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Reward Good Behavior- Al Franken

Al Franken has been busy, busy, busy this week!  Just look at all the stuff he’s been up to:

  • Al Franken spoke sternly to David Axelrod (does anyone else think that Axelrod has the profile of a rat? Raise your hand).  Where is the leadership from the White House?  LOL!  That’s a good one, Al.  I’m sure that was meant to be a rhetorical question.  See, Obama and his droogs handlers don’t think they *have* to lead.   I guess the White House figures that either the Senate forces the health care insurance reform bill on the House as is and makes the whole Democratic party look like they are capitulating to the right, thereby alienating their base, possibly permanently, or the Senate grows a more liberal spine and gets blamed by the media for capitulating to the extremist left.  Ooooo, Tea Partiers!  BOO!  It’s not like the media and its superultrauber wealthy, ruthless authoritarian owners like the Rupert Murdoch and Jack Welch proteges don’t have a vested interest in turning up the volume on those tea partiers.  Whatever, is the attitude the White House is projecting, with Obama doing the “And that would affect me how…?” posture of the smartass teenager.  Everyone ❤ Obama, or so Axelrod thinks.  But my momma told me that “Looks don’t last, cookin’ do” (It’s probably Pennsylvania Dutch).  I suspect that a lot of people in those polls say they like Obama because they’re sick of being called racists if they say they don’t like his poor presidential leadership.   Obama might need his party someday.  Better make friends with those senators and stop being so coy and ethereal about his political philosophy.  Sink or swim with your party.  Solidarity should mean something and besides, we’re losing patience out here.
  • Al Franken gave a speech to NARAL on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  You can read the whole thing here.  Al’s got our back on the Choice front but I would like Al to think bigger than Roe v. Wade.  After all, we wouldn’t need a Roe v. Wade if women were truly equal persons under the law and were able to exercise their unalienable right to decide for themselves whether or not to become parents.  Or their unalienable right to worship as they please or not please.  Or their unalienable right to determine their own morality about their reproductive decisions as women in many developed countries around the world are able to do.  The time has come.  Roe v. Wade was never our ticket to equality.  Let it die.  Bring on the war.
  • Al Franken takes on media giants Comcast and NBC.  He’s absolutely right about one thing.  You can’t trust the media.  They are not on the side of a free society.  They on the side of those maintaining a carefully controlled underclass.  Hey, if Democrats want to vote for this merger without closing all of the loopholes and strengthening the anti-trust protections, who are we to stop them?  They’ve never wanted our input on anything anyway (but they call our houses incessantly for money and our votes).  On the other hand, I can see no logical reason why any entity would consciously participate in its own demise, content with a few weak promises of restraint from the guys who potentially have Democrats’ balls in their hands come election time.  If Comcast and NBC REALLY, REALLY want to merge, now is the time to extract that pound of flesh, like reinstatement of the “fairness doctrine” or painful concessions on net neutrality or new rules regarding competition in townships like mine where Comcast practically owns the high speed internet market, keeping out competitors like Verizon FIOS.  This is a no-brainer to those of us out here watching.  But Democrats have been winning a lot of Darwin Awards for the past several decades so expect them to screw it up.
Trust me, kids, the Al Franken Decade was a classic

The Al Franken Decade was a classic.

I’m happy to say that Al was one of my better bets in 2008.  He’s turned out to be pretty much what I expected: an assertive, principled, liberal Democrat who is a royal pain in the ass to the Republicans and some Democrats alike.  He opens his mouth and shameless liberal ideals come out of it.  Watching him go after insurance companies that cut people off at their sickest, defense contractors who force rape victims into mediation and Joe Lieberman’s endless monotone bogarting of the Senate mic has been a joy and a pleasure.  This may be the “Al Franken Decade”.  It’s 30 years late but I’ll take it.

