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How did these dumb asses beat Hillary?*

Conan Obama


The president stacked his administration with Capitol Hill veterans to help get the job done. Vice President Biden had served in the Senate since 1972. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had been a rising star in the House. Senior advisers Pete Rouse and Jim Messina, budget director Peter Orszag and legislative affairs director Phil Schiliro had close ties to key lawmakers.


But Republican votes never materialized — at least not in meaningful form that the White House had in mind. The first hint of GOP obstruction had emerged in January, when Obama made an early trip to Capitol Hill to urge support for his stimulus bill.


The bill received zero Republican votes in the House. Eight months later, by the time bipartisan health-care talks collapsed in September, the GOP outreach effort was effectively dead.

Democrats blamed the breakdown on Republican determination to undermine Obama. “If there’s a political strategy not to cooperate, there’s not a whole lot that you can do about it,” said White House senior adviser David Axelrod.

Gee Dave, what was your first clue?  When the Republicans pantsed Obama and stole his lunch money?

Seriously, where have these geniuses been the past couple of decades? Republicans not cooperating with Democrats? Whodathunkit?  Next thing you know those GOPers will be trying to undo an election by impeaching a Democratic POTUS for lying about a blow-job.

Here’s what the Dim-o-crats should have done, starting in January 2007 when they took control of Congress:

Try to enact a liberal agenda by introducing simple, popular bills and dare the Republicans to try to block them. If the GOPers succeed at obstructing the bills, use it against them in the next election. If the bills pass, take all the credit.

I know that sounds really complex to low-information types and counter-intuitive to the creative class, but it’s crazy enough it could have worked.

*(They didn’t – he was picked by the DNC)

163 Responses

  1. The dumb asses of the Donkey party also should have started investigations of Bush administration lawbreaking.

    Public hearings.

    • Modern America’s first bonafide war criminal and traitor to the US Constitution, Oath of Office, etc., and the first act by the new congress is to take impeachment off the table. Bush has been allowed to celebrate all of the perks of a former US President. Sickening.

      • They really are dumbasses.

      • Thing is I believe the vast majority, even Republican, of Americans wanted those people to be held accountable. Democrats had a mandate and a super-majority in the Senate at least since Obama has been in office. People want the U.S. Government to behave like the U.S. Government and not some Theocratic dictatorship. We want our democracy to function like a democracy and to represent our values as a people. This wasn’t that difficult to figure out.

    • Is that REALLY an undoctored photo?

      I really want to send it out, but not if it’s doctored!!!

      • It’s not doctored but he wasn’t talking to the kids in that picture. He had already had a sit down with the sixth graders in another classroom. This looks like it was set up in another class and it was used for his press conference afterward. So he was speaking to reporters about his Race to the Top initiative using the podium and teleprompter.

        • So he only needs teleprompters when he speaks to reporters?

          • Yes, he needs teleprompters all the time. I agree, he’s not a great speaker. But your caption does say “Obama speaks to 4th graders” and that part is not true, that’s all.

    • These dumb asses “won” by engaging in election fraud during the democratic primary.

      As usual, BO gets a pass, while the dems swear that Brown cheated in MA against Martha! Where were these same dems so concerned about election integrity when obama supporters were locking Hilary supporters out of the caucus process, taking the book with the delegate names home with them, or the DNC’s Rules and By-laws committee violating their own rules by going behind closed doors and re-allocating delegates from Michigan and Florida and 4 of Hillary’s to obama?

      • I think they need to remind those that forgot what” our” democrat party did and for those who didn’t, enlighten them somehow , through some sort of media besides but including the internet. many people are only aware of the lies on the so called news programming and in this case literal programing….
        there needs a campaign to let people know of all the cheating,frauds that still take place along with the way our very own , or former dem party , did in 2008 right up to now. We liked what the republicans did in 2000 and beyond so much , our fearless leaders tried their very own version of stealing an election and then moved on to raking in as much money and power as they can.

  2. The nation has no illusions about how hard things are. People need to hear what BO is going to do this year, next year, and the year after that to fix the economy. We don’t need more marketing. We need to be convinced there is a *plan.* There is no plan, and from the early indications on the SOTU, sounds like they’ll be more jargon but no plan.

  3. Who wrote this shit?*

    The breathless pace that President Obama set after taking office last January jolted lawmakers from the soporific haze of the final George W. Bush years, revving up dormant committees and lighting up phone lines with a frenzy of dealmaking.

    Wielding large Democratic majorities, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) relied on their expert vote-counting skills to send Obama 13 major bills and bring an overhaul of the nation’s health-care system to the brink of final passage. By Christmas Eve, when the Senate finally adjourned, lawmakers were exuberant, if exhausted.

