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The Silence of the Lambs

It all hurts. The Health Insurance Profit Protection Plan. The government mandate to fork over money to private companies. The lies. The flimflam. (“It’s called ‘Health Care Reform.’ That means ‘Health’ and ‘Care’ and ‘Reform’!”)

But what hurts worse is all the people who I thought knew which end was up, who knew right from wrong, who cared. Krugman, even, so help me God, Kristof — practically the only widely visible man out there who’s aware that women are people. All of them not noticeably conscious that women’s most fundamental right was trampled for . . . well, for the obligation to fork over money to private companies. For nothing.

Because that’s what this is. The right to control your own body is so basic that you can even kill in self-defense. The right to control what is done to your body is fundamental to every other right. There is no freedom of speech or thought, no life, no liberty, no pursuit of happiness, if there is no control over your body. This is an issue like slavery. It is fundamental. It cannot be harmlessly traded away for anything.

But people don’t see anything wrong. A headline on the McClatchy site is about the eventual silence of the Tea Partiers. The delusions of a few paranoids are visible. The human rights of half the population are not.

Knowing right from wrong is like knowing which way is up. It’s essential to digging out of a hole.

How did we come to this place where women get shoved further and further down, and even women barely notice?

That hurts worst of all.

108 Responses

  1. Nice post. And I agree.

  2. I’m so depressed – at the silence more than anything. How can my good and true liberal friends NOT UNDERSTAND what this means? The isolating frustration is what bothers me most. I want to thank everyone at this site once again for reminding me I’m not the crazy one.

    • DITTO 🙂

      I think the problem is … there is some idea being put out there that Democrats will repeal the Hyde Amendment and that would nullify anything the EO stands for. I really can’t believe to the depths which women are ready to debase themselves in order to believe something!

      But then again, I saw on the Oxygen channel that they have this show called “Bad Love” about supposed “bad girls” and the men who fight over them. These women embody every stereotype of women that’s out there. Isn’t Oxygen Oprah’s channel?????

      • No, Oxygen is owned by NBC and they consider their programs to be “aspirational” for women. That is another word for tit and ass programing for women. Don’t get down over Oxygen however, they are in 70 million homes and average fewer than 100,000 viewers most of whom are not women.

  3. and frankly, I would be so happy and welcoming of people changing their minds, now that everything’s (SHOULD BE!!!) crystal clear.

    People on the other thread saying JH et alia are giving “too little, too late” – really? if people see the light, and are on our side now, WHY would you turn them away? JH is at least getting the word out, now, which is nothing but good. We need the allies.

    I am just sad more people don’t get it, it should be fricking obvious. Amanda Marcotte, ZB, is really irritating me, saying that “we know Obama didn’t mean it”, he was “forced” blah blah.

    Why? How many times are you going to go back to your abuser?

    • We’re not turning her away, she’s rejecting us. Even after everything that’s happened, she sneered at that woman with her valid criticism as “a certain class of woman who can’t deal with a Black man as President” or whatever it was. That’s no way to go forward. If we want to deal with people who expect us to do their grunt work for them while they ignore us, refuse to listen to us, mischaracterize our resonable positions, treat us with contempt and backstab us, we might as well remain Democrats. Nobody’s saying JH is consigned to the outer darkness and we’ll never have anything to do with her, they’re saying she needs to adjust her attitude, get a clue, quit the nonsense and stop treating us like tainted pariahs before we can trust this movement is any different from the last round.

  4. Amen.

  5. White House Betrays Women with Abortion Restriction Deal, says Center for Reproductive Rights

    News types: Press Releases 03.21.10 –
    The Center for Reproductive Rights is deeply disappointed with President Obama’s decision to issue an executive order on abortion restrictions after the House of Representatives approves the healthcare bill. The order, intended to secure support from anti-choice Democrats for healthcare reform legislation, essentially imports the Hyde Amendment strictures to an executive order. Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights has this response:

    “The President’s decision to issue an executive order designed to assuage Representative Stupak and his cohorts is a betrayal of millions of women across this country and of his campaign promises. The order lends credibility to an already impossibly flawed policy that punishes and discriminates against poor women by denying them the full range of reproductive health services and their constitutional right. Current policy known as the Hyde Amendment was denounced by President Obama himself as a presidential candidate.