In the meantime, I propose we show Al some appreciation and demonstrate to the other “anonymous Senators” who are secret liberal Al admirers (that means YOU, Bob Menendez)  that good behavior will be rewarded.  You can make a contribution to Al here.

$25 per Conflucian adds up to a lot of reward.

87 Responses

  1. I want Al Franken as my Vice President at the very least. I love, love, love that man.

  2. I happen to be re-reading one of Al’s books (Lying Liars)

  3. I sure wish I could somehow vote for him.

  4. We knew early on what kind of a Senator he would be. He backed Hillary in the primary, that made me love him even more.

    He’s doing a great job. Why can’t more Democrats be like him?

  5. F^&*(! My battery is dying and I left my frickin charger two stories up.

  6. Ok, I ponied up for $25, even though this is probably my last year of employment and my industry announced 4000 more layoffs this week. Isn’t that special? If I can do it, you can do it.

  7. Are we supposed to forget that Franken voted FOR the Senate Health Insurance Bill for Men? Where were his liberal ideals and principles then, especially with regard to women’s health and our right to control our own bodies?

    • I think you forget that Franken added an amendment that would have limited the amount of money insurance companies could skim off of premiums as profit. And he’s not really nice to my industry either. So, technically, I should hate his guts.

      • They’re lucky if they get my vote.

        • This is my policy on political donations:

          • Yeah, well, this is my policy towards most Democratic organizations these days. I just told the Democratic Governor’s Association to take a hike. “Nope, no moola for you. All your superdelegate governors booted Hillary to the curb in 2008. I’m holding you responsible for the clusterfuck we have now.”
            But I feel we have to reward the boat rockers. Otherwise, they won’t rock the boats for very long.

          • But I feel we have to reward the boat rockers.

            Yes, but you give them $25.00 and GS gives them $100,000.00.

          • Yes, but if you don’t give them money, they might not know they have your vote. After all, who is going to tell them? Roberts and Zucker from Comcast and NBC? The media is all about making them feel unloved, th Tea Partiers hate them, they are powerless against a sea of green. Maybe Al knows this isn’t true but how do you convince the others unless you have a flood of $25 donations to show that if you stand up for what is right, your audience will appreciate it and consider voting for you.
            Let’s put it this way: What kind of positive feedback are you giving people like Al, right now, before any elections, to let them know that they are on the right track? Positive reinforcement is important. Even if it is a paltry $25. Lots of contributions say, “Keep doing it” even if they can’t beat a bazillion dollar check from BigAcmeboxCorp. Lots of little checks say lots of votes. It can give a politician confidence.
            What does it cost you but $25?
            I’d stay away from any party org. But individual acts of courage should get a pat on the back. Otherwise, the media storm will make that back a little less stiff next time.

          • Bill Clinton was the last pol that truly earned my respect.

          • I’m not suggesting that we reward everyone. But when people go out on a limb, I think we have an obligation to provide feedback to tell them this is what we want them to do. They need encouragement.
            Anyway, it seems to work with teenagers. Your arsenal can’t consist solely of, well, an arsenal. They aren’t all bad and in Al’s case, he’s actually very good.
            It’s honey for the good ones.

        • myiq — puurrrrfect!

  8. At this point, I’m totally fed up and not about to reward Franken or any of the other so-called “pro-choice” Democrats who voted for the Stupakified/Nelsonian bills which stabbed women in the back, front, and sideways. Not a single penny or my vote!

    • Normally, I would agree with you. But *someone* has to be the first Democrat to stand up and say No More Bullshit. If Franken is that guy and if he leads by example, that is worth rewarding. If you shoot the first guy who does the right thing, you might as well give it all up. You need to encourage the bold, the obnoxious, the iconoclasts, the pains in the asses.
      If you do not, then you get stuck with the “make no waves” student council types who give away your rights in order to preserve the comity of the senate.
      Is that what you want? You have one guy here who is challenging his leadership and saying Bart Stupak is a blue dog moron and you want to gripe about a health care reform bill that is essentially dead without reconciliation where the abortion provision could be eliminated.
      I call that extremely short sighted. You are not seeing a golden opportunity here in Franken. If I had more money to give, I certainly would. It is a VERY good investment. No other Democrat we have right now can deliver the message like he can.
      Don’t throw that away.

