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Oh, For Cryan Out Loud! Do Dems REALLY Want Coakley To Win???

Along with all of the other email I got yesterday from Senators John Kerry, Chris Dodd, Bob Menendez, some DNC ijits and Barack Obama, urging me to help support Martha Coakley, I got yet *another* email from Joseph Cryan, the New Jersey Democratic Party Chair. (Note to Cryan: after the 2008 RBC meeting, I asked to be removed from the Democratic party roster. You can take me off your email list, thank you very much.)

So, the Democrats are in full panic mode if they are going to these lengths to get Coakley elected. Oh, yes you are, guys. You’re having an “Oh, $hit!” moment. Because, let’s face it, if you can’t get a liberal Democrat elected in Massachusetts, what the hell is that saying about your party and the Lightbringer you forced on the rest of us to lead us into the era of “Hope and Change!™”?

But look at the content of Cryan’s email:

What can we do to help? Please commit to helping the cause by clicking here: http://my.barackobama.com/CoakleyN2N

You can call voters in Massachusetts and help Martha Coakley continue Senator Ted Kennedy’s remarkable legacy.

As Massachusetts’ first woman senator, Martha Coakley will help advance Kennedy’s legacy – fighting for equal rights, a strong economy, and our families and communities. Without her vote, health care won’t happen.

Ok, here’s the problem with this appeal.  First of all, it makes it look like the entire Democratic party is owned by myBarackObama.  It is not.  Massachusetts and New Jersey did not vote for Obama in the primary of 2008.  He was rammed down our throats until we choked on him and only Massachusetts was actually allowed to cast some of their delegate votes for Hillary at the convention.  If you want our support, putting the Unity Pony’s name on the URL was a baaaad move. (and let me add that I have spoken to a LOT of people, many of them social conservatives, who really wish Hillary Clinton was our president right now.)  Secondly, and this is tied to the first problem, no one likes the health care reform bills proposed by the House or the Senate with Obama’s blessing.  We’re not just talking about Republicans and people who watch Fox News.  They’re going to vote for Brown anyway.  No, we’re talking about Democrats.  Democrats do not like this bill.  In fact, many of them hate this bill.  HATE IT.  And they hate it because it wasn’t written with Democratic principles in mind, which is why, if it passes, it will be a reflection of Barack Obama’s lousy negotiation skills and Max Baucus and friends dismissive attitudes towards Democratic voters who put them in office to Change!™ things.

Democrats hate this bill on so many levels that it’s really hard to know where to begin but let’s just start with the latest travesty, the union exemption from the excise tax.  Do you party people know how damaging that’s going to be to the public perception of unions?  Once again, the White House makes concessions to one group, that is only doing its job to represent its constituents, something Congressional reps should try for a change, and the result is that everyone else who happens to have decent, but not luxurious health care bennies at work will take a hit.  The optics of this whole thing are wrong in so many ways that I can’t believe the party would even let this happen.  Now, you’ve got working people fighting with each other and hating the party’s guts.

You’ve written a bill that locks average struggling people into insurance policies, forbids the vast majority of them from shopping around for better deals, bent over backwards to kiss the asses of the evangelicals on the issue of women’s reproductive rights, imposed an excise tax on those policies with the anticipated result that the benefits themselves will be trimmed for working people and you’ve made everyone mad at the unions for just doing their jobs.  Try to get their endorsement after this once the blowback from non-union people hits them.   You forced them into the untenable position of looking like special interests when they are really just trying to protect the workers who gave up wage increases for better health benefits.  Suddenly, they look like the bad guys.  And now you send out letters to Democrats who haven’t been the least little bit interested in the ridiculous Tea Party movement asking them to help support Coakley for the very same reasons that voters in Massachusetts are pissed off at her.

Have you Democratic big wigs completely lost the plot??

I would LOVE to see another woman in the Senate but I sure am glad I’m not voting in Tuesday’s election.  If I were living in Massachusetts, I’d be seeing so much red when I went to the polls, Brown would win by a landslide.

If you really want Coakley to win, take my advice: Table the health care reform bills and go back to the drawing board.  Take the bills out of contention and Coakley *may* have a fighting chance.  I know that the longer you wait to pass it, the more the Republican message machine will make it harder to pass.  But if it’s already a bill nobody wants, not even your friends, then the Wurlitzer isn’t doing as much damage as you’re doing to yourselves.  Table it, fix it and try again later.  Better later than never.  We’ve got employment issues and a broken economy.  You’re going to need all 60 votes.  Take HCR off the table, tell Michelle Obama to register as a lobbyist for for-profit hospitals just to make it official and start all over again.  Make the announcement today before it’s too late.  This is Massachusetts where the residents are already living with a health care system imposed on them by the state that is very much like the one you want to hang on the rest of us.  There are far more registered Democrats in Massachusetts than there are in other states.  If they are willing to vote in a Republican, it’s not because they bought the “big government” schtick.  It’s because they don’t buy the post-partisan, across-the-aisle, “let’s put everything on the table and negotiate our principles” away, Unity Pony type Democratic way of doing things.

And stop the frickin’ emails already.

420 Responses

  1. I would LOVE to see another woman in the Senate but I sure am glad I’m not voting in Tuesday’s election. If I were living in Massachusetts, I’d be seeing so much red when I went to the polls, Brown would win by a landslide.

    Pretty much how I feel too.
    MA voters have a tough choice.

    • yeah, I don’t think I could pull the lever against her under the circumstances. Of course, I’m going to have to figure out what to do with Mary Landrieu eventually but I don’t live in what should be a bright blue state so she’s about the best we can do down here.

      • I will vote for women. However, I’m not quite sure where Mary is on that level of womanhood. What’s happening to Coakley I think is really a shame. Right now they’re piling on what a bad candidate she is, etc. They are so afraid of what the outcome might be and how it will reflect on them. I don’t think it’s about her and they (Barack and his cohorts) aren’t that stupid. So the blame game starts now so they can cover their arses.

  2. “We’ve got employment issues and a broken economy. You’re going to need all 60 votes.”

    If Martha does get in, she can be the Snowe of the Left, getting to shape bills to her liking before bestowing that 60th vote.

  3. Could be they are just using her name to raise money, wasn’t it Rahm who said not to let a good crisis go to waste.

    • I thought that myself yesterday.

