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“A Tragic Setback For Womens’ Rights”

Via Vastleft at Correntewire

That’s what NOW president Terry O’Neill calls the bill that the House passed last night.  Here’s more from her press release this morning:

The health care reform bill passed by Congress today offers a number of good solutions to our nation’s critical health care problems, but it also fails in many important respects. After a full year of controversy and compromise, the result is a highly flawed, diminished piece of legislation that continues reliance on a failing, profit-driven private insurance system and rewards those who have been abusive of their customers. With more than 45,000 unnecessary deaths annually and hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies each year due to medical bills, this bill is only a timid first step toward meaningful reform.

Fact: The bill contains a sweeping anti-abortion provision. Contrary to the talking points circulated by congressional leaders, the bill passed today ultimately achieves the same outcome as the infamous Stupak-Pitts Amendment, namely the likely elimination of all private as well as public insurance coverage for abortion. It imposes a bizarre requirement on insurance plan enrollees who buy coverage through the health insurance exchanges to write two monthly checks (one for an abortion care rider and one for all other health care). Even employers will have to write two separate checks for each of their employees requesting the abortion rider.

This burdensome, elaborate system must be eliminated. It is there because the Catholic bishops and extremist abortion rights opponents know that it will result in greatly restricting access to abortion care, currently one of the most common medical procedures for women.


Fact: The bill permits age-rating, the practice of imposing higher premiums on older people. This practice has a disproportionate impact on women, whose incomes and savings are lower due to a lifetime of systematic wage discrimination.

Fact: The bill also permits gender-rating, the practice of charging women higher premiums simply because they are women. Some are under the mistaken impression that gender-rating has been prohibited, but that is only true in the individual and small-group markets. Larger group plans (more than 100 employees) sold through the exchanges will be permitted to discriminate against women — having an especially harmful impact in workplaces where women predominate.

We know why those gender- and age-rating provisions are in the bill: because insurers insisted on them, as they will generate billions of dollars in profits for the companies. Such discriminatory rating must be completely eliminated.

Read the whole thing.

The propaganda catapulters have been out in force in the past couple of days, trying to shape consensus reality so that it will appear that a.) anyone who praises the bill will look intelligent, modern and sexy and b.) anyone who opposes it, especially women, will be told that they’re being selfish, self-centered, hard-hearted bitches because they would rather let 32 million uninsured people die than give up their access to a cheap and easy abortion that they should be able to pay for themselves.

But even people such as myself who were in favor of health care reform and wanted to fix, not kill the bill, will find that the impact that this bill will have on women goes beyond abortion.  It appears that it will mean higher rates for women and those higher rates may make an employer think twice about hiring and firing and promotions, as if women don’t have enough to worry about.  Our salaries are lower than mens’ but we will be forking out more  to pay for our health.  As cost sharing goes, this is a raw deal for women.  It makes us a liability and drag on our employers’ bottom line and makes our lives harder.

And by the way, you propaganda artists, we happen to be among those 32 million uninsured.

Last night, Jane Hamsher put up a poll on FDL asking who was most to blame for selling out our  abortion rights in the health care bill.  The multiple choice answers included a number of culprits and probably all of them were responsible from Nancy Pelosi caving to Bart Stupak to Planned Parenthood staying silent to Barack Obama himself.  But she left out the people who were really responsible and whose decisions two years ago were the genesis of the erosion of their rights today.  That would be women such as Jane Hamsher herself who did not forcefully advocate for fairness in the primaries and who rejected a sure thing womens’ advocate in Clinton for a cipher in a mens suit.  Barack Obama had a history of voting present on abortion legislation in Illinois.  He met with evangelicals throughout the election season.  The Democratic candidates who ran the same year scrubbed their support of reproductive rights from their websites.  The effect was to give the illusion to swing voters and religious voters that Barack Obama and the new Democrats were open to negotiation where womens’ reproductive rights were concerned.

I caught Jane on several occasions going head to head with conservative bloggers on C-Span and other programs, warning viewers that Republicans were going to take away their rights to abortion and that only Obama and the Democrats would protect them.  And a lot of women, young women of child bearing age, listened to Jane and Jessica and Ariana and others like them, rejected Hillary Clinton in the primaries due to her Iraq War Resolution vote and heaped scorn and derision on Sarah Palin because of her anti-choice stance and supposed stupidity.  But they utterly failed to look carefully at what Barack Obama was doing or had done.  They refused to look at the evidence and draw conclusions about what the evidence meant. The final insult was Ms. Magazine itself proclaiming that Barack Obama was some sort of superhero feminist on its cover after a year of the most brutal and obscene misogynism we have ever witnessed in a national campaign.

Jane is responsible for that.  We, the newly unaffiliated liberal Democrats, were not distracted and fooled.  We knew Obama by watching him.  We believed our lyin’ eyes.  And once again, we were proven right.  It makes us villains to Jane.  Instead of asking for our help, she gives us her scorn and disrespect.  Jane calls us “A certain type of woman”.  What kind of woman is that, Jane?  The kind that isn’t duped by appeals to their emotions and terrorized to vote against their best interests?  This is what happens when malicious forces act to divide us.  Women, like the rest of the impotent left, can only watch in dismay as we are now relegated to the same socio-economic status we had 40 years ago.

I don’t know if this country can be healed.  From what I know, women have very little status in truly fascist regimes.  That word, fascism, is not one to throw around lightly or it will lose its meaning.  Maybe a fascist political system that isn’t one we necessarily planned but towards which we drift, propelled by the evolving nature of our media, finance system and millenialist religious views.  But last night’s vote looks like it brought the real impact of that word a little closer to our everyday reality.  We are now locked into a law that gives our money to private entities, we are told that our individual and gender grievances must be subordinate to the glory of the bill and the status of more than half of the citizens of the country has been diminished.

I wanted health care reform.  Just not this one.

303 Responses

  1. You have a wonderful way with words, RD, and crafting them into an even more wonderful post. Thank you.

  2. I had to link to this from my lj. Probably everyone who has power is shrugging and saying “pfft, it’s not like they really matter anyway.”

    The new motto of the Coathanger Democratic Party: Get used to disappointment.

    They’ve come for the women. I think immigrants are next. Lovely little to-do list on the Oval Office desk.

    • Actually, they came for the gays before us.
      And unions, teachers are already being kicked.

      • This is a poem. Anyone. want to add a couple of lines, feel free. 🙂

        They’ve come for the women.
        I think immigrants are next.
        Lovely little to-do list on the Oval Office desk.

        Actually, they came for the gays before us.
        And unions, teachers are already being kicked.

        • by rahm, that little weasel,
          swinging his fantasy big stick

          • :)))))))))))))))))))) Awesome!

          • Let’s smooth it out a little. Anyone got a guitar and a good tune to go with it?

            They’ve come for the women.
            I think immigrants are next,
            On the lovely little to-do list
            On Barack Obama’s desk.

            First they came for the gays,
            Teachers, unions, all kicked
            By Rahm, that little weasel
            Swinging his fantasy big stick.

          • I’m copying this up to the new thread in case anyone wants to add.

  3. Obama’s executive order uses the word “discrimination” abundantly. It also doesn’t just deal with “federal money for abortions”. It reiterates W’s conscience rules.
    I think it was both payoff to the religious right that didn’t get their membership to vote in 2008, thus allowing Obama to win.
    But it was also Obama’s personal desire to payback all those uppity women who dare oppose him in his career. Stupack was just a tool in this.

  4. Isn’t the executive order a signing statement in disguise?

    • In a word, no. See Anna Belle’s post on this.



      Take Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of The National Review Online. It was painful to read her take on it because her own ignorance was the most evident fact presented in it. Not only does she insultingly divide activists into three camps (pro-lifers, legal-abortion supporters, and pro-abortion feminists), she makes the claim that the EO is insignificant because it is not binding. Clearly she is confusing EOs with signing statements, as are most of the folks making this argument.

      Perhaps she fails to recall from history class that The Emancipation Proclamation was an Executive Order. The Works Progress Administration, the engine of the New Deal, was created through an Executive Order. FDR also used an Executive Order (9066) to create internment camps for Japanese Americans. Harry Truman achieved the desegregation of the Armed Services through an Executive Order.