      • I have to agree with you about supporting the dems {franken} that are standing up ……… I can’t stand most of the dem party after a lifetime of support for them but it doesn’t mean i want to see republicans back in control!! we can’t have short term memory loss. We need to just be more selective of who we support and the way things are going , many dems might just be ready to do the job they were put in there to do{ They will remember .NJ, Mass., VA. . Just keep remembering the things bush/cheny fiasco.. Of course we now have the OB one but now the dems are not so sure of our votes.

      • Talk is cheap. It’s the way they vote that counts! It was galling to me that Franken and, I might add, Bernie Sanders, both of whom I admired and thought had some principles, chucked them in order to win one for the OZero. When they start putting their votes where their mouths are, I might change my mind. Until then, they and all the rest of the Obamacrats (fka Democrats) are dead to me.

    • totally agree with you roz.

      • I agree with you too, Roz.

        It’s the same reason I voted none of the above in the MA senate race a few weeks ago. We have to watch how these people vote (or announce how they will vote). Al may be a great guy, and I’m inclined to believe he means what he says, but if he votes to restrict women’s rights, or legislate massive giveaways to the for-profit insurance industry at the expense of the working class…well…he gets nothing from me.

  9. And on the other end of the assertion and principles scale:

    Obama admits health care overhaul may die on Hill

    WASHINGTON – No, maybe he can’t. President Barack Obama, who insisted he would succeed where other presidents had failed to fix the nation’s health care system, now concedes the effort may die in Congress.

    “And it may be that … if Congress decides we’re not going to do it, even after all the facts are laid out, all the options are clear, then the American people can make a judgment as to whether this Congress has done the right thing for them or not,” the president said. “And that’s how democracy works. There will be elections coming up, and they’ll be able to make a determination and register their concerns.”


    • Whoo! Obama just threw his party in Congress under the bus. Welcome new unterbussen, Democratic Senators!
      We told you he was a frickin’ opportunist.

      • Yea, suddenly he notices that “elections are coming up.”


      • Unterbussen?

        Who came up with that fine word? Was it you, RD? First time I heard it.

        German: Willkommen ihr neuen unter dem Bus liegenden Demokratischen Senatoren 😉

        • No, it is not an RD original. I think it was Vastleft at Corrente but I could be wrong.

  10. o/t

    do you all remember this 2 years ago?

  11. This is how you annoy the lapdogs:

    Over the last two weeks, President Obama has taken questions from unemployed workers in Ohio, students in Florida and a cancer survivor in New Hampshire. He took questions from YouTube users, Senate Democrats and even House Republicans. Almost everyone, it seems, but the White House press corps.

    After a year in office, Mr. Obama has managed to do what every modern president may have wanted to do but never did: effectively shut out the reporters who work just a few feet from the Oval Office. He has not had a full-scale White House news conference in seven months, the longest such stretch by any president in a decade. And he has made a practice of not taking reporters’ questions at day-to-day events, as other presidents did.

    • An old military friend of mine put up how he didn’t like how President Obama was looking at DADT and how he wouldn’t have like to have a gay guy in the racks on the boat. I finally told him I was gay and that for most gays, including myself, straight people are the last people I’m attracted to. I told all of my roommates in the Navy that I was gay and about 25 other people. To a T they all could give a $hit. All of the other posters couldn’t give a darn either….so he pulled the post. Coward.

  12. Obama Could Dump Biden for Clinton as VP in 2012
    Democratic strategists say Obama doesn’t need Biden for foreign policy issues

    • Admirers?

