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HCR Senate Bill: Epic Fail

It turns out there is a Goddess.  The Democrats have decided to put a halt on Health Reform.

The gear shifting by Democrats underscored how the health care effort had been derailed by the Republican victory in the Massachusetts special election last week, which effectively denied Democrats the 60th vote they need to overcome a Republican filibuster in the Senate. Originally, Mr. Reid wanted to finish a bill early last August.

The lawmakers’ comments also served to lower expectations for the president’s State of the Union address on Wednesday. Lawmakers said they did not expect Mr. Obama to lay out a specific strategy.

No one needs to elaborate on what a complete joke Obama and the Senate Democrats Health Care Reform effort has been.

But John at Liberal Rapture says what we’re all thinking:

For those of us who wanted a real overhaul and a public option this battle was lost last summer. I’m glad the Senate bill is probably dead. It was a bad, retrograde bill. Obama should be glad too. If he wants to salvage this year, he needs the Senate bill disposed of quickly. He may not know it or accept it but this is best for him politically. Democrats can now spend time on issues that matter to people. They may even govern, which might, in fact, save their majorities in the fall.


Regardless, this needs to be stated clearly: Health care reform failed because of Obama. (Major reform has failed. Minor adjustments might still be made.) He was an anti-leader through out the process. He gave away the most important bargaining chips at the start. Then, as deadlines slipped by, he allowed awful deals to define the bill. He squandered an opportunity that comes along once a generation. What could have been a truly transformative bill became a soulless lump of corruption. His actions on health care became the perfect example of the inexperience and arrogance that so many warned about. The community organizer failed to organize his own party and his own thoughts on the matter.

Comparisons to LBJ and FDR are obvious. Both those men used the bully pulpit to change the American landscape. Obama used it to preen. Hundreds of speeches and TV appearances and still no one knew his core beliefs on health care. (Does he have any?) No one had a cogent narrative. (Was there one?) No one felt invested in his central initiative of 2009. (There was no reason for personal investment.)

He failed. Miserably.

So much for the President’s arrogant proclamation the other day: that his Health Reform effort would succeed where the Big Dawg’s failed because “You’ve got me.”

This is a tragedy, because if Obama were half the President Bill was, he would have learned from the Big Dawg’s mistakes. Health Care Reform failed in 1994 because the Clintons allowed hostile and uncooperative Democrats in Congress to derail their efforts.

Obama had an opportunity here to create a transformative bill that would have truly reformed our health care system. He had a supermajority in Congress and an MSM that would have wiped his butt for him if he’d asked. The wind was at his back and he squandered this opportunity. Now millions of Americans will continue their lives without Health Insurance.

What a class act, Mr. President. What a class act.


137 Responses

  1. 0 squandered an opportunity that BC never had and could only dream about.

  2. good to see you LI…. nice post

  3. thanks for an insightful take on the Pampered one LittleIsis!

    Your fuzzy is back sort of commentinghere and there!

    I wish Obama would just make it official and switch parties!

  4. I see an Obama/Palin dream ticket in 2012!

  5. Good post, littleisis. Thank you.

    This is exactly what the administration along with the Democrats wanted. They never really wanted true reform. They telegraphed this by taking single-payer off the table right off the bat.

    • actually it was a sign of weakness in the party by not even offering a single payer option or public option…

      Once again the party is undermined from the Right (blue dog section) and the Left gets blamed!

      • And the left gets blamed for a basically plain vanilla circa Republican 1993 bill ….and, get smeared with it being called “liberal” to boot! WTF??

  6. can we finally tell the Followers of the “lightbringer” we frickin’ told you so!?!

    or should I just let bygones be bygones?

    • Actually, the word I read that the Oborg were calling him was “lightworker”, but the difference is minor.

    • My rabid Obot ex just leapt off the bandwagon. I’ve been biting my tongue so hard it bleeds.

  7. Hey, thanks for the link! I am flattered as hell. This post made my night.

    • I’ve linked to you a few times before. I love your posts :p

    • is that you quoted up there? Good job.

      Thank You Sis for this diary.

      I am hoping someone will put together a proposal for Medicare for all…how it could be improved and still cost less than what we are spending per person. It would be a great thing for the economy, small business etc… but some one has to take it on and educate the public.