    • Well, it must be backfiring spectacularly. They’re asking me to make phone calls, presumably using mybarackobama’s voter database. What does that tell you right there? Who owns that database? The party or Obama? Who owns the party? Same answer, methinks.
      I’m just dumbstruck by how clumsy this all looks. Democrats in general do not demonstrate the same fondness for authoritarianism as Republicans do. The party doesn’t know its own voters.

      • None of the Democrats OR Republicans I know have any fondness for authoritarianism. Whatever the party in power calls itself, if it is dictatorial it isn’t American.

        • Mebbe. Nevertheless, Republicans are much easier for their party to control. Scare them a little and they’ll do anything you want.
          Democrats are much trickier. There are more independent thinkers and contrarians. For some reason, the party seems to have forgotten that. The magic of having the first African American president only happens ONCE. After that, you actually have to start acting like you mean what you say, even if you don’t.

          • I had to read something that discussed the evolution of organizations that had me thinking about the systemic failure of the Dems. I have to organize my thoughts about it.

  4. So what dimension of chess are we playing here? or is this some hybrid Ninja, Jujitsu, Triple Lindy, Hat Trick, Queen’s Gambit opening?

  5. RD, what a great post – you captured it all in one piece.

    I’ve been watching that race and even made a small donation to Coakley before the primaries – I am really PO’d at this point that I sent her anything. I feel totally betrayed and am wondering how she got to be so good at acting like a real Dem before the primaries.

    What a disappointment. Yes, I too would love to see another woman in the Senate – but I’d like it to be a woman with a spine.

  6. Bipartisan consensus on the healthcare bill: Democrats hate it, Republicans hate it.

    Meanwhile, Robert Gibbs on Scott Brown winning the Massachusetts Senate race:

  7. This probably belongs better on the previous thread, but I wanted to share it with other Confluencers.

    I have been thinking about action and attitude — how our actions actually create our attitudes.

    My daughter brought home a history test paper from school, and one essay question asked for her reaction to an excerpt from an interview of a captain of a ship that transported slaves. Part of her insightful answer pointed out that the captain treated the whole business “professionally”; the slaves were not humans to him but live cargo.

    That started my train of thought: of course they were cargo to him. To be able to do his job, he had to rationalize the evil he was doing. That they were sub-human. Did the first white men to meet black men think that? Of course not. They thought of them in terms war and conflict, or trade and communication, but certainly as equals. But once they were conquered and enslaved, it became necessary to think of them as inferiors. See, the action comes firts. First you treat them like dirt. Because you can. Then you justify in your mind that they deserve that treatment so you can sleep well at night.

    We saw this happen in Obama’s 2008 campaign. The Obama campaign promoted the use of bigoted, sexist attacks against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Thousands of Obama adherent who followed this, who repeated a sexist slur for the sake of a vote, internalized the sexism. Hillary and Sarah deserved what they got; they were b******, c*** — inferior.

    This makes me think that the way out of this ditch we’ve been driven into is the opposite of what I used to think. It’s not through “winning hearts and minds” or “changing attitudes”. We have to force the people in power to treat us as equals and then the attitudes will follow.

    • Voter mom,

      Good comment though I disagree that the blacks were ever seen as equals. The same goes for the Native Americans, Indians or any other group that was enslaved or colonized.

      Obama is bad for the advancement of African Americans. I will say this again and again. How hypocritical that Harry Reid can use the term “Negro dialect” yet the same is used to paint the Hillary camp as racists in this photo?

      • I guess not ‘equals’, you are right — they were considered savages. But they had a certain grudging respect (born of fear) for them because they had to fight them. But once they were conquered they had nothing but contempt for them.

        That’s an awful pic — ugh.

        Obama’s like a reverse Midas — everything he touches turns to cr*p.

        • I really think that the only reason Europeans considered Africans as savages or inferior and ultimately as sub-human was because Africans were not as technologically advanced as the Europeans. Otherwise, they would have thought of them as equals.

      • The Aztecs enslaved one another as a matter of course for hundreds of years before the Spanish showed up.

        Saying that blacks weren’t ever seen as equals groups all the abolitionists in with the slavers, including the Africans who like the Mexica, conquered their neighbors for the express purpose of taking captives.

        All around the world for thousands of years people have held others in bondage. I agree with the point that dehumanizing the subject is a common step; one of the reasons I don’t like the slurs people attach to their political opponents.

        • I was referring to the people that actually put them on the slave ships and sold them as slaves and yes in Africa there were systems of tribal inferiority/superiority in place.

          Popicola it has been proven that not all abolitionists saw the slaves as equals but at least they wanted to end slavery in the US. As a curator, I have seen many letters from abolitionists that speak of blacks just as derogatorily as slave owners, if not worse. The ending the slave trade would stop division in the union a also had financial advantages and disadvantages depending on who was asked. Of course the GOP was founded by anti-slavery expansion activists in 1854 but as with all political bodies each participant has different motives for belonging.

          • We must not forget that our species originated in Africa. We all came from the same African mother.

    • exactly!!! I was over explaining and hoping for a change in understanding years ago. As a therapist I know said to me “even a two year old understands the first time you tell him something. If he continues, it is because he doesn’t care what you say.”
      This is my whole reason for voting for women. I am tired of trying to change attitudes so that men and women will vote for women. the country isn’t ready? Too bad, they don’t have to be ready. All we have to do is convince enough women to vote that way and both parties will start running more women for office.
      When they see that women are half the congress, both houses, then and ONLY then will attitudes change.

  8. I keep getting the e-mails too…

    Hint to the DSCC

    Asking people for money to save a K-Street bill with a C-Street power play…

    Not a winner.

  9. Happy MLK Day.

    I keep getting emails too.

  10. It continues to boggle my mind how utterly tone-deaf the Dems are re: the mood of the voters. And continuing to dismiss opposition to their agenda as merely “right wing crazies” is what is killing them. Yeah, there are right wing crazies aplenty.

    But they are ignoring the FACT that independents, moderates, old-time liberals, centrist democrats, etc are JUSt as pissed off at the high-handed arrogance they are being treated to at the hands of Obama and the Dem machine.

    They persist in attacking the voters. The message continues to be: “If you don’t support us, you are a raycist, Bush-loving, selfish ignorant neo-con, because those are the ONLY people who aren’t thrilled with teh One.” The backlash for that is going to destroy them.

    • Well, all right then. Maybe if Coakley loses, that’ll learn’em.

