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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
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      I was born in 1968, the year Wallerstein calls one of “world revolution”. It was a revolution that both failed and succeeded: women and minorities got more rights, often a lot more, but the end result was an oligarchy, where most people were equal in their lack of power, and where every year saw ordinary people becoming poorer, no matter what the official st […]
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Cheerleaders or lynch mob?

Which one should I choose?

Lately we have had a few self-appointed guardians of liberalism and feminism declare we should have our credentials revoked because we are cheerleaders for Sarah Palin. I guess they’re correct, but only if you define “cheerleading” as “speaking out against the lynch mob.”

This is a liberal blog and the front-pagers here range from “left” to “far left” in our politics. Most or all of us are or were Democrats. Some of our commenters are more centrist, and we have a small group of self-identified conservatives who visit occasionally.

We do not support conservative policies or candidates, nor do we support the Republican party or the Tea Party movement. We do not tolerate racism, racists, sexism, sexists, misogyny, birthers, truthers or Kool-aid drinking.

Sarah Palin is a mainstream conservative Republican politician. We don’t agree with her nor do we support her. When I say “we” I am referring to the front-pagers here at The Confluence – some of our commenters have indicated that they support her. That is their right to do so.

But just because we don’t support Sarah Palin doesn’t mean we have to demonize her or join in the attacks against her. Nor does it obligate us to sit silently while others launch unfair, dishonest and/or sexist attacks on her. Sarah Palin is not a stupid bimbo, nor is she really a liberal feminist posing as a conservative.

If you haven’t seen it yet please go read The Unresolvable Paradox by Violet Socks at Reclusive Leftist. Here’s a taste:

I see this almost irresistible urge to resolve the paradox from both sides. People who detest Palin’s politics seem to feel compelled to conclude that she’s also a bust in terms of representation — she’s no good for women in any way at all, not a feminist, certainly not a role model, that her election wouldn’t represent anything special, that her running for office isn’t anything special, etc., etc.

On the other side, people who acknowledge Palin’s role as a representative and pathbreaker seem to feel compelled to conclude that her politics are also good — or at least okay, or at least not too bad.

In both cases, I think what’s really going on is that people are trying to resolve the paradox.

My personal view of Sarah Palin is that she is one of the “not-crazy” Republicans but she is still a loyal member of the GOP. I’m not going to be shocked and dismayed when she engages in partisan politics or says conservative things. That’s what politicians do.

The election in 2012 will be a referendum on Barack Obama. Whether he is elected to a second term or not will depend primarily on his approval rating with the voters, not on who runs against him. But I guarantee you this: the winner of the election will be either a Republican or a Democrat.

If the winner is a Democrat it will almost certainly be Obama. But is the winner is a Republican it could be Sarah Palin or it could be someone like Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich or even Bobby Jindal.

There are far worse possibilities than a “President Palin.”


This is an example of why I think Sarah Palin has an excellent chance of winning the GOP nomination. NASCAR is huge in the red states, and this kind of celebrity attention is worth millions in advertising.

195 Responses

  1. President Huckabee is the creepiest of all…

    • I’d actually have to vote for Obama if he was the GOP nominee.

      • Mitt Romney scares me way more than Palin because he thrives on the concept of unregulated capitalism. I really believe he must subscribe to the belief that people who are poor deserve it because of some moral failing.

        • Romney is nearly as creepy as Huckabee… Remember this from the Boston Globe:

          Before beginning the drive, Mitt Romney put Seamus, the family’s hulking Irish setter, in a dog carrier and attached it to the station wagon’s roof rack. He’d built a windshield for the carrier, to make the ride more comfortable for the dog.

          Then Romney put his boys on notice: He would be making predetermined stops for gas, and that was it.

          The ride was largely what you’d expect with five brothers, ages 13 and under, packed into a wagon they called the ”white whale.”
          As the oldest son, Tagg Romney commandeered the way-back of the wagon, keeping his eyes fixed out the rear window, where he glimpsed the first sign of trouble. ”Dad!” he yelled. ”Gross!” A brown liquid was dripping down the back window, payback from an Irish setter who’d been riding on the roof in the wind for hours.
          As the rest of the boys joined in the howls of disgust, Romney coolly pulled off the highway and into a service station. There, he borrowed a hose, washed down Seamus and the car, then hopped back onto the highway. It was a tiny preview of a trait he would grow famous for in business: emotion-free crisis management.

          • I’ll never forget that as long as I live! In fact my mom and I were talking about it just a couple of days ago, because there was a TV show about Presidents and their dogs. I pictured Romney putting his dog in a cage on the WH lawn and spraying him down with a hose.

          • ohhh noooo! Not the dog shit story! 🙂

        • Me too, BBS. Those of us who have seen Romney at work fear him the most of all. He is every bit as much of a screwball as Huckaby.

          • Huckabee is way scarier than anyone. I don’t like these “theocratic”
            types. Obama mixes his church up way to much with his state. But
            my days of voting for any major party candidates are done. I would
            never vote for Obama under any circumstances. He hates gays,
            no matter what his lips say, and it’s under his watch that African
            countries are voting on Kill-the-gays bills, under his watch that
            the AFA and FRC (and he has friends in these groups) call for GLBT
            incarceration. It’s not his broken promises to gay people I worry about
            it’s wasn’t he isn’t talking about. Obama IS my worst-case scenario,
            and is no different than a Huckabee. Romney, whatever problems
            there are, is less hateful toward gays than either Obama or Huck, but I just will not support all the corruption one more time.

