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Lazy Saturday News and Views

Feeling Under the Weather Today

Good Morning, Conflucians!! My cold or flu or whatever it is has gotten worse than it was yesterday, so this will be a short post. And if it’s full of typos, I apologize for that too. I plan to spend today like I did yesterday, reading a trashy mystery novel, and dozing off from time to time.

So, let’s see, what’s happening in the news this morning? Not a whole lot, I guess. The Pentagon shooter is still the top story in the Washington Post.

Parents warned police of Pentagon shooter’s bizarre mental state

Experts: Pentagon shooter, others strike symbols of ‘power for the powerless’

On the health care reform front, Bart Stupak is once again flexing his anti-woman muscles. Raw story reports that Rachel Maddow is asking questions about Stupak’s connections with “The Family.”

Did secretive religious group subsidize Congressman’s rent?

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow believes that Stupak is just looking for publicity with “this antiabortion stunt” and that “it is not rational to think that the Democratic-led House and the Democratic-led Senate are going to let him use health reform as a way to effectively ban abortion.”

Oh really? I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, Rachel.

She points out, however, that Stupak’s new notoriety means that he may “end up having to answer for some of the unexplained things that no one cared to have [him] explain before.”

“For example,” Maddow noted on Thursday, “Bart Stupak famously was one of the conservative politicians who lived at C Street — a $1.8 million town house on Capitol Hill that featured in the Mark Sanford sex scandal and the John Ensign sex scandal and the Chip Pickering sex scandal. The house is home to a number of members of Congress. It has been reported to be run by the secretive religious group known as the Family.”

The series of scandals involving the Family and its high-level network of political connections has been growing since last summer, when it was learned that the three conservative lawmakers involved in allegations of infidelity all had ties to the C Street house. The Family has since been linked to a proposed law in Uganda which would mandate the death penalty for cases of “aggravated homosexuality.”

Good luck to Maddow on exposing this, although I don’t expect the Obama administration to help her out.

Oh, and get this, Obama is promising “progressives” that he’ll “revisit” the public option after the Dems force the crappy insurance bill down our throats.

It is to laugh. How many times can he get away with these transparent lies? I’m afraid to check the Cheeto to see if this one is working.

ABC news’s Ben Feller asks a good question: A Furious Health Care Push _ but What About Jobs? There’s more detail and a more liberal point of view in this article from The Socialist Worker’s Party site: A recovery that leaves workers behind

CNN’s idiotic anchor Wolf Blitzer has apologized for putting up a news chryon that called the Department of Justice the ‘Dept. Of Jihad’

“CNN had no intention of suggesting that the Justice Department supports terrorism,” he said. “Lawyers at the Justice Department are patriotic Americans, and we certainly regret any confusion that may have been caused by our graphic.”

The graphic came before a segment yesterday on the ad by Liz Cheney’s group that attacks DOJ officials who previously represented Guantanamo detainees.

A chyron during the segment asked, “Are Justice Department Lawyers Disloyal?”

Blitzer referenced the storm of criticism the segment set off on Twitter, which was initiated by Salon columnist Glenn Greenwald.

Today, Greenwald has a column about New Republic editor Martin Peretz and his anti-Arab bigotry.

And here’s some more bigotry news: Virginia AG orders colleges to stop protecting gays

At Antiwar.com, Scott Horton interviews Nat Hentoff on the death of the Bill of Rights, and James Lucas writes about how the U.S. destroyed Afghanistan.

That’s about all I have the strength for right now. Add your own links in the comments, and I hope you all have a very nice day.



35 Responses

  1. Here’s the PDF of the order from VA’s AG for colleges to stop protecting LGBT students


  2. BB…I’ve had the crud for the past three weeks – and it’s getting very old by now. I know how you feel – drink plenty of water, stay in bed – that part will take about 4 days. Then you’ll probably be stuck with a horrible case of post nasal drip and a cough.

    The “good news” is that you can function with the later stages. But you’re going to be tired and ready for a nap at the drop of a hat.

    If I’m not better by Monday, I’m off to the doctor.

    Take care of yourself – typos or no typos!

    • This is good advice. When I had it in January, my doc told me to do a liquid diet for 24 hours and then do the BRAT diet for another 24:


      She explained to me that the fact that I was eating normally was allowing the bad cells to grow and make me feel worse. We needed to starve the bad cells while keeping my body alive. I hope this helps. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice to you, ftr.

    • Thanks for the sympathy. I feel like my head is stuffed full of cotton or something. I can hardly even think.

      • Ah, I’m so sorry … I’m a tea and lemon kinda gal when that happens plus loads of chicken soup.

        • Chicken soup with as much red pepper as you can stand. It is great for clearing up nasal stuffiness and allowing the tissues inside your nose to heal.

