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Post SOTU Open Thread

So what did you think? Did President Obama say anything that gave you any hope? Did he say anything that could be true? How many lies did you hear?

231 Responses

  1. Speaking of clowns, where is myiq?

  2. POST SOTU…at first I thought it read POS SOTU

  3. ROFL! And If

  4. Krauthammer is surprised Obama used Washington as a pejorative… Why? it was so predictable! It was the trigger word I picked

  5. NOt to worry, folks.

    He feels your pain.

    Barfbags at the door.

    • Vomit..thank you for coming. Vomit..thank you for coming. Don’t forget to tip your attendants.

  6. Brooks said he was surprised at how moderate. The other guy said “Reaganesque.”

    • we’ve been saying Reaganesque about his policy for two years now …

      • Yup. Obama even praised Reagan during the campaign in Iowa. But the Obots still believed….

      • That’s what he’s doing: The Reagan thing. Using the military as a jobs program. Military Keynesianism.

        By the way, did you ever watch the ghosthunting show where the guy walks into haunted houses and INSULTS the ghosts? “Is that all you got, Caspar? Little weenie-boy Caspar?” Oh god, the first time I saw that I shot beer out of my nostrils. And I wasn’t even drinking.

        • Every time someone mentions bringing the troops home, I wonder how anyone can actually think that BO would add that many people to the unemployed rosters. No way.

          • I never understand this thinking. Bring the troops home and put them to work here. We closed down many bases since the Gulf War. Those need to be re-opened. Refurbished. We’ve got Veterans hospitals that are run down. Use the troops to clean those up and fix them up. I can go on and on and on here. No need to fire our soldiers because we aren’t at war. Just have them at home and ready for when we, unfortunately, really do need them.

    • That’s why Brooks has always loved him–a Reaganite in Dem clothing.

  7. Sorreee, he leaves me cold. Guess I know too much about him. Can anyone tell me what accomplishments he has had other than the two books about himself that I care not to read? Subject doesn’t interest me.

    I heard that NBC is saying he’s trying to appeal to the Independents. Since this man is responsible for this lifelong Dem leaving the party and becoming an Independent, guess it failed. He does look great in a suit and I was supposed to feel something towards the end, but nada. His soul is lacking.

    • Agree. There are THOUSANDS of ex-lifetime Dems out there who are now Independents because of this little man and his political thugs.

      Including me.

    • What soul?

    • “His soul is lacking” pretty much sums it up. He didn’t treat this as a very auspicious event-half the time spent trying to convince us he’s on our side, and the other half sounding like he’s at a coffee clatch.

      I just got a little pleasure from switching away from SOTU on Fox to Dog, Bounty Hunter.

      Will tape Tavis with Hillary, hop it gets more views than SOTU.

  8. No Quarter live blog has about the same reaction as TC—waste of time, recycled campaign speech, more empty promises. Does not sound like this part of the planet got hope and change from this.

  9. Saw some comments about Mechelle’ purple suit—potato sack and other fashion put downs. Checking a couple of other sites, saw people pretty disgusted with the standing ovations and clapping for nothing but recycled empty promises.

  10. I didn’t listen or watch, however I followed the blog thread here – and I’ve got to give credit where it is due – all of the commenters are brilliantly funny, astute, politically knowledgeable and so many other words that escape me at this time. Thank you all,

    • Yes, thank you all! I, too, haven’t listened to NObama since he stole the election. Thank you all for allowing me to read your razor-sharp reflections and opinions.

      • I have to say, he isn’t as much fun as he used to be. It seemed like he had less snark-worthy material tonight. Totally lame.

  11. Is it already over with? Darn. I missed the entire thing.

  12. Jeralynn says the speech was “excellent,” gave him an A, and says “our government is in good hands.”

    She LOOOOOVES her some braindead celebrities, eh?

  13. Bob McDonnell’s SOTU response was about 10 minutes and kind of lame but he’s no Bobby Jindall.

    Gotta admit I would rather listen to him than O.

  14. McDonnell’s republican reply text is online. Not much. So sad that the Republicans are faced with this train wreck and they can’t put it together. They should have used Scott Brown—he would at least have drawn an audience even if he just said the usual R talking points.

    • McDonnell was not bad in any case.

      • Ah, my governor. Sigh. Could have had a D if the VA Dem party weren’t idiots. But I agree, he actually did a good job.