    • I’m not so sure Huckabee has all the fries in his happy meal. But considering his happy meal has fried squirrel, who knows what else lurks?

  2. This is an example of why I think Sarah has an excellent shot at winning the GOP nomination:

    Palin-mania easily surpassed Danica-mania at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday.

    While Patrick got all the headlines for the better part of two weeks, she had no stake in the Daytona 500. Palin did, and as a VIP guest for the race, she ate up all the attention.


    When she arrived for the drivers meeting, Palin was immediately mobbed. She briefly chatted with Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, shook hands with supporters and smiled big.

    She took a seat up front next to Harry Connick Jr., who sang the national anthem for the race. When NASCAR president Mike Helton acknowledged her as a special guest, she got the largest ovation from the room, packed from the front to the back with drivers, team members, support personnel and onlookers.

    After sitting through the meeting, Palin could not get out the door. Fans mobbed her, asking for pictures and autographs. Her 12-person entourage, comprised of track security, a policeman, friends and spokespeople, tried to get her to the door and to her next appearance. But Palin could not help herself, and kept signing and posing for pictures.

    Even when she was able to get out the door, she stopped every few feet to take pictures. One fan asked where her husband, Todd, was on Valentine’s Day. Palin said he couldn’t make it because he’s in Alaska preparing for the Iron Dog, the world’s longest snow-mobile race.

    As she got moving again, Palin stopped when she saw a boy in a wheelchair to say hello and sign an autograph. As she walked ahead, she answered two questions about attending her first Daytona 500.

    “This is awesome,” said a slim Palin, wearing designer jeans, a smart charcoal coat and sky-high black stiletto heels. “It’s an All-Americana event. A good, patriotic, wonderful event that’s bringing a whole lot of people together. I think it’s good for our country.”

    When asked what a trip to a swing state like Florida does for her political ambitions, the former Alaska governor said, “Haven’t thought a darn thing about the politics of this. I’m thinking about this good, active, speed-loving event that a lot of Alaskans, too, are really into. We’ve got our snow-machine races up there, and this is, of course, on a much greater scale, same type of sport though, same type of breath-taking, speed-loving, All-American event that we like to see up north.”

    NASCAR is HUGE, especially in “red” states.

    BTW – do stories on male politicians typically describe how they are dressed?

  3. Egalia at TGW is reporting that Barbara Mikulski will announce her retirement within the next few days.

    • 😯 OK, I am beginning to think the National Enquirer has some big story because there are simply to many dropping out like birds before a major storm.

      • she’s got really awful health issues

      • On the No Shit, Sherlock thread, I left it as a multiple choice question:
        1.) They recognize the cesspool that politics is (Washington politics in particular) and have come to realize that in the present system they cannot do the good things they went there to do.
        2.) They got nice cushy job offers from their corporate sponsors.
        3.) They are rats abandoning a sinking ship.

        Those are the reasons that stand out. I’m open to others.

  4. Digby today:

    I feel ridiculous for having written that. Not because it was a fairly correct analysis of the dynamic. Anyone could have seen that. What’s embarrassing is the fact that I seemed so sure that the Democrats would change it. What a foolish miscalculation that was. Less than four years later, the “empty vessel of establishment bipartisan wishful thinking” is president. And my empty vessel of partisan wishful thinking — the Democratic party — is running for the hills.

    • Did Digby go to the rehab Bob Herbert went to?

      • I don’t think Digby ever really liked Obama. She’s just a cowardly sellout.

        • IIRC, early-mid primary she wasn’t particularly pro-Obama and she was viciously attacked in her comment section by Obots. At times, she closed comments. That said, if she couldn’t stand by her principles and couldn’t stand the heat, she should have suspended her blog. That lack of integrity doesn’t get a do-over, IMO. I haven’t read her blog since caved in to the Obots.

      • Herbert went to one great rehab. It seems to be holding. He was one of my favorite columists for years. Good to like him again.

    • Pfft. That’s really helpful. Not.

  5. Ok – I started the whole “cheerleading” thing. I stated that I get “tired of Palin cheerleading on TC”. My comment, as you can see, was directed at one (of the two posters) who routinely put up links and stories that promote the Palin political movement. I did not mean to suggest that you, or any other OPs are Palin supporters or that TC is a Palin support site. If this is what you and others took away I am truly sorry that I didn’t write better.

    I arrived at TC because I was looking for a comfortable place among like minded Democrats (hopefully liberal) during the primary and the Palin pushing (by some) just finally got to me today. We came together because we recognized the true quality of HRC. SP has no redeeming political qualities except self-promotion as far as I can see. She makes me cringe.

    I also stated in the same “cheerleading” post that – Sarah deserves to be defended if attacks on her are sexist but her ideas (won’t dignify them by calling them policies) are sophomoric at best.

    I have defended her from sexist attacks and will continue to do so but I cannot defend her political positions and policy shortcomings.

    I am sorry the prior thread went off topic – I just had one of those “I can’t believe this stuff ” moments. I don’t post often and TC is important to me but I thought “Oh No” – I may soon need to find a new home. I don’t want to move again.

    • Actually you didn’t start it, and I began writing this post before you ever posted that comment.

    • Dee,

      I think this post has to do with the troll on the previous thread. I wasn’t there for most of it, so I could be wrong–just my opinion.

      • I don’t particularly care for Palin, but like you I support defending her against misogyny and lies. If she were a man, none of this would be happening.

