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Friday Morning News and Views

Good Morning Conflucians! TGIF!

I guess state-run media got together with the President and decided to try to distract us with some cutsie, lightweight news this morning:

Obama: “I Can Go to My Right, but I Prefer My Left”

President Obama hit the basketball court and talked politics with CBS “Early Show” co-anchor Harry Smith this morning.

Smith asked Mr. Obama, who is left-handed, if he can ever go to his right.

“I can go to my right, but I prefer my left,” the president says.

He doesn’t always sink his famous jump shot.

“You know, I’ve got a few other things on my mind,” said Mr. Obama, who then makes the jump shot. “Its like health care, I always come from behind – I finish strong.”

{Gag!} I don’t know, somehow cutsie just isn’t working for me at the moment.

Obama also gave Smith a recycled version of his famous “bitter working class people” remarks from the primaries. Some of us (the angry, creepy ones) are bitter, he says, but “the vast majority of Americans know that we’re trying hard, that I want what’s best for the country.” Obviously Obama either doesn’t read or doesn’t believe his poll numbers.

Today President Obama is going the Charlotte, NC, to make another speech–this time about “his administration’s plans to create jobs.” I wonder if he will reveal what that plan is? My guess is it’s “just words.”

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate is still 9.7% (actually about 20%) even though the Labor department claims the addition of 162,000 jobs in March.

Here’s a nice feel-good story that works a lot better for me than Obama’s weak basketball jokes: Teen with autism advises other ‘different’ kids

Haley, 15, is using her experience as a person with autism to help others deal with middle school. She wrote and illustrated “Middle School: The Stuff Nobody Tells You About,” which details her advice for students….

Haley’s case is on the high-functioning side of the autism spectrum. She has always attended regular schools, doesn’t have special classes and is a straight-A student at a prestigious private school in South Florida.

“Most people just notice that I’m shy, and that I don’t eat a ton of food at school,” said Haley, of Parkland, Florida. “Other than that, I come across pretty normal.”

Go Haley! I like your style.

Thank goodness, Scott Roeder, convicted murderer of Dr. George Tiller, was sent to prison for life yesterday.

The sentence was handed down Thursday by Judge Warren Wilber at the end of a remarkable nine-hour hearing in which a self-righteous Roeder, shadowed by a burly bailiff, spoke unrepentantly in his own defense while the doctor’s widow, Jeannie Tiller, sat shaking her head “no.”

Roeder had been convicted in January of first-degree murder for gunning Tiller down in his Wichita church last May. The question remaining today was whether Roeder’s mandatory life sentence would carry a minimum of 25 or 50 years before he would be eligible for parole. Prosecutors — citing Roeder’s longtime stalking of Tiller and assault of others in the aftermath of the shooting — argued for the so-called “hard 50.” Determining that those aggravating factors were not outweighed by factors presented by Roeder and his counsel, the judge gave Roeder the maximum sentence.

Throwing the book at Roeder sends the clearest possible message that nothing — not even his stated belief that his actions prevented the “murder” of millions more — mitigates his crime.

This as the Democratic Congress and President as well as the Kansas legislature act to curtail women’s reproductive rights, and consequently women’s basic freedoms to seek life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Today at Counterpunch, Dave Lindoff is arguing that Obama should be impeached.

Here’s Lindorff back in October 2008 explaining why he planned to vote for Barack Obama instead of a third party candidate:

The reason is partly because I know I would vote for Obama if I lived in Ohio or Indiana, where the race between McCain and Obama is too close to call, and so, to vote for Nader when it is simply safe to do so here in Pennsylvania is really a cop-out.

But even more important, when I see the hate-filled racists and right-wing yahoos braying at McCain and Palin rallies, when I hear people calling for Obama to be killed or lynched, and when I see the rabid hate mail circulating in email inboxes falsely labeling him as a secret Muslim, a terrorist, a Marxist and a black nationalist, I want to see the man resoundingly win this election.

But it’s more than that. I also, perhaps against all logic and experience, admit that I expect something good of an Obama presidency.

