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Obama: “…the big difference…you’ve got me.”

Politico’s Glenn Thrush finds it “jaw-dropping” that, according to retiring Representative Marion Barry (D-Arkansas) President Obama believed his “personal popularity” would rescue blue dog Democrats from voter anger over the Health Insurance bill and other supposedly “progressive” initiatives. Thrush quotes from the story by reporter Jane Fullerton of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (subscription only):

Berry recounted meetings with White House officials, reminiscent of some during the Clinton days, where he and others urged them not to force Blue Dogs “off into that swamp” of supporting bills that would be unpopular with voters back home.

“I’ve been doing that with this White House, and they just don’t seem to give it any credibility at all,” Berry said. “They just kept telling us how good it was going to be. The president himself, when that was brought up in one group, said, ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’ We’re going to see how much difference that makes now.” [snip]

“I began to preach last January that we had already seen this movie and we didn’t want to see it again because we know how it comes out,” said Arkansas’ 1st District congressman, who worked in the Clinton administration before being elected to the House in 1996… “I just began to have flashbacks to 1993 and ’94. No one that was here in ’94, or at the day after the election felt like. It certainly wasn’t a good feeling.”

Now I have no sympathy for any of the blue dog Dems, who as Jane Hamsher points out have grabbed all the lobbyist money they were offered and

were responsible for jamming every single shitty piece of lobbyist-written legislation into the health care bill. They decided early on to try to make the House bill more like the Senate bill, because they said that would be more popular. Take a look at the polling — it isn’t by a long shot. In swing districts like Berry’s.

If Berry wants to blame anyone, he should look to his Blue Dog bretheren who have been soaking up the lobbyist cash — and delivering.

It doesn’t surprise me anymore that Obama would make a claim like that, but I still find myself wondering what is going in the man’s head. What kind of person is he? Is he really as empty, self-involved, and passionless as he seems? And what does it say about us as a country that we would put such a person into the most powerful job in the world?

This is an open thread.

145 Responses

  1. I just love the way the picture here matches the story…

    Once Again I say…

    Barack Antoinette, “let them eat cake”

  2. oops sorry…

    “let them eat fake”

    there… that’s better.

  3. Well, during the campaign he said his favorite show was “Entourage”, which says a lot.

    Or at the 2004 convention: “I can play in this league. I’m LeBron, baby. I’ve got game.”

    I despise this narcissistic asshole worse than I despised Bush.

    • It’s hard to believe, but I do too. I never thought anyone could be as horrible as Bush. But what does it say about Americans that we would put these two horrible people in the White House?

      • That the public believes whatever the media says.

        Case in point — how many reasonable people are convinced that Sarah Palin is stupid when her record shows the opposite.

      • Same here. It’s nearly unbelievable, but true. I have a visceral negative reaction to him and I hate that the Dems foisted him on our country, as well as the damage he is doing.

    • Ditto. I hadn’t heard that LeBron quote–he makes my skin crawl.

  4. Actually, his words are true, but not in the way he thinks. The difference between 94 and now IS Obama. Bill won a second term, gave us peace and prosperity, and left office with a surplus and massive voter approval.

    Having a tantrum and doubling down on “I will not be like Bill! I will NOT!” is going to be the doom of his presidency.

    • Truer words may never have been spoken. And like you, this asshole makes Bush look good. Where have we come to?…

    • The Obama team resents Bill for his populist touch… because they don’t have their own.

    • You know, with W everyone said he was driven by trying to outdo his father by ‘succeeding’ in the Iraq war by getting Saddam out, where his father didn’t. And now we have Obama also trying to outdo his ‘predecessor’ in the same stupid way — by just trying to be different no matter how stupid the different option is.

  5. “Men! Men! Men!
    It’s a pic all full of men!
    So batten down the ladies’ room
    There’s no one here but men!”


    With apologies to Martin Mull.

  6. The difference between now and 94 is that we have Obama. This time the Democrats who hold a supermajority are failing to do anything substantive, like passing a good health care bill.

    • Yes, the difference now is that we have Obama.

    • The Democrats only had a regular majority in 93-94, but they didn’t support the Big Dawg.