    “Current law withholds funding for abortion under Medicaid and other federal programs even though the service is one of the most common procedures for American women. For millions of women, these federal programs are their sole means of getting health services, including reproductive healthcare. Abortion is the only medically necessary health service excluded from this coverage. Failure to provide insurance coverage for a medical procedure that only women need is discrimination.

    “It is unacceptable that a pro-choice President has put his imprimatur on a highly restrictive and unjust anti-choice measure. Early on in this debate a good faith compromise supported by pro-choice groups was tossed out to appease Representative Stupak and his cohorts. It is tragic that, under a pro-choice administration and a Democratic majority in Congress, harmful anti-choice policy will be the price American women will pay for healthcare reform.”

  6. We’re composing a ditty in honor of this Hysteric Occasion. You are all invited to add a line or two, if you are inspired:

    They’ve come for the women.
    I think immigrants are next,
    On the lovely little to-do list
    On Barack Obama’s desk.

    First they came for the gays,
    Teachers, unions, all kicked
    By Rahm, that little weasel
    Swinging his fantasy big stick.

    • Say what is the name of the ditty?

    • Hysteric Occasion?

    • They’ve come for the women.
      I think immigrants are next,
      On the lovely little to-do list
      On Barack Obama’s desk.

      First they came for the gays,
      Teachers, unions, all kicked
      By Rahm, that little weasel
      Swinging his big fantasy stick.

      The environment’s wasted
      From the east to the west:
      Bad air and worse water,
      Chicks dead in the nest.

      The wars are unending,
      No count of the dead.
      And torture continues,
      Despite all we have bled.

      The poor are still poorer:
      “No Kingdom for you!
      You believed what I said,
      Didn’t watch what I do.”

      “Now bow down before me,
      Acknowledge my cool.
      You know I’m a Lightworker
      And you’re just my tool.”

      Thus speaketh Obama,
      The historical one.
      While we are all screwn,
      And our story is done.

  7. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 21, 2010

    Statement on Health Reform
    Washington, D.C. – Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, issued the following statement regarding House passage of the health-care reform package.

    Our mission at NARAL Pro-Choice America is to guarantee every woman the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion. We assessed the health-reform package against these criteria, and determined that, because of the egregious abortion-coverage restrictions, we could not endorse this bill. But, because the measure has other very positive provisions for reproductive health, we couldn’t in good conscience call for the bill’s outright defeat and thus deny millions of American women and men the promise of better—although imperfect—access to health-care services that are important to our pro-choice values.

    “The legislation includes an onerous provision that requires Americans to write two separate checks if the insurance plan they choose includes abortion coverage. This unacceptable bureaucratic stigmatization could cause insurance carriers to drop abortion coverage, even though more than 85 percent of private plans currently cover this care for women. Our message to our allies in Congress and in the White House is clear: We do not accept this bill as the final word on how abortion coverage will be defined in the new health-care system. We are committed to finding opportunities to repeal these unacceptable restrictions as the new system takes shape.

    “At the same time, we recognize that the bill will bring more than 30 million Americans into a system that includes affordable family-planning services, better access to contraception, and maternity care. It also outlaws some discriminatory insurance-industry practices that make health care more expensive for women. We applaud this tremendous progress, but we will continue to work toward a day when these kinds of achievements can be made without undermining women’s access to abortion coverage. American women should not have to sacrifice their right to choose in order to make progress in other areas of health care.

    “This situation is a reminder that, despite significant pro-choice gains in the last two election cycles, anti-choice lawmakers still outnumber our allies. This is precisely the reason that politicians such as Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) and Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) were able to use women’s reproductive health as a bargaining chip. We call on members of America’s pro-choice majority to channel their anger into action and join us in working to elect more members of Congress who share our pro-choice values.”

    Ted Miller, 202.973.3032

    In essence, they didn’t work to stop the bill’s Stupakistan language from being inserted, but want you to help them elect more Democrats and make more contributions to their org. Did I miss anything?

    • Shorter NARAL: We are going to politely wave our placards from the nice comfy seats at the back in the bus.

      (Hah. Just noticed that it looks like a dude is their contact person for the press release.)

    • NARAL is a complete write-off.

    • NARAL telegraphed their sellout when they endorsed Obama in the primaries. They couldn’t be more lost.

      I notice “Ted” didn’t enumerate any of the “significant pro-choice gains in the last two election cycles.” Because there aren’t any.

  8. They’ve come for the women.
    I think immigrants are next,
    On the lovely little to-do list
    On Barack Obama’s desk.