Call me naive, but based upon my own life experience, I keep thinking that a guy who has worked as a community organizer, a Harvard Law School grad (and even law journal editor!) who could have named his price at a Wall Street law firm, but who chose instead to be a political and community activist, a guy who has relatives who live in humble surroundings in Kenya, and who spent some of his childhood actually living in a Third World Asian nation, not to mention a guy who has surely felt the sting of being called a nigger, has to bring something new to the White House. Certainly no other president in the history of the country has come to the office with such a background.

OK, Dave. I’m calling you naive.

So what are you reading this morning? Please share! And have a fabulous Friday!!!!!

116 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting Haley’s story. I see my daughter in much of what she writes, but it makes me sad to think how knowing earlier may have made acceptance of the diagnosis easier for my daughter. Finding out at 19 has been both a blessing and a curse. At this late age she has built up defenses that can be counter-productive at times making her struggles even worse.

    Good for Haley. I’ve forwarded that link to my daughter.

  2. Toes Go In First?

  3. Gloria Steinem interview:

    JJ: Any regrets about feminism?

    GS: Yes, we’ve been much too nice.

    Too nice to whom? Ms. Magazine saying Obama is what a feminist looks like was none too nice to feminists.

    • Gloria is dead to me, along with the rest of the elitist feminist phonies.

  4. Wow. The new CBS poll has Obama approval down to 44%.

    Healthcare approval is only 34%; 55% disapprove.

    Economy approval at 42%; 50% disapprove.

    And that’s CBS, not Fox.

    The Lindorff 180% switch is blowing my mind….he shoulda read Confluence before he drank the koolaid. Sheesh

    • It scares me that even though people dislike Obama’s policies and he has low polling numbers, that the liberals who are so angry now will vote for him in 2012 with “lesser of two evils” mentality.

      • Yeah, they would be completely lacking awareness – obama is not the lesser of two evils since he is moving progressives to the right with each supposed “bipartisan” (sans debate) move.

        Better off is getting liberal thought aligned and using it as the measure of success rather than give obama this excuse that the EVIL republicans are *making* him do it.

      • He’ll need a lot more than liberals to win.

        He’s got a mountain to climb to win back the repubs/independents that voted for him.

        Some that I talk to are shocked by what he/dem congress are doing. So trust is a factor. More and more are questioning whether he is qualified. fine time!

        • Yep. If he doesn’t regain the Independents, he’s toast. They’ll vote for the Repub just to have checks and balances on a Congress they think is out of control.

          • I bet BO wants a GOP congress — he’ll play the “victim” to the mean Repub majority in order to win the sympathy vote in 2012. All the while “haplessly” advancing the corpoRat agenda. Blech.

          • Maybe. But I think he’s all out of sympathy.

            Even the Black Agenda Report is calling him a fraud, and openly expressing anger at his “bamboozling.”

        • “Shocked” I don’t buy it – these really bright folks who tell me “I can’;t understand it”

          If they were dumb and uneducated I could understand but what it tells me is they were just lazy, didn’t do their homework, and put party over country

          • They didn’t do their homework because they WANTED to believe that the Obama brand was real.

          • He flattered their self-importance, and denigrated all the traditional Dems. So did Donna Brazille and her cohorts.

            The NEW Dem Party Icarus’d themselves.

      • The other alternative scares me too. Who is gonna be the nominee for the Republican side? We’ve been on a right trajectory so long I keep wondering when we careen over the cliff.

      • I know what you mean and yes you are right, Chimera.

        I kept telling my fellow Dem friends that Obama wasn’t the lesser of two evils, his win would be the evil — the demise of the Dem party as he would surely put forth Republican programs. How any Dem could support a supposed-liberal who chose to emulate Reagan (instead of FDR) and stated the oft-told lie that both SS and Medicare are soon to be insolvent (instead of advocating for a lock-box) was NO democrat any liberal should support.

        But they still buy into the Republican is evil meme when Obama is acting more republican than some republicans I know. Weird times, indeed.

        • I hope he is challenged in the primary. Of course I would like that challenger to be Hillary, but I would take anyone. I am an Independent now, but I would re-register as Dem to vote Obama out in a primary.

