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This is how you do it

Forget the inane headline and watch how a politician with class handles stupid “gotcha” questions.

{{slaps forehead}}

We coulda had a V-8!

This is an open thread.

(h/t Wonk the Vote for the video)

194 Responses

  1. The lovely lady never disappoints me. She’s the purest class act in this country.

  2. Rasmussen:

    Election 2010: California Governor
    California Governor: Brown 43%, Whitman 43%

    Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman now runs dead even with likely Democratic nominee Jerry Brown in California’s gubernatorial contest.

    Rasmussen polls tend to favor the GOP

    • Still a surprise to me, even from Rasmussen.

    • Jerry’s the man. I’m going to support him.

      Ah Meg, long time Goldman Sachs board member, receiver of lots of GS stock, received lots of IOP shares managed by GS which should have been illegal. What’s not to love. /snark

      • IOP –> IPO

      • Jerry always makes me smile. Ya know, despite being painted as “moonbeam”, he never was and never has been the hidebound uber-left big-govt statist apparatchik that the right always tries to make him.

        Heck, the man ran on a platform of getting rid of the IRS and going with a modified flat tax plus a VAT when he ran for president! Whether you agree with that sort of plan or not, one can count on Jerry to not be party-line orthodox in his approaches. He shakes up the system, and IMO the system NEEDS some shaking.

    • Brown didn’t take on the Rape case with three witness, but I guess there needed to be four and his office didn’t interview NOT ONE OF THE THREE. So, once they get an ad going, I don’t think it will be a tie. To bad, Matt Gonzalez isn’t running for governor…he would out wit both of them.

      • Brown didn’t take on a rape case that the Santa Clara county (Silicon Valley) district attorney declined to prosecute.

        You’re gonna blame him for that?

        • Yup, because he didn’t interview THREE witnesses nor the victim and well SHARIA requires four witness and it left most women’s heads spinning. Also, the Sheriff’s office wasn’t in agreement with the District attorney’s office and the wealthy party organizer had had a run in with the law and it all went away.

          Alleged Gang Rape Ends With No Criminal Charges but Civil Suit Pending

          In an interview with ABC News’ “20/20,” partygoers April Grolle, Lauren Chief Elk and Lauren Bryeans alleged that, at the end of the night, they witnessed some members of the baseball team gang rape a 17-year-old girl.

          Watch the interviews, they are three very sound witnesses and they stopped the rape. You are always free to vote for Brown and free to support him too…it’s America.

        • Witnesses: We Broke Up Gang Rape of Girl, 17

          “It was a typical baseball party with a lot of alcohol, a lot of people,” said Grolle.

          But by night’s end, it would become anything but typical. The three athletes said they witnessed — and stopped — the gang rape of a 17-year-old girl.

          Brown blew it, he should have personally handled the case, he let every California woman down by not interviewing the THREE KEY witnesses/sheros.

          • Were you there? Did you personally see what happened?

            Did you read the actual police reports and all the witness statements?

            I wasn’t there and I’m not going to second guess anyone based on what the media says.

          • I followed the case to a point of obsession! So, yea, I know more than I should and even followed the daily events and even had some stalkers because of it. And yea, was I thrilled when my efforts paid off and kept the thing on the wire….and yup, I danced when 20/20 decided to cover the story!

            Can ya tell it upset me! Three witness, and not a one was interviewed by the Brown’s AG office, but in the law suit I am sure they will be and it will be interesting to see WHO knew and why they chose to do nothing! This case taught me one thing, and that is that there is justice and then there is justice for the RICH and the 17 year old was not RICH!

    • part of the reason they favor gop, though, is they do likely voters, not just anyone who answers the phone including the cat. Of course, evaluating likely voters at this stage is a crapshoot. But it’s still a flag that Brown needs to step up the gameplan (or some other sports metaphor). Esp. since, as a DFH, he’snot going to get a lot of DNC support.

  3. Wolf Blitzer just announced that a majority of Americans now think President Obama should not be re-elected.

    I wonder if BTD with admit he was wrong now.

    /rhetorical question

    • Look at this from Yglesias…. creative classers “clinging” to Obama’s Daily Gallup numbers…

      On top of all that, there’s just no sign that Democrats have any problem with Barack Obama. His job approval rating is hovering a bit above fifty percent meaning he would need to fall much, much further for him to be in any kind of danger with self-identified Democrats.

