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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Media-Created “Reality…
    Propertius on Media-Created “Reality…
    Propertius on Media-Created “Reality…
    Beata on Media-Created “Reality…
    Propertius on Media-Created “Reality…
    Beata on Media-Created “Reality…
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    • What Would Chinese Democracy Look Like?
      A few months ago I read a couple of books by the Singaporean intellectual Kishore Mahbubani. In “Has China Already Won he discusses Taiwan. The one exceptional trigger for a war involving China is Taiwan. Most of the time, the Chinese leaders have a lot of policy flexibility. There are no strong domestic lobbies to worry about. But the one issue where the Ch […]
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Write the book

StateofDisbelief and I are kind of bored with lame one act plays.  We propose a musical. Like many musicals, the music, er, gets written first.  Thank goodness for YouTube and Rogers, Hammerstein, Hart, Bernstein, and Sondheim.  All the hard work is already done!  Here are some of the proposed tunes:

  • I Have Confidence!
  • Happy Talk
  • I’m Going To Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair
  • When You’re a Jet
  • Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat
  • Something Wonderful
  • I Got the Horse Right Here
  • You Gotta Have  Gimmick

And here is the song I want to end the play:

Now all we need is the story that goes along with the songs, otherwise known as the book.  Your job is to write the book based on current events and people.  You can add/delete songs as necessary.

Drinks are on the house!

87 Responses

  1. Something Wonderful:

    An HRC collection
    The 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling speech
    Women’s rights are human rights—China
    That marvelous shot of her in the rain standing up for all of us that became my favorite campaign poster.

    Is that the kind of thing you are thinking??????????

    • Not quite. I was thinking of a drama comedy with a happy ending. You have to put your chosen songs in the right order with a narrative. It’s harder than it sounds, which may explain why so many Broadway plays are flops.

    • I still have that picture of Hill in the rain posted in several places around my house. It’s my favorite picture of her….sigh.
      We coulda had a V-8!

    • Everyday I Write the Book

  2. Where does “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” fit in?

  3. OT – I just got an email from a friend in WA asking me to sign a petition asking my Senators to oppose the Conrad-Gregg amendment, which if passed would give a special commission the power to propose drastic cuts to the programs that millions of seniors depend on: Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security – without any open debate. So much for tranparency.

    • My senators are Scumer(sic) and Gillibrand. Do you think they would listen to any stinkin’ petition?

    • I *LOVE* that number, but I’m thinkin’ that Homeland Security would take it the wrong way.

      • I have a list of people I’d like to see doing the “cell block tango.”

        Most (but not all) of them are Bush administration officials.

  4. Axelrod’s song:

    • What about this one for Obama?

      All my life, I wanted to have my own act. But all I heard was No, no, no, no, a whole big world of no. And then along came Amos who never says no.

    • “Throw ’em a fake and a finagle, they’ll never know you’re just a bagel”

  5. This really doesn’t fit anywhere with the others but what the hell:

  6. Act 1, Scene 2: Life in Obamaville:

    • LOL!!

      Why any kid would want to be an orphan is beyond me

      • I was in an Episcopal orphanage at 5 years old (mom was alive, but unable to care for me at the time). It sucked.

        • I worked in juvenile court on CPS cases (neglect/abuse/abandonment)

          There are worse things in life than being an orphan, but being orphaned is never a good thing.

          • My mom was a smart, educated, eccentric, and wonderful woman, and severely bi-polar, back in the day when they didn’t “treat” that – just electro-shocked you into oblivion. She cycled in and out of the hospital every 2 years or so. Her psychiatrist for 20 years was the guy who wrote The Three Faces of Eve, who kept telling us half her problem was that she wasn’t just smart, she was fucking brilliant. .

            This particular time no family could take me and my sisters in, so we wound up in the orphanage for awhile. We survived. I had a very interesting childhood. 🙂

          • (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))

  7. Meanwhile, back at the DNC, Tim Kaine and David Axelrod ponder…

  8. “i’ve got to wash that man right out of my hair.”

  9. How about “Puff, the Magic Dragon”

  10. Enter, stage left: Timmy pleads his case:

  11. Flash forward…November 6, 2012. Hillary Clinton assembles a few angelic voices to bid the previous inhabitant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue adeiu:

  12. Levi Johnston:

  13. The left to Obama:

  14. Guess who?:

  15. Then he arrives..

  16. Hillary sings this during the SOTU speech: She will be off to London and Paris Jan 26-29, so will not have to do the clappy clappy thing.

  17. Obama asks:

    What do the simple folk do? (Camelot)

  18. Zippidy doo dah –

  19. Edwards has a talk with Joe Trippi..

  20. The age of not believing the Democratic party and finding our independence:

  21. Primary rehearsals..

  22. Donna B Ursula and the RBC, turning “poor un-tapped waiting on the world to change generation” into the New Coalition, throwing the old coalition away and making women sign their voices over to the Stupakistan party:

  23. Leonard Cohen CLOSING TIME

  24. Genie = MSM telling progs that they never had a friend like them in 2008
    Alladdin = the left can’t figure out what to do with their wishes (FDR moment)

  25. Obama screams for Plouffe, for MSNBC, for anyone to come save him:

  26. Bozos like Huckaboob after Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor:

  27. for the obots

  28. The One and the Media:

  29. Could we fit in
    YA GOT TROUBLE, right here in River City…Change the lyrics to suit.

  30. So here’s the outline for the first act for my play:

    Harry Reid, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Schumer all approach Barack Obama and ask him to run for president. Barack replies that it’s too soon; after all he’s only been in the Senate for 2 yrs. They all tell him that’s not a problem and launch into a rousing rendition of I have confidence. Barack is so flattered his head visibly doubles in size. Ried, Kerry et al are pretty sure they’ve got their guy so they give him some Happy Talk.