      So yes, I think it’s safe to say that Executive Orders have an impact, and they are in fact legally binding documents. This one will have an impact. To respond to this with revulsion is not overreacting in any way. Obama just reversed 38 years of Democratic policies and politics. That fact cannot be argued.

  5. Does anyone know if any Dem actually voted NO on this?

  6. I don’t usually comment, but i have been lurking since hillary’s run and listened to the podcast, just had to tell you RD, this is a beautiful post. Thankyou for you steadfast support of our women’s rights or what we have left of them at this point. In this day in age in this country we really should not have to be fighting against a democratic president and fighting for our rights so hard. It all makes absolutely no sense to me. I feel as if our rights are slipping through our hands like water. Someday they won’t be there and the aplogists will think it is a good thing and still not at all blame barack for any if this. He will still have done no wrong, no harm. I am pretty meloncolly today over this whole thing for our women’s rights future 😦

    • that’s cuz he’s not a democrat but a dino

      • Please tell what’s the difference today?

        • well a small-ddemocrat believes in the democratic principles- Conflucians, for instance. They believe in govt of the ppl, by the ppl, & 4 the ppl, & do not sell the ppl out. they beleve & promote Jeffersonian concepts.

          unlike the big-D Dems who support Daley Machine thuggery.

          • Thanks for making that distinction! The Jeffersonian democrats just got screwed royally by the Obama Drama {{{urrgh}}}

      • Name five currently serving Dem Senators or Congresscritters who AREN’T DINOs.

  7. RD
    They keep saying get over it( the primaries) but how could we when every day with every thing they do we miss her more. I am sure a lot of women now thinking only if.
    The primaries held all the signatures of a coup, not a millitary one but never the less it had all the brutal after effects of it. Today I am still stunned at the fact that a lot of smart people didn’t see anything wrong with what the MSM did. Frankly for me I used to like Obama till that outragous behavior from the media caused me to think wait a mintue here what is going on. then i started to look closer.

    • I am sure this is a sad day for Hillary & Bill too. What might have been a great good turned into a thing of evil.
      I wish we could all have a group hug with them in the middle.

      • Hillary lobbied FOR this healthcare bill.

        • Yep, that’s her job. It was either that or quit. I think she’s doing a great job as SoS and wants to continue even if the party around her has degraded. A lot of us have worked for assholes but stayed because we were doing good things. I understand it. I’d rather she quit and make noise about how horrible they are, but I understand it. And frankly she and her husband are still loyal to the party. Not my choice, but that’s still where they get their power, so I understand. Sigh.

          • At this point, they are both so accomplished and well known, I think they have power independent of the party. But they probably feel they couldn’t stand if the party went against them. Hillary’s experience must have burned that into them.

  8. Bill Clinton at the Gridiron dinner :

    But, perhaps inevitably given the capital’s fixation with the weekend effort by Democrats to push a health bill over the finish line, Mr. Clinton returned to that theme at the end. In a reference to Democrats’ controversial attempts to offer sweeteners to win the votes of wavering lawmakers, he cracked; “I flew here from Cleveland, and I flew out of the Dennis Kucinich Airport”—a suggestion that Ohio Democratic Rep. Kucinich must have gotten something flattering in return for his decision two days ago to vote for the Obama bill.

  9. I, also, do not comment very much, but this post expresses how I am feeling. Thank you! The Repub party uses abortion to win votes, but the Dem party pretends to defend a woman’s right to choose but is responsible for eroding this right. November cannot come soon enough!

    • I know how you feel about Novemeber, but then we’ll get the Republicans in who will do NOTHING to help women and probably make things worse.

      In short, we are completely screwed by both sides…

      I want out of this dishonest, anti-female country…

      Even Mexico is moving forward! On abortion and Mexico City just OK’d gay marriage and adoption! (which will probably spread across the country as that’s how the abortion liberation is going to go, from state to state…)

      • You hit the crux of the problem for me. I’m shopping third parties at this point so I can look my daughter in the eye and say I didn’t contribute to this.

    • I’d rather know my enemy.

      • we have to gut the democratic party…and then maybe some real dems will emerge

        • I think what many have come to think of as the democratic party, is a figment of our collective imagination – that may just be one of the greatest cons in history.

      • Republicans have the decency to identify as my enemy. They don’t rape me and call it love.

  10. It sickens me to hear the rhetoric comparing the passage of this bill to the Civil Rights bill in 1965. I’ve yet to actually see the language or even mention of the Executive Order on any morning news channel. I do know that FDL can join the rest of the A-holes that supported Obamakenobi – I’m glad their noses are being rubbed in it. The media and Hamster pretend that only Tea Partiers are objecting to this bill.Thats the narrative. Perhaps Obama will next get the women in Burkas so the Senate will pass the Reconciliation.

    • The use of the term “segregation” in the Executive Order defining women’s reproductive rights is very unfortunate.

      I hereby direct the Director of OMB and the Secretary of HHS to develop, within 180 days of the date of this Executive Order, a model set of segregation guidelines for state health insurance commissioners to use when determining whether exchange plans are complying with the Act’s segregation requirements, established in Section 1303 of the Act, for enrollees receiving Federal financial assistance.

      • An honest word for what it does.
        Separate and unequal.

        • Amen, Votemom and Three Wickets. Women kicked to the curb yet again.

        • Well…..some people’s “civil rights” matter, and some people’s don’t, according to The One.

          There was more media coverage of the tea party use of the n word than there was of what was happening to women.

          And here we all are, with most of the “pro-choice” caucus supporting Obama’s priorities.

          I really, really, HATE the New Dem Party.

    • Because they want to paint the Tea Partiers as racists.

  11. Obama:

    The most powerful conservative movemnt in history.

  12. Anyone who didn’t support Hillary Clinton in the primary is to blame.

    • Agree 1000%

    • You are right.
      the first female speaker of the house and the first thing she does is harm females.



    • Absolutely. Clinton isn’t perfect and would’ve done things I’d disagree with, but I know without a doubt that she would never sell out her largest group of supporters. Women would never get thrown under the bus in a Clinton administration. Never.

    • Yes. But we (our daughters) get to pay the price too.

  13. so NOW is crying over the bill. Ask them again, why did they break their non-endorsemwnt policy to endorse this misogynist?

    • The current NOW leadership is different from the Obots who were leading it in 2008-09. These ones are real feminists.

    • OK everyone, I know you’re angry at a lot of people. But when there is a revolution of sorts within an organization, and the good guys are now in charge, let’s support them. NOW is now run by the good guys and are on the case. They may not be the best at PR as RD noticed yesterday, but they’re on the case. We need to be focused and accurate in where we direct our anger.

      • I’m still looking for a constructive way to direct my anger Dandy.

        I’m not trying to be mean to NOW, I’m just stating what I see as a failure and wondering where to go from there.

        • I agree that they played softball and their PR efforts are a joke. So you have to watch them closely too. But they seem on the right track.

          Where to go from here, I hear you, that’s the big question. We’re all looking for that.

      • First, I dropped my NOW membership after the endorsement of Misogynist in Chief.

        Second, I agree that we have to support the good guys who are currently in charge of NOW. But, unless they have some type of national protest, I won’t be renewing my membership anytime soon.

        But, I do understand above all that NOW is walking a real tightrope here since Obama has made it clear to the Black community that anyone who opposes him is raycist. And thanks to Kucinich and the other lame Dems he has now been legitimated as the top Black man’s savior who NOW feels absolutely tied to go against. That meme of the racist feminists played real well during the primaries and elections. I wonder how we rise above that? Since the coat-hanger Dems have sold ObamaCare as the bill that will save poor people (code for minorities).

        How do feminists effectively make the distinction that women’s rights are also for minority women? I know this is a situation that has been a thorn in NOW’s side for decades… but when do we get to rise beyond that?

        • That’s a real challenge for any organized effort. If a new party or NOW or other want to take that challenge, they will have to push really good PR to get above that and quickly counter any race baiting or related. It’s not easy and the bad guys have practice and have a track record of their efforts working.

