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Silly Hillary Diehards growing in number

My aunts were at this rally. Truly impressive.

Ron4Hills found this ridiculous article in the LATimes.  Red Flag for a Sinking Obama: Americans now prefer Hillary Clinton:

It is, of course, a really silly thing to even think about, given the clout of the Chicago Machine boys currently occupying the White House.

But, just say, the Real Great Talker continues his spiraling descent in the polls over the next 12-18 months; already the Democrat is barely tied with Any Republican in opinion polls looking toward 2012.

Even worse, a majority of Americans have already decided they don’t want Obama to have a second term.

And a new CNN/Opinion Research Poll has just revealed that even today Americans like that other Democrat more and dislike that other Democrat less than they do the incumbent Democratic president.

That other Democrat is, of course, Hillary Clinton, who fought and scratched her way mightily but unsuccessfully through those bitter, belligerent Democratic primaries and caucuses of 2008. The former first lady and current secretary of State professes no intra-mural interest in challenging her White House boss, as she must as long as she’s an administration team member.

The published CNN article focused on an Obama matchup with Sarah Palin. But within the data were Favorable/Unfavorable ratings for numerous prominent politicians of both parties. Here are the surprising new poll numbers for Clinton:

61% now think favorably of the former senator and only 35% unfavorably, both numbers improved from the 56% and 40% she had during the Democratic National Convention in late August of 2008.

By comparison, in the same CNN poll, 57% of Americans now think favorably of Obama, down from 78% just before his inauguration; and 41% now think unfavorably of him, more than twice his unfavorable rating of early 2009.

Clinton’s numbers also beat all other both Democrats and Republicans in the new poll.

Ha-ha-ha!  (Or should I say “Bwah-hah-hahhh!”?)  We all know, as we have been told over and over and over again, that Obama is wildly popular.  He is the most-ut.  Really, it doesn’t get any better than B+ Barry.  And now that he’s passed The Heritage Foundation’s proposals for Health Care Reform, he’s an A, baby, all the way.  Any minute now, the Washington Post or the New York Times is bound to run another profile piece on Hillary, telling us losers how well she is adjusting to licking Obama’s boots, or reminding us how poorly she ran her campaign, a convenient CW fiction that doesn’t square with reality.   Or even that she runs the State department remarkably well and her employees like her but this is somehow indicative of some deep seated flaw in her character.

Meanwhile, we bitter losers have suffered through nearly two years of Obama’s droogs trampling all over us with their hobnalied victory boots, calling us Hillary Diehards.  They say that like it’s a *bad* thing.   I don’t know about the rest of you Conflucians but I continue to be amazed at how tenderly we have been treated by the rest of the party who still need our votes but don’t know it yet.   Forgive?  Maybe.  Forget?  Never.

Actually, while I have always believed that Hillary Clinton would make a much better president than Obama, that was never the issue I had with the Democratic party in 2008 to the present.  The problem was and continues to be that the party disenfranchised more than half of its members, took their votes for granted and held a gun to their heads in November 2008.  I don’t negotiate with terrorists.  The party won’t get my vote again until it purges itself of the marauders who took it over in 2008.  Nope.  Don’t even go there.  And stop calling me for money.

But seriously, Hillary Clinton would have a steep uphill climb to get the nomination for president.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  I think she’d have zillions of volunteers ready to step up and help her do it and a built in constituency of voters now under the bus.  But it’s not going to happen until Democratic acitivists get their heads out of their asses and realize what a mistake it has been to completely write off one of the most accomplished and principled politicians of their lifetimes.  They need to stop listening to the party operatives that have them convinced that Hillary is some uber agent of the DLC.  They need to see her as an ally, not their enemy.  And they need to drop the fucking sexist attitude.  It’s getting old and frankly, we holdouts are sick and tired of it.

Bonus points to the Conflucian who gets this reference

So, go ahead Democrats and lose your shirts this November.  Take a good look at those polls the morning after (because we know you will be in denial until then).  Look past the Tea Party, many of whom will be onboard the moment Hillary decides to run.  We’re still out here, the Democrats in Exile, the FDR liberals, the so-called Hillary diehards who just want a decent, functioning government that works for the vast majority of citizens not in the bonus class.

We don’t want Obama.  He wasn’t ready.  We want someone ready to lead on day one.  We want someone very much like Hillary.

Think about it.  Because being out of power for a generation really sucks.

PS. I never took the Hillary for president bumpersticker off my car and I never will.

190 Responses

  1. Witness says Hillary was conceived on another planet:


    Keep smiling! 🙂

  2. B+ Barry.

    • But, But, But SARAH PALIN!!!
      She will make it all but impossible for you to exercise your right to choose!

      Oh, wait.

  3. Um that has to be from Spinal Tap?

    • Correct! The original was a woman on her knees with a glove shoved in her face. I like this version better, don’t you? Imagine an Obot underfoot. So gratifying.

      • Lol. That was a very funny part of the movie with Fran Drescher trying to explain the problem with the band’s album cover.

        • {{Sigh}} Yes, we are like the Fran Drescher character trying to point this out to a bunch of simpletons in the party. You can’t have cover art featuring a woman on her knees, in bondage gear, with a glove shoved in her face. It’s offensive.
          They’re totally clueless.

          • Yeah… She tried to explain really slowly to them… Really slowly… And no sign of intelligence anywhere in their ( the band members’) demeanor… Finally she’s exasperated and just goes over their heads- never losing her cool. Seems like we might have to do the same.

          • She tells them it’s sexist and one of them (Nigel, IIRC) replies along the lines “But sexy is good!” Funny stuff. If only the obots were just pretending to be complete idiots.

          • “Break Like the Wind” does sound like an Obot kind of thing

          • I always thought “lick my love pump” had a lovely melody.

          • I have not seen the whole Spinal Tap movie, so didn’t know the glove reference, but…

            Were you all aware that Fran Dresher was a big supporter of Hillary during the Primaries, and appeared on at least one of her telefons?

            FYI – At the invite of a friend, I attended a local Tea Party rally today with him. Small, but interesting. Just wish they’d articulated the “Contract From America” I heard about on the evening news. Critique from me (and my friend): What is your path forward? We already know the problems. Of course, that could just be the local experience, and it varies from place to place.

