am I making up words?)

        Having said all that, I’m totally seeing this. LOL

    • Rich decided to play “This way to the egress”

      I’m sure Rico will have some lovely parting gifts for him.

    • Speak for yourself. I find Roger to be a righteous pain in the ass, though I don’t mind his film taste and I respect his courage. This cartoon movie I can do without.

  2. It sounds like another “OMG girls can be just as nasty as boys” shoot-em-up. Yawn. I’ll give it a pass.

    I see Nicolas Cage is in it. That’s a shame, but I guess he needs the work given his recent financial troubles.

    • I don’t think this movie is “another” anything. I’m guessing it will be the #1 box office for the weekend.

      The reviews I’ve read liked Cage’s performance almost as much as they liked Moretz’s.

    • A part of me feels that Richard Ebert has a point. With the growing number of violence and kid bullies, particularly girl on girl violence, there are idiots out there who will take this movie seriously and try some of these moves on their classmates and neighbors. For the rest of us non-violent people out there, we see this film as entertainment. But for a lot of people who don’t know better, it’s just a how to guide to make someone’s life hell. I also don’t like that Nick Cage has been quoted as calling his young co-star “a pop icon of feminist strength.” Does feminist strength now mean being as violent as the boys? It’s cool that there is a girl playing a super hero rather than just boys but does that justify the blood and gore? That said, I’d love to see this film. The young heroine in the film seems like a younger version of Uma Thurman’s Kill Bill character. The girl who plays hit girl has a great acting career ahead of her. She’s adorable and kick ass.

  3. Pinky! You read the Chon, myiq?

  4. OMG, this movie looks great! I’m there dude.

  5. It sounds like a complete turn-off to me.
    Sort of in-line with the idea that to be a feminist one must totally adopt the worst of the patriarchal culture and say– see- empowered!!!!!
    What’s next – lets make a movie of Anne Frank rounding up Nazi kids and gunning them down?

    • Works for me, but only if she’s still allowed to say “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart” before pulling the trigger.

  6. My seventeen year old wants to see it. I guess the language and gore is really gratuitous because he got the impression I’d say no to him watching it.

    • There seems to lots of gratuitous everything in this movie.

      • He’s seventeen. At this point it’s kind of silly for me to “forbid” him from doing much. At this point I’m pretty much an advisory role and if seeing a movie with questionable language and gore is the worst that he does, I’m doing good.

  7. YouTube is a goldmine of classic music:

  8. The movie is based on the hottest comic book “Kick Ass” of the last year or so. In fact, the comic book was so hot that they sold the movie rights and were filming the movie before the final book of what they are calling the first chapter came out.

    The comic book brilliantly turned the standard superhero narrative on it’s head. The main character “Kick Ass” is a lonely nerd wants to be a superhero for all the wrong reasons and when he tries it for the first time, he is literally beat into a coma. After he recovers, the dummy tries it again and gets lucky because as he’s besting the local thugs, it’s being recorded and he becomes a youtube sensation and off we go. Hit Girl and Big Daddy come along later and their story is rather interesting with quite the twist.

    What I really liked about the comic book series is that it called bs on the superhero stuff at the start but unfortunately, it seemed to devolve into the standard “good overcomes evil no matter how preposterous the odds and all will be well”, at the end. But, I’m holding out hope that the end of chapter one was a clue that they are going back to their original direction.

    The movie? I’ll go see it to see who they did the adaptation but I’m not exepcting too much.

  9. Check out Nicole’s daddy:

  10. Former President Clinton: Tea Party OK, but anti-Obama rage may inspire another Oklahoma bombing

    “Before the bombing occurred, there was a sort of fever” in the political dialogue that was in ways similar in content to the anger currently boiling up on talk radio and on the Internet, Clinton said at a forum on the 15th anniversary of the attack by Timothy McVeigh that killed 168.

    “The fabric of American life had been unraveling” in 1995 amid high unemployment, Clinton said.


    What do you all think? This morning links were pretty interesting, especially about the Tea Party mom of eight from MA (ala Romney Care) who didn’t want anyone getting anything free, but all her eight kids were on Medicaid!?! Biting her nose to spite her face kinda logic there.

  11. Remember when Robert Downey Jr.’s career was over?:

  12. I would have preferred a ‘ Brainy/spunky/kickArs’ Tween than an ‘assassin’. Captain Samantha Carter always got my attention on Star Gate.

  13. Looks like it’s got a shot at being a lot of fun. I’m gonna see that movie. Anything that’s not some BS remake is better than nothing these days. Did all the screenwriters die off in the ’80s?

    • If you’re getting paid to promote the film, you don’t have to tell us. It’s ok.

  14. We saw this movie the night we got engaged:

  15. Since this is open thread, did you see the news about Chiquita banana admitting it funded right-wing paramilitary in Colombia?

  16. {{{raises eyebrow}}}}

    looks like somebody got himself a new job…


  17. damn, so tired I don’t think I can stay up through all of Spartacus Blood and Sand and tonight is the season finale.
    Oooo, the Pillars of the Earth is coming to Starz in July.

  18. Here’s one of the funniest videos I’ve seen since Charlie the Unicorn lost his kidney at Candy Mountain. Brook found it for me. She has a warped sense of humor. i don’t know where she gets it.

  19. just giving props to my mom…..

  20. Seems somebody started a fire at Violet’s place, then ran away. No one I know.

  21. I saw enough comic-book-on-its-ear with “Watchmen” last year. I still can’t believe Rorshack is the new Freddy Krueger.

  22. Hit Girl?

    • Noticed (in passing) that Drudge totally buried the GS story yesterday. Guess we know where they stand re banks. Quelle surprise.

  23. The last thing we need is more sensualised violence. When it’s a teenage girl serving up the sadism for male perverts, it’s even worse. Just because it’s a woman behaving like a psychopath, it doesn’t make it feminism.

  24. Stopped in to say hi, also, RD that was a great piece you wrote.

    Comments were closed, so:

    “We’re still out here, the Democrats in Exile, the FDR liberals, the so-called Hillary diehards who just want a decent, functioning government that works for the vast majority of citizens not in the bonus class.”

    RD & Co — you should see what is happening in CA between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. She is basically buying it she has so much $$$. What did we see in 2008? Same thing.

    My sense is that the backlash (because we didn’t get Hillary) is going to lead to another four years of Republican rule. California was for Hillary in the primary. She won. My sense is that California would go for Hillary in 2012 if she chose to run again.

    In the meantime? Check this out.


    She is doing the same kind of blitzkreig target-marketing we saw back in 2008. RD & Co. Who can a voter trust at this point? Like Obama going in Whitman has NO experience in politics.

    Hillary Clinton and Jerry Brown are seasoned Dems, the Dems we grew up on. The FDR liberal ideas to help the poor and make things fair — our values. But, the way it looks right now with the bazillions she can spend on advertising?

    Geez. Unreal. It’s happening again. All over again. Also, that whole moveon.org gig has their own new candidate. What is the DNC planning? Why trust them after all we saw happen to Hillary. I have lost all respect for the political party I gave my allegiance to.

    The radio spots? OMG. Vile. Also buying up footage inside TV shows? The irony is that the same people who fell for O will fall for her — RepublicanDems.

    Anyway, missed ya and hope all are well, and that Rico isn’t too brokenhearted as a Dem in major Exile. Sends hugs.

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