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It’s all over but the recriminations

Ted Kennedy's Successor

It’s all over, and a Republican will replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate. What does it all mean? Will the Obama administration get it? Or will they continue arrogantly on as the Bush III administration? I’m afraid it will be the latter.

As for me, I’m glad I voted for Martha Coakley, but I’m going to enjoy watching the repercussions of Brown’s unlikely win. The progs have already started to rationalize, but some Dems seem to get it.

Why Massachusetts Doesn’t Matter

Former Mayor Ray Flynn’s diagnosis

People feel like their vote is being taken granted with this powerful, one party state, and with one-party government in Washington. People want a little coalition, and a little respect… I don’t know how you regroup from something like this. There are going to be a lot of problems in the Democratic party from here on out.

Ian Welsh at Open Left

The Democratic reaction to losing Kennedy’s seat will be to do exactly what voters were punishing them for.

In 2010 Democrats will be slaughtered, absolutely slaughtered, because Obama and the senior Democratic leadership does not learn.

In 2012 Obama will become a 1 term president, and a right wing populist will get into power. That populist will turn out not to be a populist, and will do even stupider things than Obama economically (and may start a war, too).

A brilliant post by Peter Daou

It took more than half a decade, countless American and Iraqi deaths in a war based on lies, a sinking economy and the drowning of an American city to finally kill Bush-Cheney-Rove’s dream of a conservative realignment.

Democrats, controlling the White House and both houses of Congress, have managed to kill their own dream of dominance in 12 months.

Let’s hear what you think.

318 Responses

  1. I’m sad to see Martha lose because I think she could have been good. And we need more women no matter what party, but especially anyone tending towards liberal. But at the same time I’m happy such a monumental, earth shaking message was sent to the WH and Congress.

    I also think they may not hear it and will push through the Senate bill, mostly as is. At least that’s what the WH will want to do. Time will tell.

    • Time to shoot off some emails to my democratic representation in DC. They need to understand that the voters believe that MA spoke for the entire country on the subject of the Senate HCR bill.

    • Their only redemption now would be to make the bill BETTER for the American people.

  2. So sorry to say this, but YIPPEE. In your face Barack!

    Now what’s happening with the Justice Party?

  3. I don’t really feel a whole lot one way or the other. I guess I hope Brown isn’t a disaster. I also hope that at the very least he’s the nail in the coffin of the present health care bills floating around that some are hoping him to be.

    I feel sorry for Martha because I suspect that she sold women out for the shiny pieces of silver needed to run a campaign and because I do believe that the Democratic party didn’t do much to help her or invest in her even as they were planning on utilizing her to ram health care through.

    • She will be OK. She might be better off not having to be part of the mess. Maybe she can start working on Hillary 2012.

    • So, I’m seeing a few people on Facebook with “Hillary 2012” posts. Nothing else, just “Hillary 2012.” I didn’t start it, I promise.

  4. Shainzona, on January 19th, 2010 at 9:56 pm Said:
    So sorry to say this, but YIPPEE. In your face Barack!

    Now what’s happening with the Justice Party?

    Justice Party ????

  5. Listening to Martha. A lovely and gracious speech, especially kind to her immediate group. Mentions Clinton, Vicky Kennedy, Kennedy family, small note to O—going forward, going to continue. Notes hc, wars the work to be done.

  6. Watching Martha’s speech. She stressed that “I will always respect the will of the voters”, which is what she told Brown when she called him.

    I think that was a subtle message to the cheating DNC, myself.

  7. What’s that? You say that you supported Coakley but you’re glad that Brown won? That does not compute.

    Brown is politically so far from Coakley. This is bad news. I can understand if you want to look at it from a glass-half-full point of view, but please don’t make this into something good.

    • Where did I say I’m glad Brown won? As a Massachusetts Democrat, I’m completely humiliated and horrified that I’ll have to live with a Neanderthal replacing Ted Kennedy.


      • Yeah? Well, I have that Chris Christie blowhard moving into DrumTHWACKIT with his posse of bratty children. How do you think I feel? I voted for the good guy, Mr. Daggett.
        Sucks. big time. But being a responsible adult means you have to sometimes stick to your guns, grit your teeth and bear it.

    • do you seriously think she whipped out the infamous centerfold pic because she’s happy?

    • Lay off BB!! She fucking agonized over this, and it was not easy for her. She voted her conscience, and can speak her mind however she damn wants about the pros and cons of this win.


    • She’s wasn’t miles away. For example, BOTH candidates were pro choice with caveats(as evidenced by the fact Coakley was willing to tie poor women’s hands).

      Furthermore, some of the people were concerned based on the flip flop on her position on health care(she initially opposed it just like her opponent.) that she might become a rubber stamp. This way this never happens.

      I understand you’re upset. Brown’s position on stuff like LGBT issues is anything but friendly but I suspect this is not going to be the end of the world and might be the needed catalyst to push the left to fight for their political lives. If they can’t excite the base, they lose. They are a rather dense bunch(democratic leadership) so we shall see if they take that away from this loss.

      • The Obots on twitter at first blush don’t seem to be taking away much. The only consistent mantra – Brown is just another Palin so whatever. They are so young.

    • Some people just don’t understand nuance.

  8. Well the next thing to look for is what the leader does. More empty rhetoric or some thing of substance. Should be interesting to see if Lieberman retains his chairmanship.

    I doubt that Obama can multitask – so who will not be calling the shots

  9. I think they’re going to lose big in 2010 b/c they’re idiots. I may detest Republicans, but at least they understand that they are elected to enact an agenda, and not try to kiss the butt of the other party every two seconds.

    I’m pulling a Green primary ballot in my state this year b/c the stupid democrats have hacked me off so badly. The Republicans can’t govern b/c their own ideology is incompatible with governance; the Democrats can’t govern because they have no $%&(@!! spine to actually stand up for what they say they believe.

  10. I will never see a WOMAN POTUS in my life time and now I know that a PUBLIC OPTION is out in my life time too. I will likely witness the reduction in women representation in congress and that is very sad, as the hobby of late is to take out the better qualified women to MAKE a point. cough, cough, cough…

    • Corzine and Deeds were both men. I don’t think this was about her gender.

      • Nope this was about the Democrats kissing up to the opposition’s base instead of their own.

      • I agree. But Coakley will be blamed because she is a women. Obama and Friends needs to deflect blame from themselves.

