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Does Digby have Stockholm Syndrome?

Not Digby

Stockholm Syndrome:

In psychology, the Stockholm syndrome is a term used to describe a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express adulation and have positive feelings towards their captors that appear irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.

A while back I asked Who Kidnapped Digby? Today I saw this over at Hullaballoo:

Everybody knows that Tbogg is a very funny guy. This is a classic. So’s this. And those are from just this week. But no offense to da man, I have to point out that Tbogg readers are actually the funniest people in in the blogosphere. if you read no other comment section, read that one.

Plus there’s adorable basset dog on basset puppy (with a tramp stamp) action.

“Everybody knows that Tbogg is a very funny guy?” Who is this “Everybody?”

If you think Tbogg is funny you are either a misogynist or you have never read any of his posts about Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin or PUMA. He even mentioned us during last year’s Wonktard War:

It’s worth mentioning that The Confluence is a PUMA blog which means that Jim Newell is spending precious moments of his life arguing with people who still think it would have been fairer for Hillary Clinton to have been allowed to play from the ladies tees during the primary season. And if you think that groups like the Susan B. Anthony List or the CWA are detrimental to the feminist movement, you’ll have to admit that The Confluence is really pulling out the stops when it comes to reconsidering that whole women’s suffrage thing.

Of course he was tipped off to the whole thing by his good pals at Blogstalkers.

Hey Digby, here’s a clue: “Tramp stamp” is a misogynist term. It refers to a tattoo on a woman’s lower back as an indication she is a “slut.” Or according to Urban Dictionary:

“Those chicks with tramp stamps are the kinds of girls you take home to bang. Don’t get into relationships with them because they are often immature gold digging sluts who sleep with everyone. Oh yeah, make sure you use a rubber because you don’t want to end up with chlamydia trachoma (which 1 in 20 women have between the ages of 14-39 according to the center of disease control… probably much higher if they have a tramp stamp considering the scientific coloration [sic] between sluttiness and tramp stamps). Also, if they pop out a baby (which they often do), they may have issues getting epidurals through their tattoos in the lower back.”

Real funny. As for Tbogg’s readers, here’s a sample of the comments in the link Digby recommends:

I can’t help but comment on the Michele Bachmann ads on the right. Call me strange, but I find her somewhat attractive. That is, if you could get past that look in her eyes. You know, the look that says her stuffed animal collection probably reflects her forays into home taxidermy.

Neighbor: “Why does Ms. Bachmann put cat food on her front porch every night? They don’t have any pets. By the way, have you seen Puffball or Mr. Snuggles recently?”

Seriously, the look in her eyes is usually accompanied by a jacket that fastens in the back.

Well, it looks like a certain Colored Woman needs to commence with some cleanin’, don’t it? And while we’re at it…. Boy! Get yur feet off’n our furniture!1!

Sweet Jeebus, make it stop…..

Since mentally they’re still functioning in the good old days when “darkies” weren’t allowed to read or write, they’re probably offended that the Obama’s have any books at all.


84 Responses

  1. Am I lucky or deprived to not know of or have any history to speak of with the likes of Digby or TBogg?

  2. He’s one of the reasons I quit FDL for some time. I couldn’t take the misogyny. He’s not funny. He’s one of those people that confuses snark with bullying folks and being mean.

    • I have yet to read anything by Tbogg that’s even mildly amusing.

      • He has always made me sick. I’m so glad I never read Digby anymore. I don’t know how you can stand to do it.

    • “There are two kinds of humor. One kind that makes us chuckle about our foibles and our shared humanity — like what Garrison Keillor does. The other kind holds people up to public contempt and ridicule — that’s what I do. Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful. I only aim at the powerful. When satire is aimed at the powerless, it is not only cruel — it’s vulgar” – Molly Ivins

      Misogyny =/= humor

  3. Looking at that old link it never ceases to amaze me how these “A-listers” pretend in one breath that we don’t exist and in the other breath find time to insult us. Either we exist or we don’t — and that’s not existential rhetoric.

  4. Myiq, BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask: whose head are we supposed to bang on that target? I can think of a few that would give me great stress relief.

  5. This may be the stupidest piece of Opologia I’ve read. Katha Pollitt seems to have lost her mind in ’08, and it hasn’t been found yet.

    What Ever Happened to Candidate Obama?