    • Joseph Cannon quoted you too.

  8. Awesome post as always, LI. It’s so ridiculous the way they’re constantly proclaiming that they’ve learn from Bill Clinton’s mistakes, yet they don’t have a clue. It’s gotten to the point where it’s just embarassing to even watch.

  9. Hey Little Isis! It’s so great to see you. Great post!

  10. New poll on MA voters. It says that even Scott Brown favors a public option! LOL! From DFA


  11. In 12dimensional chess (or whatever it is), how many checkmates can u sustain? Shouldn’t Obama be getting asked to leave the board by now?

  12. Anyone who can’t pass their health care bill with a then 60-40 majority is an asshole.

  13. Both those men used the bully pulpit to change the American landscape. Obama used it to preen.


    I’m both relieved that this POS has failed, and sad to see that such a pivotal moment in this country’s history has been squandered. What an utter waste. I am so tired of the comparison’s to Clinton too, because it was 1993. There was not even close to the same public support for health care reform or cost crisis. Bill & Hillary were pioneers, and instead of recognizing them and giving them credit for even putting this issue on the national stage, they are blamed for a lack of support. Now, this anti-leader had both Houses of Congress, an eager public, and a slavish media, and he still couldn’t get it together. He is so much worse than even I expected, it’s startling. I hope his credibility is shot for good. I do not want to see this thief and narcissist anywhere near another 4 years.

  14. Great to see you back LI. Hope all’s well. 🙂

  15. Nice to see you back LittleIsis!!

    OT, but I just saw Elisabeth Warren on Daily Show. She was fantastic. I’m assuming it was a new show, but I’m not sure. That will be a good clip to track down, I’ll see if I can find it.

  16. It definitely was a “retrograde” bill…Heard a commentary today about it was actually very close to the Republican bill of 1993 in answer to the failed Clinton attempt!!

    I also heard Sen. Jeff Bingaman saying that “health reform advocates didn’t it want it badly enough.” Almost threw up!!!!!
    How many faxes did I send courtesy “Health Justice” for a single payer system??

    • The problem isn’t people not wanting healthcare reform badly enough–it’s that some mistook Obama for FDR’s “make me do it” when really Obama was saying “don’t make ME do it.” Obama never wanted to lead on this. He just wanted the photo op of signing something.

      • Wonk: That is so bullseye. You could tell in the primaries that he had no passion for hcr—it was all coming from the Hillster. He put up with it as an issue and his faux Harry and Louise shots undermined any real future leadership. Your emphasis there—don’t make ME do it—is exactly right. And he just wanted the photo op of signing this just like he wanted the photo op of being the first AA president and the photo op of saying—close gitmo. On it goes.

  17. Democratic Fail. I’m still wary of DC in all its arrogance trying to resurrect the awful essence of this bill. Either way the insurance companies make out like bandits–they had their choice of a direct bailout or one by proxy of not having any meaningful reform at all. Once again it’s we-the-people who are in a lose-lose. Our only “options” in this debate have been to continue the nightmare of the *health care DENIAL system* as is OR to let the health industrial complex use our helplessness as an excuse to transfer even more wealth to itself and avert the crisis of being made obsolete. So much for giving the American people “choices” in healthcare.

    Obama is no Bill Clinton, indeed. BHO and the Ds are building up some incredibly nasty karma.

    Thanks for the thread on this, little isis.

    • That’s Joan’s “YES!” below. It’s all the fault of Republicans posing as Independents. Obama would have been fine otherwise. Joan’s losing her mind.

      @joanwalsh: RT @drgrist 1) Bush ruins GOP brand 2) Bunch of Rs become “independents” 3) “Independents” hate Obama’s agenda 4) Obama has failed! #village YES!

      • how do the cynical pragmatists breathe with their heads stuck that far in the sand? They can avoid talking about it all they want, but there are Democrats who have become independents (small i) or are staying home (Donna B. decreed this the proper protocol for dissent.).

        • Us former lifelong Dems, newly re-registered as Independents, are really Republican ratf&ckers..that’s probably Joan’s logic.