      I guess that’s better than “fangirlz”

    • thats just more wait your turn sweeties you’ll get yours…someday.

      1. it ain’t fucking going to happen
      2. if it did I still ain’t fucking voting for HIM

    • {{Snort!}} as soon as we became the margin voters in NJ, VA and MA, we became powerful.
      But if they think we’ll ever vote for Obama, even with Hillary on the ticket, they have no idea how powerful we really are. I am not going to vote for deep-sixxing Hillary Clinton so that Obama can serve another 4 years. He’s off the ticket or they can forget my vote. I’ve been working in corporate hell since 1988 and I am sick and tired of seeing brilliant women usurped by some incompetent, inexperienced ass-kissing opportunist and his mashie niblick assume the role he felt he was born to fulfill.
      Done, With. It.
      I have no patience for this game anymore. Put the smart girl in charge of everything or fuck off.

    • I like it. It’s a promotion; now I’m in a cadre. I’ve arrived!!!

    • FUCK them. Do they really think we are that stupid? I guess by calling us “admirers” they assume our support of Hillary had zero to do with actual policy or leadership – we just get all verklempt over her personally.

      So, you clueless turds who have destroyed my party with the inept fraud you installed are now starting to take us seriously, recognize our power, and are plotting to figure out how to negate and appease us in some symbolic way? My, aren’t you the clever little snot-nosed miscreants!

      You ain’t SEEN power and leverage yet, cupcakes. And you can take yer candy and flowers VP gesture and shove it somewhere bi-partisan. If you think that’s going to fly, you have learned NOTHING about why we are so angry.

      • LOL!!! So, you’ve spent your adult in Corporatistan too, I take it?

        • Grrrr! I think what really pisses me off about it is that I AM NOT ANTI-CORPORATION. Seriously. I’m not even anti-greed or anti-profit. Those things are a fact of life – neither moral nor immoral. I just think the govt’s job is to adequately POLICE them to keep it fair, and otherwise leave them alone.

          I always end up with a choice of a) the R who says just let them run wild with no policing, or b) a Dem who says “regulate” but really means lets climb into bed with them and game things in favor of our best donor buddies and our own continuing power.

          I am sick sick sick to death of the only conversation being who gets to be on top for the oligarch’s ongoing orgy. Dems say the bureacrats do, R’s say the corporations do, and BOTH are just giddy to hump the night away.

    • I say keep biden and dump obama for clinton. That way we have a great leader AND a bit of comic relief from the vp.

  13. In college, one of the best cats in the trailer park where I lived was named, Al Franken. “Vote for me. Al Franken,” has had serious staying power.

    The cat walked around with that sort of screwed face Al would make when he said the line.

    • You just wait. He’ll be president someday.

      • then we are all basically screwed, even worse than we are now.

      • That would be awesome. A liberal who know what he stands for, can define it and tells everyone to kiss his butt if they don’t like it? Yeah, I could vote for him.

  14. RD: you weren’t here last week, so you missed Act II. But I think each act can stand alone. So for your entertainment pleasure, I give you

    Act III

    Hillary’s supporters arrive in Denver. They know they have a tough road to hoe. Hillary has been abandoned by many whose support she should have been able to count on. Even Bill Richardson endorsed Obama; a move that surprised both Clintons because Richardson had held a high position in the Clinton Administration. Bill Clinton calls Richardson and sings “Backstabbers” (The O’Jays)

    But Hillary’s supporters are determined to have her name put in nomination. They feel it’s important that her 18 Million Voices be heard. Despite the suspension of her campaign, they want their girl to Rise! Hillary! Rise! They plan rallies by day and candle light vigils by night. They protest in front of newscasters that have vilified their heroine. Even those who weren’t able to make it to Denver are back home busy calling, faxing and writing to superdelegates, polling organization, news media; anybody who can make this thing happen. It’s a daunting task. By day 2, they’re all singing “By The Rivers Of Babylon” (Bob Marley)

