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Dish: Health Insurance Reform

WHHHOOOOOOOOOO! Health Care Reform for white men has passed! The most historical event evah in the history of historicalness has occurred! A Democratic Congress and a Democratic President has made a Republican Healthcare Bill Law! Insurance companies will be able to not provide helpless children with adequate care at last!

All this change! All this hope! I can’t take it! I’m going to spontaneously combust!

The world is going insane, and while normally I like insanity, this is not the good kind. Obama has just passed national RomneyObamacare–a Nixon wet dream originating from the Heritage Foundation in the 1990s in opposition to Hillarycare, and yet lunatic “Tea Partiers” are running around vandalizing the houses of Congressidiots who voted for the heaping pile of shit, screaming that they are “socialists?”

Obama signs an executive order restricting women’s access to abortion, and so called “progressives” and “feminists” are having kool aid induced orgasms as they compare the passage of a Health Insurance Reform Bill that would be better served as toilet paper to the Civil Rights Act? What the fuck?

Well, maybe I’m being unfair. The Bill IS Historic. Historically shitty.

I find myself–and we all must admit that I am normally so cheerful and chipper, yes, you know you all love me– I find myself feeling gloomy. I’m walking around campus with my hands shoved in the pockets of my fake leather jacket with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth–and I don’t even smoke! Security officers are mistaking me for troubled youth and are performing random searches on me.

Well, I am troubled. I’m troubled about a lot of things, but in terms of politics and current events, I am troubled about the fact that, as MYIQ said a few weeks ago, there appears to be no end in sight.

But what really has me bummed out right now is the realization that there is no end in sight for the mess this country is in. The single biggest problem facing our nation is the illness in our political system. When I say “illness” I mean the equivalent of an inoperable cancer that has metastasized. If we fixed our political system then we would actually be able to do something about those other problems.

For most of my adult life I believed that the Democrats were the good guys so even when they were getting slapped around by the Republicans I could support them and hope that after the next election they would grow a pair and start standing up for the liberal ideals they campaigned on.

I finally realized that the majority of the Democrats who hold elected office are not only corrupt but they have the same agenda as the Republicans. Oh, the say they’re on our side, and when it’s time for them to represent us they might make some speeches andr play some parliamentary tricks but when the nitty meets the gritty they lose on purpose. Lots of times they don’t even bother to put on a dog and pony show anymore, they just vote to bail out Wall Street or take away our civil rights as if that’s what we wanted them to do.

Now as far back as I can remember the Republicans were corrupt and they tended to be pricks or assholes, and sometimes both, but they weren’t insane. Nowadays there’s a lot of GOPers that are crazy as shithouse rats. That not only includes the elected ones but the voters too. Then you got the tea baggers who don’t think the Republicans are crazy enough.

I can’t believe that I am living in a country–I country I have grown up loving with every fiber of my being despite its flaws–where this is happening. The passage of a bill that bails out the Health Care Industry is historic! And in honor of Women’s History Month we passed it on the backs of women and their reproductive rights! Cats bark! Fish have tails! Catholic Priests are ethical in their treatment of young children!

The whole world is going mad I tell you! MAAAADDDDD!

Of course, intellectually I understand, there is always hope. Democrats are going to lose a lot of seats in November and while the Republicans that come into office will be even worse, the door will open for real liberals, not phony “progressives,” to show Donna Brazile and Howard Dean’s “New Coalition” to be ineffective and thus we will be able to take our party back.

But sometimes, in this Golden Era of Hope and Change, politics just isn’t enough. For once in our lives, we needed policy. Good policy that would actually have given broke-ass students like me real Health Insurance. Just a few weeks ago, before my spring break, I came down with the flu and missed a week of classes I’m still making up. If I had insurance, I might have been able to get antibiotics and missed only one day, maybe two. This bill does nothing to help me. For one thing, I’ll be done with my undergraduates and possibly even my graduates by 2014. At this rate I’m going to have to start stripping for my ‘scrips, just like a number of poor senior citizens who will shortly be facing cuts in medicare due to this lame-assed bill.

Sometimes, I get tired. Sometimes, I don’t want to live life day to day anymore. Sometimes I think things will never get better. Trying to get something to eat, trying to fill up my gas tank–always being hungry, worrying about my mom, worrying about my friends, worrying about all the people around me at my school who are going through the same thing.