            More to relate later – don’t label me a “Teabagger” – just wanted to witness the phenomena locally, hear what they had to say. Diverse group, many unaffiliated with or reject parties, it seemed. Repugs dominated, but not exclusive – one self-reported Dem. speaker.

            Just one last point: No one, except my friend, new what a PUMA was, how we came into being, or what we stood for. (Sigh…) Perhaps I did a little educating myself.

        • I’d like to donate my Conflucian bonus points to Hillary. Just last night I was at a bar and an obnoxious drunken aquaintance was trying to tell me why she liked Obama… And I was just deflecting her dumb like a ping pong player playing an inept opponent, when she shouts out “vote for Hillary”- this to embarrass me. But I just smile and go, “yep, pretty much.”

  4. I think I am the only person in Santa Fe with a Hillary bumper sticker on her car.

    • My bumper sticker came home with me after a minor car accident…the body shop cut it out of the bumper for me, so now it’s a piece of art on my shelf. I love it! Its kinda scuffed up, but indestructible. Sorta like Hill.

      • I don’t see many O/B bumper stickers anymore….I’m thinking people got those removed in record time after inauguration.

    • Santa Fe is terrible, isn’t it? More Obots /Limousine Liberals per square foot than anywhere else in the country, except maybe that other SF, and they’re no more ready now to hear the truth about Obama the Trojan Horse president than they were before the “election.”

      Last time I was up there was at the end of February, and I got into a screaming match with a pair of elderly gay men, the more reasonable of which pair deflected every criticism of Obama with the “ALL politicians do that,” and the other–well, one after the other he ticked off the talking points, to wit:

      I’m obviously a raycist like everyone else who dares to criticize the Lightbringer, and furthermore Hillary would have been much worse; and as for Sarah Palin, she’s a crazy dumb bitch who needs to be taken out and shot and so do I for voting for her…

  5. I too have already decided not to vote for another Dem for a long time coming, if ever. They should never have let the Daleys take control of the party. I will vote for alternative party candidates & hopefully one of the parties will get the 5% & hit the big time. If Sarah Palin does run in 2012 I’ll be voting for a repug for the 1st time in my life (voted for Cynthia McKinney in 2008) but I won’t be voting rerpug. I’ll admit it- I’ll be voting with my uh-* vajayjay*. BUt hey, when you consider the alternative…..

    • Yep, I’m following your strategy, er, except I won’t be going Palin in 2012 and I really dislike the Tea Party movement, so none of them will be getting my vote.
      But by then, I won’t have to do anything. If the party runs Obama in 2012, it will need my vote to close the margin but it ain’t going to get it.

      • What will the voting strategy be if the speculation that Biden will step down so Hillary can run in the VP spot with Obama in 2012 actually comes true?

      • Ditto for me too, Riverdaughter. If Obama runs in 2012, I’m staying home. I don’t vote for my opressors from either party.

    • I like to imagine a Hillary/Palin unity ticket. Just think of exploding ditto heads everywhere! I will vote for either of them in 2012; if neither runs, then 3rd party. Meanwhile in 2010, 3rd party or indy only.

      • Oooo, that is soooo not right. It’s not even wrong.
        Sarah is a celebrity politician. She’s charismatically gifted and persuasive, telegenic and she knows how to campaign. Heck, she’s not even as dumb as they make her out to be.
        But she is a conservative. Maybe she has an independent streak in her but down deep, she is still a Republican conservative.
        Protest vote once in my life? Ok. It was necessary.
        To purposefully vote for her or even to contemplate that she would be on the same ticket as Hillary is madness.
        Seriously. It’s not apples and oranges. It’s more like quartz crystals and Voltaire. No matter how hard you look, you won’t find a relationship.

        • From an action not rhethoric standpoint I’d say she’s moderate.

          I’d be hardpressed to find a conservative that expanded funding on social programs as she did. Or that didn’t use the court as an opportunity to grandstand on conservative ideology on issues like choice. Or one that didn’t actually side with corporations over individuals(as happened on energy policy in Alaska)

          I don’t think she’s a typical conservative at all. However, she pals around with a good portion of them and I don’t think she’ll employ the Obama strategy of pissing on her base and still hoping they vote for her again next cycle.

          • As you said below, I don’t like who she pals around with. When she jumped on the Limbaugh/Beck bandwagon, any hope that she was a different kind of Republican just went out the door for me. I don’t know what she believes now. If Alaska likes what she did, great. But at this point, I don’t want Bush IV. She’d just end up being a placeholder for the small evil group to which no one we know belongs who really runs things..

          • Yes, Cwaltz, I get the sense that Palin is perhaps more practical than conservative per se. While gov, didn’t she appoint a woman pro-choice judge over a conservative woman anti-abortion judge?

          • Um, not to disparage any Palin fans out there but can we stop cheerleading for her, please? She’s got her constituency and it’s not us. I like her as a person, think she’s a talented politician and admire her guts in getting back out there to blacken the eye of the media. That being said, she is what she is- a Republican. That party can try to rehabilitate its image with Palin but she’s been hanging out with some dodgy friends and I for one am a lot more wary of her now.
            Give it a rest, Ok? Don’t be distracted by her personally.

          • It’s not cheerleading, RD, it’s basically a response to the Dems who say, well, who you gonna vote for, Palin?
            My answer to that is, unless Dems nominate a better woman candidate(Hillary) then hell yeah.

          • While gov, didn’t she appoint a woman pro-choice judge over a conservative woman anti-abortion judge?

            As I understand it, the choice was between the pro-choice woman and a conservative man. The conservatives didn’t really like either one, but they really didn’t like the woman. I don’t know if the man was pro-choice or not.


          • She had a third option too. She could have sent them both back. She’s pragmatic but at this point she’s a non starter for me. Start hanging around Bachmann and folks screaming “down with government” and I tend to believe that you might be pandering to the masses OR you might actually believe the nonsense you are spouting, either way both are ideologically abherrant to me.

          • They had already been sent back at least once.

