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Oh noes! Brad and Angelina have split!

Star Magazine:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are ending their relationship and have signed a $330 million split deal, according to a new British report.

Although unmarried, Brad and Angelina have taken legal steps to dissolve their union including how to divide their fortune and who gets custody of their six kids.

“The contract was like a tailor-made version of a pre-nuptial agreement except for an unmarried couple’s split,” a source told The News of the World. The agreement gives them joint custody of the kids — but all six will actually live full-time with Angelina.

“It seemed clear they want the world to know they’ll both play a part in the upbringing of the children,” the source told the British newspaper. An announcement of their separation is expected soon, says the report.

I heard it from my cousin who heard it from his girlfriend who heard it from her hairdresser who read it at TalkLeft and Jeralyn wrote it so you know it must be true.

I’m still waiting out the Faith & Tim marriage myself. First time McGraw messes up – BAM! I’ll make my move.

126 Responses

  1. He sure looked like hell last night. They should win a Pulitzer for this one.

  2. What about BatBoy?

  3. I’m a liberal. How about you?

    Take the test.

    • Normally, I’m a “driving amiable. Now, I’m a

      Disadvantaged Democrat

    • Total middle-class Stevensonian class-traitor Liberal.

    • Liberal.

    • I’m a liberal, but I was aiming to be a moderate one! (If I had to be labeled….)

    • Liberal

    • Liberal

      I’m sure those calling me a Republican r@tf*cker last year will be shocked.

      Who knew? 😉

    • Count me a lib too.

    • Liberal.

    • I’ll have to take that test. thanks for the link.,myiq2xu.

      btw. only a couple weeks ago did I find out that Susan Sarandan and Tim Robbins are separated. I always admired them together and was v. disappointed. They are two of my fav. actors. So was my husband. I guess somehow one does feel as if they are old friends after all those years..

      So, even Susan and Tim didn’t make it. Pity.


      btw. I just reveived a European magazine and her longtime relationship w. Tim was again admired …. however, she refused to talk about her releationship (acc. to the writer). I thought that was interesting.

      Guess, she either didn’t want to disturb her reputation re her relationship w. Tim Or maybe she just wasn’t ready to talk about it. It has to be hard.
      They are already separated since summer btw.

      I have to say, Susan looked absolutely fantastic. Is 60 the new 40? 🙂

  4. I hope these people can find new partners. It’s not easy for single parents of 6 kids to date. Fingers crossed….

  5. well since we’re talking Jolie-Pitt, there’s this bit of gossip from April.

    and this from US Weekly earlier in the day. Not that there’s anything more to it than raising money for Haiti, but it’s hard not to notice that “Brad and Angie Split” headlines a few hours after a “Brad and Jenn Reunite” headline on Google News.

    • I heard that Angelina left Brad for Jon Gosselin. I wouldn’t believe it, but she was married to Billy Bob.

      • Billy Bob:

      • Billy Bob and Tea Leoni were rumored to be having an affair while Leoni and Duchovny were separated. What is it with Billy Bob? (His acting in Sling Blade was really good, though)

        • And Laura Dern left her fiancé for him. Billy Bob seems nice enough, he told a story about getting fired from a fast food joint for slipping people who needed it extra food, but he’s also…just….

          • he’s bad santa

          • Bad Santa is hilarious. It’s my favorite Billy Bob movie. But I don’t find him attractive at all. He’s grimy and dirty looking. Don’t understand why so many beautiful women are attracted to him. Duchovny isn’t that great looking either (for a movie star). I heard he and Leoni are back together but I’m not surprised that he’s a sex addict after playing one in Californication. He should quit that show because it’s ruining his marriage.

        • I get Billy Bob, kinda get Brad, lost with Duchovny. Course I’m probably responding to relative acting abilities.

          • I love the scene in Ocean’s 13 where Brad dresses up as a janitor to break into someone’s room. Because if he wore a uniform, he would blend. 😉

          • I still remember Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio on Growing Pains.

          • I still remember Angelina in that movie where she’s dating Ryan Phillipe with the blue hair, still her best performance ever imo.

          • the one with Ryan Phillippe was Playing By Heart.

            hard for me to choose my favorite Jolie performance, she was really good in Gia actually

          • What about Hackers?

          • Hackers ack. But John Stewart was also in Playing by Heart and he was totally not funny.

          • one of her early ones was Love Is All There Is… it was kinda like a precursor to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, only it was Italian

          • Jon Stewart kind of blossomed in recent years. I’ve seen some of his early stuff and he comes across as not funny and a little creepy.

          • No one better today, just wish he had left Hillary alone. Colbert managed to get thru it without going after her.

          • Colbert is my favorite between the two. Stopped watching both of them regularly in 2008 though.

