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Massachusetts Special Election Live Blog II

The polls are closed. Who won? Who lost? What does it mean?

Let’s talk about it.

288 Responses

  1. {{{biting nails}}}

  2. Love the Diebold pic. 🙂

  3. I hate this part. Can’t watch, can’t look away.

  4. repeat:

    Based on all the democrats pointing fingers of blame and eating of their own, Brown has won by a big margin. But of course it’s got to be all Coakley/George Bush (jr and/or sr)/Hillary and/or Bill Clinton/Fox news’ fault. US Senate races, like Governor races, are purely local. This has nothing to do with Obama, the Democratic Party, the health care reform legislation, or the voters’ (those left, right and in-between) dissatisfaction with any and all three. So, when do the Republicans take the seat in Illinois?

    • Even if MC pulls out a win, it was a lot closer than it should have been.

      • of course, but the gibbsanator will spin it as a BIG thumbs up by all the world of Obama and the Democrats!! she loses, he says she is evil…easy peasy

  5. On CNN, reporters at the candidate’s headquarters. Coakley’s is quiet and mostly empty while Brown’s is rocking with a big crowd. Don’t know how it will come out, but it’s apparent how they all think it will end.

    • The only thing I am waiting for is which screwed up media outlet will be the first to brave calling the winner! My money is it will NOT be nbc

    • AP just projected Brown as winner and Coakley is being called on to concede.

  6. CNN’s Gloria Borger said that we’ll see a more populist Obama, and John Roberts said well they don’t have much time (i.e SOTU next Wed) and Gloria was like “oh they’re good at that”

  7. Former Democratic Boston Mayor Ray Flynn just announced that he voted for Brown

    • What happened to ‘The People have spoken’?

    • You’re shitting me? That’s amazing.

    • There is no way the Democratic Leadership can spin this any other way but a big middle finger to them …

      • Oh, they will try, and the media will help them. But the country ain’t gonna buy it.

      • They should drum him outta the party. I mean after all isn’t that the way things are done now circa 2008

      • LOL – Howard Dean was just on Rachel Maddow saying the voters are just showing their disdain for the bankers — this has nothing to do with Obama 🙂

    • Oh for Pete’s sake. Flynn is pretty conservative and anti-abortion, so that’s probably why.

      • plus didn’t he have some sort of dust up with Coakley? Maybe I’m thinking of someone else.

      • Ironically enough Brown isn’t completely anti abortion. Heck, there doesn’t appear to have been much a difference to the two candidates on choice this go round since both seem to think it was hunky dory for reproductive health choices to be conditional. (Sighing again)

  8. the numbers coming out now are bad

  9. Twitter and Facebook are spinning hard. Left is saying it’s all Coakley’s fault. Right is saying…well they’re mostly getting drunk and celebrating. Here’s one reasonable conservative pundit on twitter..

    @lizmair: Total full-on circular firing squad in the Democratic Party tonight. Insane.

  10. Spammy got me, or some thing else, don’t know which. Bye for now. 😦

  11. According to Kieth Olberman – driving a pickup truck is code for being a racist.

    How much more of this can they get away with???…

    He said it with a smug SMIRK on his face…

    • I guess MA can join WV and the rest of us bitter knitters as the raycists under the bus.

      What happens when the pile of voters under the bus gets bigger than the pile on the bus?

      • Don’t worry it has to be the full “57” states that rebuke the admin before this can be considered a “national” referendum. I’m pretty sure he can get to 50 and still be safe. *snort*

    • WTF! That won’t go over very well in Lowell!

      • Oh yeah, he went on and on about how it was like the 60’s and somehow MA voting for anyone other than the Dem was asserting their “states rights”, just like those segregationists. MA has gone to the dark pickup truck side, and are all raycists now,

        It was down-the-rabbit-hole crazy shit.

      • Cannot wait ’til you guys see the Youtube – he was talking with Fineman – and as soon as he said it (and smirked) even Fineman had to walk him back from the ‘Driving a pickup truck = Racism’ line of thought… then of course KO just went to Tea Party = Racism.. which Fineman started to walk back from as well (a little slower though)… You could literally hear Olberman mentally screaming “get this guy off my show! – he’s not cooperating with my memes”

    • Counting up the number of pickup-driving South Texans I know who voted for Obama. . ..

      But wait–most of them are increasingly disappointed with him, so they must be raycist after all.

  12. Ben Smith tweeted that no one is using the coatcheck at Coakley HQ. They don’t plan to be there celebrating all night?

