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Friday Morning News and Views

TGIF and Good morning, Conflucians! Yesterday afternoon, right before WordPress crashed, we were having a discussion about whether Joseph Stack smashing a plane into a government building should be considered domestic terrorism. I said yes. According to the MSNBC, the Feds say the government building was deliberately targeted. David Niewert, author of a book on right wing militias, seems Stack’s act should be considered terrorism.

Huh? Since when is attempting to blow up a federal building NOT an act of domestic terrorism? In response to a Fox News claim that it was not terrorism Niewert writes:

…this is true only if the conventional understanding of the word “terrorism” has now been narrowed down to mean only international terrorism and to preclude domestic terrorism altogether.

Since when, after all, is attempting to blow up a federal office as a protest against federal policies NOT an act of domestic terrorism?

You know, Timothy McVeigh used a “dangerous instrument” to kill 168 people in Oklahoma City. He too was angry at the federal government, and was converted to the belief that acts of violence was the only means possible to prevent the government from overwhelming our freedom and replacing it with tyranny. He also believed that his act of exemplary violence would inspire others to take up similar acts to stave off the threat of tyranny.

And that’s exactly what Joseph Andrew Stack believed too:

I know I’m hardly the first one to decide I have had all I can stand. … I can only hope that the numbers quickly get too big to be white washed and ignored that the American zombies wake up and revolt; it will take nothing less. I would only hope that by striking a nerve that stimulates the inevitable double standard, knee-jerk government reaction that results in more stupid draconian restrictions people wake up and begin to see the pompous political thugs and their mindless minions for what they are. Sadly, though I spent my entire life trying to believe it wasn’t so, but violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer.

According to Niewert,

There are different kinds terrorism…. There’s international terrorism. Then there’s domestic terrorism, sometimes conducted by a larger conspiracy, and sometimes conducted by small cells like McVeigh and Terry Nichols, and lone wolves like Eric Rudolph, Scott Roeder and James Von Brunn.

All of these acts fit the FBI’s twin definition of terrorism:

Domestic terrorism refers to activities that involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any state; appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; to influence the policy of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. [18 U.S.C. § 2331(5)]

International terrorism involves violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any state, or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or any state. These acts appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping and occur primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States or transcend national boundaries in terms of the means by which they are accomplished, the persons they appear intended to intimidate or coerce, or the locale in which their perpetrators operate or seek asylum.

I agree with Niewert that if we don’t call what Stack and Roeder did “terrorism,” then we should redefine the term to mean only violence committed by foreigners. That doesn’t make much sense to me.

My new junior Senator, Scott Brown seems to think Stack may have been justified in his rage against the Feds. In his appearance on Cavuto yesterday, he didn’t express any outrage at the violence committed by Stack.

Dick Cheney showed up at the CPAC conference yesterday.

“I think Barack Obama is a one term president,” he told a roaring crowd. “It’s a great time to be a conservative.”

Liz Cheney also came out swinging in her conference address.

“There’s no polite way to put this, but that kind of incompetence gets people killed,” Cheney said, accusing the Obama administration of missing warnings from the intelligence community that Yemeni terrorists were plotting an attack.

“There is no doubt that the daily intelligence briefings that the president receives contained much more information on the threat from Yemen,” she said, without a hint of irony at the failures of the Bush-Cheney years, bemoaning “incompetence, misjudgment and presidential neglect.”

WTF?! Dick and Liz seem to have completely forgotten about the August 6, PDB that was ignored by President George W. Bush and was followed by the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. As I recall, those attacks killed close to 3,000 people.

There is also lots of new Amy Bishop news, which I’ll address in another post. But this story is really strange: Lawyer: Alabama Professor Likely Insane According the WSJ story, Bishop’s court-appointed attorney, Roy W. Miller thinks she has paranoid schizophrenia. This doesn’t sound anything like schizophrenia to me.

Miller said Bishop seems “very cogent” in jail, where he has spent more than three hours with her over two days, yet she also seems to realize she has a loose grip on reality.

“She gets at issue with people that she doesn’t need to and obsesses on it,” Miller said. “She won’t shake it off, and it’s really (things of) no great consequence.”

Bishop, who claims an IQ of 180, can’t explain the shootings, he said.

“She says she does not remember anything about it,” said Miller.

The chief prosecutor in Huntsville said he would not oppose a mental evaluation for Bishop, 45.