      • martha coakley losing is cutting off our nose to spite our face. scott brown has nothing to recommend him for this job. this is hillary vs obama reenacted. the woman with a record is placed under a microscope, while the guy with nothing to recommend him sails into office. everyone is responding to emotional hot buttons, but of course the outcome is that, once again, a woman doesnt get elected.

        • “martha coakley losing is cutting off our nose to spite our face” is exactly what they accused us of when we didn’t support Obama. It’s that same thinking of “well, who else can you vote for?” that was used to shut up so many Hillary supporters. And other voters who were appalled at the RBC changing the rules and ignoring who actually got the most votes.

          Besides, now we can say: “What’s the difference?” Dems in majority stomping on women’s and workers’ rights, or Rs?”

    • I think it must now be recognized the Dem party does not care what the voters think, they are determined to pass the HC bill. The current pols in the Dem party are giving their allegiance to Obama not the voters. A big fuck you to the Dem party.

    • But how can we be surprised. This is the same tone deaf, delusional thinking that convinced the same party leadership HRC and WJC were racists and krptonite to the Dem party and future.

  11. I went to her website (marthacoakley.com) and clicked on the “Volunteer” button. It takes one to a page that shows the OFA icon for phonebanking.

    • He’s taking the party down with him. Maybe she doesn’t deserve to have this happen to her but the party and Obama need a lesson in humility.

    • that’s just recent these past few days.

      Coakley (before the flip on abortion restrictions in hc bill) had quite a good record of going after drug companies and banksters. THAT is what she should be reminding people of right now, not tying herself more closely to Obama. But the Obama party has taken over almost all the messaging. The only gotv call I’ve gotten that didn’t tie Coakely to the rotten hc bill was from Mass Equality (and that was the only call that didn’t manage to offend me, from either side). The Mass Equality call actually just reminded me the election was on Tues and to counteract the anti-marriage-equality calls from some American Family something or other group the day before.

      If they really want Coakley to win, they should stop helping.

    • Ugh. Being only tepidly for Coakley, I’d see that OFA and stop.

  12. I guess I yelled to enough DNC guys on the phone already – because – no e-mails here.
    I am wondering about the scenario of milking a crisis too, considering Obama people leaked to CNN they think Martha will lose
    In Bobotland I saw this theory for some time – as applied to DLC – “they don’t want a super majority because then they can’t blame their policies on the GOP”. Makes you wonder…
    Anyway, all this reminds me of a similar short lived sobering moment during W’s reign: Jefford’s switch. Then 9.11 came, and W became our hero for it. Somehow.

  13. The six-term Democratic mayor of Quincy, MA just endorsed Brown. Lifelong Dem, this guy.

    • Wow! Link?

      • http://www.redmassgroup.com/diary/6769/former-quincy-mayor-and-lifelong-democrat-james-sheets-endorses-scott-brown

        He made it very clear it was because of the HCR. Those who keep bleating that this election is not a referendum on that are deluded.

        • Over at bluemassgroup.com there is a YouTube of this:

          Brown supporter: “Shove a curling iron up her butt!” Scott Brown (pauses, looks over, nods): “We can do this.” (smiles).

          I understand that he would have no control over the comments of the crowd, but his response was terrible.

          • You’re assuming he understood what the supporter yelled and was responding to him.

            I wouldn’t trust anything BMG posts either.

          • I saw the clip. People were cheering, then some moron shouted that out, and you could barely hear him. Others were saying other things like “Win!”

            It didn’t look to me like Brown’s comment was to the moron – but to another supporter who had said something else positive. Just my opinion, but he turned his face away – and it looked like he was just trying to pointedly ignore the moron and respond to someone else.

            Your mileage may vary, but I seriously doubt “We can do this” was a validating response to the curling iron comment.

          • It wasn’t even clear from the clip that Brown even heard the muffled comment. There were a lot of competing voices.

          • I haven’t seen the clip but IMO it’s doubtful that Brown heard that terrible comment. That said, it’s so freakin’ predictable that some bozo would use hate speech against the woman candidate. Why is this sh!t tolerated?

          • oops. apologies to our resident clown. you’re no bozo in my book. 🙂

          • WMCB said:
            “Your mileage may vary, but I seriously doubt “We can do this” was a validating response to the curling iron comment.”

            I haven’t heard the tape (my system has problems with such things) but I tend to agree with your interpretation, just from common sense. No sane politician would do what Brown is accused of here. Much more likely he didn’t hear or misunderstood.

        • Thanks.

          • I tried to find a better link than the winger one, but couldn’t. I’m sure some Boston paper will get it up online eventually.

    • Wow!

    • Wow. MA is really fed up. I think my state is probably hopeless.

  14. EJ Dionne:

    In June 2008, a few months before the financial implosions began, I asked two smart financiers who happened to be Republican about the future of the seemingly shaky American economy.

    Defying the moment’s conventional predictions that we would somehow muddle through, one offered a dire and uncannily accurate forecast. He explained why banks would blow up, investments would crash and the federal government would have to spend “at least $300 billion” to bail out financial institutions.

    The other financial expert listened closely, took a sip from his drink, and smiled. “This,” he said, “would seem like an excellent time for the Democrats to take power.”

    It wasn’t that he liked Democratic policies. He just wanted the other side in charge when things came tumbling down.

    Why did Wall Street spend so much money helping an empty suit beat Hillary?

    • So that he could continue the policies of spreading wealth to Wall Street.

    • I’m sure the fact that he had “Weak President” written all over his forehead helped a lot in their decision making process.

    • Wall Street & NBC.

    • That seems to be the best explanation I’ve heard yet. During the election, there was always the assumption that the Republicans could and would come out and slam Obama hard. He had feet of clay, a thin resume and a shady past; they could swiftboat him quite easily.

      But then it never happened…the PACs never surfaced and the voters stayed home and didn’t vote for McCain. Is it because the Republicans knew that Bush had so damaged the brand, the best way to get back on track to perpetual rule was to take a hit this term and let the Democrats implode (lose a bishop to protect the king), because as the article points out “presiding over bad times always hurts the party stuck with the job.”

      Sometimes I just gotta hand it to the Republicans. Evil though they may be, they’re the original grand masters of 11 dimensional chess.

      • And they made sure it was Obama because Hillary might have been able to fix this mess and make Democrats look like heroes instead of the incompetent idjits they look like under this travesty of an administration. That Rove is one smart fella.

