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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on How many voters get this?
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on How many voters get this?
    William on How many voters get this?
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
    William on I’d like to think…
    Propertius on A tale of two diplomats.
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    Propertius on A tale of two diplomats.
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    • We Are Going To Go Thru Hell, So What Now?
      I was born in 1968, the year Wallerstein calls one of “world revolution”. It was a revolution that both failed and succeeded: women and minorities got more rights, often a lot more, but the end result was an oligarchy, where most people were equal in their lack of power, and where every year saw ordinary people becoming poorer, no matter what the official st […]
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Utah, why stop at global warming?

We’ve had states passing anti-evolution stuff. Now this.

Utah delivers vote of no confidence for ‘climate alarmists’

Utah’s House of Representatives [has] adopted a resolution condemning “climate alarmists”…. The measure …passed by 56-17….

I don’t know why I never saw it before, but do you realize how many problems this approach could solve?

Gravity, for instance. All that lugging things around. Having to build cars, trucks, roads, airplanes just to move from point A to point B. Forget it. Levitation now!

And don’t get me started on the Second Law of Thermodynamics. I mean, who the hell passed the damn thing? Nobody, that’s who. One day a bunch of pointy heads said it existed. Who made them God? I am so tired of dusting and things falling apart and my car’s last repair bill. Enough already. Time to insist on a “full and independent investigation” until entropy “can be substantiated,” in the brave words of the Utah Resolution.

Are you with me? Call your congresscritters!

17 Responses

  1. It’s a “unique” approach which seems fitting somehow. 😉

  2. Oh for heavens sake! If only we could pass a law to make stupidity a crime.

  3. Hey, I’m down with levitation. Oh, wait – that doesn’t sound right.

  4. I was just reading in a tabloid that while Europe was using condoms in 19th century, US has outlawed them. Not just Utah, the whole US.
    So, maybe things are looking up… 😛

  5. How about calories – can we make calories stop counting?

  6. Utah has always been a bizarre state.

    • That’s a great little piece, edge: Beat ’em like a yard dog. Is that classic Clinton or what? It’s hard not to love the man.

      Greta Van S. had Ken Starr on last night. I flipped the channel instantly. Can’t stand looking at the man. That whole witchhunt was a disgrace. It’s why I find it so amusing that the Republican honchos are now declaring Bill Clinton “the good Democratic President.” They wish to erase the way they savaged the Clintons [Bill and Hillary] and did everything they could to destroy Clinton’s presidency.

      Beat ’em like a yard dog. Love it. Thanks for the link!

  7. GMTA. I’ve been saying schools should teach Spiritual Thermodynamics–that heat moves from one body to another by the will of the Lord–and Divine Relativity.

    It’s not so far off from what some folks think. My French fiance has a fundie branch of the family (yes, in France of all places) that quite firmly believes that electricity moves by the will of God.

  8. Forget Special Relativity and using that to account for how spacetime is effected by the earth’s mass (aka gravity) in order to make GPS work. Instead GPS works by the will of God.

  9. I once read a science fiction short story called approximately “Abandon Heal All Ye Who Enter Here”. The story was about small demons called “Maxwell Demons” who went on strike. In the story, these are very minor demons whose jobs involve enforcing the laws of thermodynamics and causing toast to fall butter side down. All the energy (friction, etc) that was lost to the laws of thermodynamics is sent down to hell which is why hell is hot. And so, in the story, when the demons went on strike, hell froze over and everyone who said that they would do something when hell froze had to do so. Also all computer programs worked the first time. Unfortuantely, after a short time Saton got an agreement with them. It was one of my favorite stories.

    • Well, DC has been snowing and freezing rather a lot of late. The first sign that the little blighters want to renegotiate their contract?

      I’m going to look for that story!

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