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No end in sight.

This is supposed to be the morning news post but I didn’t put any news in it because it’s all bad and I’m too fucking depressed to even skim the headlines right now.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around here much the last week or so and the reason for that is I’ve been in a very dark and depressed mood and I needed a break. I think what triggered it was Joe Cannon’s announcement that he was closing his blog. In the big scheme of things somebody deciding they don’t want to blog anymore is not a major catastrophe but his announcement was the straw the broke the camel’s back.

I don’t know if I’m drinking too much or not enough but I’m still feeling pretty gloomy. The real reason for my emotional recession is partly due to all the bad news we’ve been getting steadily for years now. Pick a topic, it’s all bad, but some of it’s worse than others. We didn’t even get to enjoy the end of the Bush administration.

Another thing that has been bothering me is that I really wanted to be wrong about Obama but I wasn’t, and saying “I told you so” doesn’t make up for having my worst nightmares become true. If anything, he’s even worse than I feared.

But what really has me bummed out right now is the realization that there is no end in sight for the mess this country is in. The single biggest problem facing our nation is the illness in our political system. When I say “illness” I mean the equivalent of an inoperable cancer that has metastasized. If we fixed our political system then we would actually be able to do something about those other problems.

For most of my adult life I believed that the Democrats were the good guys so even when they were getting slapped around by the Republicans I could support them and hope that after the next election they would grow a pair and start standing up for the liberal ideals they campaigned on.

I finally realized that the majority of the Democrats who hold elected office are not only corrupt but they have the same agenda as the Republicans. Oh, the say they’re on our side, and when it’s time for them to represent us they might make some speeches andr play some parliamentary tricks but when the nitty meets the gritty they lose on purpose. Lots of times they don’t even bother to put on a dog and pony show anymore, they just vote to bail out Wall Street or take away our civil rights as if that’s what we wanted them to do.

Now as far back as I can remember the Republicans were corrupt and they tended to be pricks or assholes, and sometimes both, but they weren’t insane. Nowadays there’s a lot of GOPers that are crazy as shithouse rats. That not only includes the elected ones but the voters too. Then you got the tea baggers who don’t think the Republicans are crazy enough.

On the left side they’re getting just as bad, they’re just insane about different things. If you read both the left and right blogs on a regular basis you’d think think they inhabit completely different worlds. It’s almost like they don’t speak the same language.

Next fall we’re gonna have and election and right now it looks like the Republicans will gain seats in Congress, and maybe even get control of one or both houses. But no matter who wins, we lose. The same thing in November of 2012. – If either the Democrats or Republicans win, we’re screwed.

Sooner or later Obama will be out of office, but will whoever the Democrats nominate to replace him be any less corrupt?

When does this shit start to get better?

No news is good news so y’all have a nice day.

PS: If anybody fucking tells me to cheer up I’m sending a clown car to their house.

228 Responses

  1. No cheer up from me. I’m an optimist by nature, but I have been alternately angry/depressed since May 31, 2008. The best I can say is it can’t get much worse.

    • I have felt that way since the Clinton Impeachment. The fact that my family and friends are gullible obots (and every single one of them sexist even if they do not know it) just make it worse.

      What we need is a new media. There are a few people writing for the papers who are still valid journalists and reporters. But everyone on TV is clueless or willing to go along with propaganda and their bosses choosing our President. If they suddenly fell in to the ocean I would not morn.
      We need a law that news organizations can only be owned by news organizations.

  2. No end in sight that I can see either, but at least Zsa Zsa Huffington’s headlines will let us know whenever Michelle and Barack are flirting.

    • Lol Those crazy kids are better than Busby Berkeley for lifting me out of my humdrum world!

  3. No cheer up from me either. The stupid party vs the scary party – it’s what I used to think. Now they both scare me.
    And check up this little ugly twist: AP campaigning for HCR to the anti-choice crowd – discretely, of course

    • Where is the voice for pro-choice reproductive health? Why isn’t there a women’s organization/movement that establishes a nationwide reproductive health insurance program that women can buy into? Why are we the chattel slaves of a political system dominated by men? I feel like we are not only failing to make progress on this issue, we are losing ground. The more women’s health is dominated by abortion, the more we lose everywhere in the system. Why do we think that there is any hope in political solutions for reproductive health?

    • That’s not even subtle. I’ll remember that name. Ricardo Alonzo-Zaldivar is an anti-choice crusader.

      • anti-choice = anti-women

        and when they complain that you are smearing them for being anti-choice, do NOT back down.
        I refuse to even argue the point.

  4. I’m returning from vacation today. But, surveying the political landscape makes me wonder if I can handle a return to my own blog .. and politics??

    This is a sad time for me. I feel similar to you, MIQ. I had hoped I was wrong about Obama. I recently tweeted that a part of me wished the hopers were right.

    “I told you so” brings little solace. A few laughs now and again. But little solace.

    So sad….

  5. I’m totally depressed – I guess for the same reasons. I hadn’t traced it back to Joe Cannon’s post but, the timing for my sorrow is eerily similar.

    I think for me the trap (and depression IS a trap) is this health care thing. This bill is TOTAL crap. But, at the rate things are going I ACTUALLY need the subsidy.

    If they had decided to phase in Medicare for Everyone (or a broadly-based parallel program called A Public Option) that could have liberated us from this unrelenting march toward 100% of our salaries going toward Health Insurance premiums.

    But, they didn’t.

    I went for my physical yesterday and talked to my doctor about the idea of us dropping our insurance if the premiums reached 40% of our take home pay (we’re already at 26%) — She said that with our health problems we can’t consider dropping it. It would be too dangerous.

    SHE said that she has a patient who dropped her insurance. And put all the money she would have spent on premiums in an account & never touched it – except for medical expenses. And she got every test My Doc recommended. And the money piled up – because all the tests in the world don’t come close to what insurance companies charge.

    But, then she developed an obscure liver disease and she needs a transplant.

    And all that savings doesn’t come close to what she needs for that. She’s totally screwed.

    (I didn’t ask my doctor why we are supposed to donate our loved ones parts but, every other person involved in the process gets to charge extortionist rates)


    Actually? I think no news is bad news.

    • Some things the non-bonus-class people can agree on, whether R or D:

      “Look, I’m a Republican, so I don’t usually get outraged by what people are paid, but this really angers me,” says Brian McCulloch, a Shoreline insurance consultant and longtime nag of the state’s nonprofit insurers.

      “With all these plans jacking up premiums and losing members to the ranks of uninsured, they choose now to grab all this money off the table?” ….

      The pay, the premium increases, the opposition to more regulation of its industry — it all led a former insurance executive in Oregon to charge that Regence has started acting more like a hedge fund than the Northwest’s largest not-for-profit health insurer. ….

      But million-dollar bonuses are a sign something’s gone off the rails, Robby Stern told me as he helped put yellow crime-scene tape around Regence’s Seattle headquarters in a protest Tuesday. “Health care is a fundamental need people have,” he said. “It’s not supposed to be a product to make people rich.”

      Now Stern is a ’60s lefty and retired labor union leader (he was protesting Regence on behalf of Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans.) McCulloch ran twice as a Republican for state insurance commissioner.