        • They’ll try and deflect. This is the THIRD time though so pinning it entirely on Coakley, likely isn’t going to work, no matter how hard they try.

          This is where we get to see if Obama has a learning curve and knows how to adapt to save his own backside.

        • Obama doesn’t have a base anymore, not really, but he’s too self centered to realize or accept that.

    • ITA. I didn’t see any discussion of a man’s place in society when Deeds lost. Before the election results, Obama’s Traveling Misogyny Circus was already back on the net and performing its anti-woman, anti-feminist show. Coakley’s loss will be used as an example of why it’s a bad idea to support women.

  11. If the Dems were able to bully Martha into changing her position on the health care bill so easily, how would she have held up as a Senator?

    I know it’s a dream, but it would have been great if she told them to shove it.
    Who could have voted against that?

    • She blew it bigtime, and I hope she figures that out.

    • If she would have held her ground she’d be the victor tonight.

    • She probably would have gone down if she had told them to shove it, but she would have gone down fighting.

      • Flipping caused that to reverse.

        • I agree with all of that.. I just think her own party would have been smearing her as raycist and it would have been uphill for her no matter what. I think she should have opposed Obamacare anyway and maybe she could have had enough energy on her side to overcome that.

        • Also she needed money to run. That’s an unfortunate reality. Chuck Todd was pretending to feel sorry for Coakley, calling it political malpractice that her campaign says they were having trouble raising money after winning the Democratic nomination. I think there is more to it to that. The Dems were withholding money until she flipped.

        • If only she had Obama’s “gift” of being able to talk out of both sides of her mouth at the same time. Then she could have gotten support from the party with out ever actually supporting HCR.

      • I think she would have won. I really do.

        • Maybe, but there was some serious populist anger outside of the cities.

          I posted on the previous thread that people registered in December and voted for the first time in this election.

          Quite a few of my relatives who voted for Obama “atoned” by voting for Brown. Not political people at all.
          They feel positively duped.
          This was their buyer’s remorse vote.

          • Let’s all hope they don’t get buyer’s remorse for their buyer’s remorse vote. He’s supposedly moderate but DC has ways of making pontificating idiots who love to grandstand out of Republicans(alright Democrats too. 😉 )

          • I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that where Hillary won strong in 2008, there will be a potentially big buyer’s remorse vote in 2010. Ther reasons are:
            1.) They were forced to vote for Obama in 2008 by their party.
            2.) Therefore, they feel the party and Obama had a special obligation to live up to the change message that he ran on.
            3. ) He not only turned out to not be a change agent, he has forced them to live with 4 more years of Republican policies, something they were pretty much guaranteed not to get with Clinton.
            4.) They are going to use 2010 to exercise their votes and have them count without party interference until the party gets the message.
            Democrats are NOT Republicans. We don’t take orders from the party. The party takes orders from us.
            Once the party learns this lesson, the Naughty Step discipline will stop.

          • A little history. In both 1968 and 1980 dissidents in the democratic party challenged the incumbant and in 1968 Johnson took this as a signal to not seek reelection. In 1980 Kennedy challenged Carter and and lost and relegated democrats to 12 years in the wilderness. It is a shame that Coakley lost but this was really a challenge to the Obama administration and nothing else. Unless we have a 9/11 type of event between now and November the Democrats will be routed in the election. This was not a rejection of Coakley or of the Democrats but a rejection of the leadership in Washington and the sense of entitlement among all elected officials.

            We will continue these kind of political upheavals until there is meaningful election reform and the lobbyist and special interest are removed from Washington. Nobody has pick up on this and I think this is the critical issue.

            Hopefully the sacrifice of Coakley will lead to some change or closer examination of the roots of discontent.

  12. The Daou quote:

    It took more than half a decade, countless American and Iraqi deaths in a war based on lies, a sinking economy and the drowning of an American city to finally kill Bush-Cheney-Rove’s dream of a conservative realignment.

    Democrats, controlling the White House and both houses of Congress, have managed to kill their own dream of dominance in 12 months.

    Precisely. And, the GOP is scoring victories that they shouldn’t have been able to after 8 years of Bush-Cheney, especially in races that they shouldn’t have even been competitive in, let alone win.

    • I still can’t believe this is happening in Massachusetts. It’s really unthinkable!

      • I voted “none of the above” today (I agonized over the vote too, and I really do like and admire Martha, but in the end I just couldn’t vote for someone who declared that they would vote for Obama’s healthcare bill.)

        As for how I feel that my home state did this, all I can say is that, in a certain sense, MA always leads the way in this country. We’re the most liberal on so many fronts, and in this circumstance we are leading the way by trying to send the most forceful message yet that Obama and the rest of the national Democratic leadership are leading is in the wrong direction (namely, to the right, and into the hands of bankers, health insurance execs., misogynists, and the like).

        Of course, it is sad that it has gotten to the point that the only way to do this is by electing a scumbag to the senate. Hopefully there will be a good MA liberal who sticks to her/his guns in 2012 that can defeat him.

  13. We talked about the Runners World photo of Palin as inappropriate for a national candidate/political figure. Don’t you think that Cosmo photo of Brown at 22 is in that same category? I kind of do.

    • Definitely. It’s embarrassing.

      • Oh, you mean it’s inappropriate for me to use it? No, I don’t think that. I only used the head shot anyway.

    • Scott Brown just won and the media is calling him a great candidate.

      Sarah Palin posed in running shorts for a running magazine and people would laugh if she was running for Ted Kennedy’s seat.

    • I think it’s a fetching pic.

      Then again I didn’t think Palin’s pic was awful.

    • When Newsweek puts Scott Brown’s nude photo on its cover with the headline “How do you solve a problem like Scott?” then we’ll be talking apples to apples. But let’s not hold our breath.

      The Runners World photo was shot for a running magazine. The centerf@ld was shot for Cosmo. Neither belongs on the cover of Newsweek with a nasty headline. TC is not Newsweek.

  14. G’night, I will let you all celebrate.

    • Who is celebrating?

      • Where are all these people coming from thinking I’m celebrating? I wanted Martha to be Senator ever since I thought Kerry might leave, and I voted for her today. Why would I be celebrating? Watching the country go down the tubes is not my idea of something to celebrate.

        • It’s okay bb. There’s a shot that the strategy some employed to get the atrocious health bill out could pan out and potentially this could be the shot in the arm for progressives to fight for oh I don’t know democratic values. Take a deep breath. We’ve survived Bush and Obama, we’ll likely survive Brown too.

