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    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
    thewizardofroz on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
    thewizardofroz on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
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Easter After Dark: Open Thread

So, how did your Sunday go? For those who celebrate Easter for either religious or secular reasons, I hope you had the opportunity to gather with family and friends for a delicious meal and way too much chocolate (is there such a thing?).

In any event, it appears that however bad your Easter was, the Easter Bunny was having it worse.  Whether it was getting his/her ears or butt bitten off in a moment of chocolate frenzy, or getting mugged, this certainly wasn’t a stellar year for our big-eared friend.  Not to worry, Rascal Raccoon showed up the next day with a bit of “protection” if ya know what I mean.

If you’re in need of some fun Easter-themed time-wasters, try these:

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt — seriously, this is a hoot!

Google’s Easter Bunny Hop Game

or, you can just peruse these creepy Easter Bunny pics

This is an open threadWhat’s hoppin?

25 Responses

  1. Happy Easter. I ate a big chocolate bunny and feel sick now–in a good way 🙂

  2. I spent an unreasonable amount to buy my daughter a “vegan” chocolate bunny. She said it was divine though, so what the heck.

  3. Black licorice jelly beans!!!!

    • 😯 blech! But not as bad as Jelly Belly popcorn flavored jelly beans. They are vile. 🙂

  4. OK ~ been driving and laughing at church signs today….the second one today that made me laugh went like this:

    Jesus Burst From The Grave To Explode Into Our Hearts

    • Well that explains the sticky goo dripping down my leg.
      Here I thought the family pooch got excited.

  5. Yeah, I know, I’m headed for Satan’s realm regardless, but I love this clip.

  6. Got my roommate moved out! Hallelujah! Had dinner with a girlfriend in Hollywood last night, crawled off her couch with a hangover in the morning, drove home, took the dog to the beach for a romp. The ex and son are visiting his family for Passover and they had a Jews of the 1970s slide show–plaid galore!

  7. I went dumpster diving and found a dustpan that plays “Born Free.” Trying not to imagine how much of a jackass anyone who presents someone with a dustpan that plays “Born Free” must be.

  8. The Red Sox-Yankee game is turning out to be a wild one. Right now the Sox lead 9-7.

  9. Hee Hee:

  10. This is a riot!!!! LOLOL.

    Im coming back to life after an amazing day of food….which began with the most decadent bruch evah…complete with paula deen’s french toast. I’ts like a ginormous pile of custardy bread pudding goodness slathered wtih candied nuts.. O M G thank you Paula for the butter renaissance.

    • I met some Obots who were giggling about Paula getting hit in the face with the ham last week. They were in their 50’s, I’d say, too. No, they’ll never grow up.

  11. This is pure crap. I may need to quit the Times for awhile–at least until they hire some actual journalists.

    • Oh god, the Times. The most annoying classist paper in the nation. Fuck ’em and their old school tie.

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