      Then they blamed him for their own failings when the GOP took control in November 94 with Snoot Gingrinch’s “Contract on America.”

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        A huge part of the problem, now, is the 50 state strategy… backing anyone who runs with a D after his name (and I use the pronoun advisedly), rather than only backing candidates with a demonstrated commitment to democratic principals. It may look like the Dems have super-majorities, but in fact, real Dems (the liberal kind) are in very short supply. It’s a ‘rose by any other name’ kind of problem.

        Add to that, Obama is only willing to whip for corporate causes, and he has never demonstrated any commitment to anything or anyone that doesn’t benefit himself, personally. As a result, what you’ve got is a headless party. Now when your mascot is a donkey, that seems to translate into a headless ass.

        • What’s the point of electing Ds who vote like Rs?

          • None! It’s a waste of time and effort all around.

          • I’d argue it’s worse than none, Ralph. It’s giving true Democrats, (the FDR/ER/HRC kind) a bad name. Hillary’s primary numbers should give them a big hint that liberalism is not nearly so unpopular among voters as they seem to believe.

            Of course, it’s the corporate cabal that decides who is ‘electable’, not the voters.

          • At least when Rs are being Rs, the left knows when to oppose them on principle.

          • I stand corrected. It is worse than nothing!

          • and vice versa. They all pay homage to the corporations and take the lobbyists payouts.

  7. Aaaaand…… once again the Left shoots themselves in the foot by railing against the very voters they need to convince. Why am I not surprised?

    Klein goes apeshit at the audacity of voters to not be a fan of the stimulus results. Keep it up, Dems. Just keep right on calling the public nasty names, demanding that they give up their own opinions and bow to the Left’s superior intellect. That’s the way to win votes, fershure! Any day now they are going to come running to the polls to vote for the people who call them stupid and ignorant.


    • Reading the comments is just sad. Why is it that the party that claims to be on the side of the People always seems to have such unrelenting unbridled contempt for the opinions of the People?

      Damn, I miss Hill and Bill.

      • I’m convinced that ‘progressives’ are conducting a class war under the guise of morality. Some of the people are to be pitied, others to be censured, none to be lifted up.

    • The DINOcrats and Klein are Left? Since when?

  8. Well, it’s obvious Obama believed the hype about himself. Stunning in it’s audacity and as meaningful as repeating hope and change over and over. That kind of pride goeth before a really big fall.

  9. I have to say I got a kick out of voting against the DNC last November. I won’t mind at all doing it again.

  10. The headline from this Brad Delong post is funny, but the story behind it is really aggravating:

    This Is Not What I Elected You do Do, Barack Obama. Do Better!

  11. What does it say about this country? Sadly, that we (at least those who fell for this sham of a man) are just as empty, self-involved, and passionless as he is. Way too many folks opted for the easy way out and chugged the Obamaganda koolaid without putting any effort into researching the man’s record.

    It also says that we are a deeply misogynist country. Neither Hillary’s mastery of the issues or experience, or Palin’s charm and political talent could get the boys’ club, or the boys’ club cheerleaders, to vote a woman into the highest national office. They’d rather vote for the empty suit, just as long as it has a penis in it.

    • Hillary did get the votes for the highest national office in the primary season. But on 5/31/08 the Dem’s RBC vote thieves selected Obama.

      • Quite true. Consider the RBC and DNC as the boys’ club and the boys’ club cheerleaders, along with the Obama Love (to Hate) Troops which was filled with sexist liberals and misogynist fauxgressives.

  12. Great post BB – made me think of asking you to put on your Dr. BB hat for a moment. At first I thought it was all an act – he was being bouyed up by the boyz. But now I think he actually believes the hype, he is Chance Gardner but honestly believes he’s the emperor.

    I’d really like your take on the world this man’d head is in.

  13. Gallup via Alegre’s Corner:

    Americans are more polarized in their views of President Barack Obama than they’ve been on any other first-year president, according to a new Gallup poll.

    Hmmm. Now Obama is talking about fighting which sounds kinda confrontational to me. Not to mention he’s cold, calculating and thinks he’s entitled.