  14. I just got back from vacation, where I was using the TC blog roll to navigate on the hotel’s computer and I noticed that PUMApac is no longer on the blog roll. As much as I agree with you about Jane, is TC doing the same thing to PUMApac? I know that TC has stopped identifying with PUMA, but Murphy continues to be one of the strongest and clearest voices for change. I remain strongly PUMA and was disappointed by what seems to be a snub. I hope I am reading too much into the removal of PUMApac from the blog roll.

    • I regret removing PUMAPac from our blog roll but there are a couple good reasons for it: 1.) Darragh posted a negative, inflammatory attack on Muslims after the unfortunate shooting at an Army base in Texas. I felt she crossed the line in order to appeal to some of her readers. It was wrong.
      2.) We have evolved away from PUMA. This was bound to happen after the election when we struggled with our identity and some of our original frontpagers left. I think the sentiment of the remaining posters is that PUMA served its purpose in 2008 and it has now become corrupted by people whose views we do not share. We are not closet Republicans, tea partiers or birthers and we’ve worked hard to make sure everyone knows it.
      We are newly unaffiliated liberal Democrats or Democrats in Exile. Democrats in Exile would be my preferred name but it has a lousy acronym. Pollsters are starting to detect our signals and we are getting some of the credit for ditching Corzine and Coakley. I think our numbers will grow.
      Gosh, my post has a lot of errors in it. I just didn’t have time to edit this morning. Maybe a frontpager can edit it for me?

      • The PUMA acronym certainly doesn’t apply now as it did then.

        However, I didn’t “evolve away,” the word has been co-opted and/or deliberately misused. For example, genuine socialists are not avoiding the word “socialism” just because some right wingnuts think Obama is a socialist. Socialists are a more established group than PUMAs, though.

        I wonder about cutting out blogs from the blogroll list due to one instance that one disagrees with. But it’s not my blog so RD has every right to do what she wants. Of course!

    • I agree with you about PumaPac.. I read it and TC. I disagree with Riverdaughter about the Racist attack etc. It was a strongly worded defense against the abuse of women. I agree with Murphy on this.

  15. I’ve read in a couple of places that the executive order will actually have exactly no effect because once the bill is passed by the Senate, the words in that bill become “The Law.” True or not?

    • The law being 1100 pages of contradictory regulations and bribes. Like everything else, I’m sure Captain EO’s statement will be in the courts.

      • Bringing up my cmt from late night thread: Lawyers, start your engines! I am a litigator who hates litigation, but in this instance I cannot wait for the lawsuits to begin. This legislation will be tied up for years in the courts.

    • That may be the reason NOW has focused on the Nelson terms on reproductive rights in the Senate bill, which effectively applies the Hyde amendment constraints to both public and (mostly) private plans now. The EO does signal that the administration has no real intention of blocking the rollback of reproductive rights in the implementation of the bill. It may have to be a battle fought inch by inch in the details without WH backing in areas like the conscience rule or provisions that protect abortion services for Medicaid enrollees in many states.

    • The “rulesmaking” for whatever bill is the final outcome will take a long time and will probably be litigated, so who knows when that will be completely finalaized. Who knows how it will actually end up being implemented*.

      Also, the Senate has to pass the House reconciliation bill to make IT the law, and when Obama signs the Senate bill THAT is the law until he signs the reconciliation. Things could still get interesting — the Senate parliamentarian will play a big role. I understand from some commentators that the VP as president of the Senate can ignore the parliamentarian’s decision, but that has not happened in a long time.

      For Obama, I doubt he’ll be bothered at all to get the Senate version…it was written by Baucus’s aide, who had taken a two year well-paid sabbatical to serve as a Wellpoint VP, and Baucus’s former chief of staff served Obama as an asst chief of staff for the health insurance reform bill.

      So, Obama got what he wanted and aimed for in the Senate. The House reconciliation was a palliative to get House Dem votes and give cover for passing a Corporate Bailout.

      Obama did not usually refer to his bill as health insurance reform for nothing. He referred to health CARE when he had to bamboozle the rubes

      *Full implementation of the IMAC worries me. Given Obama’s Corporatist approach, I can see him using the IMAC to limit access to care in Medicare.

    • This is addressed elsewhere in this thread, but some are confusing signing statements with Executive Orders. Signing statements are (mostly) spin; Executive Orders are law.


  16. Churl, thats what my Rep. Wasserman-Schulz says.

    • Wasserman-Schultz was a strong Hillary supporter. I’m saddened that she chose to be the public face of 0bamacare; making the rounds of the Sunday talk shows yesterday to advocate for the bill. I guess, when it’s all said and done, they’re all just politicians, with no core beliefs, who hang their mouths where the soup is falling.

      • Wasserman-Schultz is a Democratic attack dog (she’s good at it). During the general election in ’08, she did the Good Ol’ Boy Network’s job in tearing down Palin’s womanhood.

      • That’s a great way to put it! Hang their mouths where the soup is falling. Love it.

      • Not really. She jumped ship on Clinton and went straight to Obot without hesitation. There were plenty of Democrats who supported Hillary and never did publicly switch to Obama. She’s seriously irritating with her uncontrolled habit of talking over everyone who has a different opinion.

    • Thanks everyone for the comments. The posters here are the best informed anywhere– and good, clear writers, too.

  17. Paul Krugam told the FDL crowd this was a “win” for America’s “soul”. Glory, glory, the fear mongers didn’t win. What am I missing that I don’t see this?

    • What does anybody’s “soul” have to do with it?

      • Exactly. It’s the health of our bodies and our pocketbooks that have been trashed.

        I guess our reward will be in heaven, and thanks to the HRC, we will all get there faster. How WONDERFUL.

    • Hmmm, I guess America’s soul is based on misogyny.

    • I’m starting to wonder if Krugman has a *soul* anymore!

  18. You are exactly right RD….here is what I wrote yesterday in less eloquent terms:

    Memo to Obots & Obot Bloggers Who Thought Obama Was a Feminist…..We Told You So…Here’s the PROOF!! UPDATE 1X– SEGREGATED!
    Posted on March 21, 2010 by insightanalytical | Edit
    ~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

    For all of you asshats who believed the great conman back in the 2008 primaries, let me tell you that YOU are to blame for our descent into Stupakistan.

    It was all laid out for you, but you bought the hype.

    Only the old timer heading NOW gets it.

    Seems that NARAL and Planned Parenthood (national) are still not letting go of their adored Obama, since they think he’s being “forced” by nasty conservatives to screw us with a big fat executive order at the behest of the Stupak gang.

    Really? Then how do they explain what Obama was doing back in 2008?

    Maybe you’ll get it now…but I doubt it.

    June 11, 2008
    So, What’s Obama Going to Give Away to Conservative Religious Leaders and Constitutional Law Profs Who Work with Ken Starr??(Just Say No Deal)

    June 26, 2008
    Part 1: Obama’s Conservative Meeting Guests–Non-Pastors (UPDATED 1x)

    June 28, 2008
    Part 2: Obama’s Conservative Meeting Guests–The Pastors

    July 10, 2008
    Matthew 25 Network PAC Hits Christian Radio with Pro-Obama Ad as Christian Conservative Leaders Decide to Support McCain (UPDATED 1X)


    • I am waiting for Ms. to post a regret about their unfortunate and untrue cover page. Still waiting….


    • YES, the writing was on the wall. And Obama’s misogynist EO saying women’s care is SEGREGATED and women don’t have a right to sue based on DISCRIMINATION is proof-positive of it.

      This would also explain when I made the most difficult decision of my life to not only vote Republican for the first time in my life, and as a last ditch effort to campaign for McCain, many repubs I called said they weren’t voting for POTUS at all because Obama promised something big to their pastors in re abortion. Then the exit polling showed something like 20+ million Republicans didn’t even show up to vote.

      I couldn’t believe my ears…. but I guess it was true.

