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    • Consequences Of Indicting Trump
      So, a New York DA has charged Trump. There’s some posturing by DeSantis, but Trump will almost certainly go to New York and surrender. This is a watershed moment, no former President has ever been charged with a crime. This is a political act. Many President have committed crimes and have not been charged. It will lead to red state DAs indicting Democratic p […]
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Friday Morning News and Views

Good Morning Conflucians! It’s been a long week for me. I’ve been trying to get caught up from missing a week of work for my dad’s funeral. Thank goodness the semester is almost over. But I must say, we had some beautiful spring weather in the Boston area this week. Today it’s cooler and overcast–a good day to stay inside and get some work done–or maybe read a good book.

So what’s in the news today? I couldn’t find much in the mainstream media about the two stories that have affected me most this week: President Obama’s order to kill a U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki and the massacre of Iraqi civilians by U.S. troops in 2007, recently seen in a video released by Wikileaks. But Democracy Now has good coverage of both stories.

Here is their video discussion of the al-Awaki story: Is the CIA Assassination Order of a US Citizen Legal?

Spencer Ackerman also writes about the story in the Washington Independent: Are Anwar al-Awlaki’s Ties to 9/11 Strong Enough for the Government to Kill Him?

And here is Glenn Greenwald’s latest post on our war criminal King President. (WARNING: it includes praise and video of Keith Olbermann).

CNN reports that al-Awlaki’s father is begging the U.S. government to allow him to talk to his son before they blow him off the face of the earth without a trial.

The elder al-Awlaki, an agricultural economist, said he was “distressed and disappointed” to learn that his son had been singled out for killing or capture.

“What they have decided is to hunt for Anwar al-Awlaki and kill him by a drone as they do every day in Pakistan. I think this kind of policy will only make the U.S. look more ugly to Muslims all over the world,” he said.

“The U.S. is a powerful country and has the means to reach anyone anywhere in the world, but is killing people — and especially American citizens — without legal justification the right way to show American justice and power? I think not.”

It turns out that Democracy Now covered the 2007 helicopter massacre of Iraqi civilians the day after it happened. I highly recommend watching the entire episode and got reactions from witnesses at the scene. Thank goodness we still have a few independent news sources like Democracy Now!

Finally we are seeing some justice for people murdered by “law enforcement officers” in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: Judge in Danziger case sickened by ‘raw brutality of the shooting and the craven lawlessness of the cover-up’

A New Orleans police officer who fired his gun at civilians on the Danziger Bridge a week after Hurricane Katrina pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday, offering a chilling account of what transpired on the bridge that early September day in 2005.

The seven officers were charged on an array of murder and attempted-murder charges.
Michael Hunter, 33, became the first officer who actually participated in the shooting to enter a guilty plea. Two investigators have already confessed to playing roles in a wide-ranging cover-up of the police shooting, which injured four unarmed civilians and left two men dead.

Hunter, who resigned last week after he was charged in federal court, contends that fellow officers shot at people they should have seen were unarmed. The account of events Hunter signed Thursday afternoon, called a factual basis, provides the most specific details to date about officers’ actions on the bridge, which spans the Industrial Canal at Chef Menteur Highway.

Hunter, 33, said a New Orleans police sergeant fired an assault rifle at wounded civilians at close range after other officers stopped shooting and after it was clear that the police were not taking fire. He also says he saw another officer in a car fire a shotgun at a fleeing man’s back, although the man did nothing suggesting he was a threat to police. That man, 40-year-old Ronald Madison, who was severely mentally disabled, died of his wounds.

As part of his plea, Hunter also acknowledged taking part in a conspiracy with colleagues to conceal the circumstances of what he considered an unjustified shooting. At one point, in a meeting with other officers, a supervisor said “something to the effect of, we don’t want this to look like a massacre,” the court document says.

Also down in New Orleans, the Republicans are holding a “Southern Leadership Conference,” and Newt Gingrich is the man of the moment. He supposedly “made a rock star’s entrance,” and then gave “a self-assured address peppered with historical allusions.” Here are some highlights:

Democrats in Washington, he said, had put together a “perfect unrepresentative left-wing machine dedicated to a secular socialist future.”