    While this is going on, one of Hillary’s most ardent supporters, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, dies suddenly. There is sadness in Hillaryland. With her campaign suspended, Hillary is able to attend the funeral services where she solos “One Sweet Day” (Mariah Carey)

    At the convention, Obama is given delegates from states he didn’t win; there is no roll call. Obama sings “99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One” (Jay Z) Hillary’s supporters are outraged. Obama is declared the Democratic nominee. Even he can’t believe it given that there were so many things that should have derailed his candidacy. He sings “Cloud Nine” (The Temptations). Hillary’s cadre of bible-clinging, bitter knitters return to their homes in fly-over country.

    A football stadium is the venue for Obama’s acceptance speech. His supporters, many of them teary-eyed, enter the stadium singing “Aquarius” (Hair) and “Jesus Christ, Superstar (Hair). Before they leave they all join in a rousing rendition of “For Unto Us a Child Is Born” (Handel’s Messiah)

    The general election campaign starts. John McCain is the Republican nominee. But who will be his choice of vice president? He chooses Alaska governor, Sarah Palin. The Dems aren’t particularly worried. They don’t think much of a candidate who is singing “Ba-Ba-Baran” (The Beach Boys)

    Many PUMAs like the fact that McCain chose a female running mate. They plan to cast a protest vote for McCain. They’re singing “Payback” (James Brown) Other PUMAs say they could never vote for a Republican, not even in protest. But they won’t vote for the Dems either; who they feel have betrayed them. These folks sing “Mr. Big Stuff” (Jean Knight). The Dems don’t care what the PUMAs do. They think PUMAs are irrelevant. But they also know that most of these PUMAs can never bring themselves to join the Republican party. The Dems sing “It Don’t Matter To Me” (Bread)

    The selection of Palin puts McCain ahead in the polls. But then the economy does a nose dive and Obama is once again ahead. His supporters sing “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” (McFadden & Whitehead)

    Election night. Obama supporters gather to await the returns. As the returns begin to come in, Obama is holding his own. His supporters sing “Happy Music” (The Blackbyrds). As the night goes on, McCain falls further behind and it doesn’t appear he can catch up. Obama supporters sing “Magic Carpet Ride” (Steppenwolf). Over at McCain headquarters they’re singing “Help Me Make It Through The Night” (Olivia Newton-John) By the end of the night, McCain/Palin have lost and Obama is the president- elect of the United States. His supporters sing “Rock Around The Clock” (Bill Haley and the Comets) and 1999 (Prince).

    • Wow! You’ve been busy. Yeah, I’ve been preoccupied. My site had some shakeups this week and there will be some scientists leaving us. Lots of stress, nerves, tears (seriously. Lots of crying) as the MBAs rearrange the deck chairs and give us another year to do even more with less or our livelihoods go to China and Hyderabad. Putting a gun to our heads always helps the cells respond better to the compounds we design. I’m sure everything will work out just as the transformers plan.
      I’m looking into a bubble tea franchise in Maui.

  15. I think the Senator from Minnesota is worth $25.00 of my tax return.

  16. al was the saving grace of my entire electoral cycle. i listened to him on air america during bush 2’s administration, when the rest of the democratic party had gone to sleep. his last broadcast, when he announced that he was moving back to minnesota, gave me hope. i gave money continuously to him from before he even had his website up, and i supported him with money and blogging through the interminable recount.

    great post, RD. al’s up to a lot these days, and my current political ennui prevents me from catching it all. i didn’t know he was on comcast’s case too. GOD i will be glad to get rid of them in a few months as i retire, unplug, and go off-grid.

    al franken carries with him most of my remaining faith in the political system.

    • I think he is the real thing, Campskunk. He’s not perfect and I’m sure we’ll disagree on a lot. After all, I live in Jersey and he represents Minnesota. But he’s like Hillary in that there’s a core there and he’s stickin’ to it.