    • Check out BTD’s recent posts — he has acknowledged his disillusionment.

      • Yeah but he’s still playing dumb about the rationale behind protest voting in 2008.

      • It’s about time. Hope he’s back for the long haul.

        • Ralph–I’m not so sure–check out the comment section

          • Read that thread earlier. RD (goldberry), RonK, Ann, and some others held the day I thought.

            BTD has too much eqo involved to admit much. No apologies or overt admissions will be forthcoming I’ll bet.

          • I don’t expect apologies from any of them much less from someone who’s main reason for supporting Obama was ‘we have our own media darling! Whee!’ …. but progressives still won’t confront what the protest was really about, which isn’t just some petty intraparty squabble, it wasn’t “just about personalities.” It was and still is about the big picture. The Obama left only wanted to think about the short term of what it would mean to have someone with a D or an R elected, but they didn’t want to think further than inauguration day.

            Had McCain been elected he wouldn’t have been awarded a Nobel prize while escalating troops in Afghanistan… and yet left blogistan still thinks McCain winning would have been worse–they aren’t getting that what IS worse than McCain winning is what we have right now, which is the continuation of Bush policies with the opposition to them from the left totally diffused.

          • wtv, you and I are in total agreement.

          • Ralph, wasn’t disagreeing with you or meaning to sound like I was, either 😉 Just trying to explain why I’m still wary.

      • He still thinks RD and RonK were wrong. He hasn’t changed in any significant way.

      • I don’t know if BTD is a fauxgressive, maybe not. But those real fauxgressives are behaving like cornered and wounded animals these days. Growling, drooling saliva, just looking for a reason to lunch at anything that moves.

    • LOL – did you see Riverdaughter’s exchange with him yesterday over that very topic? Pretty funny. RD did great.

  4. Did anyone see a teleprompter?

  5. Is “gojumpinalake” here to see how respectful and dignified Hillary is in her treatment of others?

    • aw c’mon. That wasn’t respect. She was obviously dripping with contempt for the stupid bimbo flirty beeotch religious whacko bad mother. Couldn’t you see it?

      • I don’t agree with the boys in Chicago these days. They’ve definitely gone for a walk. But they do have a pretty methodical system of dealing with trolls worked out, especially the sponsored blogstalkers. Joe Pesci would be proud.

  6. And, another book has just been released on the Clinton impeachment. GMA this morning had Ken Starr on to discuss the criticisms toward him over his handling of the events.

    It’s actually funny….when asked point blank if it was right for him to ignore 6-7 requests by Monica for an attorney during questioning, his answer was as disgusting as his fat face.


  7. Is this an open thread? I just wanted to let everyone know that we finally got a snowstorm up here. This time it’s a lot worse than the predictions.

  8. Class Act!

  9. Hmmmm:

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke to young women at a Saudi women’s college here on Tuesday, the site of a spirited exchange five years ago with a female official of the Bush administration over the rights of women in Saudi Arabia.

    But despite Mrs. Clinton’s invitation to raise the issue, none of the women in the audience asked her about it. The discussion, while lively, focused on the same foreign-policy and security themes that have dominated her visit to the Persian Gulf, notably Iran and the Middle East peace process.


    None of the students picked up on Mrs. Clinton’s observation about how the American media portrays Saudi women, which had been a point of contention when Karen Hughes, the under secretary of state for public diplomacy in Bush administration, visited this college in 2005.

    “Maybe because it was Hillary Clinton, people wanted to ask her about issues bigger than whether Saudi women can drive,” said Duaa Badr, 18, a freshman management student from Jidda. She noted that many young women wanted to ask questions, but did not get a chance. The college appeared to exert tight control over who was handed a microphone.

    • Well it’s hard to know the overall context of the discussion, but whether it’s Hillary or Karen Hughes asking the question, most people in other nations don’t care so much what the American media or public thinks about them. They are not seeking American approval. The audience may just have responded defensively when Hughes asked the question.

      In that session, Ms. Hughes raised the hackles of some in the audience when she said the image of Saudi Arabia in the United States had been tarnished by the country’s refusal to allow women to drive.

