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Over at Zsa Zsa’s Huff&Puff they are pimping the above video under the headline:

Scott Brown’s Wife Music VIDEO: Gail Huff’s RACY ‘Girl With The Curious Hand’ (PHOTOS)

The article goes on to report:

On Tuesday night, Scott Brown’s wife pleaded with her husband to stop advertising his “available” daughters, but a video we’ve dug up reveals that Gail Huff wasn’t always so prim and proper.

The Massachusetts senator-elect’s wife, who now works as a reporter for Boston station WCVB-TV, starred in singer Digney Fingus’ 1984 video for a song called “The Girl With The Curious Hand.”

In the video […] Huff struts around and sunbathes in a black bikini, the top of which she removes at one point before diving into water. At the song’s climax, she suggestively squeezes a tube of sunscreen, perhaps explaining the curiosity of this girl’s hand.

Yes, that’s right – that shameless hussy appeared in public in a bikini! She strutted and suggestively squeezed! And if you watch the grainy clip very carefully, you’ll very briefly see there is no bikini strap across her back as she dives from a boat into the water, proving beyond all doubt her boobies were exposed (but not visible on the video) for a few tenths of a second!

Good grief! What is wrong with progressives these days?

Watch the video and make up your own mind. (WARNING: the music is almost as lame as the HuffPo article)

192 Responses

  1. I’m guessing the HuffPo writers never heard of the magic of Hollywood.

    People in films that appear nude (all or partially) aren’t necessarily buck nekkid.

    • I watched this a couple of days ago. Someone posted it on Twitter. It seemed pretty mild to me–not even as racy as a ’70s James Bond movie.

      • When did progs become a bunch of hand-wringing conservative church ladies? (Not meant to disparage church ladies or imply that this kind of moralistic tut-tutting is confined to women, rather a reference to the Dana Carvey character)

      • Church lady seemed to have a creepy porn streak running through her- it-he. And that’s what these people feel like. Salient interests, slathering at the mouth. Sexual maturity stunted around age 14– and not even nice 14 year olds. It seems like they’re continually on a witch hunt to expose other people’s sex lives. Isn’t there a definition of puritanism that’s “the suspicion that somewhere someone is having a good time.”

    • And not necessarily the same people who’s faces we see.

  2. Have at it, Huffpo. I daresay it will only make Sen. Brown and his very normal, very modern family all the more popular, and the Left look ludicrous for making a big deal over it.

  3. What a bunch of goofballs. Apparently these guys have no life and so they just sensationalize anything to create excitement – well, for themselves anyway. Do they really think people care about this stuff?

  4. *scratches head*

  5. Oh, and may I add that Obama is bleeding the youth vote.

    So let’s make a big deal over the fact that not all Republicans are crusty old prudes, so that perhaps some young people with no real ideology, who voted Dem just for the kewl factor, will feel it more socially acceptable to vote R. Nice of Huffpo to help them out with their re-branding, there.

    Just from a political strategy standpoint, this is stupid. Have I mentioned lately how FUCKING STUPID the left has become?

    • Smart political activists always consider how the average person is going to react to every move. Dumb ones think they “scored one” when they can get yuks and chuckles from their tiny little circle of insiders.

      Gawd in heaven, the Left is DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS, wrapped in a sack of hammers, postmarked and on an ExpressMail truck to Cluelessville, USA.

      • Don’t hold back WMCB – let it all out! 😆

      • That has been the story of the Koolaid Krowd all along. They just don’t get that they are a tiny minority.

        • I don’t think a lot of them even really care about this country (though some obviously do). They just wanted a “win”. The entire primary and election was a great big video game to them. “Kewl!!! My commando character kicked ass! OBAMA RULZ!!”

          • Yes, they finally had a chance to bring all those “skills” to live interventions – but never thought of the repercussions -cuz, gee aren’t they gonna get up after I smash them down – like in the game???

    • But misogyny worked so well against Hillary and Sarah!

      • In a way yes, and in a way no. If they had been merely mildly dismissive of Sarah and spoken to her policies, rather than savaging her, she would not have the following and clout and megaphone she does now.