        • Not you bb, but rather the others that don’t see that Obama is FAR RIGHT and now the pundits are asking for him to go farther RIGHT! That is scary.

  15. I predict Obama’s “popularity” numbers will start to go down now too. I think the HC bill is dead.

  16. Brown going to DC in his pick-up truck.

    • You heard what he said in response to Obama’s snarky truck comments last weekend?

      “say what you want about me-but lay off the truck, ok?”

    • Maybe he’ll run out of gas on the way and not get his tank filled until after the 2012 elections.

  17. It’s a shame that the only way to make a point was to put a Republican in that seat. And it’s a shame that Coakley folded – she sounded and looked like someone who could have been a real leader in the Senate but she imploded.

  18. I’m thinking no way, Democrats have always discarded losers and he is obviously toxic in most communites and can’t help but harm with re elections. Also the press today, print and cable were spewing some pretty pent up disdain and openly scoffed at the Axelrove, DNC all Martha’s not Bambi’s fault, tripe. Add many of the people interviewed, most had voted for Obama, and they blamed him for their Brown vote most were visibly angry with very few even mentioning MC. Spin is not going to work on anyone but the faithful.

    My guess the next year is a discussion of Obama’s unprecented failures any bubble he had from the press other than MSNC, gone.

    • Spin won’t work yet, but revisionist history has a way of winning out in the end. People are STILL talking smack about Hillary in 2008.

      • and her approval rating is still well above 50(even with Rass) – so in the end people recognize the smack talkers for who and what they are.


  19. If the Dems don’t hand us Rahm Emmanuel’s head on a platter, they can kiss their chances of electoral victory in 2010/2012 goodbye.

  20. hello all,

    Well I guess Hell finally Freezes Over! A republican in Ted Kennedy’s seat….

    Its been awhile but I have missed my friends here…

    Love and hugs to all of you…

    Pampers is looking more and more like Jimmy Carter II….

    • As well he and the rest of his ilk should be.

      • He’s still an idiot. For example, here is a quote from that post:

        “I feel this sense of humiliation every day I am talking to regular folks here in Colorado on the radio. As a longtime single-payer guy, I feel embarrassed that I’ve been relegated to fighting for the fulfillment of as modest a campaign promise as the public option.”

        Um, David, who put a gun to your head and made you fight for the public option if you’re a “single payer guy”? Why didn’t he keep fighting for single payer if that’s what he wanted? Perhaps because he wanted more hits on his blog, more money in his pocket, more cred with the cool kids at the Obama parties?

        What a tool he is.

      • Get this, Taylor Marsh replied to Peter Daou’s column–acting as if she is one of the ones who criticized Obama.

        • She’s been doing that. She thinks she’s a legit critic, unlike the Hillary holdouts.

        • People can be such easy sellouts.

        • We should pick one day and pop back over to TM and leave a comment. Just so she remembers what her readership was like back when she had integrity.

          • Amen, but let’s not give her the traffic. Such a sell-out on a short fuse.
            She coulda been a contender, but instead went where the wind blew.
            Hard to believe she has any readership today.

  21. They also need to get rid of Kaine as head of the DNC.

  22. Senator Jim Webb on HCR and Brown’s victory:

    In many ways the campaign in Massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process… To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated.


    • Good idea Senator Webb,

      If you voted for that atrocity called a bill you were gonna be toast anyways.

      • If only he’d said that *yesterday*.
        Now, let’s hear from some of the progressive caucus members…

    • That sounds like a man that does not want to vote for HCR. I think he heard the voters loud and clear. But they are probably going to take the wrong message out of this. People absolutely hate the insurance industry. Everybody with a brain knows that insurance means less health care and higher costs. We all want lower costs and more health care. I don’t think they’ll get it.

      • Oh, they get it but they will deliberately misunderstand. There’s no way to rescue the HCR bills at this point without looking like they are capitulating to public pressure, no matter where it comes from and there’s no way to make it more liberal now without unleashing a media firestorm. They should have pushed for Medicare for all from the beginning and worked towards a Switzerland type compromise.
        Too late now. They spent all of their political capital.

        • Which is why you never compromise your position before the negotiations start. Especially when you are holding all the cards.

  23. Ok I am gonna say it Obama Sucks!

  24. you to bostonboomer! I have been having a real busy life car of 20 years died after $ 2000.00 in repairs!

  25. And one other positive thing about the outcome–brain matter all over the walls and ceiling at DU.

    One poster points out that if Hillary were president, we’d still have 60 Dems in the Senate AND a good health care bill.

    To which the inevitable Obot replied, “You’re kidding yourself if you think Hillary would be more popular than Obama.”

    Dipshit. She IS more popular than Obama.

  26. Goodnite all!

  27. I don’t think there has ever been a President before Obama who became a lame duck less than one year after inauguration. Anyone know?

  28. What was Brown saying about his daughters? Did he just say one of them was available?

  29. My take on it.

    Bottom line: the Dems won’t learn a thing.

    • Then we’re in for another Republican President, and the economy will likely crash and burn for good. We’re in deep shit.

      • We’ve been predicting that for 2 years. He’s Jimmy Carter II. This is exactly why I was so upset back in early ’08. Obama shouldn’t have been running at all. If Clinton won Dems could have had the WH for 8-16 years. But noooooo, Obama had to run and the DNC had to drag him over the finish line so now we get 4 years of his epic fail policies followed by 8-16 years of Republicans epic fail policies.

  30. Brown nice shout out to T. Kennedy and Vicky Kennedy; ready to go to work w/o delay. All of us against the machine. Voters are the real machine. Beautiful daughters. Talented.

    O called Brown. He asked him if he would like him to drive the truck so he could see it.

    • I give him about 5 minutes before he conforms to t he Republican machine…as if he’s really against it…

  31. Seems like they have fistbumping in common with the Obamas

  32. Kos is blaming Martha. Of course.

  33. McCain gave Brown the confidence he could win.

  34. To all you Yankees who voted today, thanks.

  35. Democrats Stunned by Rebuke to Party

    …also represented an unexpected reproach by many voters to President Obama after his first year in office, and struck fear into the hearts of Democratic lawmakers, who are already worried about their prospects later this year in the midterm elections.

    • Unexpected? Only to the moronic writers at the Times and other MSM rags.