    • I lived in the eastern providence of Saudi for two years in the early ’80s. Have to tell you, I absolutely loved it there and the women I met were happy. But, girls could not participate in school past the age of 13 at that time. Even the daughters of the ex-pats had to go to boarding school in other countries if their parents wanted to work and live in Saudi.

      I am delighted to hear there are now women’s colleges. And, I agree with young Duaa Badr…why would anyone waste their chance to ask Hillary Clinton a question by not shooting for the biggest question they could think of?

    • I actually find other events more physically dangerous, like downhill and luge and bobsled where women compete, so I don’t get the ski jump exception. In the freestyle skiing event or the half pipe, women are doing somersaults and flips and twists in the air.

      • The only thing dangerous about letting women compete in the ski jump is that they might actually best the men. IIRC, a woman holds the world record on the course the Olympians are using this year.

  10. How is it that LOST can do this to me EVERYTIME?
    Just when I thought there couldn’t be anymore mysteries or layers…UP pops another one.

    Who the PUCK is that little boy supposed to be?

    Is he Jacob?

    Why can that douche / conman Sawyer see him?

    • Because Sawyer is so smart and perceptive and awesome? He said you can’t kill him, not me, so he’s not Jacob. Maybe.

      • I heard that, but you know how this show is…
        BTW – what FLocke is showing Sawyer, wasn’t he (as black smoke or whatever) the one who killed many of the survivors?

        PS – I cannot stand the CONman. He irks the frack outta me.

        • I am with you with the con-man. Not really new reveals in this episode, just appeared to be. But “teh numbers” reappeared – next to the uncrossed names on the cave and Terry Quinn is always great to watch. I gave up on understanding the plot since mid-season one, but the mythology is still intriguing enough to keep me watching.

          • I loved how Sawyer knew exactly what was going on, as opposed to everyone else’s confusion and befuddlement. Amusing as hell.

    • Because Sawyer is a “canadiate” and Richard isn’t!

  11. “Why Hillary Clinton Might Have Made a Better President”

    Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe Hillary Clinton might have made a better President than Barack Obama?

    It’s sure crossed my mind a lot lately, as we’ve seen Obama flounder so badly on health care, on the bank bailout, on foreclosures, and on the jobs front.


    • Sometimes I think I can count on one hand the number of national politicians and media pundits who supported Hillary publicly and passionately from Super Tuesday through the RBC meeting. I count Stephanie Tubbs Jones among those special few. God bless and rest her soul.

    • That piece is basically this commercial:

    • Is there any connection between Mathew Rotschild and Lady de Rotschild? Just trying to establish what was this guy writing in 2008, when those things were obvious to anyone willing to look.

      • I think The Progressive had a pretty strong case of CDS, especially Rothschild and Ruth Conniff. But I might be misremembering.

        • You’re not. Rothschild:

          Well, there she was again, with more of the Hillary flim-flammery.

          After her Kentucky win, Clinton again claimed, speciously, to be winning the popular vote.

          She again claimed, pathetically, that the votes in Florida and Michigan ought to be counted, when she had agreed that they wouldn’t be at the outset.

          She again moved the delegate goalposts to the 2,210 yard line, from the 2,025 marker where it has been all along.

          And she again stabbed the person who is almost certain to be the nominee of her party, even though she said that she wants to unite the party for a crucial Democratic win in the fall.

          Even as Barack Obama was about to lavish her with praise, she threw knife after knife at him, saying we need “a President ready, willing, and able to lead.”

          Ruth Conniff

          Women gave Hillary her New Hampshire comeback. The tidal wave of first-time voters Obama counts on didn’t materialize. Women who, like me, didn’t want to see the first woman candidate taken out by old-fashioned sexism may have been motivated to vote for her by the combination of her newly humanized campaign and backlash against the media pile-on.

          Whether or not she was actually calculating enough to plan that narrative, Clinton certainly knew enough to ride it. All I can say is, yuck.

          • Lol Well, I can see why he’s confused about who’d make a better President what with such a nuanced, fact based approach. Thank god he didn’t stake his credibility on the kool kids bandwagon of lunacy.

            That’s supercoherent, Ruth. Eew! Ann Coulter was right, “women like me” shouldn’t be allowed to vote!

