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“Unnamed Sources” Up the Ante on Massa Harrassment Accusations

Eric Massa

Why are the powers that be so afraid of what newly retired New York Representative Eric Massa has to say about the treatment he has gotten from Rahm Emanuel? If Massa’s complaints are really so “ridiculous,” as the President’s press secretary Robert Gibbs said on Good Morning America today, why isn’t the White House simply ignoring him?

Carol D. Leonnig of the Washington Post has a new story up about alleged ethical accusations against newly retired Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY). According to these anonymous sources,

Former Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) has been under investigation for allegations that he groped multiple male staffers working in his office, according to three sources familiar with the probe.

The allegations surrounding the former lawmaker date back at least a year, and involve “a pattern of behavior and physical harassment,” according to one source. The new claims of alleged groping contradict statements by Massa, who resigned his office on Monday after it became public that he was the subject of a House ethics committee investigation for possible harassment.

Leonnig also writes that two anonymous sources claim that the sexual harrassment complaints against Massa were reported to the House Ethics Committee by a former staffer.

Massa’s former deputy chief of staff Ron Hikel provided the information about the staffers’ allegations to the House ethics committee three weeks ago. Hikel had earlier sought advice from Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s office about brewing internal complaints, the sources said, and had been urged to report the allegations to the committee.

Hikel, reached at his home Tuesday, declined to comment on the ethics investigation.

According to this local WGRZ story, from March 5, Hikel claims to have been sexually harrassed by Massa.

An alleged harassment scandal involving the Southern Tier Congressman began four weeks ago.

That’s when a young male staffer in Massa’s office went to a senior member of the staff and said that Massa had been harassing him.

According to the Gannett’s Washington Burerau, that senior member was Massa’s former legislative director, Ronald S. Hikel, according to a source familiar with the investigation. Hikel is a military veteran and friend of Massa’s who was hired last year as the congressman’s expert on health care issues, the source said. His last day at work was Feb. 26.

2 On Your Side’s Erika Brason spoke to Hikel on the phone, but he would not confirm or deny any information.

I’ll continue to update this post with any new information I find.

238 Responses

  1. hmmmm… this certainly adds another dimension to his encounter with Rahm Emmanuel in the shower.

  2. I’m actually starting to look forward to the Beck interview. I hope Massa doesn’t back out. We can use this as a live blog.

  3. There were complaints beginning a year ago, but they waited until now to say something? And then to Steny Hoyer? This is sounding more and more like a set-up by the powers that be.

    • The earlier story just says the investigation began four weeks ago. The complaining staffer just left on Feb. 26. Something is definitely fishy.

    • You know, I don’t care what the pundits say (right & left), I bet the majority of people that have paid attention to all the backroom deals made to get this bill passed believe Massa when he states he was set up and pushed out. I will continue to believe this even if the allegations are true. And isn’t it funny how an allegation of sexual misconduct demands more attention than all the congress critters not paying their taxes and other shady deals.

      Sad thing is that the Dems are demonstrating they don’t give a crap about what the American people want.

  4. I am beginning to believe what a poster said in an earlier thread–the long knives have come out. They’re trying to gut the man. I’ve been listening to the radio this afternoon while working on some other things and the escalation has gone up as the day proceeds. He’s a crackpot, he’s this, he’s that.

    Come on. The man had a distinguished career in the Navy, served General Wesley Clark and now the latest news: he’s accused of groping three aides. Where did that come from?? The powers that be appear to be pulling out all the stops.

    Either Massa is a snake who fooled everyone throughout his entire life. Or, he’s the last honest man in DC and has something very important to expose to the public.

    I really hope it’s the latter. I’ll be watching the interview.

  5. the administration’s homophobia is showing… they are trying to smear him with what they think is the worst thing possible.
    I hope he shoves it right back at them.

    • This is a White House where yukky girls can’t play golf with the guys and the Special Olympics are some kind of punch line.

    • They sound like they’re using the tactics of Bill Moyer when he worked for LBJ. That was his approach. Worked so well some of his targets even killed themselves.

    • Massa told Beck he was also accused of groping female staffers. He’s trying to give the impression that he’s a very touchy-feely hugger type guy.