      • For true.

        NJ might have been unexpected.

        Virginia should have started a re-evaluation.

        Three data points make a trend: MA should scare the bejeezus out of the DNC.

        • Nope. NJ was entirely predictable. Corzine wrote the book for Obama’s political style: Incrementally do nothing, declare victory and give yourself a B+ for just gracing us with his presence.
          Strangely, that didn’t seem to work out so well.

  36. Hello to River daughter too TW! well time for bed!

  37. On Greta I listened to Rove for the first time in forever. I don’t think he is right on any policy but he got the politics of this race exactly right. Has almost nothing to do with Coakley, it was a vote on Obama and the Congressional leadership.

    He doesn’t think Obama has the aptitude or skill to do what Clinton did in ’94. Frankly, neither do I.

    • I think that 0 will develop the Carter malaise. He simply lacks the experience to deal with this situation. Things were made easy for him in the IL & US Senate.

    • Rove is crap on policy, but when he offers just pure political analysis he is usually right on. I hate to say it, but he is.

  38. So who else is ready for Brown to kill the bill then go away?

  39. No link…go find it if you like at Kos: “An open letter to the beltway elite.”

    In part:

    As a Democrat who spent eight very long, morbid years suffering under the weight of George W. Bush, I cannot handle anymore of your fucking bullshit.

    We want change. We need change. And if you refuse to give us that change, then we’ll find someone who will. At this point, Americans are so desperate (both emotionally and financially) that lots of us don’t even care what that change represents, as long as it’s something different. And although the Beltway may think this is a mistake on our part, it’s not. It’s the culmination of a very long series of events and occurrences that have made us more cynical by the hour.

    I’m writing this letter to tell you that you’re moving in the wrong direction. Please stop.

    Incremental change is awesome, and we support it, but we do not support Wall Street. We do not support a crappy healthcare reform bill. We do not support remaining in two unjust and illegal wars. We do not support torture. We do not support letting the former Bush administration off the hook for crimes against humanity. We do not support the continuation of DADT and DOMA. We do not support letting the Earth cave in on itself. And how can you expect any of us to support anything when a ton of us don’t even have jobs?

    The system is broken, people. We do not support glossing over arguments to the contrary anymore because, in case you haven’t noticed, this country is sort of falling apart. We’re in a bit of a crisis, man. We think it would be kickass if you noticed.

    We also thought it might behoove you to know why that Senate seat in Massachusetts might go to a Republican now DID go to a Republican.

    • The kind of change people are starving for in this country isn’t about left or right, it isn’t about Republican or Democrat it is about leadership. People want a strong leader who sticks by his/her convictions. Someone with integrity. Someone who will look you straight in the eye and tell you how it really is.

      When you have real leadership then there isn’t any of this B.S. of lying to get into war. There isn’t kidnapping and torture by a government. There isn’t ceding our way of life because we are afraid. There isn’t corporations being given the same rights and privileges as individuals. There isn’t banks walking away with billions of our dollars while simultaneously evicting millions of homeowners out onto the street. No, with real leadership we get real policy and we get real government. That is the change we want. That is the change we need.

      • Personally, left and right does still matter to me. I want someone who is both fiscally and socially liberal.

        But given the choice between a left-wing empty suit and a right-wing leader with actual integrity, I’d take the latter.

    • I read that earlier.

    • *clap clap clap*

  40. Acceptance speech way too long. Enough already

  41. You know it’s a MA crowd when the balloons are popping on there way down…

  42. I’m an “unenrolled” Massachusetts voter who voted for Martha Coakley. I’m watching local Boston coverage of the election. The commentators all believe that this election was not about Obama, but about “removing incumbents” (even though neither of the candidates was an incumbent). The Democratic Party will not consider this to be anything more than Tea Partiers making noise and will continue promoting their agenda.

    In my town, more people turned out to vote in the Special Election than for our November Mayoral election. Martha Coakley won here by 67% to 32%. We have a large population of doctors living our town. Many of them are saying that this loss will result in no meaningful healthcare reform for many years.

    Massachusetts is screwed because people can’t think logically. People are sheep, whether it comes to jumping on the Obama bandwagon or the Brown bandwagon. Obama’s agenda won’t be stopped in the short-run, and in the long-run, we’ll just end up back where we were under Bush.

    In the interim, the problems in Massachusetts will worsen. Brown’s views favor the wealthy, at the expense of the Middle and Working Classes (who were foolish enough to elect a Republican). Many social programs have already been cut and more will follow. The average working person is going to have a very hard time keeping their head above water since Brown (and many of his supporters) have been advocating cutting programs for those in need to “balance the budget.”

    I also believe that we will not see a female president in my lifetime and that there will be fewer women elected to public office. Men have no reason to support female candidates. And, most women don’t support other women because they don’t care about women or value them. They think that everything else is more important.

    I will not be voting in the future, as I’ve begun to see it as an exercise in futility. Let’s face it… nothing will ever change.

    • So, you think you were getting “Change” with Obama and the current Dem leadership? Heh.

      • No, I think you misread my comment. I meant that we just go around in circles, not that Obama represents change. I voted for Hillary Clinton in the primary and Cynthia McKinney in the General Election.

        However, I know Martha Coakley. She is highly intelligent and dedicated to women’s rights and civil rights. It’s too bad she couldn’t/didn’t emphasize that during this campaign. I was told that she toned it down on these issues because the male voters were put off by her “feminist” talk during the primary. Too bad. She would have gone to Washington to fight for many of the things I believe in. (By the way, she strongly supports a public option.)

        • I agree.

        • I completely agree, Sorry I misread the original comment.

        • I was told that she toned it down on these issues because the male voters were put off by her “feminist” talk during the primary.

          That would explain the change in tone in her campaign from the primary to the general. Her victory speech when she won the nomination was very inspiring and exciting. She was not boring or a “bad candidate”

        • Agreed. I’m planning not to vote unless it’s to keep that shitty creep who was our Rep. out …..He wants his seat back after losing the GOP primary for Senate. Harry Teague here in NM-CD2 has been sending out tons of flyers and not voting lockstep with Obama but he’s in danger. I didn’t vote for him , but will now.
          The crap GOP Pearce voted against a lot of stuff that was aimed at helping damaged Iraq vets. So much for that compassionate conservative CRAP!

          Honestly, I just want to learn how to trade stocks to make a buck to save my own neck.