      • Joan is so full of shit. MA had a huge number of Independents well before Bush, and they voted for Brown 3 – 1. Oh, and over 20% of DEMOCRATS voted for Brown.

        And yes, in a representative govt, if the voters do not wish to vote for you or your agenda (for whatever reason), you have, by definition, FAILED. That’s how it works, sweet cheeks. I know that you, Joan, and your ilk, would be much more comfortable if all those pesky voters just minded their own bitter business and let the Beautiful People anoint whomever they desire, but Versailles just got it’s ass kicked.

        So go have another cocktail and clutch your pearls, you cosseted, pampered, sniveling parasite. We the People don’t give a fuck what you think anymore.

      • Help! Get me out of Spammy!

      • Wasn’t 90% of Obama’s schtick his appeal to independents? Amazing ploy by the Repubs to infiltrate and turn them. It seems like they’d need tremendous numerical superiority to pull that off.

  18. Check out the latest Joe Conason piece at Salon. Green Jobs, Cheap. Sorry–didn’t link.

    I think that if Clinton has been pushing this and we are just hearing about it–it’s been dissed because it’s from Bill and they are eaten up with jealousy of him. Petty little pukes that they are. Just wanted to bring it to your attention, if it hasn’t been seen.

    • Do they make these empty suits in a factory?

    • HOW did she get a column on the editorial page of the paper of record? HOW? And isn’t there a desert island where they could go and be vapid and useless together?

      • My thought exactly. MoDo makes me throw up. She discredits the female intellect.

      • I feel the same, but my fury was eaten by Spammy.

      • I don’t have words for my rage.

        Liberal men are completely discredited. They were mesmerized by a man who offered them a way to outrun their 1970s childhoods, in a world where they were teased for being bookish, girls turned them down for dates, and everyone preached racial tolerance while moving as far away as possible from the city.

        They looked at Obama and saw Michael Jordan, Charlie Parker, the embodiment of cool. They looked at Hillary and saw Mom. Brush your teeth, eat your vegetables, do your homework and get a job. Mom gets shit done, but it’s more fun to hang with the cool guys.

        Relatives, longtime friends and my ex-spouse condescended to me. There is no sexism. Sarah Palin really is a stupid c*nt and I should be insulted that the GOP nominated her. The gays will have to wait. Don’t worry your pretty little head about Stupak, it’ll all come out in the wash. I will never forgive them for this and I will never look at them the same way. They are not my friends and they are not my allies. They are privileged little shits who want to kick down the women who are uppity enough to take their jobs and tell them where they get off, like they are equals or something. Guess what fellows? It’s not 1960 and you didn’t inherit your dad’s world.

        The next time I hear one of these guys moan about his lot in life, I’ll remind him that it’s his generation, his class, his sex that’s in power, so call your fraternity brother in the White House for a favor. Don’t look at me.


      • Someone wants her writing this trash, that’s how.

        • they pay her to write it. It is what she is employed to do.

          • Her atrocities of illogic are no worse than what I encountered daily as a maintenance programmer. Lots of people are paid princely sums to crank out reams of shit, whether in words or code.

          • So I guess “opinion” journalism has turned into writing promo copy and press releases?

            And I’m still waiting on myiq’s post about Brown’s cheesecake. Hope he addresses that a woman who had posed nude would never be considered a presidential contender. And what’s with all these men who have the same (or less) experience level of Palin, or Hillary for that matter, and yet miraculously they have more experience. Does having a penis make men magically soak up more experience somehow? And if Hillary’s only experience was tea parties then why did Obama appoint her SoS?

            Logic in Obamaland is scarce indeed.

    • MODO is repulsive. I think she probably leaves a trail of slime behind her when she walks. I bet if she and Mitt Romney hooked up they’d give birth to larvae.

      • ROFLMAO!!! You owe me a new monitor and keyboard.

      • Lol What I love is that I read Anna Quindlen’s collection of columns, and I betcha the whole time the paper was receiving letters complaining about the “soft” topics she chose to write about. But even though MoDo is a certifiable raving flake and dip$&@), somehow we’re supposed to ignore the elephant in the room and pretend she’s credible. Why, because the same junior superdelegates who love Obama think her “SpongeBob SquareBush” column was a stroke of journalistic genius?