        So no, it did not really “work”. It partially worked to deny her the VP (though I think it was more other factors) but the Dem party will pay for it down the line.

        • At this point I don’t know of anyone who takes that crew seriously. What they did to Hill was bad enough but their savaging of Sarah was what closed the door on them and totally turned the general public away.

        • You just have to remind yourself WMCB that you ARE dealing with obotland here. Smart is not exactly in their dna—just snipe, snark and stupid.

        • I was just reading over at Rasmussen that when Palin announced she’d go to AZ to campaign for McCain, his numbers skyrocketed (he’d been about tied up until then).

          Granted, it’s Arizona, but all the juvenile, Obama fanboy, sexist, classist attacks on Palin just make her more popular. They can’t see it because they are so arrogant and condescending that they think the people they condescend to are too stupid to understand that they ARE being condescended to. And their rank stupidity just fuels the kind of right-wing populism Brown exploited.

          I’m just so disgusted with all of them.

          • What part of address the issues don’t they understand? We didn’t win the Iraq debate by arguing Bush’s ears were funny. We won the debate by pointing out flaws in his policy.

            This “shock and awe” crap needs to stop. They aren’t good at it.

            Attack Brown on DOMA, attack him on stem cells, attack him on his record in the Senate of Mass. Call him out for inconsistencies on choice. Fer cripes sake elevate the debate, not reduce it to the lowest common denominator.

          • Fauxgressives don’t understand how narratives work.

          • cwaltz,
            I think it should be “shock and awe crap”

      • Politics is in many ways like a marriage. Can I behave in selfish and unsavory ways that “get me what I want” from my husband in the short term? Yep. But ONLY short term. If I want a continuing good relationship, I had better consider that.

        The way the Dems have been and are behaving is going to have them coming home one day to find the electorate has cleaned out the bank account, taken the kids, and left a lipstick note on the mirror.

    • Word.
      With all these cool outspoken GOP women in the news these days I’m half tempted to switch over myself.

    • Yes, the young fauxgressive men definitely have a problem with misogyny, specially the ones online where they don’t have to hold back. I don’t know if Obama has anything to do with it, but it’s disgusting to see, and disappointing when young millenial women give them a pass. What is wrong with people. As far as sexism goes, things were more “progressive” when I was in college. Thank goodness for TC.

      • Yes, they certainly do. Look what nearly 20 years of ironic hipster post-modern backlash have done.

    • that was why they savaged Palin and continue to savage her, because she put a “fresh feminine face” on the GOP, so it became necessary to poison the well with nonstop smears pigeonholing her as a troglodyte

  6. That’s sooo tame for the times. Those people writing about this little number ought to venture off into online Lolita-land, or Sasha Grey’s porn, plus a zillion other outlets, or at least have some idea that others have, before putting this nonsense up. We’re waaay more sophisticated about and knowledgeable of the present scene than to find this other than boring.

  7. Is the girl a metaphor for death or something? I don’t get it but dirty? Hardly.
    Mrs. Brown-the young version-is a dead ringer for Pia Zadora.

  8. C’mon folks – when you’re 14 years old (like most folks on HuffPo), everything’s racy.

    • Let them do what we did as kids and ogle the lingerie section of the JC Penney catalog.

      • Or back issues of National Geographic.

        • Supergirl and Wonder Woman comics were good too.

          And of course Betty and Veronica in Archie comics were a couple hotties.

          • LOL

            Prepubescent boys can find just about anything racy. My then 11 year old repeatedly took his sister’s CD of Mariah Carey songs. Why? In his words “she has a special something” or specifically two special somethings since it was fairly obvioushe was talking about her cleavage display. We still rib him about it.

          • I never realized how much I would miss Kara Zor-El until DC killed her off in the Crisis. 😦

            And then allowed John “Stimpy” Byrne to retcon her out of existence, so that nobody remembered her sacrifice, which seemed like spitting on her memory. 👿

            The dimwits also let him retcon Kal-El’s Superboy career out of existence, which began the long unwinding of the Legion of Super-Heroes. 😡

            I call Byrne “Stimpy” because he can’t seem to write a character without pushing the History Eraser Button. :mrgreen:

            Finally, a few years ago, the bastiches brought Kara back–only to turn her into Britney with superpowers. 😡

            Y’know, I’m actually glad the rising cost of comics forced me to give them up at last.