    I’m still glad I supported Obama over Hillary Clinton. If Hillary had won the election, every single day would be a festival of misogyny. We would hear constantly about her voice, her laugh, her wrinkles, her marriage and what a heartless, evil bitch she is for doing something–whatever!–men have done since the Stone Age. Each week would bring its quotient of pieces by fancy women writers explaining why they were right not to have liked her in the first place. Liberal pundits would blame her for discouraging the armies of hope and change, for bringing back the same-old same-old cronies and advisers, for letting healthcare reform get bogged down in inside deals, for failing to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan–which would be attributed to her being a woman and needing to show toughness–for cozying up to Wall Street, deferring to the Republicans and ignoring the cries of the people. In other words, for doing pretty much what Obama is doing. This way I get to think, Whew, at least you can’t blame this on a woman.

    Does Pollitt have Stockholm Syndrome or is she just a complete idiot?

    • lol, John W Smart was discussing this stinking pile of bull sh*t earlier today.

      • Her piece only makes the tiniest bit of sense if Hillary did exactly what Obama has done so far, and then it’s still stupid. That woman is a total dumbass if she believes that would be the case.

    • Sheesh–that really is stupid. I vote for “complete idiot.”

    • Um, yeah. Thank god I don’t care anymore, because that’s some amazing logic. Our country is teeming with misogyny thanks to my liberal dude buddies, so let’s give them what they want! If we don’t run for stuff, play our roles, rub their heads and peel them grapes, and not try for this stupid “equality” bs, they’ll be nice to us! Maybe!

      • Yeah, and let’s assume the policies we wimmenz put into place will be just as bad as those put into place by the men. We wouldn’t want to be like Sotomayor or anything, striving to be wiser for our experiences!

        • I doesn’t matter if they’re bad or good, they’ll make the boys mad at us! We can’t have that!

          As Ferraro often quotes from Chariots of Fire, “If you don’t run, you can’t win.” And we don’t want to win because it’s icky and boys don’t like it, so let’s just quit and go to the malt shop. Thanks for the advice Gerry, tee hee!

    • I’ll take “complete idiot” for 50, Alex. If I am reading this “article” correctly, she is saying that it’s better not to elect women BECAUSE of the misogyny of our culture? That seriously reminds me of the “no adoptions for gay folks because people will be mean to the kids on the playground, because a lot of people don’t like gay folks” kind of circular reasoning.

      • Yeah really, I don’t get it. I hope that stupid bitch stops writing… Maybe she’ll stop now since other people probably don’t want to see her being called a stupid bitch.

        • Sorry, but I don’t buy the “misogyny is okay if I don’t agree with the woman who said it” theory.

          • Sadly many people do. Which is why Melissa McEwan has to put a disclaimer on every. single. entry in her “Sarah Palin Sexism Watch #[1 million and 2]” and “Hillary Clinton Sexism Watch” series(*), patiently explaining that she defends (the subject of the series) not because she agrees with her, but because “that’s how feminism works.”

            (*)(Also — Serii? Serieses?)

    • I hate it when the hard left thinks like this…backs against the wall, nervous and defensive. Used to room with a couple of Nation staffers. Nice guys but always so serious, not that imaginative.

      • She’s full of it, anyway. She was completely but inexplicably gung ho for Obama and buying into CDS, and now it’s “I don’t regret voting for Obama, because the misogyny would have been TERRIBLE! Like it was, when I turned a blind eye and was ‘inspired.” As ‘I refuse to accept any responsibility for my role in bringing about this cluster$&@$’s go, I don’t know whether to give her an A for Audacity or an F. The Nation was anything but timid with Obamamania and CDS bs this go round.

        • Yeah, the Nation should be flipping out that Obama turned out to be such corporate pawn and not the labor advocate they should have expected him to be. But all they can do is make excuses. the misogyny would have been terrible, just horrible… And the post wave feminists are no better. They’ve gone all quiet. I dare them to write some posts about Hillary.

    • Holy shit. Just holy shit. Did she read that before she clicked ‘post’? That paragraph is what’s wrong with progressives in a nutshell. Can a woman be any more self-hating than that?

      Jeezus. I like communists, socialists and liberals, but loathe progressives–and Katha Pollitt is one reason why.

  6. Digby doesn’t have Stockholm Syndrome, she’s just a Chickenshit who can’t speak for herself, remember.

    • I don’t know much about Digby, but I do recall that she admitted as much.

      • You haven’t missed much. She’s gone downhill since she had to admit she was a chickenshit during the primaries.