Admittedly, people with paranoid schizophrenia can function better in the world than people with other types of schizophrenia, but to suggest that someone with this terrible illness could earn a Ph.D. from Harvard, complete a postdoc, and work for years as a university professor while doing scientific research and publishing peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals? That’s nuts.

Schizophrenia strikes young people–usually people in their late teens and early twenties. People with any type of schizophrenia do not come off as “very cogent” in personal interactions. They have auditory and sometimes visual hallucinations and extremely bizarre delusions.

I think it’s more likely that Bishop is suffering from borderline personality disorder. That would explain her difficulties getting along with other people, her rage attacks, and her lapses into dissociative states. Someone with BPD would not be likely to qualify as legally insane, meaning that she didn’t know the difference between right and wrong. Some people have called her a sociopath (now called anti-social personality disorder). I don’t think so, because there is evidence that she agonized over having killed her brother.

Stateofdisbelief came across this story which, if it happens would be wonderful: EXCLUSIVE: Obama Eyes Western Land for National Monuments, Angering Some

More than a dozen pristine landscapes, wildlife habitats and scenic rivers in 11 Western states, some larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, are under consideration by the Obama administration to become America’s newest National Monuments — a decision the administration can make unilaterally without local input or congressional approval.

According to internal Department of Interior documents leaked to a Utah congressman and obtained exclusively by Fox News, the mostly public lands include Arizona deserts, California mountains, Montana prairies, New Mexico forests, Washington islands and the Great Basins of Nevada and Colorado — totaling more than 13 million acres.

What are you reading this morning?



Now a “famous criminal profiler” has come forward to diagnose Joseph Stack as a “‘self-loathing’ narcissist.”

149 Responses

  1. Hi BB — I just got back from my semi-regular blood test morning.

    The thing I love about your news-days is the extensive comments that you add. Thank you for pulling this all together for us!

  2. Just bringing the tabloids link from downstairs – of course I tagged it with terrorism – I don’t even understand why is there a question.

  3. Having Ken Salazar, of all people, in charge of the Interior Department has been rattling around in my head for the last year.
    I can’t help but think there must be a Chicago style hustle involved
    somewhere, somehow in the National Park announcement.

    • I’m afraid you’re probably right.

    • I think the fact that they’re going to bypass Congress having any input, and Obama make the choices through executive order, is the reason the outrage—from both sides–is so big.

      But “there must be a Chicago style hustle involved” is quite possible, with this crowd.

      The Congressmen/Senators from those states have every right to expect consultation, I think.

      • The Antiquities Act has been used for well over a century to protect our greatest national treasures. If we left it up to some of those states, we’d probably never have had the joyous views of the Grand Canyon.

        Teddy Roosevelt used it more than any president.

    • Great round-up, Bostonboomer!

      Maybe the President wants the National Monuments to be part of his legacy, monuments to “the greatness that is President Obama,” so to speak. The motivations may be suspect, but there are much worse things he could do (and has done). Of course, he did not stop removing mountaintops and that will sadly stand as part of his legacy.


  4. Going in late to work today so I actually got to read the whole thing!
    Coffee and morning news. Life is good.
    Thanks for your work BB.

  5. Domestic terrorism is terrorism and needs to be treated as such. I too can not imagine why there is a question.

    • If Stark is going to get the legitimate title of “terrorist,” and it “needs to be treated as such,” I’m really curious to hear what you believe needs to be done. He’s dead and no one need fear him. What are you suggesting be done about people like him?

      There are probably still many cells of Aryan Nations throughout the country. They have scarey ideas, and are armed to the teeth. Are they terrorists?

      I worry that calling Stark a terrorist will put a need to expand and escalate the state of terror….we’re at war with them, and I really don’t want to live under Marshall Law if every horrible act committed by a disgruntled citizen is given a place in that war.

    • Well said, Jangles!


  6. Info from my son, who lives in Austin:

    Their local news is saying it’s the federal government (ie, Homeland Security) not calling it domestic terrorism—yet—until the “investigation” is complete.

    I think all the networks hesitated yesterday calling it for what it is, given the feds unwillingness to do the same.

    • I don’t have any respect whatsoever for the Department of Homeland Security, but that’s just me.

      • I respect that, BB; neither do I. Nor do I think Napolitano was a good choice to lead it, given her lack of experience in the field.

        I just wanted to share what the Austin stations were saying…..that it’s the feds who are actually stalling on calling it for what it is.