        • What amazes me about Palin-mania is that blogs that like to think of themselves as superior/elite and fair/level minds sink to the lowest levels of playground taunting against her and her children–every single one of them from Bristol to Trig. (Although, I have to say, the site I’m thinking of also thinks that no celebrity should be held accountable to any level of crime they’ve committed.)

          I think a state like Alaska can function well under a wife/husband family style governance, but on the national stage, Palin appears to have been taking lessons from the far-side of the Righteous. She has a personality that people are drawn to…doesn’t mean they would vote for her on a Presidential ballot, though.

          • The last time the media cared about a spouse exercising too much influence over government affairs was when the Evil She-Clinton was FLOTUS

          • Very true. I was thinking about the recent mocking of how involved Todd was in the running of Alaska.

            And, they went into scream mode when they thought Obama might choose Hillary for his VP….YIKES, could Obama govern with Bill that close by?!!! Heh.

          • And before Hillary, it was Rosalyn Carter.

    • Question…Are you the PUMA that commented to me on Bettyjean Klings page that I was never a PUMA, not could I call myself one because I am a Palin supporter?

      Just wondering.

      The direct quote was:

      “… You’re a conservative Republican. Not sure how you can call yourself a PUMA. By definition, PUMA stands for disaffected Democrats.”

    • I happen to agree with you, Dee.

      I cannot support Sarah Palin poltically. Number one, I simply do not think she’s ready to be POTUS. We’re watching the major fallout from on-the-job training, and I have yet to hear Palin speak to issue/policy specifics. Her supporters keep saying she’ll shift out of campaign speak and the endless cliches. But I haven’t heard it. And number two, I’m not a Republican and do not support most of the party’s platform.

      I’m saying that as someone who voted McCain/Palin in 2008 because I could not in good conscience vote for Barack Obama. Watching the disaster unfold before us, I think I was absolutely right.

      However, when it comes to sexist attacks, I think we must fight that regardless of what party a female candidate comes from. I was disgusted with the way Hillary Clinton was treated during the primary. It was bad enough when Republicans savaged Clinton during the 90s. But I was aghast that her own party, my party, would do the same damn thing in 2008.

      I was equally appalled by the way Sarah Palin was attacked during the GE. The continuation of the disgusting names, the lack of respect. And I said so many times.

      There’s no excuse for it. From either party.

  6. I for one would never vote for Sarah Palin. She lost me at “death panels”. Obama or Palin. Can’t vote for either.

    • There is nothing wrong with taking that position.

      I will jump on comments where people point to things like the “rape kit” or “book banning” lies as justification for their positions though.

      • TC has maintained an ethic and maturity that hasn’t allowed any of the OTT drama against any of the politicians–including BO. Topics are out of bounds when they have no substance. It’s what I enjoy most about this site.

    • I agree. One of the best critiques I’ve seen of Palin’s politics was a recent post from Glenn Greenwald. If you didn’t know her first name was Sarah, you would never have known from Glenn’s writing that he was speaking of a woman. *That*, to me, is what I expect from journalism.

  7. I do not agree with Sarah Palin’s ideals as I could never be a republican. I have to respect her as a working mother in a male dominated field. I do not think she is a stupid woman. I do think she loves this country and would do the best she could for it. I would vote for her over backtrrack any day of the week. Would I want her to be president before Hillary Clinton HELL NO.
    There is only one Hillary and I doubt if I will ever see anyone like her again in my lifetime.



    • I totally agree.
      One of the reasons I would vote for Palin (again) is pragmatic. If she runs and wins, it shows both parties that putting a woman on the top of the ticket is a political winner.
      How long did it take after Ferraro lost for another woman to run as VP? And it wouldn’t have happened if McCain had been less desperate.

  8. I just don’t get the “Palin pushing” or “Palin cheerleading” meme. Please provide specific examples. Commentors don’t count. We’ve had kool-aid swillers praise da bebe Jeebus but that doesn’t make us a fauxgressive blog.

    It’s really offensive quite frankly. This IS a safe haven and we’re not constrained by a “D.” There are some things that stand outside of party ideology. We’re not going to follow the fauxgressive lead and “mock her.”

    And BTW, from the purity police protectors of all things feminist you get comments like this:

    However, time passed and we all got to see that she was not what she appeared at first glance. To put it simply, she is not even close to being qualified for any national public office. She is no heavy weight when it comes to intelligence. She uses her feminity in a flirty way on a public stage. She has used her own children and their problems to gain sympathy for herself. She is a quitter. Etc., etc., etc. Everyday that passes proves her to be worse than the day before.

    There is so much wrong with a comment like that on so many levels. It’s all about her role as a woman and mother, and it promotes the dumb bimbo stereotype (she’s no heavyweight when it comes to intelligence) — yet WE’RE the ones who are supposedly wrong. It makes me want to puke.

    This is exactly what the patriarchy wants. Certainly don’t criticize her politics — that makes her a “serious” candidate. Go after her looks, her “flirty feminism”: her poor mothering skills.

    *We* choose to criticize her politics ONLY and still defend her from garbage like the above. So shoot us.

    • SD, you never cease to make me proud.
      I hope your daughter is doing well.

    • Didja see this piece of work by Kathleen Parker?:

      Sarah Palin should beware of exploiting her youngest child

      • Yes of course, it’s better she leaves the kid at home to be tended by some unattached Nanny. That’s the elitist liberal way! Off to boarding school ye little cad!

        Hunter gatherer women carted their children around as they worked. What horrid creatures they must have been {{{faux gasp!}}}

        • Oh wait…what was I thinking. How DARE she work with a baby at home. What a terrible mother!

