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We’ve been hearing for a couple weeks that the right wingers are violent and crazy extremists who have been threatening congressional supporters of ObamaCare. Sarah Palin has been accused (again) of ginning up the hate.

Well, the FBI arrested the nutball in the above video for threatening to kill Rep. Eric Cantor and his family. One problem – the Congressman is a GOPer and Senor Nutball is an Obama supporter.

Strangely enough, if you read the report by Toilet Paper Memes you won’t find any mention of Rep. Cantor’s party affiliation or Herr Nutball’s support for Obama.

It’s probably just a coinky-dink.

78 Responses

  1. I realize I’m breaking the tribal rules but reality doesn’t really have a liberal bias.

    • thank you myiq. I’m really tired of the media’s hysteria about anyone who disagrees with Obama in any way. We’re either ignorant redneck rac*sts or angry white men/women or nutball fanatics. Why can’t they just debate the damn policies instead of trying to silence and smear anyone who speaks up. Frank Rich’s column was despicable, and pathetic. It was the exact same tactic used against HRC, and remember the accusations of “K*ll him” supposedly yelled at McCain rallies? Never happened. Either show the evidence–that is not some random nut job who exists in all parties–or shut the hell up.

      • “Why can’t they just debate the damn policies”

        they don’t really have a leg to stand on there…..

  2. Aye yi iyi.

    • Talking Pricks Memo probably also forgot to mention that Herr Nutball was a flaming anti-semite. What a tangled egocentric web we weave.

    • Hey, I suppose we should just be glad he didn’t end up with a cabinet post. I think Secretary of Crazy is still open.

  3. Reality is biased towards the insane.

  4. Jed Lewison at GOS also neglects to mention that Cantor is a GOPer.

    Could this be a pattern?

  5. Digby:

    It wouldn’t make any difference if he had given money to Sarah Palin.

    Yeah, sure it wouldn’t.

  6. Been watching this unfold on B0botland, For days I heard how this was a fake, Cantor shot through his own window etc. I wish I took a screen shot then.
    Kinda reminded me of the freepers saying that Clinton sent himself white powder to get attention.

    • I’m not condoning violence or threats by anyone, but the proggers have been on a mission lately to “prove” the wingers (and only the wingers) are violent and dangerous.

  7. Joan Walsh is pissed.

    She apparently doesn’t like the taste of crow.

    • Sometimes I get the feeling that Joan likes some minorities more than others. Not very democratic and frankly not a warm and fuzzy feeling.

    • Yes, the GOP are thrilled their guy is receiving death threats, while the Dems, brave and virtuous and true, are sincerely terrified for their lives, would never exploit or Make up pretend (All the way with RFK) threats for political gain, and just sincerely want to uplift and elevate our political culture. Yes. That is what they want.

  8. huh? Obot acts crazy and dangerous? It’s can’t be. He must secretly be a Plain supporter trying to make President Unprecedented look bad.

  9. Wow, that is strange.

  10. Republicans = violent nutballs is the new raycist! cry. That is it’s the latest “Look! a shiny penny!” distraction technique by Democrats so people don’t notice they’re raiding and eviscerating every social welfare program we have (the few we still have left).

    Some access bloggers, like Digby, just can’t move on and realize that the real threat to economic security and societal stability are now coming from the Democrats. All those years of anti-Bush blogging calcified their brains into thinking the world is permanently divided into two tribes. The really hilarious thing is that it was cowards like Digby who couldn’t stop chanting that we should get over it and move on. Well, we did, and they didn’t.

    • Yes, all the prog blogs appear to be working off the same scripts. Wonder who writes these plays. Because I’m thinking Ari has the best writers in Hollywood at his fingertips to help wag any dog.

      • The same people who wrote the “Clintons are racists” script right before the South Carolina primary. Same purpose, same deceit.

  11. myiq2xu
    “you won’t find any mention of Rep. Cantor’s party affiliation or Herr Nutball’s support for Obama.”

    But, of course, that would destroy the narrative.

    • Now the proggers are stressing that Herr Nutball also threatened Obama.

      But none of them ask why he wasn’t arrested for doing so.

  12. It turns out that last week’s “Obama bumper sticker assault” in Tennessee may have been just a run of the mill drunken road-rage incident having noting to do with Obama.


    • reminds me of the non-existent “Kill him” words at a Palin rally during the campaign. The whole media was full of it – except the Secret Service present heard nothing of the sort.

      • They were still repeating that story over the weekend.

        • you know this lie is particularly annoying to me. When Obama came to Scranton he had a partial crowd and it was here that he made his petulant remark about waffles. The national media was all over the supposed “kill him” remark and said that there were signs along the highway making racial slurs etc……NEVER happened. There were no chants of kill him at the Palin rally and no racist signs on the highway. But the people who told and those who believed the lie decided it was a reason to make Scranton part of “the Appalachian” mountains and therefor racist.

  13. The docudrama, “The Assassination of George W. Bush,” produced while Bush was a sitting President is available on Hulu.com, in case anyone needs a reminder of hatred from the left. I can’t imagine the uproar if a similar docudrama was released now.