          Screw politics! We ARE going around in circles…I blame cowardly Democrats and a GOP that is frozen and won’t give an inch.


    • Things are going to change–probably for the worse. Change is inevitable. What we need is a worker’s uprising.

      • Agreed. Things will get worse (but I don’t see that as change, just the same old thing). Commentators (on Channel 5, Boston) said, a few minutes ago, that Governor Deval Patrick will not run for re-election after Coakley’s loss. Not that I wanted him to run, but I’m afraid of who will run instead.

    • Yes, would seem social programs will take a big hit if Brown stays true to his fiscal pledges.

      • As one vote in the minority party, I doubt he will do much budget cutting on his own. MA Democrats should concentrate on getting a candidate to take him out in 2012. That should be very doable and Coakley could do it in a normal year/

        • Actually, he will play a large role in cutting programs. For example, as we speak, there is “discussion” scheduled for service cuts related to MassHealth. (Medicaid). The Commonwealth was going to try to keep some of these services because they affect the quality of life of people with chronic illnesses. The money for these services was supposed to come from the Federal government, not the state.

          Brown has no intention of trying to save these or other programs for the elderly, disabled or disadvantaged. During the primary, the Republicans were talking about cutting many services out of the budget as a cost-saving measure. If our Senators don’t fight to get some Federal assistance, there will be no way to fund any of these programs. So, things will look pretty dismal for those who aren’t well-off.

          But, you’re right, we can elect someone better in 2012, if people can hang on that long.

          • You still have one Democratic Senator but it would have been much better with two.

          • gregoryp (below)…

            We have 2 Dem Senators in NM and what good are they??
            Meanwhile, Richardson is screwing the poorest of the poor and developmentally disabled programs…the most vulnerable.
            Meanwhile, god forbid they repeal that tax cut to the wealthiest that he put in as soon as he got into office.

            Another DINO….and who come in next???

    • I’m sorry you’re upset. I don’t even know how I feel. I expected to be upset, but in a way I feel pretty zen. If I can avoid hearing Brown speak and being forced to contemplate how it’s possible for anyone to be so stupid, and avoid thinking about all the angry little punks today yelling ^&%$ at us who might as well have been wearing shirts with vaginas with slashes through them, I’m okay I think. But–yeah. I also think I feel like this is the Great Gatsby and we’re running along with arms outstretched reaching for something that’s already passed us by and will never come back. Not even the female President thing, ecause that’s long gone and we’ll never have a emale anything here, that’s finished now too. At least we don’t have to worry or stress about it, because it is what it is. Mostly, I think I agree with you that it’s an exercise in futility and nothing will ever change and we do something hoping it will produce a reaction and it doesn’t, and something else happens and it should produce a reaction and it doesn’t and we just keep going along and along and maybe there’s no end to it and maybe there’s no point at which it gets bad enough that it’s enough and it stops.

      And I think I just discovered that I’m more upset than I thought. 🙂

      • Okay, that made no sense, sorry. What I mean I think we missed was the moment when we possibly could have gotten off this merry-go-round of eternal suffering and there were a few paths that didn’t lead straight back to square one in 2008. And by go on and on, I mean what Ian walsh was saying about Obama bringing the even worse right wing populist and then to what? Something even worse? I’m scared that the tea party comes back with a vengeance in 10 and 12, but I’m not even sure now we have the numbers to fight them, which, considering the worthless remaining pool of remaining state Democrats, I’m not sure I do. I want off the merry go round, but what comes after? Something worse? Or just continuing to bounce between Obot options and tea party options? I ramble, sorry.

        • I know what you mean and think your rambles are fabulous. I feel exactly the same way–we are not being heard and have no representation as FDR liberals.

          Though I always add at the end of such hopelessness, “if I quit now, they win” (X-Files, sorry, lol, not quite as literate as your Great Gatsby reference)

          • Thanks, Wonk. I really that because I’m always totally in awe of all the brilliant, coherent things you say. And I appreciate you always bringing it back to the hopeful side. 🙂

        • Actually, I must be feeling worse than you because I sort of understood your first comment (but I had to take a food break due to missing dinner). I agree that we missed our chance to get off of the merry-go-round.

          We should have taken a sure bet and elected someone like Hillary Clinton instead of a messiah like Obama. The cult-like behavior of his supporters was bound to lead to a backlash and push our country farther to the right.

          In 2008, I spent a lot of time trying to reason with fanatical Obama supporters, whom I see as responsible for our present situation. No matter what I said to them, their response was to call me a “raycist,” even though I was talking about Obama’s position on the economy and healthcare. I distinctly recall him saying that the “solution” to our healthcare crisis was to get everyone on insurance. He thought that the reason so many people were uninsured was that they couldn’t get a health plan.

          I could see how simplistic his thinking was and that it would lead to a giveaway to the insurance industry. As an alternative, I proposed approaching healthcare by evaluating other country’s systems and modeling ours on what was best about each of them. Then, we could figure out the best way to pay for the new healthcare model. Of course, none of the Obama fanatics wanted to hear my suggestion because they were convinced that Obama was intellectually superior to me and would “save the world.” Now, we are faced with what he proposed: being forced to buy for-profit health insurance, with no public option or reform to the healthcare system to provide quality care and reduced costs.

          Consequently, we’re going to experience a horrible wave of conservatism. This will be a nightmare for women, gays, minorities, and the poor. We have to stop making excuses for undermining female candidates. We must get women together, once and for all, to start a revolution. A rebellion isn’t enough. It’s time to take a stand against conservatism, in particular, and in general the view that certain groups of people are superior to others and therefore deserve more from society. If we don’t make a concerted effort to offer people a different and better vision of Life in America, we may never get another chance.

          • We knew this was going to happen.
            Obama does not want to fight for anything but his own self.

  43. His campaign is playing Black Eyed Peas “I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night”

  44. Sen. Jim Webb says he does not think Dems should hold any more votes on hc until Scott is seated. There is a shot across the bow.

  45. hc as it is now written is dead.

  46. All I see tonight is Obama’s administration crumbling quickly. Every democrat is kicking themselves in the ass right now.

  47. All roads lead back to The President. He ran on a shallow platform. Hillary sold substance, Obama sold fairy tales. When Bill said this in New Hampshire, he was called a racist. Now that Scott Brown has sold the same fairy tale from the opposite side of the isle, its pretty apparent that Bill was right. If we’re going to keep winning elections on ideology, and principle—rather than media narratives, and personality—then Democrats have to get off their fuckin’ high horse, and start acting like grown ups again.