      • I have thought throughout this debacle that helping to elect a ringer was where the Repubs were coming from. Remember how they gave early support to CDS but in the late stages backed down from it and actually gave some indirect support to HRC? I think they had some mixed feelings—that o would be a weak leader and on the other hand that he might actually put through some of his larger air head ideas and do some serious damage to their taxpayer funded ATM machine.

  15. Unfortunately when Coakley loses, and it’s my gut that Brown will win, part of the blame will be attributed to her gender. No one claimed Deeds lost because he’s a man, but in many minds Coakley’s gender will be part of the “problem.”

    Obama is way too arrogant to believe that her loss will have had anything to do with him. The only thing that might drive that point home through his thick skull is if/when he gets thrown out in 2012. (Which would, of course, be due to r@cism.)

    • The progs are already attributing it to her being an “Emily’s list candidate.”

      • More manipulative fear tactics and thuggery. “You have to support her, or we’ll blame it all on her lady parts, and you wouldn’t want THAT to happen, would you?” I’m sick of it.

        Kiss my ass, progs.

        • I don’t think it’s fear tactics, at least not entirely; those progs really are a bunch of misogynists. They would never think to blame a man’s gender for an election loss but a Coakley loss will be just another chance for them to trash the woman. And they so enjoy getting their woman-hate on.

    • I haven’t heard any reference to her gender being a negative.

      People are fed up1 She ran a lousy and sometimes dirty campaign. And she certainly came off as the elitist, whether it’s true or not.

      People are sick of the arrogance and sense of entitlement

      Political representative across this country better take note, because i believe this represents the mood in the country.

  16. Massachusetts has open primaries so people don’t have to register as a member of a political party to vote in them, and 51% of us are “unenrolled”. We may lean Democratic, but the Democratic Party in MA is not as large as a lot of people think it is. Brown is playing more to the 51% than the 16% who are Republican. Although I will vote for Coakley, every time my husband (D) gets asked for money this week, we have made a donation to Haiti in her name.

    • Great idea. All those pols asking for donations have leadership PACs, and they can make donations to her from them.

  17. Here’s the latest anti-Brown video being pimped by BMG:

    • Notice the first guy yelling “suicide!” is louder than Brown.

      I suspect the audio has been dubbed or the people yelling were not Brown supporters.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a plant. Trolls swarmed Palin’s facebook account after she did a very nice post about MLK. They were posting openly nasty raycist comments, that she was deleting as fast as she could. None of them were long-time followers if you looked at their thin profiles. An obvious ploy to smear her supporters as raving bigots.

        We used to get those here – trolls coming in saying horrible crap so they could cut and paste and say, “Look what terrible things those PUMAs are saying in the comments!”

  18. Well, we’re all just a bunch of ungrateful louts. harrummph!

  19. I got the NJ dem fundraiser too. Also, got one from Mary Landrieu. Are they really that short on money or what?

  20. Obama has quietly taken over all the Democratic fundraising, so even when he leaves office (NOT soon enough!), he will be the gatekeeper for millions and will ultimately control – at minimum – who is allowed to be a Democratic Party contender for Congress. This is one scary scenario, and I don’t think people are paying attention! But all you have to do is check where the reply/donate emails go to, the new logo of the DNC, which looks like a revised O from the 2008 elections, and who is behind all the grassroots organizing training that the Dems are already doing. Yes, Obama has assumed leadership of the party, but heretofore no one party leader has diverted the income into coffers which only he controls. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

    • That was apparent even before the convention.

      • Heck, he even muscled in and took over the web page of that poor little Obamabot who had worked so hard for him.

        Total Control. It’s creepy.

        • who was that?

          • Some kid made a MySpace page for Obama way back before Obama even ran. It became huge, lots of followers. The kid did this all on his own.

            After it became so popular, and Obama had greatly benefited by this kid’s 2 years of hard work in promoting Obama, the campaign muscled MySpace to have it taken from the kid and turned over to OFA. They stole his MySpace page, because they said they were worried about not having control over the content of a page with Obama’s name on it.

          • Wow. I never heard of that. Thanks.

          • Oh, I remember that! Ugh!

      • Yeah, that was one power move stinking of Orwellian outcomes. I’m still surprised that Big Brother policy move didn’t get much protest or even news- or blog-time. Or maybe I’m not so surprised.

    • Dayum. That’s seriously F’d up (with a capital F).

  21. Believe it or not, the URL that Cryan gives:


    just redirects to a generic “Give Obama more money” and “Sign up for more spam” page. There’s nothing about Coakley at all.

    You’d think at least the social networking genuises who put together OFA could make a special landing page for Coakley. But no. It’s as if it’s all about Obama, or something.

  22. Oh, btw. Has anyone seen Elder J??? People at my blog have been asking about him and he has not posted to his own blog in sometime. I am getting worried. That the crazy liburals have swallowed him up. He is also known as the “black commenter” , his avatar is Franklin from Peanuts.

  23. Matthews: Polling suggest Brown may beat Coakley by double digits

  24. 0’s latest ad for Coakley. ( I did not embed.)


  25. The Big Dawg just landed in Haiti for a meeting with the president and Chelsea is with him.

  26. My best friend called his grandson in MA this morning to wish him a happy 18th birthday. They were discussing the election tomorrow, and the grandson took several minutes to seriously explain his thinking: he would vote for Brown solely because he thinks that there are so many bad elements in the HCR bill that it needs to fail. He further explained that while Coakley was not the inferior candidate, in his opinion, he felt that the most important thing was to squash the HCR bill. The grandson’s elder brother, by the way, was a big Obama supporter. Increasingly, I have the feeling that the special election is going to be a one issue vote, and that Coakley is on the losing side because of that.

    • I explained the same thing to my father who lives in Atlanta (a soon to be ex-Republican turned independent). Unfortunately for Martha (whom I like in many ways) this election is not about her any more, it’s a referendum on ObamaCare.

      • Cosmo Guy did that right away with his 41st vote campaign. If there is an argument to be made as to how MA benefits from ObamaCare, why didn’t Kerry help out a little and make the case?

  27. once he becomes toxic enough people will stop giving. that’s already started happening. soon after that the party will strong arm him into turning over the funds. i predict that by this time next year, BHO will be virtually powerless both inside and outside the party.

  28. … And now you send out letters to Democrats who haven’t been the least little bit interested in the ridiculous Tea Party movement….