    He’s Zombie Terminator Hillary?

  14. And… clearly he doesn’t have the where with all to do the job – he is dismally unprepared as we all knew so, now what do we do? How do we get a do-over???

    • Too bad there’s no recall elections for Preznits.

    • We get Joe Biden to resign—we promise him we will help him get his old Senate seat back; we kidnap o and require him to nominate HRC to replace Joe; when this is done, we bribe o and mechelle to resign and become the King and Queen of “The-Rest-of-the-World” (which has not quite caught on to how bad things are yet and still drinking the kool-aid themselves). As o and Mo get on Air Force One for their last trip that takes them to a really swanky out of the US empire castle, we swear in HRC as Pres. She names Elizabeth Warren as her VP.

  15. From (not)mybarackobama.com:

    Next Wednesday, OFA members will be gathering at State of the Union Watch Parties in living rooms across the country. We’ll huddle on the phone with Obama for America campaign manager David Plouffe, and plan for what comes next.

    Find a Watch Party near you — or host your own.


    We still have a lot of hard work in front of us to finish the job on health reform, restore our economy, create clean-energy jobs, and address all the other challenges we face. And these State of the Union Watch Parties are an important way to play a role in what comes next.

    Use the form to the right to find a Watch Party near you — or host one of your own. No experience is needed to host a successful event. You may be surprised at just how easy it is to do. Just sign up online today, and a local OFA organizer will be in touch to answer any questions you have and support you through every step.

    Should we host our own so we can spy on them?

    • Lets not. I can bore myself to death, thank you very much. I think they’ll get lots of “regrets” unless of course they bill it as a “Final season of Lost premiere episode” party.

      Or they can take their cue from a church in my neighborhood that gives fee dinner on Thursdays from 5p.m. to 6 p.m. followed by bible study from 6 p.m. to 8. I guarantee you that if you go there for the food you aint getting away from the bible study. They’re going to need some kind of come-on cause even the OFA people are sick of BHO

      • Which reminds me: Robert Gibbs said recently SOTU was scheduled having in mind not to overlap on “Lost” season premiere. Just another TV show.

  16. VastLeft finds a nugget of stoopid in a big bowl of FAIL:

    Darcy Burner at Open Left, 1/25/10:

    Ironically, it appears the most likely way to get healthcare reform is to pass GOOD healthcare reform.

  17. Bwahahahaha:

    Can the big speech save Obama?
    All signs point to a fight-the-power State of the Union. And even Democrats are voicing doubts

    Now he’s Flavor Flav?

  18. When Bill first took office, the economy was trying to climb out of a cyclical recession. What we’re facing today is a much bigger systemic downturn imo which has alot to do with faster changing wealth demographics. Our aristocrat class seems to understand that and they are positioning accordingly. BO doesn’t get this because he’s a narcissist who thinks he’s making history everyday and the people around him don’t push back. It becomes clearer all the time that he works for the bankers despite his rhetoric to the contrary. Hillary always knew how daunting and critical these next few presidential terms would be. I don’t think BO ever had a clue and he still doesn’t. He lives in a bubble.

  19. “…you’ve got me.”

    This idiot actually believes that those shills they had swooning in the audience and the throngs of fake worshippers really love him. He’s drunk on his own kool-aid.

  20. “What kind of person is he? Is he really as empty, self-involved, and passionless as he seems?”

    Look someone installed Obama (not the primary voters) and he is their politically acceptable puppet, bought and paid for. Yes he is self absorbed and an overly educated but can’t really think type of guy but he isn’t calling the shots. Look for the puppet masters.

  21. “What kind of person is he? Is he really as empty, self-involved, and passionless as he seems?”

    Simple answers to simple questions…

    • I’m gonna say, Yes, He is!

    • Occam’s razor!

    • “[He’d] rather be a very good one term president than a mediocre two term…”

      Those incredible words came out of Obama during his recent interview with Diane Sawyer.

      His people are either keeping him in a tunnel where he is unaware of what is being said and polled, or he is as incapable of grasping the concept of failure as he is the concept of truth.