      • The Washington establishment didn’t even pay attention to Kathleen Parker until after she started criticizing Sarah Palin.

      • Geeze. She can’t win for losing. If they think Trig is the “R” word, it is interesting that they believe that he could read about Palin’s abortion thoughts.

        I for one thought that was very honest of her to share that story.
        I will say it again. I would have aborted Trig because I do not think it is fair to the child to bring a Downs Syndrome baby into the world. i would not have been able to handle it.

        • Hi AC, Good to see you.

          • Hi Ralph. I should come more often. Between work and my own stuff, I remember to pop in from time to time. This is the only blog that I post on besides my own. Lately I have become a Facebook addict.

      • Kathleen Parker is an elitist conservative, not an elitist liberal.

    • Frankly, the main reason I’m interested in Sarah Palin is because she is a Rohrschach Test as much as a person politically. I have never seen any politician where the views of what I call the political class were so markedly different from the more typical flyover American voter.

      The attitudes toward Hillary came close but I don’t think they ever reached this level of discord. Though I certainly believe some of the same so-called reasoning was behind it.

      We have a lot to learn about our nation and it’s people from the dichotomy of views. That’s my main interest here.

      • What’s really interesting is the chattering class seems to have no interest in discussing Palin’s actual views.

        It’s actually typical of them too, but Sarah is fairly close to McCain on most issues and they loved him (until Teh Precious came along)

        • All I really see to explain it is the difference in anatomy. I hate to think it’s come to that but maybe it has. Then again, she is “other” to the chattering class and not of their breed.

        • I don’t even know what her views are. I don’t think they have ever been reported.

          • Wonder if anyone will ever ask her about her views? Somehow I doubt it.

          • They have been reported time and time again. I think DEM,s dont use the same media outlets. Palin has written a number of times for Townhall/ been on conservative radio shows.

            Now that I have been on both sides of political wall I have to say that the right leaning folks do go out of their way to read more literature about the other side than vice versa.

        • Well, the more effective thing is for chattering classes to discuss how superior in principle and effectiveness the Democrats’ own policies are….oh wait.

          Most of Obama’s policies differ so little from Bush’s that the only thing they can distinguish themselves on are personality factors. Since they think misogyny, class war and their sneering won last year, they’re just going with what they know. Which is not much. And the delicious-tragic irony is, they’ll probably sneer her right into the White House.

  9. I don’t see that any of the front posters here promote “the Palin pollitical movement.” But they do promote fair treatment of politicians based on the issues, not on gender.

    If Palin governed the USA the way she governed the state of Alaska — well, I doubt the bankers would get bailed out, and I especially doubt that contraception would be banned.

    I agree that Dr Socks nailed the reason for all the heat with her paradox theory, excepting that I don’t think we need to worry about resolving the paradox. The paradox only exists for those who think all Rs = bad, all females = good. Alas, reality is far more complicated.

  10. I would never vote for Palin. But I have to confess, I enjoy watching her rise and I find a lot to admire her. How can I not admire a woman who was a wife and amother and ran for mayor? How can I not admire a woman who took on the corruption in her own party in Alaska and came out victorious, and then had a huge level of support from both Dems and Repubs in Alaska before McCain chose her? How can I not admire a woman who put herself through school partly through her athletic abilities? How can I not admire a woman who breastfed her infant in the gubernatorial office and told the men who didn’t like it they could go back to their caves?

    And — I grew up in the South but now live in San Francisco where I encounter every day the kind of arugula liberal elitism that make want to serve my friends up a goodly slab of chicken fried steak with lard gravy and a bottle of Lone Star. (

    Honestly — one of my friends condemned all readers of Women’s Day magazine as Palin-supporters. And I had to tell her, my mother has subscribed to that magazine and cooked up its recipes her entire life — to save money! Because at the end of month sometimes we could only eat biscuits and syrup — no money for food!)

    So in some wicked corner of my soul it does me good to hear how quickly and sharply she uses her plain speach to puncture the Lightbringer’s oratory.

    Still, I would never vote for her. But I absolutely understand why she’s attracting voters from among the kind of people I grew up with — and no, it’s not because they’re stupid. It’s because NO ONE ELSE is speaking to or for them.

  11. Y’know, Bill and Hillary have been nothing but kind and complementary about Palin. Maybe some of these purity police protectors of feminism should take a lesson. For some reason the Clintons don’t seem to find the need to mock and insult her. They very articulately describe the differences in political objectives.

    I think I’ll follow their lead not the mocking, jeering lynch mobs. That’s what a true Clinton supporter would do.

    • I pointed that out on the other thread and the “concerned” commenter’s response to me was to demand posts defending Hillary. LOL. Yeah, gee, wonder where you could find such posts. Hmm. Let me ponder where oh where.

  12. This is the lynch mob mentality:

    Excellent and funny. Robert Gibbs mocking Sarah Palin’s stupid cheat sheet.

    We must never stop mocking her unbelievable lack of smarts, veracity and substance. Republicans would do well to join the mockery, too. She’s arguably the leader of her party (her or Limbaugh) and, at some point, she was actually worried that she’d forget “tax cuts.” A Republican. Tax cuts. When we stop mocking her, when the press and the netroots and the Democrats begin to say, “Enough with the Palin is stupid remarks,” that’s when she begins to be taken seriously. That must not happen.

    Why are they afraid of Sarah Palin being taken seriously?

    • Well common sense should tell them not to give her the power by criticizing her. I just do not get this with the liberal media outlets. They more they say, the stronger she gets.

      • It’s not just liberals. The right wing attacks her in the same way. Their comments are just as demeaning.