      • McDonnell wasn’t bad. Way better than Jindal was last year. I didn’t like his scriptural reference at the end. I also didn’t like his “innocent life” reference. Makes it look like the Repubs intend to reignite the culture wars.

      • The best thing about his speech was that he has a daughter who was a platoon leader in Iraq. That I find very cool. Yay wimminz!

    • The theatrics were great. For once the Repugs did something clever.

  15. I’m wiped out — I might be back later but, I’ve got to stretch out on the couch.


    You guys are GREAT!

    • ‘Night, KB. I have to get to bed too. Eight-o’clock class tomorrow. Ugh!

    • No YOU guys are great. I was torn between the kormas and the SOTU. The biz din won out. I wish I had been here. But I know that you guys are in your element on these things.
      Great job! We’re up to almost 500 comments on the live blog thread.

  16. Did he ever address DADT? There were rumors ahead of the speech.

  17. Did he mention DADT?

    • He said he was going to work with Congress and the military to get rid of DADT. An executive order suspending discharges would be nice but, of course, that wasn’t mentioned.

      • Of course not. Thanks for the info. I had to turn it off before the end. I couldn’t take it anymore.

      • So basically same shit as before. He’s gonna “work toward it” just like he worked toward health care…

      • I don’t think his version of getting rid of DADT means what most of us liberals think it means. I am thinking it is going back to pre-DADT days.

  18. Go vote on what you thought of the speech

    • CNN always skews their opinion polls. I remember voting on them during the primaries and Hillary would have a strong advantage until 10 minutes before CNN aired the results.

    • Don’t waste your time. If you vote Poor, your vote doesn’t count at CNN

  19. Hillary was wonderful on PBS with Tavis Smiley. Obama’s SOTU speech sucked. The sky is blue. Water is wet. NEXT!

  20. Hey, peoples. Just got back from a business dinner. Yummy Indian food and pastries with a touch of Bollywood thrown in. Did I ever say how much I love my job?
    Anyways, what did I miss? Anyone got a short summary?

    • Stale recycled campaign blubber, but the seals in the audience were well trained.

    • iPad cool, Obama sucks. That’s about it. 🙂

    • Barrack Whosucks Obama told some jokes, lies and more jokes. That’s about it.

    • A Republican speech, delivered by a deflated little man with an angry wife.

      • So, what was Michelle pissed about? Live in the White House didn’t turn out to be what the for-profit lobbyist thought it would be?

        • Well, as I said in the previous thread, you can’t blame her for looking so pissed off all of the time. Look at what she’s married to.

        • I’m thinking she checked Barack’s cell phone just before they left for the SOTU and saw Vera’s number. Fortunately, Barack couldn’t find the time to golf today so the clubs were not near at hand.

        • I don’t know, but she sure looked like one unhappy camper. Seemed actively annoyed when her husband called her out. He led some wooden applause for her which she reluctantly acknowledged. A creepy moment.

          • Ummm….Doesn’t she “Always” look pissed?

          • She’s probably mad that she now has to do something about obesity in kids. I hate to tell her, but Bill Clinton’s all over that one with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. He’s got major infrastructure on that already and he gets how systemic we have to be to make changes. Because, if you’re a Clinton, you work hard, learn your lessons, and do whatever it takes. M0 could never catch Bill on this issue, or any other, even if she goes all out. Which ain’t gonna happen, anyway.

        • Maybe she’s mad that she now has to do something to fight obesity in kids. I hate to tell her, but Bill Clinton’s all over that one with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. He’s got major infrastructure on that already and he gets how systemic we have to be to make changes. Because, if you’re a Clinton, you work hard, learn your lessons, and do whatever it takes. M0 could never catch Bill on this issue, or any other, even if she goes all out. Which ain’t gonna happen, anyway.

          • Sorry for the duplicate, my wireless had a quirky moment and I thought the comment didn’t go through the first time.

      • @marcambinder: Writes Josh Green: “Obama articulates Republican policies better than Republicans do.”

    • It was the usual. Recycled campaign speech, and he told some bad jokes.

    • He’s not giving up on health care; he’s gong to work with Congress to repeal DODT; he’s going to revitalize community colleges; tax credit for small biz; expand our exports; all troops out of Iraq by August ’10. Heal the earth and a magic carpet for every American

  21. @harrislacewell: OMG!!!! Chris Matthews said “I forgot he was black” Ok, this is just too much. I can’t stand it. That is not OK!