  13. We have got to get a better system. It’s sad when you have to choose between a blazing homophobe who won’t rubberstamp or a candidate willing to jettison stuff like reproductive choice and rubberstamp.


  14. local boston news 51-48 brown w/ 7 percent rptg.

  15. Gloria just called Obama arrogant, I think MC has been forgotten in all of this…

    • LMAO!! Waaaaaaaaaaah! Sorry, but he’s such a tool, he deserves it.

    • Heh:

      Message of the day to all Dems, Coakley, Rahm, Celinda Lake, national Dem committees, Axelrod, whoever, whatever: Shut the *$%& Up! I don’t know how else to say it. I’m watching MSNBC and hearing all the key players dumping on each other. As I’ve said, the Coakley campaign seems to have been run just terribly. And that’s just the beginning of it. But really, with all that’s at stake, the White House political office left this to Coakley, unsupervised? Really? I just have very little patience hearing all the people who are by definition all to blame have an argument about who’s most to blame.

    • I hope Josh and the boyz take a nice ol’ helping of blame themselves. After all, they are the bright, shiny creative class that gave us such stellar leadership.

      No worries Josh, there’s more than enough blame to go round. Nice coalition you got there.

  16. Rasmussen:

    * Among those who decided how they would vote in the past few days, Coakley has a slight edge, 47% to 41%.
    * Coakley also has a big advantage among those who made up their mind more than a month ago.
    * Seventy-six percent (76%) of voters for Brown said they were voting for him rather than against Coakley.
    * Sixty-six percent (66%) of Coakley voters said they were voting for her rather than against Brown.
    * 22% of Democrats voted for Brown. That is generally consistent with pre-election polling.

  17. 53 Brown, 46 Coakley, 13% reporting

  18. 15%
    B-53 MC-45

  19. 21% reporting

    53% Brown
    46% Coakley

  20. 25%

  21. Someone just tweeted:

    He is winning in Quincy. FUCKING QUINCY

  22. I actually feel quite sick over this whole thing.

    • Aren’t they creative?

      I mean it takes a real bunch of genuises to squander a sure thing.

    • Karma’s a b*tch.

      • Yeah, and the Oborg thought Hillary was a b*tch.

        No other b*tch lays the smack down quite like Madame Karma. 😛

    • yes. The Ds threw it away. They wanted to be like the GOP and now they’re paying for it quicker than the GOP had to–took until 2006 for the GOP brand to really start suffering.

    • Hey it’s Tuesday so I’m gonna go ahead and say (for the umpteenth time): This is the plan. It’s always been the plan to ruin the Democratic Party so that 2012 can usher in Bush 4.

  23. The sad part is that the pundits are interpreting this as Obama needing to move MORE to the RIGHT! 😯

    • Sounds like their perfect strategy is right on plan.

    • Because the pundits know that wealthy right-wingers pay them their outrageous salaries to do nothing that faintly resembles honest work.

    • Yep, I’m already thinking about the post I want to write on how the Dems will take the completely wrong message away from this.

    • Too bad for Obots. They were trained to cheerlead but not to protest.

    • So now Obama-crats are calling for Obama to basically become a triangulating Clintonite? Fascinating, after hundreds of millions spent on the “change” campaign.

    • MSNBC are paid Obama shills. Axelrove and the Dem establishment had it in for Coakley all along and they are also the ones who want the pundits to say that Obama needs to move to the right. The pundits will also take care of a Coakley loss by blaming her instead of Obama.

  24. None of this is the fault of Obama’s DNC. Just bad campaign after bad campaign. New Jersey, Virginia, and now Mass. How many times are they going to fall back on the old “bad campaign” excuse and just admit that they have completely ruined the brand?

    • Yes, everyone is a worthless loser except for teh precious. If only he were everything and everywhere we’d all be ok.

      • My favorite is how he moved the DNC to Chicago – but it’s not under Obama’s control… not his fault…

        I don’t think he’ll make any tack – he/they are too arrogant – they don’t believe it has anything to do with them…. I’d be impressed (ok – only slightly) if thy did make any adjustment whatsoever… but I’m pretty sure it won’t be a direction I want them to go anyway.

    • It’s all local dontcha know. That is if you believe the United States is a freakin’ locality. (rolling eyes)

    • Maybe they will believe when a Dem candidate runs hard AGAINST the Obama machine….

      and WINS.

  25. A third of the precincts have been counted, but they are mostly from Western Mass. They are still waiting for Boston. That could be good for Coakley.