  12. Bill Maher was on LKL tonight. And here is the short summary: He said that, surprise surprise, Sarah Palin is the most unserious and unqualified person in national politics evah! And, that no one could be more corporatist than Republicans!

    • Oh and he also said the Republicans are not stupid enough to nominate Sarah Palin.

      • He lost me with his man crush on Obama.

        • He lost me when he failed to call out the messianic worship of Obama as being just as batshit as a lot of the religious craziness that he calls out.

        • He lost me with his man crush on Ann Coulter – and chiding liberals for not defending him when ABC fired him, like wonderful Limbaugh, Coulter did. When I know they in fact did. Maher can find “le mot juste” – but he is an opportunist & misogynist pig – no less than say, MoDo.

        • Oh but he is beginning to think, just beginning mind you , that the President believes his own PR.
          Really, Bill? Ya’ think?


        • He lost me with the misogynist pig act he’s been performing for decades.

          • You mean like when he said women don’t have minds that can comprehend politics? Yea, he lost me years ago. He even lost me before he voted for dubya and was proud of his vote. Notice how he doesn’t brag about voting for dubya anymore. The man couldn’t think his way out of a wet paper bag. For the life of me I don’t know why anyone takes him seriously.

          • Bill Maher voted for Dubya?

          • Yup, and proudly so. The first time. The second time he decided Kerry was the ultimate in prezidentn material because dubya didn’t turn out to be as great as he thought he would.

            Yep, mind like a steal trap that man has. /snark

          • I thought he voted for Nader in 2000.

          • Nope, dubya.

          • Sullivan voted for Bush in 2000, then switched to Kerry. Easy to mix Sully and Maher because they spend so much time together, which is strange because Bill’s favorite jokes in his stand up are homobigoted ones…but as we know Sully has his issues too. I believe Maher went all in for Nader in 2000 and he was loud about it. Gore would have won without Maher probably, but we don’t want to think like that. What’s past is history.

          • Nope, he really did vote for dubya. Talked lots about it during his ABC show.

          • yup ThreeWickets. I was a longtime viewer of Maher’s before 2008 (regretfully) and I remember him supporting Nader quite loudly too. Andrew Sullivan is the Einstein who voted for Bush and then switched to Kerry.

          • Could he have meant the first Bush? I don’t watch his show but I wanted to see Nader in ’04 and he and Michael Moore got on their knees and begged him not to run again. They both acted like they supported him in ’00.

          • From a Mother Jones interview with Bill Maher:

            MJ: Are folks like you who pushed for Nader in 2000 responsible at all for George W. Bush?

            BM: No.

            MJ: Okay, that takes care of my follow-up question: Have you apologized to Gore?

            BM: No. Nor would I ask him to apologize, but he’s the one who lost the election. And he could’ve won that election. He should’ve won that election; he was running against a retard. He was running following an administration he was an integral part of that had a pretty good record on peace and prosperity. And he didn’t run a very good campaign, and he backed off of what his core beliefs were. I’ve mentioned before that Al Gore talks a lot about the environment now, and he talked a lot about it when he was vice president. He just didn’t talk about it when he was running for president.

          • You’re right, I’m wrong. I don’t know why I thought that. Maybe I was thinking of him voting for daddy bush (over clinton). Yep, he voted for Nader in 2000.

          • I was surprised he voted for Nader, too. He’s not a liberal. I guess he was the forerunner of one of the current major demographic groups, the a——- poseur.

          • LOL. Yea, he says he’s a libertarian. I think mostly because he thinks it is cool to be that. As D’s are on the out, watch him jump on the bandwagon and want to be an R. Definitely a poser.

          • Yeah, I remember reading article where he quoted that Churchill thing, a man who is not a liberal at 20 has no heart, a man who is not conservative at 50 has no head. *rolls eyes* Yeah, you’re not a cliche, Bill. Deep.

          • Maher is such a big mouth, though… I wouldn’t put it past him to have said some over-the-top stuff at some point during 2000 that gave you that impression Dandy.

            He voted for Dole over Clinton, though I don’t know if he voted for Daddy Bush.

            Maher’s libertarian shtick is pretty make believe. Libertarians want to legalize pot. Bill Maher wants to legalize pot. Match made in religulous heaven I guess.