  22. Great article … Now that he has abandoned Health Care Deformity, Obama will now turn his sites on the Banking industry, while returning to his comfort zone — buying votes with talk.

    He will talk about jobs while he attacks the private sector and waste the next year like he did the last … with no reform and possibly worse unemployment, but at the very least a jobless recovery.


  23. What does it say about us that Bush 2 and Obama have been able to steal the presidency? It says that our political process is broken—smashed—and that we, the American people have become marginalized, poor players in the shadows of the stage and its faux Greek pillars.

  24. A friend from Chicago (who knew Obama was a total fraud) pointed me to this article back at the time of Obama’s inaugural. From the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass:

    Unlike media, Obama knows he’s no wizard

    By John Kass
    January 20, 2009

    WASHINGTON —Venturing out among the gentle Hopium Eaters here without an antidote is quite risky, what with journalists from every state about to eagerly witness Tuesday’s historic inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama and bathe in symbolic waters.

    [….]I can’t imagine Obama reading that and not retching, wondering what to do with so many adoring scribes, so dogmatically secular, yet eager to be led by political holy men, or sorcerers.

    [….] But Obama is too smart to believe in sorcery, even as the scribes of the left (and even the right) gather about him, offering advice, preening for attention, inviting him to dinners where they touch the hem of his garment without invitation.

    Unlike some who raise expectations to manic heights, Obama has an extremely clear head. He’s a rational man. He’s not on Hopium. He’s from Chicago.

    [….] So much of this week’s over-the-top coverage seems born of that Uriah Heep song. And I would remind those who yearn for magic to stash the bongs and grab some coffee. Obama is no sorcerer. He is a man.

    And he realizes that after Tuesday’s rhetoric and symbolism, it will be his actions, not words, that shape his future, and ours.

    My reaction at the time was–yes it will be actions that he will be judged by, but I’m not sure Kass is right about Obama and his team getting that that’s the case. As calculated and ruthless as Obama is about throwing expendable people under the bus, I have long since suspected he may really have bought his own hype.

    I would have rather Kass turned out to be right.

    • Yes, I used to think he was just another Daley machine grifter, but now I don’t think he’s even that aware, which makes him that much more like a manchurian president.

      • He seems to be limited that is for sure. The first time I read about the Exelon story I thought he introduced the legislation as a means of shaking down Exelon and getting his foot in the door so to speak. Now, I am sure that his flip flop on his own legislation was because he has no convictions or moral compass and was manipulated by Exelon executives and other congressmen. I think he is just the sort who is easily manipulated because he has a lethal combination of narcissism and no critical thinking skills. Toss him a few bucks and tell him how great and wonderful he is and anything you want is yours for the taking.

        • He just doesn’t have a clue. Some say he’s brilliant – (hmmm, Chance Gardner was seen a brilliant) but I honestly think he is treading as fast as he can and wondering how he can get out of this and move to the next rung up – up????

          • I don’t understand how it’s possible for him NOT to realize how limited he is. He’s so far over his head it’s ridiculous. How can he not realize he’s faking? Either you’re prepared or your not, and he’s not. Why isn’t he embarassed? I just don’t get it.

    • Wonk…I’m a regular reader of Kass and let me tell you, he’s been all over Obama since “Teh Precious” first stepped his “Corporate toes” in Chicago Politics.

      Here in Chicago, Kass has been one ( if not the only one ) that has tried to alert the people to the Obama ruse!

      Sadly, Kass was and is not only fighting Obamaphilia, but he is also fighting the Chicago Machine” as well.

      I’m trying to find the article he wrote sometime last year when he took Lynn Sweet to task ( and all the rest of the media ) for not “Truthfully” reporting what they knew about Obama!

      • RedDragon, thanks for pointing out Kass’ reputation in Chicago–my friend who alerted me to Kass’s reporting told me the same exact thing and it’s actually why I remembered this particular article all this time. I had hoped someone who had been onto Obama from back in Chicago would be right that Obama had not bought into his own type. Sigh.