        • SOD, there was more of that when she was with McCain. In terms of media …well she works for FOX now. I now some Republicans that do not like her, they agree with her policies but think she is stupid.

          I don’t like challenging any woman’s intelligence based on hand notes and what magazines they read. The kids should stay out of it. In fact I never mention Obama’s children or Michelle that much. We need strong women from each party, independents, libertarians alike.

          • I agree about leaving the kids out of it, but I think Michelle is fair game if she puts herself out there. For example, when she was on Iron Chef America and the secret ingredient food was supposed to be from her garden and it wasn’t really from her garden, why didn’t she just tell the truth? In that case, I think criticism is warranted.

          • LOL Sophie, I missed that one. How lame. You know, I am disappointed in Michelle and it is not because she is a liberal. I really expected more out of her as a First Lady. I do not know what is going on there.

          • I’ll tell you what I think is going on there…I think she is petrified of being compared to Hillary. So much so that she is hiding her light under a bushel (if you’ll forgive the reference). She is really an intelligent, powerful woman who has chosen to be compared to Jackie O rather than Hillary. I have no respect for that.

          • Why would michelle want to be like hillary?

          • Hillary Clinton has been Gallup’s most admired woman in America more than any other woman, fourteen times.

            Check out the list, five conservative women, four liberal women.

            And Tiger Woods’ wife.

      • Common sense?

        Elitists don’t want anything that’s “common.”

      • Yes. This is absolutely right. If libs hadn’t gone batshit crazy about her she’d probably still be in Alaska finishing out her term and going where all other defeated VP candidates go: essentially nowhere.

        But no. Bunches of fauxgressives had to file bunches of lawsuits. I did believe her when she said one reason she resigned her office was because of the distraction and the COST of fighting the lawsuits, which her family had to bear personally.

        Those sorts of lawsuits, filed by conservatives, were exactly why Bill Clinton left office basically broke.

        Palin did just as Bill did: put out a book to make quick bucks. But he was done with political office, and she wasn’t.

        Honestly: if she’s a monster, the fauxgressives are the Dr. Frankensteins who jolted her to life.

        • Good analogy, now I have her doing a Madeline Khan in my head. Palin and Franken Light skinned Negro. Ironic that the story was written by Mary Shelley , a woman.

    • Because taking her seriously would require them to actually debate her on the issues and they don’t want to do that. They want to defeat her by tearing down her womanhood rather than offer competing ideas.

      When Palin came along, suddenly many of Hillary’s haters, who had just previously been chanting WWTSBQ when Hillary was actually running for president, instantly turned around and said “Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton,” as if they ever gave Hillary her due while she was running and were her biggest fans or something.

    • If the President has any desire to change the tone of his Administration, he’d do well to replace Gibbs.

      The man’s one of the world’s worst Press Secretaries. As much as I disliked GW, Tony Snow was a real asset to Bush’s WH. As much as I didn’t like what I was hearing, Snow delivered the message with grace and dignity.

      What a difference!

  13. You are a retard if you think hillary likes carboui barbie. She loathes her for riding on her coattails. Just look at her face when someone metions palin she puts her head down and gives a generic answer. I hope hillary does not come to this site tonight. I love bill but we all know what head bill thinks with now.

    Hillary knows she can’t say shit about the snow queen or everybody call her jealous and her so called supporters attack her.

    • Okay, who forgot to flush?

      • Wow. that is a whole lotta crazy goin’ on there. {{{makes twirling motion with pointer finger near temple}}}

        • awwww….she’s over there calling me names. My feewwings ahh hurt. 😦 (apparently she doesn’t understand concepts like respect.)

        • I am so surprised there isn’t some clever editing going on here!

    • So, you read minds now? You know what SOS Clinton thinks?

    • OK, now that’s just funny. Nuts but funny.

    • You are a retard if you think…

      Sounds like Rahm and Rush redux.

    • um…”retard?” That term is unacceptable. Now get lost.

      • Its okay to use the word retard if using it as satire according to your shero palin,so I said retard as sarire.

        There is my get out of jail. Thank you palin.

        Whose “shero,” troll? Can you possibly be as stupid as you sound in your comments?

        • There is only one blogstalker who has your skill at changing IPA’s and who likes to impersonate women and talk about sex.

          That makes you Justlen.

        • Just a tip, but when you’re impersonating a woman, you might not want to use the word “Shero.” It kind of implies you have such a reflexive, visceral hatred of women you regard the concept of a heroine as something otherworldly, impossible, bizarre, or monstrous. Try to keep those sentiments on the DL for greater success.

      • It is an unacceptable term and I was disappointed that Palin defended Rush’s use of it as satire. I don’t know why she did that. Either the word is okay or it is not.

        • She defended it because she is running for the GOP nomination and she doesn’t want to make an enemy of Rush or upset his fans.

          Like I said, she’s a politician and I’m not going to be shocked and dismayed when she acts like one. Yeah, “in a perfect world blah blah blah” but we don’t live in one.

        • I’m with you on that, Afrocity.

    • LOL – If Hillary were to come to the site tonight, the only comment she would not be able to understand is yours….Hillary is not a Republican, so she doesn’t agree with Palin’s politics. What possible reason would someone as decent as Hillary have for loathing a person who has not done a thing to hurt her?

      Your name-calling choice isn’t lost on anyone, lakergirl.

    • Caught in spam…no idea why!

    • I think Hillary would not care for a GOP president, but to believe that Hillary “loathes” Palin is a little bit of a stretch. How the hell do you know?