    • Wha??
      I forgot about his skin color a loooooooong time ago. Why the fuck does Chris Matthews think it’s important? Obama is the president. Skin color is not important. The voters have spoken on that subject.
      What happens to Obama and the country from here on out depends entirely on his efforts and abilities.
      Just like everyone else.

      • it’s hard to even know what to say to that … what drug is he taking? Why would you even think about that while listening to a speech unless you had something wrong with your brain. You’re listening to content and THAT’s what you come up with?

        • He is eaten up with white guilt – so much so that he has ALWAYS been obsessed with Obama’s skin color, from the beginning. He continued to demonstrate that obsession with all his “all who dislike Obama are raycist” screeds. I think he has Mandingo fantasies, I really do.

      • He sounds like Chicago Irish. They’re obsessed.

      • I’m pleased that we finally have a pres who is a half-Caucasian male. It is progress.

    • I forgot he was black for an hour? Ooh I hope Tweety just got himself fired tonight.

    • How can he claim he forgot that fact when he is going on and on and on about just that!! And, just exactly what did he mean??

  22. A now-disgruntled Obot I know just tweeted “SOTU reminded me that GWB was right about one thing: being President would be so much easier if he was dictator.” WTF?

  23. What are the Obot bloggers saying on the Swinefluence aka DailyK(roc)OS(hit)

  24. Jobs and iPad 5 stars
    Obama, SOTU, Dems 0 stars

    Americans: hoping for change

  25. oooooooo

    read his lips!!!

    • This was a truly funny moment.

    • Major breach of protocol.

      • I agree. You do not trash the SCOTUS in your speech, no matter how you feel about their decision.

        • And what is really surreal about his little rant is that this is the same guy who wanted to vote for John Roberts confirmation as Chief Justice and his Senate “handlers” had to talk him down!!

        • Really? Those 5 men ought to be impeached for that decision. That is one of the most ridiculous decisions ever. Completely incompetent and completely counter to everything our Republic is supposed to be about.

      • it’s just one of those non-activist republican appointed theocratic judge moments … nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!

      • Breach of protocol or not, it’s true and getting that message out is probably the only good thing he did tonight.

    • The fool has now stepped over the line. Even ginsberg looked extremely pissed. Who the hell does he think he is, the messiah?…oh, wait.

    • Wow. First impression: B0 wouldn’t understand due deference if it bit him in his knickers. Second impression: Sotomayor does not look like a happy camper at all. Third impression: was that Holder standing right next to them clapping. If so, what a jerk.

      Anyone have the shot of McCain saying “total bullshit?” I’d like to see that one.

  26. Mary Matlin is tearintg BHO up on CNN; meanwhile Begala and Carville are praising him to the skies

    • First time ever that I totally agree with Mary and totally disagree with james.

      I think everyone realizes that Carville is doing his job and nothing more.

      This was a pitiful SOTU.

  27. MO in purple suit really angry; not proud of her country any more

    We don’t get how lucky we are to have them as the First Couple and we are not making nice like some did there for awhile.

    • Found this about MO’s dress:


      Color is called eggplant.

      • OMG that thing was hideous.

      • “The First Lady showed up in a raisin-colored 3/4 sleeve sweater dress with a high-waisted bubble skirt by Isaac Mizrahi. The dress retails for $1850 and was a part of Mizrahi’s Pre-Fall 2009 collection. She accessorized with a strand of pearls and an extra-sleek blowout — and a radiant smile.”

        They also call it grape somewhere else in that article.

        Eegads. Smile, scowl, whatever.

  28. google: about 998,000 for angry michelle obama

    whoa check out the images! I guess she’s just intense about things.

  29. well, shorter dakinikat: they asked for hope and now he tells them COPE!

  30. I skipped the whole thing. I can’t bear him and his lies, lies, lies, lies.

  31. What do you think about the logistics of our Hillary tonight? Is it just the way things work that she had to be in London for a meeting tonight and Tavis Smiley just happened to debut his new show tonight featuring her?

    Can we dream that there is more to this distance and the scheduling than is on the surface? Can we trust that things never happen this way in the beltway by accident and there is a very important message there?

  32. hahahahaha Gergen puts up the buffer to prevent himself from having the race card played against him (“Obama clearly has an excellent mind”) and then criticizes him as not having any leadership skills

    • WTV, I keep telling people that that defensiveness is the source of Obama’s higher “personal popularity” numbers in polls where people hate every single one of his policies. It has finally become okay to hate his actions, but no one wants to admit they actually dislike the black guy. That’s still taboo.