      • I’m sorry to be a broken record, but I’m upset with Franken precisely because when it came to voting on the health care bill, he did not stick with his core principles. Considering that Hillary has made women’s issues a priority all through her career, do you honestly think she would have voted for that or any bill that takes away women’s rights to govern their own bodies and makes them second class citizens?

        • Look, I find the abortion restrictions just as reprehensible as you do. It was disgusting. And they ALL voted for it. Every last one of them. I don’t know what they were hoping to accomplish by it. Maybe they were assuming some signing statement would rescue them or that something magical would happen. You know, I just don’t know. But at this point, the voters of MA have made it all a moot point. If the bill had been passed by the House as it was, you’re damn right, I’d never vote for any Democrat who voted for it. Period.
          But that’s not what happened. The bill is dead. It’s not coming back in its present form. Any Democrat who tries to pass it with that damn excise tax or abortion restrictions is signing his own death warrant and he/she knows it.
          So, what are you going to do now? You need to move them out of the present state of inertia. You can take one of two approaches: 1.) Flog them and let them think that the only people who really count are Tea Partiers. or 2.) Reward the people who start moving the ball in the direction you want them to go.
          Those are your options.
          But why should you give up so easily? As long as there are a few people willing to take up the standard for what you believe, why not pat them on the back? The health care bill is dead. The House isn’t going to pass the Senate bill without reconciliation. What we may be seeing is internal struggle or that is the image they want to portray. Good. I want more struggle. I want yelling and recriminations. I want someone to take the blame for fucking everything up colossaliy. Let’s get it all out in the open.
          I *do* believe that Al has core principles and I think it bothers people who have them to have to compromise them away because the party elite are holding guns to their heads.
          That was last month. This is now.
          If you have a better plan that will lead the people in power to do what you want, go for it. But I am not going to stop using every tool at my disposal.

        • Listen to me, Roz: Franken was the guy who put everything he had on the line during the Bush administration. He might be an egotistical asshole on occasion but not for one minute do I doubt his sincerity. He did not give up even during the darkest days of the Bushies. He perservered and learned and found a way. Who would have thought that a comedian who has a history of acting like an insensitive jerk and who is a well known liberal at a time when that is a dirty 7 letter word, would get to be a senator from Minnesota causing havoc and raising cain in Congress? You can choose to be cynical and angry or you can recognize that this man is putting his money where his mouth is for what he believes. His race was contested for a long time and it was very expensive. Franken doesn’t get paid as well in the Senate as he would on a book toor touting, “The US Senate is a Cesspool of Itty-Bitty Bugfuckers”. He could be rich and happy and indifferent. He’s not.
          There is good in the world and in some people. Look for consistency in words and actions and you will know how to spot them. Nobody’s perfect but the ones who match their words and their deeds the most are keepers. Franken is one of them.

          • RD, I was a huge fan of Franken, never missed his program when he was on Air American, admired him for deciding to run for the Senate, and was very happy that he won. There’s no doubt that he’s done some really good things since arriving in the Senate, but that vote on health care has me livid not only with him but with all the so-called pro-choice Democrats who voted for it.

            You were not so forgiving of Corzine for throwing our NJ votes away and were happy to show him the door (as was I). What Franken and the other Democrats were prepared to do to women was just as reprehensible and unforgivable, at least to me. Let’s face it! We were saved by Massachussetts. If not for how that election turned out, that hideous bill would now be law. And, btw, I’ll believe it actually is as dead as a doornail when I see the evidence.

            At this point, I feel the party fka the Democrats stand for absolutely nothing, and that is exactly what they are going to get from me until they start acting via their votes like the principled Democrats they should be.