    • Speaking from a paranoid point of view, which I am beginning to acquire, I think the stinking mess dovetails well with the interesting timing of the recent don’t ask don’t tell theatre. There was plenty of evidence that Obama wasn’t going to push that during the campaign. Then, right when health care is floundering, they trot it out. They have to keep supporters in line. To badly paraphrase Sun Tzu, “if the enemy in front is too great, attack the lesser enemy to the right, and it shall be as though you attacked the one in front.”

  6. Just when you think things can’t get any weirder, they get bizarre.

  7. shaddup Beck, let Massa come out and talk.

  8. Is he always like this?

    He’s boring and annoying.

  9. If a Congressman was accused of groping a couple female staffers but he denied doing it, the House Ethics Committee wouldn’t rest until they had swept the matter under the rug.

  10. I just can’t watch. Please tell us the blow by blow.

    • Beck is so subdued-none of the usual flying spittle that makes one want to duck.

  11. let’s get to the good stuff already

  12. Beck is terrible at this, it’s all over the place. He needs to focus Massa and force him to be specific.

  13. Massa seems to be implying that they threatened him with an investigation for opposing the bill.

  14. Oh come on he is not Rod Blago for goodness sake

  15. Another thing to keep in mind as the WH and House are trying to gut him and get revenge, he’s likely dying. And given that, they still want to go through with the hatchet job. Says a lot about them doesn’t it.

  16. Massa says he wants the toughest interview possible and that’s why he went on Beck.

  17. did beck even prepare?

  18. Will they ever get to the actual allegations.

  19. So let me get this straight. An, as of now, ex-congresscritter is being investigated and maligned for, allegedly, invading another man’s personal space. AND Rahm Emmanuel invades that congresscritter’s personal space, naked, in a shower, ferdog’sake, and that’s OK?

  20. Massa brought his X-ray.

  21. He brought his X-rays with him? His cancer sounds pretty bad. I have to say, I believe him about the “Star Chamber” accusation.

  22. I read where the senior staff member (Hikel) that reported this bit about Massa was involved in raising foreign monies for the Obama campaign. He is Canadian. My, my.

  23. I can’t watch Glenn Beck.

    I would rather spend the time huffing paint, it wouldn’t kill as many brain cells.

    • That’s why I’m sitting here watching this blog instead. No pain, no.g. um, that’s right right, more like no pain, better.

  24. Is it me or does this seem like a slow motion train wreck?

    Beck’s fault.

    Massa wants Beck to take control, and it’s his job to.

  25. why does beck keep shaking his head?

  26. If he doesn’t clear up the actual allegation(s) – the stuff he said at the wedding and/or the non groping – his credibility on everything else is compromised. Stop beating around the bush.

  27. I believe what Massa said about not being able to afford lawyers to fight this. It’s the same reason Sarah Palin had to step down.

    • He said something before about a normal family can not handle the weight of the full force of the white house et al when they go after you.

  28. This stuff he’s saying about fund-raising is really important. I hope he keeps talking.

  29. Wow. Beck’s pulling a Backtrack. He’s making this about him.

  30. This is like two guys shooting bull at a bar.

  31. Oh brother. It’s all about Beck. He doesn’t want to deal with the cancer issue at all.

    • Of course it’s about him. That’s why it’s the Glenn Beck show.

      Beck could fart into the microphone and make more sense. And his ratings would probably go up even more.

  32. Someone made a good point today on the Lynn Samuels radio show. They said Rahm’s shower attack was very likely carried out in that manner to avoid any chance of being taped (i.e, two naked men — where ya gonna hide the mic?) — btw myiq this is *not* an invitation for a punch line. 😉

  33. Wow. Campaign finance reform? I don’t know that this is what Massa should be putting his weight behind.

  34. He needs to be talking about specific corruption

  35. Oh brother, what does this have to do with 9/11, Glenn. What a flake.

    • It’s just an analogy. I think Beck has a pretty good point. It could take decades to get campaign finance reform. The government will collapse before it happens. Massa just said the financial situation is desperate–way worse than anyone thinks.

      • Massa is coming off flat and empty.

        • Beck isn’t giving him a chance. He isn’t hearing what he wants to hear, so he won’t let Massa say anything.

          • He sounds like us
            –stop worrying about parties
            –stop calling other voters names

          • Beck reminds me of Boomhauer, only he doesn’t make as much sense,

          • SoD: “he sounds like us.”

