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Liveblog: Football Playoffs

The Colts are headed to the Superbowl! Now who will they face in Miami, the Vikings or the Saints? The second playoff game starts soon. Let’s talk about it!

Brett Favre

It’s old man Brett Favre against young whippersnapper Drew Brees. Who will be victorious?

Drew Brees

Where is Dakinikat?


Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts

It’s half-time in the Colts-Jets playoff game. The winner will get to go to Miami for the Superbowl. The score at the half is 17-13 Jets. So far the Jets have gotten the better of the Colts, sacking Manning twice and forcing a turnover, but the Colts managed a touchdown just before half-time.

Seventeen-thirteen looks a lot better than Seventeen-six, which was what it was close to the end of the second quarter. It looks to me like the Jets are doing a good job of anticipating where Manning is going to throw the ball, so I hope they come up with some different plays while they’re in the locker room.

The Wall Street Journal has a live diary of the games, updated frequently.

This is an open thread. If you don’t want to discuss football, you can still join in.

Go Colts!!!!!!!

Oh, here are the Jets. Joe Namath is reportedly in Indy watching the game.

New York Jets

177 Responses

  1. The second half is starting. The Colts are kicking off.

  2. The Jets offense is playing lots better than anyone expected.

  3. hmmm ~ don’t have a pick, though I’d like to see the Vikings win cuz of Brett (sorry Dkat)

    • I can’t help rooting for Favre. I feel the same way. Plus, I’m from the North Country.

  4. The Jets have a receiver named Clowney.

  5. Ooh! That’s his second missed FG.

    Last week it was SD that was missing kicks.

  6. I added this to the post, but the WSJ has a live diary they are updating frequently.


  7. Great pass by Manning!

  8. Colts TD!

  9. Yeah, baby. Go Colts!!

  10. Ooops, I think I posted my last couple of comments on the previous thread.

  11. The Colts have to quit giving up big plays.

  12. Bummer….

  13. They just had another aftershock in Haiti, 5.5

  14. Jets are moving.

  15. Why am I rooting for the Jets, I don’t like the Jets. Guess they are underdogs.

    • Alright, all the obot NY media are cheering for the Jets. That’s enough to get me to switch.

    • It’s hard to like Peyton Manning. Even harder to like Eli Manning.

      • Yeah, Manning is kind of obnoxious, but he’s still really good.

        • The way to get to Peyton is physically beat up their offensive line with the pass rush, like the Pats were able to do. Think the Saints will be better at that than the Vikes.

    • Patriots should have finished off Manning in that game earlier in the season. How did they lose that game. Brady was burying Peyton for 50 minutes.

      • The Pats just didn’t have it this year. They lost several games at the end like that.

    • Colts TD is why I just did that. 🙂

      • Things are looking better and better for the Colts. I still think they should have gone all out for the perfect season. The Jets are only in the playoffs because the Colts threw the game.

        • Kind of like the Repubs helping Obama win the primaries. They wanted to face the weaker opponent.

  16. Gooooooo Colts!!!!

  17. Colts are closing the door on the Jets.

    • Peyton wants to run off as much time as possible before they score.

      If they get a TD the jets will need 3 scores just to tie.

    • Gotta give props to Sanchez, never imagined he would break out this well. Don’t like him either. Don’t like athletes making their living from commercial overexposure.

  18. Beautiful catch! Looks like the Colts are in good shape.

  19. Will they run the ball or throw for a TD?

  20. A FG means the Jets can wi with 2 TD’s

  21. They were trying to get the Jets to burn their final time out.

  22. New non-football thread up

  23. Way to go Colts! Saints-Vikes 6:40 EST. Be there or be square.

  24. I’m going to redo this as a Saints-Vikings liveblog now.

  25. The second quarter belonged to the Jets, but the second half was the Colts’.

  26. Congrats to the COLTS!!!

    Super Bowl, here we come!

  27. Oh bummer for the Jets. And please don’t talk to Joe, I’m sure he’s sh*tfaced by now.

  28. I’m rooting for the Saints in the second game.

    Nothing against Favre and the Skandies, but I’ve liked the Saints since their fans wore paper bags over their heads and the team was called the Ain’ts.

    Kenny Stabler almost led them to their first winning season (8-8) but in the final game they were leading by 1 point in the 4th quarter when a defender caught an interception in the end zone and ran it out to the 2 yd line.

    Stabler was sacked for a safety and the Ain’ts lost, finishing 7-9

    • I’ll be happy no matter which team wins, actually; but I can’t help rooting for the old man.

      BTW, Vikings have beaten the Saints four straight.

    • Tough one for me because I like both teams. I’m hoping for a good game mostly. Well, I have to admit maybe I’m leaning purple just because of the old man. What can I say, I have a soft spot for him.

  29. They’re singing the national anthem.

    When I was a kid I thought the last verse of the Star-Spangled Banner was “Play ball!”