      Any Dem strategists who believe that his “personal popularity” is more than a facade, and will translate into votes, are dumber than dirt.

      • I know. No one is willing to admit that they don’t like it. I even have trouble admitting it sometimes.

        The 2010 midterms will be a disaster, and Obama is all ready setting race relations back. People all ready blame the AA community for him.


        I’m going to bed. Good night everyone. Great threads tonight. Peace out.

    • Well he is wrong on one of those counts.

  33. I really hope the dems get their asses kicked in 2010. Not one democratic politicians has any fucking backbone.

    Rep. David Scott on CSPAN just said we need to wrap our arms around Obama because “it’s not his problem it’s our problem” WTF??? Last time I checked Obama asked for this job.

    • David, it is not my FUCKING job to nursemaid my president. I don’t do co-dependent mush bullshit with the leader of the goddamned free world.

      I’m a citizen, not his Mama.

    • Yes he sure doesn’t seem like he wants any part of the problem. He’s just there like a bored professor to lecture us on where the problems are and whose fault it is.

    • No, it is his problem 100%. His henchwoman Donna B told me my help was not needed.

      • That’s right she told us to stay home and I have stayed home ever since.

        • Oh silly me, I thought “stay home” was donna’s little euphemism for “we don’t give a hoot about your vote”….so now I give mine to those who do. Guess Donna is gonna be a little p.o’d about my vote for governor here in NJ 🙂

    • Oh, great, the return of the “it’s our fault for not holding his feet to the fire” progressive wailing. Give me a break.

      • they only say this to excuse Obama but when we call them out on actively NOT holding his feet to the fire while they are in the process of screwing everything up–suddenly it becomes about us being a “certain” class of voter.

  34. Cillizza at Politico says it was an American Values speech. Yeah I heard the words but they didn’t stick, nope, not for me.


  35. Yahoo fact check/AP


    Nice summary of presidential claims in the SOTU and the facts.

  36. Instead of the STotU I watched the British show Bonekickers-sort of a Brit modern Indiana Jones. Fun enough, but the second episode was an appalling (but revealing) example of Obamamania, in which an Obama stand-in is targeted by “old power and old money” for assassination before he can become the first black US President (when in reality Obama was backed by money and power) and in which George Washington and Yorktown are dragged in and misrepresented just to add to the halo around “Senator Simon Joy.”

    Horrible, but it does reveal the certain sort of progressive mindset (clearly in Europe as much as here) that sees “the first black President” as a magical event in which the actual person involved is irrelevant. But then besides Bonekickers and an unfortunate mention in the last Dr. Who, this is how Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize even as he decided on more war. Again, so much for the idea that those on the Right have a monopoly on fantasy.

  37. Lolz
    Wolf says “if you like wonkish detail like me–I was really happy that Obama got into all that stuff” or something like that

  38. I don’t give a flying fig what the SC decision was, that was the most horrifying moment I have ever witnessed in a SOTU, or any presidential moment and that includes all of dubyas painful, dangerous and plain old ridiculous gaffes. You don’t have to respect the decision but as POTU you of ALL people, with your bogus claims of constitutional law expertise, should have the maturity and intelligence to at least pay a minimal amount of respect to the members of the highest court in our and and NOT use your bully pit to play a juvenile little frat boy game of who can pee the farthest to humiliate them to further your and your party’s chances for reelection. Stupid STUPID embarassing fool!
    You will see NO SC justices at the 2011 SOTU, not ginsberg, not sottamayor, NOT A SINGLE SOLITARY ONE. I don’t think I have EVER been as ashamed of a potus in my entire life. You sir, are truly a disgrace to the office.

    • Typical 0 campaign stuff—insult and punish. He wonders why Not One Repub steps forward to work with him. Why should they?

  39. Well, I find it interesting TCM is showing The Manchurian candidate”.

  40. Well I agree Obama is a disgrace, but I lost any respect for the Supreme Court back in 2000. Mostly the history of the court is one of backing the powerful over the people; the Warren Court was very much an exception to the rule.

    • You lost total respect for an entire branch of our government 1/3 responsible for checking and balancing our federal government the SC due to a horrible court decision in 200? And mostly history of the court is NOT one of backing the powerful over the people, thats just hogwash. But regardless of whether or not you respect our legal system of government here in the United States or our Constitution, a POTU who does NOT respect it, despite little cutsie disclaimers, and tries to humiliate and disrespect and ambush it is a fool. And as for your ” with all due respect to the separation of powers” line Mr. POTUS, without the SC we would NOT have that separation of powers that this country was founded upon. But you already knew that since you are the constitutional “scholar”.