    That felt gratuitous to me RD and I am disappointed. I saw no reference to the Tea Party movement in the excerpt of the email you posted. I am not saying that the Tea Party people and ideas are the answer to today’s problems but I would like them and their ideas treated with the same respect I want/wanted Hillary and her followers treated. Not too much to ask, I think.

    • It’s really hard to treat with respect people who think Obama is a socialist and who carry signs saying “Government keep hands-off Medicare.”

    • Every single email I get from the DSCC mentions the tea-party movement. Every One.

    • Sorry, Betty. I am not rewarding people who bought into the tea party movement. It was started and funded by the right wing noise machine specifically so that Democrats would feel pressure from the right that the media could highlight all the damn time.
      I want nothing to do with it.
      I only regret that we don’t have a similar message machine funded by people on the left that could push back just as effectively.
      I won’t entertain fantasies of Obama being a big government, socialist. That would be misleading and counterproductive. It misses what Obama really is, which is Republican Lite. No, no, it’s pointless to argue with me on this. If you want to take this point up with someone else, fine. But I am not promoting Tea Party disinformation here.

  29. I posted this in the overnight thread, but it didn’t go through–

    Obama’s “Waiting on the World to Change” generation is disappointed that his presidency isn’t playing out like the moives

    While many young voters imagined that an Obama presidency would mean a speedy closure of Guantanamo Bay prison, a wind-down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a health care plan that would, at least, provide a government insurance plan to compete with the private sector, they instead are frustrated at the slow pace of change, Vastola and others said.

    “There was this expectation that this was going to be like a Hollywood movie. He was a candidate almost fictionalized from day one,’’ Boston-based Democratic political consultant Michael Goldman said of Obama. “Does it make me frustrated? It does. But it’s reality, it’s the world as it really is, not the fantasy.’’

  30. “Democrats do not like this bill. In fact, many of them hate this bill. HATE IT. And they hate it because it wasn’t written with Democratic principles in mind, which is why, if it passes, it will be a reflection of Barack Obama’s lousy negotiation skills and Max Baucus and friends dismissive attitudes towards Democratic voters who put them in office to Change!™ things.”

    Bravo, RD. You nailed it.

  31. The following was posted at DU. The “guys” over there are already busy blaming Hillary supporters for Martha’s loss.

    “PatGund (1000+ posts) Mon Jan-18-10 12:31 PM
    Response to Original message
    18. Well, there is a group of supposed “Hillary Girls” doing GOTV……. The problem is that they’re PUMAs (HillBuzz, TexasDarlin, etc.) all doing Get Out The Vote for Brown.

    They see it as punishing Ted Kennedy for endorsing Obama instead of Hillary Clinton. And so they show their “support” for everything Hillary Clinton stands for by pushing for Brown’s election rather than Coakley.

    Let’s hope the PUMAs in their litterboxes fail in this as well.

    • Don’t worry about DUmb.

      Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Do you have a link?

      I’d like to see them blaming Hillary supporters for causing a 30 point swing in an election.

      • Sorry, I don’t know how to do that from DU but here is the title of the post in General Discussion-Presidency by RBinMaine:

        “Where are the WOMEN in the MA Senate race? They should be HEAVILY targeted, especially Hillary’s -female base.

        What no one seems to talking about in MA is where is that army of female Hillary voters?? Those female voters, especially the white working class women, should have been HEAVILY targeted from the get-go. Statistically they can be some of the most unreliable voters, so getting them engaged was CRITICAL. This is a chance for, I believe, the first woman Senator from MA. Where in heck is the enthusiasm for all of that dynamic here?? (I really, really hope GOTV will pull it out for Coakley, but if she does lose it, it is mainly due to a weak campaign. She should have been barnstorming from day one. Still, I have donated three times including one last time this morning, and I have called from home for her too.)”

        • “Statistically they can be some of the most unreliable voters”

          That’s what happens when you start letting them wimmins learn to read. Next thing ya know they’re burning their bras and thinking for themselves.

          • Here’s someone who seems Kool-aid free:

            Yes, why don’t the women appear to save the day for dems after the dems been sitting there collectively bargaining away women’s rights?

            Imagine that. (Must be hillary’s fault, right? apparently she personally wrote that health insurance bill.)

            Next up: WTF is wrong with the gays, why aren’t they out there voting for the dems in droves right now, where is their enthusiasm?


          • Here’s another from the same person:

            Can’t tell you how much it pisses me off to see a MAN who has been very vocal on DU about endorsing restrictions on women’s health care sitting around putting the blame on WOMEN for not supporting the party. Women, doncha know, are all irresponsible and that’s why they should bear the sole burden of paying for abortions – the slut tax. (But we’ll cover their labor expenses cause good birthers aren’t irresponsible sluts, I guess.)

            Blaming women for not having enthusiasm for the pigs who wrote that policy is bad enough. Attributing their motives to being a Hillary supporter is the misogynistic icing on that cake.

            Okay, which Conflucian is using the alias “No Amnety?”

          • oh that’s too funny

          • And then comes the horrible but inevitable day when men wind up ironing their own shirts. …

          • @Dee

            “A poster at DU has now linked to this thread at The Confluence as proof that Hillary supporters are getting out the vote for Brown.

            oh my”

            Poor child. Can’t think, can’t read.

        • I think they were told they were not needed because of the “new coalition” so they are out and about doing other things.

          • {{{busy knitting bitterly}}}

          • A poster at DU has now linked to this thread at The Confluence as proof that Hillary supporters are getting out the vote for Brown.

            oh my

          • I’ve convinced all my neighbors to vote for Brown.

          • Little misogynist #@$!s.

          • LOL. You’re too funny myiq. Are you all planning on taking a bus to MA? If so, I might just have to drive up myself and vote for Coakley.

            (As if it wasn’t obvious, let me point out that my previous comment was in reply to Dee.)

          • My second post above should have gone down here. Sometimes the nesting does get a bit complicated.

        • ROFLOL!

          Oh yes, those terribly stupid, unreliable working-class Hillary voters. The ones you didn’t want or need anymore? The ones who gave Coakley her victory in the primary? Those stupid Hillary voters?


          • Classism Politics in the Democratic Party has got to go, it serves no purpose but to divide and it is those working class folks that make America great and move the economy.

            The Democrats need to stop giving TARP BailOuts to the Wall Street Millionaire Greedos and as RayGUN proved that trickle economics didn’t work and they aren’t working now.