      • bought into his own hype*

  25. New Pew poll out: Healthcare is now down to 8th on the list of what people see as a priority. It’s behind economy, jobs, terrorism, SS, education, medicare, and deficit reduction.

    If Obama and congress continue to focus on healthcare, they are dead.


  26. The “middle class” will be *saved* by doubling the child tax credit!

    And what looks a whole lot like the first step towards privatizing Social Security.
    And a few other interesting non-solutions considering the unemployment numbers:


    • It’s not even the child tax credit, it’s the “child care” tax credit. While that will help some families, it won’t do a damn thing about jobs and neither will the other proposals.

      It does sound like he includes Bush’s first step to privatizing SS in there as well. It’s mainly a crock of old shit which has been done or proposed before.

    • This will be considered a victory for the Rs. The only thing they talk about is lower taxes or tax credits. I wonder how many times their response to the SOTU will have “lower taxes” and “small business” in it.

  27. Harold Ford: An Unofficial Candidate, on the Trail

    NYT Link:


  28. A lot of these dems have been in office since hector was a pup.What kind of pictures, negatives and knee pads do the Chicago bunch have on them that they would let the Democratic party be destroyed? Even if they really believed backtrack which really would be stupid, he only can be in office for eight years, then what do they do?
    I hope they have unemployment benefits because I am not sure even the lobbyist companies will hire them. The whole of idea of telling people that voted democratic for years to ” stay home” or calling them names never made any sense to me.
    Right now thanks to their own stupidity every democratic congress critter is on a deadend road to nowhere.
    Maybe they need to be reminded ” they are expendable”



  29. http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/01/25/stimulus.breaking.law/index.html

    yeah we got him. How have things changed?
    This should be an interesting show.



  30. Brett Baier of Fox News aired a special last night called “President Obama, in his own words.”

    An hour of clips showing Obama lying and contradicting himself.

    Here is part one:

    The rest is available by clicking through to Youtube.

  31. Amazing line. But we heard it before. Around the same time, he told Wall Street CEOs he just bailed: “My administration is the only thing that stands between you and the pitchforks”
    The first video he did for Coakley was similar as well – 2/3 of it were about himself. And let’s face it – his entire campaign was “vote for me – I am unique”

  32. Has anyone posted this load of crap yet? He seems to miss the fact that he is not a good one-term president either. It’s all because he’s “fighting so darn hard.” If that were the case, then why didn’t he go all out for Single Payer? Maybe they are already prepping the spin for why he won’t run again–we can only “hope.”

    Exclusive: Obama Would ‘Rather Be Really Good One-Term President’

    “I’d rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president,” he told ABC’s “World News” anchor Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview today.


    • That’s just another of his non-too-subtle digs at Bill. He really does have a pathological jealousy of and hatred for Big Dawg.

    • Hah! It’s slowly dawning on him he’s only going to be a 1-term president. And a really bad one, not just a mediocre one.

      • My impression is that B0 and others are starting to pave the way for a one term presidency, because, like you say, he’s starting to see the writing on the wall (instead of on the teleprompter).

    • If he were a “really good one-term president”, he would be a two-term president. Duh.

  33. Peter Daou on Twitter:

    “Phew! So relieved that Dem leaders got their act together after MA defeat – it’s been a week of solid, smart, unified strategy.”

    (Said he forgot to add a sacasm tag.)

  34. Oh, great. Ya know how Obama was going to make teh whole wide world love us? Well, not so much. First there was the Iranian dude this week calling him the Farsi equivalent of the N-word, and now RUSSIA is running ads comparing Obama to Dinnerjacket:


  35. Jane Hamsher:
    “Did Obama put a gun to his head and make them take it or something?”

    No, but he did much worse. He of the hundreds of “Present” votes, preferred to hide under the desk in the WH and let the Congress play the usual money game because Leadership is not Obama’s cup of tea. He doesn’t want to be bothered.

    And Soaking up the lobby cash .. and yes, delivering.. .Repubs or Dems, they all do it. But Voters don’t like to see all that money being spent with nothing to show for it. So Mr. Obama is the one who will be blamed big time for the whole dilemma.