      • Those theocrats on the Supreme Court need to go and now. They make terrible decisions all based on their political and theological beliefs instead of what is good for the citizens of this country and what is right and just and in the spirit of the Constitution. They are making a mockery of the rule of law in this country and are an embarrassment to previous courts. Like Obama said, and I hate to agree with the man, this has been decided law for 100 years and yet they went out of their way to make new law. How far will they go? This is an activist court that is bent on reshaping the laws of our country to whatever agenda they are aiming for. They need to be publicly ridiculed as much as possible. Shamed into doing the peoples bidding if you will.

        • Sure, lets do away with the entire concept, go with just the Executive branch and the rubber stamp legislature, we all know THEY don’t have an agenda. Hell, let’s go straight to an absolute monarchy, then we don’t have to worry about anyone pushing an activist agenda….Grow up. This court did NOT make new law, and I strongly disagree with their decision but their arguments were based on sound legal reasoning and the general public really has no idea or clue what this decision was based on or about but the POTUS is using this SOLELY for his own political agenda, activist or otherwise.
          As for embarassment to previous courts, there have been many more lopsided courts, both left and right that have been pushing agendas since the get go. Get a clue and read a few constitutional law books, not the headlines at the huffington post. And finally, don’t worry, the potus will be adding a few more justices before the year is out so unless independents decide they would like to remain as such, we will no longer have to deal with that annoying concept of checks and balances.

        • BTW, the ACLU, in it’s amicus brief, agrees with the court. They are hardly offering an opinion based on theological beliefs. And the law in question is not 100 years old. The laws regarding donations are (which are still intact), but the laws regarding advertising are more recent.

          There is room for disagreement here, among people who are by no means ideologically agenda-driven. The role of money in campaigns does indeed need to be addressed, but not all agree that restricting speech is the best way to go about it. They basically said that the First Amendment holds, even when you find the results of that constitutional line in the sand abhorrent. Maybe especially then.

          Please don’t ascribe ill intent to everyone who differs on the issue. I myself am not quite decided on what I think, as I can see both arguments.

          • WMCB, my instinct is to be depressed about this ruling, but I see the argument on both sides as well. This is a thorny dilemma.

          • I’m still thinking about it, wonk. My initial gut was “OMG NO!”, but when I step back and look at the purely constitutional aspect, I see the court’s point.

      • Why do I get the feeling Obama may end up regretting his dissing of the SC?

        Anyone else get that feeling?

        • apparently not gregory. he, like our fearless leader, feel the Court should be “shamed into doing the people’s bidding” rather than interpret the Constitution. Its times like these that the separation of powers upon which our government is based and upon which it relies to exist, is very very threatened.

        • What more can they do? It’s not like they’ve been holding back. It was pretty funny, Alito should have asked Obie to step outside and settle things. 🙂

          • I dunno. It would be funny of they decided to actually hear one of those loony birther lawsuits floating around, just to piss Bambi off. LOL!

            I mean, ya know, if we are going to say it’s okay for one co-equal branch of govt to completely publicly embarrass another branch….

          • Everybody says Kennedy is easily led, I suppose they could use the diss to move him 100% into the majority. Buh bye Roe. It would’ve happened eventually anyway, possibly–but now it’s a street fight for control of DC! 🙂

        • Court decision was horrendous imo. But calling out the Court in the SOTU as the Justices are huddled together, lecturing to them as if they were children while a partisan group of Congress people stood up behind them to cheer…looked like bullying. I’ve never seen our three branches of government act that disrespectfully towards one another in public.

          • I have never heard of a constitutional “scholar” (albeit a self-proclaimed one) act so disrespectfully towards the SC, regardless of which way that particular court is stacked.

  41. So Obama says it’s time to “start anew”. What happened to “ready on Day One”? Hillary was.

    • How about just start? So far he has mostly played with the presidential toys.

    • “ready on Day One”

      I keep thinking about that line over and over. BO was obviously not ready. I had this flashback today to the the way the media let BO get away with touting his trip backpacking in Europe as some sort of foreign policy experience. They would have jeered and sneered at HRC for months if she had trotted out some bs like that. BO being in office makes my stomach turn.

  42. I read thru that post by Chris Cilizza. It was on the fence but the comments were overwhelmingly anti the SOTU. Lot of people wondered where Hillary was. I guess it is a practice to have a cabinet member not present and thought she might be the one.