          • Yep, was pretty unforgiving of Corzine. But we have to be realistic here, Roz. If Hillary had been in the senate in Dec. 2009, there’s a good chance that even she would have had to vote for that disgusting bill. That was the Democratic party’s legislative strategy. For all I know, they *expected* Massachusetts to save them from themselves. That bill was sooo bad and so anti-Democratic that I was shocked to see so many of our side’s best minds (like Krugman) lose perspective over it just to see it pass. Whatever good was in it was overwhelmed by so much repressive bad. There was bound to be a backlash.
            But when the whole party is forced to eat shit, and it makes everyone look bad, then that hurts the few really good people who because of seniority weren’t in on the strategy sessions. Remember that Hillary voted for the Iraq War Resolution and we forgave her because she was sooooo much better than all of the rest.
            And I think Franken *did* take steps to improve the bill. His limits on insurance company profits showed that he understands how to bring the cost of insurance down. That’s how every other country in the world that has good national health care policies does it. They limit the amount of money insurance companies can make.
            I’m just saying that if you turn your back on EVERY politician, you may be shunning the ones that are even on your side. The bill isn’t going anywhere in its present form. I’m guessing that the liberals in the Senate are ready to flay the Ben Nelsons and Bart Stupaks out there. And while I don’t support the party, I will support people who carry the liberal message assertively and with confidence. Al is that guy.
            You gotta start somewhere.

  17. Every time I hear what Franken says I think: that’s why the Democrats didn’t lift a finger to seat him…Compare that to the treatment Brown received.

  18. RD, I understand why you like Franken, but the jury is out still on him for me.

    I notice that the things you list in his favor are things he has said. And yeah, he said them well. So? I’m not giving him a damn dime until I see how he VOTES when the pressure is on from the WH. Talk is cheap – haven’t we learned that yet?

    • WMCB, I cross-posted exactly the same “talk is cheap; it’s the way they vote that counts” idea upthread in reply to Riverdaughter. .

      Btw, I always enjoy reading your posts as I find them extremely insightful.

    • As a junior senator, Franken’s role is to do as he’s told. That didn’t last too long. He’s getting far more publicity than his rank would otherwise allow. AND he’s on some pretty high profile committees. There’s a reason for that. You might be right that it is all talk. But *someone* wants him front and center. Maybe they hoped he would flame out. But he’s smarter and tougher than they thought.
      What the Democrats presently lack is leadership and a message. Franken can give them that. I’d still prefer to signal my approval than disapproval at this point. Something may be happening behind the scenes. They are giving us the option of rejecting or accepting this. I say we accept it.

    • Franken managed to get his anti-rape amendment passed–the one that forces government contractors to stop preventing employees from suing for being raped by other employees.

      • True. That was great. And RD, I am not suggesting that anyone else not send money. I totally understand why you’d want to. I’m just more hesitant, is all.

        • Then by all means, take your time until you are convinced. Then, give lavishly, or as much as you can.

  19. Just stopped by to read RD’s post. She’s convinced me, so $25 from me and I’ve always liked Al. He may be a pain in the ass, but I kinda like that.

    Anyway, I’ve no doubt that Axelrod knows who’s getting the money and I’d like him to know that whoever chews on him is my pick.

  20. I might think of actually sending $25 Al’s way, but I happen to be unemployed still 8 months after graduation. Awesome. IOU, Al, man.

  21. Also, Now on PBS had a great piece on tonight about Democrats and the abortion. Basically, questioning the partys committment to women’s rights.

    • Consider voting in this poll at PBS:

      “Does attracting anti-abortion candidates help or hurt the Democratic Party?”


    • The Democrats had a committment to women’s rights? I just gotta ask: What makes women’s rights different from men’s rights?
      No, I think some Democrats had a committment to equality but they don’t get the support of their party or Rahm Emannuel.
      Other Democrats have a theoretical commitment to Roe v. Wade, which has nothing to do with equality. They use it as a political football and I don’t want to hear about it in campaign speeches anymore. Kill the damn ruling and make equality the law of the land.
      Hurry up. We haven’t got all day.

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