    First they came for the gays,
    Teachers, unions, all kicked
    By Rahm, that little weasel
    Swinging his fantasy big stick.

    NOW woke up, declaring ENOUGH!,
    NARAL didn’t stop the bill,
    However they still want some of your money in
    their till…
    MS, worked even less, still in awe of their magazine’s FeMANist

    • Heh. 🙂

    • I did notice that NOW asked for money at the bottom of that letter. Me thinks some of these feminist organizations like the idea of President that won’t defend abortion rights. It makes raising money easier if there is a threat. Just like the pro-lifers love to have the “abortionists” to fight against. The controversy makes their organizations more relevant…or so they think. But with NARAL and NOW and Planned Parenthood giving their imprimature to 0bama, they can count me out from donations.

  9. madaha: exactly. The silence and the isolation really do hurt the worst. I can see why it makes so many people stick with their tribe even while it’s killing them.

  10. Because that’s what this is. The right to control your own body is so basic that you can even kill in self-defense. The right to control what is done to your body is fundamental to every other right. There is no freedom of speech or thought, no life, no liberty, no pursuit of happiness, if there is no control over your body. This is an issue like slavery. It is fundamental. It cannot be harmlessly traded away for anything.

    Rights can be taken away when half the human population is considered chattel. In addition to being the Health Insurance Profit Protection plan, this is also the Women are Chattel bill. Interesting how much greed and hate Obama and the Democrats managed to cram into one piece of legislation.

    • Interesting thing is that ‘Democracy Now’ doesn’t even mention it? I guess you got the spirit of how it is being taken; Women are Chattle Bill .

      Wall Street would have closed, come to a stand still had VIAGRA been banned!

      • Democracy NOW loves Mr. Nader best, but also went strongly pro-Obama during the primaries and election.


        • yup, just the sort of liberal idiots that are destroying our country (as opposed to the rest of us liberals who have not had our brains fall out as of now) first they give us Bush because Gore wasn’t liberal enough, now Obama because at least he doesn’t have Clinton cooties and, well, he’s black.

  11. What sickens me is seeing commentators and media outlets saying that this signing statement is just reiterating the status quo and so it means nothing and will have no impact. I guess that’s all true if you’re male.

    • I got the ‘status quo’ line from the kool-aid addled ex. What a fucking moron.

      • yup, the “status quo” abortion activists were fighting since the 70’s and it ultimately resulted in PP losing millions of federal dollars.

    • It’s sickening and absurd. Obama’s campaign theme/promise was “Change,” not “Maintain the Status Quo.” It’s like the kool-aid drinkers don’t even understand that “change” and “status quo” are freakin’ antonyms .

  12. Violet Socks included a link to TPM for anyone with a strong enough stomach to read their “analysis,” noting that only a thorough reading of the comments would convince Democratic women that progressive men hate them as much as the “freakazoids on the right do.” I haven’t been to TPM since the primaries, and this visit was bloodcurdling indeed.

    It isn’t just them, though. All the big blogger boyz who screamed “racist harridan” at us throughout the primaries are now telling us to STFU and take one for the team. Over at Shakesville, Liss lost it with a (male) poster who said we should try to fix the bill instead of complaining.

    Still, Liss ended up switching to Obama in the end, because the Republicans would be oh-so-bad for women. As did many otherwise sensible women and others who really should have known better. Lord knows I’m not immune to the snake-oil charms of politicians (or non-politician men, heh), I mean for God’s sake I supported both Edwards and Kucinich — but this is just getting ridiculous. I am certain that all these women bewailing what Obama has done will STILL turn around and VOTE DEMOCRATIC. Digby is a lost cause, she is nonstop shilling for Democrats and is now thoroughly distracted by the shiny new Grayson toy.

    By the way, I’m starting to sound like a broken record on the subject, but Grayson, Feingold, Weiner, and all those other supposed “progressive heroes” are NO DIFFERENT, in the end, than Obama and crew, or the prog-blog boys. Look at their actions, not their words. I see calls all over Leftblogistan urging people to support them and it’s just Obamaism Lite. Nobody in the Democratic Party deserves one iota of women’s support — nobody.

    • Great rant, D.O. I would only add that anyone who thinks electing more “progressive” Dem women is on a mind-f**k. Not a single “progressive” Dem woman stood up against this travesty, nor did a single member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The only liberal Dem to vote against this POS was Lynch of MA–and for the right reasons. We don’t need “more and better” of either party–because those people don’t exist. We need a new party, with new people, funded by real voters and not corporations.