    • It’s relieving to know that people aren’t buying the “health care” framing. Unfortunately by the time anything can get done about it, we’ll have a Repubilcan Congress. Who knows what bad stuff they can do to this bill.

    • Some people aren’t smart enough to see through the marketing and packaging …

    • Lindorf sounds like the typical guilty white liberal. It is a disease, it is damaging and it borders on racism. “Oh, he’ll be a good president because he has been called ni**er and lived in a third world country… oh yeah and he registered voters through church organizations in Chicago”….. PUH-lease. It is insulting to black people to refuse to hold them to the same standards as everyone else.

      • LIndorf is a bozo. He is oblivious to the fact that it is what class your family comes from that determines your attitude (mostly). How many limo liberals (and their kids) have no idea what it is like to be poor and the choices that come with being in such a state? OT — but obviously he has no recent immigrants in his own family nor does he know any. Unless you “jump the border” you’ve got to have $ to get here. Some Latin American countries won’t even give you a visa (student or otherwise) unless you can prove you are coming back (i.e., have money in the bank and a job). I have 3 Latino brother-in-laws in my family who had to pay to get here legally. Most illegal immigrants are here because they have outstayed their visas (student, work) without renewing them. The idea that most illegals are here because of border jumping just isn’t true. And it is a belief that most liberals I know (erroneously) share.

  5. Obama’s jobs talk in Charlotte: “Soon you will able to work in the oil and gas industry. Hurray!”

    Obama admin anonymous spokesperson to liberals: “Unemployment rate: It’s only 9.7%-20%. Stop whining. More than 80% of Americans have jobs. He’s the JOBS President. Keeping 80% of Americans working. The other 20% could have jobs if they would just join the damn army. Except for gay people. Gay people, stay in the closet at home.”

    Another book we need from Haley: The Presidency: The Stuff Nobody Tells You: A Handbook for Obama to 2012

    • that’s what they’re trying to spin down here along with another bunch of things on our ‘fragile’ gulf ecosystem. hurricane Obama any one?

    • The other 20% could have jobs if they would just join the damn army. Except for gay people. Gay people, stay in the closet at home.”

      And fat people. You stay home and lose some damn weight so you’re fit for military service. Oh, and we’re withholding your medical benefits until you lose the weight.

      • Yeah, he’s the war president and his wife is the war on obesity first lady. What is it with waging war on people? I want them to stop picking on gay people, fat people, poor people (who will be on Medicaid and therefore will be insured but without doctors).

    • McCain admin anonymous spokesperson to liberals: “Unemployment rate: It’s only 9.7%-20%. Stop whining. More than 80% of Americans have jobs. He’s the JOBS President. Keeping 80% of Americans working. The other 20% could have jobs if they would just join the damn army…”

      So glad we did not elect that guy. He sounds so out of touch. He doesn’t even know how many houses he owns.

  6. I just read Greenwald’s column from yesterday regarding FISA and once again, a Federal Judge has ruled the NSA wiretapping as a criminal offense carrying a $10,000 fine for each offense and 5 years in jail. He even mentions TPM’s argument against Bush’s activities yet points out that Obama’s seem to be worse. I do not know how to do the block quotes but here’s a snippet:

    Indeed, their stonewalling at one point became so extreme that the court actually threatened the Obama DOJ with sanctions. And what TPM calls the Obama DOJ’s “Bush-mimicking state secrets defense” has been used by them in one case after the next to conceal and shield from judicial review a wide range of Bush crimes — including torture, renditions and surveillance. As the Electronic Frontiers Foundation put it: “In Warrantless Wiretapping Case, Obama DOJ’s New Arguments Are Worse Than Bush’s.”

  7. NARAL should just hang it up.

    • NARAL was lost in 2006 when they endorsed “Rape Gurney” Lieberman–maybe even before that…

      What kind of pro-choice organization has a “pro-life” president?

      • Apparently all of the ones we have now.

        • Who are their biggest donors?

          Follow the money – I’m sure that is where you will get an answer about mealy-mouthed back peddling crap.

        • Terry voted for That One and campaigned actively for him. Don’t expect much from her.

  8. “…even though the Labor department claims the addition of 162,000 jobs in March.”

