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Dreams Come True? (a Valentine’s Day Open Thread)

I can’t say I’ve spent a lot of time dreaming of a white Valentine’s Day but, that’s what we’ve got this year! In fact at this rate, I’ll have a matched set of holiday photos for Christmas, New Years and now Valentines Day — PLEASE don’t let this happen on May Day too!!

And I echo what StateOfDisbelief said this morning,

….and finally, please share your “How I met my Valentine” stories.  I’d love to hear them!

(This is an Open Thread)

27 Responses

  1. The previous thread was filling up so, I’ve posted a squeaky clean one!

  2. I love how snow can make any scene beautiful. Maybe you should use these pictures to make Christmas cards with this year!

  3. I did get some good snow photos this year.

    OMG — They just broke in with a HORRIBLE accident on the local Interstate (I-70) — at least 30 cars (??) piled up. many crawling on top of each other!

    OO And the Interstate just a couple of blocks from my house — another pileup (I-35)

    This is an horrific mess!

  4. It did stop snowing thank God.

  5. I haven’t been able to capture any good snow pics. Mostly because I was away for much of the snowfall.

  6. I have to take my 4 little(okay so the 17 year old isn’t little) valentines out.

  7. I should call my parents to wish them Happy Anniversary — it’s their 57th!

    • Ahhhh – I went to my dad’s today to fix him dinner, watch a funny movie and take his mind off today….his first Valentine’s Day without my mom. 63 years together.

      Most fun I had this year was dressing up my little 2 year old grandson as cupid, taking many photos and making cards for his mom and dad and uncles with them.

  8. In 1989 I took an ad out in the Village Voice personals that began, “Can’t face the Bush years alone” and that’s how I met my Valentine.

    Of course I had no idea the Bush years would stretch into decades…

  9. I proposed to my sweetie 23 years ago today. I’d do it again in a minute. Don’t know whether she would though. 🙂

  10. I met my husband while smoking a cigarette outside a nightclub (3 Clubs in Hollywood, if anybody knows the place, which if you saw Swingers, you do), and promptly insulted him. (Something about the French not showering.) Oddly, he stuck around after that.

  11. I’m in moderation? What’d I say? Is it because I disrespected my huz-band?

    • no idea what triggered it but I let you out … myiq2xu must be off drinking tequila shooters or something. I’m actually re-editing a paper and trying to not look at the mess the kids made of my front parlor.

      • Thank you! I should probably mention at this point that said husband just took a shower. : )

        • well, I can tell you’re having an exciting valentine’s day. I’m puppy sitting and doing what I can to keep the hordes of barely 20 somethings from obliterating my home. Right now, they’re out gathering steam.

          I cooked a big pot of red beans and rice today; something most of the Nebraskans have never experienced before. I have at least one load of dishes to run and possibly two loads of towels. I was told their would be five vistors in my 1000+ square foot home. It appears to be one puppy plus a dozen kids. Two repeats from last year in terms of the Nebraskans plus youngest daughter now has a boyfriend (local coon ass) who also has a friend in tow.

          My home is a zoo at the moment.

  12. We met the “modern” way; online. Our first date was ok, the second wasn’t, but I’d already committed to a third, and it was better. And then it just kept getting better. That was in 2005: now we have a house, a baby, and a marriage that has its share of ups and downs, but a partnership that I believe will stand the test of time. And he’s the best dad a daughter could have. I’m so happy to have made a family with him, and so glad my baby has a loving, generous, involved dad like him.

  13. Many years ago I had a cabin built in a ghost town in Colorado and moved there by myself as I was going thru a divorce and was facing a lot of heart surgery…Was in a really poopy mood in general…the only other citizen of this ghost town was a man who had lived there his entire life and was retired from a steel mill….I found out I was losing my health insurance due to divorce and was scared because I was uninsurable….This man (who had never been married) heard about my dilemna and kept showing up on my doorstep as a friendly neighbor and finally after a few weeks proposed and told me his steel workers insurance would cover me if I married him…I have now been married to this nice man for 20 years…He literally has saved my life…

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