      • OH, I forgot this one…just added to my original post:

        February 11, 2009
        Hidden Health Care Provisions in the “Stimulus Package”: the Ghost of Daschle Lives On and Will Haunt Us All, Especially Seniors…This is BAD NEWS!! (Link to Bill Language Here)

        (Rereading this, it’s VERY SPOOKY…)

  19. I will add that same sex parity was not included, which means gay couples will continue to be taxed on the benefits their partners receive from employer plans. With no public option, separate plans are probably not possible except at greater expense. In general, this is a huge FAIL. Medicare funding is CUT. Illegal aliens can just DIE. Medicaid expansion creates a larger group of SECOND CLASS patients. Never again will a Democrat or a Republican get my vote at a national level.

    • Got any good third parties I should look at. I’m pretty sure n 2012 I won’t be voting D or R either.

    • I thought this was being made equal by taxing all the rest of us too.

  20. Yup, this is “what a feminist looks like.”

    Thanks, RD, for courageously using the *f* word.

    *This is what fascism looks like* could well be the next Ms. cover.

  21. http://www.cnn.com/2010/POLITICS/03/22/senate.health.care.ahead/index.html?iref=mpstoryview

    Health care reform now faces Senate challenge
    By Ed Hornick, CNN
    March 22, 2010 7:50 a.m. EDT

    Washington (CNN) — Now that the House has passed the Senate’s health care reform bill and a package meant to reconcile differences between the House and Senate bills, the next step is for members of the Senate to sign off on those changes.

    That won’t be as easy as it sounds.

    Senate Republicans have indicated they will use any and all legislative tactics in order to slow — even stop — the reconciliation bill from passing.


    Of course, the Republicans won’t be fighting to protect women in all this….

    • They don’t REALLY want to stop this. Just to be on the record that they tried. Dems did their dirty work for them, now they will get on the white horses and pretend they listen to the voters.

      • I agree…this bill is a Republican wet dream in reality.
        They will probably be going after the 3.8% Medicare tax on investment income and the surcharge on investement income on the wealthy. I read that,not sure of the accuracy, but I know there’s a lot of talk about the impact on Wall Street this AM…

        Women? Screw them, no problem!

  22. Aren’t you happy we didn’t get Sarah Palin?

    • Honestly? At this point I don’t think she’d be any better!! She’s pandering to the usual RW groups …not the independent I had hoped for after she quit the gov. job. as the economy got tough and was about to tarnish her record she got during the boom…

      Right there points toward another “charisma” candidate a la Obama and Edwards…Obama basically quit the Senate to run and Edwards quit, too.

      That’s how its done these days…run on charisma

      • Good points.

      • At least Palin has been honest about her stance on choice, whereas Obama and the Dem party have lied. Obama, Dem politicians and so-called liberal spokesmen have used the abortion stick to beat women into submission. Women were told we had to vote for them or else we’d lose our reproductive rights. Well, we’ve lost ’em and it was Obama and the Dems who gave our rights away.

        Honestly, at this point I have more respect for rightwingers because they don’t lie to us and then stab us in the back. They give us fair warning and then stab us in the front. A minor detail, yes, but it makes a helluva lot of a difference to me.

      • My point was: they said we need to fight her to protect our right to chose.
        I doubt she could have been much worse.

      • “…not the independent I had hoped for after she quit the gov. job. as the economy got tough and was about to tarnish her record she got during the boom…”

        That’s not why she quit–she quit because answering the dozens of nuisance lawsuits being filed against her on a more or less daily basis eventually would have bankrupted her family and probably the State of Alaska as well.

        Remember that Eric Massa cited the impossibility of fighting “the government” (economically and otherwise) as one of his reasons for resigning as well…

        Be assured the new Robber Barons will allow no one so much as to lay a glove on their chosen One–not until he’s served his purpose and become more of a liability than an asset, that is, at which point he’ll join Dubya on the trash heap.

        • Ah, yes, I forgot about those….probably engineered by Obama, who had many tentacles up in Alaska from the start…

          However, I still say she is a “charisma” candidate….based on the usual platitudes and pandering to the RW…and showing up at the Tea Party in TX along with Rick Perry whom she supported, the Tea Party that is also against women’s rights and under the wing of the GOP.

      • Funny thing is her actual record, vs. what she says, on choice is better than Obama’s. So it may not have been worse. But who knows.

      • I don’t think she would have done worse on the abortion issue (she has said it should not be illegal). I think Gov. Palin would have opposed the bill, but if it was passing anyway, might have made sure it fully covered women’s wellness exams and contraception (which she supports).

        Honestly, I do not think having McCain in office would have been worse.


    • I know you are being snarky.
      But I think McCain (remember him?) would have been less corrupt, and healthcare wasn’t high on his agenda anyway. So I think HE wouldn’t have done anything about it, which is better than the mess BO has foisted on us.

      • Seaking of Mccain

        McCain repulsed by ‘euphoria’
        Republican Senator John McCain said Monday morning that Democrats have not heard the last of the health care debate, and said he was repulsed by “all this euphoria going on.”

        McCain, who was Obama’s rival in the 2008 presidential election, told ABC television that “outside the (Washington) Beltway, the American people are very angry. They don’t like it, and we’re going to repeal this.”


        • He also said on GMA this morning that if you go against the American people, you will pay.

          • The GOp are rubbing their hands in glee.
            Personally though I am probably only going to vote for independents or 3rd party. Definitely no Dems.

        • I don’t agree with McCain *all* that often, but this morning he and I are on the same page.

        • I really hope he’s right and after the Nov slaughter it gets repealed.

          • Except it won’t be repealed….the parts about women will stay because the GOP approve of it!!

    • I am from upstate NY and remember the Tawana Brawley corruption very well. I still cannot understand why Sharpton has ANY credibility our place in political discourse. He is a carnival barker as far as I’m concerned.

      • Sharpton’s key quote: “The American public overwhelming voted for socialism when the elected President Obama.”

        • Add Sharpton to the long list of idiots who don’t know what socialism is.

      • I think most reasoned thinkers would agree with you, fif.

        The double-up is that he is appearing with Geraldo, who also has no credibility with many.

  23. Ian Welsh suggests we start a Draft Clinton movement to save abortion rights. Read the comments. Mandos is being his usual misogynistic PUMA hating asshat self. Oh, and there is a person named Disenfranchised (not me) who is shilling for Ron Paul (who, btw, is anti-choice).

  24. I am confused about the EO. I saw a clip of a talking head saying it is basically useless, because it does not overrule Roe v. Wade and federal protections guarantee federal access to reproductive health (ie: abortion), and that Stupak knows that but caved anyway. In other words, no court will uphold the EO or Hyde restrictions.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this? I would think NOW would be clear about what is and isn’t enforceable in this POS.

  25. This is a comprehensive response to last night’s votes, with quotes from many players. Be warned: there are several “he has done what no one else could do and led on his convictions.” How can ANYONE think that Obama followed through on any semblance of conviction or principle—seriously? I’m so disgusted with all of this.

    Of the Land: After the vote, the sale, as health care stays where it’s been


    • Agree. So much of that is pathetic. Basically there seems to be two types of people. The type that trusts Obama without exception, then asks questions. And the type that asks questions first, then gauges what Obama says and does. Seems there’s an outpouring of media noise from the former type today.

      • ..
        O {{super duper happy face}}

        I LOVE how you summed up the distinction, Wickets!!!!!

  26. Rollo May: The definition of insanity: when you continue to do the same thing and expect different results. Who the hell wants to hear Obama talk about health care ‘reform’ anymore?!

    Obama plans blitz to boost public opinion of health-care effort


    • It will not be easy for him. Before this week, he could blame everything about the state of healthcare in America on someone else. After this week, he will be the one accountable for everything right and wrong about healthcare in America today.

      • Obama will never be held accountable, at least not by the MSM and not by his fan base. In their eyes he can do no wrong, even though doing wrong is the thing he’s best at.

    • Can we swamp the meetings and chant “shut up shut up shut up”?

  27. NOW, NARAL displeased with Obama-Stupak deal

    The president of the National Organization for Women said her group is “incensed” about the impasse-breaking deal between President Obama and a group of anti-abortion Catholic Democrats that seems likely to allow historic health-care reform legislation to pass the House later Sunday night, saying the planned presidential executive order “breaks faith with women.”