      After talking to them both, I can vouch they don’t agree on practically anything about health-care reform. Except this: Insurance profits are obscene.

      McCulloch estimates the big three local insurers are holding $1.3 billion in surpluses that could be returned to the public. While still leaving plenty of cushion to pay out future claims.


      • But million-dollar bonuses are a sign something’s gone off the rails, Robby Stern told me as he helped put yellow crime-scene tape around Regence’s Seattle headquarters in a protest Tuesday. “Health care is a fundamental need people have,” he said. “It’s not supposed to be a product to make people rich.”

        He forgot doctors and hospitals. They have been getting rich off of sick people for decades.

    • but if you save as she did and only have catastrophic insurance -that could work

  6. I’m sorry you’re feeling so depressed, myiq2xu. I’m glad you shared it with us though. I’d never tell you to “cheer up” or worse, “snap out of it.” I know what real depression is like. I wish I could give you a big hug right now though.

    I’ve been worried about you, and I’m just glad you wrote this blog. I was stunned by Joseph Cannon leaving too. I sure hope he’s OK. Anyway, take care of yourself today, and remember you have friends here who love you.

    • (((((myiq))))

      please don’t send the clown car…

    • I miss Joseph’s blog, too, but note that he put up his notice just when Jerry Brown announced he would run for governor of California. I think I recall he is a strong supporter of the former governor. He would not take questions or allow comments to be posted about his decision, but I hoped he quit blogging to focus on helping the Brown campaign.

      Cannonfire was an interesting and thoughtful blog. I wish Joseph well — and hope that when he feels like it or has time, he reopens Cannonfire.

      But I am so sorry you are depressed, myiq. Most politicians suck these days, even worse than usual.

      I think an Al Franken comic book is coming out in May:


      We have to take consolation where we can.


    • I was also “Stunned” by Joe’s decision. I know how you feel Myiq. I’ve been there for months now.

      Like many, I too wanted so badly to be wrong about Obama but being from Chicago, I knew what the country was getting in him…..NOTHING!

      He did NOTHING while a State Senator in Illinois, He did NOTHING for us while he represented us in Washington and he has done NOTHING for the country since being gifted the Presidency.

      So, I suppose wanting to be proved wrong despite all I have come to know about the man was…”Wishful thinking!” You know the kind…Like… I have the winning numbers in the Powerball lottery kind of wishing!

      I have a better chance of being struck by a bolt of Lightning being flung by an angry God wearing a pink tutu than we have of Obama proving us wrong!

      I suspect things will get a whole hell of a lot worse for many of us trying to survive in O’BamaLand!

  7. Myiq2xu
    I would not ever tell you to cheer up. You have no idea how many times I have felt that I am glad I am my age and not younger. I have cried for my country. I do have some hope but no much for future generations of this country.
    But then my Irish stubornness kicks in and I think some of us raised our children to think and not be blindsided and we are wrong to think our children are weaker then we are. I learned that one way out of a dark room was to always keep one hand on the wall and you will find the door,
    We need your irony and wit to keep getting through this mess. You teach me about music with your videos



  8. OK myiq2xu: I want the clown car but you don’t have to cheer up. Just send it over.

    You left out the other big piece of this scenario—-the scary party, the stupid party and the clueless/celebrity press whores who worship them.

    • ah yes, our favorites.

    • Dad and I were talking about how the press is such an echo chamber for party talking points any more too. It’s definitely not doing its role of informing the public. I still can’t believe how we got a president that was so thoroughly unvetted publicly.

      • We really need to do something about that mainstream media. With the economy the way it is and the media bleeding financially, you’d think they’d smarten up and begin targeting the vast proportion of the audience that’s angry at the establishment.

        • The people in charge of big media have no sympathy for populism. They’re elitists first and moneygrubbers second.

          They have and are screwing over everybody apart from the people in front of the camera to keep costs down. The illegal use of unpaid interns as free labor is rampant in the business, and the behind-the-scenes people who are paid get worked to almost to death.

          The powers-that-be in media land would sooner their operations go bankrupt than cater substantively to what they see as the rabble. And they pay themselves enough to ensure they’re not going to suffer once the ship goes down.

        • the media is just more corporate than media any more …

          • The few journalists left with any integrity seem pretty discouraged. Too much self-censoring going on in addition to the censoring and directed storylines from the corporate editors.

            There must be some way of keeping good investigative journalism going in a different format. I’d pay a subscription for web-based reportage that actually delved into the machinistics behind the bought politicians. And intelligent stories on other issues would be welcome too.

  9. You took the words right out of my mouth, myiq. I haven’t felt like commenting much either, mainly because I think matters are even worse than they appear, if that’s possible. That’s the problem with getting old, I suppose–you really can remember when things were not just different, but better. Meanwhile, I’m grateful for the community here. Helps keep what’s left of my sanity.

    • In that tortured interview Massa had with Beck yesterday Massa said that the financial state of the US is much worse than it appears. I would have loved it if Beck had done some follow-up on that.

      And what Massa said in that interview was a version of what is being said here–it is utterly a broken system and it is both of our parties. It is not the “tweedle dum and tweedle dee” of our past but a new political party parity that is corrosive and corrupt to the core.

      I still think it is a good time for a third party that might force change.

    • Me too. I barely comment anymore because I am just tired of the mess. I still lurk, which I’m sure doesn’t help my state of mind either. Even as much as I hate the state of things, I can’t seem to ignore it and pretend everything is super great.

      I know several people who are unemployed. All of them are professionals in their 40’s with kids at home. They are living off whats left of savings and 401Ks. Nothing is being done to help them and I don’t see any signs that help is coming either. If I personally know this many unemployed people in my small circle of friends…

      This is my great disappointment and I thought democrats would at least TRY to help. They haven’t even done that. There isn’t even any lip service!

      • they’re talking about giving us 25% pay cuts here … I’m not sure what’s worse …no job or a job where you can’t make ends meet at all

        • I’m not sure, either. My income dropped by 25% a year ago. Life is certainly different.

        • In my experience, raises run around 5% if you are a great performer – but pay cuts take you back several years all at once.

          What is causing them to think about 25% cuts? Are enrollments lower at the university or is there less of the state pie to put into higher education?

          • Nope, more students and we’re all taking an additional class too and they’re trying to sneak more students into our classes. It’s the money the state (i.e. Piyush Jindal) is cutting out from under us.

      • Government is hiding behind the business monopolies. Everyone else is out of sight, out of mind.

      • This is my great disappointment and I thought democrats would at least TRY to help. They haven’t even done that. There isn’t even any lip service!


  10. My dad and I actually had a similar conversation yesterday, myiq2xu. He’s a fairly conservative republican and both of us can’t think of ANY ONE right now we’d vote to a leadership position from either party that is likely to run at this point. They’re all corrupt and spend all their time either working on re-election or on legislature that helps their big donors. This political system basically brutalizes any one that’s normal. If you’re not a batshit crazy mo’fo’ you can’t come through it alive.