    How many are temp census takers and IRS agents?

    • exactly.

    • I’ve been trying to see if that’s where the bump is from. I’m not sure they classify that as seasonal work or not. I’m going to look into it. My dad brought that up yesterday to me.

      • Here’s a counter-balance, Dak: Gallup showing today that UNDEREMPLOYMENT rose to 20.3% in March.

        Just depends on how the O administration manipulates the statistics, really.

        I think we all know that.

    • I read the other day that March LOST more than 60K jobs……


      • Makes sense to me.

        • Now I feel bad about mailing in my census form — should have held on to it to help hire another census worker.

      • Those are private sector jobs, Owen. 62,000, to be exact.

        Most of the “new” ones are temporary government jobs (census, temp stimulus jobs).

        Besides, the Obama WH predicted 200,000 new jobs. They only got 162,000, and that included seasonal temp.

        • about 90k of the 162k were census and other temp workers. 48k for census, another 40k for temporary workers. it’s amazing how they’re spinning this as such a great jobs number.

          • Nobody’s listening to their spin anymore, except the access media and bloggers. It’s kinda incestuous, in a way.

            Peoria knows they’re full of it. Peoria VOTES.

  9. Obama was second string bb player at his prestigious private high school in Hawaii. Much taller than his Asian classmates so probably a less than gifted player.

    • Though many Pacific Islanders are taller than Obama, they’re not likely to have gone to Punahou.

  10. I saw this link at shakesville (of course they are all saying how dare the doctor do this) but isn’t this the logical extension of the conscience clause that both sides now support?


    • You’ll see much more of this as time goes on.

      Especially with the new Medicaid patients, who will end up in the emergency room anyway, because doctors won’t take them.

      I suspect this particular doctor has already made the Obama IRS hit list for immediate “investigation” and audit.

      It’s the Chicago way.

      • Just to reassure everyone: this Florida doctor is not denying anyone care, whoever they voted for.

  11. OT: Yesterday I passed by my doctor’s office to pick something up and she asked if I had heard of any good April Fools jokes.

    I said “Well, it’s so hard to tell these days, isn’t it?” and she busted out laughing.

  12. An article in the NY Times this morning discusses the man who broke open the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church in Germany. From the article:

    The atmosphere for victims of sexual abuse in Europe today is similar to what it was nearly a decade ago in the United States, where victims viewed themselves as isolated cases and did not see the point in coming forward, said Barbara Blaine, president of the advocacy group Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests.

    “There doesn’t seem to be an environment where victims feel safe or free to speak up,” Ms. Blaine said.

    German authorities began investigating Wilfried Fesselmann for blackmail, it seems, but dropped the case when it became clear that Fesselmann was indeed a victim of the abusive priest. So much for reporting cases of abuse to the authorities!

    Anyway, I was struck by certain similarities between Fesselmann’s case and what women face when they try to bring a rape case to light. As with so many rape cases, it seems that the first thought about Fesselmann was “blame the victim”.

  13. I’m not calling Dave naive; I’m calling him stupid.

    Being hated by a small, if vocal, clique of genuinely nasty persons does not make Obama a good President or a good person. You can be hated by nasty persons and still be a nasty person yourself.

  14. “You know, I’ve got a few other things on my mind,” said Mr. Obama, who then makes the jump shot. “Its like health care, I always come from behind – I finish strong.”

    The arrogance is always just breathtaking.

    • He comes from behind
      With a dagger in his hand
      To stab his opponent
      in the back. Yeah.
      That’s our Barack.
      Let’s hear it for Barack.

    • And SMUG. Not so “presidential,” willfully demonizing half the American people. He’ll live to regret it…….ok, maybe not him, but the Democratic Party will.

      Who gives a double dog sh*t about his jump shot, anyway? Good Lord.

      • Kinda reminds me of that scene in Michael Moore’s movie where Bush goes, “No watch this shot.”

        • Reminds me of his San Francisco smirky comment about voters in Pennsylvania clinging to their God and their guns, while the millionaires in his audience laughed.

          • my favorite part of his San Fran gaffe was “and they can’t hear a message of hope from a black man”…… yeah, I always like voting for someone who calls me racist.