    She added: “NOW has a longstanding objection to Hyde and, in fact, was looking forward to working with this president and Congress to bring an end to these restrictions. We see now that we have our work cut out for us far beyond what we ever anticipated. The message we have received today is that it is acceptable to negotiate health care on the backs of women, and we couldn’t disagree more.”

    As a consequences of the deal, Frances Kissling, the former president of Catholics for Choice, called for abortion rights supporters to renew their push to repeal the Hyde Amendment.

    “I hope the choice movement now decides to play hardball with Democrats, including the President, and insist that an all out effort to overturn the Hyde Amendment is required if Democratic office holders and candidates want our vote in 2012,” she told The Post. “I for one have decided that I simply will not vote for another elected official until Hyde is overturned and I hope others will do the same. There is no reason for prochoice voters to accept Democratic pussyfooting around on repealing Hyde.”


    • Yup. Hyde with this bill is worse (potentially much worse) than Hyde before this bill.

  28. OT the slow death of the texas 2step the Resolution has passed in county conventions in SD 12, SD 4, SD 9, SD 25, SD 26, SD 16.”

  29. Insurance company and hospital stocks way UP this Monday morning…

  30. “Women, like the rest of the impotent left, can only watch in dismay as we are now relegated to the same socio-economic status we had 40 years ago.

    I don’t know if this country can be healed. As I understand it, women have very little status in truly fascist regimes. That word, fascism, is not one to throw around lightly or it will lose its meaning. It might be a political system that isn’t necessarily planned but towards which we drift, propelled by the evolving nature of our media, finance system and millenialist religious views. But last night’s vote looks like it brings the real impact of that word a little closer to our everyday reality. We are now locked into a law that gives our money to private entities, we are told that our individual and gender grievances must be subordinate to the glory of the bill and the status of more than half of the citizens of the country has been diminished.

    I wanted health care reform. Just not this one.”

    Your post is so profoundly right on point. With the passage of this signature Obama Health Care Debacle the blinding light of reality finally illuminates the unmitigated truth.

    Many of us who (actually fought for women’s rights 40 years ago) supported Hillary Clinton and saw this coming with Obama and Company. If you looked closely at his record (sparse as it was) POTUS Obama showed clear evidence of his duplicity. Obama was always a fraud; while Hillary Clinton was the real deal.

    Unfortunately, our dear Hillary will have to support the “party” line so she and Bill will be asked to campaign for the bast*rds who voted for the Health Care Betrayal. By some miracle, perhaps Bill and Hillary Clinton will be working behind the scenes (with other like minded Democrats – e.g. PUMA’s everywhere) to take the Dem Party back.

    Now more then ever we need to work together to stop the train wreck in Washington. We need to elect men and women this November 2010 to Congress who will truly represent the rights of women and not sell us out.

    • Fascism carries the context of Nazi Germany and tends to stop the conversation for many..

      Corporatism is much more understandable to the American public today to represent what is going on.

      Corporatism, of course, is not understood by all that many; it takes some real examination of how our pols are working to see that they serve the corporations more than they serve us the people.

  31. Best article I’ve read in the last 24 hours. Obama never cared about women’s rights, and those organizations (Now, Naral, Planned Parenthood) took the wrong road to fame. The dems did this delibrately
    in order that they can say they did something historic.
    Yes, this will go down for Women’s History Month,
    but not as a ray of sunshine, but a perfect storm brewing.

    I can hear and see the written words in our history: For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow,
    for he’s a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny.

    Sing it again NOW, Naral, Planned Parenthood.

    • Again, NOW is under new leadership. The real feminists now in charge since 2009 have been fighting for us. Don’t lump them in with the toadies.

      • Again,

        I disagree. They dropped the ball.Somehow they gave Degette the impression that an EO would be hunky dory. Are they the only ones at fault? No. Are they blameless? Absolutely not. Something got broken down somewhere along the line because otherwise Degette would have told Obama absolutely not on the EO, women are not a bargaining chip.

        • NOW gave her the go ahead on the EO? I never heard that. They were fighting to repeal Hyde and they spoke against both Nelson and Stupak amendments. Care to source your info?

          • Are you saying NOW didn’t give her the go ahead? Care to source that? My point being that we are both using conjecture. Why? NOW hasn’t really released any statement on Degette’s actions.

            Speaking against something and actually fighting are two different things. Speaking isn’t enough, at least not for me. Not anymore.

      • Hey, here’s a little bit of history for you, I got lumped and dumped, since I am an original supporter of NOW.

  32. I have one thing to say about this bill: It has NOTHING to do with health!

  33. Oh God, making me cry again RD. In all my dreams I never thought it could be this bad.

    • And btw, I’m one of those child-bearing age women and I did not vote for Bam.
      Either way, I’m still paying for it.
      I’m sorry, sweet uterus. I tried and so did TCers, but it wasn’t enough.

      • Start stockpiling birth control.

        In the event that Rick Warren is appointed Minister of Womb Policy there won’t be much of that stuff around any more.

        We can always chew toxic abortifacient herbs that we grow ourselves like they did in the Medieval Times..

      • unfortunately you are being punished because so many women your age were so freaking stupid in 2008.

        • I don’t think there were THAT many women who were voting for obama in the primary – but a lot of them automatically vote “D” in the general.

          Hillary did get more votes… So maybe there really wasn’t that many stupid women and it was a feature of the astroturf campaign (and class warfare that helps us eat our own and not look behind the curtain.) – “see, everyone is voting for obama because Hillary is icky… and men will think you are way hotter if you are for obama”

          I guess I am becoming skeptical about what actually happened during the election and what was smoke and mirrors. They sure are governing like they don’t have to worry about anyone’s votes.

  34. POTUS Obama promises over and over (20 times to be exact) a reduction for each US family in Health Care Premiums of $2,500 per year.

    See 20 PROMISES FOR $2500. However, if you listen closely Obama slips in the words (up to). Most folks (who bought his BS) probably missed those two tiny words: Here is the link:


    Also posted on:


  35. Thank you RD. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this island of clear-thinking, intelligent analysis to come to each day.

    I honestly wish I were wrong thinking we are going to hell in a handbasket.

  36. 3-Card Monte Obama on MANY ISSUES…….

    Environmental Three-Card Monte? Obama *May* Grant Emissions Waivers to States Today? (“Immediately Work on It” vs. “Reconsider”) (But Other Policies Already Having a Negative Effect on Bears–Warning, Pic!) (Updated 1X) (Update 2X–After Announcements, NY Times Still Pushing Obama Kool-Aid) (Update 3X–Gore Surfaces)

  37. RD

    I will never forget what occurred in 2008. That being said, is there ever a point where people that disagreed with each other on the way forward can put aside their differences to work together towards something? I mean all the recriminations in the world aren’t going to change the past. So I have to ask if there is a way forward? It seems to me if there isn’t some sort of collective effort to regroup that we continue to reloop through disasterous policy decision after disasterous policy decision.

    I know that in some cases that some of the people were lost causes but it really seems to me that unless rifts are healed with people like Jane, who seems genuinely surprised and perplexed, that we continue to be relegated to observers.

    • I think the same thing about moving forward, but I think the ball is in FDL’s court to, if not apologize to, at least acknowledge that RD & the original pumas were right, and they were wrong. if they can’t be honest about that than they are just as revisionist as the rest of the fauxgressives.

      • I’m, at this point, so dismayed, I don’t even want an “I’m wrong.” I just want an acknowledgement that pumas had a right to their own strategy and a promise that if there are differences that it isn’t going to devolve to namecalling again for our differences in opinion.

        Working with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to like or trust them(although that is preferable), you just need to have a common cause. I see the common cause at this point as defeating a Blue Dog slate of policy positions. Sure, I’d much rather be working on pushing liberal policy with a liberal President but its pretty clear THAT ain’t gonna happen.

        • The Blue dog slate? Obama got what Obama wanted. If Obama didn’t want it, the Blue Dogs would have been hit with primary challenge threats, rather than the progressives. The blue dogs would get in line like any idiot politician, when hit with the right stick, or in Dennis Kucinich’s case, an international airport named after him (using a Bill Clinton joke).