Mr. Obama is “the most radical president in American history,” Gingrich said. “He has said, ‘I run a machine, I own Washington, and there is nothing you can do about it.'”

“What we need is a president, not an athlete,” Gingrich said during a question and answer period after his speech. He added: “Shooting three point shots may be clever, but it doesn’t put anybody to work.”

Gingrich discussed passage of the health care bill, saying the “decisive” election of Sen. Scott Brown sent a message that Democrats decided to ignore in order to “ram through” the bill against the wishes of the American people.

“The longer Obama talks the less the American people believe him,” Gingrich said, citing the decline in poll numbers for the health care bill as the president kept trying to sell it to the public.

Gingrich said that when Republicans take back the House and Senate in the midterm elections they should “refuse to fund” the administration’s proposals, drawing huge applause from the crowd.


Politico notes that there was no mention of Katrina at the “Leadership Conference.”

As for the Democrats, the latest Gallup Poll shows that

Americans’ favorable rating of the Democratic Party dropped to 41% in a late March USA Today/Gallup poll, the lowest point in the 18-year history of this measure. Favorable impressions of the Republican Party are now at 42%, thus closing the gap between the two parties’ images that has prevailed for the past four years.

Gallup last measured party images in late August/early September of last year. At that point, the Democratic Party enjoyed an 11-point favorable image advantage over the Republican Party. Now, the favorable ratings of the two parties are essentially tied.

Lots of graphs at the Gallup link.

MABlue posted this story in the comments last night: Power Struggle: Inside the Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party If you ask me, it’s far too late. The Democratic Party already sold it’s soul to the devil–cheap.

I hate this story. It just makes me so angry!

To prevent Constance McMillen from bringing a female date to her prom, the teen was sent to a “fake prom” while the rest of her class partied at a secret location at an event organized by parents.

McMillen tells The Advocate that a parent-organized prom happened behind her back — she and her date were sent to a Friday night event at a country club in Fulton, Miss., that attracted only five other students. Her school principal and teachers served as chaperones, but clearly there wasn’t much to keep an eye on.

“They had two proms and I was only invited to one of them,” McMillen says. “The one that I went to had seven people there, and everyone went to the other one I wasn’t invited to.”
Last week McMillen asked one of the students organizing the prom for details about the event, and was directed to the country club. “It hurts my feelings,” McMillen says.

Shame on the Itawamba County School District in Jackson, Mississippi and the parents who brought up the bigoted kids who shut out a young girl because she’s gay. They make me sick to my stomach. Here is another more positive story about this situation.

The West Virginia coal mining disaster continues: Crews unable to search West Virginia coal mine on Friday

Toxic gas kept rescue crews out of a West Virginia mine on Thursday and that appears to be the case already on Friday morning.

Rescue teams had to stop searching the coal mine where four people are believed to be trapped. Search crews got to a refuge chamber where they hoped the missing miners would be, but were forced to turn back when they found signs of fire and smoke. It now looks like rescue teams will not be able to physically search the mine.

But don’t worry, because Massey Energy, the owners of the unsafe mine where 25 men are confirmed dead and four more are missing and presumed dead, will make up for lost revenues by forcing workers at their other mines produce more coal.

The accident at the UBB mine in West Virginia was one of the deadliest at a U.S. coal mine in recent years. The mine, owned by Massey’s Performance Coal subsidiary, is about 30 miles south of the state capital Charleston.

Massey Energy said in the filing that it had third-party insurance coverage that applies to litigation risk.

“We believe this coverage will apply to litigation that may stem from the UBB explosion.”

The UBB mine has had three fatalities since 1998 and has a worse-than-average injury rate over the last 10 years, according to federal records.

I don’t quite understand what this is about: Israel’s PM Cancels Nuclear Summit Trip

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called off his trip to Washington next week to attend a conference on the spread of nuclear weapons, officials in his office said Thursday night, fearing Israel would be singled out over its own nuclear facilities.

Netanyahu had said he would attend the conference to underline the dangers of terrorists acquiring nuclear weapons, but suddenly called off the trip less than two days after he announced he would take part.

Army Radio reported that US sources informed Israel that a group of participating Arab countries led by Turkey and Egypt plan to use the summit to demand that Israel sign the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) and allow its alleged nuclear capabilities to be placed under international inspection.