    • Notice the B0bot predilection for the use of the word “retard”…
      Obama, Rahm – great role models!

    • The job of petulant clown at TC is already taken.

    • And Hillary told you this, right? Personally?

      I certainly hope Hillary does come to this site tonight to see how we receive lamebrain comments about her husband.

    • The opposite is true. Clinton, Palin and Clinton supporters have a kinship that started in 2008. We all know it. Mikulski and Bayh are feeling it too and resigned in disgust at the Obama Party.

  14. There are far worse possibilities than a “President Palin.”

    I agree. In 2008 there were great, good, bad and worse and worst possibilities. The Democrats pushed on us one of the worst possibilities, but the GOP chose their best. I’m going to vote for some third party in 2010, unless Obama decides to give a Sherman speech and we luck out and get a good Democratic candidate. I watched part of Palin’s speech at the tea party convention, and I just can’t vote for her.

    • As you should not if she is not in line with your beliefs and values. I never understood why PUMA’s felt pressure to support Palin. While I encourage women in politics, it would be silly for me to vote for someone because we share the same anatomy…or skin color. If I were in Massachusettes, I would have voted for Brown. In the Illinois primary, I had GOP ballot, I voted for offices I knew and where I did not. I chose the woman or if she was against a man, yes I voted for her. But I would choose a moderate conservative first in a general election over a female Democrat, as long as he or she is not a sleaze ball.

      If I lived in New York, I would vote for Gillibrand over slimy Ford.

      • There’s never pressure to vote for anyone. I’m a PUMA.

        • I did not say vote. I said support.

        • I wouldn’t vote Dem if Obama was the nominee, and I might not vote at all, for the first time in a presidential election. I’ve voted Republican once in my life, to keep Barry OUT of the office.

          Seems quite hypocritical to bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch about the vote-stealing, lying, conniving Barack, then to give him a vote to run the country. At least McCain and Palin love America!

      • I think the pressure was created by the intense, revolting sexism directed against her. I guess we just took it personally, after all we went through with Hillary.
        I have nothing in common with Palin politically, yet I now have a reflex instinct to jump and defend her from misogynist attacks.

        • I’ve defended Palin, and I gave her my against The One vote in 2008. I knew McCain were losing though. If she’d been close, I would have voted for a third party candidate. I will not vote GOP in 2010 or 2012 because I know they have the wind behind their sails. I’m voting for my write-in candidate.

        • What is not sexist with you people? You are worser than the obots.

          There has been no policy talk here,except for my comment. All its been is she is a victim,jealous,protect her, she is more American than obama. Who says that,but teabaggers.

          Are you really comparing hillary to the dud. WOW!!!

          • You just called Hillary a bitch upthread and you have the nerve to ask that question. You are the biggest asshole I’ve seen in a while.

            Stateofjackass. — you’re so classy

          • um…. “worser?”

          • Say, you are pretty close to being voted off the Island. The only tea talk here is when I talk about my tea time and lately it has been African Tea Time as I have a cold and need more antioxidants.

            NOW A choo! Granny talk for be nice, you are getting on my nerves, raising the blood pressure.

            So, compare the policies of shoo…

          • Justlen is the blogstalker that was harassing Catarina, impersonating her and posting nasty stuff on different blogs..

          • Not only is the troll an asshole, he is illiterate.

          • pass the justlysol around!

          • WTF? Are you always this incoherent or were you at a back-to-the-sixties party before you came here to barf?

          • What is the liberal equivalent of a Moby?

          • What is the liberal equivalent of a Moby?

            Concern troll

          • What is the liberal equivalent of a Moby?


          • Have to love the use of ‘you people’. Get out in the real world much? BTW, she’s no more or less American than Obama. She just has a different life experience, that’s all. Why make up shit like that? No one said that here. No need to ‘protect’ her. It’s just when sexism and misogyny raise their ugly heads, women and justice-minded men need to speak up. That’s not the same as being in an Amen corner. You have the need to extrapolate and project. It’s annoying and disingenuous.

  15. Good post, MyIQ. I guess defending the truth makes you a cheerleader these days.

    When Palin said this at her acceptance speech, I thought they’d surely go after her with everything:

    Al Qaeda terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America … he’s [Obama’s] worried that someone won’t read them their rights?

    But our fratboy faugressive media let that one slide in favor of sexist slurs. And we’d just seen that movie play out.

    I know I felt personally vindicated when she said this:

    But listening to him speak, it’s easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform – not even in the state senate.

    This is a man who can give an entire speech about the wars America is fighting, and never use the word “victory” except when he’s talking about his own campaign. But when the cloud of rhetoric has passed … when the roar of the crowd fades away … when the stadium lights go out, and those Styrofoam Greek columns are hauled back to some studio lot – what exactly is our opponent’s plan? What does he actually seek to accomplish, after he’s done turning back the waters and healing the planet?


    To be fair, I was still raw over our own convention. But still, I confess, I did cheer when she made fun of those blasted Styrofoam Greek columns.

    • I don’t know who got that darn Greek column idea nor the Germany Speech as if he was running for world premier, but don’t be surprised if Brown does a speech at the parthenon columns, with multiple bands, free food and wine. 😉

    • The problem is that just because Palin’s right about Obama (I don’t disagree with anything in that second quote) doesn’t mean she’s right about anything else.

      Palin was attacked as a woman, meaning all women were attacked, and it’s very hard to resist allying yourself with those you’re being attacked with. It’s just human nature to feel the tug toward solidarity against attackers. But that doesn’t mean that solidarity should go beyond that one thing. That’s why most of us wouldn’t support Palin politically but do defend her against misogyny.