Sometimes, honestly, I’m just tired. And today, forgive me, but I have to lament over the fact that politics took precedence over policy. Sorry.

144 Responses

  1. I’ve been so depressed over this. What do you do when it’s all falling apart around you? Support each other is the main thing I think. Maybe we can all plan our escape together. Everyone start looking through their atlas.

    • Anybody want to join an exodus to San Miguel Allende? Large ex-pat colony, very large artist colony, lots of opportunity for and catering to creative people because the city knows who brings in the dollars and the euros.

      And if the drug wars get that far into the Altiplano, we can all just keep going till we get to Costa Rica.

      • I’ve been thinking about San Miguel too, but I think the drug wars/killings have already got there–or maybe it’s just that they’ve started kidnapping rich gabachos/as for ransom instead. I know I read about one or the other happening there recently.

        • Things may be about to simmer down a bit, though not necessarily on the border. I’m hearing that word on the street in Mexico is that most of the Zetas are now dead, killed both by the Army and the Sinaloa cartel. With them out of the way, the Sinaloas might well go back to status quo truce with the Golfos, since their years-long war turned into a quagmire, with neither side winning or capable of winning, and both of them losing money.

      • LOL! I’ve been looking for the folder on being an ex-pat that I started during the Bush years!!!!

        Let’s all pool our research!!

        I’m thinking of adding a section to my blog…

  2. LI, I am so sorry. As crappy as gen-X had it, I can’t imagine how sh*tty it would be to be trying to get started out in life now. Hang in there.

    • Well, at least I have my friends. Unfortunately my mom is nuts (literally), so her sympathy is limited. My father actually has a great deal of money (though he lost a lot of it in stocks because of the recession. Serves his greedy Corporate Blowhard Ass right.) but I am pretty much estranged from him and my Step Mother.
      I just keep looking towards a bright future, and i try to have a positive attitude.

  3. I have been very depressed and angry over this. I am watching a country that thousands have fought and died for being killed.
    Democracy can be taken away very easily if not protected properly.
    This idea that the tea party is a threat, for some reason I can not buy. The msm keep pushing the so called threats against democrats like it never happened before against congressmen . I think it is a setup to start to use backtracks so called private army. Look up Crystal Night in history. I do not know the German spelling. For some reason that keeps going through my mind.
    Will the private army be blackwater or the black muslims?



    • Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) – Nov 9, 1938.

      I don’t think so, though. They already have power – regardless of party holding the reins, K Street holds the whip and real opposition is non-existent. I don’t see a reason for such a crackdown.

  4. I’ve been there too LI. Hell I may be there again soon. All we can do is fight it. If we completely despair, we give up and they win.

  5. Worrying is like parking your car while it’s running, and sitting behind the wheel revving the engine.

    It burns energy and doesn’t get you anywhere.

    • what if you just keep honking?

    • Yeah, that’s why I started smoking. Tobacco makes the worry go away… at least for a little while. I would drink, but I have a strict policy of being a “Lady in the Streets and a Freak on the Weekends.”

      • I know you don’t need a lecture, but I wish you’d smoke something less addictive than tobacco.

    • Well, it’s only dangerous if you happen to be parked in the garage and forget to open the garage door.

    • I’ve read that worrying actually sharpens the senses. It’s a residue from your fight or flight instinct. If you don’t worry, you might get eaten.

      • In the short term it does. In the long term that heightened stress results in high levels of glucocorticoids that screw with your immune system and break down cardiac muscle. It’s why stress contributes to heart problems.

    • What, me worry?

    • I think I picked a bad time to quite sniffing glue…..

      • I definitely picked the wrong week to stop drinking.

        • Imagine how I feel — on the wagon until delivery! I want a margarita so bad I can practically taste it, and the news of the day sure isn’t helping.

          • That first beer after delivery is going to taste like ambrosia. I guarantee it.

          • Actually, the fantasy is a little more involved than that. It involves:

            1. A beer in one hand.

            2. A piece of sashimi in the other.

            3. While sitting in a hot tub.

            : )

          • good thing they didn’t know about that when I was pregnant considering I did all three of them on a fairly consistent basis

          • You know what, I am not convinced that any of the 3 are all that bad, particularly in moderation. But with the way women are policed now, I would never do ANY of those 3 things in public, lest I get CPS or the cops called.