    • You can say that again!

    • Any place they send Obama to, the Dem candidate will fail… didn’t NJ teach them that? I think they actually wanted to sink Coakley. This isn’t even about Obama’s recently sinking numbers. Obama lost MA and NJ and every other big Dem state in 08 when the Dem voters had a choice of someone else. How can anyone say this is unexpected?? Watch him sink Boxer with his “help”.

    • Too bad Obama and Bill could not trade off terms.
      Clinton is a liberal at heart and he could get nothing done with the hate from the media and GOP.

  48. MA voters to O
    let us be clear
    we do not like HCR

    Susan Estridge: There is trouble in River City.
    O people protecting the pres—that is their job.

  49. I take heart in the fact that voters can turn the tide, and no administration owns our vote.

    I’m sorry that Martha had to go down for voters to make that point. She would have been a great senator.

  50. I think it is important that Brown cited as two of his Republican mentors: Romney and McCain.

  51. All the “experts” on CNN are saying health care reform is dead, cap and trade is dead, immigration reform is dead.

    • not really, they just have to work for it now with the reconciliation process which is they way the constitution works, the HCRA could pass tonight if the house would pass what the senate did

      • That’s if a lot of Dems aren’t scared off like Webb.

      • If they try reconciliation, it will the the Senate Parliamentarian who will decide what get passed by 51 votes. What little that is left in the “Insurance welfare legislation” that is positive will likely not meet the test for reconciliation.

    • These particular “experts” are rarely right. I predict there will be more boobery (I love that word; stole it from Hillary is 44) afoot shortly. The Dems will press on on with the health care bill. They’re too arrogant to just kill it and start over.

    • They need to go watch Jon Stewart. “If Martha Coakley loses the Massachusetts Senate seat, the Democrats won’t be able to pass health care reform with an 18-vote majority.”


    • that was the first thing they said on Fox (health care dead, cap and trade dead) when they called it for Brown.

    • I heard on NPR that they have a plan B, C, & D. Too bad they just didn’t have a good plan A.

    • I will never understand why he introduced HCR before the mid-term elections. He should have worked on jobs and getting the unemployment numbers down and stopping the foreclosures. The only thing I can figure is that he so wanted to say that he passed the first great whatever before his SOTU address.

  52. As I said…sort of…it’s Teddy’s seat and Obama’s ass.

    He can start governing like a Democrat or start planning for life after the WH. He better wake up and smell the voters.

    Massachusetts is a blue state. It is the Blue base that is backing away from him. W1 had the independent vote trending blue, W2 has Dems and Indies both trending Red. Not out of ideology but out of disgust.

    Obama should have written a blue HCR bill.

    He should have come up with a blue economic package/bailout.

    Hill’s told them that they needed a work horse and they chose a show pony, well this turn of events will tell us if the show pony is really a mule. Does he learn or will he continue as if nothing has changed.

    This debacle is Obama’s to answer for. Martha Coakley may or may not be a good candidate but this was about W2 not Martha.

    I guess the question of , “Where ya gonna go,” has been answered. If you insult their intelligence long enough the electorate will go to the dumb as rocks Republicans. We don’t like them or their policies but eventually the preening self absorbed peacock act is so revolting that it’s worth put up with their dumbasses just to get YOU (BO and company) off the stage.

  53. The Cheetoh is imploding, but this comment really chills my bones:

    What we’re witnessing (6+ / 0-)

    Recommended by:
    Kentucky DeanDemocrat, Allen, m8rix69, indie17, eXtina, Inspector Javert

    is the product of a corrupt media and a dumb, distractable electorate. I’m not sure that anything can be done at this point, but one thing I am sure of is that continuing to operate on the premise that the majority of Americans are reasonable, intelligent people who will do the right thing if the facts are presented to them objectively is not going to work. I know that it’s not what most people who come to this site want to hear, but most Americans need to be manipulated into doing the right thing. Reasoning with them might be the morally correct thing to do, but is simply not going to get the job done.

    Great, so now the “progressives” are full-out screw Democracy, let’s be totalitarian and shove whatever we want on the stupid people for their own good. They are fucking fascists.

    • They were always fascists, but now they feel justified in wearing their brown shirts out in public.

      • See, I believe in our form of govt, and our constitution, even more than I believe in any particular policy. I DO NOT WANT even good things done that have to be done by cheating, and subterfuge, and deceiving the People, and violating the Democratic process. Bad fruit grows from that tree, no matter your intent.

        If you want it done, then convince the populace and get the votes. But don’t steamroll them because you think they are stupid, so therefore should have no say. They DO have a say. Even if you think they are stupid.

        • if the Democrats pass good policy, the Democrats WILL eventually win out against the noise machines on all sides and get the support of the people. It may take a few election cycles for things to level out, but good policy is the only thing that defeats the meme that government doesn’t solve anything.

    • in 2008 the progs were already there. they threw women, working class, and older voters under the bus. They told us they knew better than we did.

    • Told ya. They are going batsh!t crazy.

    • And they think they have all the answers. They’re like kids who whine about wanting 12 different things but have no idea how to pay for them. They chose to listen to the guy with the easy promises instead of the woman with the reality check and plan.

    • Jeebus, they are fricken fascists. We sort of sensed that in the primary (which they cheated in just like this person is recommending now). At least they’re being open about it. They’ve got that going for them. 🙂

    • Manipulating the public using the corporate media is what got us into this mess with Obama and the Magical Mystery Pony Tour.

    • Hey, give that diarist a post in B0’s admnistration, STAT!

  54. Chuck Todd is bloviating on MSNBC. Is Titanic on anywhere? I don’t mind seeing it for the twentieth time.

  55. Joan Walsh is about to spout tripe next. Sorry people, gotta go. I pay for 200 channels, I’m gonna find something else to watch. Sleep tite all!!!

  56. Palin facebook is breaking news… Maddow is reading it…

  57. Roger Ebert, whom I normally respect, tweeted: ‘Massachusetts voters say, “Our state has a great health plan that we love, but why should you have one?”‘ and ‘Massachusetts to Teddy: “F–k you.”‘ He’s waaaay off base here.

    • So now everything MA does has to live up to Kennedy’s standards?