          • well, from the polling results, it looks like the only demo Coakley is still winning IS women, so wtf are they talking about there? Men are going for Brown by a wide margin, yet somehow it’s again all our fault Coakley isn’t doing better?

        • Most unreliable voters? When women vote democrats win and not a single democrat would be in office with out them. WTF is this little pansy assed brat talking about?

          • okasha skatsi said:

            And then comes the horrible but inevitable day when men wind up ironing their own shirts. …

            Part of my job is to process checks. About a year ago I received one with a note attached. The note wasn’t intersting but the post-it with the following printed heading on it was…:

            “I Finished Your Laundry. The Ashes Are In The Fireplace.”

            The user of these printed post-its is a female about 25 and single. The note is taped to my monitor. When I become discouraged about the state of the world as it regards women I just read the note and smile. There is hope out there…

          • “pansy assed” …nice.

            homophobia and sexism are two sides to the same coin.

        • Re-posted from late last night:
          The Dems must be completely panicked because they’re reaching out to the e-mail list of robocallers from HRC’s campaign.

          The first email I’ve gotten from Jon Fromowitz since May 2008, and this late in the game.

          and a bit o’ the email:

          I know it’s been a while, but I am excited to let you know that your script for tomorrow’s (Sunday, January 17th) calls is attached and follows below.

          If you are getting this email, you played a critical role on a team that has had more than a million conversations with voters using Activate. Each of you has made history, putting dozens, hundreds or even thousands cracks in the tallest of glass ceilings. But there has never been a time when your help could go so far to help Democrats as it can right now.

          I used to eagerly anticipate his emails. This one shows how clueless he is (they are) about the primary debacle and mass exodus from the party.

          • That first paragraph is the first paragraph of the email. Nice way to assume I’ve been waiting around for “my” script….

  32. “There are far more registered Democrats in Massachusetts than there are in other state”

    Love your writing RD, but you are wrong about this in fact, though mostly correct in spirit. Currently about 51% of MA voters are “unafiliated” , then about 37% asre Dems and 11% Republicans. Because so many of us are unafiliated, there is much less party loyalty (even if we tend to vote for a particular party most of the time) here than other places and there is also a big streak of anti-authoritarianism. Since Obama comes off as an elite authoritarian that hurts him here.

    Another interesting thing about MA is how NON-celebrity oriented we are compared with other states. Jay Leno has joked about this (as has Steve Carell) that when he comes back home to visit there is only one paparazzi that covers all of New England and he gets very little press when he’s in town.

    • Thanks for the correction. I was under the impression that you were about 50% D. Nevertheless, you have more people identifying with Democrats than Republicans. A lot more. Here in NJ it’s more like 30-30-40 with unaffiliateds growing. But we too have an open primary where people don’t have to declare a party until they go to vote. Our Congressional delegation is two D senators, 6 R reps and 7 D Reps. Not one woman among them for several decades. MA OTOH, has a completely D delegation. I suspect that party registration is a lot less representative of political affiliation than here in NJ. Or maybe the % R registration is a principle component. You guys are so blue you’re indigo. We’re definitely magenta.

  33. Go read Joan Walsh:

    Is it the man? Is it the movement?
    From a black church in DC to a Martha Coakley rally in Boston, Obama makes a fired-up populist pitch for his agenda

    Then take a look at the first comment


  34. Yeah, it’s the Post, but I thought this was very accurate (emphases mine):

    January 18, 2010
    Charles Hurt

    BOSTON — They just don’t get that inside is out here. President Obama’s emergency rescue mission to save Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley could prove to be the final nail in her already-closing political coffin as this race — Coakley’s ongoing circus of gaffes aside — is shaping up to be a bitter fight between the blessed insiders and scorned outsiders.

    And between those winners chosen by the federal government and independent outsiders who just want to be left alone to earn what they deserve.

    And so it was a bit jarring to hear Obama — with his innate connection to the passion of voters — stand here yesterday and try recycling bits from his juggernaut, outsider campaign that made him a part of history.

    It worked for him two years ago, but not today. Not now that he and his fellow Democrats control every conceivable lever of power in Washington.

    And certainly not for Coakley, who has built her entire campaign around being the chosen successor to the “Kennedy seat.”

    She has drafted Ted Kennedy’s widow into her campaign, relies on the entire Democratic machine here and in Washington and even had a Haitian priest pray to the Good Lord above yesterday that she win the election.

    Then here comes Obama trying to sell her as some kind of outsider willing to take on the man.

    It’s like he doesn’t get it. He is “the man” now.


    It’s the same reason running against Bush doesn’t work anymore. You can RUN as an outsider taking on Washington, but you can’t govern that way. Once you have the power, you have to prove you can do something good with it.

    • Martha Coakley actually didn’t build her campaign around Kennedy. That stuff was last minute. She avoided mentioning Kennedy for the primary and afterward–until Brown started to look like a threat

      • Kennedy or no-Kennedy, Obama is kryptonite for Democratic candidates.

        • Definitely. She made a huge mistake and has been magnifying it again and again. She should have stuck with those that got her there.

      • I agree, but when she pivoted and did that, that is when Brown really surged. I think she would have been fine if she had not responded to Brown’s threat by caving on HCR and proceeding to surround herself with the Dem Royal Guard.

        But the point of the article isn’t so much Coakley as it is the asinineness of a party with all the levers of power trying to pull off the “outsider underdog” schtick.

        • Yes, it’s been cumulative. First she stands strong and wins big. Then she backs down on women’s rights and starts to lose support. Then she turns to the Kennedy family, and finally to Obama–drawing more and more toxicity toward her instead of sticking to her guns and believing in herself.

          • It’s sad. It’s sort of like watching a running back intercept beautifully then pivot and run the wrong damn way down the field.

          • Democrats are experts at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

          • I do feel bad for her.

            Remember that saying: “If you can’t be a good example you can still be a horrible warning.”

            Part of it’s plain bad luck on the timing of the special election for her, part of it is her – I don’t know – bad choice/ miscalculation/ whatever.

          • That is such a clear surmise of it BB.

      • agreed, she actually spent a lot less time in the primaries trying to tie herself to the Kennedys than the other candidates. All this remember Ted’s legacy cr*p only started after Brown surged in the polls.

  35. I think this tape of the curling iron comment shows that the crowd (and I think Brown) heard the comment and thought it was ‘funny’. Got this at pumapac…. http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/heather/scott-brown-i-hop-rally-shove-curling-iron

    • I watched/listened and I don’t agree.