    Barack decides to do it, but first he has to ditch Vera Baker because after all there’s already one John Edwards in the race. So he goes to see her with a plane ticket to Grenada in hand. She takes the ticket and sings I’m gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair all the way to the airport.

    In their first strategy meeting someone brings up the subject of Hillary. She seems to think she’s entitled to the nomination. So Barack says don’t worry about her I’ll handle her. So he goes to Hillary and sings Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat.

    As for the real John Edwards he goes to him and tells him starting now you do everything I tell you cause I got pictures of you looking like a fool with your Pants On The Ground.

    The DNC, main stream media are all dumping on Hillary but her supporters are not discouraged. They adopt I got The Horse Right Here as their theme song.

    End of first act.

    In case I don’t get back to this. I’ll tell you how it ends. January 2013. Inauguration of a new president. Finale: Hallelujah fittingly from Handel’s Messiah

  31. What it takes for Obamacare to pass (dedicated to Landrieu and Nelson) :

  32. Aah
    You suck my blood like a leech
    You break the law and you preach
    Screw my brain till it hurts
    You’ve taken all my money – and you want more

    Misguided old mule
    With your pigheaded rules
    With your narrow-minded cronies who are fools
    Of the first division

    Death on two legs
    You’re tearing me apart
    Death on two legs
    You never had a heart of your own

    Kill joy, bad guy
    Big talking, small fry
    You’re just an old barrow-boy
    Have you found a new toy to replace me
    Can you face me

    But now you can kiss my ass goodbye

    Feel good, are you satisfied ?
    Do you feel like suicide (I think you should)
    Is your conscience all right
    Does it plague you at night
    Do you feel good – feel good

    Talk like a big business tycoon
    But you’re just a hot-air balloon
    So no one gives you a damn
    You’re just an overgrown school-boy
    Let me tan your hide

    A dog with disease
    You’re the king of the ‘sleaze’
    Put your money where your mouth is Mr. know all
    Was the fin on your back part of the deal…(a shark!)

    Death on two legs
    Tearing me apart
    Death on two legs
    You’ve never had a heart of your own
    (You never did, right from the start)

    Insane, you should be put inside
    You’re a sewer-rat decaying in a cesspool of pride
    Should be made unemployed
    Make yourself null-and-void
    Make me feel good
    I feel good

  33. If I Only Had a Brain for young Obama embarking on his brilliant career

    Cool Conservative Men for Axy and Plouffe persuading our hero to run

    Defying Gravity, the holy $&@$ moment when they realize this really is going to happen (the RBC meeting or the pre-RBC meeting with Howie and Donna)

  34. When I watched the bodacity (audacity) of Kung Fu Panda, it kept reminding me of the 2008 election (Angelina’s Tigress was so Hillary!) :

  35. Sorry O/T but did you see this post by Will Bower at HuffPo?

    An Open Letter to Secretary Clinton: Save Us From Obama.

    Madame Secretary Clinton,

    It’s time for you to save your party — and your country — from Barack Obama.

    You have been doing a remarkable job as Secretary of State, but now we need you as the new head of the Democratic Party … and as our next President of the United States.


    • I never in a million years thought he’d step down. For one thing, it’s one thing to lose, but as a President, to be afraid to run puts you in the Epic Hall of Losers. But that line of bull he’s spinning about being “a great one termer” convinced me it’s possible that he’s delusional enough he might just believe he can spin anything.

      • He knows he’s tanking and he can’t stand it. He’s been blabbing about not being sure if he’ll run for re-election for a while. It may be a different story if he knows it’s Hillary taking his place but I just don’t see how he can recover.

      • His people right now are saying, “he’s not poll-tested; he’d be doing better if he were.” Same thing Obama tried to project with his “one termer” comments (that he’s so noble), different way of saying it.

        It took him a year to figure out that jobs really are important- and it took Democratic Fail in the Mass. senate race for him to figure that out, and his response is to re-calibrate his message, bring in Plouffe to reinvigorate the permanent campaign, and have a populist makeover in a week. They are trying to re-sell him as outsider who will bring phantom biparisanship. It’s all about marketing.

        If that’s not poll-driven, I don’t know what is.

        • The Plouffe move is revealing, especially putting him on air on Sunday. If he was really going to be able to make a difference, he would be making chess moves behind the scenes. But being so public about reengaging him, they are either using him as a diversion (but why) or just running out of options. It really is kind of pathetic, they only seem to have that one playbook.

        • But it’s not going to work, and I really can see him believing that they can spin this noble fantasy of how the country can’t take another 4 years of greatness, or something. I forgot how stupid they think we are, I really wouldn’t put it past them to think it could work.

    • I’ve thought since the campaign that he has always intended to be a one-termer; to do as much damage as possible then retire. What job has he ever held for eight years?

  36. Obama To Diane Sawyer: I Would ‘Rather Be Really Good One-Term President’ (VIDEO)



    • PUMA-SF— Thank you so much for posting that, it is incredible. Did you notice that there were no teleprompters in the entire video??

      When I see all that Hillary Clinton does everyday and think what this country could of had and what the democrats did I cry. This lady would of made such a difference in the legacy we leave our children.
      By selecting and cheating the voters the democrats hurt the future of this country., Our children will be in debt from birth to death, education cuts limit the heights to which they can go
      So many things that will not be and very few good things that will be.



  37. Demand CBS Pull Anti-Choice Superbowl Ad


  38. You people have too many songs. We’re going to have to cut some or this will be a four year musical. Oh wait…

  39. still my two favorites for backtrack

    How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I have been a liar all my life.
    from Royal Wedding with Fred Astair and Jane Powell

    The kings New Clothes
    from Hans Christian Anderson with Danny Kaye



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