          Getting rid of the president is the answer, get a Republican in there in 2012, then get a GOOD Democrat at the presidential level in 2016. We gotta get rid of the scum at the top.

          • And no, I wasn’t saying Kucinich is a blue dog, just saying the Blue dogs would have gotten similar carrots or sticks if they were on the opposite side of Obama

          • Obama is a Blue Dog. I think that should be obvious at this point. Their agenda is his agenda.

          • So you aren’t planning on doing anything until 2012? Because he isn’t up for re election until 2012. Additionally, what’s the game plan in 2012? Do you vote for a Republican, any Republican to get rid of him? And then sit around waiting until 2016 hoping and praying that the Blue Dogs and the Republicans don’t do too much damage(because quite frankly they are just as dangerous as Obama is as Stupak should have provided as an ample example)? Who’s the GOOD Democrat you want to run? Hillary has already said she plans on retiring. I have no reason not to take her at her word.

          • I’m not getting why we need a Republican in the middle term. Just to prove that things can in fact get even worse? We need that “GOOD Democrat” like yesterday, not six years of continuing unchecked damage down the line.

            Obama needs to be out of office in 2012. Unless he commits an actual crime as defined by statute, not by outrage, impeachment is unlikely. That means he needs to be forced to resign for the good of the party and the country, or be primaried. Either of those courses will take immense courage on someone’s part. Barry Goldwater had it when he told Nixon it was all over. Robert Kennedy had it when he ran against Johnson. I can think of fewer than a half-dozen Dems who might have that kind of guts today, which is why we need to support and cherish them with all our resources and not go haring after some Republican just because s/he doesn’t have a D label.

          • Thank you okasha

            Yesterday couldn’t be soon enough. Not only do we need the good democrat yesterday but we need an effective means to do damage control for the next three years.

          • The only chance if a good Dem in 2012 would be a crushing Dem defeat in 2010 and a primary challenge to BO in 2012.

          • Blue dog? Obama’s just a DOG period, and admitted to such when he constantly referred to himself as a MUTT.

        • I think you need a lot more than a common cause. There are people that could join your cause and who would actively hurt it. That’s why the Anti-PUMA crowd still don’t want to work with us (because they think we’re crazies). It’s why we Shouldn’t rush into a collaboration with people who still lack a basic level of self-awareness when it comes to where we went wrong in the first place. I don’t care about a “You were right” moment. But I don’t want to get into bed with a liability, and anyone who still can’t recognize who is screwing who IS a liability.

    • Genuinely perplexed? That equates to intellectual dishonesty — with herself. Jane possesses(sp) an utter lack of ability to think rationally if she’s genuinely perplexed. Most people with common sense (think us) were completely able to see the handwriting on the wall.

      I think it’s Jane’s place to come to you’all, rather than the other way around. She is the one who was sitting smack dab in the wrong. Not TC.

      • Even if she did a mea culpa, would you ever trust her again?

        I wouldn’t….

        The fact is, the Democratic Party has been split and we are on the short end of the stick and probably are permanently relegated to that stature and can never go back.

        To win, Democrats will have to be ever-more conservative…They chose that path…

        Only hope is to galvanize women against BOTH parties, but I don’t see that happening as we’re in smoke and mirrors land with a complicit media.

        Women–take care of yourselves first. You have to learn that lesson…

        • Do you need to trust someone to work with someone though? Particularly if you have a common cause?

          I guess that’s going to be a determining factor.

  38. Career “progressives” Chris Bowers at Open Left, along with Jane at FDL, were mainly responsible for positioning the so-called “public option” — that roach motel for progressive energies — as the alternative to the status quo, and censoring and suppressing single payer advocates, despite, or perhaps because, of the fact that single payer is best for women.

    So, here’s how Bowers reacted to the passage of the bill:

    I feel sad that it came at the cost of throwing reproductive rights under the bus. Any win that means hurting some of your friends is not a full win.

    Feeling better now, sweeties?

    RD, thanks for the link to VL’s genius posting.

    • Wha? Bowers has women friends? I am shocked, I tells ya!

    • LOL, Bowers is one of my favorite satire sites.

    • I disagreed with you and continue to disagree with you on the public option lambert. Like single payer, the public option it had its flaws(like the fact that it would have to be started from scratch rather than already working from a preexisting infrastructure), but if it could have been made in a manner that encompassed as many people as Medicare I believe it could have been effective and led to single payer.

      That being said, I did believe single payer advocates deserved their seat at the table and deserved their right to speak. My biggest objection was that many chose to drown the single payer people out rather than allow them theirtime. It was my same objection during the primary. People have a right to a difference of opinion on strategy and discussion on those differences is almost always good. It allows the fence leaners to flesh out the BEST position IMO.

      • True, “if it could have been made in a manner that encompassed as many people as Medicare.” That was Hacker’s original proposal, with 130 million enrollees. It was rather disillusioning to watch the “public option” leadership still beat the drum for it as it dwindled to 9 or 10 million and then disappeared. As we know now, Obama had made another secret deal with the hospitals to make sure it never happened. Whether the A listers who led the effort were players or got played really doesn’t matter to me; all that energy would have been better spent educating the citizens on the best policy. Oh well.

        • I saw this as a failure of the blogs to have a fallback plan. They went with Plan A(public option) and by the time they started advocating Plan B(single payer) it was too late. Had they spent their energies pushing to allow the single payer people a seat at the table instead of denigrating them as “idealistic and unrealistic” and instead fighting the Blue Dogs they might have had success.

          As usual though the progressive community instead of giving the black eye to its enemy chose to punch its natural ally in the eye. It’s a very definite flaw and it’s looking like a trend. I don’t know how they can succeed long term if they can’t even identify their REAL enemies. On the other hand I don’t know how the liberal community succeeds without intergrating their numbers.

          • I’m afraid I don’t see this as a good faith thing.

            “The blogs” — by which I assume you mean the access bloggers; Corrente is a blog, after all — censored and excluded single payer advocates from the very beginning, without exception. They didn’t even front page the Baucus 8 when they got arrested in the Senate.

            That’s not compatible with a good faith effort. That’s the issue, not the lack of a fallback plan.

          • Good faith or not, I still see the end result as fail-fail. They have the numbers but lack the inability to discern where to focus, how to plan , or a tolerance for different opinions in their ranks. in short, they consistently get rolled-on everything. We have a broad tolerance for different viewpoints, and are able to focus, and generally are willing and capable of developing a plan that doesn’t involve folding. We fight back but lack the numbers to make the impact needed to get taken seriously by the admin.

  39. Great piece RD. 40 years ago. Yep. The people at the Conf — especially Genobama knew what to look for. Others calling themselves Dems were deluded. What a mess.

    Thanks once again for writing these the way you do. It will be poor women and Brook’s gen who suffer the consequences. Sadly so.
    God Rd.

    • I hope single women cross their legs and keep them firmly crossed in protest. Obama didn’t want his girls punished with babies, but he doesn’t give a royal rats @ss about anyone else’s daughter.

      • Gweema, the entire abortion debate is about controlling women’s sexual behavior to conform to hard-right standards of propriety and punishing women if they fail to conform. So hoping that women keep their legs together isn’t exactly going to teach anyone a lesson.

  40. http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2010/03/22/clinton-health-care-passage-shows-obamas-resolve/

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton celebrated the passage of landmark health care reform Monday, in a rare moment for a woman who was once one of the leading voices on the issue.

    “If you ever doubt the resolve of President Obama to stay with a job, look at what we got done for the United States last night when it came to passing quality affordable health care for everyone,”

    • Heh

      “Yeah I’m sure she wasn’t saying that cause she had to or anything. ”

      I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again. I genuinely like and respect Hillary Clinton. However, I ain’t Hillary Clinton and what was passed was far from QUALITY health care.”

      As a matter of fact, there will be snowballs in Hades before I vote for President Obama after signing his little signing statement. My vote was in play and he just lost it.

    • Hillary sold us out, too.