    • This is what Sen. Feingold is saying:

      “Today, our country took an historic step toward fixing our broken health insurance system. The House has now taken an up-or-down vote on the Senate reform bill and it passed with majority support.

      Without your sustained efforts, the insurance companies would have won. But they didn’t. A lot of people in Wisconsin and across the country won because we didn’t walk away from this fight.

      President Obama will now sign into law health insurance reform that gives people more control over their own health care. If health insurance companies had won, they would have been able to continue denying coverage to people when they get sick; costs would have continued to increase for small businesses; and higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs would have continued to break the budgets of working families and seniors.”

      • Another member of the Save Obama coalition.

      • We should hire some reporters to follow them all around and just keep asking if they’re really this stupid or what they’re getting to lie.

      • Is this why insurance stocks went up today?

      • They were even caught red handed with the insurance industries names on the Senate bill for gods sake.

        Maybe we all traveled into that parallel evil universe from Star Trek and we don’t know it. Anyone notice if Spock has a goatee or not?

    • Yeah, wimmins…unify with Obama because the Republicans are going to take away your reproductive rights.

      As if.

      No Republican male president would have the balls to do what this BigZero just did.

      Who could have predicted we’d have been better off with the Republicans?

  13. Oh, the beltway!! Howard Fuc*kman has a article on who won. Not a word about the American people. People, they are dealing with a 200 mile circle that they thinks matters. And the real truth is we are just here to be their crowd.

  14. Any condemnation from Jeralynn or Digby yet?

  15. quixote: It’s so good to read you again. I’ve missed you.

    • myiq2xu summed up my state of mind exactly a while back. It’s all so goddamn hopeless. What’s the point of doing anything? (I think it’s called depression or something.) As he said, we didn’t even get to celebrate getting rid of Bush.

      • Bush was better. At least everything he did wasn’t “historic”. People are so afraid of not saying the right things about the first “black” president that they make him even less accountable than Bush was (if that’s possible).

        Next, we’ll have privatized social security. And as we’ve seen so far, there isn’t sh*t we can do about it, except emigrate.

        • Bush was not better. He was and is as corrupt as any I-am-not-a-crook who has ever defiled the People’s House. He’s responsible for over a million needlessly dead innocent civilians in Iraq alone. He made torture an official policy of the United States. He set himself and his regime outside the Consititution. If the Congressional Democrats had had half an ounce of courage among them, he’d have been impeached or packed off to the Hague.

          Is Obama any better? He’s more of the same–nothing more, nothing less.

  16. I had already, in 2008, lost all respect for the people mentioned.

    My opinion of them couldn’t be lowered by anything done in association with this health care fiasco.

    Carolyn Kay

  17. Women must unite and vote together. That’s the only way to defeat these sexist pigs.

    • Unfortunately, almost to a woman, my bright and talented friends all voted for the liar and the sellout party.

  18. And if you had any doubts about cui bono from this mess,

    AP: “Drug and hospital companies led stocks higher Monday.”

    And that’s after many months of stock price rises due to the anticipation of Americans being forced to buy overpriced insurance from them.

  19. I was walking around the grocery store today and looked at all those women and thought they and their daughters are all being led to the slaughter and they don’t have a clue.

    It’s like some weird universe…the Stepford Wives….buying stuff, cards, chatting on the phone…they all seemed to be in slow motion to me…

    I am really very despondent…

    • making excuses for Obama….not seeing through the good cop/bad cop routine he and Stupak were playing….

  20. The irony of the situation is that abortion coverage is a cheap fix for the insurance companies… so much cheaper for them than pre-natal, delivery and post-natal care! I’m surprised they allowed Stupak et al any oxygen at all.

    • My daughter is the labor and delivery resident at UNMC. Nebraska just cut its Medicaid drastically–including prenatal care to undocumenteds. They only way she can give any kind of care is if the woman shows up in am emergency room. How is denying prenatal care to any woman going to solve anything? Obviously, a baby born in Nebraska is going to be a US citizen and should go into SCHIP … but you can’t give it a healthy start in the womb. It’s not responsible for its mother’s status. Explain to me how this is a ‘pro-life’ principal?