      • Die Abteilung vor Heimatsicherheit, you mean.

        You have no idea how much border folk hate the bastards. They’ve damaged our environment (and crippled some areas economically as a result), destroyed sanctuaries/state parks, shot livestock and dogs when the urge took them, seized private land through eminent domain, terrorized citizens and other legal residents and steamrolled local governments over the objections of the people who elected them.

        And to date, not one single documented foreign terrorist has entered the United States over the southern border.

  7. OTH—was the American Revolution an act of domestic terrorism? Wonder what T. Jefferson would have to say?

    • I don’t see the link between a revolution against a foreign government and this attack.

      I don’t see how any label can be taken seriously if it only applies to muslims, which is what the cable networks seem to think. But what do I know? Nothing. I quoted an expert and he quoted the FBI. That was the best I could do.

      • I think that’s a bit of who’s writing the history. Our revolution, or perhaps more accurately, our first civil war, was against the established government. Yes, we were states of the british empire, but that was still our government. And along the way, some of the acts done could be called terrorism if we had been using that term then.

        Having said that, I don’t think Tommy would be particularly impressed by such an act. It was not part of some rational, organized effort to make a change that tried non violent avenues first. IOW, the guy was a bit bonkers.

        And I agree with the topic in general, it was terrorism as we currently define it. I’d have to qualify and say that’s a bit of an overused word, often used by governments to delegitimize protests that do have roots in serious and legitimate grievances of government abuses and oppression.

        • My Dad, a real history buff with a photographic memory, always said “History is written by the winners.”

          The older I get, the more I understand what he meant.

          Sometimes, the winners get to whitewash what they had to do , to win. Israel no longer acknowledges that they blew up civilians in hotels to gain their “independence,” and writers of the American Revolution don’t admit that we hung out in the trees and shot British officers in the back. It really does depend on who’s writing the history, doesn’t it?

          Reminds me of the Obots.

    • Another twist on that thought:

      Were the British correct in calling the early Israeli (before statehood) organizations that advocated violence and bombing of hotels, “terrorists?”

      Rahm Emmanuel’s grandfather was part of that group the British called “terrorists;” it’s largely why his father and family emigrated to America.

    • Regarding that: through a quirk of fate, I am related to John Adams. As my mother used to say “You are related to a president (John Adams) and a pirate (Samual Adams – Boston Tea Party) and that should be enough for anybody.

      • Case in point, lahana: Depending on whose telling the history, your ancestor Samuel Adams could be an absolute patriot, or a pirate. 🙂

        Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, was one of the original strong, principled, tough founding “mothers.” Be proud. Be very proud.

        • According to my dad, for quite some time the English textbooks referred to the American Revolution as: “After prelonged negotiation, the colonies were granted their independence.”

    • There were certainly acts by both sides during the American Revolution–and the French, and the Mexican, and any other you’d care to name–that we’d classify as terrorism today. But once you get armies in the field, it’s no longer terrorism. That’s revolt if its objectives are limited and revolution if the goal is a complete change of government.

  8. If they call it terrorism they can’t say the O and crew have protected us from terrorism.

    • You may be right.

      Sketchy news coming out today that 5 Muslim Americans soldiers were arrested in December on suspicion of attempting to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

      Investigation “ongoing,” the feds say, but they’re taking it seriously.

      Domestic terrorism is domestic terrorism. If the Obama administration is selectively applying that term based on political motivations (and I said “if”) , it’s despicable.

      • Interesting…I hadn’t heard about that. Meanwhile, Cheney seems to be trying to claim that he and Bush protected us from terrorism, even though they ignored hundreds of warnings about 9/11.

        • Yea, that guy is a piece of work. I really wish we could do to him what the Italians did to Mussolini.

        • Well, I’m a Texan (that’s really not a bad thing).

          We’re not over Fort Hood. It’s proven that what’s-his-name’s superiors knew he was a Muslim radical, and just transferred him to avoid being called racial profilers.

          Selective accusations of “terrorist,” depending on who the Obama administration doesn’t want to offend politically, deeply offends ME.

          I felt the same way when the Black Panther with the billy club outside the voting precinct frightening poor, white, senior citizens from voting, had his charges dropped by Holder.

          It’s the SELECTIVE application that sets Obama/Holder up for being called hypocrites, and justly so.

          Just sayin.