Perhaps it is related to the following story: Obama’s New Policy : All Israeli Nuclear Workers Now Refused US Visas‏

I hope someone more knowledgeable can enlighten me about this. I’m curious.

So what are you reading this morning? Post your links in the comments, and have a fabulous Friday!!

91 Responses

  1. Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

    • Good Morning, BostonBoomer!! I’m going back up to follow your links but, I wanted to jump in with a quick wave before I left!


    • Good morning all. Love the TGIF!

      B-bye Bart–don’t let the door hit you on the way out:

      Bart Stupak to Retire


      • Who will he lobby for?

      • Interesting that neither RCP’s short blurb nor the longer story in the “NY Times” mentions that he was being primary challenged by Connie Saltonstall.


        • here is Connie’s web site. Maybe it is time for us to put our money where our keyboards are and support this woman with cash.

          Healthcare reform is one of Connie’s primary issues. She believes that universal healthcare is a right, not a privilege or luxury. When elected to Congress, Connie will continue to fight for a single payer system which she believes is the most efficient and cost effective way to deliver healthcare to all. Quality healthcare also allows women the opportunity to make responsible life decisions for themselves and their families.

          Within just two weeks of launching her campaign , Saltonstall secured the Endorsement NARAL/Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, MI List, Blue America, and NOW (National Organization for Women). NOW President Terry O’Neill intends to mobilize its chapters in support of Saltonstall, stating that defeating Stupak is one of her ‘highest priorities”. Planned Parenthood President Cecil Richards says of Connie, “I couldn’t be more proud to endorse her. She is a passionate advocate for women and their reproductive rights”


          She sounds good to me!

      • On NPR news summary, anger by Tea Partiers at him bcz he voted for ObamaCare and anger from Dems bcz he held up vote for ObamaCare was mentioned.

        Nothing about anger from pro-choice supporters being angry at him…and Obama.

    • Hi BB! Hope you get some extra sleep this weekend !!!

  2. Maybe Dakinikat can respond to the latest PR report from the NY Times. Why don’t they just change the name to The Obama Fan Club Newsletter? At least the comments are interesting and intelligent.

    Why So Glum? Numbers Point to a Recovery

    The American economy appears to be in a cyclical recovery that is gaining strength. Firms have begun to hire and consumer spending seems to be accelerating.

    That is what usually happens after particularly sharp recessions, so it is surprising that many commentators, whether economists or politicians, seem to doubt that such a thing could possibly be happening.

    In 1982, Democrats scoffed at a surging stock market and thought a severe recession would last for a very long time. They were confident that the economy would doom Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign in 1984. All they had to do was make clear they offered a stark alternative to the failing policies of the incumbent.

    Change a few words (Reagan to Obama, Democrats to Republicans, 1984 to 2012) and you have an accurate description of the current political climate. Could the Republicans be as wrong now as the Democrats were then?


    • Morning! I’ll take a look at it. Frankly, I’m glum. Just found out they are furloughing the tenured faculty in the LSU system for like 8 days. Jindal is creating his own depression down here while playing up his supposed Reagan creds down the street from me at the 80s Revival party. Recovery depends on which sector you’re looking at right now. There appears to be more paper profits right now than jobs.

  3. Funny recap of the financial hearings this week:

    After the Crash, a Crashing Bore
    The men behind the bailout take refuge in impenetrable jargon.

    [The fantasy testimony of Charles Prince, former CEO of Citigroup]
    “You’re finaglers and we’re finaglers. I play for dollars, you play for votes. In our own ways we’re all thieves. We would be called desperadoes if we weren’t so boring, so utterly banal in our soft-jawed, full-jowled selfishness. If there were any justice, we’d be forced to duel, with the peasants of America holding our cloaks. Only we’d both make sure we missed, wouldn’t we?”

    By Thursday afternoon I couldn’t figure out why they’d been held. They couldn’t have been aimed at informing the citizenry. Even the tone was strange, marked by a kind of weird delicacy, a daintiness of approach, a courtesy so elaborate I thought at some points commission members were spoofing each other. “Thank you so much for appearing,” “I’m so grateful for that insight.” Guys, there’s a war on.