            Yes, which is why I think this is a loss for us. Someone needs to get the guy’s story instead of just going along with the WH line that Massa is nuts. I’m disappointed that so many people here are going along with that.

        • sadly so

      • Gotcha.

  36. well we need to all invest in gold and seed

  37. These ads on Beck’s show are a trip. Now, I can buy non-GM seeds for a “crisis garden.”

  38. Another break? Jeeze.

  39. gah!

    • I just tuned in in time for the survival seed bank…

      has anything of any importance been said or asked?????

    • I’m beginning to think this is a way for him not to co
      e across ad a nutcase.

  40. G.Gordon Liddy should have his thong gold plated

  41. Gordon Liddy shilling gold…for the coming apocalype. This channel is a trip.

    • at least some one has come up with the idea of selling non-hybrid seeds … unfortunately, if they cross pollinate with the hybrids, they’ll still be infertile

  42. I think Massa should be given an opportunity to slap Gibbs across his smirking face with a dead fish.

    • Hey, if he sold tickets for that they could pay for universal healthcare for the next ten years.

  43. Love all the unattributed sources and the non specific allegations. I won’t believe any of this till there are specific charges, by specific people, that others have the chance to evaluate and rebuff.

    Right now we have, “groping” and “harassment” very vague.

    • and the potential for text messages

      • But who cares? He’s not in Congress anymore. Maybe Beck did this to help out Obama. He interrupted Massa every single time he started to say something interesting.

        • It’s the Glenn Beck show, so Glenn gets to do all the talking.

        • Beck wanted some dirt on the Obama administration and wasn’t getting it. He wanted to break a legitimate news story. Piker that he is, he couldn’t do it …

          • He could have if he had asked some questions instead of just expecting Massa to figure out what he wanted to know.

          • yup, I was just about to say the same. Beck wanted dirt, Massa didn’t give him anything, and Beck didn’t know how to follow up anything Massa said.

        • Now you’ve got it….they controlled the message….didn’t they?

  44. If I have the timeline correct, I guess the Democrats were letting Massa slide so he could get re-elected to his House seat. When he said he wouldn’t run again, they must have figured it was worth more to force him out than keep a lame duck in a district that a Republican would get in November.

  45. Prepare For The Apocalypse! ads must be what you get when your major sponsors abandon you.

    • This episode might hit 4 million viewers. You’d figure one major sponsor would want that many eyes on the screen.

  46. I want this hour of my life back.

  47. Beck:*America, I’ve wasted your time.*

    no shit.

    • {{{waving}}} Hi Cat!

      • {{{Hi SoD}}}

        Strange days indeed, eh?

        Must quit following politics and learn to knit or something..

    • What an asshole.

      • total asshole.

        watched a few Beck Youtubes sent to me in emails and for the life of me I can’t figure out how people can stand being screamed at by the jerk.
        tone it down for crissake, no need to scream!

        meanwhile, what next for massa? will there be an “unfortunate accident?”

        i’m kinda scared for the guy.

  48. Damn! Beck just said he wasted the viewers’ time.

  49. LOL Beck misses Massa’s sarcasm, *classic*

  50. Thud.

  51. that was just nuthin’

  52. Beck is so pathetic. Why does anyone listen to him? This is actually the first time I’ve ever listened to him for more than about 30 seconds.

  53. larry king is busy re-booking tonight’s show

    • no kidding …unless we discuss his cancer there’s no there there

      • You don’t think being strong-armed and threatened is important? I must be really naive because I think Rahm is out of line.

        • yes I think being strong-armed and threatened is important but he had the largest audience he’s going to get and it was just a “he said/ he said” show. I guess I was expecting some kind of proof or something concrete

          • I don’t think he did a good job, but I also don’t think Beck gave him much of a chance.

  54. Kidding around in Navy can be like orgy in caligula. Says he accepts responsibility for his actions, out of line with his staff. It was just language. Nothing physical. Nothing sexual. Shower thing with Rahm happened.

  55. Michelle Malkin may have actually been right on this guy.

    He’s a 1 year House freshman. He doesn’t know where the bodies are buried. I’m guessing Larry King will spend 20 minutes asking him how big Rahm’s junk is.