  9. Damn. That was certainly a boring video. I must have blinked and missed the microsecond of bare back nudity.

  10. I wonder if they realize they look as stoopid and as partisan as the Republicans did when they insisted on impeaching Clinton over Lewinsky. I mean seriously if this is what they got to win indys over then they got nothing.

  11. Well, given that Brown’s wife is now a well established as a news reporter, and quite an athlete as well…. I’d say she has more than a “curious hand.” And, no, the video she made has not hurt her one bit:


    WTF is wrong with Huff-n-Puff? Calling this kind of cr** out makes them look like idiots.

    Oh wait…. they ARE idiots. Sorry. I forgot.

  12. I thought those Bostonians were all proper. I would say that the Brown family is going to hit DC like a bunch of rock stars. As the Republicans look around at Mitch McConnell and Pawlenty and Jindal they must be absolutely salivating. With the Brown women and Palin and a freed up Cindy McCain, heck the Republicans are getting a feminist makeover. Next thing you know they will be electing a woman for President.

  13. dow is tanking down 180 ………retribution or recklessly stupid or something else?

    • Oh it’s supposed to be retribution since Obama has dared, gosh darn it, to suggest the banking industry be regulated.

      Frankly, the way the darn thing has fluctuated so much many except those that can afford to lose have already pulled their money out. The DOW can fluctuate all it wants. Particularly since its gained quite a bit since the low 6000’s

      • It’s a circle jerk. Most of the volume from the last year has been the Big Boyz trading back-and-forth with themselves, trying to lure the rest of us back in.

        They are just trying to send a message that they can tank it all again anytime they want. They did it as a favor to Obama in 2008 (I firmly believe that), and are signaling they’ll do it again to bring him down.

        Obama’s puppetmasters just said “Jump.” Let’s see how high he does.

        • If you can engineer a temporary drop in stock prices it’s a chance to make a killing.

          Prices drop – buy

          Prices go back up – sell

          • Damn, now you tell me. I knew I got the order wrong somehow.

          • ARRR, Cap’n Dandy! Don’t ye fret, we’ll just find us a nice fat treasure galleon t’make up fer it!

        • Waffles will probably have another one of those, “this-is-hard” moments. WS hates uncertainty and dithering. Notice how o hit these notes in the last two weeks? About the time their internal polling #s told them what was going to happen in MA.

        • They wait until the 401K money has arrived in high enough amounts to make it worthwhile to grab it.

    • Part of it is the market weighing in behind Bernanke imo. Traders don’t like uncertainty, and Ben has been very reliable with the cash infusions over the past year. Of course taxpayers will always be on the hook for all that debt.

      • I think it is interesting that the cnbc folks—Kudlow etc.—seem to be wanting Bernanke’s head too. That is not real reassuring to me.

        • Dow is down 5% for the week. If there’s going to be true behavior change at the banks, if there’ll be real financial reform, if Geithner and/or Bernanke are going to be switched out, the equity markets need room to be able to fall further, maybe as much as another 20%. I don’t think BO and Congress have the cajones to let that happen. They are being put on the spot by the traders, just like last year, and they will wimp out, just like last year. Middle class suffers.

          • Pretty much. To sum it up traders are playing chicken with Obama figgerin’ he’ll back down. It’s his MO so it’s entirely probable that he will.

    • has the feel of the old days, that fear that came when Tom Ridge played with those terror colors red yellow, purple ……………….

      but hopefully you are right and folks are out of those IRA’s and such

  14. From the wingnut blog Confederate Yankee:

    As Meep notes at POWIP, it doesn’t appear that anyone pushing these stories is actually offended by the unobjectionable actions and images of the Brown family, but instead seem to be hoping that independents and conservatives will be shocked and appalled by what they’ve found.

    What these stories instead go to prove is that liberals are attempting to market to a caricature of conservatives and independents, and that the oppressive “Christian Taliban” strawman they’ve created only exists in their insular community-based realities. It’s a flawed assumption, and an example of the kind of groupthink that may cost Democrats even more seats in the 2010 midterms.

