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    • The Law of Equal Treatment
      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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Friday Open Thread

NFL conference championships are on Sunday. The Jets will face Indy in the Who’s-yer-new-sponsor Dome while the Vikes play the Saints in NOLA.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Expecting insanity either way and hiding inside with my optimum currency area research.

  2. I am going to POSE NEKKID in hopes of some day running for the SENATE! 😉

  3. I’ve been giving my basement dirty looks, and it’s been doing the same back at me. I think I’ll be doing some cleaning down there. If you don’t hear from me, then it’s proof there are monsters down there. Or aliens. Or, shudder, zombies.

  4. Oops, everyone moved on. Did want to underscore how the media has changed so this is a copied post from the Tipping Point essay.

    “In 1983, 50 corporations controlled the vast majority or all news media in the U.S.
    By 1992, less than 30.
    In 2004, six huge corps–Time Warner, Disney (ABC), Murdoch’s News Corp. , Bertelsmann of German, Viacom (formerly CBS), and General Electric (NBC).
    In both their news reporting and their editorials, they promote “free trade” agreements, privatization, and other policies that have led to the current crisis.”
    (except from p. 51 “Hoodwinked: An Economic Hit Man Reveals Why the World Financial Markets Imploded–and What We Need to Do to Remake Them”)
    Dear Progressives, Did you really think the media was falling all over itself for
    someone who would rock the boat? Did you ever question why it was selling Bush II in the previous two elections? Of course, he was so bad that the tide would turn, and more than likely the Dem who “won” the nomination would be elected. Couldn’t have someone with a record of being for the people (Hillary) in there, could they? In the General, McCain/Palin might have rocked the boat and split up the conglomerate.

    Now guess who benefits from the Supreme’s latest decision? Who gets most of the ad money that sells our politicians ( guessing google doesn’t count–the Obama campaign bought them outright)?

    • The “mad as hell” clip gets all the attention but this one is spot on:

    • What might be interesting to watch is what happens to media organizations from this point. I wonder, and suspect, that many corporations (GE comes to mind) absorbed media companies precisely so they could push propaganda for particular candidates and policies. Now that they can more openly with this ruling, I wonder if some of those will become less interested or have less need to own a media company.

      • Except GE has sold NBC to Comcast now.

        • Yep, and in the works way before this ruling. So it doesn’t count. But other organizations could sell off their media companies or big interests in same.

          By the way, I wonder what Comcast thinks of the late night scuffle. Would be kind of funny if when they finally take over, they stick their nose in and do something (probably to make it worse).

        • I don’t think GE sold it outright. My recollection was that it was a 51-49 split with Comcast having majority equity.

      • Controlling media is necessary to control the voters and to sell candidates. (TV exists to hold you for the commercial.) The campaign ads must be quite profitable. Icing on the cake.

        • It’s become harder for offline media to make money (profits), but the two things that will help this year are the Scotus ruling and the Midterm elections.

  5. Dunno, probably take my son to see a movie and spend too much money together in a bookstore.

    • We can say it’s a crock then.

    • Questioning the validity of that “document.” TPM posted it this morning with the cc: President Barak Obama and an hour or so later, it had been corrected.

      Now, if that document was a .pdf of the original, they would not have been able to do that.

    • Never trust an academic, especially when s/he holds Friedmanesque views.

  6. I got an email from Jane Hamsher this afternoon – subject: EMERGENCY – it sounded like her hair was on fire about the “push” to get the Healthcare Bill through as is. She had another petition attached.


  7. Try to avoid the Jets! Jets! Jets! hype. It’s on the air all the time. So I’ll turn off my tv until kickoff sunday ( I’m a football fanatic, but not a Jets fan) and finish rereading Le Carre’s A Small Town in Germany. Just finished rereading The Russia House and I plan to make my way through all his books that I own.

  8. I’m watching my 3-year-old granddaughter run around in her princess dress, AND her tiara, AND a toolbelt with a plastic hammer and screwdriver.

    • Oh man that sounds so good. I’ve got a 3 year old granddaughter who’s a blast. Now I’ve got to get her a toolbelt to match her princess dress. Great idea!