    • Loved it! Everybody scraching everybody else’s backs, while professing to be so concerned about what the Masters of the Universe did to the American people…..oh so sad, really.

      Thanks for posting.

    • That article is funny, isn’t it?
      I think we need a Red Queen.
      “They have crashed my economy! Off with their heads!”
      “Whose heads, your majesty?”
      “The bankers, you impudent oaf!”
      “All the bankers, your majesty? Mightn’t that be a trifle upsetting to the economy?”
      “Very well, form a committee to identify the guilty bankers, and Off WIth Their Heads”
      “Your majesty, the committee did not find any of the bankers guilty and have let them go.”

      • I’d vote for that!

        Reading bare facts: Robert Rubin made $100 milion in bonuses, during the same period of time his company’s stock lost 70% of its value.

        Shouldn’t he be housed next door to Madoff?

        • It’s a winning campaign slogan!

          Absolutely, I think the CEOs should be in prison.

    • That’s written by Peggy Noonan … the voice of Ronald Reagan … did you happen to notice that?

      • Yes I did, but it’s still a funny article that calls out the fat cat bankers. I don’t ban certain writers if they write something interesting and/or truthful.

      • Yeah, even Noonan knows that you have to write just enough truth once in a while to keep the illusion going.


  4. Great links!
    Have you guys heard about the Thai govt declaring a state of emergency authorizing military force because of protestors creating a state of unrest?
    Here’s a video showing the protestors — I have never seen a more peaceful bunch. I hope they get what their new elections.

    • I am in awe of foreign countries who have so many citizens willing to risk their lives or livelihoods to come out and protest or march. I am sorry to say that our country is too complacent or lazy. We want others to do things for us. Obama is continuing some outrageous Bush policies and all those Progressive organizations are staying quiet, mainly moveon, worldcantwait etc. I heard the AFL-CIO will be marching onto Wall St on April 29. Let’s hope many show up and the MSM covers this story.

      • I think a big part is the way we (the lower class) have been divided into “left” and “right” and brainwashed to hate each other. There is no left and right. There is just the parasitic overlords and the wage serfs.

        • Amen!!

        • I’d fix that to say the lower class allows itself to brainwashed and divided into left and right. People that turn on FOX Noise o Misleading News(MSN) and then spout the talking points actually have a choice. They can choose to believe that some people who thinks and feels differently then they do may have good intentions just like they do. Unfortunately both sides would rather scream “Palin is Caribou Barbie”or ” Obama is a socialist.” Until people wise up we’ve got a longslog ahead of us.

          • That pretty much says it all… there is no excuse about listening and learning the facts and not be spoon fed the “news”.

        • I think you make a very good point votermom.Keep the rubes busy watching Fox and MSNBC and maybe they won’t notice their country slipping away.

      • we marched by the hundreds of thousands against the war in Iraq and the media did not cover it. The media is the problem. They are the plug in the way of draining the pond scum and leaches that rob our wealth and give it to the mega rich.
        The media should be the first target in any attempt to gain back some control over our lives. For starters no journalistic enterprise should be owned by any huge business comglomerate, particularly NOT by weapons contractors.

  5. Another comment, we were talking about that awful wiki article about wife-selling on an earlier thread — here is my lj reaction to it:

    There is an article in wikipiggia about “wife selling” in 17-18thc England, written as though this were some kind of quaint and charming local practice. It’s hard to say if it is a hoax or an old version of an urban legend, but that’s beside the point to me. The point is that from the first sentence, where it describes it as “a way of ending an unsatisfactory marriage by mutual agreement” and goes on to describe women as being happily yoked in halters and auctioned off it basically falls into hate speech. This is an article that the wikipigs nominated as a “good article” and honored it as a front-pager on April Fools. Women as chattel, so droll!

    A related thought this morning about why men so fear women and why the patriarchy brainwashes women into being smiling, loving, accepting, ever-forgiving beings. Because the patriarchy knows how much abuse and oppression it has heaped on women for thousands of years — if women weren’t conditioned to accept the injustice their righteous anger would shatter the world. So we have been bound with chains of love and loyalty; every man is a hostage to a mother, a sister, a daughter.