    • The sad thing is that they might be successful at painting Brown as a member of the Christian taliban if they attacked him on policy.

      The guy attacks gay families ready and willing to give chilren homes andthe best they can do is an old grainy video of Mrs. Brown in a bathing suit.

      If I were the GOP I’d be laughing my backside off at these goofballs.

  15. http://www.smh.com.au/world/fixing-the-economy-must-be-obamas-aim-20100122-mqqi.html

    this column is from a newspaper in Sydney. It starts out with the leno and obrien tv problem. Then to backtrack’s economic problems.
    I posted here because huff post has the same problem focus on the silly instead of the important.
    People are losing jobs and homes and having problems feeding their families.
    I do not know about anyone else but I do not care about a silly video made years ago.
    I know that sometimes a break is needed from politics and we have posts here that are just plain fun.

    I thank you for the hug yesterday. I did reply but the comment got lost.



  16. Little Miss Attila:

    Guess What? You Know That Hot Senator from Massachusetts? The One with the Two Smokin’ Hot Daughters? Turns Out His Wife Is Hot, Too!

    Then she added:

  17. oohh, that slut!

    maybe the mass voters want a do-over!


    • From the way they are carrying on you’d think they are one step away from suggesting anyone mildly attractive be required to wear a burkkha.

      They are coming off more Taliban then they are suggesting Brown is.

    • What makes them think that that music video would do what Browns Cosmo spread couldnt do? I really don’t think that those obots even know where their heads are at now.

      • I would guess their heads can be found in their usual dark, smelly locations. :mrgreen:

  18. Did anyone else just see the Dog Rescue on cable news? I’m glad the dog made it out ok.

  19. As I said last night about this racy-free video, I really don’t understand why I ever thought I had anything in common with the progressives. They have nothing left but to spread this kind of nonsense as if it is scandalous or relevant. Well that and knee-jerk call someone raycist.

    • Wonk: I can not call these people progressives. They are a blasphemy on the Progressive tradition. Their juvenile tantrums and misogyny are a mockery. Progressives brought us many important reforms; these people bring us nothing but disaster and destruction.

      • Progressives brought us many important reforms; these people bring us nothing but disaster and destruction.

        Whenever Glenn Beck gives his warped reading of progressivism, I feel the same way as you do. But, much of the modern progressive movement seems to be full of urban sophisticates who just look down on people and think politics is all about who’s in, what’s hot, what’s not, and how to shape the bullshit of their image. Not all of them, mind you, but too many of them for me to feel much in common with them.

  20. So what these “progressives” are telling us is that there is nothing so horrible as to have a member of congress be liberal socially. I did get their message right, didn’t I?

    • The irony is he isn’t really liberally social.

      The guy feels that gays are “not normal” and don’t belong raising children.

      That’s a far cry from socially liberal.

      These idiots though apparently believe that the BIGGER issue is that Mrs. Brown at one time appeared in a video in a bathing suit. (banging my head against a desk at the stupidity of “progressives”)

      • Good point. So their message then is to make him appear liberally social even though he isn’t. An even more brilliant message!! /snark

      • that would be *Ms. Huff*

        • Sorry, I don’t watch TV and had no idea she went by her maiden name. Hopefully since she married the guy she doesn’t take offense that Iinked her name with his. 😉

          • she does a local news program.
            i’ve been watching for years-she’s a good reporter.
            didn’t know about her MTV days until the Boston Globe reported on it recently to take a pot shot at Brown.

          • catarina, what’s all the fuss about Brown saying his daughter’s are “available”? It sounds like he was saying they are single?

          • OBOT Rule #6:

            When interpreting a GOP comment (or the comment of any opponent of Obama or one of his/her supporters) the worst possible interpretation MUST be assumed.

            Occam’s Razor does not apply, nor do logic, reason and/or common sense.

          • I was trying to understand the context because it didn’t seem like something to make so much noise about. If all he said was that his daughters are single then, well, the obots have lost whatever remained of their minds.