    • That sounds like fun!

    • I sometimes pass this merry-go-round that has kids’ parties, princess or pirate. I always think I’d want the pirate party, but with the tiara. Just call me Captain Queen.

  9. BTW, has anyone else wondered what Obama’s speechwriters are going through right now? I mean, the SOTU is going to be a massive suck to write. What has he accomplished in the past year? Bupkus.

    • Fuck Obama’s speechwriters.

      • Oh, I wasn’t feeling sorry for them! I was just thinking of the greatest speech evah they had prepared for his historic healthcare victory, and how Favreau’s face must have looked when he had to tear it up.

        I hope they all get hemorrhoids, myself.

        • SOTU is gonna be heavy lifting for liars.

          • I wonder if he’ll get many standing O’s after this failure of a year.

          • That will be interesting to see. Wonder if any Democrats will yell “You lie” this year 😉

          • Lol They’ll probably bring in photographers to make sure the moment is captured and then rush the stage. Remind me again, why did I let my 7 year old determine who I supported?

          • It’s going to be more of what he spouted yesterday in Ohio–I will not be bullied by these evildoers, as I fight mightily for you, the little people!

      • I don’t f*uck cardboard molesting frat boys.

    • He is under no obligation to give a SOTU. Since he’s been knocked around a bit lately by the voters and some press, maybe he’ll just refuse to give that speech this year.

      • Wait, didn’t he already give one in front of the Grecian columns?

        That acceptance speech was a slightly altered state of the union speech (reminded me of ones that Clinton gave). Jon Favreau must have had a few beers, not his best.

        The speech was to make him sound presidential! A laundry list. He already was lauded for looking presidential. The current presidential look (since 2000) is an oxymoronic empty suit plus the emperor without clothes.

        Doesn’t matter to me. I won’t be watching TOTUS.

      • Miss a chance to tell us how historical and unprecedented he is? I want some of what you’re drinking!

    • FLOTUS got more done on Sesame Street than POTUS did on Pennsylvania Avenue. Favreau’s challenge looms large. But this is as the Obama WH wants it to be, not like the Clinton WH, looming small with all that peace and prosperity.

    • Well, I think they are reading HRC’s speeches. That line in Ohio today, “I’ll never stop fighting for you” is exacting what she said in early May in Indiana during the primary.

  10. “U know, I went 2 college in Boston, well not IN Boston, but nearby. No not Tufts.” — “Shut up.” — “Harvard.” — “U were told 2 shut up.”

    • Only after I left Boston did I encounter people who were afraid to drop the H-bomb. And Republicans.

      • “I went to school in Cambridge” is a euphemism for “I think you’re stupid enough to be intimidated.”

        • Kids on twitter can be funny, even sweet. Think they’re trying to move beyond politics, consuming much less news apparently.


          • The youth vote stats were dismal for MA. 15%.

            I adore young people, and think they are a wonderful asset to the party. But you DO NOT build a party’s foundation on the youth vote. It’s insane. Yes, appeal to them. Yes, seek their often insightful input. Yes, get them involved and hopefully many of them will grow and mature to be the eventual backbone of the party. But you DO NOT just hand over the car keys to the country to 18-25 year-olds.

            I hope I don’t offend, but no – on balance the average 19 year old does not have the breadth and depth of experience and judgement that an older person has. Experience counts for something. Having personally lived and learned through political cycles counts for something.

          • youth vote is valuable but it’s ridiculous that we had an election where grown up pols were saying their children made them endorse Obama

          • Oh WMCB didn’t you know? Experience is so passe.

      • I was once told that a Harvard grad has to let you know it within the first 15 minutes of meeting them!

  11. barf.

    First hubby is in trouble, but Michelle is ABC’s <a href"http://abcnews.go.com/WN/abc-world-news-diane-sawyer-person-week-michelle/story?id=9634371&quot; Person of the Week for her dedication to the fight against juvenile obesity.


    No jobs = poverty = consuming empty carbs and zero-nutrition foods = chronic malnutrtion, food allergies/addictions = blood sugar problems…..