  16. For the record I am not a Palin supporter, but I do get upset when the press go bonkers about her vajayjay and go on misogynistic attacks.

    I was very upset about the ‘Death Panels’ milarki (can’t swear otherwise I can’t reprimand my grand kids) and the pass on Limnut while going full throttle on Rahm (sp).

    OK, I hope that clears the air there for the trolls.

    As to 2012…I dream of Hillary finally getting her Roll Call Vote… 😦

    • I met up in Texas this summer with a PUMA that was heavily involved in the HRC campaign.. She nearly retold that story with tears in her eyes. It would be interesting to see if the same thing would happen to Sarah Palin should she be in close competition with a fellow Republican.

      Should she run it will be interesting.

      Gotta go Pro-Choice Repub on Hannity.

      • Didn’t go to Texas this summer but say how is your campaign going? I keep an eye out for ya all the time. I think running is good as it lets the big king makers know that every now and again there is an upset.

        • Please, they would kill me in Chicago. Afrocity dead with the fishes is not a pretty site. I am already dealing with some creepy African American blogstalkers who can’t stand any black that is not a Democrat. They are determined to “out” me as a middle aged white man.

          • Is one of them “brobot?”

            That’s the blogstalker friend of Justlen who kept posting links of a picture to a dead mountain lion in the comment threads of blogs owned by PUMA women.

          • LMAO… “Brobot” I am in stitches.

            The names and IP addresses change. At first I thought they were many people, some black some white. One time they posed as Aryan nation, until Tom Metzger came on my blog and posted personally. They call me uppity “N”, black piece of sh*t. Then they at first pose as a black independent or moderate Republican voter but begin to praise Obama and challenge conservative values.

            It has been bad lately and there was a reward for my address.

  17. One last Palin remark for the night: it’s not the disagreement with her policies or record that is interesting, it’s the apoplectic response some people have to her–when they know almost nothing about her positions. Any psych 101 student knows this says more about them than Palin. It’s classic Derangement Syndrome. She is pushing their buttons because of some deep-seated bias they have. Otherwise, just disagree and don’t vote for her.

    • You hit the nail on the head. I find it amazing how quickly people snap with an opinion, having little or no actual knowledge about her. Must be something visceral about her, no?

    • And we saw the same thing with Hillary; and the only thing Palin and Hillary have in common is their gender.

  18. I could see the republicans putting up Scott Brown and Sarah Palin on the the same ticket.

    I honestly don’t see The republican establishment allowing Palin on the top of the ticket.

    Meantime, they will use her to round up the base. The good ole boys aren’t going to let Palin be the nominee. They would rather have Obama win a second term.

    • Scott Brown? A need an aspirin!

      • I am leaving out words/letters, I need an aspirin and a nap. Woke up very early today. Night folks….zzzz

        • Scott Brown is just a younger, prettier version of Mitt Romney.

          • He’ll have to change his position on abortion like Mitt Romney also to go any further than MA.

          • Mitt is pretty? Hemm…I will take another look??? 😯

          • Change what position on abortion, Dak?

            Scott Brown is pro-choice. Always was.

          • Mary, I think dakinikat is making the point that a Republican who wants to run for president must be anti-choice. IIRC, Romney flipped to the anti-abortion side when he ran for the Republican nomination. But I have a killer sinus headache and I may be imagining things.

    • No, most of us are against Palin/Brown and most of us are comfortable with Palin on the top of the ticket.

  19. “They would rather have Obama win a second term.” No way. Too much can happen in 4 yrs. It things don’t change radically by 2012, the Repubs are a shoo-in to win the White House if BHO runs for a 2nd term.

    The Repubs will accept Palin as their nominee provided they feel they can control her. They will know whether they can or cannot control her long before the nomination. If they think she’s too independent, they will destroy her long before she has a chance to become the nominee.

    • Never underestimate Republican petulance, they didn’t hesitate to throw the last election despite portraying BO as practically the anti-Christ.

      • imho, the GOP didn’t throw the last election because of petulance, the GOP machine threw the election on purpose–it never materialized for McCain/Palin the way it suddenly materialized for townhalls and Tea Party. That was not by accident.

        • Well, never underestimate the willingness of the GOP to throw another one on purpose, then. 🙂 When was the last time a candidate who’s absolutely loathed by the media won, before Hill in the primary? It would take such a push to get beyond the media, and the GOP establishment hates her too.

          • Seriously are you talking about the GOP? What makes you think that the GOP establishment hates Palin…and who is the establishment?

          • Oh ITA she has the establishment against her, including the establishment of her own party. Just don’t think the GOP machine wanted to invest in 2008. I think they’re more seriously eyeing 2012.

          • Hey afrocity. I just get the feeling that as with Hill, there’s a split between the rank and file and the prominent Repubs who are busy anonymously trashing her. It wouldn’t matter if she had enough grassroots support, but nothing in politics seems to unfold in a straightforward and logical manner free of backroom machinations.

      • You have that right. I had no idea how much McCain was hated among them. Many feel that the primary was a disaster. I am generally accepted as a moderate-pro-choice. What is hated is someone not being fiscally conservative, McCain is pro-life and that did not save him. A lot of Republicans sat 2008 out.

        Palin will be accepted as the nominee. The buzz I hear is Palin, Gingrich, Romney…some like Pawlenty. A lot of Ron Paul supporters too.

        Today I was on an interesting thread where some of us got into it with libertarians.