    The point here is not the greed of the Blue Dogs but the fact that Obama never cared about the outcome of the bill –
    So he believes voters will forgive him for everything because he is the One, – something he obviously totally believes.
    I used to think that he must laugh in private with aids and family and friends about all that silly adoration by his followers. Not so, obviously. He truly believes that He is the big difference, the One.

    So where was he in the 90s? Voters are always angry when much money is spent and they get nothing for it….

    Oh please, Jane Hamsher, you got it so wrong in your eagerness to defend your corporate Prez, your “One.” So Stop crying your own river.

    Rep. Marion Berry got his $$$ and walks. At least he spoke the truth before he closed the door behind him. That is rarely done. Will Obama pay attention. Hardly. Looks like Obama’s wake-up time is still far off.

  36. My reaction to POTUS inferring it’s better now than under Clinton.

    O. M. G.

    I hate politics. I’m really burnt out.

  37. CNN is reporting that President Obama will propose in is SOTU address a freeze on non-discretionary spending.

    Can anyone say 1934?


    • Going from one extreme to another. That is a sure fire sign of people who don’t know what in the hell they are doing. That really sounds to me like: People don’t like my health care reform. F them. I’ll get them. I’ll just cut spending and nobody will get a raise. SS benefits, disabled people, everybody, we’ll fix them.

    • I am sure that his definition of ‘non-discretionary spending’ would be very different than mine.

    • Think it’s non-security discretionary spending. Sounds more like a cap than a freeze.


      • This just means that all expenditures pass through security and military bills/presidential fiats

      • I’ve got a solution. How about they end those two wars and bring all of our troops home and spend that money here to kick start our economy by creating jobs here. I feel bad for people in India, China, Bangladesh and wherever but I would much rather see people in the U.S. make a living wage than see those folks slave away in sweat factories for pennies a day and forced to live in horrible conditions. There has to be a better way to help those people than force them into living the way they do.

        • I’d like to call it quits, too, in that No-Man’s-Land over there, but it won’t happen because there are no jobs for those in the military or their support system.
          Before we can recover economically, we have to have jobs. In order to have jobs, we have to have something to sell. To have something to sell….

    • You couldn’t pay me enough to watch that show.

      I don’t believe a thing he says …. esp. when he starts proposing and promising.

      I’ll watch a movie instead.
      Oh, maybe I should get my ice skating tapes out, too 🙂

      • Of course he’s going to be an a$$wipe, but the fun is the live blog here on TC. Way better than MST3K.

    • A flashback to the first presidential debate:

      MCCAIN: How about a spending freeze on everything but defense, veteran affairs and entitlement programs.

      LEHRER: Spending freeze?

      MCCAIN: I think we ought to seriously consider with the exceptions the caring of veterans national defense and several other vital issues.

      LEHRER: Would you go for that?

      OBAMA: The problem with a spending freeze is you’re using a hatchet where you need a scalpel. There are some programs that are very important that are under funded. I went to increase early childhood education and the notion that we should freeze that when there may be, for example, this Medicare subsidy doesn’t make sense.

      • I remember that exchange very well. Like many others I’m sure, I shuddered at the image of BO with a scalpel.

        • Mandates: horrible idea from Hillary, but brilliant for Teh One

          Tax employer health plans: nasty dirty repug idea from McCain, brilliant from teh one

          Spending freeze: Hatchet job from McCain, brilliant from teh one

          And so on, and so on….

  38. Oops. Should be “his SOTU” not “is SOTU.”


  39. Just heard the LA Lakers were at the White House today.

    Flotus was not kidding when she told Oprah they “have more parties.”

  40. “It doesn’t surprise me anymore that Obama would make a claim like that, but I still find myself wondering what is going in the man’s head. What kind of person is he? Is he really as empty, self-involved, and passionless as he seems?”
    Aggressive narcissism

    1. Glibness/superficial charm
    2. Grandiose sense of self-worth
    3. Pathological lying
    4. Cunning/manipulative
    5. Lack of remorse or guilt
    6. Emotionally shallow
    7. Callous/lack of empathy
    8. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

    Sounds like someone we might recognize…

    • “Is he really as empty, self-involved, and passionless as he seems?””