    Then the bullet train screeched to a halt. Republican Scott Brown’s victory in the Massachusetts special election on Tuesday cost the Democrats’ their filibuster-proof Senate majority. Obama’s biggest priorities — overhauling health care, expanding college aid, reducing climate change — are now in limbo, facing dim prospects as Republicans show little interest in cooperating, and Democrats brace for a 2010 midterm election year potentially as volatile as 1994, when the GOP captured the Senate and the House two years after Bill Clinton was elected president.

    Bullet train? 13 major bills? WTF?

    (*Shailagh Murray, Michael D. Shear and Paul Kane)

  4. This is what hurts. Hillary would have wielded power in a much more judicious way and had much more knowledge about sidestepping pitfalls. This was never about Hillary-idolatry. It was about who would be the best and safest person for the job. Now, these dolts in the White House have revealed themselves for who they are: morons who confused the superficiality of celebrity with the challenges of power. The whole country suffers as a result. I may have contempt for the Republicans, but even they are not this stupid.

    • Since HRC has been criticized so much for more than 15 years, I figured she could take the proverbial heat and fight like a Harry Truman. She would have first worked to keep people in their homes and tried to keep jobs from being lost. Then she would make the case for HCR. Not so with 0.

    • I love that line and hope I may borrow it—” confusing the superficiality of celebrity with the challenges of power”.

      That is a gem.

      • Thanks and you are welcome to use it on the side of truth, justice and the American way – or whatever is left of those things.

  5. I can’t believe Obama needs teleprompters to talk to elementary school kids.

    • He probably uses teleprompters when he talks to his daughters.

    • I did some checking, and I saw a picture at the WH website where he was sitting with Arne Duncan and taking questions from children. They then have his prepared remarks listed so I wonder if TOTUS was set up for that.

    • It really is just plain annoying. Bush didn’t even do shit like this.

    • He speaks TO or WITH no one….he just speaks AT others. Is there a transcript anywhere of what was so darned important, he needed a formal speech?

      • He’s a crappy speaker when he doesn’t have an enthusiastic audience.

        Remember how off he was when he spoke at West Point and the cadets sat there stone-faced?

        • A definite stand-out.

          I expect he has teleprompters set up throughout the WH and living quarters. I’ve always thought he was a robot. His handlers can cue him any time, any place.

          It would be way too obvious if he walked around with an earpiece.

        • Actually, the most memorable was the convention when he said, “Malia and Sasha, I love you more than you know.” in the most monotone, empty of feeling voice ever.

          I do think he’s a robot. His personal history is void of way too much….I suppose they could only afford to pay so many people to pretend they knew him when…

          • I think those who did know him were discouraged from speaking.
            A fellow Harvard student (female) who started a blog about her
            impression of Obama (not favorable in terms of his support of women) had her blog disappear.

          • For a man in his 40’s with two memoirs he really had an amazing lack of old friends and acquaintances, didn’t he?

    • How many do you think he’d need to talk to high school kids?

    • I find it absolutely pathetic, too, but we shouldn’t be that surprised after listening to his hemming and hawing during the debates and interviews.

      But the Obama followers didn’t seem to care at the time. There was always the Obama “brilliant oratory” written by his aids blinding them to reality.

      That pic really is a joke.
      How many teleprompters did it take for the Nobel speech? lol Maybe he has also a little microphone in his ear in case he has problems reading. Remember that weird thing W used to have on his back.

      • LOL – What? Obama has a Home Teleprompter?

        I bookmarked and will show it to my husband. He will not believe it.

        Or are Those two yakking Obama news ladies from Saturday Night Live?
        Has the US TV News really come to that? Yikes!

        (btw. I haven’t watched any kind of TV news since spring 08)

        • That video is from The Onion, a news satire publication.

          “Look uh, The President has hundreds of conversations every day, and it simply is infeasible for him to memorize the text for every single one.”

          I love it!

          • thanks for the link, MA Dem,
            it is hilarious!

            Who would have thunk it that Mr. Obama would be the subject of so much satire (since he was so perfect !!!!)

            Bet the comedians are vastly relieved.

            Lets see what Obamafan Bill Maher has to say when he comes back …

      • Hysterical….the pumpkin patch incident where he called Sasha “Jennifer” was my favorite!!

        I bet his handlers keep him as far away from all criticism as they possibly can. This is not a man who could laugh at himself, or who would tolerate having his habits the subject of negative discussion. His reaction to MA would support that…he thought his self-grade of a B+ would have people saying he was being too hard on himself. He’s being kept in the dark.