    • He is tweeting back at Sarah Palin that the only people who appreciate what MA did tonight are people who are not sick, are not sane, or not idealists.

      • Well too much of that idealism can mess with your grip on reality.

      • I know Ebert is very sick so I imagine health care is a topic dear to his heart, but that crack is, once again, way out of line.

  58. Walsh is saying “feminists need to put on their grown up pants” and “take their lumps”

    • That’s just another way of saying that women have to accept always coming last. Such an attitude is why women will never be equal to men.

    • all we get is lumps of coal in our blue stockings, wtf more do they want?

    • Joan is a bit like Krugman these days. They don’t realize by playing fluffer to Obama, they may actually be doing some real harm to society.

      • I made the same comparison earlier tonight in the other thread. Joan and Krugman.

      • Joan is a bit like Krugman these days. They don’t realize by playing fluffer to Obama, they may actually be doing some real harm to society.

        You and Wonk the Vote make an astute observation with this comparison. Such people like to play “expert for the masses,” but don’t understand the consequences of shooting their mouths off without first considering the big picture.

    • She’s awful. You know what, Joan? Frak off.

    • Whereas Obama supporters are so delicate that to even look at them sideways provokes fainting fits which must be accommodated. WHATEVER

  59. I am really sorry BB. This was a no-win/no-win situation.

  60. From the NY Times:

    It was a sharp swing of the pendulum, but even Democratic voters said they wanted the Obama administration to change direction.

    “I’m hoping that it gives a message to the country,” said Marlene Connolly, 73, of North Andover, a lifelong Democrat who said she cast her first vote for a Republican on Tuesday. “I think if Massachusetts puts Brown in, it’s a message of ‘that’s enough.’ Let’s stop the giveaways and let’s get jobs going.”

    • That’s very interesting. I would have thought that demographic would be the most loyal. Based on her statement she voted for JFK.

    • If only the rest of the country and government would listen to Marlene. She speaks the truth.

  61. Sign at Brown acceptance speech: “Was that LOUD enough!”

    In other words, even someone at the hall for Brown was making it clear it was a message. Cool.

  62. Would that a senator, congressperson, or (heaven forbid) even the president get this message!!! No, it’s not due to worries of socialized medicine. IT HAPPENED BECAUSE THIS HEALTH CARE BILL IS WORSE THAN NOTHING. IT IS A BOON TO THE HEALTH INSURANCE PHARMCEUTICAL INDUSTRIES! PERIOD!
    People are ANGRY that they’ve been sold out. I have voted for the democrats all my life…..ALL my life. What the DC folks don’t get is that we are paying attention. We know that this requires everyone to buy health insurance at around 37% of their income. And only the poorest of the poor will be helped to do so at all. If you cannot [do not] buy health insurance, you will be fined. The majority of the people who will be required to buy it will be young and healthy. BUT, this does not go into effect until 2013. Wow, what a coincidence, huh? 2013, right after the presidential election. duh. We are tired of being treated as though we are complete idiots.
    Ditto to this—-my sister’s comment on TL.

  63. This may work out OK after all if enough people in Congress get the message.

    Politics Daily

    Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), a liberal member of the caucus, echoed that sentiment. “We’ve got to recognize we have an entirely different scenario now,” Weiner told reporters Tuesday night. “When you have large numbers of citizens in the United States of America who believe this is going in the wrong direction, there’s a limit to which you can keep saying, ‘OK, they just don’t get it. If we pass a bill they’ll get it.’ No. I think that maybe we should internalize that we are not doing things entirely correctly.”

    • Ya THINK? I am glad some seem to be getting it, but geez, it’s like we have to slap them upside the head repeatedly for them to get half a clue.

      That’s okay, though. I’ll do more slapping as needed.

    • It’s a start, but Weiner’s pretty low hanging fruit.

    • Wow. That’s nice to hear. Maybe more will get it.

  64. I was just lurking over at my old hang out Balloon Juice.

    Surprise surprise

    This is not the fault of the adminstration and Barack Obama, because if Coakley had Obama’s numbers in Mass., she would be the next Senator.

    This is about an arrogant state party, a horrible and lazy candidate who was unprepared and unmotivated, out of touch with the voters, incapable or unwilling to put in the work and shake the hands and massage the egos and put in the hours, and they got their asses handed to them. I’m sure the exit polling will give us more information, but right now it looks to me that this was about the fundamentals of running a good campaign. Coakley and company didn’t adhere to them.

    If Obama ran today he wouldn’t have the same numbers he did 14 months ago.

    BTW – Is it wrong for me to enjoy the weeping, wailing and gnashing of Obot teeth?

  65. Another Times article:

    Still, Ms. Coakley’s defeat could easily be seen as evidence that the Obama White House is out of step with much of the American public — pushing through a health care plan at a time when many voters are primarily concerned about unemployment.

    It will be lost on few in the House or the Senate that the Democratic defeat in an overwhelmingly Democratic state came despite a last-minute personal appeal from Mr. Obama, who campaigned here for her on Sunday. This suggests that Mr. Obama may be of limited or no help to candidates in close elections. No less important, he may not have much leverage to stop them from defying him in Washington.

  66. Pretty damning and definitive on the HC bill from Barney Frank. Excuse the source.


  67. I hope that part of this Democratic loss was due to GLBT sticking to their guns about No Gay Rights No Gay Votes. I am sorry about Coakley, who as a person seems like she’d have been good. But Dems needed this punishment. I am not sorry.

  68. WMCB brought that comment from the big Cheeto–the progs think the only way to get people to vote their interests is to trick them.

    that’s exactly why people are voting against the Ds right now.

    • Obots and Obama just can’t seem to get off the arrogance track.

    • I saw several Democratic voters who voted Brown saying they were very uneasy not only with the crappy HCR bills, but also with the process, the payoffs, the secret meetings, etc.

      If you are putting forward simple, easily explained, GOOD policy that is good for the people you don’t have to do that.

      • Can’t have good governance without accountability.
        Can’t have good policy without good process.

        I wish we had some kind of party or movement that was liberal on policy but “conservative” on (i.e. wanting to conserve) democratic principle.

  69. e-mail from the Coakley campaign:

    “Dear Stephen,

    Tonight, I wish that we had a different result in this election – as I know you do. I’ve spoken to Scott Brown and congratulated him on his victory.

