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Wednesday News You Could Probably Do Without

Wow, didn’t see this coming:

Wall Street shifting political contributions to Republicans
Commercial banks and high-flying investment firms have shifted their political contributions toward Republicans in recent months amid harsh rhetoric from Democrats about fat bank profits, generous bonuses and stingy lending policies on Wall Street.

(I’m guessing the next media darling won’t be a Democrat either)

‘Terminator’ carp threatens Great Lakes

Environmentalists say Asian carp, an invasive species of food-guzzling fish, could cause an ecological disaster if it enters Lake Michigan

(Terminator governor wreaks havoc on Golden State)

First Superman comic sells for $1m

1938 edition of Action Comics No1 with cover showing superhero lifting car sets record for comic book sale

(What a rip-off. The original Superman couldn’t even fly)

New Full-Body Scanners Coming to Two Airports
The first of 150 full-body scanners planned for U.S. airports will be installed in Boston next week, officials said Tuesday.

(I might start flying again just to gross out the surly TSA buttsniffers)

Deputy shoots bear that charges him near Tahoe
A sheriff’s deputy at Lake Tahoe shot and killed a 600-pound black bear that rushed him after wildlife officials tried to flush the hibernating animal out from under a condominium.

(This is why I support the right to arm bears)

Former Prom King Now Living Anonymously Among Commoners
Sean Fowler, the man once revered throughout the halls of Barlow High School as prom’s one true king, has for the past several years lived a meager existence among the very peasants who used to tremble at the mere mention of his name, sources reported Monday.

Bearing none of his kingly habiliments, nor the regal air which at one time daunted all who crossed his path, the deposed King Fowler has dwelled in lowly anonymity since graduating in 2002.

I usually post more stories but it’s a really slow news day. What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

93 Responses

  1. First? nothing big going on here. Rain, rain, rain about to be followed by snow, snow, snow. Former Nets golden boy, Jayson Williams is sentenced to five years for shooting his limo driver in 2002. At his sentencing he reads from a prepared statement but still somehow uses a double negative that totally changes what he was trying to say. He winds up saying that not a day goes by that he doesn’t wish he had killed the guy. I’m sure that’s not what he meant.

    Three NYPD officers acquitted of sodomizing a citizen.

    One of Mayor Blooberg’s aides was involved in a hit and run and is in critical condition. The car was later found abandoned. The owner of the car turned herself in yesterday, but says her sister driving at the time of the accident. Just another day in Gotham.

    • I bet her sister won’t be inviting her to Thanksgiving dinner this year.

      • The owner hasn’t been charges yet while her story is being checked out. But it appears the sister has a history of mental illness and unless she has an alibi, she may wind up the fall guy (girl)

  2. I welcome a slow news day, myiq. A snewz day as it were.

  3. Politico:

    President Barack Obama’s top advisers are quietly laying the groundwork for the 2012 reelection campaign, which is likely to be run out of Chicago and managed by White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina, according to Democrats familiar with the discussions.

    • Where’s Kenny Loggins?

    • All I see in that article is fear of PUMAs and Clinton. Throw in Palin.

      They’re delusional. It’s Ronnie and Nancy against the world again. Except no one will vote for them twice.

      • Oh, I don’t know. If you whip people up into enough of a frenzy, they will.

        • I would say 0bama didn’t have a chance, except that the Elephascists are even more the party of Teh Crazy than they were in the Gingrich-Dubya years.

  4. Latest “zinger” from Governor-all-asshat-no-cattle here in Texas, against his primary opponent:

    Sen. Hutchison should receive a regal reception at the Dairy Queen, as she is known as the queen of earmarks.

    The Perry for President talk makes me shudder. There was this bit of bizarreness in the Economist:

    Still, the odds must be on a third Perry victory. A thrice-elected governor from a big state which has boomed under his management, with pretty solid conservative credentials to boot? That sounds like something that might appeal to Republicans looking for someone less alarming than Sarah Palin to take on a weakened Barack Obama in 2012.

    Less alarming?

    • LOL those are great. Dairy Queen – huh? “Less alarming” really does nail it in an understated way. People are “alarmed” and using Sarah as the punching bag for unnamed ills. I think the “ill” is Obama’s ineffectiveness, and Palin hating is the distraction.