    • Woman hate emerged as the entertainment of choice during Obama’s 2008 misogyny march to DC. It’s now completely acceptable and oh so funny to wallow in the hate and abuse of women. Sick sick sick.

      • The GOP sees that too. They are emphasizing women a lot in Tea Party ralies.
        Check out this image of Palin with a sea of older women behind her on stage in MN.

        Backlash is a bitca.

        • Wow. Thanks for the link. That’s a great image.

          I have to shake my head that the left of center is not catching on. I guess the woman-hate in a progger’s heart is just too strong. It will be the death of them.

  6. Ellen Degeneres interviews Constance McMillen and presents her with a $30,000 check toward her college education.

    • Aww!!! Ellen is really a good egg. And a great role model for all girls – gay & straight.

      I feel for that girl — that the other kids are mad at her for rocking the boat. She has great courage. Very inspiring! Way to go!

    • Ellen definitely has many good qualities; however, her decision to judge on American Idol took her down a notch for me. I thought she was too good for a show where people “vote” for their favorite and votes are tabulated by the certified public accounting firm of Simon, Simon and Simon!

      Such is life. Thanks Ellen for helping this girl gain more than one thing from this experience.

      • I just think of that as a career choice. And AI is seen by a lot of young musicians now as a way to get a break by appealing directly to the public instead of to cynical execs.

        • AI is seen by a lot of young musicians now as a way to get a break by appealing directly to the public instead of to cynical execs

          That is a mis-perception, a myth even. Contestants have to get past the cynical execs to make it onto the show.

          I haven’t seen an article about it from this year, but many of the people who make it onto the show are ones the judges have marketed in the past. Carlie Smithson comes to mind. She was a Randy Jackson prodigee

          • Musicians do have to go through a lot of crap and get exploited by the music companies. Sad. And yet their music (and other forms of art) sometimes become immortal and loved long after the current rich/powerful/elite have turned to dust.

  7. This is a great roundup, BB! May take me a while to digest it all or respond.

    But I am proud of Democracy Now for previously covering our slaughters —I was unaware they had.

    Adding them to my Favorites list. Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. Stevens is retiring.

    • I guess it’s too much to ask him to wait for a Dem president to appoint his successor.

      • I wish he’d waited for a non-election year.

      • So, Obama gets another chance to nominate a Supreme Court judge, but…why hasn’t he even nominated judges for the TWO openings on the DC court of appeals???

        I was looking for when these two openings occurred, but only found a list noting they were both open as of 9/14/2009.

        The DC court of appeals handles many important issues, such as the recent ruling against net neutrality, and why Obama has not made nominations is beyond me.

        Maybe he’s waiting for a Repub Senate? A president with an R after him name??? Can’t concentrate enough to read through the suggestions? Thinks it’s bipartisan to leave them open?

        Why would a president leave these seats open so long? I don’t get it…or him.

    • Justice Stevens says he will step down when the court wraps up it’s session in June or July, the Associated Press reports.


      • Greenwald says BO is eyeing Elena Kagan for the SCOTUS, and that she is bad news (corporatchik and post-partisan, egad)

        • Heh

          I thought Obama was going to give us the greatest supreme court picks evah! Isn’t that why women were supposed to vote for him….that and the whole uterus thing.

          I’m laughing so I don’t have to cry.

          • BTD disagrees with GG on Kagan. Says he will expound later.

            I don’t know WHAT to think, except to remember that since she is a woman there will probably be a lot of subtly sexist tearing down. As with any woman candidate.

          • If I had to choose between the knowledge of GG or BTD, it would always be GG.

          • I’ll look forward to reading his reasoning. Hopefully it works out better than his rationale for why Obama should be elected over Clinton or McCain strategy wise. I don’t always agree with BTD but I always enjoy reading his opinions.

  9. dont feel sorry for her. she got 30K and lots of positive press from the media. feel sorry for the kids who just wanted to dance and not a media event.

    not a troll

    • Why would anyone feel sorry for Constance? She stood up for herself and won. Now she can get the hell out of that horrible town and get an education somewhere more civilized.

      • Hopefully she interns in NY and has a blast. It upsets me that the poor young woman was ostracized simply for being who she was and is. It is very Jim Crow.