        The commenters she gets are the ones she attracts; it’s a circle jerk of mushy red meat.

        Nothing is learned at Digby’s place.

  7. I suspect Digby is one of those women who wants to play with the big boyz more than she cares about anything having to do with women’s equality or avoiding misogyny.

    • I was laid off by a woman like that. The joke was, they got rid of her six months later.

      We really need to breed this trait out.

  8. In the round robin world of the A-listers, they’re all genius’s who suck at being intelligent.

  9. Sometimes its just better to be smarter and know it than have them act as if we’re one of them anyway. I wouldn’t want to be grouped in with em.

  10. Awwww. You missed one of my favorites:

    “….the PUMA being a mythical creature with the body of a middle-aged woman and the head of an idiot.”

    You people really need to keep up.

    Actually I was unaware that you people were still around. How adorable and sad all at the same time.

    • Yawn.

      You’re not Tbogg. Which is REALLY pathetic because that makes you worse than him.

      • He’s jumping up and down saying he’s the idiot, he’s the idiot. And then sadly, he’s not even that low life idiot. He just has aspirations to be that low life idiot.

        An idiot wannabe. Sad indeed.

        • It’s not even him? How pathetic. Someone running around repping his identity. Don’t know who to feel more sorry for.

    • He’s one of those ‘progressives’ who spend their days reminiscing about the good old days of race baiting and Cheney…trying to stay relevant by helping Fox out with their ratings. Poor guy doesn’t even realize the game’s moved on.

  11. Gad. You guys are stupider than I thought. Please forgive me for underestimating you.

    Please carry on with your pointless shrieking…

  12. TBogg has always needed help. And I suspect Digby is doing what she can to stay on some A list blogrolls.

  13. TBogg has 10 pages of threads written about PUMA. That’s an awful lotta writing for people who cease to exist.

  14. Check this one out. Digby gets Stack’s Section 1706 troubles completely 180 degrees wrong (which ought to irritate a lot of IT folks).

    • Lol Hope springs eternal among the stupid and gullible. Good luck to them and the Boston Red Sox. You’re one productive strategy meeting away from the promised land!

    • Jaysus. They’re delusional. (Shaking head)

    • I looked at the link to that conference. Put down your coffee…..

      • Oh. My. Gawd. —- now there’s a group of people that took a wrong turn on the 5 steps of grief. Good grief Charlie Brown.

        Someone, warm some blankets and milk and put on the soothing music. These people need an intervention before they hurt themselves.

        • I always considered the stages of grief trope, pushed so hard by the OFB, as insulting and harmful. This conference, or at least the attendees, seem to wallow in it. Chacun à son goût….

          • Yes but these poor delusional folks could use some help.

          • Yes, and studies on the long term effects of Koolaid abuse are in their infancy. And remember, these folks weren’t diluting it with water; they were snorting it straight from the packet.

      • I have one thing to say to these people who keep thinking he’s going to change for THEM.

        Honey, he’s just not into you …

        They’re behaving like obsessive, spurned lovers that think if they beg enough he’ll come back to them and love them again when for him, it was just about the conquering and the short term sweaty sex until something better came along.

    • A bit of sweet and sour. They continue, though, to completely miss the point. What do they think they can teach BO? The missing characteristics in him can’t be taught….they need to be experienced.

      I admire that they are willing to step back and admit their heads were too far up in the clouds to see what was lacking in their dream machine, but they continue to walk in a fog.

      Grief, PTSD? A good dose of maturity where they admit they were wrong, document the problems that must be solved, weigh the various solutions, and act on something that helps…they could start by staying in closer touch with their congressional representation.

  15. Hillary hitting from the ladies’ tees? More like men’s tees plus 100 yards. I don’t think even we would have supported her if she had insisted on getting cut a break, something she never asked for. All we wanted was fairness.
    It was Obama that got to hit from the Ladies’ tee.
    I take that back. They put him on the putting green and gave him a lot of Mulligans.
    How many times do I have to tell you, myiq, to not read stupid critics? Now, I have to regret not taking Tbogg on during the primaries.

    • Sen.Clinton faced a much more uphill struggle once the Precious pranced onto the scene that is for sure. When I first began blogging and prowling the political net, digby and Tbogg were places I dropped by, though I could never got the attraction of digby, Tbogg was sorta fun when he ranted at Bush, but I burned out of there when he started in on Sen. Clinton.

      And she not only hit from far beyond the men’s tee, she was hitting a pea instead of a golf ball.

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