  30. My son went to school with Bernard Berrian, the Vikes receiver.

  31. Touchdown, Vikings!!!!

  32. It would be cool to see Brett Farve win another one. He came back for a reason. I wanted that reason to be last year with the Jets. Thats my team. Don’t get me wrong, I love Broadway Joe.

  33. Touchdown NO!

  34. Wow, another touchdown for the Vikings.

  35. Berrian just faked Porter right out of his jock.

  36. Whoa, that safety blitz..

  37. Favre is pretty amazing.

  38. What a game!! New Orleans finding their rhythm.

  39. How the hell is Shockey even playing?

    He’s got to be in agony.

  40. Damn, these last few minutes of the half are taking forever.

  41. I think both teams needed more sleep. Grumble.

    • I wouldn’t want to be in the locker rooms of either team. The lectures will be about the same: so let’s talk about holding onto the ball you bunch of boneheads… Well, the language would probably be a bit different.

  42. It could be a whole new ball game after the first half. We saw that last game.

  43. Poppy Bush is at the game.

    Looking back, he wasn’t so bad. (But the Big Dawg was better)

    • Are you kidding me? Iran-Contra, CIA running everything, shock doctrine in Latin America, drugs and gun running, secret government? No thanks.

      • Most of that was Raygun, and compared to Obush he wasn’t so bad.

        I didn’t say he was good.

        • Compared to the Presidents I have clear memories of (Nixon, Ford, Carter, Raygun, Clinton G-Dub and Obama) Poppy Bush is above average.

          I’d say he was tied with Ford for second place.

  44. Dumbass!

    If you’re a punt returner you stand on the 10 yd line and if the punt is over your head you let it go.

  45. Getting physical.

  46. Uh oh. Something wrong with Favre.

  47. They taped him up and he’s got his shoe back on – he’ll be back!

  48. Are the Saints lubing up the balls?

  49. I can’t take it anymore…

  50. Man, this has turned into a Peterson / Bush battle.

  51. OMG, what a catch.

  52. OK, now I really can’t take it any more.

  53. It’s Hall of Fame time.

  54. Interference!! Vikes will score.

  55. It’s official, I’m now loosing my mind….

  56. This game is so exciting. I’m clenching my teeth I’m so tense.

  57. Unbelievable. This could be Favre’s “drive” in legend.

    • Two years in a row I watched the AFC championship with the Bay Area Browns Backers.

      Bernie Kozar vs. John Elway.

      Both games came down to the final drive. The first was Denver’s, the second was Cleveland’s.

      Cleveland lost both games.

      Denver lost both Super Bowls.

  58. Currently there are 12 NFL teams that make the playoffs each year (4 division winners and 2 wildcards in each conference)

    11 of them will lose their last game.

  59. OMG, OMG, what a completion.

  60. I’m sorry, did some one mention bread and circuses?

  61. Nooooooooo!

  62. HOLY SHIT!

  63. Jeebus…. Go Colts. 🙂

  64. Overtime.

  65. I hate this, because whoever wins the coin toss almost always wins.

  66. Saints win the coin toss. I can’t take this.

  67. Lurker-alert! 😀

    Saints start. Fumbles could happen, though. My Colts already won, so I don’t really care, but I do have a soft spot for the Vikings.

  68. Did the Saints loose yet so life can go back to normal or what usually is normal for NOLA around here?

  69. Looks like the Saints are going to Miami.

  70. That will be a tough call on the reception. Very close.

  71. Wow.

  72. I won’t need to trim my nails for a few weeks.

    Months possibly – I can’t be sure until the bleeding stops.

  73. what happened???? I’ve lost satellite signal right when they set up for the FG

  74. Good luck sleeping tonight, Dak. Looks like your city will party like it’s 1999. And congratulations.

  75. Dead solid perfect.

  76. IG–Field goal was a neat kick right down the center, cinching it for the Saints.

  77. Looks like NO is going to be a pretty wild place for the next couple of weeks.

  78. awww man! watch a whole game and can’t see the last 5 seconds SUCKS!

  79. The Saints won! There is a God!

  80. I still remember the “Benson Boogie”

  81. okay, there’s a distinct sound of gun fire and whoops going off and it’s just too much of it to be a normal night

  82. No city deserves this more than New Orleans.

  83. I will be cheering for the Saints over Indy.

    Who Dat?

    • What’s so poignant is the Saints are Favre’s team except when he’s playing against them. He has close ties with Nawlins. Grew up in Kiln, MS. My in-laws know the whole family well.

      Then there’s Peyton Manning growing up in Nawlins where his old man is a legend. It’s all bittersweet.

  84. Clearly the Saints hold a spot in my heart but I watched a great quarterback (Favre) get deep sixed by his own team tonight.

    What on earth was going on? I’ve never seen so many fumbles, misteps and just ineptitude. Favre deserved to win but his team didn’t .

    Deep down I was hoping for a Favre/Manning matchup at the superbowl.

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