        I wish her the absolute best.

    • And BTW, she wanted to dance and have fun too.

    • Oooooh, while we’re at it let’s feel sorry for those poor white folks who just wanted to sit down and eat their lunch at the segregated Woolworth’s counter and all those uppity n-words insisted on sitting down like they were real humans or something.

      You may not be a troll, but you are a bigot.

      • Me is a bigot for saying that? How many bigots do you run into on a normal day. Must get exhausting.

        • She feels sorry for the kids who shut Connie out of her HS prom because she’s gay? What do you call that?

          • Not to mention, they also shunned those with learning disabilities… those are truly despicable parents who enable that behavior. I wonder how many identify as “christian”.

        • As your answer shows, homophobia is pretty much the default position in much of our society. No, I’m not calling you a homophobe–I don’t know whether you’re one or not. But it’s pretty clear that you fail to recognize it when it rears its empty head. It looks “normal” to you and, therefore, acceptable.

          • Oh please, spare me with the black and white view of the world, everyone’s a bigot who is not on a permanent campaign behind the cause that is most important to you. That is the kind of easy labeling that leads to race baiting, gender baiting, religion baiting, bigotry baiting. If you need to judge the character of this person based on this one comment, have at it. I can read into the comment that he or she supports Connie but is skeptical about the commercial media attention, or not. I don’t have enough information, I don’t agree with the commenter, but I’m not jumping for the bigot label. If my threshold for using that word was that low, I could call just about everyone I meet in real life or online or here at TC a bigot for one thing or another, easily. I’m tired of people throwing around accusations of bigotry and racism at anything that moves. It devalues the terms for when they really apply and matter. The school in Mississippi more than deserves to be called bigoted. The commenter based on this one comment, whatever. Mostly I am sick of the selfishness everywhere…the my personal agenda first and loudest.

          • The difference, Wickets, is that I don’t have to “read” anyhting “into” me’s comment to come to my conclusion. I just go by what s/he said. If you have to add something to a statement–“read into”–to make it acceptable, then it’s fairly clearly unacceptable.

            “Personal agenda”–that would be like that “gay agenda” thingy, right? Thanks so very much for lecturing us from the straight point of view.

          • Like I said, have at it. You don’t really know me, and I don’t really know you. But feel free to judge away.

          • I have no idea what the commenter meant, but it can be taken more than one way. Constance was treated horribly for simply being who she is, but she came out on top. The other kids, who are still just children as far as I’m concerned, will have to live with their part in this terrible episode. It’s not the sort of lesson kids should be learning in school.

    • I do feel sorry for those other kids being under a bigoted school admin and learning the wrong values from them.
      I’m glad that one person stood up to them. Her classmates should be proud of her and support her, because injustice hurts everyone, not just the scapegoat.

      • I don’t feel sorry for them. Apparently not even one had the guts or integrity to stand up for Constance or for the special needs kids who were shunted off to a separate and unequal event. They’re as culpable as the school district and their parents in this.

        • Back when I was in high school, there was a kid in danger of being expelled – I forget for what rule infraction, just that it was pretty minor. The whole class (I think there were around 200 of us) did a sit-down strike in front of the admin office until they relented. The kid was not expelled, we were happy & proud of ouyrselves, and even the admin, I later found out, were rather proud of us.

          So I actually do feel sorry for those kids who did not grab this chance become heroes by standing by an oppressed classmate. It’s not too late. If any of them read this thread –try to listen to your conscience. If you see a facebook page trying to bully or mock Constance, don’t be a part of it. Speak up against it. Do a good thing and you will be amazed at how good you will feel about yourself.

          • There are some young people and their parents and schools that really get it. I would be proud to send a kid to Gunn HS.
            This is from a commenter at No Quarter.



          • Here is another school that gets it.
            Maybe there is hope for future generations



          • That is awesome.

          • Try this link instead for my 2nd post. The Lowell School is another school where I would be proud to send kids

          • sorry i can not get the second link to work. The Lowell school decided to have a dance away hate when the westboro hate group was out side their school.