  11. All this time I was thinking you were basking in the magic of a new granddaughter.

    Though things could not look worse to an objective person, this is not the end of our country, though it is gonna hurt, but the start of remaking of it from the ground up along saner lines of sharing, brotherhood and love. And that will come from the ground up, not from the top down. Judging by the polls, it looks like we’re already beginning to shake off our complacency.

    I know just how corny that sounds, but it’s true. Keep your chin up.
    share-international.org has the improbable but true story . Watch a couple of Creme’s lectures.

  12. I almost could have written your post word for word, except I haven’t hit the depression level, yet. I’m still caught in the scared phase. Everything scares me these days. The people who are controlling our futures are taking everything away, and I’m at a point in my life where there isn’t time to rebuild. I’m scared and sad and on my way to depressed.

    I despised the Bush administration with the same intensity as any good Democrat, but they never made me feel so helpless. I wonder how much longer our young, educated and talented citizens can tolerate their broken hopes before they start marching.

    • That’s because now it is obvious that it is not about Bush, per se. The entire system has been prostituted, and no one that is in a power position to do something has the guts, or they are prevented from gaining the role they need to be in to have an effect (eg: HRC).

      This kind of anger and depression leads to revolution if it gets bad enough. Unfortunately, as long as we are drugged by video games, special interest stories, etc. we can suffer and grovel for years. Wait until people start living on the street and getting hungry–that will get their attention. But we will need a true leader to emerge.

      I heard a new stat this weekend, it might not be exactly accurate numerically, but you get the idea. We spend:

      $53 billion a year on video games & it would only take $15 billion a year to educate every child in the world. Until people get their priorities straight, nothing will change.

      • Sadly, we should be able to have as many video games as we want without fearing our gov’t will do to us what it is doing.

        For me, the greater problem is found in events like the Rules Committee, and all the antics played out right in front of our faces without fear of reprisal (and, there surely was none). Obama’s falling approval ratings haven’t done anything to encourage him to change his direction on HCR, bank bailouts, the Patriot Act, FISA, and on and on. This is not even the beginning of the end….it feels more like the point of no return.

  13. “Gloom, despair and agony on me.
    If it weren’t for bad luck,
    I’d have no luck a-tall”

    I’d tell everyone about my situation and take on things, but I don’t want to bring you down.

    We can only tune out the MSM, vote for the best person, and rage, rage against the machine. We are legion, and we will win in the end for the mass is apathetic and uninformed, the edges are dangerous but informed, but the strength is in the informed middle. Inform. Educate. Despair not.

  14. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Lets just join the Obots and believe. We’ll be happy, Obama will be happy, the Congress and Corporations will be ecstatic!
    I’ve been telling myself that Cannon leaving is because he got that job he always dreamed of. He’s a great artist and illustrator who has been out of work. He did mention once that he was trying to find that dream job.
    As for myself, its been liberating since I left the Democratic Party and opened my eyes to the Corporations taking over the World. Yep, we all saw the 200 election stolen, the 2004 election probably stolen and then, May 31 when I realized that it didn’t matter what the people wanted. Now I can be like my dad was when he would say they are all crooks.

  15. It seems you’re not alone, myiq.

    Rasmussen’s new Obama Approval Index:

    Strongly approve 22%
    Strongly disapprove 43%
    Total approval: 43%

    Basically his approval index is MINUS 21 points.

    But don’t feel alone or isolated because of your feelings about it all. Americans seem to be feeling the same as you do, now.

    Hug that granddaughter a lot. It does help. 🙂

  16. Backtrack is now looking at a bill that has the capacity to stop fishing for pleasure and food in our oceans and inland water ways.
    he and his bunch are like the chinese water torture and I will be damned if I will let them win. We can all get our dark days and they are legimate , but please think of Valley Forge and other times and do not let the bastards get you down.



  17. I changed e-mail accounts and lost my morning posting of the NY Times because they’re so stupid they can’t change my e-mail address. HOWEVER, I have been almost joyous this past week and I trace it back to not knowing anything that’s going on in the world – particulary the s*it they shovel out of the Times.

    Does anyone know if Joe Cannon is quitting because of some scary, threatened, horrible thing? I hope it’s because he got a full time job making zillions of bucks and now just won’t have the time for us. I worry about the other possibility – ’cause he was always “out there”, saying it like it (sadly) really is.

  18. Hey, I went to B0botland and found a few cheerful headlines
    “Rec if you have lost a lot of respect for Markos Moulitsas.” (has 73 recs)

    “If Private Health Insurance Companies Are Evil, Why Are You Forcing Me to Be a Customer?”
    That’s about it. But those are popular.

    • Ack, for a second I thought that said “Rec if you have a lot of respect for Markos.” lol

  19. I missed you, clown. I hoped you were on an extravagant vacation, wiggling your floppy red shoes in the sand somewhere.

    I feel bummed out over it all too. Except, I’d say I’m teetering on the verge of despair when I think deeply about this mess we are in. I wonder how other people I see face to face aren’t in the same condition, and then I realize, they just don’t think about it. They don’t want to face the bad news, talk about it or hear me think “I told you so.”

  20. Right on cue: NuDems next target is Kucinich…

    Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas warned on Tuesday night that if Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) plays a role in killing health care reform, a Democratic primary challenger would almost certainly await him in the next election.

    • I saw that, too. Would someone please tell me why anyone thinks Markos is at all relevant? Talk about a legend in his own mind! Anyone who even suggests that the last true liberal in Congress should be primaried for standing on principle ought to be snuggly wrapped into one of those long white coats and hauled off for extended therapy.

    • Let the idiot blather. The deadline for primary candidate registration in Ohio has passed – that’s how out of touch they are.
      But they could always try to Massa him.

    • I remember a couple of months ago when one Markos was a “kill the bill” guy. Gee, what could have happened;-)….scratching head.

      They’re all corrupt. It’s interesting watching, but it’s truly sad.

    • What an idiot. Markos campaigned for the Republican behind the Hyde Amendment. His liberalism covers men. Maybe he’s going back to his Republican roots so he can stay loyal to Obama. Relevance at all cost.

    • “The fact is this is a good first step and he is elected not to run for president, which he seems to do every four years,” he said. “[Kucinich] is not elected to grandstand and to give us this ideal utopian society. He is elected to represent the people of his district and he is not representing the uninsured constituents in his district by pretending to take the high ground here.”

      Personally, I don’t trust Kucinich one bit and if I lived in his district I don’t know if I’d vote for him, but I DON’T live in his district, and I’m betting kos doesn’t either. Since when did he become the representative and mouthpiece of the district? I’m sure they need kos to let them know what they’re electing their representative to do. Kos–he speaks for Ohio, he speaks for America!

      • It is a private health insurance industry bailout bill. Markos wants to be behind that, he’s part of the establishment…albeit a tiny one, tiny like a c0ckroach.

        • I know, but the way he acts like he’s the Kingmaker is ridiculous. I bash DK all the time because I think if it came down to his one vote, Just Words aside he’d fall on his sword for his Beloved the way he did in the past, so I don’t have a problem with bashing him per se (though kos and I have dramatically different POVs). But when he starts with the “He’s not elected to do this, he’s not elected to do that,” Yes, kos, thanks for speaking on behalf of the constituents with your vast knowledge of their situation and preferences. All politics is local, but kos will be dispatching primary challengers across the country as soon as he figures out where exactly Ohio is.