      End of that discussion…

      • Or she could have been having a quiet little read-between-the-lines snark. There’s more than one way to read that statement.

        • Yes, just literally reading the words she said could be taken in more than one way.


        • I agree that she definitely gave a double meaning to her remark. And more inclined to belief its the snarky one since Bill made a similar one.

          Obama just isn’t clever enough like the Clintons to make such snark with a smile. He’s too busy blowing himself to learn how.

    • Oh Hillary. 😦

      I’ll still vote for you if I ever get the chance.

    • Given the background to all this, does anyone doubt that if she had not made a statement like this today, that her silence would become the news this week?

    • The News Article continues with this:

      “In her own presidential campaign from 2007 to 2008, then Senator Clinton made health care a signature issue. She vowed to fight for comprehensive health care coverage.

      But as Secretary of State, she avoids weighing in on internal U.S. politics – and became notably absent on the issue.

      Aside from the one remark on health care, Clinton’s speech to AIPAC on Monday focused entirely on foreign policy.”

      Hillary was NOTABLY ABSENT ON THE ISSUE.” I believe that Hillary does not support this mess; but right now she can not attack POTUS Obama directly. You must read between the lines of what Hillary and Bill say publically!

      Also, the MSM are tools of Obama and take great liberties with the TRUTH!!

      • It’s not considered a good idea for the Secretary of State to get involved in internal domestic squabbling. They usually try to maintain an above it all posture in terms of domestic political issues.

        • Yep. The nations diplomate needs to stay above the domestic fray. Any involvement in those can directly impact diplomatic efforts and would reduce her effectiveness. That’s her job, and she’d damn good at it.

          It’s of course sad that it’s under this administration, but I think she might have taken on the job if offered under a McCain administration as well.

          It’s an important job that is more important than who she happens to work for to do it. Been there, done that.

        • Then why did she make a statement at all?

          What you’ve said should have been her statement.

          • Because someone at MSNBC would have called her a cold-hearted shrew if she made the statement you would have preferred.

          • Gawd forbid if people call her names. That’s just never happened. LOL.

            She’s just another pol anyway. Deifying her as people around here still do is a worthless cause. She’s an Obama-ite. She’s a sellout. She’s probably a shew too.

          • She has made that statement in the past to David Gregory, for one. She should have stayed with it. But, I have no idea what her agreement with Obama is, and suspect she needs to stay on his good side.

        • Well, except that Hillary made private calls behind the scenes encouraging Dems to vote for Obamacare.

          Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

        • I’d heard about Lynch, but he didn’t change his mind. Were there others?

      • All I know is I’m really really really really really glad that she isn’t in the Senate and has to actually vote on the Women are Chattel bill. Damn, but she dodged that bullet. Seems like someone’s playing a mean game of chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

        • Hillary’s such a smarty-pantsuit.

          Please please let her primary BO.

          • Give. It. Up. That is never going to happen.

            Only way you’ll see her take a run in 2012 is if he announces he is not seeking re-election.

        • She would have voted “Yay,” and I think you know that. Despite all the great things about Hillary, she is still a Democrat, and a team player first. If she voted for GWB’s war, she would vote for the D’s insurance bill.

          • Yeah, that’s what I said. I’m glad she realized what our future held and bailed on the Senate. She would have been forced to support this POS legislation which violates the women-are-people principles she holds dear.

          • No. Her vote was as intended. To provide incentive for Iraq to comply with diplomatic efforts. Over 80% of her constituents favored her voting FOR that legislation. She was not voting for war authorization UNLESS and UNTIL all diplomatic efforts were exhausted.

      • me,too Carly in NJ.

    • “If you ever doubt…look at what we got done for the US…”

      There’s a big “/s” after that, IMO. Means we can indeed keep on doubting.

  41. Once again, BHO has cleverly distracted more than half the population, including men and women, into naval gazing around the consequences of laissez faire heterosexual sex acts in order to avoid detailed analysis of one of the crappiest pieces of legislation that has ever been written – behind closed doors, at that. The health insurance reform act is an earmarked-filled boondoggle to insurance and pharmaceutical companies that guarantees their stranglehold on Americans for years to come, both financially and in terms of personal freedoms and choices.

    • this distraction is from the Republican playbook….

      His idolization of Reagan is clear for all the world to see

    • Exactly. The Women’s rights issue is huge, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the giveaway to a monopoly for-profit insurance industry on the backs of the working middle class.

      We are screwed for another generation. Thank you BHO, you Reaganesque fvckhead.

  42. […] The Confluence – The Riverdaughter blog – “A tragic setback for women’s rights&#8… […]

  43. From J Hamsher’s post on passage of the health bill.

    Rather than use his talents to rein in corporate interests, as he promised on the campaign trail, the President used his office to shield them from accountability. This was our chance to weaken them, and the Americans that Obama inspired with his message of change would have fought like hell by his side to do just that. Sadly, that opportunity was squandered. President Obama made himself the defender of the corporate interest problem that we still need to overcome. Perhaps that is the best that can be achieved within our current system. If so, that is a sobering reality.


    We also hope that the Democratic party recalls that preserving abortion rights is a plank in the party platform. Unfortunately, with this legislation, women’s reproductive rights were sacrificed for corporate profits. There’s no other way to say it. And the party alone is not to blame. It could not have happened without the cooperation of pro-choice groups, who failed to mobilize and did little but issue press releases and fundraise in the wake of the biggest assault on women’s reproductive rights in 35 years. Their complete capitulation is symptomatic of the crisis that the passage of this bill has triggered on the left. Liberal interest groups across the board sacrificed the interests of their members, and, in the end, acted as little more than enforcers for PhRMA and the insurance companies, or sat mute in exchange for personal sinecures and carve-outs.

    But it is a national shame that a Democratic President who pledged the repeal of the Hyde Amendment would proudly issue an executive order affirming it. How far we’ve come since 2007, when Barack Obama swore that his first act in office would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.

    And finally, most of all, we hope that members of both parties find the courage to stand up to the corporate lobbyists who dominated this process–because if left unchecked, their pernicious influence will continue to infect every aspect of ourgovernment to the detriment of its citizens. We who are voters must clearly communicate in November that we will accept nothing less because the fight cannot end until we as a nation decide to take on the corporate interests that are corrupting our political institutions and strangling their ability to provide affordable healthcare to everyone.

    • Jane’s talking about BO’s promises to women from 2007. Yay. Might be useful for FDL to catalogue all of BO’s broken progressive campaign promises since that time.

      • I’m wondering what her strategy is for 2012 at this point. Even if 2010 is a bloodbath I don’t see anyone primarying Obama. Heck, do you see anyone being the voice of REAL opposition to him? Even Kuchinich backed down.

        • Third party from the left could peel off enough votes to give him a problem in the general if it’s close. Would at least serve to put his feet in the fire from the left. He’s only paying attention to the right right now.

          • That’s why I’m third party shopping. Third parties are a long shot so I think there would need to be a concentrated movement toward a third party for it to succeed. I’m also wondering if it isn’t done early enough on(which is difficult without an actual candidate)whether it would have enough impact. The third parties are still falling in the under 5% threshhold.

            As RD pointed out the top two parties usually are able to make it difficult for a third party to get traction on everything from participation in debates to billing on a ballot.

          • Well, I hope “the left” makes him adhere to whatever promises he makes BEFORE the 2012 election.

            The man is a proven liar. No reason to trust that he’ll do as he says AFTEr the election

          • Nobody (excepting a TEENSY handful) on the left has the guts to vote third party. They’ll start out with the best of intentions, and then get bullied into voting Dem like always when they get beaten with the Roe and SCOTUS sticks again. Instead they’ll vote Dem or stay home.

          • Sandra S., I am extremely far left and I voted McPalin; I’ll be happy to punch the ballot for Jeb in 2012 if I have to. I love the smell of sedition on election day! And, besides, I really prefer people who confront me to my face as opposed to liars who stab me in the back. Who knows, I may be one of only a “handful” but the folks Obama has to worry about are the Independents (who he is losing) and the Christian Right who stayed home in 2008. If he keeps bleeding Independents and if the religious right decides to show up and vote, he will lose in 2012. Only time will tell, and IMO it doesn’t look like time is on the Big Zero’s side.