      • According to the Army, no one was ever arrested, there was never any danger to Fort Jackson troops, and the actual incident involved “potential verbal threats” between soldiers.

        Since we’re discussing history here, it’s worth remembering that medieval Christians made exactly the same accusations against Jews–poisoning food supplies and public wells–whenever they wanted to gin up a pogrom. The only thing that’s changed in 800 years is the target. The lies remain the same.


  9. Our Robledo Mountains Prehistoric Trackways was just made a National Monument…some of the most rare evidence of prehistoric life ever found…Now, they have to negotiate where those big ATVs who mangle the earth with the big rally can tramp around…Really, is nothing sacred anymore??

    Attended the last Senate hearing with Udall and Bingaman the other day about declaring a wilderness area here around the Organ Mountains. The business interests,of course, think it would be a terrible idea…
    The water management guys want to let all the building get finished, and build all the dams, etc. in the mountains, THEN create wildereness…Frankly, why should developers be allowed to build in such areas if the flooding risk is so great? Are we like California, where we hear about mudslides every year and home sliding down the hills?

    Exponential growth should really stop, because it is unsustainable…

    If you want to read more about how we’re wrecking the future, check out The Crash Course at http://www.chrismartenson.com

    A subject near and dear to my heart!!!!~ I’m using a solar oven now in preparation…

  10. “I agree with Niewert that if we don’t call what Stack and Tiller did terrorism…”

    I assume you mean Tiller’s killer (Roeder?), not Tiller himself, right?

  11. Terrorism is only a tactic. It’s used to inspire fear in a populace of further attacks and pressure applied to get some policy changed or an occupier to leave.

    Whether what Stack did is called terrorism or not it’s an example of a person who snaps and commits some insane act of violence.

    On the international terrorism front, the Obama admin is changing the name of the Iraq war from Operation Iraqi Freedom to Operation New Dawn. Doesn’t that give you all warm fuzzies now? I can’t wait for the waves of unbridled support to come from the MSM and the access bloggers.

  12. CNN:Tiger, you owe me nothing

    Nah, he doesn’t owe me anything, in fact I am not going to buy anything he advertises from here on out…so no don’t apologize to me, it’s not like TIGER lied and put himself out as a role model for children.

    • I’m reading that the Golf Writers Association have all turned down their invitations to the Tiger thing, because they resent being props without being able to ask questions.

      Doesn’t bode well for future Tiger coverage.

      • My first question would be, how many is too many and isn’t it close to THIRTY WOMEN NOW??? Ay, yaya Ay! The man is a liar, and he is as sorry as his honey woman who was staying 500 feet from his big Ole boat…privacy or some such name.

        • Agree completely. I wish his wife the best of everything, but if it were me, I’d be gone.

        • This is the first time I have heard even the most jocular guys on sports talk radio sounding completely disgusted. I haven’t heard any of them defend Tiger.

  13. Watching Tiger now..this is one of the best apologies I’ve heard. Politicians need to record this for future reference.

    • I’m watching too. It started out well, then he went on a rampage blaming the media and attacking them. It has now turned into exactly what not to do. He has made bitter enemies of all of the media. Wonder how they’ll treat him now.

    • I haven’t been a big Tiger fan, but I have to say, that was very sincere, and he obviously got the message. Now the hard work begins. I’m glad he cited his Buddhism, because he will need to practice a new way of being. Good for him–that took guts.

      • You must have watched something else, because they are saying it was way way off and that the press, his real honeys are very very very upset.

      • I agree

      • What I’m saying about attacking the press being the wrong approach doesn’t imply that I don’t think he has a point. I always thought what he did and what his family is going through was nobody’s fricken business. Unless it’s some controversy about his actual profession, golf, who gives a flying f*&%. But as a tactic, going after the press, perhaps rightly so, for being horrible, isn’t the best way to go.

        • NOW they are arguing about him being a Narcissist or a Sex Addict…

          • Anything to distract. What a pathetic story, for everyone concerned. Clearly he’s a complete asshole. But who cares.

          • It must get so suffocating living inside their tiny little pea brains, talking to each other 24/7. It’s a real Faustian bargain: if you are going to use the media and marketing to become a billionaire, it’s awfully hard to say, ‘hey guys, now I want you to leave me alone.” His kids though, should be off limits.

            As DT said, it’s really nobody’s business, and I could care less. I think sports, movie, media stars are absurdly elevated and compensated in a culture where people still live on the streets, schools are falling apart, and hard-working people struggle to get by. That’s how we end up with Obama for president–superficiality and illusory images dominate.