  26. 40% reporting on Boston Globe

    53% Brown
    46% Coakley

  27. but only 9 percent of Boston is in and she has a 14 percent spread there

  28. 40% reporting

    52.6 – 46.4

  29. From a commenter on hillaryis44:

    My town reported 2100 votes today compared to 2700 in the Presidential election.

    The town went 55% – 45% Obama over McCain.

    Today it went:

    58% Brown
    41% Obama/Coakley

  30. 21% she now has 18 percent lead

  31. Speaking of Hillary, I wonder how long before she jumps off the sinking ship known as Teh Precious Administration?

    • She’s in the best place she could be right now.

      SoS is a non-political office and her approval rating appears unconnected to Mr. One-derful’s.

      • That’s because he doesn’t have her to cheat off of for domestic policy which was where Hillary actually shined IMO.

      • She hasn’t had to pull a Powell and sell another war yet. If she is asked, I hope she resigns over it. We’ve got 2 more wars than we need now.

  32. CNN says Coakley is getting 59% of the vote in Boston and those votes are just coming in.

  33. 63% reporting

    53% Brown
    46% Coakley


  34. She’s down about 67K votes.

  35. The only cheerful thought to come out of this night’s work is that Donna Brazille will likely wake up with bleeding ulcers tomorrow.

  36. The 52 – 46 is holding steady.

  37. she’s down 80,000 votes. That can’t be made up with less than 50% of the vote already in.

  38. Howard Dean’s on MSNBC. Must be the under the bus correspondent.

  39. Someone just tweeted that Martha has called Scott and conceded.

  40. I feel bad for Martha. She’s taking the beating for Obama and the Democratic leadership.

    • me too…. I think they wanted her to lose.

    • A-yep. But she didn’t help herself when she caved. THAT should be the lesson, but the Dems aren’t going to learn it.

      • I agree…I think they made her cave.

        But I want his HCRA gone.

        I hope the rest of the nation takes notice and the incumbents get scared for their seats.

        Maybe someday we can get REAL representation

    • I feel terrible for her. She has turned into a scapegoat. Now some of left blogistan will further dump on her instead of facing that this was a referendum on Obama.

    • I feel bad for Coakley too. She made a bad decision by associating herself with Obama and his disastrous presidency, but what else could she have done? She would’ve been powerless against the Dem establishment and insurance companies if she had won anyway. I’m about to go over to TalkLeft to see what kind of idiocy Jeralyn has to say about this. Is she planning to throw a party tonight?

  41. 91K down last I looked. No coming back from a spread like that. I wonder if she’s made her call yet?

  42. It will be fun to watch the progs freak out.

  43. I can’t stay on Twitter. The prog idiots are all beating up on Martha, and they are clueless as to what is really happening.

    • They still don’t get it.

    • Do they think is a good sign so because now 0 will pull it together by November?

      • No, they think Martha was a terrible candidate and Capuano would have won big, LOL. Brown would have beaten Capuano a lot worse. He is very annoying–Capuano that is.

    • This is three strikes for Obama, now: NJ, Virginia, MA. There’s only one thing all three have in common. Even if the progboyz can’t figure it out, BO’s corporate masters will, and I’m pretty sure they, if no one else, know exactly what’s in teh Precious’ closet.

      This could get interesting.

  44. Someone tweeting Coakley has conceded.

  45. It isn’t over until it’s over, but—–

    How do you hold a politician accountable for folding on a key principle and platform mantra like women’s reproductive rights/excoriate them for compromising the most important things for campaign cash and at the same time turn around and vote for them?

    We have seen our respected peers here for this past 2-3 weeks struggle with that right here. And now that we are on the edge of results how do we react—joy if the sell out loses; sadness because she is a she and had other virtues? Joy that the HCR may be doa is he wins because we hate the lady parts crimes in it but angry/sad because he has few other virtues?

    • I voted for her because I still think she would have done a good job for Mass. But I’m not broken hearted that she lost. I’m going to enjoy watching the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  46. Fox called it for Brown

  47. AP now projecting Brown win.

  48. Turnout in Boston was not what they hoped.

  49. It’s not about her it’s about HCR Fox has a bunch of voters on most voted for Obama before and most didn’t vote for MC no one that did not vote for her mentioned her as the reason it’s all Washington

  50. He won. I am happy about it but I know a lot of you are not. The Dems need a medic.

    • I’m happy for what it will do to the Obama admin.

      • Same here. I feel bad for Coakley because she was a victim of Obama’s incompetency and failures. But I don’t feel bad for what will happen to Obama and a lot of other Dems In Name Only in 2010 and 2012.