      • It’s kind of like bombing the hell out of Vietnam or Afghanistan or Iraq and then saying “those people” don’t value human life the way we do… definitely a through the looking glass perspective.
        What mystifies me, and what I find not only abhorrent, but also crazy-making, is how we can spend unlimited, and untold, amounts of money on visiting death and destruction on other countries while crying poor and denying basic needs to our own population. Both of these things seem criminal and immoral to me, and yet both are touted as noble and moral by those who wield power.

  21. Note: Jehmu Greene was a leading supporter for HRC in 2008. Great statement below.

    Jehmu Greene
    President, Women’s Media Center

    The Women’s Media Center applauds the many important victories for women and our families in the landmark health care reform legislation including the elimination of gender as a pre-existing condition and the extension of insurance coverage to include birth control. Though historic, the passage of the bill is also bittersweet. We cannot ignore the fact this bill was passed only after a pro choice President appeased a gang of anti-choice legislators by agreeing to sign an Executive Order restating the Hyde Amendment – a longstanding and shameful provision which bars low-income women from accessing reproductive health care.

    Bart Stupak caved and ultimately failed. This is a victory for the health care of American women, but only a partial one. The executive order may or may not expand the Hyde Amendment’s already devastating impact; only time will tell. What we do know is that the health care bill includes the Nelson amendment which imposes significant restrictions on access to reproductive health care. Until women’s perspectives, positions, and priorities are fully incorporated into our nation’s policies, ego-tripping representatives out for their fifteen minutes of fame will again and again attempt to use our reproductive rights to highjack legislation. Now is the time to channel our outrage into action by working to permanently defeat Hyde and purge the ranks of elected officials who would compromise the lives of women for political gain. In the post-vote analysis, much will be said on how women respond to our reproductive rights being used as a bargaining chip to guarantee passage of the bill. Stay tuned to the Women’s Media Center. Here are a few must-read statements on behalf of women:

    • NARAL http://www.prochoiceamerica.org/news/press-releases/2010/pr03212010-finalhousehcr.html
    • NOW http://www.now.org/press/03-10/03-21b.html
    • Planned Parenthood http://www.ppaction.org/network/hcr10fvng?source=hcr10fv_pphp
    • Raising Women’s Voices http://www.raisingwomensvoices.net/raisingwomensvoices-blog/2010/3/21/health-reform-passes-congress-in-historic-vote.html
    • Women’s Campaign Forum http://www.wcfonline.org/sites/wcf/index.php/sn/pyc2010_release_equality
    • Catholics for Choice http://www.catholicsforchoice.org/OneStepForwardOneStepBack.asp

    Help change happen! Your contribution makes it possible for women’s voices to be heard. Click here to donate to the Women’s Media Center or give $10 by texting WOMEN to 50555. Thank you.

  22. quixote – Jumping ahead to say I hear you and I am right there with you. My stomach has been in a sore knot all day. It took me half the day to figure out why. I mean, I knew I was upset, but this has literally made me physically ill. And all the crowing, all the “Nancy Pelosi pulled this off! Isn’t she great!!” bull-pucky just makes me feel like I’ve been punched in the gut. As though I, as a woman, am supposed to feel somehow empowered by another woman selling our rights down the river.

    Yeah, literally sick to my stomach.

  23. I posted a response from the Women’s Media Center. Can you please fish it out of spammy? Strong, clear statement.

  24. What’s really messing my head up is the Democrats have become the Republicans and the Republicans have become way batshit crazy. My head is spinning.

    Nixon was far more liberal than any of the Dems that went along with this. What does that say about the state of affairs?

    Time for some serious drinking. Again.

  25. Since we have been herded into a separate-and-unequal pink ghetto, shall we start wearing pink armbands?

  26. I never ceased to be amazed by the power of the Kool Aid. I get emails from a group of Dem state activists who have been around a long time. They were all big supporters for HRC. Their response when I sent them the NOW statement today?

    “I thought it was just an extension of the status quo–is that correct?”

    Then, someone in the house was watching ABC News tonight, and right at the start, it was like an infomercial for O and “the strongest House speaker in 100 years.”

    Has EVERYONE lost their critical abilities? I really think we need to emigrate to another planet. The Planet WeSee.

    • The media has been in the tank for O from the beginning. They no longer even try to hide their bias. I’m hoping they lose viewership big time, that they get boycotted. Smarmy a-holes who just want to have access to the throne and be on the A list cocktail party circuit. They don’t give a f*** anymore about reporting the truth. They’ve abandoned their mission to speak truth to power and to be the watchdog for the little guy/gal against the powerful.