          • I gave up everything except coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee since the McGvern campaign and nothing comes between me and my morning cuppa.

  6. Why am I in moderation?

  7. Blue Texan is going after Sarah Palin. It’s gonna get ugly.

    • The progs need an object of hate.

      • You are soooo right. If teabaggers didn’t exist they would be created…just to offer contrast with Obama
        oh wait..they were. The GOP has a lunatic fringe!? Who could have known! Didn’t they always have one?? So now this fringe, .okay more than fringe, gets renamed ” teabaggers” and we are suppose to believe they suddenly rose up to protest DuBarry?
        Many who go to tea bag events are for real..the ones running them , like the swift boaters, are upper crust shock troops….believe me the owners are watching with glee as left and right numb nuts go at each other .

      • I’d recommend a mirror.

  8. This, apparently, is the current MAD mag cover.
    MAD is mad
    (h/t partizane)

    • AMTA (attuned minds think alike.) I posted an Alfred E Neuman upthread.

    • So if I inserted “^NEVER” right before the heart, and below the word “Obama”, the phrase in parens “(I have more brains than that),” it would be a perfect shirt for me.

  9. One of the best blog post titles on HCR:

    Obama Democrats VS Tea Party Republicans: A Fake Fight Over Fake Reform

  10. Riverdaughter’s Sunday lede:
    ‘I’ve been trying to keep a low profile on the health care reform bill.  For the record, I am not in the “kill the bill” camp. ‘
    I’d be interested in an update from the founder. I admire her but disagree on this score. The existence of this zombi bill will be used by the healthcare parasites to bludgeon the California single payer initiative, the best hope to spur REAL reform nationwide IMHO.

  11. Shitty bill…but wonderful post littleisis ! Thank you!

  12. Not only does the bill cut Medicare, it increases the cost seniors must pay for the insurance!!!

  13. Delurking just to commiserate. I remember how it was, from the 60’s on. For men, hey bud. For women, it was fight, fight, fight for ever scrap of identity. I am saddened that you, of my daughter’s generation (although she should be a grandaughter – was an old preggie) are going through what we went through. My concern is not just about health care but about every right that women have fought for a couple of generations to get. If one is knocked down for expedience’s sake, the rest are on the chopping block. My daughter has endometriosus. She is reliant on what is now considered birth control medication, althouth it treats many more problems. I find this beyond my ability to process. I thought I was in the 21st centrury, and lo and behold, I’m back in June Cleaverville.
    Little Isis, there are a lot of women and men who won’t accept this. We may be starting over again, but we will fight. What needs to be done is to galvanize the young folks of your generation. We cannot do this alone.

    • I won’t give up or anything, HT. It’s just that sometimes I have to step back and shake my head at all the carnage.

      • I feel your pain – it’s what I felt back in the early 60’s and 70’s. it feels like a disconnect from reality – how can this be happening? And I know you won’t give up – I lurk at your site too, and have been reading your comments and posts here. Unfortunately today, in large part due to the marketing, celebrity concentration (so you won’t think about day to day problems) and political razzmatazz, folks of my age are considered the problem. To be totally honest, we created a lot of problems – witness the marketing industry today, yet we created a lot of good. The marketing today is intended to villify us, so that the young people ignore our historical contribution and refuse to listen to the lessons we learned. It’s all a gimmick to ensure the Powers that Be, who are mostly older than myself, continue to wield power. We live in interesting, and very disturbing times. Take care of yourself, and try to open the minds of your friends.
        P.S. one of the reasons that baby boomers are now the enemy, is that the PTB don’t want the young learning from their successes and failures. If you can isolate the young from history, then you can mold them to your own specifications. Isolate young folks from the stories and experiences of their parents, grandparents, neighbors – then you have a youth brigade, which some guy with a funny mustaches espoused, and which crippled a nation for many years. JMHO of course.
        Anyway, take heart, you have supporters both vocal, and us lurkers. And we all talk to our friends, who talk to their friends, who talk to their friends. We are not without possibilities or support.