          • It was apparently a reference from Jane Austen, but nobody got it.

          • gmx–I watched it live when he made the comment about his daughters being available. I thought it was really dumb, in a dumb guy way. His wife and daughters gave him funny looks and he tried to talk his way out of it. I chalked it up to him getting carried away with his victory speech. His speech was really long. I think he was simply overexcited about winning. Based on that remark though, the idiots on the left went digging for pictures, onto his daughter’s myspace page, etc. They put up a photo of him that they got from someone who knows one of his daughters or something. It’s a picture of Scott Brown wearing a Hawaiian shirt and his daughters in bikinis. Brown is standing in the middle with his arms around their shoulders, like a dad taking a picture with his daughters. Nothing creepy at all, imho. I think he’s an empty suit and creepy that way, but the left is LAME LAME LAME trying to tear down his wife and daughters for no reason.

            I saw some progs saying if Obama had a picture like that with his girls people would rip him apart for it. I don’t see why, and if people did that, it would be dumb and they would be deserved to be called out just the same as the idiots on the left who are doing htis.

          • Well now I’m pissed off. Why do the obots think it’s okay to sling mud at a politician’s children? It reminds me of the “pimping” comment about Chelsea. They really are the scum of the scum.

          • gmx–that’s the words that some bots are actually using– saying Brown was “pimping” out his daughters

        • gxm17

          Brown went “off script” and was having a lighthearted moment with his daughters during the acceptance speech. His family was not offended, and neither was I, frankly.

          The shit-hurling that ensued was unbelievable.
          Comments were made all over the blogs to the effect that Brown was “pimping them out,” that he had “the hots” for them, etc. I refuse to link to this filth. Disgusting and hateful, IMO.

          Watch the Youtube of the acceptance speech and see for yourself-it seemed innocent and in the moment to me.

          The demonization of Brown has begun.

          • Thanks Catarina. I really had no idea what the heck everyone was going on about. Disgusting. Typical obot hate tactics.

  21. What’s wrong with progressives? They hate women.

    • Please, these are not progressives. Real progressives are the ones who helped get women the vote; they are Jane Addams, Hull House; cleaning up the slaughter houses; they worked for state voter initiatives that give voters in many states the right to directly amend a constitution or pass a law or recall a politician. I do not know what you want to label these people and I guess they think they are progressives but they are no better and maybe worse than their counterparts on the right.

      • IOW – real progessives all died a long time ago.

      • I’m talking about Progressives(TM), as opposed old-skool liberals.

        • After the primary and general in 08, seems the default MO of the Progressives (TM) became bashing women. That’s what they became experienced doing. Praise Obama and bash any women who get in his way. Without that strategy, they seem lost, just incoherent little brats.

        • I believe the term for Progressives(TM) is “Fauxgressives”. 😛

  22. Pirate’s Cove:

    I’m convinced. Scott Brown is not qualified to be a U.S. Senator. Next thing you know, we’ll find out that he had sex. With his wife!

    I didn’t know DT had a blog

  23. LOL 80’s music MIQ! hahahahahahahahahaha!

    however this is the big non-funny today…


    I can’t wait to see what is going to get said about this one. Unbelievable.

  24. ROTFLMAO!!! Oh, yeah, Teh One is definitely rattled. At his townhall today:

    blockquote>At one point Obama said, “here in Michigan” alas it was in Ohio.

    • What he really said:

      “But he also said, ‘Hundreds of thousands of Americans would have been hurt, not just at those companies, but at auto suppliers and other companies and dealers here in Michigan — here in Ohio — up in Michigan and all across this country.’ ”

      • He corrected himself, then. But he still said it.

        • And I bet the righty blogs are doing the same thing with that as HuffPo et al. are doing with Ms. Scott. His thoughts got ahead of him that’s all, but let’s ridicule.

          • I doubt it. Not when he has given them so much material to work with.

            Why focus on this misspeak when they can hammer him on jobs, health care or a myriad of other issues that he has dropped the ball on.