        • I know it’s a silly idea to imagine a unity ticket — nothing but gender and the fact they both self-identify as feminists unite them. But the idea makes me lol to think of how the msm would erupt.
          But I would vote for Palin if it was vs BO or any other Dem corporatist, just for cracking the glass ceiling. If I and my daughters are to be trod upon because of gender anyway, I will at least prefer to see a bad woman US president than no woman US president. If that means I’ve been radicalized by the sexism, so be it. If the Dems don’t want me to vote for Palin, then they should beg Hillary to run.

          • There is a chance for a third option. You don’t have to vote for bad or worse IMO. If enough of us say ENOUGH and come up with a collective strategy I don’t see why we would need to limit ourselves to Palin or Obama.

          • I don’t think the GOP powers will nominate Palin actually, that’s why she’s busy building her own fanbase to coerce them into it. I think she looked at BO vs Hillary 2008 and learned her own lessons from it.
            Imagine if Hillary had started doing opposition rallies in 2006 — would the DLC have been able to stab her in the back then?
            At any rate, what I want the Dem party to realize is that if they want to win in 2012 they should nominate Hillary. If they don’t and the GOP does nominate Palin, then I will vote for Palin. Until we get a woman president, I will vote for the best woman candidate or not at all.

          • So if Pelosi ran for President you’d vote for her?

            I want a woman for President as much as the next woman, however, I’m not going to vote for one that I don’t think will do an adequate job protecting the citizenry of this country.

            With the crowd Palin is hanging out with she hasn’t convinced me she’d be good for this country at all. I don’t want minimal government, I want good government. IMO they aren’t the same thing.

          • I wouldn’t vote for Pelosi or Palin.

            it’s a pipedream, but Elizabeth Warren for President!

          • Pelosi has already shown how she wields national power, and disqualified herself from me ever voting for her again. She did that back when she decided “impeachment is off the table.” So many national evils resulted from that.
            Palin does not even approach her level of culpability, so far, at least. What’s she done that is so bad so far, really? Made the msm reach for their smelling salts and fainting couches?
            It may be that if she does run she will make a campaign promise or do something that I will find unacceptable, and thereby lose my vote, but so far it is hers to lose.
            Maybe it is just that in my country of origin we are more used to seeing rabble-rousers as being on the sides of us, the rabble, to be scared of her. What I find remarkable is that so far she has been under a microscope and no corruption has been found. Except bendy straws.

          • Besides falsely equate a government run health care system as some sort of communist plot and the equivalent of placing our elderly in front of firing squads? Her rhethoric has been Cr-a-zy and reactionary and less than honest(after all an honest person would acknowledge right now we have corporate death panels). If I wanted a dishonest, charismatic person in the WH I would have voted for Barack Obama.

          • Agree w/ votermom. Already have the t-shirt.

            Riverdaughter, my Hillary bumpersticker will not come off my car either. Now, it has been joined by my Hillary 2012.

            Not forgettin.

        • she spouts some really conservative rhetoric for a base she is trying to appeal to, it is what republicans have to do. But in reality she governed as a moderate republican and probably to the left of many male democrats….who we have all voted for because they “aren’t republicans”.
          I would definitely wait until the GE and see what she had to say before deciding she was too right wing to vote for. I have voted for lots of blue dog democratic men who would never have governed Alaska as moderately as she did.
          It is not praise, it is just reality.

          • Pandering is a put off to me. Plus the people she keeps company with lately are nutso. I mean who can take someone who pals around with Bachmann seriously as a cure for what ails our government? No thanks.

          • Mostly agree with you CW. But say she isn’t looking to run for office. Then what is her main motivation these days. Money and fame. Could be. Could also be she wants to stand up for the working people who got dissed and called racist during the campaign, kind of like they did to us. Agree the Bachmann politics are a big turn off though.

          • And the unrelenting sexism from Democrats.

          • Standing up for the working people means having an honest discussion with them that isn’t single sided. I didn’t once hear her acknowledge that we already have death panels with the health care system we have. If she wanted to stand up for working class folk it seems the best place to start would have been acknowledging the health care system we have now has cost many of those working class people EVERYTHING(their savings, their houses, their dreams). I never saw that happen. I never heard her do anything other than disparage a government solution to health care.

            No, sadly she seems to be playing to the masses, telling them what they want to hear, and not offering a single solution or a whole lot of honesty.

          • True that.

          • I will always defend Palin when our pigs pull the sexist crap on her. I have yet to meet any Republicans that did that for Hillary, but I will overlook that for now. However, to me Palin is a social conservative, a theocrat –and theocrats always rule by their beliefs instead of our rights. I simply cannot support someone who treats gays and lesbians like pariahs and wants to tell women what they can and can’t do with their own bodies.

        • Cinie

          Like that has ever stopped a true conservative from grandstanding…….An Ideologue would have kept sending it back. She didn’t.

          That being said, she’s a non starter for me. I don’t like the crowd she’s been hanging with-many of them are ideologues.

    • I don’t like the crowd Sarah pals around with(much as I didn’t like Barack’s crowd). I’m thinking I’ll be voting Green Party this go round. Between our house’s new voter,hubby, and 2 neighbors,I figure I have 4 of the 5 votes I’d vowed to take away from both parties already. I may have to up my number to 10.

  6. That’s right!! Come join the conversation…


  7. When I put my thinking cap on — the one crafted of lovely heavy duty aluminum foil — I see the concentrated wealth/corporate overlords paying handsomely for Obama’s candidacy complete with fanned hysteria of adoring followers. Those powers knew Obama’s finagled primary “win” would splinter the Democratic Party which would then lead to a Republican upsurge or, better yet, an attempt at a third party, either outcome of which would benefit them. I’m not so sure those wealthy puppeteers counted on that Clinton woman’s resolve to steadily work on in the system that had reamed her.

    If Hillary rises up out of this mess, which in truth she has already in some respects, her political savvy and statecraft will be written about for years to come.

    As many of you have expressed, I wish “I told you so” felt better.

    • Yeah, at least they can’t say she has no executive experience anymore. Funny how Obama got a pass on that…

      Oh, well, Penis Years will do that to you.