          • ITA there is something v. weird about Duchovny I didn’t really follow his private life in the papers but did hear about his sex problem. A sex addict, is that what it was? Yikes!

            I think Leoni is a fabulous actress. She does comedy like no other. Ah, Leoni, you deserve better!

      • So, he grew that awful beard to keep her interested?

        • I know – it’s disgusting; I don’t mind beards, but that one is awful! I never thought he was sexy anyway. Too pretty. I liked Angelina in Girl Interrupted – she did great in that!

      • maybe she was hoping for some half Korean babies to add to her collection.

      • Jon Gosselin? Who is that?

        Billy Bob is terrific. And so is Brad Pitt. Fabulous actors.

        Brad Pitt is building houses for the homeless in New Orleans – who else does something like that? He should run for president (o.ok. just kidding, but look at Obama (one speech and two meme-books) and Edwards who visits the poor once or twice -and that was enough for American people to vote for them.

        I like Angelina Jolie a lot. A brilliant actress as well (anyone saw the Changeling?).

        Very sad to hear this news. I hope it’s not true. They made a great couple. AFAIR Brad seemed very happy in that relationship and so was Angelina.

        • Would Brad Pitt be famous if he was as ugly as Billy Bob?

          • I don’t find Billy Bob ugly at all. WOW, that is a tough thing to say. I think he is v. charming, as a matter of fact and incredibly smart and interesting. People (and lots of women) don’t admire him not for nothing.

            I have seen just about all of his films and what can I say: brilliant actor.

    • What is with that mangy beard Brad is sporting these days? He’s trying to be the anti-movie star…

      • {{tugs mangy beard}}

      • I am sure the beard is for a movie role. IMO Brad never really cared how he looked. He is a v. easygoing, likeable man and always has been.

        No doubt Brad is a terrific looking guy with a fabulous physique but he is not beautiful in the general way IMHO.

        He has played all kinds of roles, from one of my fav films ” A River runs thru it” to ” Fight Club”, romantic films, and serial killers. And he does comedy so well. His performance in Burn after reading was hilarious.

        btw. the fly fishing scene in “River”, when Brad goes all the way under the water, is one of my fav. movie scenes of all time. (I do see lots of films, I am a so-called film-maniac :-))

    • I think I remember reading that Tori Spelling’s husband and his exwife adopted a kid right before he left her for Tori. So he sees the first kid they adopted, but not the second one. I kept wondering how the hell you’d explain that. “Well, sweetie, Tommy is going to see his daddy. You don’t have a daddy, he didn’t want you.” jeebus!

    • {{snarf!}} According to that article, Angelina is a stick thin suicide risk who is going to adopt another kid in order to decompress.

      • If she needs a shoulder to cry on, I’ll make the sacrifice.

      • The full story is better, I read it at my friend’s gma’s. Brad angrily confronted Ang about saying that fidelity isn’t mandatory. He mentioned that he still speaks to Jen, and she flipped out, rent her hair and tore his shirt. He decided to take her to dinner with friends to calm her down, but he took her aside to talk to her and she flipped out again. Brad is at his WIT’S END. Lol

        mark helperin is working for the Enquirer.

        • there was a blogger by the same last name in that SFgate link above… at first I thought wait… Mark Halperin is on the Angie-Brad beat too? Why am i surprised?

          • Lol EE is the only woman the Enquirer portrays well, usually. “EE has soft spot for John’s love child, urges him to face up to his responsibilities. Everybody else is erratic, crazy, desperate, scheming–“Penelope’s agony as Javier won’t propose.” lol

          • Oh, oh! And Kirstie Alley! The new one has her on the cover with all these instances of her “erratic” tweets. Ones where she’s obviously kidding? “Kirstie slips into delusions of pretend romps with Hollywood stars!” lol

          • Alley was one of the few to call Hollywood out for their support of Roman Polanski. (She did it on twitter.)

          • Alley was one of the few to call out Hollywood for their support of Ro man Po lan ski (she did it on twitter)

            (put in spaces to see if I could figure out what triggered the spam filter when I tried to post this the first time)

        • he’s at his wit’s end? Didn’t have far to travel.

    • The plot thickens…

      As The ENQUIRER recently reported, Brad and Angelina’s nearly five-year relationship buckled under months of stress, including a failed suicide attempt by Angelina and a frightening collapse after the 5-foot-7 beauty’s weight dipped to a stick-thin 104 pounds.

      In December, after Angelina temporarily kicked the 46-year-old Inglorious Basterds star out of their Los Angeles home because of his boozing, she physically attacked him when he made a cheating confession about ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

      Angie has a history of emotional instability. After she and Billy Bob broke up she spent a few days in a mental health ward. She’s a dramatic woman, what can ya say? Hope she is ok for the sake of those little ones.

    • Seems tabloids had it wrong….Octomom wasn’t trying to be Angie, Angie is trying to be Octomom.