  43. Jeesus – Arianna Huffington is the only sane news contributor on TV tonight.

  44. John Podesta on Charlie Rose said that O “reconnected” tonight with the American people….

    Well, not with me….didn’t watch..

    • Don’t you just love these people who think that every word Obama says can fix the worlds problems?

  45. Harry Reid grades Barack Obama’s speech:

    • I am with Harry on this one. Sorry I stayed up to watch it. Frankly…. it was a bore. Nothing new was said.

      And now, to make matters worse, I must run a small business on…. not only a lack of funds… but also a lack of sleep.

  46. I especially liked Obama’s stating there is a “deficit of trust” among the American people for the government. Of course he takes none of the blame for that. In my heart of hearts, when all the spin and fluff is removed, I believe his loss of credibility and refusal to acknowledge it and change course will be his ultimate downfall. Can’t happen too fast for me.

    • My biggest “deficit of trust” is in Obama himself. I never trusted the man. Still don’t. And won’t be in the near future….

  47. Here’s something I found over at that Madrassa ( ya know…The House that Hopium built ) known as “Daily Kooks”…

    I agree. (0+ / 0-)

    I thought this was a very strong speech, and a personal success for the president. He is the president I have been waiting for all of my life.

    by Grindstone on Wed Jan 27, 2010 at 08:58:14 PM PST


    Get a damn life sparky!

  48. Howard Zinn wrote this two weeks ago before he passed away yesterday, it was in the Nation

    Howard Zinn


    I’ ve been searching hard for a highlight. The only thing that comes close is some of Obama’s rhetoric; I don’t see any kind of a highlight in his actions and policies.

    As far as disappointments, I wasn’t terribly disappointed because I didn’t expect that much. I expected him to be a traditional Democratic president. On foreign policy, that’s hardly any different from a Republican–as nationalist, expansionist, imperial and warlike. So in that sense, there’s no expectation and no disappointment. On domestic policy, traditionally Democratic presidents are more reformist, closer to the labor movement, more willing to pass legislation on behalf of ordinary people–and that’s been true of Obama. But Democratic reforms have also been limited, cautious. Obama’s no exception. On healthcare, for example, he starts out with a compromise, and when you start out with a compromise, you end with a compromise of a compromise, which is where we are now.

    I thought that in the area of constitutional rights he would be better than he has been. That’s the greatest disappointment, because Obama went to Harvard Law School and is presumably dedicated to constitutional rights. But he becomes president, and he’s not making any significant step away from Bush policies. Sure, he keeps talking about closing Guantánamo, but he still treats the prisoners there as “suspected terrorists.” They have not been tried and have not been found guilty. So when Obama proposes taking people out of Guantánamo and putting them into other prisons, he’s not advancing the cause of constitutional rights very far. And then he’s gone into court arguing for preventive detention, and he’s continued the policy of sending suspects to countries where they very well may be tortured.

    I think people are dazzled by Obama’s rhetoric, and that people ought to begin to understand that Obama is going to be a mediocre president–which means, in our time, a dangerous president–unless there is some national movement to push him in a better direction.

    RIP H. Zinn

  49. Several people mentioned Jeralyn upthread but I just went over to her site to check out her comments and her reaction to those who disagree with her assessment that Obama’s speechifying gets an A and that our “government is in good hands”.

    I have a lot of respect for Anne and she’s a big reason why I head over to TL to read her comments. Jeralyn went off on Anne for using common sense and logic instead of falling for more campaign-like rhetoric. I recommend reading the thread to see how incredibly narrow-minded an idiotic Jeralyn is – which isn’t a surprise for anyone who knows about her previous lack of judgment and bad behavior. She has no right to make fun of Palin’s IQ when she lacks so much sense of her own.


    Not only is she narrow-minded but Jeralyn is also a hypocrite. I called her out on being a hypocrite with her anti-Coakley posts and told people to bookmark her posts on Coakley because I know she will ban and attack people who will not support Obama in 2012. I didn’t even have to wait that long. Now she’s attacking the best commenter on TalkLeft for warning people not to be fooled by Obama’s words again. I have lost all respect for Jeralyn. Her site would lose most of its readership if BTD were to ever leave.

    • That was pretty interesting DFV.

      Jeralyn asked for her readers opinion on O’Blah Blah’s speech, then she goes postal when someone has the stones to say it sucked!

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