        • I think that when I am having an argument with someone that journalism these days is a sad business because it now speaks power to truth instead of truth to power, I can just show them a MODO column and then that ends the argument.

          • Journalism stopped being a workingman’s trade a long time ago. Now you need a master’s from a fancy J-school to get in the door. That changes everything. The business is staffed with spoiled suburban kids.

        • The deal with DoDo is that she will pull the veil away once (in a very very rare) blue moon to write a teeny tiny nugget of something that isn’t solid trash… just to prove that her usual vanity is a choice she relishes. She figured out how to get a Pulitzer for writing fanfiction about Monica Lewinsky. It is her calling.

          • She really is a good writer despite her need to waste her talent on fluff and trash, it’s just baffling that the NYT allows her to waste valuable inches doing some bizarre form of therapy. Maybe it’s just their way of resisting modernity, look! She’s the most prominent columnist we have and she’s an unreconstructed throwback who dreams of being swathed in crinoline–deep down, they don’t want to succeed! 😉

          • She’s an example of why I decided not to major in Journalism. I see that she is one of the most prominent women journalists out there and I just lose my mojo for getting into a once noble and glorious industry.

          • Seriously–I think the NY Times keeps MoDo employed for much the same reason that Fox News keeps Dick Morris employed. They are reliable circus acts.

            If the NY Times wants more people to pay for the price of admission, they need to stop paying MoDo to write trash.

          • But you’re so the complete opposite of her, you’d be great. And she’s such a perfect example of what not to do. The quintessential don’t. Don’t use your column to punish your co-worker for stealing your seat at the briefing. Don’t use your column to troll for action if you’re not Carrie Bradshaw. Reserve titles like “Bringing Sexy Back” for the fashion page. Do change your calendar regularly so you don’t wake up thinking it’s still 1952.

          • Yes but what does it say about the NYTimes that they don’t have one columnist on staff right now who is not certifiable. Krugman was hanging in there, but he’s now on the loony wagon too.

          • Lol I love the fact that they expect people to pay. I am so tempted. Hold me back, it’s a bargain at any price.

          • I used to think that if I ever became a journalist or a public servant that if Modo started writing trash about me, it would be a good thing because I was doing something right.
            If I ever do decide to run for public office, the first negative column about me from MODO will warrant a party. You’ll all be invited.

          • We’ll be lurking outside waiting to smack her with rolled up papers if she trash talks you, but yeah. She only likes you if you’re a shallow, vapid, useless waste of space. If she hates you, you’re a distinguished public servant.

          • Those don’ts are priceless. Ms. Dowd has done us a public service making it all so clear. Or else we would have to wait for What Not to Write, a new TLC series. We couldn’t have possibly figured out for ourselves that we don’t want to elevate fantasies about the men in the gray flannel suits to the level of polemic political commentary.

            I’d add Barbara Walters to the category of the quintessential don’t too.

          • What Not to Write–if you see this woman’s photo next to the byline, the answer is, everything. Ask yourself, WWMDD? and then do the exact opposite. Don’t try to rhyme “shoe” with “go.” It can’t be done.

    • Good God. Can we have a moment of quiet reflection before we go rushing down that hype filled press celebrity politician road again. Scott Brown might actually be an amazing Republican find—but before they make him president could we at least swear him into the damn office.

      My guess is that they will not swear him in before the SOTU because he would definitely upstage The One—the Old One.

  19. Well, this is a train wreck that’s actually kind of beautiful.

  20. “Now millions of American will continue their lives without Health Insurance.”

    And tens of thousands will not even get to do that; they’ll die for want of health care.

  21. Roger Ebert tweeted, “When was the last time the Democrats pulled an illegal dirty trick? I’m trying to remember. With the GOP it’s a way of life.”

    Is he shitting me? He’s from Chicago, right? I gotta stop following him on Twitter.

  22. Speaking of circus acts, Huffpoo is working hard on their soft content where 90% of their traffic goes. Sample creepy geek humor here.