    • Sarah Palin may be “alarming” to Republicans because she is a charismatic maverick.

      • She’s “alarming” for the same reason Hillary is — scary ovaries. Ovaries of DOOM!!! DOOM, I tell you!!!!

        • Maybe, but I actually think that Republicans would promote a “Margaret Thatcher” sooner than Democrats would promote any woman.

          • I have to agree with you. Suppression of identity politics can give players like Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice, etc. more room to maneuver.

          • yup, and as much as I am not a conservative, i will vote for which ever party puts a woman on the ticket.

    • In my mind, we don’t have a good candidate for Gov. Other than, absolutely NOT voting for Perry, I’m not sure what I will do.

      Just the thought of Perry running for Pres makes me puke. Arrogant B*******.

      • Bill White?


        • perhaps, I haven’t researched him yet. What are your thoughts?

          • Bill White is considered a moderate Democrat, but he did a great job in Houston. He is loved by liberals and moderates alike. (Of course, the real right wing types will never vote Democratic, no matter how good the candidate –that said, most must not have voted as he was re-elected with 91% of the vote.)

            He is extremely smart, a consensus builder but seems to work from a real moral center. And he is a work-a-holic. He is a policy wonk. When he got the job and got an inkling of Houston’s financial woes, he spent evening after evening going through Excel spreadsheets, before he proposed solutions.

            Remember, it was Bill White who worked with county officials to open the stadium to Katrina victims from New Orleans, when no one else was doing a thing. Dallas did more than most but said they would have trouble taking 30,000 victims. Houston took over 150,000. The whole community pulled together and it was Bill White’s leadership that made it happen. He had great help, of course. Then he made sure the victims could get into real housing, because they needed that dignity, telephoning apartment complexes with vacancies all around town.

            He regularly rides his bike around Houston just to talk to people. His ex-wife likes him.

            He reminds me of Hillary. A lot.

            Additional info:

            For what it is worth:



          • This article says there were 250,000 evacuees and gives a lot of additional information:



    • It sounds like the GOP is worried that their voters might elect the *wrong* candidate.

      The Democrats rigged their process to prevent that from happening. If they hadn’t rigged it the voters might have elected somebody like Hillary Clinton.

  5. That Wall Street shift must be a bummer for the already in place campaign to reelect Obama

    • If an incumbent POTUS needs to campaign he’s already in deep doo doo.

      He should just have to make sure his name is on the ballot.

    • Wall Street is well aware that O is 100% on their side and any talk to the contrary from him is just talk. His actions have never reflected his words.

      The problem Wall Street has with BO is that he has not been as effective as they thought he would be. Watch the Pharma and health insurance industry do the same thing soon.

      His magical aura faded so much faster than they expected. He was supposed to close the books on the Wall Street and Banker’s antics right away, and get his D majority to push those mandates through for big Pharma and health insurance without challenge.

      But, he got side-tracked with his own greatness. Couldn’t wait to get to Camp David for a rest after his first week at work, to Europe, to Martha’s Vineyard, to wallow in the joy of winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I hate to even try to count how many photos I’ve seen of him with his eyes closed, head back resting while Rahm is doing the talking for him!

      • Completely agree. They knew he was bamboozling with all the talk (remember the NAFTA lie while campaigning, the backroom deals with Insurance and Pharma), but he didn’t get it done SOON ENOUGH, so now they’re gone. Too ineffective for them, but still on their side.

        Well said, gweema. I couldn’t have said it better.

        • His delay has caused them great embarrassment, and people are beginning to move their money to credit unions and small local banks. They are closing credit card accounts, walking away from their underwater homes, and not jumping onboard when they try to feed the market to encourage the people to trust it again as a place to put their investment dollars.

          The demands for an open book on who his guests are makes it hard for them to get face-to-face with him on their expectations, too.

          There are those who don’t think the PUMA were the least bit useful or successful, but I disagree. The heat put on this administration by the millions who just really could not get behind O has been instrumental in setting up the obstructions that prevent them from full-force catering to the corporations and ultra-wealthy.

          • The problem Wall Street has with BO is that he was hired as a temp.