    • Will someone please give that Kos chimp a banana already?

    • Oh, f *** u *** c*** k*** him. (And his horse.)

    • Because, what he said there, and calling Kucinich a prick on the kos is the equivalent of telling every liberal who wants a single payer option and out of the war, **ck you!!! So, I just sent a little something to his DK’s campaign.

    • what a joke. Real progressive want this bill killed. kos is nothing but a geek seeking access.

  21. Spammy got my comment.

  22. I’m sorry myiq. As hard as it is to believe, I was once cheerful and optimistic. And now I’ve become almost a genius at envisioning every single possible thing that could possibly go wrong in every conceivable scenario, based off experience that it probably will and then some. I can’t blame all the depression and lethargy on the political situation, but it’s a big part of it. In a ironic twist of fate, the Changeman pretty much took Hope away. I used to believe in things and think well if A happens, then B will happen–and now I know it won’t and it won’t, because there are uglier impulses that act as controlling factors and things always end the same. And it would probably be a lot better to just not care anymore, but that’s hard.

    • Hey, I considered ordering the hybrid seed bank yesterday. How’s that for a dismal outlook?

      • With my genius for negativity, I bet those people are untrustworthy and deliberately pawning off dud seeds mixed it with a few good ones. Go to a reputable grower and make your own mix instead. 😉

        • won’t make much difference. the hybrids cross pollinate with them and the result is infertility

          • *sighs*

          • It depends how far apart the crops are, wind direction, size of pollen, etc. I’ve got an urban garden going, 13 fruits, lots of vegies, and collect a fair amount of true seed year to year. So far I just do the easy seeds–beans, squash, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers.

          • Non-hybrid seeds. And when you order, they give you specific instructions on how to save the seeds for next year.

      • If you’ve watched the documentary Food Inc. you’ll see how big seed companies go after those that save seed, even publicly owned seed. If their lawyers can show any evidence (wind carried) patented seed they will destroy the farmers in legal fees. It’s awful.

        • I’m very interested in issues around healthy foods (a fanatic, my partner would say) so I haven’t watched Food, Inc. yet. My family fears it would tip me over into being a raving lunatic on the subject…But I know seed savers are up against it, and it’s another case of corporate lack of conscience the way they go after farmers, and all of us, by extension.

          • Well, all I can say is we’re not buying anything we can’t get by without until we can visit a farm/ranch about an hour away during spring break. We will have to out of necessity buy some things from the big markets but we are going to be buying local as much as possible. And I just talked with our young kids principal about starting a compost area and local garden as an educational experience for the kids (and me as I have no idea how to do anything) I would recommend to anyone

          • Most here are probably aware of CSA, but if not it is a great way to support a local farmer.


    • Yep, I’ve always been a problem solver, myself. Could hone in on a solution to anything. Now, I’m bobbing, weaving, and dodging just trying to find a way around the problems we face to make them less traumatic. But, what they are trying to do to us with their HCR bill is going to be a really tough one…mandate us, but leave the insurance companies to run things the way they want.

      Years ago there was a book, “The Greening of America”…if I remember correctly, it predicted the takeover by banks and insurance…I didn’t read it, I was too new to independence and enjoying every moment, but I remember a co-worker trying to talk us all into paying attention….”look around you, all these new skyscrapers are owned by insurance companies and banks.” I may have to look for a copy of that book.

  23. myiq2xu,

    I think or rather am dreaming that Joe Cannon is off with a new love living happy as a clam writing his novel and watching lovely sunsets.

    Oh, and remember I am off planet so the car can’t get there. 😉

    Monty Python – MyiQ2xU: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

  24. Look, things have been bad before. Think of Lincoln in the White House when the confederates were so close he could hear the guns, think of the Hayes-Tilden election, think of the Japanese wiping out our navy, think of the morning you heard that Robert Kennedy was dead. Every generation thinks it is living in the end times of something.

    And then think of how quickly things can change, like when the Watergate break-in started Nixon’s decline; or think of Whitewater and Monica and Clinton’s leaving office with record high poll numbers (Were those because the American public is stupid? No. The MSM pro-Clinton? No.).

    The public is angry. What would be scary is if they weren’t. And people have lives to live; we’re allowed our distractions (I bet most of the video game sales are to kids and teens; with us it was tv and records.) The 18 million who voted for Hillary are still here, and so is she. And Bill.

    Caveat: I take anti-depressants, have health insurance and can afford them.

    • Hillary is working for Obama. Nuff said.

      • Hillary is working for us.

      • Hillary is working for us.

      • I think the Clintons both work for the people. The eight Clinton years were severely irritating to people who are trying to destroy this country. The media (Rupert, Scaiffe, etc), bankers, insurance executives had been on a really nice clip toward their own success when Bill slowed them down. Bush did well at making up for some of that lost time, but he also made people so angry, it was clear the country was going to go for a D administration next. So, they gave McCain a surprising victory because they figured just about anyone could beat him, and they hand-picked Obama because he was so clearly easy to manage….everything the man ever had “achieved” was gifted to him by the corrupt and the ultra-wealthy.

        They couldn’t allow HRC to slow things down, again. Her position keeps her focused outside the country and in the sights of those who want to keep her distracted. They can move her into harms way anytime they need to with this job they’ve given her.

        With the media so closely aligned with the bankers and insurance companies, it is far more difficult to get the masses to pay attention.

      • I suspect that one of the conditions Hillary posed for taking the SOS position was the freedom to make foreign policy as well as carry it out. Or are we to believe that this totally inept administration, which is failing spectacularly at everything else, somehow got the hideously complicated and dicey foreign stuff right?

        I also suspect that Hillary, disavowals to the contrary, is very, very quietly biding her time, building her creds and accumulating chips she can call in, and will be the Democratic candidate in 2012.

        • I so hope you are right about HRC biding her time. For me, that day can’t come soon enough. But then I think of all the cheating and the ultimate rip off that put this fraud in the WH and fear that we will never get the competent, engaged, and ethical president HRC would be.

          Basically, myiq’s post captured my sentiments exactly, and I despair that “we the people” will never be in charge of our country again.

          • I think if she runs or someone else does, what we do it, instead of going and voting at our own little primaries, we go to all the caucus states and fight as nasty as the Obama thugs did…only keep it legal. No more ballot stuffing in TX and Indiana. No more people caucusing in states they do not live in.

      • because she thinks she can do some good. What is your point?

  25. Yes, with Obama in power, it’s definitely worse than I thought it would be and I thought it would be pretty awful.

    But as bad as it is, I really thought the “progressive” bloggers would eventually grow a pair and turn on the guy. They just never have. The worse things get, the more places like DailyKOS, etc becomes state-sponsored blogs. Even things like terminology trickle to the borg….health care bill has become health insurance bill, has become “health” bill. I was surprised to see this happen even on Talkleft. Now I know that their borg similation is just as apparent, they pretend to be better, but they’re hiding the truth.