  23. An impassioned plea from a techie to focus on Potus’ Sotu over Jobs’ Tablet on Wednesday. http://bit.ly/sotutab.

  24. Hi Isis!! Welcome back. great post! —
    I saw your comment on my thread and wanted to bring my response up here in case you didn’t see it:

    Hey isis!! where ya been? Yes — if you get the chance to see Yosemite, please do. You will not regret it. And don’t forget to travel down to Mariposa Grove and see the giant Redwoods. If you come in from the Merced/El Portal Entrance or even from San Fran for that matter, you can go straight towards Glacier Point and then back and south to Mariposa Grove.
    Here is a park map: http://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/upload/parkmap508.gif

    Also, Shelton Johnson, from the videos in my post, is a ranger in Yosemite that does interpretive talks in the park on “the role of the Buffalo Soldiers, the 9th Cavalry and the 24th Mounted Infantry, in protecting the national parks.”

    You can access current programs at this nps.gov link:

    You may also want to read some of John Muir’s writings ahead of time to get an enhanced appreciation of the valley.


    • I’ve been up to no good. But that is what I’m always doing. Thanks for these links. I have emailed all of the links to my bestie, and we will pore over them and prioritize and see which parks we want to go to. Yosemite is so beautiful, and I’ve wanted to go there ever since I was a little girl. Hopefully I’ll get my chance soon enough.

  25. Another factor which no one seems to be talking about is the issue of trust. This is a pretty basic problem.

    To speak bluntly, Obama has shown that he can’t be trusted, even to people who were dumb enough to trust him in the first place. His governing style seems to involve holding secret meetings in which he betrays his party.

    So–Obama secretly capitulates to the enemy, then adds insult to injury by letting everyone work their asses off for months, trying to accomplish a goal their President has already torepedoed.

    This makes me seethe. Imagine what the O-holes would say if one of the Clintons pulled such a trick! On second thought, don’t imagine it…

    Obama betrayed us on health care, pure and simple. He made real reform impossible from the start. And he did it behind our backs. Since universal health care is part of the Democratic Party platform, Obama has committed party treason.

    This is not a complete surprise, since the favorite technique of Obama’s fans during the primary was to call their fellow Demopcrats traitors. In my book, that’s party treason too.

    Obama has completely blown it with this clever technique, which seems very Chicago. Now anything he does is tainted forever with distrust and doubt. We have to wonder what secret deals lie behind it, and whether our President is really on our side at all.

    Can you think of anything more damaging to a Presidency–or to his party? We can’t even be sure he’s on our side on any given issue. No wonder lifelong Democrats are quitting the party every day.

    The best thing for Obama to do would be to resign before he brings down the party any further.

    What’s PUMA for “I told you so”?

    • I know. It is a huge, heartbreaking, but sadly expected betrayal.

    • NOt to mention Obama’s latest whine that “I was not making deals behind closed doors,” as if the betrayal was only the fault of the Democrats in Congress.

      Gimme a frikkin break.

  26. Doh! Meant to say “the favorite technique of Obama’s fans during the primary was to call their fellow Demopcrats RACISTS.”

  27. Remember my tuesday night dinner with the Obots well I still go because the last year has been so disappointing to them that it was great to watch them become depressed!

    They have now all but turned there Organizing for America Buttons…

    they have been waiting for me to tell them I told you so, but being the nice cuddly Fuzzybear I am I refuse to give it to them!

    I now they are such masochists…what can I do? they know they were duped…

    What was it obot commander said? yes….

    “We are screwed over well with our pants on!”

    Dinner was very good last Night with SOTU address tonight I am sure they may have a relapse! I am sure it will be a real short bout….

    There new MEME is “I wish he would just shut up and do something!”

    • fuzzy, you are a wonderful human being. I’m so glad your friendships outlasted the effects of Kool-aid. I’m also glad to see you posting again.

    • They must be looking like fools with their pants on the ground. 🙂

  28. LI
    Hi. I am still saving money for your campaign fund.
    I have always had the feeling that backtrack wanted to make health care such a bad issue because Hillary Clinton made it one of her priorities. He is such a vindictive sh-t that it would not suprise me. Just think he got to ruin part of her life’s work and got kickbacks from insurance companies at the same time.



  29. morning helenk! how you been!?!