    • What in the world did he have to say to elementary school children that was so complex that he needed to set up the teleprompter?

  6. I should point out that my suggestion is premised on the assumption that the Democrats actually wanted to enact a liberal agenda.

    That assumption has no factual support.

    • You got that right! Porkulus blows.

      CNN poll: 56 percent oppose stimulus program

      Washington (CNN) – A majority of Americans oppose the economic stimulus program, according to a new national poll.

      Fifty-six percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Sunday say they oppose the stimulus package, with 42 percent supporting it.

      Could it be because it hasn’t worked? Blowing money for nothing isn’t popular anymore. This was about the least liberal piece of stimulus legislation you could have found.

      • Not to mention that it has now been proven that most of the funds were directed to states that supported him, whether they needed it or not.

    • Good qualification to point out. Normally a reasonable assumption, but I think in this case perhaps not so much.

  7. That Axlerod quote is my favorite ever. *shrugs* We predicated this whole thing on the assumption that Republicans would cooperate. If they wouldn’t hey, what can you do? Easy to see why this message set the political establishment on fire.

    • It’s bullshit anyway. They could pass anything they wanted – they had the numbers. It has been other DEMOCRATS obstructing, not Republicans.

      • Stupak, Nelson, Baucus.

      • I know, but it’s just funny. “Hey, what ya gonna do?” The rallying cry of our most inspiring least defeatist President. Yes We Can–ow, my sciatica! Quit it!

        • My grandkids have – The Jungle Book DVD and a couple of weeks ago they were watching it as I walked into the room the scene that was on made me think of present day Dems –
          Four vultures sitting on a branch – one says to another “What you want to do?” the other responds “I don’t know what you want to do?” Response = I dunno what you wanna do? Another – hmmm, I dunno, what you wanna do?”

          They just keep going round and round just like the House of Reps.

    • What did that mean? That they thought they would have a meeting with the repubs, tell them what they were going to do and the repubs would cooperate? Yeah, that was going to work. And, of course, there is nothing you can do if they don’t cooperate. I mean that is it. Just like Israel and Palestine, some people just do not get it that 0 is serious when he wants them to cooperate and get behind his solution.

      • I guess they thought Republicans are like Obots. They were supposed to swoon when O blew his nose and be enchanted by the power of his personal magnetism. This was so foolproof, they never even considered the need for Plan B. 😉

  8. OT, but is anyone else getting calls from DFA? I gather they’re trying to raise money to oppose/undo the Supremes’ decision, but I didn’t let the poor kid get that far.

    Told him I was still a registered Dem only because I’d been talked into staying by a local pol running for Lt. Gov. (Jerry Ortiz y Pino) and that I would ONLY EVER AGAIN donate to locals like Ortiz and Diane Denish, and of course to Wes Clark if he decides to run for anything in Arkansas as has been rumored lately.

    I was a tad heated (and profane) and I’m not sure which of us hung up first, but I gotta say it made my day.

    Of course now I’m feeling guilt pangs–that poor kid!–although he did manage to let me know I wasn’t the first angry Dem he’d encountered…

    • I had the exquisite pleasure of ripping the head off a DSCC caller and stuffing it back down his throat.

  9. Just on FOX: Obama says “as long as he has breath” in him he will continue to fight for us.

    No pun intended.

  10. I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry!

  11. I don’t think the fine theory presented in this article would have worked in this instance

    The democrats are proposing a credit card interest rate cap of 16% and the republicans are completely against it. This in a time when consumer credit card interest rate charges amount to at least 15 billion dollars A MONTH! The republicans are spinning it as drying up investment money if the cap is put in place.

    Considering there was virtually NO credit card debt 20 years ago, just where did all of this money come from in the first place? So the republicans are using a red herring argument to somehow confuse the issue and they don’t think they will be punished for taking such an elitist, pro banking stance.

    Barack Obama does not know how to massage a lead. He’s the comeback kid and when he’s in front he has nothing to come back from.

    • Banks make big bucks on that. They should be out denouncing the Rs who want to protect the “fat cat bankers.” Maybe they are afraid now that they are being accused of tanking Wall Street.

      • The thing is if they were intelligent what they would do before announcing anything that might affect the market would be to lift the cap on Medicare and Social Security to shore those programs up.

        Dollars to donuts they don’t though. They simply aren’t that bright.

      • I agree, but somehow it gets spun that it will take money away from small businesses because there will be less money to loan out.

        But what isn’t being stated is that more consumers will have their own earned money to start buying things locally, and with cash. Then, the people they do business with will be able to afford to pay their existing debts.

        It’s really obvious, yet there seems to be too much pressure to not get the cap passed.