    • The economic reality check was inevitable. Everyone knew the post war generation would begin retiring this year in Europe, US and Japan. During the past decade, governments ramped up lending, let the financial markets loose and tried to pull off the economic equivalent of Evel Knievel’s jump over the Snake River Canyon. When that sputtered, the Republicans didn’t want to be left holding the parachute. They knew how bad it would get. So yes, they let the Democrats win…the Dems and Progs who were so obsessed with the Mideast wars that they barely saw the economic freight train hit them. To this day, the Progs have no clue what just happened. The Repubs will win races, but they want the Dems fingerprints all over the early stages of this massive economic releveling. Not sure they would really want the presidency in 2012. None of the conservative supremes are retiring anytime soon. Well, guess there is Thomas.

  20. This may sound odd to the troll, but today I went to do my prayers and upon writing my petition was approached by a woman who thought I was from her country. She asked time and again, as to my origins and couldn’t wrap around the thought of bi-racial, but finally said what brought her to me. I thanked her and next time, I might say ‘woman’, a sister of hers and smile.

    Every so often I do get people who approach me during my prayer time and I find that rather fascinating as it must be the only time people are in a peaceful state and not in a hateful one as this troll person.

    Dear troll, there is no hate here for the current POTUS, only objections to his lack of forward policies for the working folks, those that are suffering more and more each day. I will include you in my prayers next time around. Good night, it has been a long day for me.

  21. Senator Frank Lautenberg has just been rushed to the hospital having fallen in his home, it seems. He’s 86, but they say he’ll be fine

    • Let’s all wish him well.

      • Absolutely, falls are particularly bad news when you’re that age. But if you’re looking for some WTF news, Greta just reported that there’s a climber who is stuck on Mt. St. Helen.; seems like he/she fell into the volcano? when a piece of ice gave way. rescue efforts are underway. Now why would anybody get that close to the edge?

    • Best wishes to Sen. Lautenburg.

  22. And there’s at least one more category….those of us who don’t agree with Ms. Palin’s policies but believe that the only way we’ll have a female president is if the Republicans elect one…because the phoney feminist Democrats will not willingly nominate a woman unless they are shamed into it….and those of us who feel that Democratic policies of late aren’t compelling enough to elect the male candidate running against Palin just because he’s a Democrat.

    So I’m one who feels her policies are bad, but her presence and her nomination, and her win may all be good. Democrats don’t generally do things that are good for “the little people” anymore, so the sheer presence of a woman as president, whether it’s a Republican or Democrat is inherently a step in the right direction for “the little people”….like me.

    • Personally, I don’t doubt at all that electing Palin would be a positive good in the sense that if there’s no backlash to the “Goody Proctor is a witch!!!!!” stuff, it will be established as the most effective technique for both parties. I just don’t think it’s gonna happen, personally. We talk about them overplaying their hands and causing a backlash, when all we see are spikes in SP is a c— tees among women. Obama’s wavering backers would all be scared back on board 100% by the prospect of President Medea, and who knows what the hell the fickle Repubs will prioritize for Election Day. I’d like to believe it’s possible, but I can’t.

      • See … I can’t even think that far yet, about what would happen in a general election. I think for women the hardest part may be getting the nomination itself, or at least it seems that way because we’ve never had a woman get the Democratic or Republican nomination.

  23. Noam Chomsky himself said the left was making a big mistake ignoring or making fun of Palin.

    As far as I can recall, 70% of the people in the country don’t have college degrees. A huge swath of the people have been shunted aside by the death of manufacturing jobs and they can’t make the change to Information Age jobs — they just can’t. Clinton understood that, spoke to this people — but his ideas didn’t go far enough. His solution was more education — but the truth is that just won’t work for everyone and anyway, the Information economy just can’t support that many jobs.

    But at least people heard him speaking about them and at least he listened.

    And now even a lot of people who DO have college degrees and thought, during the Clinton years, they’d at least reached a place of some security are tumbling down the well with the blue collar workers and the permanently unemployed.

    Palin is giving these people answers. As Chomsky said, they’re the wrong answers. But they ARE answers.

    • what? Noam Chomsky is a Palin cheerleader? Who’da thunk?

      • Holy crapola.

      • I’ve always thought her appeal was based more on what she doesn’t represent more than anything else. She’s like the ultimate outsider … alaska, public school educated with no pretentious degree or law degee, hunts, goes to church, has kids with typical kid problems … she’s not east coast establishment or west coast trendy and acts like she’s fine with being what she is

  24. Rumors that Barbara Mikulski is going to be resigning within the next few days… What the hell is going on!?

    • What the hell is going on? Methinks the powers that be know the HMS TitanAmerica is sinking fast. Maybe in short order there won’t be enough money to pay Congressional salaries even; so better to get out while the gettin’s good. Before people are actually running around the place with pitchforks and torches.

    • Oh crap. I always liked her.

  25. Been fun guys and gals. Stay PUMA . I do have to say that some of you are still making a lot of assumptions about GOP voters. On Facebook I am Afrocity Brown, I have about 2,000 friends who are 98% Repubs, conservatives or libertarian. 2% PUMAS. Friend me and you will see lots of comments about anything from defense to abortion, dating etc. Simofish comments and Lana, Swan. We argue amongst ourselves, laugh, etc.

    Afrocity Brown.

  26. I posted something new upstairs…

  27. […] picked her as his running mate.   And, what the “I disagree with your position, but will defend your right…blah, blah, blah” Sarah-supporting crowd needs to keep in mind is that that […]

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