    For all of you who poured your hearts and souls into our campaign, thank you for everything. I’ll never forget your fierce dedication, not only to our campaign, but also to a cause greater than any one of us.

    You never lost focus, or gave up, or demonstrated any discouragement or complacency. You were there every step of the way as we worked to keep the focus right where it belongs: on the people of this Commonwealth and the challenges before us.

    It has been such a privilege to have you by my side on this campaign and it is a privilege to serve as your Attorney General. You’ve become an extended family to me and I’ll never forget your passion, your support, your hard work and your friendship.

    I take comfort, and I hope you will, too, in the possibilities ahead. We will find new ways to work together to further our shared values and tackle the great challenges of our time.

    To quote our beloved Senator Ted Kennedy, “The work begins anew; the hope rises again, and the dream lives on.”

    With deep personal gratitude,…..

    • Very nicely done. I think she could have been good. Sigh. Too bad she couldn’t stand up to the WH and stick to her campaign promises about HC.

    • Any chance she can evolve and come back as a viable candidate for Senate in two years? I don’t have a lot of hope that Brown will be the real change Mass. is looking for.

      Martha holds promise.

  70. Late, and tired, I am just catching up. I had a work call tonight, and didn’t get the news until 9:30 p.m., but I was not at all surprised. I saw it coming for days, and the momentum was undeniable.

    Sigh…I’ve decided to enjoy that it’s a smackdown of O and his arrogant cronies. It will be quite interesting to see how/if they get a clue.

    And the blog continues on, witnessing, commenting and enlightening. Tomorrow is another day.

  71. Night all. My head is falling asleep as we speak. It will be interesting to watch the fallout and HCR activities over the next two weeks.

  72. Worse thing Obama can do imo is look to Reagan or Bill’s first term for reference and guide. We’re in a very different time and place. He’s got to hit the banks and focus on jobs, jobs.

  73. good night all.

  74. Saw a couple of things on the teevee tonight.

    Dana Bash (?)-CNN was on the Hill and said House Dems are very uncomfortable right now. Gee, I wonder why?

    On MSNBO, Rachel and the gang were having trouble seeing what this may/probably means because after all, the people of MA still LOVE Obie. But they don’t think this is a trend. Hmmm.

    VA – R
    NJ – R
    MA – R

    Seems like a trend to me.

  75. Just read in the corrente comments section that Anthony Weiner said if Coakley lost, scrap current health reform bill and put an expansion of Medicare into the upcoming jobs bill.

  76. Although Bill Clinton attended the fund-raiser/campaign rally for Coakley, he could have very well stuck a knife into the Democratic Party with this statement (http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/01/15/bill-clinton-rallies-with-coakley/):

    “You have to decide if you want us to be a tomorrow country or a yesterday country,” Mr. Clinton said told the cheering crowd of about 750 in the ornate ballroom of the Copley Square Hotel in Boston. “Do you really want to put Massachusetts, which gave birth to accountable government in this country and stood up against the abuse of power, in the hands of power abusers?”

    I understand that he spoke in the context of trying to reframe the Tea Party movement and rising anger among ordinary Americans, but Bill is not stupid. He knows that Washington Democrats and the Obama White House have been guilty of two things from the get-go: perpetually blaming Bush (and even Bill!) for all the problems (“yesterday country”) and abuse of power (from healthcare to continuing Bush policies on terrorism). Any genuinely committed Democrat could have voted for Brown as a response to Bill’s question.

    I also think that the buzz generated by Game Change — about how Hillary was backstabbed by establishment Democrats in favor of Obama, and how Kennedy played a major role especially in painting Bill Clinton as racist — the anti-choice maneuvers in the health care legislation process and the unreliability of women Democratic legislators in fighting the good fight, the war on Medicare that Bush fought unsuccessfully in 2005, Wall Street bailout etc. — all these are cumulatively and consistently proving to lifelong Democrats that this is not their party anymore, even to those who are not as politically tuned in to “inside baseball” political analysis. Will this pave the way for another Reagan after Obama? How can the FDR coalition make a comeback when its organized vehicles (e.g., unions, seniors organizations, women’s groups etc.) are so tied into the Democratic machine and are just into the wheeling and dealing as any other typical “special interest” group? Must the 18-29 age group and minorities suffer greater hardships and bleaker futures than what they may be facing now before they realize that youth, charisma and ethnic kinship do not guarantee accountable and responsive government? Can anyone imagine that Scott Brown will be the Republican establishment’s nominee in 2012?

    Apologies for the rather long musing. . .

    • I agree that Bill has a way with double edged words. During his 2008 speech at the democratic convention, he was supposed to make a statement about how Obama would be able to handle being president. What he sais was:

      “I believe Barack Obama is the best MAN for the job of President of the United States”

      Hillary gave him a really angry look because she knew what he was actually saying that she (the woman) would be much better. I love watching Bill in action. He should give classes on how to do what your party tells you to do without really doing it.

  77. So does my theory that Republicans helped Obama get nominated and elected sound so crazy now?

    Carolyn Kay

  78. Peter Daou said, “But Barack Obama won that battle against Hillary Clinton not just because of his abundant positive traits but because people like Rush Limbaugh gave him a 15-year head start against her.”

    The precision of that statement takes my breath away.

  79. I just sent the following to my Congress Critters from New Mexico:

    I hope you´re listening to the message voters sent with the Democratic defeat in Massachusetts. Do not listen to pundits or to NPR, which is now infested with right-wing moles. Obama hasn´t swung too far to the left. He hasn´t swung left enough to even meet in the middle. The Democratic Congress has abandoned core Democratic principles, and the voters are furious.

    We want a health care bill that is not a giveaway to the insurance industry and big pharma. We want affordable universal health care.

    We want out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We want the military to shrink to a size in proportion to actual threats to our nation´s security. The Cold War is over. The War on Terror is a sham. Move the money from the military-security-industrial complex to domestic infrastructure, education, universal health care, and energy independence.

    We want the Constitution and Habeas Corpus restored. We want war criminals, regardless of high office, prosecuted. We want Guantanamo closed, black sites closed, torture ended, wire taps and eavesdropping without court order ended.

    We want our Wall Street bailout money back. We want the banking and financial industry reformed and regulated.

    We want to restore the middle class. We want progressive taxation to shrink the great wealth gap. We want confiscatory taxation on obscene, immoral executive compensation and profit taking.

    Get started or Democrats will be out in 2010. That´s a promise.

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