      • I’m skeptical that the GOP will nominate Sarah Palin…because I’m not yet convinced that either party is ready to nominate anything other than a hypothetical woman… the Washington establishment on both the left and the right have shown how backward their reaction is to women in presidential politics, so it would have to be up to the grassroots to make it happen.

        • Yeah. It’s Barack’s world, it’s Scott’s world. I don’t believe for a second that it’s Sarah’s world. And it would be as ugly as our primary, especially with Mitt.

        • ITA and don’t understand all this obsessing over Palin’s possible presidential run. As I said on another blog, we probably won’t see another woman on the national ticket for another 20 years. The club house has a huge “NO GIRLS” sign and it’s not coming down anytime soon.

    • Men who think themselves special because they’re convinced and excited that they’re smarter than Sarah Palin are usually men with the emotional maturity of adolescents. They get hurt so easily if anyone dare attack their idol in chief.

    • Maher has been doping too long. He really should get back to the Playboy mansion and hang with Hef a little more. Scumbag.

    • She is so bad and so unqualified that they spend umpteen media hours trying to tear her down.

    • We stopped paying for HBO because of Bill Maher. Well more accurately, I cancelled HBO. There was bit of a household ruckus about that.

    • Okay–if I were a pig who tells my assistant to get me a pizza with a side of c– in front of reporters, would I stay out of slamming our like 4 remaining female officials for no reason cept piggishness? I would. How about if I harassed my female coworkers and used the on-air email system to troll for dates? Yeah, probably. But, no worries, boys!

      • Not that Palin is an officeholder but you know what I mean. Don’t hold back, find ’em, be a——- despite your issues, there will be no repercussions.

  13. Did you hear her laugh when the questioner asked if she was going to emigrate? Ah, Hil, PLEASE RUN IN 2012.

  14. Obama Selects Heads of His Deficit Panel

    President Obama is going to name Alan K. Simpson, a former Republican senator from Wyoming, and Erskine Bowles, former chief of staff in the Clinton White House, as the co-chairmen of a bipartisan commission to recommend how to reduce high deficits that are building the national debt to perilous levels, according to a senior administration official.

    Alan Simpson? I mean really, fucking Alan Simpson. Why not just introduce a bill to kill SS and Medicare, that’s going to be Simpson’s conclusion.

  15. Off topic, but: Is anyone watching Frontline: about Brooksely Born’s (a friend of Hillary Clinton’s, considered for attorney general under President Clinton) attempt to regulate the derivative markets, but the unholy cabal of Greenspan, Ruben, Summers hamstrung her agency. Amazing. Yet another talented and intelligent woman, trying to bring in intelligent regulation — knocked out by the good ole boy network.


  16. Small update in the world of iPad and digital publishing:

    There’s a heated turf war going on inside the New York Times over the iPad, pitting print die-hards against people focused on the Times’ digital future. The outcome will determine pricing for some marquee content on Apple’s tablet…

    On one side, a Times source explains, you have print circulation, which thinks it should control the iPad since it’s just another way to distribute the paper. They’d like to charge $20 to $30 per month for the Times’ forthcoming iPad app, basically the product already demonstrated on stage with Steve Jobs, the source said…

    On the other side, you have the Times’ digital operation, which is pushing to charge $10 per month for the iPad edition and is said to be up in arms over print circulation’s pricing. The digital side will provide interactive content for the iPad no matter what happens, but does not want print circulation to have control of pricing, marketing and other facets of the product….

    The dispute has apparently escalated all the way to the top of the Times Building, and top executives — presumably the same ones who secretly dined with Apple CEO Steve Jobs — are now debating which way to go.

    This will be interesting to watch.

  17. It will be interesting to see how the failbots grapple with Obama’s push for nukes:

    • Funny enough it was actually a campaign promise of his to push for nuclear energy. But I’m sure they didn’t hear him.

    • Most of them won’t care if NITBY, but wow, bitter, bitter pill for the exes of Jane Fonda and the Cockburns and so on. Hope it was worth it.

  18. Obot giving question to Hillary
    why are they always such smug, classless tools
    stupid and so proud of it
    ick… Yuck

  19. I managed to catch the clip of Hillary Clinton yesterday.

    Smart, classy. Only reminded me once again of what we truly lost in 2008.

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