          • But it does matter to his audience. Ohioans don’t like being mistaken for Michiganders. He’s never been very good at connecting with working people, so a slip like that becomes magnified. He was in Lorain, the same town he campaigned in two years ago where he dissed Hillary for not wanting to repeal Nafta. Point is he’s better at delivering speeches than he is empathizing with people. That’s just a fact.

      • All these 57 states look alike.

      • That would somewhat make sense if he had been evenhanded with the bailouts. The banking industry got a blank check without any strings. The auto industry workers were required to make concessions. Many of them took job cuts. The retirees lost benefits like pensions or health care. Regular workers on Main Street still lost their jobs and as a consequence for many their houses and health care.

        Sure he could argue MORE would have lost had he not provided the bailouts but that is going to mean little to the 17+% who are struggling with unemployment and underemployment who lost alot despite those bailouts.

    • Oh god again? Can that idiot just hang a gps or a map around his neck. He’s really got a problem with the Midwest. Still remember him putting the great lakes in Oregon.

      • He has trouble with geography. Reminds me of Bush.

      • MA election night in the Oval Office

        If it were Hillary, can’t imagine reproductive rights not coming up in discussion. There is no one with power looking out for women’s rights in domestic policy.

        • That was not meant to nest…not that I have a problem with nesting. 🙂

        • I keep thinking of the work she’s doing as sec of state standing up for women’s rights, Internet freedom,etc and being thoroughly pissed that the idiot Obama is going to be doing his best to erode those rights here at home. Can someone get a time machine and fix this mess so we have Hillary?

    • That reminds me of the primary–he was so out of it he often couldn’t remember where he was or he botched the names.

  25. What gets me is what makes them think that if people weren’t outraged that HE posed nude that anyone would care that his wife once wore a bikini in a video? I mean really.

    • And when BO goes topless, he’s “admired” for I don’t know what. It’s a double standard.

  26. OMG, the Democrats want to go into the political wilderness forever, it seems.

    Headlines now on TV that they are pushing to get rid of the filibuster rule. However you may feel about that rule, given the current angry political climate, the public response is going to be “WHAT PART OF STOP SHOVING STUFF DOWN OUR THROATS DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND????!!!!!”

    If the Dems try to do this, they are dead meat. DEAD MEAT for decades.

    • They don’t know how to be strong, decisive, assertive, leaders — but they have teh stupid down pretty good.

      • I’m trying to find out more – it was just one of those scrolling things that I caught. I hope it was just an anonymous rumour/leak that a few senators were discussing it, not some stupid Dem saying it openly.

        • A few years ago the filibuster was the last bastion of democracy.

        • They are said to be wooing Olympia Snowe again, so maybe if that doesn’t work, they’ll just get rid of the filibuster. Anyone know how many votes that would take?

      • Actually for some reason the base wants this. I think it has something to do with marginalizing the conservative ideology and getting rid of the feet dragging and obstruction. My gut says it is a bad strategy since we seem to be on a political swing or see saw that goes back and forth and up and down. It might be swell on the upswing but it’ll be a PITA when your ideology is the minority(as ours has been on more than 1 occasion).

        • They think it’s the “way” to get what they “want.”

        • I remember Byrd standing up to denounce this when the Republicans wanted to do it.

          Besides, it take a 2/3 vote to change the rules.

          • If the Democrats simply ignored the filibuster rule, what could the GOP do about it?

            The filibuster isn’t in the Constitution and SCOTUS can’t enforce Senate “rules.”

        • see but you’re thinking long-term, the NuDem base doesn’t do that

  27. My 17 and 15 year old just came in to see what I was doing. I told them I was watching a video with Mrs. Brown in it. After watching it they puzzled “Why does it matter?” Apparently, my two teens have more sense then HuffPo.

  28. Every goofball trying to display this video as “racy” alludes to her ejaculating the tube of tanning lotion. I have watched this vid a few times and it appears to me that a guy is holding it and she never touches it. I suppose when you hate someone so much, you can fabricate dirt where none exists.

  29. I find it amusing that all of a sudden she’s being referred to as Mrs. Brown. Until a few weeks ago, here in Boston, Scott Brown was better known as Mr. Gail Huff.

    • Until a few days ago I had no idea who she was. I don’t watch much TV and certainly not for news though.