    We have ourselves, and thankfully the angry numbers are growing. We have to take a stand. Always voting for the lesser evil is not the way to do it. Protest voting only when you think the Democrat is going to win anyway is also not the way to do it. The only way to defeat these forces is to strengthen third parties. That may mean that Democrats lose for awhile. Strengthening and emergence of third parties also may mean that eventually both parties take a long hard look at themselves and realize that the only way to win is to turn on the corporate masters. But it’s not something that is going to happen in one election cycle. It will require patience (something it’s hard to have, I know).

    • TalkLeft is hiding the truth? Whatever makes you think they know the truth? Jeralyn can’t even figure out her own health insurance plan, and is far more interested in who the Bachelor will pick than the state of the economy (although, the crime rate will probably go up now and that is good news for her).

      BTD is just throwing darts hoping to heck there’s a bullseye on the board. ALL his credibility is locked up tight in his unwavering “media darling” crap…he was just betting on who would win, not who would make a great leader. Why would anyone listen to a buffoon like him?

    • We have third parties and forth and fifth etc…. they will never get anywhere and with them we also get the choice to vote for more white guys.
      The ONLY way to change things is to vote for women of either party and then watch both parties vie for our votes next time around with women candidates liberal and moderate democrats and more moderate republican women. The country moves left when women are elected.

    • Obots are the pod people. Sometimes I wonder what Naomi Wolf is thinking these days…maybe she’s morphed into a complete machine.

      • Naomi Wolf is a Canadian, based in Toronto. Bonus: she’s married to Avi Lewis, a fourth generation socialist. His father is Steven Lewis, his mother is Michelle Landsberg (a lifelong feminist advocate and activist and writer), his grandfather was David Lewis, federal leader of the NDP who coined the phrase, “Corporate Welfare Bums” and campaigned on it in 1972.
        Naomi’s parents, also socialists, moved to Canada to avoid the Vietnam War. They remained lifelong social activists as well.

        • You’re thinking of Naomi Kline. Naomi Wolf is a very embarassing American who was married to Clinton speechwriter David Shipley. Author of The Beauty Myth.

        • Well they can’t be happy with Obama then. She should speak up.

        • They should both speak up.

          • Naomi Klein has, Naomi Wolf is too busy being mesmerized by toadstools and glitter. Maybe someday.

          • or shut up.

          • Wolf is a flake. Klein is smarter and less self absorbed. I don’t agree with all of her economics, but she is consistent, and I respect her more than most progressives who were taken in by the Obama movement. If she’s speaking up, she needs to go on MSNBC and blast Obama, not just complain in the Nation or provide lukeward critiques at Huffpo. Obama’s economic plays right now are 180 degrees from her professed positions. She’s always been an activist, where’s the outrage. Maybe I’ve missed it.

        • Sorry about that… I do tend to get my naomis mixed up. And yeah, I’m pretty cheesed that all those Canadian lefties that were taken in (including some of my best friends) are going with embarrassed silence rather speaking out. The only difference now is that I’m no longer being treated as a pariah.

  26. I blew off some steam last night while completeing the survey sent to me by the DNC. It was very cathartic for me.

  27. That is eXAcTLy how I feel.

  28. You may have noticed that I haven’t been around here much the last week or so and the reason for that is I’ve been in a very dark and depressed mood and I needed a break. -myiq2xu

    I was starting a committee to draft your ‘Have you seen this Klown’ poster and looking for volunteers to post them up and down the Golden State!

    • You would be surprised how many people’s last words were “Hey look, there’s a clown!”

      • You missed your bff, the great SpigotSmasher. Cheerful fun with trolls!

      • You would be surprised how many people’s last words were “Hey look, there’s a clown!”

        That’s a cheerful thought – can I send you a list?

      • There is one feature that you do have that can’t be confused with any other clown (ya Klown)…I won’t say what it is…cuz it’s a SECRET! Plain Nakkid Truth…I tell ya!

  29. I like your post myiq but I am sad that you are sad. Ironically, my husband and I were talking about this exact same thing yesterday …. as he continues to look for an IT job here in CA. We both have serious health issues (me leukemia and are on the Cobra now; so worried when I need treatment down the road), are boomers and worry about our futures. But, most of all, we worry about our 22 yro daughter’s future as she attempts to navigate this messed up world we are living in.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s the lack of the light at the end of the tunnel, just as you say. It’s Maslow’s heiarchy at its lowest mode of basic survival disguised as “we live in the richest country in the world so what are all of you complaining about.” It is, indeed, depressing when one is living in “this”, and I’ve lived through a lot in my 63 years. But, things could always be worse!

    We decided there is only one thing to do: Live in the moment and look at the good in our lives no matter how small. It will all change because change is something that we all can count on. We’ll get through this ….. even though we may have a lot more struggling to do. Just live for today, don’t look back, don’t look too far forward …. and hug that baby granddaugther tight!

  30. We didn’t even get to enjoy the end of the Bush administration
    That could be because it hasn’t ended yet.

    • I think that’s it in a nutshell. We’ve got dubya 2 and we’re looking at 3 to 7 more years after the previous 8. The country will not survive it. You and many here have had the great misfortune to notice.

    • The Bush administration should have ended with a group perp-walk.

      Arrest them all, sort ’em out at the jail.

      • One of the secret prisons in the Middle East where anything goes.

        I wonder how fast Cheney would talk after a waterboarding session or two….he says he firmly believes in their value.

      • That would have been satisfying.

    • Blast it, that is too true.

  31. Having to choose between the Republicans and Democrats for who is gonna run the country is kinda like being on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean and the Republicans set the ship on fire so you put the Democrats in charge and they blow a big hole in the bottom of the boat so the water can put out the fire..

    Meanwhile there aren’t any lifeboats because Goldman Sachs bought them all.

    • And you’ve got cheerleaders on each side saying how wonderful their side is, with that glassy eyed blank look. Which kind of makes it more palatable that the ship is going down.

    • LOL. That’s oerfect!
      Ok, myiq, I know you’re depressed but even when you are your humor rocks.
      Just imagining the lifeboats with the Goldman S*cks logo son them.

  32. Your reasons are fully valid. For some time now I have been deeply disturbed at what is happening to the country. Maybe I’ve been reading too many pessimistic outliers, but overall I sense a gathering darkness and no amount of cheery upbeat optimism (which I normally have in huge amounts) can shake me from it.

    I despaired long ago on our bloody, criminal, self-destructive foreign policy front, but now I see nothing but gloom ahead on the domestic front

    These are the reasons I have concluded that neither party is viable, neither is truly representative and neither is deserving of my vote or support. I make exception for a few brave, exceptional souls like Dennis Kucinich and… um, that is it…

    At any rate, this is not an “Oh cheer up already!” …. BUT, when things get really bleak I turn to the South — as in South America, where people with even less than we have, people who have absolutely nothing, are showing that when you get riled up enough and angry enough, amazing things can happen.

    Maybe we here just haven’t been driven to that point yet. Maybe too many of us still have too much to lose.

    Check this documentary out. It will make you despair for the U.S. all over again — hey, we’re already there! — but it will also show you what people can do when they decide that they’re not going down without a fight:

    Again, not trying to be all Polly Sunshine here, just saying that anger and rage can be cleansing–and energizing.