    • Even when there is a clear opening, he won’t take it. Why?

      • Because he needs their donations for 2012.

        He was, after all, the candidate who got the MOST donations from Banks and Wall Street in the primaries, and he chose Rahm as chief of staff to make sure that still happens down the road.

        That is what’s essential in understanding his wimpiness.

  12. While it could be incompetence, I think the explanation is simply bad intentions. They never wanted to pass liberal policies, so it is no surprise they never tried.

    • Eggs-zactly

    • One of the things I’ve learned after 62 years is that people do what they want to do. If they don’t do something, it’s because they don’t want to do it. Period. Oh, there may be excuses, but that’s all they are–excuses.

      Personally, I found that my life became simpler when I cut out the words “should” and “ought to”. I found I was never doing anything that I thought I “should do” or that I thought I “ought to do”. When I kept it to a simple “must” or “want to”, it was amazing how I eliminated all the extraneous tasks.

  13. OT..but another Dem Congressman may be jumping the sinking ship.

    “Rumor of the day: 1st District Democratic Congressman Marion Berry will announce that he will not seek re-election for another term in 2010.

    A source close to the Berry campaign said that an official announcement will be made tomorrow, ”


  14. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100123/ap_on_go_pr_wh/us_obama_campaign_finance

    Obama blasts Supreme Court campaign finance ruling.

    Another joke.

    That’s easy to say now, Mr. Corporate candidate, now that your Supreme put you in the White House.

    btw. many Obama fans (or most I guess) believed that he got all his campaign money from the little people. It was only Hillary who had sold out to the rich …. and that went on for months and months long before the primaries … and John Edwards made sure Hillary’s repution went into that direction. Debate after debate.

    It was obvious that the Prez was Mr. Wall Street but his fans never knew it … or they were in total denial. Probably both.

  15. Ok, here is a video of 0 talking to the children (not embedded).


    Also, it is being reported that the new gov of VA is giving the R response to the SOTU.

    • Yes, Mitch McConnell said that on Greta VS Friday evening. As Repub leader in the Senate, he is the one who names the Repub. responder. (I am sure it was a caucus decision but McConnell announces it.)

  16. Has Adam Nagourney ever written anything that wasn’t patently obvious?

    G.O.P. Seeks to Widen Field of Play in Fall Elections

    WASHINGTON – Republicans are luring new candidates into Congressional races and analysts say the number of seats up for grabs in November appears to be growing, setting up a midterm election likely to be harder fought than anyone anticipated prior to the party’s big victory in Massachusetts last week.

    Just since Tuesday, half a dozen Republican candidates have expressed interest in challenging Democrats in House races in Pennsylvania, New York and potentially Massachusetts, party officials said.

    Stuart Rothenberg, a political analyst who follows Congressional races, said a report he will release Monday will count 58 Democratic House seats in play, up from 47 in December. The number of Republican seats in play has remained steady at 14 over the same period, he said. At the same time, Democrats expect more of their incumbents to retire, which could put additional seats at risk.

    Republicans need a net gain of 40 seats to regain control of the House, a prospect that still seems unlikely, though hardly impossible.

  17. From Obot spouse’s New Yorker mag article by Ken Auletta:

    “For us, transparency has never meant that we put our internal decision-making on display. We didn’t during the campaign. We try not to here. Transparency is what the decision is, and why it was made. The process by which it was arrived at is not central.”

    (IOW, closed door meetings with Big PHarma are all a part of transparency, just “not central”.) And this gem:

    “After a year in office, the Obama Administration has become keenly aware of the difference between campaigning and governing.”

    (There’s a diff?)

    • You’re MARRIED to an Obot?

      That’s grounds for divorce.

      • Oh it is. I availed myself of them.

      • I wouldn’t last 5 minutes with an Obot.

      • Actually he’s nearly non-bot now. It’s been a painfully satisfying process to watch. He sometimes does manage a feeble “so I suppose you want a Republican as POTUS instead” to which the correct comeback is: “What’s the difference?” or “At least McCain wasn’t going to tax our health-care benefits.”

        Heeheehee. He even volunteers “Yeah, I know, I know, you told me so” sometimes.

    • Oh I get it—their transparency is different than our idea of it—or what about that prezident candidate whose idea seemed to be having the meetings on c-span, open to the public. If those guys were office holders in CA, they would be in total violation of our Brown Act/open meeting laws and they would be facing criminal prosecution because their actions are deliberate and defiant of the law.

  18. Look at the visual imagery of that photo of 0, totus and presidential podium. That is a wall of barricades between him and his audience. I would say that is one scared president taking his man cave with him into the dens of the children who might do just about anything like—–jump out of their seats?