      • Me too. This was potentially a once in a chance deal where people could send a message to Washington.

    • I’m not unhappy that the Ds are reaping what they have sewn. I just feel bad it’s Martha Coakley who lost instead of John Kerry.

    • We knew what would happen.

      • Yup, Brown is a Republican and he appears to have Republican social prejudices. That is truly regrettable.

      • Martha had great liberal credentials. She’s the attorney general who invoked DOMA against the Obama Administration. She should have talked more about that for instance.

      • He does have something of value to offer until he proves otherwise and I hope the people of Massachusetts give him that chance just like many did Obama, Franken and any other candidate that wins an election.

    • This should not be misinterpreted.

      • agree Sod.
        But I can’t wait to vote against John Kerry.
        Lurch-you are on notice.

      • That is really not altogether true, Yes some voters feel that way but independents voted Brown in and did not have “their own party” to begin with.

        A lot of people are fed up with far leftist policies in terms of defense, foreign policy and domestic affairs – myself included.
        Pro-choice was the only thing that kept me a dem for as long as I was.

        • There are always some, but that is not what this election was about.

          • A lot of people voted here who don’t usually bother to vote.

            It was an awakening for them-they’re angry and afraid of the O agenda.

            I know people who ran and registered-voting for the very first time.
            A handful of real wingnut conservatives stayed home-they don’t approve of Brown.

  51. Sweet pain.

  52. CNN is projecting Brown as the winner.


  53. Is Rahm standing on a bridge?

    10% unemployment and they think they can win elections.

    • *dons freshly folded, stylish chapeau de Reynolds Wrap*

      Maybe Rahm and Teh Precious intend to lose, in exchange for the cushy six-or-seven-figure corporate sinecures they’ll receive after the election from their corporate masters, for sabotaging the DINOcratic Party so badly the Elephascists can actually return to power?

      • *dons freshly folded, stylish chapeau de Reynolds Wrap*

        I have an entire haute couture line of tinfoil hats…would you like a catalog? The tinfoil tophat is actually quite dapper.

        • Merci, but I prefer to fold my own. :mrgreen:

          • Though, lest we forget, we use aluminum foil rather than tin foil these days. Aluminum is far more abundant than tin in the Earth’s crust, but it is also far more difficult to smelt from its ores. Once our civilization mastered that trick, aluminum became much cheaper than tin, and Al foil replaced Sn foil.

  54. I feel ill that Brown won….I would have felt ill if Coakley had won…what a mess..

  55. Brown daughter Ayla is up on stage singing “Dancing in the Streets”. She seems a really cool and confident young lady. That’s always nice to see.

    • I agree. Very un (crazy socially warped) Republican of her and him. At least there’s that.

  56. Do you think this will be a wake-up call? Let’s hope.

  57. 0 will also be seen as weakened in foreign affairs, I suspect.

  58. Do you think this will be a wake-up call?
    Not for Obama. A sociopath can’t change, he will blame others.

    • ITA.

      It’s all so disappointing, but bittersweet! I thought I’d feel some relief knowing the outcome, but still feel conflicted.

  59. SOTU is being revised.

  60. I believe this makes Independents the Third Party in this country now

    • Agree. And that has been a growing reality for some time. Both parties has been slow and not getting it.

  61. I think the voter demographics on this election are going to be very interesting and prophetic.

    I do not understand the great o political machine—if MA is 51% unenrolled voters and the Dems lost independents big in NJ and Va—why would not they be really concerned about MA from day 1.

    Willie Brown on Hannity: Sent a huge message. o has time to recover. Needs to change horses; smart enough to do that; must do that must deliver hc that people want and need; he can do it. Loss shows his inexperience not his stupidity.

    • Oh, but during the primaries everybody said no experience – no problem; he’ll select smart advisors.

    • Always like Willie. I like how he frames the loss as Obama’s loss…course he’s doing it on Fox. He should run over to MSNBC…have it out with Joan Walsh.

  62. The Republicans are positively giddy. Romney was just on Hannity. Levin said something interesting earlier tonight. He said the Dems overplayed their hand when they changed the law after Kennedy died that required a special election for his replacement.

    He may be right. Had the election been held back then there might have been a sympathy vote and the air was a lot less toxic, so they might have been able to hold the seat a few months ago. C’est la vie.

    • If they hadn’t changed the law then Patrick would have appointed a successor who would have held the office until 2012.