      • I really do not think it was all about his penis. I am sure his being black had something to do with it. Had he been a white guy with the lack of experience etc… he just would have disappeared off the map and the people would have the person they really wanted all along and that is Hillary.

        • What if it had been a black woman?

          • I would have happily voted for Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Don’t think the prog boyz would have backed her though.

          • Carol Moseley-Braun had her ups and downs as Senator from IL but during her presidential run in 2004 she was wonderful–personable and good on the issues.

          • Moseley Braun was great in 2004. Neither the pundits nor the activist left took her seriously.

          • Tubb-Jones would have been fantastic, too, but I doubt the left would have galvanized behind her either.

          • The whole impetus for this thing was to stop Hill. It had to be a guy, and frankly I’m sure they would have much preferred Edwards or almost anyone else if it’d been feasible. They hated him almost as much as they hated her right up until they realized he was the only option to stop her. And yes, of course later, long after the fact they tried to wrap their support of him in some noble gloss, as if they were motivated by racial justice instead of misogyny and CDS, but, no. That wasn’t even in the top 1000 in terms of driving this thing. They would have united behind George Bush or Atilla the Hun if they thought it would stop Hill, but Moseley-Braun or Tubbs-Jones or even one of their alleged darlings like McCaskill or Pelosi? Not in a million years.

          • being a woman nullifies any advantage you get from being black. Obama is just another pasty faced white guy with darker skin as far as I can tell. But the guilty white liberal set got to get rid of some of their guilt.

    • I don’t see a third party benefitting them at all, except maybe a Bloomberg candidacy. I think you may be under the mistaken impression Dems are the only disillusioned ones. The two neighbors I converted to indy votes are Republican faithful(up until now).

      • Actually, I’m NOT surprised that some Republicans are dissatisfied. I think a lot of people who once identified with Republicans over social or security issues are now at odds with them over social security issues (Ooo, that’s good. Some savvy pol should run with that. It’s got a certain ring to it)
        Anyway, it’s like we’re moving down on the pyramid of needs. Middle class Americans no longer have the luxury of worrying about what’s going on in other people’s bedrooms. They have to put food on the table and are watching their retirement accounts on the verge of another financial catastrophe. Going forward, I don’t think Obama can win because he has been the aspirational president and candidate. That’s not where we are now and no one is going to believe he gets it at the last moment. They know that Republicans got us into this mess and they don’t want them back. There must be a third option. They’re looking around for a third option. Hillary is the obvious choice.
        Somebody better watch out for her. The Chicago guys have no scruples.

        • Exactly. That’s the problem. Both the Parties are essentially for the plutocracy and little else.

        • It should be about jobs above all. Last time unemployment levels were this high was in 1938. Why aren’t the progs holding the administration’s feet to the fire on this.

        • “Obama…has been the aspirational president and candidate.”

          I didn’t know “shole” was spelled “p-i-r-a-t-i-o-n-a-l”. 😈

      • Until a third party is very strong it will not have political leverage except it’s ability to siphon off votes from the other two. Now granted that is a kind of power but it will take several years for it to amass members and more importantly a cohesive agenda.

        True, the indy voters of all stripes are now no longer “brand” affiliated. They will pick and choose based on issues. No matter, It takes gobs of money to run a campaign in order to present those issues.

        I’d love a true grassroots swell of inspired, active participants in the democratic process pushing for representation but something tells me that ain’t going to happen to a culture obsessed with celebrity, looks, fame. sigh…

        Bleak is the new black 😉

        • There are enough of us to swell a grassroots movement. The problem is time. Some of us work for a living. Even I have had to cut back on my blogging. I have a kid to support and I need to work to do it. I happen to really *like* my job but getting into your work means other things have to take a backseat. I hope the work is worth it someday so I don’t feel completely guilty. Still, if there were people out there willing to get together and quit treating us like pariahs, a grassroots movement would probably come together quicker than expected.
          In any case, we are already significant enough to fuck up the Democratic party (in its present incarnation). They thought we could be frightened into giving them our votes. As it turns out, we couldn’t. We saw what Obama was and knew he wasn’t much better than Republicans. So, what’s the incentive to vote for him? better yet, what incentive is there for the previously deluded Obots?
          They messed with the wrong party. Obama was a one off.

        • You gotta start sometime. It certainly isn’t going to get any easier as the problems mount.

          As far as I can see there isn’t a much better time then the present. I don’t know how much more damage our country can sustain from the two parties we presently have.

          • I would never vote for the green party after 2000. A bunch of lame brains and a mostly male club to boot. In 2008 they nominated two women to take the vote away from that evil Clinton woman. F*UCK them.
            We have ALWAYS had a third party and a fourth and a fifth too. They just will not every win until they stop nominating candidates who could never ever win a national election. Why waste your vote. You will get better results voting for women, democratic and republican. That has a possibility of getting a majority of women in office and … more liberal, more humane and more practical government.

          • I think what’s needed is a strong independent candidate with a truckload of money. Find that person and the rest will follow. I’d rather have Hillary of course. But the easiest scenario to get out of the grip of dem and repub is a charismatic ( I know, I know– but we are in the age of idol) well funded person. This time a charismatic person who is also an actual leader and has actual intelligent ideas ( I know, I know — sounds just like Hillary).

          • I consider voting for TweedleDemocrat and TweedleRepublican a wasted vote. They have done little to nothing for the majority of this country. Voting for a third party means I will no longer accept the status quo. I’m done choosing between bad and worse. I won’t insult the men and women who fought for my right to vote and have a say by choosing apathy though either. Nope, it will be third party for me.

          • the present will be the past and all you will have done is put more republicans in office. Third parties are not going to start winning…ever. This rhetoric is the same as I heard from Anderson in 1980… nothing changes.
            Women do not run either party. Those in office have to go along to get along. Give them a chance. See real change happen.

          • If it were only about increasing representation of disenfranchised groups, then that would be enough for me to have voted for Obama.

          • Are bi-racial lawyers from Hawaii a disenfranchised group?

          • the philosopher kings aren’t disenfranchised? 😉

            All I’m saying is it’s not enough to vote by gender/race/etc. alone.