  33. Oh, and: Third Party. It’s long past time. I know, I know — any person or party who gets into high office, it’s only a matter of time before they are corrupted. I know this. I guess I can take some personal corruption and sleaziness if the overall outcome is a better country. But both the GOP and DEms need to be taken out behind the barn, and killed with an axe.

  34. Thanks, myiq, for articulating how I feel.

  35. I appreciate the honesty of myiq2xu’s post. The more I see of BO promoting his disappointing hellthcare plan, the more hopeless I become about the fate of this administration. BO just looks angry. It infuriates me still to think back on all the laudatory hyperbole about his wonderfulness that was gnerated by the press. Having a POTUS with a pissy attitude is not good.

    • There’s nothing wrong with being angry if you’re angry about the right things.

      I’m angry that the nomination was stolen from the one person who has the experience and the practical intelligence to steer us out of the mess we’re in.

      I’m angry that we’re turning into a police state.

      I’m angry that racial bigotry is just fine as long as it itsn’t directed toward African Americans–Hispanics, NA’s, African Africans are all fair game. (And yes, I’m glad that at least AA’s are no longer considered targets.)

      I’m angry that equal rights for LGBT’s are as far away as ever except in a few constitutencies where such rights are precariously held.

      I’m angry that the rape of the environment is proceeding apace.

      I’m angry that people will die today and every day for lack of access to adequate health care.

      I could go on, but you get the drift.

      • You need to be angry at the right people too.

        Being angry at ACORN because you think Obama’s a socialist doesn’t make any sense and it’s pretty good sign that you’re a few tea leaved short of a bag.

        • True that.

          But then believing Obama’s a socialist–on what basis? Glenn Beck’s say-so?–doesn’t make any sense to begin with.

          “Socialist” and “commie” have become meaningless except as red flags to wave in front of right-wing true believers, who predictably behave just as they did fifty years ago (or as their parents did fifty years ago) when Joe McCarthy was witchfinder in chief. It bypasses the critical thinking process and goes straight for spinal reflex.

  36. I’ve thought things were going to go down the drain since the election of Reagan in 1980. How’s that for an optimist? Didn’t know how far it would go or how fast or if something would intervene to change it, but unfortunately it has not. It has taken quite a while to happen. I have found the process interesting and horrifying all at once, but I’m not surprised. I’m still depressed and scared.

    • Quite so. The only break in the slide was during the Clinton Administration before the Great Oral Episode.

    • things were going down. then we had an upturn with Clinton and now we are going down again.

  37. myiq, you’ve still got your intelligence and analytical abilities. Pessimists see reality. Optimists fool themselves.

    • My uncle told me “Never let an optimist be the driver of your getaway car.”

      • Aha! Found it! The REAL creative types are not happy sippy-cup Obots:

        Grumpy workers are the best workers.

        The next time you go to work in a bad mood, don’t worry. It could be a sign you’re on the way to solving a problem.

        Recent research shows it could be the grumpy workers who are actually a company’s most creative problem-solvers, said Jing Zhou, associate professor of management at the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University.

        It’s the happy, cheerful folks who tend to think things are going well and that there are no problems to be solved, she said. They’re less likely to be pondering potential pitfalls and often don’t see problems until there is a crisis.


        • That is good news for the USA—I think we have a plentiful supply of grumpies so maybe we can fix this train wreck after all.

        • That belief is the foundation for Six Sigma and all the excellence-building methodologies in business…has been for many decades. Can’t hardly solve a problem if no one acknowledges it is there….and the people most likely to find the best solution are the ones who do the work.

    • I’ve often been told I’m pessimistic because I am a realist. That’s why I have to live in the moment ….. otherwise, my realistic, pessimistic point of view would kill me.

  38. I’m reading Lucy Moore’s Liberty, which examines the roles six women played in the French Revolution. In many ways, that time mirrors our own. Or perhaps our own mirrors it. But it’s all there–the downfall of the corrupt monarchy, the rise of Robespierre’s cult of personality and the Terror, the deliberate destruction of political women.

    Recommended reading–but depressing as hell. Plus ca change, and all that.

    • That does sound depressing. Btw, just read & enjoyed The Sparks Fly Upward by Diana Norman which is fiction set in the time of The Terror. Parallels abound.

  39. I still go by Cannonfire every day just to see if it’s still there.

    • I’m sorry, myiq 😦

      • I wonder if Joe isn’t just frustrated like I am. Stuff builds up and you need some way to relieve the pressure.

        20 years ago we didn’t have to wear helmets on motorcycles and we could shoot at other cars on the freeway. It was very therapeutic, you could get rid of all kinds of tension and hostility that way.

        Now they’re all politically correct, everybody has to wear helmets and you can’t talk on a cell phone or shoot a gun while you’re driving.

        • LMAO. There you go again, making me feel bad by letting a depressed person provoke me to laughter.

        • You can always wear a helmet without straps — I once took care of a guy in a neuro ICU ward who’d been doing that.

        • ‘Shooting guns?’ Ay, I thought you weren’t an NRA Klown? It’s hard to tell when you are joking and when you are not. OK, I tell ya, what if Joe Cannon really is off having fun and planning an Umpa type of re=entrance?

    • “I still go by Cannonfire every day just to see if it’s still there.”

      Me too, even though I often disagreed with him.

      Joe, if you’re lurking could you at least let your fans know you’re okay?

    • myiq, so do I. I keep hoping a new post will magically appear. Every once in a while, another crappy comment makes it through, while monikers from those you know wrote supportive comments are shown as removed. I would like to suggest that those who miss Mr. Cannon may want to e-mail him — he might just answer.

      I have been living in a state of despair for so long now that it just seems normal. I finally had to get past the constant fear, because it was paralyzing me. But hope — that is gone from my life forever.

    • Why don’t you write ’em and keep in touch?

  40. I’m primarily a lurker, rather than a poster, but have also been down in the dumps since Cannonfire folded, which was intensified by the sparsity of comment on Joseph’s sudden departure as well as the absence of some of my favorite posters there–you, for one, myiq.

    “Things are unimaginably bad and they’re never going to get any better.” –K. Vonnegut

    • “The Trouble With Normal is it Always Gets Worse.”

      Strikes across the frontier and strikes for higher wage
      Planet lurches to the right as ideologies engage
      Suddenly it’s repression, moratorium on rights
      What did they think the politics of panic would invite?
      Person in the street shrugs — “Security comes first”
      But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse

      Callous men in business costume speak computerese
      Play pinball with the Third World trying to keep it on its knees
      Their single crop starvation plans put sugar in your tea
      And the local Third World’s kept on reservations you don’t see
      “It’ll all go back to normal if we put our nation first”
      But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse

      Fashionable fascism dominates the scene
      When ends don’t meet it’s easier to justify the means
      Tenants get the dregs and landlords get the cream
      As the grinding devolution of the democratic dream
      Brings us men in gas masks dancing while the shells burst
      The trouble with normal is it always gets worse ….”

      Sorry, bad amateur video but of a fantastic musician.