          • Well said fif.

    • I thought his apology was sincere and I think he and his wife will work things out. Yes, what he did was disgusting but it’s a failing I think he must overcome in order to save his marriage and continue living in the public eye and continue his charity work. I do think Tiger can change because his affairs seemed more like a sex addiction as opposed to the John Edwards situation.

  14. One guy is saying there were no tears. I can say one thing, his wife had real tears and his family (especially those little ones) have suffered and will suffer.

    He was too much about me, me, me… Ellin, don’t let them make you read ‘After the Affair’…YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!

  15. In non Tiger news :-), all the excitement lately over Iran having or getting really close to nukes has been interesting. Shades of anti Iraq bluster of 2002. Now here’s a bit from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who says any fears were “baseless” as Iranians’ beliefs “bar us from using such weapons”

  16. Once again, too little and too late from Obama on the single biggest economic crisis. From the NY Times (http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/19/obama-announces-aid-for-homeowners/?scp=1&sq=obama+tarp+housing&st=cse), Obama will announce $1.5 billion of TARP funds available for homeowners in 5 states: NV, CA, AZ, MI, and FL. The catch?

    To get the money, state housing officials will be required to submit proposals to the Treasury Department, which will review and approve them.

    Why does this man always leave assistance programs up to everyone else to figure out? Is his economic team really so clueless? (Rhetorical question. I know.)

  17. Here’s some very disturbing news. Apparently some schools have rigged up kids computers so that they can spy on them remotely to see what they’re up to at home.

    A couple from Pennsylvania have filed a lawsuit against a school district which gave laptops to its high school pupils.

    They say their son was told off by teachers for “engaging in improper behaviour in his home” and that the evidence was an image from his webcam.


    I’m planning on a post about digital privacy and rights. More to come.

  18. Just a little laugh to start your weekend off.

    A man walked into a very high-tech bar.. As he sat down on a stool he
    noticed that the bartender was a robot. The robot clicked to attention
    and asked, “Sir, what will you have?”

    The man thought a moment then replied, “A martini please.”

    The robot clicked a couple of times and mixed the best martini the man
    had ever had.

    The robot then asked, “Sir, what is your IQ?”

    The man answered “oh, about 164.”

    The robot then proceeded to discuss the ‘theory of relativity’,
    ‘interstellar space travel’, ‘the latest medical break throughs’,

    The man was most impressed. He left the bar but thought he would try a
    different tact.. He returned and took a seat. Again the robot clicked
    and asked what he would have? “A Martini please.”

    Again it was superb. The robot again asked “what is your IQ sir?”

    This time the man answered, “Oh about 100”. So the robot started
    discussing Nascar racing, the latest basketball scores, and what to
    expect the Dodgers to do this weekend.

    The guy had to try it one more time. So he left, returned and took a
    stool…. Again a martini, and the question, “What is your IQ?”?

    This time the man drawled out “Uh….. bout 50”.

    The robot clicked then leaned close and very slowly asked,


  19. CNN Comedy Show…oop News

    It is going to be hard to take Tiger seriously with everyone yelling, ‘Get it in the hole, get it in the hole’


    Now, for a woman’s perspective, …on (blushing) the statement. – Tony Harris

    Good grief, do they really yell ‘get it in the hole’????

    • Of course they don’t. In fact, any yelling during a pro golf match (distracts players) gets the yeller immediately ejected from the course.

      I think the CNN dude was trying to be funny, and failed.

    • Actually, they do.

  20. Lambert has as good a perspective on Stack as any I’ve seen.


    • Fascinating, Ralph. I liked it.

      Just imagine the little people rage if the Senate HC Bill passes, and the IRS is the “enforcer” of $750 fines on them, or if the sheriff is sent to press charges for non-payment of same.

      But yes, the narrative is already being developed and repeated.


      • I said yesterday that I expect to see more of these. I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened, but most people just take the route of taking pills or putting a gun in their mouths.

    • Glenn Greenwald has an interesting take too. I haven’t read the guy’s suicide note yet. I just started reading, but so far it doesn’t sound crazy to me. I skimmed it yesterday, and my first impression was that a lot of what he said was true.


  21. Sestak is on the news saying the White House offered him a job to quit the Pennsylvania race against Specter.

    White House is denying.