  12. Michelle is ABC’s Person of the Week for her dedication to the fight against juvenile obesity.

    • Yeah, because she’s done so much for that cause, that she’s been at for what…2 months now? I think she made a few speeches in schools.

      Good Gawd, can these idiots not wait for either Obama to actually ACCOMPLISH something before heaping awards on them?

      • Was thinking yesterday Obama might have been able to buy another year of positive consideration from the electorate if he had turned down the Nobel last year. That would have shown me something.

    • Obesity isn’t one of my prime concerns at a time like this. People in this country are STARVING or they are obese because they don’t have the insurance to get the necessary HEALTH CARE or the MONEY and JOB to buy healthy organic food and a gym membership. Good Gawd, maybe if she even cared to look at the root of the problem she’d realize that her husband and people like him are the root cause of why so many people in this country are unhealthy.

    • Did she actually propose ending subsidies to BigAg so they couldn’t afford to make high fructose corn syrup anymore?

  13. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/35019634#35021020

    Wow….14 times today Obama said he would fight, or continue fighting for all our woes. He honestly believes just like GWB did….”if I say it, it will be true”….he really doesn’t think anyone is paying attention.

    • Rings that much more hollow since the real fighter is Hillary. I don’t think people have forgotten about the clinging comments he made in San Francisco. Not in the Midwest they haven’t. And northern Ohio where he was today might as well be in a depression. They need results not more words.

    • we know who the *real* fighter is.

      All those charmed people behind the stage looked like they had nitrous oxide laced with kool-aid before being seated.

      0 also made a reference to a “bucksaw”. I can’t remember the exact quote and don’t have the stomach to review any youtubes – but i found myself thinking, that must have been the first day he ever heard that word, let alone use it. C’mon, we’re supposed to believe he’s ever used a power tool?

  14. From the Cleveland Dope Dealer:

    Obama has suspicious number of letter-writing fans named ‘Ellie Light’

    Ellie Light sure gets around.

    In recent weeks, Light has published virtually identical “Letters to the Editor” in support of President Barack Obama in more than a dozen newspapers.Every letter claimed a different residence for Light that happened to be in the newspaper’s circulation area.

    • There likely won’t be a second term anyway.

      • I’m still holding out the, perhaps insane, hope that Hillary runs for President in 2012. It would make my decade.

    • Over my dead body she’s going to campaign for him or play vp. 🙂 The media mugging and election fixing in the 2008 Democratic Party primary was a national travesty worse than 2004, 2000, and Watergate combined – at least for me. I will never forget and be ready to make nice with New Democrats re 2008. We have the wrong President in the WH at a time when the nation desperately needs the right President. Hillary will make her own choices for her future. Obama needs to succeed or fail on his own. Apologists can go to hell.

  15. Just wanted to say, RIP Air America, and good-riddance. I feel saddened and vindicated at the same time. Saddened, when their humor, common sense, and boldness lifted my spirits during the Bush insanity years. Vindicated, when they did the inexplicable about face trashing the Clintons, worshiping the fraud messiah in lock-step, and thereby alienating at least half of their audience. I was gone in a heart beat, prior to the Randi Rhodes debacle. Once a galvanizing force, now an irrelevant footnote. BO is as poisonous today as the Kool-aid they guzzled in 2008.

    • They went from a mission of protesting evil government policies and activities to praising and promoting evil government policies and activities. And funnily enough, pretty much the very same government policies and activities. I guess people started to notice and had somewhere else to go.

    • Good summary. There was a time – in 2004 – where I wouldn’t go out without being plugged in AAR. They started losing me when they decided to gloss over the theft of 2004 – even ridiculing callers who brought it up. By 2007 I wasn’t listening regularly – but beginning of 2008 I noticed the seal of DNC on everything they said. I always thought Randi was speaking her own mind – but when I saw the speed with which she went from drooling over Bill Clinton to complete CDS I realized she was a shill like all the others.
      There was a study in journalism done at that time that shows that on radio – Hillary had zero positive coverage, while the other two – 100%.
      Good riddance!

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