  41. myiq, I’ve been majorly depressed myself, and being “right” about our fears of Obama is no consolation indeed! That’s cause we have no vested interest in being right. To top it off, I’m about ready to smack any Obama supporter I see. Even got in a fight with one while waiting for the bus. She honestly believes that Obama is doing all he can and the evil racist republicans are in the way. I shouted a bunch of facts, and told her to google them, including Obama intends to privatize NASA. It’s about all I can do anymore.

  42. I’m pretty depressed about things, too. I am, however, looking forward to some major Schadenfreude at the Democratic caucus on Tuesday.

  43. All right, here’s the deal: if you’re still into Dems vs. Repubs, if you still think politics is the arena where change is effected and things get done (or not), then no wonder you’re depressed.

    The system is collapsing, period. Most people don’t understand, but it is. “Growth” will have to be redefined. Think sustainability, transitioning to a non-carbon economy, local food production and distribution. Listen to the Earth.

    There is a TON of good stuff going on that’s totally off the radar in the blogosphere. Here in New Mexico, the Bioneers and others are envisioning a whole new sustainable way of life that has zero connection with the crumbling status quo. This is the future. NOT a dystopian horror, but a whole new way of living and looking at the world.

    Leave this vale of tears and just *step outside.* You’ll still be here, but you may find millions of other formerly depressed, disillusioned souls to connect with. We need each other. We don’t need Obama or conventional politics.

    Food. Shelter. People you can trust. That’s it! All else is bullshit.

  44. hubby said new hat????i said yeah..whenever i get down in the dumps i get a new hat!!!! he said i wondered where you had been getting those things lol…

  45. You can’t depend on your family
    you can’t depend on your friends
    You can’t depend on a beginning
    you can’t depend on an end

    You can’t depend on intelligence
    ooohhh, you can’t depend on God
    You can only depend on one thing
    you need a busload of faith to get by.

    –Lou Reed

    It’s worse than I ever imagined, too. I knew Obama and his supporters were stinkers, but Jesus H. Christ…

    On the other hand, I am enjoying my Schadenfreude to the utmost, and urge y’all to do the same. The people who destroyed the Democratic Party need to be reminded, over and over, what screw-ups they are.

    Really, they need to be run out of the party. But never mind.

    I, too, mourn the loss of Joe Cannon, a talented man who could figure stuff out so much better than I. Let us hope he comes back soon, refreshed and ready to kick butt.

    PS: Rememeber the communist saying, “Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the heart.” A nice attitude, if you can swing it. Watch funny movies. Read funny books.

  46. Myiq…I’m right there with you. Heck, I’ve been praying at the altar of T-Pyxidis hoping for an early arrival of the supernova. I cannot come close to the writing skills of my co-frontpagers here at TC, but even then, I’m uninspired. I’m beginning to think T-Pyxidis isn’t coming.

    • I feel sometimes like all I write is, well it’s happening again … the worse case scenario on …

      either I’m a broke record or there’s a helluva lotta deja vu going on

    • SOD! I’m so sorry that you’re sad, but your writing skills are superb! You guys are all amazing.

  47. I can’t help you with the drinking too much or too little question. Probably too little if you have the sense to ask. I won’t tell you to cheer up because there is nothing to cheer up over and you don’t strike me as insane. For my part I don’t think things will improve until there is a violent attack on the twits in government and their corporate Daddys. It doesn’t look like that will be happening soon so you could distract yourself by writing a fictional account of a bunch of idealists attacking Kstreet and taking over Congress by use of pod people. I am sure it would be a best seller. And don’t sell it out to a publishing corporation put up a teaser chapter and then let us download it for a fee to our Kindle readers. Or you could give it away for free if you feel like it. Yeah MYIQ we want a revolution!

  48. we’d all love to see the plan

  49. just go driving (but be careful..no clown cars..oh and NO guns)

  50. Another order for a clown car here–the party in office always loses votes in off-year elections.

    I do hope Joe Cannon’s blogging break is voluntary.

  51. For me it all went to crap when we lost Frank.

  52. wow. Just when I think my situation is bad, I read something like this. A guy can’t even get his bleeding jewels looked at by the steward/stewardess in flight.


    What’s this world coming to?

  53. Am I allowed to say I’m sorry you’re sad?

    It’s normal to feel depressed when things are going badly IMO.
    Everything going on is just plain overwhelming. Employment, finance, health care, housing…….there are so many broken components. However, we can not allow depression to lead to apathy. Your granddaughter needs you to keep trying to push for a better country for her myiq.

    Anyway, my opinion is you do what you need to do to find that little spot of happiness you consider worth fighting for and come back refreshed and ready to rumble.

  54. I agree with every word you wrote. If you weren’t feeling disheartened at this point, you would be out of touch with reality.

    Welcome to the Washington Wall Street oligarchy.

  55. I tried to express sympathy. I think spammy got me.

  56. OK how about this if you are all so down. Why don’t you do one of those group writing exercises where one person sets the scenario and each author takes their turn writing 500 words onto the story. It should be utter chaos since you have people like me who think violence is called for and people who think peace under a government by twits is preferable to violence but it should clarify your ideas by bouncing them around some. Then you each write your political fiction story and figure out a way to let people download them for a fee and the revolution fiction site is born! It can be both writing therapy and inspiration for everyone else. I can’t stop dreaming even when depressed.

  57. I had a dream once about personal situation I was in. I dreamt I was one of my cats lost in tall grass, and meowing loudly to be found and picked up. I could see the person I wanted above the bright grass, but they had turned away. No matter how loudly I cried they ignored me. It went on a long time. Finally, I realized they just weren’t going to turn and come. So I/ my runt black cat turned from the person. All I could see was grass, but I began a path and then woke up. I was deeply sad for days. Even today, when I think of that dream I am sad.

    However, for me the allegory of walking alone into the tall grass represented a new path and experience. It removed some of the preconditioned thought and allowed me to focus in other ways. Attachments have sometimes held me back and prevented new ones from forming.

  58. Myiq – Sorry to hear…. me too, my depression can be 4xu, I’m guessing, some days…. ; 0

    That’s the main reason I go thru cycles of commenting alot, then disappearing/lurking. I know I’m not missed like u, when I disappear….but the whole stinking mess makes me want to avoid news/blogs/pundits for weeks. When I get the courage to “come back” it’s never any better, just worse.

    TC is one of the only places that provides a safe haven so please take care of yourself / all of u contributors….I appreciate that you keep at it and keep this place going.

  59. On the white board in my office I have: Radical Discontinuity = Growth

    It is there to remind me that whenever things seem really crazy, bad, totally out of whack that I should pay attention because a great opportunity is about to take place and if I’m really bummed out I may miss it! 💡

  60. Does anyone know why Patrick Kennedy was whailing and screaming today on the tube? I only caught a little, he seemed to be mad at the media for not covering the war and instead was covering the Massa thing….What’s up with him

    • Patrick Kennedy shares struggle with addiction and bipolar disorder

      Representative Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) shares his struggle with addiction and bipolar disorder. From the Society for Neuroscience video series “Battling Brain Disorders: Voices from Public Figures.”