    • Heh. And when has the WH ever lied to us?

      I might vote for Sestak in the primary just for this.

    • Yea, I’m sure he just made that up out of thin air.

    • Wow. A bit of a bombshell. Should be interesting to see where this goes.

    • Mary
      I should read all comments before I post. I just saw that on hot air and posted the link.



  22. what makes the guy a right winger?

    • It looks like the MSM is eager to link him to the Tea Party movement, though there is no evidence he was anything but a lone wolf. Next up: Sarah must have had something to do with it & someone yelled something raycist somewhere!

      • ie: anything to create drama in a desperate bid to push their revenues. Gawd, I hate the media.

      • Amen, sister. It’s the latest narrative. The guy was white, middle-aged, and a Texan.

        Ergo, he must be a Tea Party radical, a raycist, a gun-clinger, yada yada.

        How easily the public is led.

        I actually heard an interview with a friend of his this morning–they played in a band together—and he was completely surprised. Said the guy never talked politics , never started fights, never “raged” against Obama.

        But you won’t hear that on MSNBC.

        Maybe Andrew Sullivan will post that he has proof this Stack guy is Trig’s father, and Sully was right all along about Sarah’s va-jay-jay.

        Crazies all around.

        • Here’s more, now that I’ve actually read his manifesto:

          He was very anti-Bush.

          He was against the bailouts of the big corporations , with nothing for the little people.

          He was angry that universal healthcare didn’t get passed, and that insurance companies would profit even more.

          Read Ralph’s Lambert link, too. Describes his rational reasons for anger at tax code changes making independent contractors not so independent anymore.

          This is not getting portrayed in the media narrative.

  23. I heard it on NPR:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Are you now regretting
    Your Obama tattoo?

  24. Obama has decided to change the name of “Air Force One,” the Presidential jet. He’s going to rename it “Air Force The One.”

  25. Q. Why did Obama cross the road?
    A. Actually, Obama promised to cross the road, but then he didn’t.

  26. John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama all die and go to heaven. God looks down from his throne and asks McCain, “Do you think you deserve to be in heaven?”

    McCain takes a breath and then replies, “Well, I think so because I was a great leader and tried to follow the words in your great book.” God looks down and then says, “You can sit to my left side.”

    So, McCain takes his seat and then God asks the same question to Hillary, “Do you think you deserve to be in heaven?” Hillary thinks for a second and then replies, “I think so because I have been fighting for the rights of so many people for so long.” God again looks down and this time says, “You can sit to my right side.”

    Finally God turns to Barack Obama and asks, “Do you think you deserve to be in heaven?”
    Obama smiled and replied, “I think you’re in my seat.”

  27. http://www.philly.com/philly/news/breaking/20100219_Sestak_says_he_was_offered_federal_job.html

    It is a good thing this interfering in a election was made public.
    Since when should the voters of a state have choice taken away from them?



  28. How many Obama’s does it take to change a lightbulb?

    • Groan, how many? two to actually notice it’s burned out, one to call the servants, one to order canapes, and four to watch while someone else does it?

  29. http://pewresearch.org/pubs/1497/democrats-edge-among-millennials-slips

    It seems like the younger voters ” lost that lovin feeling” toward the democrats.

    I guess trying to find a job when the workplace is shrinking and wondering about your future is a real wakeup call.



  30. I’m opposed to calling any of these acts “terrorism” because we’ve seen for too many years now the way that word hits the panic button. Screaming hysteria followed by more clampdowns on our rights and more “necessity” for the government to exert yet more draconian, intrusive controls into our lives.

    I’ve had it. And so should all Americans. Let’s stop any labeling of anything “terrorism” and go back to the good old Clinton days of treating these acts as what they are: criminal acts carried out by criminals. Andrew Stack was clearly a mentally unhinged, angry, man who needed psychological help and didn’t get it. Much like the young man who shot up the college campus in Virginia (was that an act of terrorism?) Both of them should have been kept in a mental health facility of some kind, or received some kind of treatment. Not that all acts of violence can be prevented, but it might have helped.

    This also gets us away from the racist theme that only Muslims are terrorists and that they’re all out to get us becuz they hate our freedoms. Or want to impose worldwide jihad. Or whatever.

  31. http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20100219_Sestak_says_he_was_offered_federal_job.html

    One way for this administration to protect the people they feel they have a debt to.

  32. Very thought provoking, thanks bb.

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