        • I get really tired of Boomer women telling me I don’t appreciate the contributions that they made to women’s progress. They assume that because of my age I’m only aware of their failures, and they are wrong.
          You are right on every count, HT. I’ve talked about this before. Generations need to stop blaming each other and start learning from each other. We all have mistakes we need to own up to, but focusing on what divides us instead of what unites us is what got us into this mess in the first place.
          Sometimes I feel so isolated, even on here. I’m afraid all of you will say that you did your part and leave me and Regency and others to deal with this all alone. Things will always stay just the same if you do that. All Americans from all age groups and races and genders and religions need to come together if we ever want to make it out of this recession/depression.
          *wipes away tears*

          • Awww, littleisis. I’m sorry. Us older ones are as frustrated as you. What can any of us say to those who refuse to see? The blindness spans generations. The infamous ‘This is What a Feminist Looks Like’ Ms. cover wasn’t the work of 18 year olds, I bet. So awful that we have to start all over again.

          • Hey hon, you have one heckuva support system. Use it, and as mentioned, us lurkers are always here as backup. You done good. Regency done good. You are young people that all are proud of, and don’t you forget that.
            I know it’s tough for you ladies, and young men. I watch my son and daughter and see what they are experiencing, and I know there is little i CAN DO

          • If it’s any comfort, I was 17 when Reagan was elected and the whole country lurched so abruptly to the right I almost vomited. I remember how I felt then, too.

          • Well, at least I wasn’t alive when Reagan was elected. But I had to grow up with Bush, which is undoubtedly worse. I remember during the Primaries I was watching one of the debates and my dad, who is a conservative with a massive case of CDS, started watching it with me and making commentary about the Clintons while Hillary was talking. I pointed out how much better things were under Bill and my Dad was like, “Oh Jesus Christ, Isis. You don’t remember, you were a little kid!”
            To which I replied coldly, “Well maybe I don’t remember all that much about the Clinton years, but I remember A LOT about the Bush years.”
            That shut him up pretty quick.
            And everyone at TC is like family. I’m grateful for the blogosphere, which was never around during the Reagan Years. But I still can’t imagine it being as bad as this.

          • The 70s were wild but there was a hell of a lot of progress and freedom. That clamped really quickly after Reagan came to power. The culture suddenly became a lot more conservative, conformist and materialistic. It’s true that things continued their downhill slide with a respite during the Clinton years, but to those of us who remember the liberal 70s the Reagan years were a rude shock.

          • The sixties and seventees–best couple of decades in American History!

          • 60s and 70s, not too shabby except for the social strife, sexism, drugs and atrocious fashions.

          • Everything was beige.

          • When it wasn’t avocado green or harvest gold.

          • I used to have pictures of desert sunsets on my polyester shirts.

          • 60s and 70s, not too shabby except for the social strife, sexism, drugs and atrocious fashions.

            There’s plenty of that now….and women seem to be fixated on looking like hookers….including ones like Miley Cyrus who had a pretty cheesy interview in the weekend magazine…

            I hope the old guard at NOW can pass it on to real fighters, not back to the sellouts again…

        • HT, the Red Guards during China’s Cultural Revolution are another example of generational conflict deliberately fomented by those in power.

          • And not coincidentally, the Obots remind me a lot of Red Guards.

          • They set a bad example for the khmer rouge.

          • Ugsome, absolutely the Red Guard were deliberately indoctrinated to believe that anyone who was intelligent regardless of age, was the enemy, and that included their own parents, grandparents et al. It follows Hitler’s playbook for the Nazi youth, (of which the current pope was a member).
            Kill the ones with memories, and remake the world to your own vision. It’s nefarious, it’s evil, but if done perfectly, it can work. Fortunately, in this world, nothing is perfect and never can be;.

    • Unfortunately HT, there maybe a lot of women who won’t accept but the men don’t give a damn.

  14. LI, you very aptly put in writing just what I feel.
    or as Lilly Tomlin was saying:

    “I thought I was cynical, but sometimes I just cannot keep up”

    Yes, Pelosi and Slaughter bent over backwards to pass something that just months before supposedly made them cry with anger for the way women were sold out. All so called progressive are fainting in awe at a bill that last December were cursing, swearing revenge on Lieberman.
    And we only now find out he Heritage foundation roots
    That because we weren’t present at the GOP retreat where Obama told them this was a Baker/Dole bill.
    GOP-ers in the senate pretend to oppose it – but they already agreed to rules that makes everything they do futile.
    All politicians are posturing to their voters while sharing the same corrupt handlers.
    But with the media help (the same media that propped Obama) they expect to make everyone welcome their insurance overlords.
    And the few voices we had on the left – Kuchinich, Krugman have been bought too, with Planned Parenhood leading the parade.