  14. Ass Press:

    A Tennessee man authorities say is a white supremacist has pleaded guilty to plotting to kill then-presidential candidate Barack Obama and dozens of other black people in 2008.

    Twenty-one-year-old Daniel Cowart of Bells, Tenn., pleaded guilty Monday to eight of 10 counts in an indictment accusing him of conspiracy, threatening a presidential candidate and various federal firearms violations. Under a plea agreement, he faces 12 to 18 years in prison, but a federal judge could choose a longer sentence.

    Co-defendant, 19-year-old Paul Schlesselman of Helena-West Helena, Ark., pleaded guilty in January and will be sentenced April 15.

    Authorities have described the two as skinheads who planned a cross-country robbing and killing spree that would end with an attack on Obama.

    IIRC, they needed to steal guns and commit robberies to finance their proposed killing spree. They were going to kill 88 black people before they killed Obama. They planned to drive towards him wearing tuxedos and shooting from the windows.

  15. wow that guy in that vid i a is crazy crazy crazy

    • He’s definitely a few french fries short of a Happy Meal.

      • wait he says he owns you-tube and that and he says that he crated you-tube but hes going to take the lives on the 1st born of every you tube everone associated with you-tube so dose that mean the he going to take his son atams live also

    • I think I saw him at my caucus in Texas. He was just one of many.

  16. I’m sorry, but Herr Nutso looks a bit too much like Christopher Hitchens.

    • He’s not the only Obot who looks like Snitch. I know a Kool-Aid junkie who’s the spitting image of Hitchens.

    • P’rhaps Snitchens sowed a few wild oats before the drink got him.

  17. Bob Somerby on both Digby and Frank Rich today:

    But matters of race drive white liberals mad. Every IQ point flies from their heads until they have suitably rendered.


  18. It’s really sad to notice that people in your party (or ex party) are exactly as stupid as people in the other party. Was it always this way and I just never noticed?

    • Yes. (No offense)

      Ask yourself why, with more than one door to enter the Capitol Building the day of the vote, the CBC members CHOSE to march right through the Tea Partiers, up the steps, to get to the House chamber.

      Reckon they were HOPING for an incident, much the same as they treated the Clintons during the primaries?

      Well, duh.

  19. I’m a little embarrassed to say Eric is my congressman and he’s even been to my house. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I would be a long, cold day… before I’d vote for him. I’m nice that way. 🙂

    • Did he come to your house to leave a doorknob hanger or for dinner? Just curious…

  20. According the MoJo Catholic lobbyist Richard Doerflinger is “The Man Who Almost Killed Health Care Reform.”

    Didn’t someone recently say that the Catholic church “has no political power anywhere in this country?”

  21. An Obama supporter is arrested for threatening to kill a GOP congressman, and the proggers are more interested in this:

    Republicans spent $1,946 at topless club


  22. Did anyone notice that digby said that “In 1965 there was a common perception of reality. There isn’t anymore” and go, WTF? I wasn’t around in 1965, but, that’s not exactly what they told us in history class.

    • In 1965 there was a common perception of reality. There isn’t anymore. The tea baggers live in a FOX and hate radio drenched world of a different dimension. The most sane among them believe liberals are fomenting the violence by passing legislation they don’t like. Most of them, however, literally believe that liberals are violently threatening them and they need to protect themselves. Bizarroworld.

      They sure seemed to have more problems than you’d think back then for everybody being on the same page and nobody thinking that liberals were threatening them. 1965, far superior to 2010 because they didn’t have Fox.

      • I was alive in 1965 and there was no common perception of reality.

        In 1963 the right-wingers were calling JFK a traitor and the Klan was bombing black churches.

        In 1965 we were massively escalating in Vietnam and the anti-war movement was just beginning. 1966 was the “Summer of Love” in San Francisco.

      • Bizarro digby. She’s losing her power of perception and analysis, or she’s working off a script.

        • Script.

          She’s the progressive’s red meat feeder. Otherwise, her posters get bored and leave.

          It isn’t principle, on her part. It’s knowing what her posters need to keep coming back.

          And knowing what side her bread is buttered on…..the Village narrative.

  23. OT: Anyone watch the Tavis Smiley special on “Black America” last night?

    In love for their brother, they don’t sound too happy with his product. Even Farrakhan had a prominent place at the round table.

    Anybody else watch?

    • I think BO is counting more on white guilt than black patience.

      • One of their biggest complaints as a group was that Obama was pandering to Hispanics and just “assuming” the Black community would go along with it.

        I guess his advisors DO think the Blacks are a given, but he needs to work with Hispanics to get re-elected.

        If it gets replayed on C-Span, watch this thing. It’s amazing how unhappy they are with him.

        • Obama can count on them. All the eventual campaign will have to do is a bit of baiting, then add some faux-rage. It will work.

          The only thing better will be having a woman somewhere on the ticket for the Rebubs and that will give obama teh frat-boy (+ “hot” girls) vote.

          The only thing that would hurt obama in this area is if the media darling is somebody else. Then he will be screwed because the focus of the media would be on the act of baiting rather than the so-called r*cist comment by the other side.

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