    • Are you kidding? The REASON she got 30K and positive press is because she had the guts to take on an entire school district, and the hostility of her peers, their parents, the administration and who knows what else? Did this 18 year old know that she was going to be rewarded for her bravery when she did this? Did she know Ellen was going to call her? Of course not. She could have ended up like Matthew Shephard–did you ever think of that. Your comment reveals your lack of compassion and ignorance about the viciousness of discrimination.

      • p.s. Poor little bigoted kids who decided to ostracize and humiliiate their classmate, and then duped her into going to a fake prom–with the disabled kids they also shunned.


      • Amen, fif. You said it.

    • me, get real, those “poor” kids sit up a separate but equal prom and left the gay kids and the kids with disabilities the seats at the back of a bus. Just because they didn’t want to see two girls holding hands and people with what they considered unacceptable bodies and minds… WHAT exactly do you call that other than a Jim Crow event?

      • The hate has to stop somewhere now.



    • I feel terrible for the girl who was treated like a pariah. There is no good reason to do that to a child (and yes, I believe 18 is still a child).

      But I also feel bad for the children whose parents made them a part of the ostracism. It was time for the adults to step up to the plate and instead they let their kids down horribly. As far as I’m concerned it’s akin to child abuse.

  10. I find it really appalling that there isn’t a huge outcry on the Dem side about al-Awaki. I want to tell the Dem supporters & bloggers– maybe they are cool with the murder of anybody on Obama’s Kill List, but if they don’t oppose it now then President Palin (or Romney or Gingrich) gets to write her own Kill List. Don’t they at least understand that?

    • My husband didn’t even know about it until we discussed it over dinner at Applebee’s. I guess the media coverage hasn’t been all that.

    • The silence of the Dems and their supporters is disgusting. I’m ashamed of them.

    • I find it very appalling, too. I am quite shocked, actually, to read the defensive comments from “progressive” bloggers who do seem to be cool with Obama’s Kill List. Incredible.

      For example,
      A blogger posted the Greenwald article on the Wednesday open thread on the talkleft blog and was trashed for it. A group of posters who shall remain nameless, acted like stalkers in defense of Obama.

      And what did Jeralyn do?. Nothing. She didn’t threaten to “ban” them from her blog, or at the v. least criticize them for misinpretating the blogger’s post. Which was done on purpose, no doubt.

      Instead, she seemed to be on their side. Basically she and her blogger friends thought for the president to order a killing of an American citizen …. that was nothing new.

      btw Even Rendition is something to be debunked by her posters. I don’t get any of this. Hasn’t rendition been accepted as a fact by now? I guess not on talkleft.

      What is going on there? Is it still the usual? Obama is not to be criticized, no matter what he does?

      Anyone else feels as depressed by all this as I feel?

  11. StuPakistan (h/t Wonk The Vote) is retiring, maybe there is a cheezzy insurance job waiting. Do you think President Obama may nominate him for the Supreme Court?

  12. I had an interesting conversation with my daughter this week. She mentioned that her husband, a long-time Republican and Reagan fanatic, has decided he is sick of the Republican Party and will be voting Libertarian from now on. My daughter, a conservative Independent, is also vowing to vote third party saying she’s sick of both sides.

    And I thought it was just my husband and me, two lifelong lefties, and other expat Dems who were fed up with the state of American politics! The time is ripe for a viable third (or fourth) party. We can only hope that someone who actually cares about America and her people emerges to help us get this nation back on track.

    • Nope. I live in te heart of red America and the right side is pretty fed up too.

    • Might not be a bad idea to choose between the Greens and the Libertarians and contribute muscle and money to building them up at the expense of the Rs and Ds. It isn’t the government that needs to be starved until it’s small enough to be drowned in the bathtub… it’s the republi/crats and their corporate sponsors that need taking down.

    • Voting Libertarian doesn’t help us on women’s issues, that’s for sure!!!

      I say don’t vote…why enable ANY of these creeps?

      • I’d work to build the Greens, as they more closely represent my point of view. However, for those of a rightward drift, the Libertarians could replace the Rs without the religiosity, and without the corporate sponsorship (at least in the short run).

  13. Sarah Palin @ Southern Republican Leadership Council

  14. This one’s for DandyTiger and RD:

    Flowchart to help in determining: Should I Buy an iPad?

  15. Condolences, BB, on your dad’s passing..

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