    • I can make a case for 7 of those. Someone please tell me they see evidence of #4. I just don’t get it. Then again you don’t have to be clever to be manipulative. Maybe that is an either/or thing because I don’t see this guy as cunning.

  41. Barack OReagan to privatize NASA h/t Lambert

    White House Decides to Outsource NASA Work

    The White House has decided to begin funding private companies to carry NASA astronauts into space, but the proposal faces major political and budget hurdles, according to people familiar with the matter.

    I’m betting there are big campaign $ to be had in this.

  42. We need to worry some more when BO says he’s going to help the Middle Class. My question,where will he find money for that??

  43. Italian cabinet member blasts the US for its handling of aid to Haiti; picks out Bill Clinton for a special blast of infamy. Also attacks US aid groups who are “mostly interested in putting up their organizational sign for a photo op” (not a direct quote but words to that effect.

    Italian government was quick to distance itself from his remarks and praise US efforts. Americans have donated about 185 million which is about a 100 million more others combined.

    The Italian cabinet minister was apparently in charge of rescue and rehab efforts after Italy’s quake or volcano or whatever they had that killed 300 people. That is not quite the same as the 150000 who have died in Haiti is it.

    • That guy needs to STFU. Italy actually HAD an infrastructure with which to respond to their less-severe quake. Haiti doesn’t.

  44. It’s been two long years now and I still can’t figure out WTH is up with Obama’s chin/s. Sometimes he looks like he has two chins, sometimes like he has two faces, with one pancaked right on top of the other.

  45. CNN Poll: For First Time, More Say Dem Control Is Bad For Country

    The headline on the new CNN poll is this: “Most Americans applaud Democrats’ loss of supermajority.”

    And that’s bad for Dems. But what’s worse for Dems is that the poll’s internals also show that for the first time since the Dem takeover of Congress, more say Dem control of Congress is bad for the country.

    They are not in trouble though because they have the One. 😉

  46. The Weekly Standard would like to speak with President Clinton.

    Bill Clinton–Call Our Office!

    Regarding President Obama’s extraordinary “Well, the big difference [between] here and in ’94 was you’ve got me” comment to Arkansas congressman Marion Berry: Well, in ’94 they had Bill Clinton–who had won statewide in a pretty conservative state (Arkansas) something like seven times, and who was the fourth challenger in the 20th century to oust an incumbent elected president, following in the footsteps on Wilson, FDR, and Reagan. Clinton got on the wrong side of the voters in ’94, but recovered and was the first Democrat re-elected to the presidency since FDR. Judging from this comment, unless Obama’s instinct for self-preservation overcomes his egotism, and his ambition subordinates his narcissism, Obama won’t be the second.

    Meanwhile, my colleage Matt Continetti has left a message with President Clinton’s spokesman at the Clinton Global Initiative requesting an interview. President Clinton–this is no time to be a shrinking violet. Call Matt at 202-293-4900. He’ll be glad to talk.

    I think he should call them back.

    • I think Bill Clinton should sit back and watch the whole 2010 political story unfold .

      When like Bill Obama manages to get reelected (which I do not believe will happen) and leaves the White House with an approval rating of over 60 (which will never happen) …. maybe then some history a la Bill would be appropriate.

  47. Who do you all think that the Republicans will run against Obama? I bet it will be Romney, former gov of Massachusetts. He is the Republican Gov who signed the Mass Health Care bil l into law so he will be a very appealing candidate.

    I really think with the economy the way it is Government should encourage people over 55 who would like to slow down to retire early so young people could get their high earning jobs and that could happen by offering them Medicare. In my situation the 25 to 35 year olds I work with struggle to make their house payments and would lose their homes if they lost their jobs while I have a very low house payment and wouldn’t mind working part time except I need health care for my family so I don’t cut back my hours.

    • Tons of us are in exactly that state. I would leave my job in a moment but for losing the health care.

  48. @niemanlab: TV stations “salivating” over predicted $300 million boost in ad sales thanks to campaign finance decision: http://j.mp/6vgdT6

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