  6. London Times runs it as well….

    • I guess they feel there is only one way to interpret the legal documents they have allegedly filed. They sound like a pre-nup to me, not that there necessarily has to be a marriage involved. Actually, it sounds pretty sensible to me, especially considering they presumably have joint financial interests. Wouldn’t it make sense to sort all of that stuff out in case something happened to one of them?

      • I hope Angelina makes it. Maybe she’ll take pity on Nic Cage, they were good together in Gone in 60 seconds, and he’s probably free these days…well not really free but..

  7. I hope this isn’t accurate. I have a soft spot for Angelina.

    • I hope it isn’t accurate because god knows what the admin and the congress are gonna pull while the nation endures 24/7 media coverage of this.

      • lol, so true. Guess it’s not that funny actually…

        Here’s a positive thought: maybe it will drown out the State of the Union speech!

  8. Oh, noes! Ya go to sleep and miss all the important stories!
    Adding some tabloids

  9. I wake up and Spammy is bitterly clinging to 6 messages.

    “Let my people go!”

  10. Brad and Angelina have split…. HA somewhere jennifer aniston is laughing

    • Maybe, but he must have been ready to move on from that relationship. Angie is the one who should have paid attention…Brad leaves when something more exciting comes along.

  11. Biden vows the US will appeal in Iraq Blackwater case


  12. No surprise but it is still loathsome, today’s headline Ohio swings back to the GOP. The anger in this State at Democrats for the scam of a Primary has only grown now that the One is predictably falling back to earth.

    Not sure if you read Frank Rich on Obama today but IMV he is wrong, again. If you move below Obama’s popularity you find what most voters are really saying. In business we refer to individual leaders who lacked competence as, nice guy’s buttttt, while dismissing their direction stealthy as organization. Using this metric as a measurement of remaining political power is meaningless, it’s actually the direct opposite, the kiss of doom. It means he has no chance, none, of a second term IMV. My guess Ohio is now already lost for 10 for sure and 12 probably, and if they allow Axelrove Obama to again center political control for the Party the loses will just increase in size.

    • I wondered what was driving o to go to Ohio and make a speech. I was surprised that he would appear to support the people. Plunging polls is another matter.

    • Rich’s columns are frequently clueless. He strikes me as someone who is perpetually behind the curve. I am constantly mystified that Obama even polls close to 50%. I think part of that number may be people still clinging to the idea that he means well, but he is just hampered by Congress.

      Increasingly, I find people finally realizing that they have no idea what Obama stands for. The Dems, except for Hillary, and perhaps Russ Feingold (who keeps getting elected in a purple state), don’t seem to understand that what Americans want is leadership. Most of us would like to feel proud of our lives and proud of our country again. Instead, our politicians play to the lowest common denominator.

      Ohio is certainly a bellweather state. Along with MI, it has been incredibly hard hit by the blow-up of automotive.

    • I think you have an excellent point on Axelrove. His visibility just magnifies the image that this president does not have anything going for him other than political campaigning. You did not see James Carville as the prime spokesman for Clinton after the election. It is a threadbare approach.

      • You did not see James Carville as the prime spokesman for Clinton after the election. It is a threadbare approach.

        Bingo. Send Axelrod out to the press, and announce that Plouffe is returning. The public is righteously enraged at policy (or the lack thereof), and the response is to very publicly bring in all the campaign people and announce that “What we have here is a failure to market effectively.”?

        I thought I’d seen tone-deaf before in politicians, but this takes the cake.

        • the 3am photoshop of Obama with the phone upside was a blatant hoax–but it had a kernel of truth to it–

          Mass voters left a message on Tuesday, but Obama’s not heard it.

        • Why send Axelrod out do they really think we don’t know he brought us John Edwrads also.

    • Speaking of which:

      Oh good. Now the cheats and liars who were in charge for 2008 are handed the Party officially. Now they can do what they really love to do instead of govern: CAMPAIGN!

      Obama Moves to Centralize Control Over Party Strategy

      WASHINGTON — President Obama is reconstituting the team that helped him win the White House to counter Republican challenges in the midterm elections and recalibrate after political setbacks that have narrowed his legislative ambitions.

      His first big chance will come when he delivers his State of the Union address. Rather than unveil a laundry list of new initiatives, advisers said, Mr. Obama will try to reframe his agenda and how he connects it with public concerns. In particular, he will focus on how his ideas for health care, energy and financial regulation all fit into the broader economic mission of creating what he calls a “new foundation” for the country, the key words being “rescue, restore and rebuild.” [Great, sounds like a real ‘winner.’]