      • I long for the days when Democrats had great issues to run on instead of using negative attacks like the wingers.

        • Save the outrage. I think the crowd reaction is clear. If you disagree, fine.

          • If Brown was reacting to the comment, wouldn’t he have said “We can do that” instead of “We can do this?”

            “We can do this” sounds like his closing phrase.

            As in “We can win this.”


            Hello Buttsniffers!

            ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

          • What do you mean? I tried watching the clip, but I couldn’t even hear the catcalls, so I can’t judge (I have a hearing disability).

            But are you suggesting I support that kind of thing? I think Brown is a jerk. I just would like the Democrats to focus on issues. Is that a bad idea or something?

            Coakley was focusing on issues when she was winning.

        • BB- I am replying to your comment below requesting a response to your comment below that does not allow a reply. I posted a video and gave my view on what it showed. I do not consider myself to be a ‘winger’ and I see your response to my comment as harsh.

          • I didn’t say you were a winger. You told me to “save the outrage.” I wasn’t even responding to the video.

      • You can barely hear Brown and he has a megaphone. What makes you think he could hear one voice in the crowd?

        • Exactly

        • The crowd reaction.

          • There is a pause before anyone reacts. I don’t think they were reacting to the comment.

          • There was obviously a murmur of multiple voices making various comments. What makes you so sure that Brown’s response or the crowd reaction was to that particular one? Maybe he was responding to someone who’d said something positive.

            Looked to me like Brown sort of ignored it and moved on, if he even heard it.

          • Honora,

            I hope you’re going to reply to my question. Don’t assume that I agree with everything other commenters are saying. I don’t.

    • Think about this:

      it’s a Brown rally, but a Coakley supporter just “happens” to attend, just “happens” to record Brown speaking and just “happens” to record someone in the crowd saying something offensive and stupid.

      • Wasn’t there a similar manufactured incident during the presidential campaign?

        • Yep – the “War Room” video.

          The Obots were pimping it until it was shown to be a fake, then they tossed the whole incident down the memory hole.

          • I’m thinking of another incident.
            Somebody attending a rally/townhall allegedly says something about killing the other candidate and the candidate at the rally allegedly agreeing. For the life of me I can’t remember who was involved.
            Eventually they got the Secret Service to admit no such threats were heard by them at that rally.
            Anyone remember the specifics?

          • There were alleged videos of stuff happening at McCain/Palin rallies too.

            Other videos never backed up those allegations.

        • you might be having a flashback to the alleged “kill obama” shouts allegedly heard at a McCain/Palin rally.

          I think it was “debunked.”

          • Yeah, that must be it.
            Sounds just like that, doesn’t it?

          • SCRANTON – The agent in charge of the Secret Service field office in Scranton said allegations that someone yelled “kill him” when presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s name was mentioned during Tuesday’s Sarah Palin rally are unfounded.

            The Scranton Times-Tribune first reported the alleged incident on its Web site Tuesday and then again in its print edition Wednesday. The first story, written by reporter David Singleton, appeared with allegations that while congressional candidate Chris Hackett was addressing the crowd and mentioned Obama’s name a man in the audience shouted “kill him.”

            News organizations including ABC, The Associated Press, The Washington Monthly and MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann reported the claim, with most attributing the allegations to the Times-Tribune story.


            I remember DU loved this story.

        • Or the infamous “Dean scream” that turned out they had magnified his voice and/or suppressed supporters’ voices when really he was just trying to be heard over the crowd. Of course we didn’t hear about that until many weeks later. Fool me once . . . . .

          • I never understood why that was such a big deal. I thought at the time that it sounded kind of silly, but certainly nothing that should derail a candidacy. I remember thinking shortly after he left that that scream was just an excuse, that there was something else actually going on.

          • They amplified Gore’s sighs in his debate with Dubya too.

            The debate the media declared Georgie won because he didn’t shit himself.

          • I never got that either. These manufactured sea change “moments” are practically Pavlovian and really kinda creepy.

    • I’ll give Brown the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t hear it. But it’s a despicable comment. And it’s just the kind of hate speech that an obot mainlining kool-aid would come up with.

      • So weird too. Curling iron? WTH?

        • Old case she was involved with.

        • It’s the infamous curling iron case:


          I was really surprised that the Globe ran this anti-Coakley story.
          After all, they endorsed her.

          warning, graphic.

          • Oh that’s sick sick sick.
            Predators are monsters.

          • Even then, nearly 10 months after the crime, Coakley’s office recommended that Winfield be released on personal recognizance, with no cash bail. He remained free until December 2007, when Coakley’s successor as district attorney won a conviction and two life terms.

            this case makes hardcore Coakley supporters nuts-they deny it happened.

          • The person who shouted that comment was siding with the rapist, giving the rapist a voice as well as engaging in hate speech. It’s just despicable any way you look at it.

          • I’d like to know who said it and who they are really supporting tomorrow.

          • They didn’t endorse her in the primaries, though, and most of the primary coverage was not favorable to her in that sort of slimy never quite saying anything explicitly bad but still insulting sort of way. Maybe one of the editors or reporters is still “bitter” that she won the primaries trotted this out because of it.

      • just to clarify-in no way was I defending the curling iron comment.

    • How can you tell that he thought it was “funny?” His back was to the camera.

    • Brown has done absolutely nothing that would indicate he would stoop to that level. Nada.

      Nice try, though, unprincipled Brown bashers.

      Win or lose, the man has not compromised himself and gotten down in the sewer like the Coakley campaign has.

      • WTF? Who the hell are you? Coakly might lose because she said she would vote for health care and people don’t want it and you can be pissed that she caved… but this is still a liberal and pro woman candidate site more than not.
        You sound like a republican taking advantage of a temporary problem with democrats and their campaigns. Brown is no pic nic.

        • Catarina is a long-time commenter here and her credentials are solid.

        • I’m an American and a Hillary Clinton supporter, Teresa, and was a registered democrat my entire adult life until 5/31/08-not that I feel the need to explain myself to you.
          I’m now an unaffiliated voter, and quite frankly am horrified by the New Guard.
          I will vote for indies and republicans as I see fit-I have not sworn allegiance to the Dem party.
          So you can kiss my unaffiliated ass.

          • I’m horrified by them too. And I feel doubly betrayed by Coakley.

            I’m also getting tired of people who don’t live in MA telling us how to react.