  30. Fuzzy
    Hi. I am doing fine. They increased my working hours until June, I still work Fri and Sat from 7pm to 3am but on Mon, Tue,Wed I work from 3am until 8am.
    I am very sorry about your loss. I did miss your comments and sometimes needed your wise advice.



  31. This really should be on the downstairs post but I want people who plan to go to the parks to see it.
    I found these binoculars that is also a camera. The pictures are just what you see thru the binoculars. I got it for my daughter when we went to Death Valley. You get some shots that are awesome. It was not very expensive.



    • Helen,

      Which model? There are several and I’d love to buy for my husband.

      • I bought a vivatar and I got it at Tuesday Morning’s for about $30.



  32. OT, but am I the only one having a hard time getting all worked up over this SCOTUS decision? The way it is (was), only those corporations that own the media get to engage in unlimited free speech. Hey! Why should Fox and MSNBC have all the fun! I finally found someone who agrees with me. Glen Greenwald:

    UPDATE: I want to add one other point just to underscore how irrational, discriminatory and ineffective these political speech restrictions are. The invalidated statute at issue here exempted media corporations — such as Fox and MSNBC — from these restrictions, since the Government obviously can’t ban media figures from going on television and opining on elections (the way they do all other corporations). But as Eliot Spitzer noted when urging the Supreme Court to strike down this law (h/t David Sirota), what possible justification is there for allowing News Corp. and GE to say whatever they want about our elections while banning all other corporations (including non-profit advocacy groups) from doing so?


  33. Have not had a chance to read all the comments here yet but that line in this post—-he used the presidential bully pulpit “to preen” is just classic and so fatally true.

  34. NRO has the teleprompter shot of the day. backtrack at middle class task force.
    I can not link as I am at work.



    • Here you go Helen. It’s pretty pathetic. Can’t visualize Hillary running a working meeting with a teleprompter set-up. http://bit.ly/apTQfT

      • Did you ever wonder how much we pay to have the teleprompter carried around all over the world? Electricians to set it up? Who types in the words? People to carry it around?



      • It’s creepy, imo.
        Does any other pol do this? Fo rthat matter, did Obama used to do this before he started running for Prez?
        Maybe it’s in his contract with his corporate masters.

  35. All hail the Goddess! And yeah, Obama was installed by the financual TPTB precisely to scuttle that opportunity.
    Today’s tabloids

    • If CBS allows that Tebow anti-choice ad to air, NOW should mobilize a national boycott of the CBS Evening News. Katie should be objecting to Les Moonves about such a message airing on their network. An estimated 100 million will be watching, and the ad is scheduled to run twice.

  36. John Batchelor writes on his blog:


    Spoke James Hohman, Politico, re the breakdown in communication between the Obama administration announcing a discretionary spending freeze in anticipation of the SOTU and Harry Reid in the Senate who replied quickly that he does not agree with a spending freeze. At the same time, am told that Charlie Rangel, Chair of the Ways and Means, does not agree with the freeze. Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader in the House, spoke up that the Senate was dysfunctional and that was the explanation for the health care fiasco and the POTUS dilemma. Harry Reid fired back that he could make some comments about the House but declined for the time. Lots of hurt feelings, though no one believes a word of any of it.

    In this, we watch the White House claim that POTUS is a Populist who is ready to speak against the big banks and Wall Street and in favor of the little banks and Main Street. Populism is not adequate for this square dance. The Democrats have suffered a majority breakdown, and all the kings horses cannot help. The message of the day on the Hill is “Sauve qui peut!” Same as Waterloo. The Imperial Guard has broken.

  37. I think one of the sad things about this healthcare mess that the American President has put forward is that even those who are talking about what a mess it is are not mentioning the disgusting discrimination against women. I know plenty of you here have focused on that.

    But among all the Liberals who are putting down this health care for not providing the public option including Michael Moore and Krugman, not one, not one person has mentioned that this new health care reform is discriminating against women.

    I am not saying the public option is not important. Those who already don’t have health insurance are still going to suffer but women are going to suffer twice because of the anti-choice part of the health care reform. This is discrimination plain and simple and why American women are not suing the government I don’t know. Isn’t the fact that American Women have to pay more for their healthcare needs, just blatant discrimination? Shouldn’t it be easy to bring legal actions against the government even though Obama does not think abortion is healthcare, what does the Supreme Court think?