  56. That was totally anti-climatic. Not sure whether it was Beck’s unfocused approach or Massa’s unwillingness to provide or perhaps simply not having specifics that added anything to what we already know.

    Way too general to make a difference. Which leaves me mystified about why the WH came out with the big guns.

    I’ll watch Larry King but if this is all there was? I don’t get it.

    • my guess is massa doesn’t know anything really … he’s a freshman senator that pissed Rahm off early in his career. The bottom line here is that Massa is not a politician he’s an old Navy guy who needs to go home to his family …

      • But what’s crazy is we’ve got the WH chasing after him as he heads home with an axe.

        • The WH is afraid of something. But you seem to be the only one who agrees with me about that. I can’t understand why they didn’t just ignore Massa. They are scared of something.

          • I get the feeling Massa’s ambiguous performance was the result of something that happened between yesterday and today. JMHO.

          • I think Massa has all kinds of dirt on O but nothing admissible in a court of law, and after he’d had some time to cool off (and maybe a few phone calls with Wes and/or an attorney or two) he realized that Beck was in no way our friend, and that as loathesome as the Chicago Thugs are, by damn they’re our thugs and this is a family fight.

            So he punted.

            Or something…

      • He was a liberal vote that is now lost. He wasn’t a blue dog.

  57. I clearly heard Massa say he was a conservative….but he wanted the P.O. …they’ll just get another puppet in his place.

    I think he was a blue dog!

    • He said he was “a fiscal conservative”. He also said that he was for “medicare for all”. He made these statements to Beck, who obviously disagreed.

    • He said he was a “fiscal conservative.” He was in the progressive caucus.

  58. Here is a quote from Massa about the health care bill:

    The entire nation has said let’s rewrite the health care bill. Let’s find what we can agree on.

    No, no, no, no. We’re going to ram this down the throats of the American people. And anyone who stands in the way of doing that is going to be smeared and they’re going to be kicked out of Congress.

    I think he’s worth listening to. I there were someone who would ask the right questions.

    • Massa is not coming across very savvy.

      • What do you expect? He’s a Democrat.

        • I think it’s more what I didn’t expect… I wasn’t expecting him to read a letter from a donor (was it $625 worth of donations? not sure if I heard that right) who says he now won’t vote for him. Unless I missed something else in what he was trying to get across there, that didn’t seem scandalous at all to me. I would be more surprised about congress critters who don’t get letters like that, especially in the current political climate where not much is getting done.

          I just don’t think realistically this interview will play well with most people. I’m not buying the Dems/MSM spin on this either, but I doubt that he acquitted himself well with people who were already skeptical of Massa’s claims.

      • That’s what I like about him. He says what he thinks.

    • I have listened to the full Beck interview. Beck obviously wanted him to dish more dirt on Rahm and other Democrats. Massa actually comes across ok to me. I think he cleared up one important point. He announced first that he was not going to run for re-election because of cancer recurrence and because he was finding that he had no life.

      It was after he made that announcement that the allegations of harassment hit the fan. Which makes it sound like he changed his story. But what he actually did was go from not running for re-election to resigning.

      • Maybe the WH and House leadership saw his decision to leave as an opportunity. They could make it look like he was forced out and by extension intimidate anyone who might have been thinking about voting against the healthcare bill.
        The whole thing stinks. If he has cancer, why wasn’t it enough to just let him go home? Why all the nasty allegations?

        • He’s had cancer for 11 years, and recently had a recurrance. It sounds pretty bad, but no one is even dealing with that in DC. They are just pretending it’s about “ethics.”

          • the cancer recurrence was the reason he decided not to run for reelection but they basically benefited if he left before then. I think they knew he was not probably emotionally stable at the moment because of that and took advantage of it to stress him out more, knowing they could probably get him to quit if they tried hard enough. I think the harassment charges were probably trumped up to put more stress on him. But he probably could’ve outlasted them until the fall.

          • I believe what he said. He just couldn’t deal with all this stress on top of the cancer.

  59. I thought Massa made some important revelations that are not necessarily new but give one a clearer insight into the culture of political money corruption that envelops both parties.

    He sounds to me like a guy who went into politics for good reasons and then when he got to DC he found it was incredibly dirty and beyond fixing. Like the naive who can’t believe what he sees or see any way to fix it.

    I just wonder about the harassment allegations. Interesting that the new allegations hit the media just before the Beck interview.