      • Apologies, cwaltz. My comment wasn’t directed at you, but at the many references I’ve read lately to “Scott Brown’s wife” or “Mrs. Brown.” I only meant to say that until very recently, she was far better known than he was (and of course, neither one of them was known at all outside the Boston area).

  30. wow, that song sucked! But I wish there was a tape of me running around looking like that in a bikini today!
    are progressives now demanding women wear burkas? No wonder they are so cranky!

    By the way, she does look like pia zadora (whoever said that) I couldn’t figure it out before. That was a very popular look back in the 80s, before all the hollywood actresses (and actors) were able to achieve that pouty look with injectables.

  31. LOL, I just realized I missed the whole tanning lotion thing. I was too busy thinking how young she looked, and how old I have gotten!!
    I did hear in Coakley’s speech on election night that heh told Scott Brown that he had lovely daughters! Reference to hermans hermits. I loved that song!!

  32. Glenn Greenwald’s point of view on the Scotus decision yesterday. I personally don’t agree. Corporations imo are capable of doing much more damage than Glenn imagines if they are fully released. And they will always be more powerful than the free speech of the left’s special interest groups who he thinks will benefit.

    In sum, there’s no question that the stranglehold corporations exert on our democracy is one of the most serious and pressing threats we face. I’ve written volumes on that very problem. Although I doubt it, this decision may very well worsen that problem in some substantial way. But on both pragmatic and Constitutional grounds, the issue of corporate influence — like virtually all issues — is not really solvable by restrictions on political speech. Isn’t it far more promising to have the Government try to equalize the playing field through serious public financing of campaigns than to try to slink around the First Amendment — or, worse, amend it — in order to limit political advocacy?

    There are few features that are still extremely healthy and vibrant in the American political system; the First Amendment is one of them, and the last thing we should want is Congress trying to limit it through amendments or otherwise circumvent it in the name of elevating our elections. Meaningful public financing of campaigns would far more effectively achieve the ostensible objectives of campaign finance restrictions without any of the dangers or constitutional infirmities. If yesterday’s decision provides the impetus for that to be done, then it will have, on balance, achieved a very positive outcome, even though that was plainly not its intent.

  33. how bad can it get you wonder?

    Mike Huckabee has a 45-44 advantage over Obama in the latest poll…

      • I would actually have to vote for Teh Precious.

        • the best thing Obama has going for him is the GOP slate

        • and me

        • Thirded- or is it seventhed?

          I’ve already told some of my conservative friends that if they want a snowball’s chance of getting my vote they’d better get a better slate. Palin was there best shot and with the corwd she has been hanging with lately even she is a long shot.

        • catarina–
          my very first thought when I hear Huckaboo vs. Obamboozle is that Obama is the devil I now know and Huckabee is the creep who thought it was ok to say that he wants to amend the Constitution to reflect the Bible. I don’t want to find out the end to that story. Even a Huckabee/Colbert ticket is a no way no how for me. Thinking it over I’m not sure what exactly I would do by the time 2012 rolled around. Obama policy is too much like Bush, and Bush vs. Huckabee? I wouldn’t vote or I’d choose third party–so after all is said and done that’s probably all I could live with if it came down to Obama vs. Huckabee, too.

    • Good god.

      And Romney (the real winner in MA, apparently) not close behind.

    • 2012 is going to be the reverse of 2008: Any Republican can win. And that will be Jeb. It really doesn’t matter who we vote for, and there’s no way I’ll vote for Obama, so that just leaves the Green Party for me.

  34. Oh ohhhh

    Panel receives Timothy Geithner’s call logs


  35. Yes, this is political commentary from E! entertainment but this made me laugh.

    Morning Piss: Is Obama “Ill-Equipped,” as Former White House Staffer Claims?

    When Ted Kennedy’s senate seat went to a Republican—in Massachusetts!—and Obama blamed Wall Street (uh, hello?). I rang up one of my top political insiders, and said, literally, “WTF?” Not just the gay crap, but how did a staunchly democratic stronghold go GOP? Plus, the country seems to be hating on the prez right now, what’s going on?