          • But realistically? No matter what strategy anyone employs, it’s not going to work anyway. 🙂

          • When the difference between Democrats and Republicans actually is something you can pull out the “ol’ if you don’t vote for the Democrat then the Republicans win” boogeyman.

            I’m sure the Whigs existence still proves your assertion that political parties do not come and go ever(tongue in cheek).

            If a Republican wins in the interim so be it. I won’t disgrace the memories of men and women who fought and died to give me a say by continuing to vote Demobad or Republiworse or Republibad and Demoworse.(depending on which part of the good cop bad cop kabuki.

            You, of course, are welcome to disagree with my strategy(It isn’t going to change my position or goal though).

  8. Just saw this
    12-Year-Old Des Moines, IA Peace Activist Faces Trespassing Charge for Antiwar Protest at Offices of Sen. Harkin

    What an amazing 12yo.

  9. I linked to this story in the comment section yesterday, bolding the same sentence with a laugh-out-loud reaction. It’s just too funny after all the fuss that was made about Hillary’s divisiveness. She’s likeable enough, alright. The only thing that was divisive about her was that she was a woman vying for the top grab bag in American politics.

    • Oh, and this story about Hillary’s favorables besting everybody on both sides of the aisles actually kind of dovetails with a) the RCP story about Obama destroying the Democratic brand that Bill Clinton had built back up in the 90s, and b) “Hillary for Supreme Court” nonsense that inevitably pops up amongst the chattering classes.

      • Clinton’s numbers also beat all other both Democrats and Republicans in the new poll.

        Yup, no surprise since that was the case in 2007 before Obama had help getting the nomination rigged for himself.

  10. That is my favorite pic of Hillary from the campaign. It is the desktop theme on my four computers at work and two at home.

    I will never change it.

    keep going…

    • I recently traded cars. I removed the blue Hillary sticker that goes on the inside of the window and transferred to my new car . Then used one of her bumper stickers that I had saved to put on my 2010 car. Several people have commented on the new car having a 2008 Clinton sticker.

      I have enough Clinton stickers to keep this up for 25 years – and plan to. I told my sister that when I die I want the inside sticker placed on my urn. She knows I am not kidding.

    • Is there a video of that speech? I have asked this several times in blogs, but no one has responded.
      She looks like a rock star in that pic. I am sure video must be great too.

      • It’ not a video of the entire speech or of that exact moment in that photo, but here’s a bit of footage from that event .

      • Wasn’t it Suzie Thompkins Buell’s husband Mark who took the photo? A friend told me he showed her the photo afterwards in a bar. Suzie was the founder of Esprit. Her former husband Doug Thompkins founded Northface. Suzie was an extraordinary Hill supporter and a big fundraiser for Dems. I sense that she was really taken aback by the Big Steal. I still believed that there would be a fair nomination in Denver, but saw the fake Greek columns and heard the pseudo-State of the Union speech with echos of Bill Clinton that was O’s acceptance speech…the speech that was to prove that the candidate who looked presidential had the nuts and bolts down in addition to his tingling rhetoric of insipid inspiration.

  11. “We’re still out here, the Democrats in Exile, the FDR liberals, the so-called Hillary diehards who just want a decent, functioning government that works for the vast majority of citizens not in the bonus class.”

    Nail on the head. You have the uncanny ability to really read what the f*ck is going on out here. Can we please just have a competent principled leader now? She’s ready to lead on day 1, m’kay?

  12. RD,
    Brava . I just love how you say it the way it is.
    Count me as a Hillary Die-hard and one of those
    bitter blue collar workers.

    I’ll match you the Hillary For President bumper sticker and raise you a side window sticker” Hillary 08″ ( The one w/ Hillary as Rosie the riveter.) I’m keeping mine on too.

    • Mine is in espanol. “America con Hillary!” It doesn’t have a year on it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still relevant.

      • That’s interesting. For some reason, I pictured you as Hispanic, but figured that was probably just an inaccurate mental picture.

    • I saw some old ones at the flea market, they were from the 90’s and said “Hillary for President.”

  13. I told them so!
    ( have forum archives to prove it, too 🙂

    Such great chess mind she has.

  14. It’s been a long, tough haul, but time and truth are on our side, my friends.

  15. If winning more votes than any democratic candidate in history is unsuccessful, I want to be unsuccessful too!

  16. Look for both sides ( Dems & Repubs) to start trying to discredit HIllary once again. Over at Drudge, today, there’s a dispicable photo of Hillary that if you had to caption it, you might write something like: Hillary boozing it up on a flight to …

    The picture was apparently taken in an airplane; Hillary is standing, holding on to the overhead compartment with her right hand, head tossed back with a big smile on her face. So far so good. But in the foreground there’s a hand holding a glass with a drink in it. At first blush one might think Hillary is holding the glass in her left hand. But the scale of the hand holding the glass to the rest of HIllary’s body is such it is clear that the hand holding the glass belongs to someone, who either was cropped out of the photo to create a misleading impression, or, the person was never completely in the photo.

    None of headline stories are about Hillary. So why is the photo there?. Trash Hillary time has begun and will pick up speed if her poll numbers stay where they are.

    • What?? Hillary drinks? I heard she drank McCain under the table once on a field trip to eastern Europe. Good for her. May her liver triumph and prosper.

      • Let’s create an ” Ann Richards” award for female politicians who can tie one on with the best of them and make Hillary the first year’s recipient. chug, Hillary, chug!!!

    • Joanie, that picture is from the campaign plane. If memory serves she was in the back of the plane celebrating a victory with the press. It is up with an article on the State Dept. social/reception budget — absolutely put there to try and drive her numbers down.

      It is the crap that Drudge does in order to get Limbaugh to drive his numbers — just like yesterday when Drudge had the inflammatory story on 47% of Americans not paying taxes — that story was from a study done in June 2009 — almost a year ago. It’s a wonder Limbaugh can talk and Drudge can type with their respective units in each other’s mouths.

      • Prolix, thanks, I must have missed the article, but I’ll go back and look again. I just kept asking myself: why is this picture here?

      • Fox Nonsense has been running that 47% Americans not paying taxes… GRR.