    • I agree. He may have very well harrassed people. Maybe he’s in the closet. If the victims want to sue or press charges they should do it, and stop hiding behind the press as “anonymous sources.”

      • Oddly, I’m just not buying it. Sexual harrassment allegations are the kiss of death with Democrats. If it were corruption with money involved, you could stay indefinitely. Remember William Jefferson and the Nigeria bribe and the cool cash he had stashed in his freezer? I think he was forced to be a nonvoting member but no one forced him to resign. But sexual harrassment is very potent. Democrats are supposed to be above that. A sexual indiscretion can be tolerated to a point. Harrassment is a whole nuther ballgame. Whoever took aim at him knew exactly what they were doing. It’s very hard to prove without witnesses and leaves a permanent taint on the reputation and credibility of the accused.
        That’s why I’m ver skeptical of the accusations. For me to really take them seriously, I want the accuser to come forward, drop the anonymity and provide details. Until then, we don’t know if it’s a mountain or a molehill. And if it’s only a molehill, then whoever is behind it is deeply cruel to a sick man and his family.

        • I agree. The guy kept working for Massa until Feb. 26, and he won’t talk. Meanwhile, he’s allowing other “unnamed sources” to speak for him.

        • Yep. She said, thinking of women in the alleged same position.

  60. No wonder Blagoyavich thought he should get something for Os Sen. seat. That is obviously how they do business.

    • In Chicago, they do. It’s *supposed to be* criminal to do that in DC.

  61. Interesting what the ethics committee chooses to investigate and when; what they put on the back burner and what gets front page headlines.

    • Look at how long it took for Rangel to step down. Prime example of putting things on the back burner.

      • Look how long they let Mark Foley slide–years! And he was harrassing young kids.

        • Foley supported the broader agenda so he was worth covering up for.

        • Good point!

        • The difference between Reps and Dems is that the Reps don’t eat their own. At least, not in public.

          Let the guy retire – or force him into resigning, but handle it QUIETLY.

          Why Pelosi et al do not understand that this story will become about THEIR incompetence baffles me. Their stupidity is staggering.

  62. If indeed there is nothing to these allegations he should have done a 20/20 interview and not yeller/Glen Beck. By the comments, Glen Beck didn’t do him any favors.

    • Massa doesn’t seem very savvy. Even Beck said he’d Reilly would’ve probably be a better choice if he wanted a tough interview.

    • Was Glenn Beck expected to do him any favors? Actually, if Beck comes off as a self-centered blowhard and Massa comes off as merely a mortal being who was naive to the ways of Eashington, then maybe the interview was a success. In spite of all the nonplussed category comments, no one here is saying Eric Massa sounds like a nut. That’s quite am accomplishment considering how the WH wants to make him int a raving lunatic.

      • Was Glenn Beck expected to do him any favors?

        No, but he said; Beck:*America, I’ve wasted your time.*

        Sheesh, Glen Beck was not objective and in fact, was NOT FAIR or Balanced! My ‘snark’ on the fact that he came out worse than he went in to the interview.

        • The problem is that Massa had a few opportunities to drop major revelations. Beck didn’t have him on to talk about campaign finance reform and the harsh rhetoric in the media.

          • What kinds of revelations are you talking about? He already said everything in the previous radio interview. What he should have done was explain why the health care bill stinks. But Beck wouldn’t let him talk policy.

      • He didn’t come across as a nut to me. He came across as a guy who ran for office because he thought he could make a difference and found out he wouldn’t be allowed to do anything but follow orders.

        Beck is the nut. My guess is Massa didn’t really know much about Beck. And O’Reilly would have been worse. He never lets anyone finish a sentence–way worse than Beck.

    • Has 20/20 issued an invite? Massa may just be making himself available to any opportunity that presents itself.

  63. As I suspected, MSNBC is having Christmas and New Year’s all rolled into one tonight. They’re painting it as a matchup of two equally crazy men.

    • There are quite a few lefty radio shows that would have given him air time.

      • For example?

        • If he wanted a soapbox to discuss the undue influence of lobbyists or the system of campaign finance, he could have dropped back for a week or so, collected his thoughts and then did every show he could muster health-wise. Bill Press had him scheduled for Thursday and he cancelled. Mark Thompson, Alex Bennett, Lynn Samuels, Thom Hartman, etc, would have all taken him as a guest and he would have been in front of the right audience.