    I guess my main point is nobody in the mainstream media talks about how this should be unacceptable that the bill is clearly discriminating against women and discrimination is not allowed.

    Even that di*k Jon Stewart is silent. Remember his faux anger in 2008 at the lie that Sarah Palin asked rape victims to pay for their own rape kits. Where is his anger now? Has he said anything about Stupak? After all if God forbids, a rape victim gets pregnant after being raped and she wants an abortion but can’t have one because she can’t afford it. So are women supposed to put aside money just in case they get raped and need an abortion? Where is Jon Stewart’s outrage at this, at least Palin’s rape kit rumour was false, the discrimination in the health care bill is the truth, where is his outrage.

    Some feminist have been able to forgive him because he is at least criticising Obama, but I can forgive him for the sexism in 2008.

    • The dirty little truth that 2008 revealed is that so-called liberal and “progressive” men don’t give a rat’s behind about women’s rights. They are, in fact, intensely anti-women sexists. Further, they seem to enjoy getting their woman-hate on. Misogynists through and through. The only time they bring up women’s rights is when they need to keep women voters in line. (Abortion rights is their favorite cattle prod.) Women must stop voting for these jerks. Our lives depend on it.

      Having said that, there are some rare gems who seem to genuinely care about women and women’s issues, like the guys who hang around here, but they are very, very rare.

  38. There is no organization to sue the government on womens behalf because women were singled out to have their health care choices limited by someone else’s religion. The so called women’s orgs are nothing but the women’s auxiliary to the real Democrat party and their “leaders” are nothing but good little help meets for Obama’s ego. Remember Obama is what a feminist looks like!

    I do hope Democrat women are actually aware that the intention was to sell womens reproductive rights out in health care legislation. You do realize that don’t you? And how will you all respond next time the Democrats tell you you MUST vote for them because Republicans will take away your reproductive rights? Will you all for once be able to recognize manipulative BS when you hear it?

    • The fact that the Democratic Party has largely adopted a Republican position does not mean that the Republicans are somehow either “better” or vindicated. It just means they’re both toxic.

      Democratic voters, on the other hand, are consistently more liberal than Republican voters. It’s the fundie/evangelical element that drives the Republican platform on gender-related issues and education (or miseducation, considering their science-phobic stances on evolution and global climate change.)

      The reason no one has sued the government over the health care “reform” is that there is no basis for a suit until the “reform” becomes law. It doesn’t look as though that’s going to happen, now.

      • True both parties are toxic however the Republicans look you in the eye and tell you they are going to take your reproductive choices away from you, the Democrats lie to your face. The Democrats use fear of losing reproductive rights as their preferred method of communicating with female voters and they will never firm up those rights or they will lose their bargaining chip. Both the Ds and Rs are misogynist misogynist but the Democrats but the Republicans at least have good manners where the Dems just mock female voters and imply that if they can’t keep their mouths shut and go along with the program than the other important groups won’t be able to get anything.

  39. I am sure that Obama care intended to use mens health care as the normative experience. So women could have expected to have their free Viagra from the government and cradle to grave state of the art prostate care that was absolutely equal to mens care. But of course any treatment of women’s cancers, birth control prescriptions, or child birth would be extra and paid for in full by the woman who needed them because they would not be part of the normal male health experience.

    The usual theory in medicine is to only study males because women are so different that they might skew any data AND then all information discovered by studying only men is applied to women because women of course are the same as men. Also men are not the majority in this country or the world so I am curious how they declare maleness the norm or average experience.

    • actually, maleness is not the norm period. It takes alot of androgen & testoterone to turn a fetal body into a baby boy. If left to its own devices the body will develop into a girl. The female body is the default template.

  40. ***But of course any treatment of women’s cancers, birth control prescriptions, or child birth would be extra and paid for in full by the woman who needed them because they would not be part of the normal male health experience.***

    “It doesn’t discriminate against women, just against “pregnant people’.”

    I remember that absurd line from years ago, but can’t remember who said it (in all seriousness, no less) and about what court decision.

  41. His actions on health care became the perfect example of the inexperience and arrogance that so many warned about.

    Man, is this ever spot on.

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