    • The only priority Pelosi and Slaughter had, was to SAVE OBAMA’S POLITICAL BACON.


    • This is an even more cynical version of the Tomlin quote:

      “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.”

  15. Has anyone checked to see if Wikipedia has a
    “Jane Crow Executive Order” post yet?

  16. Barry Goldwater left the republican party because it was getting crazy. They have had allot of time to ferment since then. How many remember when moderate republicans were John Heinz and Lowell Weicker? By today standards Heinz and Weiker would be considered liberal democrats. That is the problem in a nutshell. Our politics have moved so far right that moderate republican positions are considered to be rad. Thus, the rest of us are just wondering if our spaceship will arrive on time. .

    Of course I often wonder if the bat shit crazy storm troopers egged on by the republicans are really just warming up for the next piece of legislation regarding immigration reform. These folks now running their show celebrate the anniversary of McVeigh bombing the federal building as if that was a good thing.

    • Heinz, Weicker, Jim Jeffords were in reality all more liberal than just about any Dem I can name now. Screw them all!

      • Amen, Ralph. Thanks.

        And if the assumption is the only side that has crazies is the rightwingers, it’s pure propaganda.

        THIS crap is how the corporations win, while the “folks” get bread and circuses.

      • Even Nixon did some things we’d call progressive these days..
        EPA,, for example…

        I was wondering: “What would Lyndon Johnson say?”

        He seems to have been erased from the pantheon…

      • Weicker was one of the best out there. A moderate reasonable Democrat whom my parents always voted for.

        Strangely enough, Nixon was also to the left of Obama.

    • Don’t forget Senator Jacob Javits of NY – Republican and liberal

    • It’s the fluoridated water. Ever since the commies succeeded in spiking our drinking water the whole country has been getting more and more deranged each year.

      The commies weren’t behind the switch from tin to aluminum foil though – that was our government.

      Aluminum foil hats are useless for blocking mind-control rays. That’s the real secret about Area 54 – the government found a brainwashing machine in the wrecked UFO

      • I don’t understand it either. This HCR bill has only highlighted how far to the right our discourse has gotten. Only in an alternate universe would this Bill be compared to “Socialism.”
        In all honestly, I believe most Americans are much farther to the left than they realize, but the media frames the entire left/right debate in such a conservative context. The only thing most Americans know about those crazy “libruls” is that they kill babies, support cadillac driving welfare queens and think queers should have gay sex on the streets.
        There needs to be public servants, bloggers, and journalists pointing out that conservatism is the real crazy. The debate needs to be changed from that of the Reagan Era, which we are now experiencing the worse of the fallout from, to that of actual logic. The public needs to know what “liberalism” and “socialism” actually is before anything changes. Our consciousness needs to change.

      • I for one have kept a close watch on my precious bodily fluids. Yes sir, the commies aren’t going to get mine. And I know they want it. I can tell.

    • Weicker left the Republican party and became an Independent after Lieberman beat him our of his Senate seat. He ran for Governor and campaigned against a proposed state income tax. (At the time, CT was one of the few, maybe three states, without the tax.) After he won, he favored the state tax and got it implemented. He is enormously unloved by folks on both sides of the aisle, to this day. More despised that Rowland, who was indicted for fraud.

    • This makes the point well. The Perils of Phony Liberalism.

      • Posted by Jane in response to Mizner. This couldn’t be truer.

        This bill is a neoliberal bastardization of a liberal solution (social safety net) to the health care problem. And they wound up at war with the accountability “progressives” (such as they are) over the corrupt neoliberalism of the bill, which they attempted to counter with claims that it was liberal (think of all the people it helps).

        Social Security and Medicare may be wealth redistribution, but they don’t actively hurt the middle class they are trying to help. This bill on the other hand actively hurts the middle class for the benefit of private corporations, and uses the people that do get some help as the poster child. Without taking responsibility — or even mentioning — those who are going to be seriously negatively impacted by it.

        It bears a closer resemblance to the sale of Russian assets to the oligarchs than it does to the New Deal.