          • Put me down on the “sick as a dog” list too. I would love to curl up with a quart of Nyquil (not allowed of course) or a Vicodin latte (not allowed either). Blerg. This has been going on since Tuesday. The title of this article is the ONLY reason i even know what day it is.

          • I hope you feel better soon, Jadzia. I slept all afternoon–I’m so lucky that its spring break this week.

          • Good for you! I’ve been in bed pretty much since Tuesday (tried to go to work and basically got sent home for being “barely alive”) except for a flight down to LA yesterday(*) — and as soon as I got here I got right back in bed!

            You feel better too!

            (*)Which I nearly missed after falling asleep at the airport.

      • I had that last week. It was so bad I could not close my mouth, that was the only way oxygen was getting inside me. I was about ready to cut my sinuses out myself with a carving knife.

        I went to the pharmacy and was close to tears, but they gave me some behind the counter stuff. The first dose made just enough of a dent to relieve that greater discomfort, and after about 24 hours, it pretty much strated working consistently. Now I just have this post nasal drip. While I’m annoying myself, I don’t quite feel like pretending I’m a surgeon.

  3. I hope you feel better soon, BB. Here’s the link to the 2003 story that broke the media blackout of the Family:


    Stupak is mentioned in it as on of the Congressman living at Ivanwald, the Family’s 24th Street-Arlington location.

    As far as I’m concerned, the Family one of the many reasons we have to vote out every single incumbent. Every. Single. One. There’s just no way to know if they are corrupt or not, and the Congressional body as whole now acts as if it is the enemy of the people. It is. It should be treated as such. My 2 cents.

    • Good lord, speaking of typos. And I’m not even sick! 😀

    • Some intrepid journalist should write a book about that cult of zombies!

    • but there is a way, you have to pay attention and do some research. Don’t expect the media to tell the truth about anything. There is nothing inherently evil about people banding together to promote an agenda, even one we hate. The problem is that the media doesn’t do it’s job. I don’t think even most republicans would vote for these people if they knew their real purposes for being in DC.

    • ps.. and I really do not believe in voting out everyone. How do we know if those people coming in are corrupt? Why would we want to throw out the baby with the bathwater?

  4. I know there were people who were interested in who the Stupak 12 were the other day.

    FDL got a list.


  5. Good morning, BB. what is that trashy mystery novel you’re reading? if you don’t mind me asking. I love trashy mysteries and spy novels. Right now i’m rereading all my LeCarre novels. Recently finished The Russia House and A Small Town In Germany and am moving on now to Smiley’s People. When I’m done with LeCarre,

    I may also reread all my Robert Ludlum and Lawrence Sanders stuff. Hey I just can’t read any more health care stuff, I’m sorry. Feel better!

    • I’ve been reading a series by Karin Slaughter. I just started “Faithless,” which I read a long time ago, but now I’m reading the series in order.

  6. “Faithless” . Reminds me of “Unfaithful” (I know the words don’t mean the same thing) with Diane Lane and Richard Gere. I love that movie. Enjoy you reading.

  7. BB we’ve got to get you well. My honey brought home something akin to a cold at the start of 2010 – he lovingly gave it to me – I was stuck with a runny nose and slight cough for about 10 days and finally just got “sick of it” and used Zicam (not the spray or losengers) I began taking Oregamax and of course I continued taking all my normal supplements – and it was gone overnight – I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing that sooner – but hope it works for you.

    • Is that like Oil of Oregano? I have some of that in the house–will try it. I usually swear by vitamin C. I take the little packets–EmergenC they’re called.

  8. http://thinkprogress.org/2010/03/04/texas-taliban/

    This angers me big time. They should take their hate and shove it. STOP using images of the US military to promote their stupidity. I do not like any group whatever religion who promote hate This is really just a bunch of little people who take God’s name in vain and try to impose their belief on everybody else. My words to them are ” GO TO HELL”



  9. http://www.politico.com/playbook/

    Brunch edition — Geithner to The New Yorker: ‘We saved the economy, but kind of lost the public doing it’ —

    They still do not get it.



  10. http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/03/06/36-states-aim-to-preempt-federal-health-care-plan/

    This looks like a good thing. Maybe local politicians are getting the message even if Washington is not.



    • Exempting states from a federal mandate to buy crappy expensive insurance, sure. Some other moves may not be such a good thing:

      But not all the actions being considered apply simply to federal law. Some of the constitutional provisions would also prohibit future state lawmakers from enacting any sorts of health insurance mandates or enacting any sort of single-payer system.

  11. bb:

    My mother’s cure, which will have you feeling better one way or the other in no time–

    Equal parts:

    Fresh lemon juice
    Jack Daniels (or other good bourbon)

  12. I don’t know if it’s the same “Army of God,” but there was an outfit by that name associated with Aryan Nations.

  13. O.S. That’s a good one. I like tea made from fresh ginger, also.

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