        • cwaltz, I’m counting on you, or DandyTiger, or indigogrrl putting your names on the Virginia ballot. Otherwise, I’m writing y’all in! 🙂

      • A start: Obama’s Scandals List

        I think the abortion EO needs to be added ASAP.

    • She misses an important point. Obama couldn’t use his power to reign in the corporations as he was the candidate fronted and paid for by the corporation. Had Jane & friends paid more attention to what he said, they wouldn’t have been surprised now.

    • That seems like a good post. The more people wake up to the blatanat fraud & corruption that President bail Out is doing, the better.

  44. MSNBC Poll on the Passage of the Health Care Debacle:

    “The House Has Passed A Historic Health Care Overhaul: Are You Excited Or Angry”?

    Cast Your Vote!!!


    62.6%, 244,700+ ( at the moment) say they are ANGRY. Bet you MSNBC didn’t expect that response and will probably take the poll down soon. Only, 22.7% say they are “Excited.”

    Those that vote that they are ANGRY agree that, “This legislation will harm the economy while mandating a government takeover of the health care system.”

    The additional comments are priceless! Lots of folks are MAD AS HELL!!

    • I’m afraid to ask how many of the “mad as hell” folks cite socialism in theri remarks. Sigh. Half of the country recites talking points without even actually understanding what they are talking about(and let me be clear the 50% includes Obamites that would call this transformational and then not be able to cite how it controls costs). Problematic.

    • Oh wow. Numbers at the moment show:

      64.3% Angry
      22.3% Excited
      12.8% Not sure

      And that’s MSNBC—–not Fox.

      Ruh roh, Nancy.

  45. Did anyone else get the email from Planned Parenthood whooping it up over the wonderful and historical healthcare reform bill that is the most wonderful and historical thing ever from our wonderful and historical feminist President? I didn’t read the whole thing because I didn’t want my head to explode so early in the morning. Is today Opposite Day and nobody told me?

    • They got funding from what I understand. Evidently “team player” isn’t a familiar term for them.

      • Evidently “team player” isn’t a familiar term for them.

        Apparently, neither is “reproductive rights.”

    • Let’s just say my reply to that email was considerably less than polite.

    • I also got an email from Sen. Feingold saying the same thing. Also didn’t read due to needing my head today, if anything to read comments. 😉

  46. Use HCANt’s own tool to tell your rep what a bad bill this is. Tell ’em Jason Rosenbaum sent you…

    • Mine voted no. Poor dear is worried about his seat. We’re in an R+11 seat and for the first time in a while the GOP isn’t running a dogcatcher against him.

      I’m still trying to decide his value. He sent me a letter talking about Stupak Pitts, yet NARAL Virginia has him as pro choice. He’s fairly Blue Doggish. Getting an answer out of Virginia representation on where they stand is like pulling teeth

  47. Look for the privatization of Medicare next.

    • And SS. Sadly I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised.

      • Yup


      • Yup. Only Nixon could go to China, and only Obama can privatize SS and Medicare–although his idol Raygun got that ball rolling IIRC. Isn’t Medicare already about 25% privatized?

    • Obama’s at townhalls was repeating the Repub meme that medicare will be insolvent very soon. And he used this as reason to pass Obamacare. As far as SS being privatized … he was touting this in the primaries and back when Krugman wasn’t slurping kool-aid, exposed him for this.

    • it already has been. They call it medicare advantage…where the government sends your 99 bucks to Humana or BC/BS and washes their hands off you.
      then if medicare advantage (medicare replacement) decides to give you a 6000 out of pocket maximum, too freaking bad, you can’t change again until next year and if you have gotten sick in the meantime the regular medicare supplement companies do not have to take you.

  48. Thank you, RD, for this wonderful post and for all you do.


    • The Roosevelt son and grandson have been notoriously bad for progressive causes involving healthcare!!!~

  49. No wonder the Paul Kinsey types are so happy. Paul Kinsey is the overeducated, undertalented, puffed-up blowhard on Mad Men. Anything to keep the Peggy Olsons of the world from encroaching on his natural privilege.

    • LMFAO!!!! :O Paul Kinsey is the elitist Obama-loving know it all. & he was dumped by Sterling & Cooper when they bolted to form their new ad company. Loved that!

  50. RD — I loved your post today. You have summed up all my anger in one incredible piece. And yes, it is because of people like Jane Hamsher that we have this crap … too little too late, Jane. Her and others of her ilk must come clean and admit she was wrong for lambasting those who saw the writing on the wall. Or as mentioned by a previous commenter … “those who choose to question first, than support later.”

    This is who The Confluence represents for me, the questioners, the people who want to know the ins and outs of the POLICY, not be filled with happy bullshit so they feel good all the time.

    The Confluence has been especially helpful for me since I’m one of those weird feminists and women of my generation (moving into my 40’s now) who just couldn’t buy the bullshit no matter how hard I tried to plug my nose and sprinkle it with kool-aid.

    I was one of the few who actively joined the pol orgs when I went to school in Madison, and as such have a total different perspective from others I went to school with who were too hung-over or high to make it to the rallies to see what really goes on there or who actually read the legislation. Getting the non-questioners to actually do something was like pulling teeth because we had Clinton and they were ignorant to the congressional maneuverings that were occurring (i.e., Hyde Amendment); moreover, they didn’t care. Then when they left college became too wrapped up in their careers (getting theirs) and dancing on the bar tables in a warped sense of female empowerment to keep up on the issues and relied upon NOW/NARAL/PP to do so. Most women of my generation have no sense of fighting for their rights because they never did! They just scream at the Evil Republicans and feel no sense of real empowerment. What I’m hearing, though, is this DISEMPOWERMENT has escalated among the newer generations, and its frightening to hear them put all their faith in Obama (or the New Dem Party) to save them.

    To think, you all, after 40 years of witnessing the slow descent of women’s rights into this heaping pile of crap (the EO states “segregation” for cripes sakes), have provided a forum for us newcomers to share our grief … truly warms my ultra-feminist heart. And provides much vigor / fuel for me to fight on!

    The only way us women will be heard is if we protest the EO and ObamaCare… and protest BIG.

  51. “The Health Care Hindenburg Has Landed” — Chris Hedges, March 22, 2010


  52. New post up. {{herds cats upstairs}}

  53. Riverdaughter, why don’t you cross post this piece or write a new one on this topic and post it at the Seminal over there? Perhaps this is a good time that we just fight this issue out once and for all. Or perhaps not fight but confront it.

  54. Sadly, I conferred with a couple of female Obotic friends whose response to my insistence that their human rights (control of thine own bod) were getting eaten away by this bill was that I was being racist again and that teh Precious was still marvey and the moon was hung upon his bony ass. What is going to take to knock a hole in adoration like that?

    • My best friend tried to tell me–again–this morning that the Repubs are determined to take down Obama because he’s a black man. I finally lost it. I pointed out that this is what Repubs do to a Dem in office and reminded him of the nightmares the Clintons had to endure, day after day, week after week–for eight solid years! By the end of my tirade, I think I had convinced him. I also added that you never heard either of the Clintons whining and pleading with the Dems to save Clinton’s presidency. Clinton was able to stand up without being propped up.

      • even if it’s true, which frankly I don’t even doubt, what the HELL has it got to do with the bad job Obama’s ACTUALLY DOING??

        Just because there are some insane racists in the tea party crowd, that doesn’t mean *I* still don’t have a legitimate complaint about his selling us out.

        This tactic is used to intimidate and shut us down.

        My legitimate complaints and random racist other people are not mutually exclusive, and I have no control over other people’s racism, so they can shut up about it when we’re talking about something else.

        • Oh, believe me, I added that point as well. I told him I was sick and tired of hearing every legitimate complaint about Obama being attacked as being solely due to racism.

          • totally. Are there racist people out there against Obama? Certainly. Doesn’t mean everyone is. A little discernment is all I ask…

  55. Looks like NARAL represents women’s interests in the same say AARP represents seniors.

    No wonder the third wave is a flop.

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