    • Joe Biden just sent me fundraising request for the Senate campaign to stop the GOP. Yeah, right, like that would make a difference? They get a super majority and we’re going to see any legislature that’s not a hand out to corporate CEOs?

      • Actually, the had three senators targeted and I almost felt like writing those three checks, xeroxing the check copies and sending them to Biden saying good job wino! Any more donations you want to ask me for? Talk to the uterus buddy!

  27. The reason for this is that the Community Organizer King thinks we will come around to his way of thinking, and that the silence will help his image.

    What he doesn’t understand is that we are the great great great granddaughters of our sufferage mothers,
    and make no mistake we are in the fight, knowing that
    one closed door always leads to another open door,

    Like you, and those before us, I am fed up, right up to my nose, no more thinking, I’m ready when you are!

  28. Don’t know why I wasn’t paying attention to the numbers before–the mere injustice of it all was enough, I guess–but looky here:

    In six years, the fine for a family w/ no insurance will be $2,085 or 2.5 percent of income, whichever is greater. For an individual, $695.

    The government figures we can pay 7-8% of our income for insurance. I don’t know how they worked that out, but they did. With an annual household income of $50K, that’s $4K the feds say you can pay, with subsidies paying the rest of the premiums. $4K divided by 12 months = $333.33/mo. That’s over $333.33/mo. you MUST pay for insurance, whether you want it or not, or else pay the annual fine of $2,085.

    To say this is a hardship is being absurdly mild. Worst of all, the more I look at the numbers, the clearer it is that this is an *astounding* giveaway to the insurance companies and open license to raise rates. With the banks and now the insurance companies having their own license to steal and a direct pipeline to the Treasury, what’s going to be CUT to help pay for this?

    I think you know.

    • For something that was touted as containing cost savings measures, this is further proof of it’s true purpose. To funnel more wealth from the bottom to the very top.

      One of my students is a local pharmacy rep. Sixteen doctors at one local hospital turned in their resignations stating they wouldn’t work under the situation because they had too many medicare patients to make it worthwhile for them.

      • I really have to get some distance from this, because it just gets me shaking with rage. And I get to go on Medicare in five months!

        Do the people whooping it up over this have any idea what “average” people are going to have to deal with? This is simply unconscionable. I’ve never seen a law enacted that had so much potential for making millions so much worse off than before.

        • And I get to go on Medicare in five months!


        • It’s all about the game and the win and getting what the folks that fund their election want. It’s not about the people at all. We’re the great unwashed out here that they’d rather not deal with …

          • I think I’ll retreat into my own life now. I need to buy a farm. Chickens. Fruit trees. Sit on the porch and watch the smoke on the horizon.

          • Got the farm, skipped growing food, going straight for the wine grapes. Yea, not practical, but necessary. I think the watching the smoke on the horizon will start pretty soon.

          • Skip the grapes, raise blue agave instead.

      • Sixteen doctors at one local hospital turned in their resignations stating they wouldn’t work under the situation because they had too many medicare patients to make it worthwhile for them.

        I would love to see, side-by-side, a comparison of what medicare pays for a certain procedure and say, bcbs or cigna or aetna where a person is in a ppo or other type of managed care system. Most people with health insurance are in some kind of negotiated (by the ins. companies) network. You know if you go to the network drs., you pay one co-pay and if you go out of network it’s another, higher co-pay. So both of these groups, medicare patients and folks with a ppo network are paying reduced payments. I just wish I could see the difference in a comparison of the two.

        • Fredster, I’ve got two copies of an EOB for a weekend I spent in the hospital last November. At first BCBS tried to decline the claim and the bill was $19,027. Then my company’s benefits administrator got on the case and BCBS approved the charges. They allowed $3,132 – my portion was $500 meaning they paid the hospital $2,632. Surely Medicare pays more than that.

      • I hope the door hit them hard in the ass on the way out of the hospital. Doctors now seem to feel they are entitled to get rich. Medicare may not pay the 2 or 3 hundred they want per visit, but it pays enough. What would make it all better is medicare for all. That way office staff and paper work would be so much less costly.
        Doctors should have been screaming for single payer.