            On a related note. there is a local radio gas bag who went from republican to democrat to vote for Obama in the primaries. I called his show one day to tell him why this life long democrat would NOT be voting for Obama in the GE. He didn’t have the nerve to call me racist while I was on the phone, he waited until I hung up.. He was let go yesterday and they hired a new guy for his partner Nancy Kamen. I was THRILLED. I guess other people were tired of his gas bag know it all, offensive behavior too.

          • I think we’re seeing LOTS of blowback from all the Obama-lovers calling everyone else ignorant raycists. I think we’ll see more movement away from the race card players to elsewhere, for actual, factual news about all the secret traps written into the HealthCare bill. Americans care HOW it got done….if Obama doesn’t think so, he’s a fool.

            One can disagree with Obama’s policies and not be ignorant, or a raycist, or a “hater.”

            Anything implying otherwise is RAYCIST.

    • Like it or not, from all accounts, it was Nancy Pelosi who got health care passed.

      I wonder who it was who had the idea to do it in two steps, using reconciliation — that’s who got it done, actually.

    • The arrogance is always just breathtaking.

      He stops me in my tracks. Every time. Can’t believe he gets away with it.

  15. careful bo your big ego is showing…..lol

    • yes, it is and as he gains more confidence something is going to slip, greater gaps, arrogant comments are all going to finally do him in.

  16. I’ve been have a grand time compiling the Feminist Newswire. Nearly 350 news stories retweeted!

    I may occasionally write little summaries of the news at:

    Depends on how my motivation holds up. Beats drinking as a timewaster, that’s for sure.

  17. I think we need to hear more of Obama’s other “accomplishments”. Obama divided the Democratic party, is bitterly fighting unions, teachers, middle class workers, women, gays, and his greatest accomplishment is to revive what I thought was dead, the Republican party. Who knew???? When some say “But McCain, Palin or Hillary would have been worse”, I laugh out loud. The left has the corporate whores and the right has corporate lunatics. I have never felt so down about my country. We have to get a third party to challenge all this insanity.

    • We need a second party – right now we just have Republicans and DINO-Republicans.

      • Yup, as the light of my life (who is Canadian) often points out “in this country you have two parties. You have a right-wing, corporate-controlled party, and you have the Republicans.”

        In a purely masochistic exercise (and to vote against my incumbent Democratic senator), I shall be attending my Democratic County Assembly next weekend.

        I’ll be wearing my “2L4O” shirt:


  18. Just read this tweet: “President Obama just took the stage at a manufacturing plant in Charlotte, N.C. to discuss the green economy.” Does this plant manufacture environmentally-sound offshore drilling platforms?

  19. Was this supposed to be printed on April Fools Day?

    The Ecstasy of Fiscal Policy
    by David Brooks

  20. On a lighter note: Anybody else hear that if our military increases troops on the island of Guam, the whole island might TIP OVER??

    Oooooooooooh. LOL

    • I just watched the video on you tube. It is unbelievable that we have representatives in this country with such stunning intellectual capacity. I seriously am hoping that he just had a bad reaction with some prescription medicine and was a little loopy. Whatever happened we just can’t sustain this kind of ineptness in our government. We need the best and the brightest and if those aren’t available we need people who actually care. Right now we’ve got neither.

      • Have you seen the video where John Conyers—-Democratic CHAIRMAN of the Judiciary Committee–is asked why he thinks the mandate is constitutional?

        His answer: “It’s in the good and welfare clause.”

        Assuming he’s talking about the 14th Amendment, he sures sounds ignorant in that quote, doesn’t he?

        But you’ll never, never see him lose his seat. These districts are gerrymandered on purpose, just like Obama’s was, in Illinois.

  21. “”I always come from behind – I finish strong.”

    “….when I use women as a bargaining chip.”

  22. Satan behind media attacks on the Pope, asserts Italian exorcist

    That comes from the Catholic News Agency, so it must be true.

  23. Mother Jones:

    President George W. Bush hasn’t made many public appearances since departing Washington last year. He hit the motivational speaker circuit last fall, and spoke at the Safari Club International Annual Hunters’ Convention in Reno, Nevada in January.