    I think he is cracking up.

    • I wonder if he has one of those glass walls around him too? Maybe he’s afraid the 4th graders will throw their juice boxes at him.

  19. OMG, that picture with the fourth graders is for real?

    I haven’t read the thread yet, but the short answer to your question about beating Hillary is that they didn’t. Even with the support of the DNC, Wall St., and the corporate media.

  20. Well, at least he can’t read my pet goat upside down, TOTUS will see to that

    • You know that was photoshopped and it really wasn’t upside down, right?

      Saw GWB with BC on an ad tonight for the Haiti relief efforts. Man, he sure looked like he didn’t want to be there.

  21. “How did these dumb asses beat Hillary?”
    Because of “creative class” people like Jane Hamsher. I get this e-mail from FDL:

    “We have an emergency.

    House progressives are under fire to pass the Senate’s terrible bill – without any changes. That means no public option, taxes on the middle class, and massive giveaways to the insurance industry.”

    Well says I, maybe they are getting a clue…until I read the last sentence:

    “After all we’ve been through, the House can’t just pass the bill neutered by conservatives like Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, and Blanche Lincoln”

    Nothing has changed at FDL….Jane and the rest aren’t stupid so I have to assume that they lack honesty and integrity. Jane knows damn well that the Senate Bill is the Obama’s negotiated deal with the Health Industry. Joe and the Blue Dogs were just the show.

  22. Wow! Is there an official link to the 4th graders pic?

  23. I stuck up a new open thread since the last two were so long …

  24. http://tpmcafe.talkingpointsmemo.com/2006/11/02/who_are_the_obamans/

    The problem with Obama isn’t absence of experience, it isn’t his personal style. It is only partially his egotism and surliness to his opponents. Instead it is his absolutely catastrophic diagnosis of what is wrong with the world. Every statesman, good or bad, has a theory about the world. A theory about what makes the world work, and what makes the world fall apart when it is not in place. Barak Obama has the world view that if all the little children play together in the sandbox, then everything will be fine, and if the don’t it will be not fine. This isn’t the world view of a successful president. On the contrary, it is the world view of someone morosely eager for affection, and, at the same time, addicted to control and a political life of ease.

  25. Did NOT beat her, but with the caucus voting easily gamed (and wins in those states not equal to the votes that Hillary won in the one-person one-vote primary states), the consolidated media picking its corporate candidate and selling him as if he were Bush II, and DNC rigging the votes, who wouldn’t have won?

    Not a level playing field. Never has been for The One.

  26. How did they beat Hillary: lying, cheating, and ultimately, stealing.

  27. Barak Obama has the world view that if all the little children play together in the sandbox, then everything will be fine, and if the don’t it will be not fine. This isn’t the world view of a successful president. On the contrary, it is the world view of someone morosely eager for affection, and, at the same time, addicted to control and a political life of ease.

    Even worse, Putin takes his missile climbdown in Europe and asks for more without any quid pro quo. Iran is laughing at this silly li’l fellow who can’t even get his own State Dept. to strengthen sanctions. He closes most of Gitmo but keeps some part open cuz some of the dudes are “too nasty.” He puts the crotch bomber in jail with a paid lawyer before debriefing him because Holder prefers to be stupid than to protect the USA. Holder, Geithner, Napolitano are already past their shelf life for asshats and should be given nice send-offs. Put Summers in charge of Treasury or even Volcker, but give the job to a grown-up.

    And Obama should stop treating Chavez, Castro, Morales, & Nicaragua as our allies and also stop bashing Honduras for following its own constitution. He’s a constitutional law prof, or maybe he was just a TA at the U. of Chicago.

  28. Hillary got more human being votes, but Teddy K. and other Dem insiders had the Superdelegates in the ’08 Convention go for a completely unknown tyro whose State Senate contribution records had “disappeared,” as had his Senior Thesis at Columbia U. on US/Soviet nuclear disarmament. [Maybe that’s the reason he gave the Russians a freebie on the Missile Defense in Eastern Europe and had a “reset button” set in incorrect Russian! Just trying to let them know he’s a harmless little fellow who just wants to get along.

    Strange how things disappear in the bio trail of this strange li’l dude….. Like his April 2009 promise to keep the missile defense initiative alive in the Czech repub & Poland. Pretty smooth how he reneged to the Poles on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Eastern Poland in 1939. Guess that’s what they call “imaginative” diplomacy!

  29. […] January 25, 2010 in Jr.jr, TOTUS, incompetence | Tags: Jr.jr, propaganda, TOTUS After blogs picked up on this photo […]

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