            The main thing they wanted him for is to be a fall guy. They wanted a Democrat they could control in the White House so they could blame everything on him, but they always planned to switch back to the GOP.

            We predicted it 2 years ago.

          • Very true, but I do think they believed they had quite the bonus with O. He was supposed to keep up his magical way of getting people to faint in his presence, and take good care of them by leading these DuperSelegates into his world of deception. He has failed them miserably.

            Had he performed to their expectations, they would’ve kept funding the D’s for this mid-term.

      • I would not assume that, just because Wall Street is dumping bucks into electing a Republican majority in both houses of congress, they won’t be heavily backing Obama in ’12. I think they love having a totally ineffectual spokesprezident over which their hired pols can run roughshod. The present dissonance comes from the Dem brand, holding majorities in congress while the, supposedly, Dem Prez acts all helpless. Helpless (which Wall Street loves) will be much more convincing with a Repub labelled congress.

  6. Keith O moons the tea partiers, the Dallas Tea Party returns the favor:

    • “Have you no shame, sir??” , to Olbie.

      Don’t have to agree with teapartiers to LOVE that!!

      Hell, Fox News anchors/commenters are more diverse than MSNBC.

  7. Great round-up. 🙂

    Hm over here, the school spying on kids at home via laptop is fascinating (google “Harriton High” on news if you want to read about it. The FBI is investigating also.

    I am curious about how the school district will pay for its legal fees. It seems wrong to me that a school budget will go to defending its violation of its students civil rights? Lose-lose for the kids.

    • Harriton. Used to be a good school.

      • It’s in a wealthy district. Don’t know what they were thinking.

      • What percent of public high schools provide each high school child with a macbook to take home? Must be an incredibly wealthy school district.

        • I believe Bill Gates’ organization has supplied millions upon millions of macbooks for many kids across the country. There are also many programs in place for schools to get grants for individual laptops.
          Any child who does NOT have a computer at his or her home SHOULD be given one by the school. It’s 2010 in America and whether you like it or not, computers are now necessities, to learning, to businesses, to everyday life, they are no longer “luxury” items for the “incredibly wealthy”.

    • That is why they carry Directors and Officers insurance.

    • They will pay their legal fees through their insurance.

    • I read about the school-spying scandal.


      A poster on another blog raised a question about the possibility of child-pr0n charges against the district. After all, it’s possible that some of those youngsters, not knowing the webcams were spying on them, might have been changing clothes in front of the computers. 👿

      Also, in the article, a boy was disciplined at school for something he did at home. SINCE WHEN IN SULFURIC HELL DOES A ****ING SCHOOL DISTRICT HAVE THAT KIND OF AUTHORITY? No wonder the arrogant bastards are getting sued. 😡

  8. Sen. John Mellencamp to replace Evan Bayh?

    “Crazy talk” says a local journalist who has known Mellencamp for years.


  9. Brit Hume continues to use the Tiger Woods story to proselytize:

    • My best friend is a Buddhist and she called today to tell me about her prayers and we shared a special time on the meaning. Britt Hume needs to start a church, become a preacher or learn how to keep his religious views out of reporting (or retire if he can’t). My point in mentioning her call is that Buddhists pray, they reflect, they contemplate and they do oration and I would never in a million years think to tell her that she needs my religion to be a good person.

      • It’s obvious he’s been overcome with guilt and is obsessed with the idea that he be forgiven for it. He just seems to always talk about Tiger, et al in terms of forgiveness. I don’t think he realizes that he’s speaking more loudly about himself than about Tiger. His neediness is just overwhelming in this video and reinforces it from the original.

        • I wonder why he isn’t lectureing John Edwards since he is Christian and all about his alledged incident of domestic violence against his terminally ill wife and his cheating/adultery and all his lies, including pointing at others and wagging his finger.