  17. From FDL, this is amazingly good journalism about how Ron Pollack and Families USA fronted for PhrMA and the Ins cos in their deal making. Now they stand to make a ton of money in registering people for the Insurance Exchanges through government contracts.


    Not that long ago you could have wound up in prison for shit like this.

  18. Am I correct that this bill excludes Congress? If so, I do recall that Hillary said Congress would be included in any health care bill she got passed. Interested in a discussion about this. Thanks!

  19. Don’t you know this bill was for Teddy? Yeah, just not how you think. Before the passing of this despicable bill, the last most stinky bill to pass with a Democrat’s name on it was No Child Left Behind. This bill is so Teddy’s doesn’t look so bad.

    • But wait, to Obama, NCLB smells like roses too. And he’ll stink it up further. As for HCR, I was hoping they’d name it for Ted – it would be well deserved. he started the negotiations with the insurers in December 2008.

  20. Have you guys seen the Black Agenda Report this week? NAILS IT!!!!!


    pulls NO punches, love it love it

  21. OT: Saw this on twitter. Paranoid man claims he’s being followed on twitter:

    A 29-year-old man from the Isle of Wight has said that he fears somebody is following him on the microblogging site Twitter.

    ‘It all began when someone replied to a post I made, saying ‘me too’,’ said James Crowthorn, who lives in Sandown. ‘It happened a few times for different tweets. It’s a bit weird – like someone on the internet is paying attention to what I’m saying.’

    • Lol My dad’s favorite thing is to twitterstalk my punka$$ cousin. He’s always giving everyone updates on what he’s doing, and he keeps asking me if there’s anyway for Punka$$ to know he’s reading all his tweets. 😉

  22. OT: My fiirst comment from an iPad. The TC icon looks great on the desktop of the pad too! OK, back to programming…

    • Oops, wrong email so my aviator didn’t show up. That’s better.

      • Or avatar. Yea, typing takes getting used to on those.

        • See, this is why I can’t give up the berry for the iphone.

          • Really? It’s hard at first but so quick to adapt. I don’t have my own phone, but whenever someone I know opts for the Blackberry, I want to smack them. 😉 Do you have the Blackberry touch?

          • Oh, I don’t want to start any technogeek rumbles or anything, the only reason I as a Luddite moron want to smack them is the ones I’ve tried are really slow, scrolling takes forever, and without the touchscreen doing everything is more complicated and requires additional steps, that’s all. 🙂

          • Don’t smack me. 🙂 I have a Bold. Guess I’ve put in so much mileage on the berries, hard for me to switch. But I know you get used to the typing on touch devices. My wife loves her iphone.

          • This is a violence free zone. 🙂

          • I’m still using my Commodore 64 and I have a phone with a rotary dial.

          • I have a rotary phone with a lovely rhinestone embellishment! I also still have my classic iMac and Mac LC. I don’t do fancy phones because I don’t have digital access.

          • Phone and technology wars, take cover. 🙂

          • : )

    • So, do you like the iPad so far? I thought it looked really cool for web stuff. Are you using the screen keypad or do you have an external one?

      • So far so good. And external keyboard as well as screen.

        • Well, screen keyboard now, external on the way.

          • Isn’t it like one big screen? I can understand the external keyboard if you wanted to do much typing – external screen? That’s interesting – is it not very ergonomic to work with?

          • The external keyboard is used in conjunction with a stand, so effectively you’re turning the pad into a notebook of sorts. I don’t think it would work very well except on a desk or some table. A wireless keyboard on the other hand might work in some non desk situations. OK, I don’t work for Apple despite what that just looked like. 🙂

  23. OT: The demise of cap and trade:

    Less than a year ago, cap and trade was the policy of choice for tackling climate change.

    Environmental groups and their foes in industry joined hands to embrace the approach, a market-driven system that sets a ceiling on global warming pollution while allowing companies to trade permits to meet it. President Obama praised it by name in his first budget, and the authors of the House climate and energy bill passed last June largely built their measure around it.

    Today, the concept is in wide disrepute, with opponents effectively branding it “cap and tax,” and Tea Party followers using it as a symbol of much of what they say is wrong with Washington.

    Mr. Obama dropped all mention of cap and trade from his current budget. And the sponsors of a Senate climate bill likely to be introduced in April, now that Congress is moving past health care, dare not speak its name.

    “I don’t know what ‘cap and trade’ means,” Senator John F. Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, said last fall in introducing his original climate change plan.