        • Yes, and Faux Noise fails to mention that the majority of those in that 47% are single mothers, households under $30K and seniors over 65 on fixed incomes. Most notably and certainly most ass-reddening, included in the 47% of no tax liability is Mobil-Exxon corporation — gross profits of $35 billion and owing ZERO U.S. taxes. You won’t hear that on Faux.

          • It’s such a laughable “poor bonus class” meme on the face of it–an even more irritating version of the zomg!socialism noise, intended to keep the middle/working class fighting against each other.

            What was it that we came up with during that funrun brainstorming thread? The t-shirt that said “If you work for a living, you’re working class.”

        • Heh that would be because 20% of the country owns well over half of the wealth. The bottom 80% comprised 15% of net wealth in this country in 2007. If you were to discount housing the number plummets to an abyssmal 7%.


      • AAAARRRGGHH!! Damn you, Prolix! I just had lunch and you had to put THAT image in my head!! Brain bleach, stat! 😈

  17. “Forgive? Maybe.” When someone seriously crosses my transgression barrier, and wants forgiveness, I ask: does that mean you’ll never do it again? The attitude toward women that poured forth from the Hillary haters has yet to be acknowledged by the Democratic spectrum. Sarah Palin got the same treatment. She represents the Republican wing of the Women’s Movement, I’m thinking, although none of my friends agree with me, mainly because they can’t handle putting her name together with the words, ‘women’s movement’.

    • your friends like my family and friends should grow up. Republican women are women too. They too deserve equality and a place on the stage, in congress and the board room, just like those of us who are democrats or left of center despite party affiliation.

    • Has anyone asked for our forgiveness?

      In a word: No.

    • I won’t be forgiving. And Democrats have not acknowledged what they did to women yet so don’t expect any changes in the future. They are self righteous woman haters. More self righteous and hate filled than any religious zealot.

  18. to be honest I always thought that she took the SoS position to make sure Obama doesn’t start WW3.

  19. Barack Hussein Obama is the grand prize winner of the prestigious FEMINIST OF THE YEAR AWARD. He brought his masterful talents of mezmerizing oration, linguistic jujitsu and reshuffling of party ideologies to the feminist battle. Obama was able to exploit an ugly, toxic force and harness it for a greater good — his winning of the oval office.
    With an ‘above the fray’ approach and the occasional ‘dog whistle’ to stir up misogynstic attitudes and behavior, Obama ignited and enflamed a powerful force across all demographics. The cultural acceptance and even pleasure of attacking women based on their gender infused an energy and force to the campaign that was unstoppable. We believe this brilliant strategy is justified because it was one of the primary passions of his supporters and inspired the media as well.
    We can overlook and even applaud the small bruises women suffered during this election when we see the final goal achieved — the first black president of the United States.


      Arriana Huffington is a major media player with her ‘liberal’ blog THE HUFFINGTON POST. Her blog was a leader in helping to define the new new feminism – or, the new non-feminism. Her site cultivated a body of thought that lead us to realize that if we are allowed to denigrate women openly, then we have moved beyond misogyny. To practice it openly is to demonstrate that it is powerless. The ultimate achievement was witnessing women of all stripes and ages embrace words like“b*tch” and “c*nt” with no shame. It brought tears to our eyes.

      • Yes but the young Democrat women who went around reguritating C*nt and B*tch to gain acceptance from male Democrats have now had their reproductive rights tossed away in the insurance reform bill. They are too dumb to have figured this out yet, but I am going to be laughing my a$$ off when it finally dawns on them.

      The MSNBC news anchor, Keith Olberman was
      in the trenches this 2008 in the fight against misogyny and sexism. We give him the title of “Feminist Police”. He took on the dirty task of not letting women use feminism as a weapon against their opponents. He even courageously used misogynistic attacks to preempt any rebuttal whatsoever by women who argued for their own qualifications. We will never forget his bold on-air request to take Senator Clinton into a room and have her be the one person that “doesn’t come out”.

      • scoutt…

        be careful, this is great snark, but if not and you don’t otherwise participate, what you are saying might start to look like spam.

        • It’s snark. How could it not be? What kind of spam could it possibly be?
          I come here 10 times a day and comment every so often. You’re comment rubbed me the wrong way…

          • The olbermann one almost cost me my keyboard.

          • Hey, doesn’t MO even get a mention? Her toned arms should have made her a close third runner up, no? She is an inspiration to flappy triceps the world over!

      • Lol

    In this dawning-of-a-new-day post-partisan, post-racial, post-feminist world—integrating Rush Limbaugh’s perspective of women into the mainstream has helped muddy divisiveness. Embracing Rush’s values created a bridge between parties to create common ground upon which other divisive issues can be muddied. On the issue of equality for women, both political parties have demonstrated a willingness to negotiate and compromise. This is now the perfect opportunity to create good will and negotiate for more pressing issues. Rush Limbaugh has stuck his neck out to help create unity. Thank you, Rush for being a bridge.

    • Arianna is opportunist of the decade.

      • whoops meant to nest that under the Zsa Zsa one

      • I count two solid decades.

        I Still remember when she moved to Santa Barbara with rich husband who ran for Senator on the backs of the hard working immigrants (always a handy pol subject in California when all else fails) by spending the most $$$ for a Cal campaign ever. He Refused debates and interviews but the TV was covered with Huffington ads for months ahead. A win seem v. possible. Then v. Close to election day the press reported about his illegal nanny. He lost the election but refused to acknowledge it.
        Loyal Arianna with toddlers on her arms stood by him holding back tears. Awww….

        Immediately Arianna left Santa Barbara because as she said many times: “we have to help Newt Gingrich.” And there was always Clinton bashing to do.

        Wow – then out of the blue came the divorce (husband turned out to be gay or bi – he wasn’t quite sure). Arianna took a break from TV and then came back as good as new: a liberal while hating the Clintons more than ever. Al Franken grrrr did give her a helping hand, no doubt.

        So after all her nasty punditry talk Did the Dems tell her to get lost? Hardly. She became a celebrated “liberal” as fast as you can ask “WHAT?” She then founded her blog and wrote Clinton hate articles with a vengeance. Her fans basically agreed with every word … preparing the field for “anyone but Hillary.”