  10. Commercial banks and high-flying investment firms have shifted their political contributions toward Republicans in recent months amid harsh rhetoric from Democrats

    Did you really expect anything else – it appears that the Dems will have a tough time winning the next election – so the money will follow the prospective winners

  11. Whattasurprise! The Dems are losing the Waiting on the World to Change (“New”) Coalition.

    From Pew Research:

    Politically, Millennials were among Barack Obama’s strongest supporters in 2008, backing him for president by more than a two-to-one ratio (66% to 32%) while older adults were giving just 50% of their votes to the Democratic nominee. This was the largest disparity between younger and older voters recorded in four decades of modern election day exit polling. Moreover, after decades of low voter participation by the young, the turnout gap in 2008 between voters under and over the age of 30 was the smallest it had been since 18- to 20-year-olds were given the right to vote in 1972. (Chapter 8).

    But the political enthusiasms of Millennials have since cooled —for Obama and his message of change, for the Democratic Party and, quite possibly, for politics itself. About half of Millennials say the president has failed to change the way Washington works, which had been the central promise of his candidacy. Of those who say this, three-in-ten blame Obama himself, while more than half blame his political opponents and special interests.

    To be sure, Millennials remain the most likely of any generation to self-identify as liberals; they are less supportive than their elders of an assertive national security policy and more supportive of a progressive domestic social agenda. They are still more likely than any other age group to identify as Democrats. Yet by early 2010, their support for Obama and the Democrats had receded, as evidenced both by survey data and by their low level of participation in recent off-year and special elections.

  12. My head is stuck firmly in the sand. There is no news down here in this hole. I’m pretending the giant house of cards is not tumbling down. La la la.

  13. (I’m guessing the next media darling won’t be a Democrat either)

    The media darling in 2008 wasn’t a Democrat, either.

    • lol Yer right.

    • Wall Street shifting political contributions to Republicans
      Commercial banks and high-flying investment firms have shifted their political contributions toward Republicans in recent months amid harsh rhetoric from Democrats about fat bank profits, generous bonuses and stingy lending policies on Wall Street.

      I guess they have heard about Dean’s group linking up with other groups and that they are gaining ground on demanding that the Public Option be in the Health Care Reform Bill and the working people are very upset about the high credit rates, the lack of credit and the fact that banks aren’t giving small business loans which translates into NO NEW JOBS!

  14. Obama’s health reform gamble raises questions of judgment
    …”After a year of debate, Democratic leaders — given every communications advantage and decisive control of every elected branch of government — have not only lost legislative momentum, they have lost a national argument…”


  15. From Glenzilla , on Twitter:

    “Gosh, how strange that after insisting for a year that Obama vigorously supports the public option, his first-ever plan excludes it.”

    Uh, yeah. We told ya so.

  16. @nicknotned: Hillary Clinton is meeting Rupert Murdoch at News Corp this morning. Let the conspiracy theories begin!

    • Any idea what the subject of the meeting is going to be?

      • I don’t know. The tweet is from the guy who runs Gawker. Can’t find anything else in the news. Probably nothing political. Hillary’s been taking an interest in global media lately, digital and otherwise. Murdoch has alot of experience with media in China. Could be that. They know each other, so staying in touch. Maybe asking for more fairness from Fox on behalf of the administration…that’s would be a stretch.

    • Are you sure?

      • Thanks. He’s playing games. What a putz.

        @nicknotned: Oops, scratch that last tweet!

  17. Well, in my part of the world we are dealing with local Democrats who have frakked us and stabbed us in the back, including the councilmember I volunteered and door-knocked for.

    Not to go into the long boring details, but it involves putting a huge slots casino in an already overly-busy, crime-ridden, traffic-nuisance mall near a quiet suburban neighborhood and NOBODY WANTS IT. (Yes, Maryland voted overwhelmingly “yes” for slots, but on the understanding that they would go in the race parks and save Maryland’s dying horseracing industry…nobody wanted them in a suburban neighborhood.)

    And they know it too: The entire county council ran on a no-slots platform, promising and swearing up and down against them so fervently that even hardcore Republicans were moved to vote Democratic for the first time in their lives (including Mr. DO) on this single issue.

    But I guess the big $$$ from the casino folks was far more bootylicious than stuff like “constituent concerns,” so lo and behold, they found a way to allow for slots-friendly zoning right there.