  24. Thank you for channeling my thoughts on BO’s hellcare. I could never have brought myself to be so unabashedly honest about my feelings. I don’t think I could ever have written a summary of my internal state as well as you have either.

    This era of hope has been almost unbearably depressing. The only consolation is that I am not alone in feeling at times that I can’t go on.

  25. Arne Duncan gave preference to VIP’s when allocating charter school enrollment.

    “Change” indeed.

    And yes, this is insurance “reform” and nothing more.

    • Not surprising, really. Disgusting—offensive–twofaced—but not surprising, given the Chicago style of “governing.”

      I read that Duncan’s staff kept a special log –never before revealed–of “recommendations” from connected people for children whose entry scores were LOWER than those who didn’t get into the best schools, but who were accepted anyway.

      THIS is the crowd Barak & Michelle ran with in Chicago.

  26. Hi Little Isis. I love this post and have read and agreed with many of your previous ones. I’m ready and willing to join up with people of all ages in the interests of a sane society. I may be crazy, but I want my society to be sane. LOL.

  27. NPR follows Obama. NPR Changes Abortion Language

    Last week, I wrote a post about how NPR identifies people who support or oppose abortion. It engendered a lively debate inside and outside NPR. Today, some top editors got together to review the 2005 policy and decided to no longer use “pro-choice” or “pro-life.” Here’s the memo that was just distributed to all NPR staff:

    NPR News is revising the terms we use to describe people and groups involved in the abortion debate. This updated policy is aimed at ensuring the words we speak and write are as clear, consistent and neutral as possible. This is important given that written text is such an integral part of our work.

    On the air, we should use “abortion rights supporter(s)/advocate(s)” and “abortion rights opponent(s)” or derivations thereof (for example: “advocates of abortion rights”). It is acceptable to use the phrase “anti-abortion”, but do not use the term “pro-abortion rights”. Digital News will continue to use the AP style book for online content, which mirrors the revised NPR policy.

    Do not use “pro-life” and “pro-choice” in copy except when used in the name of a group. Of course, when the terms are used in an actuality they should remain.

    David Sweeney
    Managing Editor

  28. Rahm Emanuel on the Newshour last night:

    In ’93, President Clinton was for an employer mandate. Republicans, the big difference, Senator Chafee’s bill, the Republican bill that had 33 Republican senators on that was the dividing line, was about an employee mandate, i.e. an individual mandate.

    That, today, is the basis of why the Republicans oppose this bill. But it was the foundation of the disagreement, where Republicans in ’93 were for it. ….

    This bill includes fundamental ideas advocated by the Republicans, on wellness, on prevention, on the exchange, on the individual mandate, on buying plans across state lines. In fact, just the other day, after the bill was passed, Senator Grassley, appropriately and correctly, noted that the bill includes one of his ideas on hospitals in the bill.

    And, so as the president always said, it will have Republican ideas, even if it doesn’t have Republican votes. And embedded in this bill, both the big ideas, as well as individual amendments and smaller ideas, are Republican policies and Republican initiatives advocated.


  29. I need help I am fighting with an idiot, who says the HC bill could not be a republican bill cause the rethugs did not vote for it…what an idiot!

    Please give the specifics…I am so mad I can’t even think of them.

  30. Healthcare-Now Nat’l Strategy Conf (3a of 6) Terry O’Neill

  31. About the “feminists” having koolaid induced orgasms” over the profoundly sexist Health Insurance reform bill….There are some lame Democrat women out there who are masquerading as feminists and talking for all us women. I can’t help but wonder how much this current entitled feeling generation of women are going to have to lose before they stand up and act in their own best interest. So far they seem to just want so desperately to be seen as team players that they will ignore any insult just to belong. They are pathetic.

  32. connie: The HC bill is a Democrat bill, the Republicans did not vote for it. Here is something Democrats need to accept. Democrats are as corrupt as Republicans and they are more misogynist. It doesn’t matter which party controls our government they are both corrupt. They both sell out to Corporate America. Both parties are the same. The sooner Democrats quit drinking the koolaid that tells them if the Democrats did something it is good and if the Republicans do something it is stupid and evil the sooner we might have a chance in this country. Democrats are corporate sell outs. Democrats are misogynist. Democrats do evil. Just like Republicans.

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