      The discussion inside the White House includes at least two distinct debates: Should Mr. Obama assume a more populist or centrist theme in his message? And should the White House do what it takes to pass compromise legislation or should it force votes, which even if unsuccessful can be used to carry an argument against Republicans in the fall? [Look at the emphasis here: both of their ideas are purely political: how do we frame our message to best benefit ourselves politically? There is no focus on the actual JOB that needs to be done.]


  13. I never realized that a bunch of liberals would be such experts on Hollyhoo. You guys and gals just ever impress me.

  14. good grief!!! who cares!!!

  15. Who would have thought the nation’s liberal blog would be so well informed on Hollyhoo.

  16. Jennifer Aniston is probably doing a jig right now. Waiting for the tabloids to report that Aniston is trying to get back with Brad. Whatever her feelings towards Brad she must feel satisfied by the news.

    • I hope Jennifer Aniston is above all that. How pathetic it is if she feels STILL satisfied by that kind of tabloid coverage.

      She had more than one love herself since her separation from Brad and as far as I could see, Brad and Angelina could have cared less what she was doing.

      I don’t think JA is a great actress but v. likeable. Saw her in Marley and thought she was better than in most if her films. It was a lovely film.

  17. I get the feeling in these days following MA Scot heard round the nation that this administration is totally clueless about what to do. It looks like they are defaulting totally to campaign mode. I do not think they know how to do anything else.

  18. I still don’t trust Herbert not to relapse, but send Krugman to the detox that Herbert went to!! He’s a lot easier to read than the straight-up Opologists. From his latest op-ed:

    The question for Democrats is whether there is anything that will wake them up to their obligation to extend a powerful hand to ordinary Americans and help them take the government, including the Supreme Court, back from the big banks, the giant corporations and the myriad other predatory interests that put the value of a dollar high above the value of human beings.

    The Democrats still hold the presidency and large majorities in both houses of Congress. The idea that they are not spending every waking hour trying to fix the broken economic system and put suffering Americans back to work is beyond pathetic. Deficit reduction is now the mantra in Washington, which means that new large-scale investments in infrastructure and other measures to ease the employment crisis and jump-start the most promising industries of the 21st century are highly unlikely.

    What we’ll get instead is rhetoric. It’s cheap, so we can expect a lot of it.

    • Herbert really p*ssed me off in 2008, but he has been consistently beating the drum for the lower and middle classes lately, and I give him credit for that.

  19. Looking at the Axelrove article, and Gibbsy on the morning shows, and laughing my ass off. I cannot believe that the Dims are so stupid that their answer to the resounding smackdown the American public just gave them is not to change course, but to concentrate on better messaging. My Gawd, these people are stupid. America wants a better product, and they think a better sales pitch is what’s needed.

    He’s like the infomercial president: “But wait, there’s more!”

  20. Now here is a solution to all our problems. O gets Biden to resign. He nominates HRC to fill the empty slot; she is approved by congress. Then 0 resigns to take up a permanent career on the golf course. HRC becomes the Pres. Voila.

    • As time goes on, that scenario may look less and less farfetched. However, I don’t think the pressure will come from inside the party–I think it will come from the donor base. JMO, and you heard it here first.

    • i think that was the plan all along..yes i do

  21. The only thing that will save the Dems at this point is the appalling lack of quality candidates among the Republicans. That is a save they do not deserve.

    • I’m not even certain that will save them.

    • only if they put those scary Repugs out and about Newt, Huck, Palin, Cantor, Bonehead, Pence, Putam and Mitch out often enough,
      …..if they gap them like they did Al and Jesse that spells trouble.

  22. Here’s a fantastic editorial by a former General Manager of WRAL in North Carolina:


    Although the article focuses on health care, the author comes right out and says that Obama’s refusal to lead in developing a meaningful health care program for all Americans was directly responsible for Martha Coakley’s loss in MA. Here’s a sampling:

    The president should take responsibility. And he should apologize to the American public. Then he should lead. And if he can’t lead, he should get the hell out of the way and let the Republicans lead. We know what they stand for. We know what they’ll do. What is the change you believe in, Mr. President?

    How about this? Here’s what you do, Mr. President. Here’s what you say:

    “Our health system is broken. Annual, double-digit increases in the cost of health care and medical insurance over the past three decades are unsustainable, unacceptable. Everybody knows it. And that’s before we mention the 45 million Americans who are uninsured.

    “Universal health care is the answer. From now on, Medicare is not just for the elderly. It’s for everyone. Don’t worry about the private health insurers who have been milking you for the last half-century and denying coverage when you needed it. A single-payer system will take care of them.

    “Don’t like it, Republicans? Don’t like it, Blue Dogs? No problem. Block it if you like. We, the members of the Democratic Party, will be happy to take the issue to the voters come November, and the November after that, and the November after that.”

    If Obama wants to give more speeches, something like that would do for a start.

  23. New thread up.

  24. No way! Brangelina live!

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