        Oh, Arianna also ran as Calif. Governor after the Recall taking on Schwarzenegger but that is another story. She retired early from that race to write her novel.

        Arianna’s bio as Repub socialite and pundit is quite the novel.

        I could go on and on ….. 🙂

        • Thanks, Felis — I think this is something that needs to be repeated again and again, as a reminder that the “A-list progressive bloggers” who rhapsodized over the coming of the One were almost universally “former” Republicans. I think the rise of Huffington, Moulitsas and others was the most successful ratf***ing operations the Republicans have ever engaged in.

        • Arianna also took part in the roasting of Gore in 2000. Remember her shadow convention?

  21. The tiny corner in me that still believes in miracles is wishing for a Hillary comeback in 2012. Clearly, she was the best candidate that either party put up in 2008. It was our loss that she was backstabbed by her own party, my party which I no longer recognize.

    I am not a “New Dem.” My mind and heart is still with the traditional Democratic Party, a party that actually stood for something, primarily the American working class, ordinary men and women, the backbone of the country.

    Now? Not so much. Unless, of course, you’re related to a Wall St. gangster, a Chicago huckster or a DC insider.

    That being said, there’s no way I’m voting Republican, skirt or no skirt. I flipped for McCain in 2008. But that was a one time deal. I’ll go third party, independent or not at all. Because as far as I’m concerned both parties are corrupt at the core. Only a real leader, one who is seasoned and understands what serving the public means could make headway in cleaning things up.

    Of course, there’s always that outside miracle :0).

    • you know how democrats feel the have to pander to their base? Well so do republican women. Most moderate republican women are pro-choice and very reasonable on fiscal matters. Most republican women are more moderate than republican men. Many republican women are WAY preferable to democratic men, Stupak being a prime example. Liberal third parties only put more republican men in office. Both parties are run by men for men. Put women of either party in office and we are all better off.
      Don’t waste you vote on third party candidates who will never win. We learned that lesson in 2000.

      • I’d rather take my chances with a third party then pretend it’s okay to spout nonsense to the masses to win. If I were okay with that kind of nonsense I’d have voted for the guy sporting Democratic team colors last go round.

        I’m done with the whole we tried it once and it didn’t work either argument. My new motto is if at first you don’t succeed, and your options if you don’t try are equally bad ,then try, try again.

        Sarah better expect that “base” that she’s doing the pandering for to carry her. She won’t be getting my vote this go round.

  22. Sexist attitude?! What sexist attitude. The attitude of the Democrat party and corporate media “merely reflects reality” they are not sexist. Just ask them. No sexism occurred in 2008. Nope Nope Nope.

  23. The Tea is poisoned and the Kool-Aid is a hallucinagenic drug, Hillary and Hillary alone is the medicine America needs. Whether or not we ever get that medicine is another story. The two parties are so equally dishonest, equally ruthless and equally tone deaf to the real concerns of the middle class that I don’t know if even Hills could make anything worthwhile out of the canerous tumor that Washington has become.

    • Agree. Wonder what would happen if you mixed concentrated tea and koolaid, in a laboratory.

    • I think 2008 was our one chance at Hillary.

      • Ok, but…Reagan won his second Repub primary. Al Gore lost his first primary. Johnson lost a primary and went on to be President. GHW Bush lost a primary, went on to be President. FDR lost his first campaign as vice President to the Harding campaign. My point is, lots of figures have lost primaries and gone on to be President. I don’t know why Hillary is a special case in all that.

        • She’s not a special case, it’s just my thoughts on the specific dynamics and the way things have gone so far. If Hillary were to announce she was running, that would be different–she’d have my vote, of course. But until she does that… to me it’s like chasing an elusive butterfly.
          1) 2012. I can’t see her primarying Obama nor anyone from the Democratic party asking her to run. I don’t see Obama stepping down and the Dems asking her to run in his place, either. A Draft Hillary campaign from the grassroots might get DC’s attention and put some kind of pressure on them to start responding to the voters, but I tend to think it would backfire and get marginalized as being about Hillary, rather than being about the voters.
          2) 2016. She’ll be almost 70 and an emeritus stateswoman by then. I don’t know if she’d want to run or if she’d have other goals at that point in her life. She may want to set up her own foundation, devote more time to her family, be a grandmother. Who knows. And, if the good ol’ boy oligarchy wasn’t ready for her at age 60, age 70 isn’t going to get easier in our woman-fearing and ever-increasingly telegenics-obsessed political climate.
          3) I’ll believe a major party will make a woman its party’s presidential nominee when one of them actually does it.

          • Sounds right. Though I still think anything could happen, if the last ten years is any indication. But mainly I don’t think the country is ready for a woman president, as depressing as that is. The media may be run by men, but they respond to their audience, especially those with more disposable incomes. For whatever reasons, most of that bunch did not want Hillary. Despite all that, if her popular votes and her legitimate wins in the primaries had been allowed to stand, she would still have won, against such massive bias against her. She may have made the road slightly easier for the next woman, but someone with her natural abilities, accomplishments, instincts, values and tenacity, I’m not holding my breath.

          • Yes, 2012 is the year for her. 2016 won’t work for the reasons Wok cited plus she would have to run on O’s record.

            There are two ways she can get the nom in 12.
            1) If the Dems suffer devasting losses in Nov and if the economy doesn’t improve next year, Dem leaders (and wall street gang) will force him to withdraw.

            2) If any state asks for BC from candidates (I think a couple of states already passed the law last year) then “all bets are off” for Obama. He will tie it up in courts for sure, but all that bad publicity will drive his numbers to 20’s. Dems will go to Hillary then, won’t they?

          • the birth certificate is a non-issue and Obama won’t be asked to withdraw. Barring some totally bizarre off-chance like the media actually exposing an Obama scandal of proportions and consequences so damning that asking him to resign because of it can’t be twisted into a PR nightmare (“Democratic party asks first black president to resign”). Even in the *unthinkable* scenario where Obama were to resign, Biden would be president (ugh) and would be the nominee (ugh ugh).