          Fox viewers were looking for blood and he wasn’t delivering. I just can’t see what he wanted to accomplish.

          • Those radio shows probably have a much smaller audience than any Fox News show, but I agree it would have been interesting to hear Lynn Samuels talk to him–if I could get her show, that is.

            Hartman is deadly dull, Press is an Obama supporter, and Alex Bennett is silly. I do like Mark Thompson, and he has somewhat recovered from the Koolaid. I think that was an act anyway.

          • I don’t know, Bill said he would have him on — he’s been a big Massa fan for months. And it seems like even if the audience isn’t listening live, the podcasts get a lot of play and really good soundbites make the rounds. Remember Conyers’ slam of Rahm on the Bill Press show? It was everywhere in less than 24 hours. Lynn apparently has the second highest listenership on Sirius after Howard according to their stats.

  64. He came across as hesitant for some reason. There’s something else to this story and we we may never know.

    • In my time I’ve known quite a few people who make it a habit of collecting dirt on everyone in their political circles that they might need or consider an adversary. “just in case.” i.e., keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.

      • BTW, appropos of nothing, Glenn Beck came across to me as a closet case. I’ve never watched or listened to him before, but that was my first impression.

        • He’s always been a nutjob. I was worried that he’d really go off the rails but he came across as just plain disappointed. The whole thing was built up to be something it wasn’t.

          Massa had important things to say, but for what he said, Beck’s show was a poor fit.

    • I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Massa was threatened prior to appearing on Beck. I actually thought he might pull out of the interview after the Wapo story.

  65. What I don’t get is, if Massa is leaving anyway, why even bother with all of this over relatively minor, vague accusations?
    (Sorry, I am late to the game here.)

    • That’s exactly my question. Why did the WH bring out the big ammo when Massa was already gone? Why not just let him go home and take care of his health?

      • He’s not gone on March 18th 2010, he’s gone after the November elections … timing is everything. His being gone makes them 2 votes closer to the Obominable forced health insurance bill.

        • Massa had already resigned before they brought out the big guns today. He resigned as of yesterday at 5PM.

          • right, but he was beyond their coercion if he decided not to run for reelection any way, so why all these allegations if he had resigned because of the cancer weeks ago? Why investigate him if he was resigning any way?

          • That is my question. I looked it up, and it turns out I was right about the Foley investigation. They did issue a report even after he quit. Maybe it’s just Chicago-style revenge. I don’t get it, because it just doesn’t seem like Massa could really hurt them if they just ignored him.

      • Stupidity. Stupidity and narcissism.

        It’s never been enough for Rahm to win – he has to utterly destroy the loser, cripple him (or her) past redemption. Graciousness, in either winning OR losing, is beyond him.

        Plus, he’s making an example of Eric – “Play the game, Dems, or you’ll be next!” No wonder so many people are retiring.

        Unfortunately, that will only work for so long – and then people will eventually get tired of it and refuse to play.

  66. According to this story, Massa apologized to his staff for using “bad language” last October.

  67. So do you think Larry King will coax anything out of him or should I go back to figuring out what’s wrong with Lao PDR?

  68. I’m sure that, when they take office in 2012, the Jeb Bush Administration will thoroughly investigate and prosecute the many crimes of the Obama Administration.

  69. Round 2 on CNN?

  70. Massa is starting to talk like he doesn’t know if his cancer has returened. I really hope I’m hearing that wrong.

  71. Meanwhile Nancy says the congresscritters have to vote for the health bill whether their constituents want it or not. plus we’re not going to see what’s in the bill unless we vote it in….What kind of madness is this? Can’t she be arrested for obstructing the government of the us here in the boonies?

  72. Almost weird enough to be another story out of the Florida Keys …

    Riddle paused in his sexual activity and noticed the knife sticking out of his back.


  73. Let’s face it: the story is anything but “ridiculous.”

    In fact, it sounds absolutely perfect. The viciousness of the alleged attacks is pure Obama and the shower scene is pure Rahm. I’m looking forward to the movie version.

  74. […] “Unnamed Sources” Up t&#1211&#1077 Ante &#959&#1495 Massa Harrassment Accusations &laquo… […]

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