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    pm317 on What We need right now…
    pm317 on What We need right now…
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      I’ve been spending most of my time lately either praying to the porcelain God or wishing I felt other than I do. Nauseau being bad for writing (at least for my writing, perhaps you write great while sick to your stomach), please use this thread to talk among yourselves. I devoutely hope to return to […]
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Tuesday Afternoon/Evening Open Thread

We need something more cheerful to finish the day. I’m looking forward to the season premiere of Law & Order Criminal Intent. I’ve got cold beer in the fridge and a pizza waiting to go in the oven (it’s only 3:30 here in Big Smoggy)

What are you doing this evening?

Via Historiann:


103 Responses

  1. Gee, Mr. Clown, I love this show. Who knew I could like what you like. Love, Ya. The only show I like more is NCIS.

    • I’ve liked Vincent D’onofrio ever since he played Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket.

      • And Thor in Adventures in Babysitting

        • Hard to believe the same guy played both roles, huh?

          • My husband’s favorite role for him – Edgar in MIB

            “Y’know, I’ve noticed an infestation here. Everywhere I look, in fact. Nothing but undeveloped, unevolved, barely conscious pond scum, totally convinced of their own superiority as they scurry about their short, pointless lives.”

          • Imagine a giant cockroach, with unlimited strength, a massive inferiority complex, and a real short temper, is tear-assing around Manhattan Island in a brand-new Edgar suit. That sound like fun?

      • He played Orson Welles in “Ed Wood,” one of my favorite movies of all time.

  2. Via Dr. Grumpy:

    CLEVELAND – Police say a motorist fleeing officers in Cleveland abandoned his car and jumped a fence – landing in what turned out to be a prison yard.

    Garfield Heights police say the chase started in that suburb early Monday over a traffic violation and reached speeds of 90 mph.

    Police say that after a race through several communities, the driver and a passenger bolted from the car and headed for a fence.

    They apparently did not realize it was on the outside of the state prison in Cleveland.

    • Too bad there’s not a place on the blogroll for Dr. Grumpy, mostly for comic relief. I’d reccomend Knucklehead too, but wouldn’t say he’s always understanding of women. But he’s a heck of a writer.

  3. 53 Cars Towed From UCF During Glenn Beck Event

    Seems somebody put up some fake parking signs:


    • In SF guys used to collect money for parking in private lots outside events and once the lots was full they would take off. They had signs but no authority.

      People would come back to find their cars tickets or towed.

  4. By the way, I am an OLD HIPPIE, I was once in a concert watching the “Led” when the fuzz pulled the plug.

  5. Re: Koko and the kitten

    I PROTEST! Koko comes from the wilds. Why allow a tiny young kitten around this ape? I don’t think this meeting is cute. Just, NO!

    (I have loved and had cats since I was 5. My pair of Siamese might have hissed at Koko or tried to run from this unfamiliar animal. But then we’ll never know what they would do in his company. Absolutely not my pair!)

    Did I make my stance strong enough? NO!

    • Koko already had a pet cat, All-Ball. She is experienced with kitties.

    • Actually Koko is not the only ape to have a kitten, or a pet. Many primates in zoos end up having pets, just because feral cats and dogs hang around zoos. They do not generally harm their pets and the relationship seems to evolve naturally between the primates and the pets.

      I remember back in the 70’s seeing a whole colony of cats living with the primates in the zoo in Rome (can’t remember which zoo it was exactly, there were several there). And I remember that one of the orangutans there loved to knick your soda and drink it. All the while holding his pet cat.

  6. God is great, beer is good and people are crazy

  7. I am getting ready for “Lost” and “V” myself. Sci-fi – even flawed is more my cup of tea.

  8. Carrie has come a long way since American idol:

  9. She’s 20 years old, she’s smashing records like crazy and the closest thing to a scandal she’s been involved in is she got dumped by a Jonas Brother:


  10. OT http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-03-29/the-gops-dirty-sexy-money/

    Hanging at a “bondage-themed nightclub” where topless dancers imitate lesbian sex: $1,946.25.
    for they party of values & morals they can get preety kinky

  11. There’s something wrong with the world today:

  12. I just want to say, I have water coming into my basement and I’m getting nervous about it. This rain is worse than the snow we had over the winter.

    • You shoulda built an ark.

      • I just went down and checked it and it looks like my sump pump came on. Unfortunately, I think my next door neighbor’s pump is sending her water into my basement. It has happened before. I think the rain is slowing down now. I hate when the elements come indoors.

        • You need a bigger pump than you’re neighbor.

          It’s like being chased by a bear. You don’t need to run faster than the bear, just faster than the neighbor with the competing sump pump. 🙂

  13. Hey, I also was Janis Joplin puke and Stevie Wonder fall off the stage. I’ve got more!

  14. myiq, have you checked out Balloon Juice this afternoon? Glenn Greenwald swooped down on them, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth is something to behold.

  15. Pardon me while I do a little experiment with my decrepit computer. When videos started being embedded in the thread instead of the URL linked, it slows down so much I can’t enjoy them.

    The original video I posted here waaay back in the primaries is “no longer available due to violations” -yeah right, it had a few thousand hits- but I think this one is close.

    The Doobie Brothers -Takin’ It To The Streets at the No Nukes concert in ’79. (with James Taylor, Carly Simon, Jackson Brown, Graham Nash, John Hall, Bonnie Raitt, Nicolette Larson, Phoebe Snow and more..)

  16. Another Koko fan?? I donate to Koko’s foundation…and also Save the Chimps…

    Not to mention all the rescue places…

    I love animals more than people these days!~

  17. I saw an episode of Criminal Intent high once. Completely different show.

  18. Late to the party….but a great classic

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