          • Yep. The timing is off, and also, they haven’t learned their lesson yet. They still believe they can brazen this out. It’s hard to believe, because everything that’s happened was completely predictable from the jump, but….

      • I agree, Wonk. I wish it weren’t so. But I gotta agree with you.

      • I thought so too but stranger things have happened. You have to wonder whether the Democratic party has a sense of self preservation at this point or whether they’re going to end up like Spinal Tap, managed by a ditsy astrology addled girlfriend, blowing opportunity after opportunity on stupid gimmicks until they’re reduced to playing Sex Farm at an old folks home.
        She might not go up to 11 but Hillary seems to know how to run the show.

        • You have to wonder whether the Democratic party has a sense of self preservation at this point

          I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t. They eat their own and belch about how historic and unprecedented it is.

        • Maybe the DINOcratic Party will emulate Spinal Tap and find new success in Japan. :mrgreen:

          • It would have been hilarious if Obummer’s faux-Roman (or was it faux-Greek?) columns had been mis-sized: “Feet? I thought you wanted inches!” 😆

          • Hilarious. And oh so very very appropriate.

    • We need a YouTube ad for Hillary that looks like a new drug ad, complete with happy smiling people and a list of side effects. Hillary is no panacea but she might just be the thing that pulls us out of depression.

      • OMG, I love it! It could have all kinds of warnings too, you know, like they make the drug companies do now…like “Obama supporters taking Hillary may be more inclined to see reality, may experience false hope-related withdrawal symptoms and may find their ability to rationalize poor legislation coming out of Washington hampered.” Heh.

  24. My ticket – Hillary/Elizabeth Warren

  25. Hillary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren! Whoosh. I would vote that ticket in a heartbeat.

  26. Well, problem here is that there are lots of Hillary supporters (eventual) who could accept SOS, but really are rankled at the efforts she made on this health reform crap.

    Can’t trust anybody anymore, although I still would take her over Obama or Palin….the two “celebrity” candidates shoved at us…

    • did she make efforts on his health care reform crap? I think she was just positive about something getting passed. But she also, shortly after talked about single payer still being a goal.
      I don’t have to agree with her or Bill on everything to know that they have the best interests of the American people at heart.

  27. The perfect counterpoint to this: B0bots growing bored with B0botland

  28. Obama isn’t doing too well in this month’s PPP polling… Obama, GOP Knotted Up

    Our monthly look ahead to the 2012 Presidential race finds Barack Obama more or less tied with all four of the leading candidates for the Republican nomination. He trails Mike Huckabee 47-45 and Mitt Romney 45-44, ties Newt Gingrich at 45-45, and leads Sarah Palin 47-45. This is the weakest performance Obama’s posted in these 13 monthly surveys and a pretty clear indication that passing health care has not done anything to enhance his political standing, at least in the short term.

    Run, Hillary, Run!

    • He’s free-falling

    • Really different…

      For instance among voters who disapprove of Obama but also have an unfavorable opinion of Sarah Palin, she leads him by 22 points in a head to head contest. That wasn’t necessarily the case in previous months.

    • clear indication that passing health care has not done anything to enhance his political standing, at least in the short term.

      …and not in the long term, neither.

  29. A terra-ist volcano in Iceland has shut down air traffic in Europe.

    Anyone want to start a pool on how long before Newt Gingrinch or some fundie preacher blames it on the election of a lesbian PM?

    • Huh. I thought it was the lesbians taking revenge on the northern hemisphere.
      Anyways, if I were lesbian, I’d take credit. Wizard women of the north and all that.

  30. New, roomier thread upstairs … and it’s open!

  31. I love that poster.

  32. Honestly, these headlines are a perfect example of the media spin. Hillary was always favored over Obama by the majority of Americans. She got more votes than any candidate in primary history despite everything they threw at her. It’s just that back then the media spin was that she was the most awful human and no amount of votes mattered when it came to what they said about her. That was all part of the disenfranchisement. Now of course they can say out loud based on these poll numbers that people actually like her.. because she’s not running for POTUS. Now that the world is safe from a woman POTUS it’s okay to like her out loud and in color on the MSM. Screw them all.

    I see Young Turks putting McCaskill out there as their choice for the first woman POTUS. I had to laugh after the trashing they gave Hillary and how sexist it was. I’m so glad THEY get to pick who would be the best first in that category because gawd forbid feminists should have been able to pick that person. This is the choice of the sexist blogger boyz and don’t you think otherwise. The will get to pick and the third wavers mostly will cheer them on. The entitlement and lack of acknowledgment here is astounding.

    I’d vote for Hillary again in a heartbeat and so would the majority *again* in this party over Obama. The dems are not going to support that because they are too corrupted, they hate women’s issues and they have to prop up teh one at all costs. It doesn’t matter how far right he goes they will call it a win make excuses.

    The blogger boyz on the left and right despise her because she’s everything in a woman they fear. Too smart, too threatening for them. No, they want someone who went along with their messiah pick and the dems will run a strong obot as the first woman POTUS and call that a win for us too. They just do not care and do not get it at all. I love how YT holds out their choice as if to say “See despite our heinous choice in 08 AND our actions we aren’t sexist!” Yeah right and to me asking YT their advice on that subject is like a person of color taking the advice of a KKK member. The koolaide is causing more blindness than ever.

    The democrats aren’t smart enough to run Hillary. I’ll go third party or sit it out. If they don’t run Hillary I’m not voting for anymore male or female Demopublican woman haters.

  33. I am late reading today …. BUT for the record ….. AWESOME post RD!! And, also for the record ….. I’ve never taken my Hillary bumpersticker off my car either and never will!!!!!

  34. I will never forgive the Obots. Nor, with the exception of Hillary, will I ever vote for another Democrat or Republican at the presidential level. Even locally, I’ll vote for my Dem governor and Dem state legislator but that’s it, zero, end of story. Done with both corporate-oligarch parties.

    Speaking of Tom Petty, “You’re a Free Girl” is actually the song I had in my head for Hillary — because she’s free now of the Democratic Party’s machinations and the need to be a “team player” for The Lightworker:

  35. Oh and p.s. that is my absolute number-one favorite pic of Hill.

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