    The good news? People power has risen up and folks are saying NO THANKS and backing it up with action. A group of citizens opposed to the slots, with financial help from the Jockey Club, has collected more than half the needed petition signatures to put the measure up for a referendum, and they are still collecting more:


    Of course, the scumbag developer who paid off the council and wants the slots is not happy about this and has responded by suing the elections board:


    Soooo that’s my local news. Democrats stabbing their voters in the back again! And we should vote for them again, why?

  18. I said I wouldn’t go into long boring details, but I did! Oh well! If lying is good enough for the president (Obama) it’s good enough for moi!

  19. Here’s a little story about the legacy of the “post-racial election”

  20. FDA Approves Ampyra to Improve Walking in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis


    For Immediate Release: Jan. 22, 2010
    Contact: Sandy Walsh, 301-796-4669, sandy.walsh@fda.hhs.gov
    Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

    FDA Approves Ampyra to Improve Walking in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Ampyra (dalfampridine) extended release tablets to improve walking in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). In clinical trials, patients treated with Ampyra had faster walking speeds than those treated with an inactive pill (placebo). This is the first drug approved for this use.


    Here is some good news for those with MS.

  21. “Commercial banks and high-flying investment firms have shifted their political contributions toward Republicans in recent months amid harsh rhetoric from Democrats about fat bank profits, generous bonuses and stingy lending policies on Wall Street.”

    And “Operation Republican Trojan Horse – Barack Obama” carries on as planned…

    Way to go, all you dumb Democrats (doubt there’s anyone here that did that) that voted for BO!! Full disclosure: I’m a lifelong Dem, now unaffiliated, who voted for McCain/Palin.

  22. Spanish Senate approves new abortion law

    Spain on Wednesday approved a sweeping new law that eases restrictions on abortion, declaring the practice a woman’s right and doing away with the threat of imprisonment, in part of a drive toward liberal policies that has angered conservatives and the Catholic Church.\


  23. sad about that nutcase out in Colorado shooting those two kids.
    one serious.but he had a high powered rifle,
    thank goodness it could have been so much worse

  24. Woman Voter, My sister has MS, we’ve been watching this for a while. Thanks for the link.

    • No problem…someone close to me once was diagnosed as having MS and I know Katie has a family member with it and always brings about all the latest news.

  25. Has anyone seen the headline on Huffpo? I go there very seldom but, Rep. Brad Miller has written an article about the foreclosure problem and how Obama can fix it. Now here’s the punchline. It’s FDR’s fix , you remember the one Hillary wanted.

  26. Oh it gets better BTD at Talk left has discovered HOLC>

    • Waste of reading time.

      • What’s a waste of time?

        • TalkLeft, IMHO, is a waste of time. BTD just keeps repeating himself, and quoting other writers….I’d prefer to just read those who I find credible and avoid the rest. Jeralyn is so fixated on TV and celebrities that when I head for the blogs, I want smart, well-reasoned opinion writing. Their comment section has lost it’s best and brightest.

  27. Is anyone else watching C-Span while the House argues the bill to Remove Antitrust Exemption from the Insurance Companies? It’s being voted on right now and winning by a big margin. The Republicans who vote NAY on this should be targeted by the voters to dump asap.

    We still need to keep the Republicans away from gaining a majority in November. I plan to keep pushing hard on my D’s in congress to start acting like D’s before it’s too late.

  28. Yes, gweema, I’m watching, UGH

  29. Hmmm, an old childhood friend who is very into the tea party stuff sent me this from drudge, it’s an interesting compilation of quotes from various dem Senators in 2005 railing against the possibility of reconcilliation by bush:


  30. DOC99 posted this at No Quarter. I do not know what is going on but it looks interesting.




  31. Health Insurance Executive Defends Higher Premiums

    Published: February 24, 2010

    WASHINGTON — A top health insurance company executive told a Congressional committee on Wednesday that higher premiums were justified by soaring medical costs, and warned that pending legislation could make the problem worse, further driving up costs for young, healthy people.

    OK, so NOW can we get a PUBLIC OPTION or will the legislators allow us all to go uninsured with the premiums shooting up like rockets?

    We must have a PUBLIC OPTION, there is no other way to control the health care run amock in this country.

  32. No, we don’t need a public option, we need single payer. It’s incumbent on people who say “we need a public option” to say exactly what they mean by that. Because it’s not single payer and it’s not expansion of Medicare.

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