    But next month, he is slated to address the 2010 national conference of the wind power industry in Dallas. And no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. The Texas native—reviled by enviros as president—will apparently be espousing the virtues of wind power at the meeting, sponsored by the American Wind Energy Association.

    Obama: Drill Baby Drill
    Bush: Wind Baby Wind

    Isn’t that cute? They’re like bookends.

  24. Via TGW:

  25. Dems compound their gender problems

    ” Not an April Fools’ Day Joke: Representative Dana Rohrabacher Caught Trying to Take Credit for Jobs She Voted Against”

    Too bad the release wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke. It would have made sense then. Because Dana Rohrabacher is a guy.

    Even I knew that guy – sounds like Rush and appears on Maher show a lot (or did when I was still watching)

    • This is Dana Rohrabacher… he sounds like today’s Democrats/progressives. Hooray for Hyde amendment, hooray for Clinton impeachment…

  26. ergg – sports metaphors!! He said it. I am struck again by Obama’s singular consistency in his viewpoint and how the curse/blessing of a wandering upbringing is adaptability, as opposed to moral heroism.

    • Yes. He always lands on his feet, regardless of who has to throw under the bus, regardless of previous “high ideals” he jettisons. It’s about him and his own survival, left from feeling abandoned first by Dad, and then by Mom.

  27. Is Obama angling for a Nike endorsement? Probably has a prototype in the works of his shoe…”Audacity”

  28. Part of the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) had to throw some old insults at Bill Clinton. Time made a list of the Top Ten Expensive Haircuts. Bill’s haircut in LA was placed second after Rubio’s (FL Repub primary candidate). Of course, Time printed the debunked initial story, a pile of lies.

    Media Matters caught them on this journmalism. The original wording is at the MM link. (Via Atrios)

    Today, Time wrote a correction, but it’s so snarky it’s almost not a correction:

    Hairgate by Kathy Steinmetz

    Correction Appended: April 2, 2010

    For about an hour in May 1993, two of LAX’s four runways were shut down. Then President Bill Clinton never heard the end of it. The reason for the closure was the presence of Air Force One, inside of which, the President was in the throes of a $200 trim from a glamorati stylist named, fabulously, Christophe.

    The media widely reported that scheduled flights had been forced to circle, that runways were jammed and that people were made hours late, though a Newsday report later that year showed that there were no significant delays. By then, however, “Hairgate” had already become a public-relations nightmare and solidified an opinion in some quarters of Clinton’s out-of-touch excesses. What made it doubly awkward was that it occurred while the President was struggling to get Congress to pass a deficit-reduction bill.

    An earlier version of this item incorrectly stated that flights and passengers had been delayed several hours by the President’s haircut.

    What the hell is all this snark about? Sheesh.

    • Oh, Edwards’ $400 haircut came in…fourth. Even tho’ it cost twice as much as Bill’s….

    • Gee with high quality journalism like Top Ten Expensive Haircuts, it’s easy to understand why the MSM is so disappointed in Sarah Palin’s newsiness:

      “Letdown” was also the word from the Washington Post, whose Hank Stuever deemed the Palin special “infotainment” — “like one of those shows that’s on when nothing’s on and yet there is air to fill.”

    • These stories are overrblown. How much does a top hairstylist charge for a haircut? How many haircuts to they perform an hour?

      Now imagine the stylist is asked to make a housecall, after hours. That housecall takes at least two hours including travel time.

      If you were that stylist, how much would you charge for that kind of special service?

    • What bullcrap. You can see the real redistribution going on right now in the stock market. There should be a special place in hell for politicians who lie to the poor. Really disappointed in Dean, he knows better.

    • Yup. That’s why The Heritage Foundation came up with it, those pinko commies! 😛

  29. Entertainment Weekly:

    Who needs Washington when you can have White Castle? Kal Penn’s reps confirm that the actor will leave his post as Barack Obama’s associate director of public engagement to return to his acting career. First up for the actor: a new Harold & Kumar movie, this one with a Christmas theme.

    • I really am convinced Ari Emanuel is feeding talent and writing scripts for the White House.

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