  29. Thank you so much for this. I feel overwhelmed with anger and sadness.
    This is worse than even the insults during the campaign. At least we existed then, even is only as punching bags. Now we are invisible. They step over us and pat themselves on the shoulders. In B0botland, they reassure each other that Stupak is safe and celebrating and B0bots are told that they now owe him support. And they generously agree – hey we won, we can be generous…
    No one apparently – even those quoted here – took notice of W’s conscience rules being carried over in the EO or the fact that “new protections” are put in place for those denying care to women. NEW PROTECTIONS.
    Not reiterating Hyde, adding new staff. Nobody care. It’s just wominz after all.

    • Perhaps it will make you feel better if you realize that women must be quiet about their legitimate needs or else no one will get anything. That is the Dem mantra.

  30. As long as we’re sharing emails, I got one from Team Sarah titled “They Own It.” Those idiot obots fell for the con game hook, line and sinker. They’re celebrating their latest “victory” and are completely oblivious to the fact that they have been played and played hard, not just by Obama and the insurance industry but, first and foremost, by the GOP. I am stunned at the sheer stupidity of ObamaNation.

  31. Exactly what I have been saying all along, Obama is working with the GOP to get Social Security privatised, along with Medicare. This is screwing the baby boomer big time. We had that awful war (Vietnam), then Carter’s crap, Reagan’s crap, we had to deal with JFK, RFK and MLK, our generation is getting screwed regularly.

  32. From Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus:

    “The Congressional Black Caucus worked tirelessly to make sure that this bill holds insurance companies accountable and included a number of cost-saving provisions. We were vocal advocates for provisions in the bill to combat health disparities, illnesses and diseases that disproportionately affect our community.

    “To those who suffer from those health disparities, our vote tonight carries significance similar to the passage of the Civil Rights Act in that it fulfills a dream that has been elusive for far too long and for far too many Americans.”

    At the beginning of this fiasco, I could have sworn the CBC was going to hold BOs feet to the fire and demand the public option. They could have made the difference in changing the direction of this thing for theirs and everybody’s ‘community’. .

  33. Status Quo?
    From the Executive Order

    The Act maintains current Hyde Amendment restrictions governing abortion policy and extends those restrictions to the newly-created health insurance exchanges. Under the Act, longstanding Federal laws to protect conscience (such as the Church Amendment, 42 U.S.C. §300a-7, and the Weldon Amendment, Pub. L. No. 111-8, §508(d)(1) (2009)) remain intact and new protections prohibit discrimination against health care facilities and health care providers because of an unwillingness to provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortions.

    • SOD, I understand your anger and share it, but you have to remember what the culture has become. Who reads details anymore. It’s understandable. It won’t hit home until it actually affects them. We are dealing with a culture that doesn’t think – beyond the next bonus or the next really neat product endorsed by some empty headed pretty/handsome celebrity or worse still, some inane online gaming scam. Sadly, the celebrity’s will never turn against the product, cause, they will never be affected. Oprah will still hynoptize millions, millions more will be entranced by who the latest scandal involves. The wealthy will never complain, cause they will always have the money to go elsewhere. The masses, who will suffer the most, spend their time making ends meet and reading about how the worthless spend their time in Biarritz, or decorating their house – how much does People or Us magazine cost today?

    • It’s evil. And, as RD noted, great news for the Paul Kinseys of the world, the overeducated, undertalented men who think they’re just so entitled to the best jobs and a wifey-poo to cover the home front.

  34. Excellent post by Uppity.

    • Amazing. Totally lays it on the line. I don’t usually hang at Uppity’s, I disagree that Obamaism is anything like socialism, and the anti-Muslim sentiment makes me squirm, but I respect her a lot and on this issue she is RIGHT on the money.

  35. Are we the only ones left?

  36. At what point do Democrat women figure out that the Dems are not going to help you get anything. They control NARAL and NOW and they use fear to comunicate with women. If they give you your rights then they lose their hold on you. You need to stop acting like Democrat sheepole and vote these ass holes out. I quit giving money to NOW and Emily’s list several years ago. They are nothing but the ladies auxiliry to the real men’s Democrat party. I am too old to need reproductive rights and it is clear that this generation of women is going to have to lose them before they stand up and act against Dems.

    • Fear to control Democratic women. That’s it right there. The vilification of Sarah Palin was not a message to her–she couldn’t care less, it was political hay for her–it was a message to us: toe the line or we will rip your clothes off and drive you down the street beating you, you ho.

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