    The news wasn’t too pretty:

    “Clearly, [Obama]’s surrounded by a bunch of ideologues who are yes-men and who have no idea how to (a) manage Congress; (b) manage the states; and (c) manage themselves,” said my inside Potomac insider who, despite having worked for the Bush White House, was no big fan of GWB, I assure you.

    The former White House bigwig continued. “It started with an inexperienced man who was ill-equipped to run for president, but did so at a time Republicans had weak candidates and the sitting Republican President was unpopular. And let’s face it, if he were white, he wouldn’t have beaten Hillary in the primary,” surmised my still politically active Washington mole.

    And my political strategist, by the by, is also not only fully aware I voted for Ms. Clinton in the primary, she also appears to be seeing why I was such a fan of H.C. in first place:

    “I totally agree with you. If Hillary had been elected, people could at least agree or disagree on something, because the woman makes decisions, not just a bunch of bulls–t talk and jibberish that speechwriters turn out to make him oh-so-dreamy and hopey-changey.”

  36. o/t
    Chris Matthews is an IDIOT. He understands NOTHING about how campaign finance works and the new SC decision. I know I shouldn’t watch but how does he have a job? Any job. Why doesn’t he read something on the subject he’s about to interview folks about? I would be so embarrassed to show my lack of knowledge on the cable. Even MSNBC! Awful.

  37. unemployment is up in 43 states!

    • Krugman tells us there is no reason to panic. He really is totally removed from what goes on outside the world of Versailles, isn’t he? Yes, more of you will lose your jobs and those of you who are unemployed will remain unemployed for quite some time but there is no need to panic.

      • well, Krug still has HIS job..

        • He is a tenured Princeton professor, NYTimes columnist, frequent guest commentator on weekend political shows, and a Nobel Prize winner. He doesn’t have to worry about losing his job or starving if for some reason he ever lost one of his many well-paid jobs. His response to this disaster is 100% that of a clueless elitist who hasn’t personally experienced what this recession has done to so many families. Just tell one of the millions of unemployed who have been out of a job for a year or longer. The comments to his post are pretty good.

          • Krugman has turned into a White house groupie.

            This really is a depression in more ways than one.

          • I think he should change his blog to Conscience of a WH Groupie. Krugman said he’s “pretty close to giving up on Obama.” What more does he need to see? The Dems losing California?

    • When he says don’t panic, the “panic” word is for the financial markets and DC. He’s not talking to ordinary people who are suffering. He’s not good at disguising his disdain or lack of concern for the great unwashed masses. Just like BO, populists of any stripe or color are the “they” not the “we.” Very much like the people who go on Charlie Rose and whisper to each other as if they were nobility about the issues of the day in their paternalistic liberally enlightened manner..

  38. The new meme.

    @jaketapper: At his Lorain, Ohio, event today, POTUS used the word “fight” 20 times.

  39. Pretty funny. Almost as funny as Obama using the word “fight” 20 times.

    Jon Stewart Mocks Keith Olbermann Over Scott Brown Attacks

  40. New (open) thread up top.

  41. Am I suppose to be shocked by this video? By today’s standards it’s pretty tame. And this is the Progressive, Far Left’s attack on Scott Brown’s wife, a video from decades ago. Though she did not run for the Senate. And the Democratic Party, my party, is suppose to be the party defending women’s rights.

    What? Have the Dems turned into the Religious Right? Or are they just using the same skanky, hypocritical tactics.

    I want my party back!!!!

    Thank God I didn’t have video taken of my wayward youth. Besides, I’m jealous. She looks better in the bikini than I ever did :0).

  42. […] what is so scandalous or offensive or anti-woman about this music video? Even Malkin’s liberal anti-thesis is thoroughly bewildered: “What is wrong with Progressives these days?” Where does Gail […]

  43. The artist’s name is <a href="http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&searchlink=DIGNEY|FIGNUS&sql=11:azfuxqu5ldde~T1"Digney Fignus. The Huffington Post article has the G and the N in the singer/songwriter’s last name transposed. Another blow to their credibility, I’m sure. I mean, Fignus might enjoy the resurgent interest in his tepid single had they gotten his name correct.

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