    • I think they changed the law when Romney was Governor so he wouldn’t select a Repub to replace Teddy. But the plan backfired.

      • Replace Kerry…

      • They they changed it after Teddy’s death to allow the gov to appoint but only until the special election could be held and not the remainder of the term as in most states.

  63. Weeeee Doggies!

    There’s thunder, lightning and hail outside my place.

    It knocked out my satellite reception.

  64. Peter Daou just posted, gives too much credit to fauxgressives, but makes some decent points.

    Liberal Bloggers to Obama and Dems: We Told You So

    The question of whether President Obama is too far left or not left enough will be at the center of the message wars in the lead-up to the midterms. And because these two themes have been analyzed and fleshed out in countless articles and blog posts, it’s tempting to see the events of the past year exclusively through the prism of one or the other.

  65. Martha Coakley concession speech is coming up.

  66. Coakley about to give concession speach

  67. I wonder how John Kerry feels?

    Ha. ha. ha.

    • When Kerry spewed all that bullshit about the “violent” Brown campaign was he thinking about possibly having to work with him?

  68. Chris Matthews is bloviating that the cold winter is partially to blame for the unhappiness of the voters which led them to vote for Brown. He also mentioned Monica and Bill. What an asshat

  69. Maybe it’s the *People’s Seat* after all.

  70. I just got an email from Progressive Change Compaign Committee and they think this will bring about a ‘Public Option’… Good grief, what are they smoking the GOP sees this as a Kill ALL THE BILL=translation NO REFORM AT ALL!

    Those that think electing GOPers will bring about a Public Option, must have hit their head and don’t know what year it is.

  71. Duval Patick is behind Martha; another kiss of death

    • After this he may decide that he has some unmet family obligations and not run for re-election since his polling is horrible.

  72. Martha is thanking Obama. Sigh.

  73. New Post Up.

  74. Martha….”It’s more important to travel hopefully than to arrive.” Nice. She thanked Bill, then V. Kennedy. She hasn’t thanked O yet!

  75. We have a new post up for post election musings. Please come up. This one is getting too long.

  76. I have relatives in MA, all Dems who voted for Brown. The message from one of my cousins is that although we are an imperfect nation of imperfect people, we are for the most part a nation who applaud fairness and dignity in victory. He believes that the closed door health care meetings, the constant favors to special interests, and the rhetoric of “bipartisanship” and “transparency” with the reality something much different, have much to do with this stunning victory for Brown. I agree with him.

  77. By now most of you have probably read that Scott told CNN he plans to load up his truck with his “stuff” and head for DC on Friday.

    Per the Boston Herald:

    “He (Scott) told Herald columnist Margery Eagan on WTKK (96.9-FM) he’s operating on four and a half hours sleep and is already looking for housing in Washington, D.C.”

    “I’m looking into military housing,” he said. “An officer can get a billet for 20, 30 bucks a day.”

  78. Could the Dems redeem themselves by voting in real campaign finance reform so they don’t have to be corporate shills?

    Not having to buy off lobbyists and special interests to pay for TV ads would be the greatest step towards a government of, by, and for the people that I can imagine. Healthcare for humans and not for profit would be by–product of campaign finance reform.

  79. Read “tail end baby boom” and “man of the people”
    this kind of thing will matter in California too.

    Read Hillary as “feminist of the people” ala pantsuit — ?

    Dems of the tail end wanted Hillary out here — so this guy Brown back east seems like (a bit) like a Repub/Dem in the middle of things — almost like McCain seemed to be. I just read a news story on his childhood — seems the norm — self-made post an imperfect youth.

    Jerry Brown is a man of the people.
    Hillary was/is a woman of the people.
    Read “of the people” as what matters right now…

    I didn’t see McCain as a Repub? Palin is a Repub i guess — but McC had crossover appeal out here. So does this guy Brown, and also, Michael Steele looks normal too — same era as this Brown guy is. We all lived out same era — so we have same basic MLK/JFK values in terms of being “of the people” and for “the people” — ?

    This generation knows what the country is suffering right now — hence old GMC truck. He drives an American car for the same reason I do? Made here, once.

    Brown will win CA. He has to. He is a man of the people too.
    He is. Jerry Brown that is.

    Both of these Browns are more conservative than one would expect, but they are both strongly in the middle in a way. Right now it is all about the middle — for so many people who are in the middle?
    Our gen doesn’t have divisions in it because we grew up with King’s values?

    Dems used to be for “the middle” — and the poor. That is who we have been as voters all along. The middle knows what is wrong.

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