  61. Some of you at least was asked to take a 25% paycut. They just figured out how to get us all to quit, some got jobs with insurance, they were all young and under 30. I have only found two part-time jobs and I am 59 and without insurance…I work in health for 23 years…that is what good jobs they are. I have 5 bulgings disc in my back, a 20% in my right shoulder from catching a patient, the back I got from moving people. So the thanks I got was to be at a place they wanted to cut salaried 25% and they made me mad enough to quit….they got paid back…a moron took my place.

  62. Kennedy was on capital hill today hollering at the podium about who knows?

    • Patrick Kennedy rips media coverage of war Boston Herald 2010-03-11
      An enraged U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy ripped into media coverage today on the House floor shouting so loudly at times about the war in Afghanistan he went hoarse until he was finally gaveled quiet. The Rhode Island Democrat, who recently announced he won’t seek re-election, lashed out…

      He is upset about the Tabloid Press covering the Massa matter and not the WAR!

      • Yeah, but, he was a big Obot. He looks a bit foolish calling out the press for being shallow and lazy when he’s standing there ranting about Barack’s war. Spend 39 seconds boning up on candidate positions before you endorse next time, Pat.

    • Kennedy Attacks Press

      OK, here is the video, but in all honesty, I have seen ‘congresspersons’ yell more that supposedly don’t have any mental health conditions, so I don’t think it is his illness, but more on point that the WARS have all but been ignored since President Obama took office. Oh, but he and his family did work hard to elect President Obama, so a quick call to the White House should get the message through, or maybe not…that would get me screaming too!

      • Caroline and Ted Kennedy who were on Candidate Obama’s side, but most of the rest of the Kennedy clan were Hillary supporters. That said, I do not remember where Patrick Kennedy stood.


        • Patrick did as his daddy ordered.
          Ted’s ego, to say the least, has played a roll in this mess.

  63. If I’m reading correctly between the lines, myiq is feeling the helplessness that many of us feel. Each day I’m aware that everything that I’ve worked and saved for can disappear by way of the action or inaction of these fools in the WH and Congress.
    I’ve noticed over the last 18 months that slowly my fear and anger have subsidied and I’m not far from welcoming, and participating in, a people’s uprising.

    It’s very close to the time to take the country back.

  64. It’s Always Darkest Just Before It Goes Pitch Black

    Good grief Myiq2xu… yous really upset ay? OK, please know the Grannies love ya, even when yous a pain in the @rs…and even when typing away in yer B suit there. (((There, there, there, it will be all RainBow tomorrow )))

  65. I’ve been noticing that in the last few weeks the nastiness toward Hillary’s supporters who placed principle over party has been racheting up again. It has been awhile since I’ve been called a bitter deadender, but it’s happened several times this week. Is it my imagination?

    • No, and the GOPers are at it too over at TGW.

    • It’s because of Health care. They’re trying to establish that being correct is irrelevant or actively bad and only people who were wrong then and wrong now have the credibility to lead us over the next cliff.

    • samsmom — I’m interested in where this nastiness toward Hillary supporters is occurring if you would consider giving the blog names.

      I’m mainly curious about what the hell these poor winners have to say now.

  66. New open thread post up.

  67. Myiq, sorry to hear you’ve been battling the dark mood. I’ve missed your voice around here. Take care.

  68. Wow…didn’t see this post until today. As west coaster I look forward to your late night posts and missed ya myiq.

    And I can’t argue with a single point in fact I have been fighting some similiar thoughts for a while now.

  69. Dear myiq2xu:

    First of all, here’s a hug for you.
    Next, I think you’re selfmedicating with the drinks.
    Next, discuss with your doctor the possibility of getting on antidepressants so you’ll drink less,
    Next, if you feel down, just come talk to us here at TC. Someone will post some good news or an uplifting story.
    And now, I better run out before you tell me to go to

  70. I know I’m late posting on this thread but I just wanted to add my two cents to let Myiq & everyone else here know how I feel.

    This blog has literally saved my sanity and hope on many, MANY occasions!!

    I have my own personal stuff to deal with IRL (as everyone else here does too) but at the same time I have been very scared in the changes I see happening all around my country. I just feel we are getting closer & closer to Big Brother scenarios with the Obama group basically just continuing (& increasing) the problems that Bush set in motion.

    I feel like the poor, women, minorities, gay, middle-aged, and elderly are going to be increasingly marginalized in the coming years.

    The Democrats (& their plastic presidency) and the Republicans are getting closer & closer to becoming spitting images of each other & I don’t see any brave, outspoken liberal leaders out on the landscape…to challenge these hucksters.

    I’m still hoping someone from the harder-left will emerge

    or (I know it is still a dream).. maybe Hillary

    ((Actually, the fact that Jerry Brown in running in California gives me hope.))

    Anyway, I just want to tell everyone here how much this blog means to me (even when I’m not up to commenting) & how inspiring so many of the discussions, news-gathering, & principled ass-kicking ya’ll do!

    I always feel a sense of refuge when I’m here reading and also feel like a *real citizen* when I visit this blog as well as many other sites (whether they identify as PUMA or not)

    I don’t post a lot as my real world situation has been pretty stressful to deal with in the last couple of years (loss of work, loss of my home, family all split up, having to move a lot, death of people I love, & surviving residual PTSD from an abusive relationship I left… keeps me often emotionally too drained to post comments).

    I don’t like to talk about these things because they are personal & because I feel like I’m just playing violins for myself if I mention my own difficulties on a blog. Everyone goes through difficulties, so I feel selfish mentioning mine.

    I am only mentioning it now to let you ALL know, (the ENTIRE confluence crew & the folks that come to post comments from various political backgrounds) that despite my lurker status….that you have all given me real hope and made me be able to keep some sanity when I feel like my country is unraveling…
    even as my own personal life has been so dire & difficult to navigate.

    The bravery, honesty, variety of opinions, and humor continue to be something I can always rely on at The Confluence.

    This has consistently been a safe political space for me and a hopeful place for me to see citizens speaking in a language I understand: one of fairness and for sticking up for the down-trodden.

    I was also sad to see Joseph Cannon go & I would also be really disappointed if Syd or Cinnie or MyIQ …. or many others were to exit the internet scene….but I can respect what people need to do…. I can see that blogging could also be exhausting or depressing.

    It can be a damn tough world out there …..so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU everyone here for their work and contributions…. and for making one part of my life a better, a more informed, & hopeful place!

    My world would not be the same without your inspiring voices ringing out on all these blogs!

    Ok, well I’ve earned my clown car. Please be forewarned that I’m inclined to give people hugs when they are feeling depressed 😉

    • Hi Madrigal,

      Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry you’ve been through such a tough time. I’m glad coming to TC has helped you some. It saved my sanity too. I don’t know how I could have survived all this without all of the wonderful people who come here.

      Thank you.

  71. Myiq2xu…….it’s been pretty dark here in the Bronx with all the stupidity heaped on our blind, but honest governor Paterson. The media pile-on has been of unbelievable proportions. Sickening. Nobody is perfect, and Paterson got a raw deal when Spitzer decided that cavorting with call-girls was more important than doing his job, and left him holding the bag. I don’t blame you at all. Perhaps with the coming of Spring we will all feel better.

  72. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow – guest Michael Moore describes the “Stupak Dozen” concept (((Cheer Up MyIq2Xu)))

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