          • No thanks C. I don’t kiss the ass of women who don’t know when they are slicing off their own nose to spite the rest of our faces.
            I am as pissed as you are, but punishing the democratic party is not going to make anything better. They won’t know or care why you are voting for an anti-choice sexist jack ass like Brown.

          • Stop the flaming.

          • A protest vote isn’t a vote for the other person. By the way, is Brown anti-choice? I thought he was more moderate than that. Not that it matters.

          • that’s right, a protest is not a vote for. But defending Brown is defending Brown.
            He is nominally pro-choice like Obama is pro-choice.

          • Anyone who will vote for Obamacare might as well be nominally for choice.

            As much as I feel badly for Coakley, the Dem machine is full of too much slime. If we are going to talk about the choice issue, let’s talk about how the Ds and Rs are both invested in keeping our rights in limbo. I want a pro-choice candidate who says that this needs to stop, that we need to institutional reform that protects our reproductive rights and stops them from being used as political footballs. That’s a pro-choice candidate. Everybody else in Congress at this point is just part of a rigged system that is meant to keep large blocs of voters voting on human rights (which shouldn’t be up for votes) so that they won’t be voting on other issues, particularly the economy.

        • oh and PS I am a MA resident and will be working at the polls tomorrow.
          so kiss my ass twice.

          • Hi Cat…BTW, what’s up with the new gravatar? It looks like a bunny in a pink tutu

          • well you can kiss mine back Chosing to vote and work for Brown is one thing. Making him sound honorable as opposed to Coakly is something else. She made a mistake. She backed Obama’s plan reluctantly when the voters did not want her too…that would put her in the company of Bill Clinton.

          • That’s about enough flaming. Please direct your comments at ideas, not each other.

        • T In PA ~ could you stop that please. I’ve noticed you jump on people quite quickly and some of us have been around here since TC began….. we usually treat each other with more respect than you’ve been showing.

    • I don’t think Brown heard it.

      • We don’t know who said it either.

        It could have been a “Moby

      • Heck, I can’t even hear it on the video. I listened multiple times. I guess I have to take the video-tapers word for it that it was even said at all. Because I’ve listened multiple times, and I cannot make out what the person says.

        • How can we possibly know whether Brown heard it or not? The only thing I know about him is what I saw in the last debate. IMHO, he is a creepy dork.

          I don’t know why everyone is defending him. I don’t need to believe he is a good guy in order to made my decision about voting for or against Coakley. I find his positions on the issues as well as his personality repulsive.

          As for the video, I couldn’t make out the comment either–even on this one which is supposed to be clearer.


          I did hear somone say “suicide” at one point.

          • I wouldn’t vote for Brown but I don’t like these dishonest attacks on him I keep seeing.

            It reminds me of Palinpalooza minus the misogyny.

          • What exactly was “suicide” supposed to mean anyway?

          • I have no idea what it means. But I agree with Joseph Cannon. I don’t care about any of this shit. It’s certainly no worse than what was done to Hillary and I didn’t see the progs all outraged then.


          • Well, I’ve actually considered voting for Brown. But if I do, it won’t be because I like him. It will be because I want that HCR bill to go down in flames and Obama with it.

          • BB, I cringed my way through the 1/11 debate.

            Brown was out of character and really wound up.

            This was not the even tempered guy I’d heard interviewed by Jim Braude and Margery Eagan. This was not the calm, cool guy I’d seen on TV who kept it together when Ed Harding’s co-host attacked his military record.

            I know he was really exhausted and his campaign had raised over a million the day of the debate
            Campaign advisers had been flown in to help him prep and had hammered him all afternoon.
            By the time the debate rolled around he was toast.

            I can completely understand why anyone who hadn’t heard him speak prior to the debate would think he was a buffoon.

          • This is a fact: Brown had one of the best lines in the debate clip I saw with Gergen as moderator when he said “it is not Kennedy’s seat, it is the people’s seat”.

            I think he got some mileage out of that. But this race is not about Brown or Coakley—it appears to be about the Democratic party betraying one of the bluest most loyal Democratic states—-probably not just about HCR, or women’t rights, or the Clintons, or closing down all of Bush’s wars, or FISA, or bailouts, or date night. Probably about the whole damn mess.

        • Here’s clearer footage… still not clear if he heard it

          • I still don’t see any sign that he heard the curling iron remark. He seems to sense the crowd getting rowdy in a hyped-up way and saying “we can do this” in response to that.

            I don’t like Scott Brown, but this is pretty lame if the best coordinated attacks that the progs can launch is this clip or picking apart a simple statement he made a year ago (“I don’t know about that”) and imagining racism there, when he was actually defending Bristol Palin against the media.

            In 2008 Obama supporters were wearing shirts that said Bros before hos and “sarah Palin is a C—.” Obama supporter JJ jr. wanted to launch an investigation of Hillary’s tears and Obot Andrew Sullivan wanted to launch an investigation of Palin’s vajayjay. Where was all the instant and uniform condemnation on the prog blogs then?

          • This seems to just push that case that would rather be forgotten back into the limelight. Why do this?

          • Yeah – it’s not clear at all. He seems to be doing the standard smarmy pol mugging and soundbites. One just happened to be said at the wrong time. And the faux-rage over it at the Dkos and progressive-boy blogosphere just makes me want to puke. Especially when they’re saying that it “mirrors the sexism of the McCain rallies”.

            Projection much?

          • If that were Obama and the “her” was Hillary, would the Cheeto-eaters be reacting the same way?

  36. Public service announcement. HOPE – the Obama Musical Storypremiered last night in Germany.

  37. SOD-you don’t like my pink tutu?

  38. Hear, hear!

    I’ve lost count of how often I’ve told those effin’ “Dems” to take my name off their email and postmail lists. Funny, anything connected with BHO and they won’t ever let go of your name.

  39. Republican Scott Brown leads Democrat Martha Coakley 52% to 45% in the special Massachusetts US Senate race to replace Senator Ted Kennedy according to a telephone survey conducted January 15-17 among 600 likely voters in Massachusetts saying they will definitely vote in the special election on January 19.

    Brown leads Coakley 97% to 1% among registered Republicans and he leads 64% to 32% among unenrolled voters. Coakley leads Brown 73% to 23% among registered Democrats.

    Brown leads 53% to 43% among men while Coakley leads 50% to 46% among women.

    Brown leads 53% to 43% among likely voters age 18 to 49 and he leads 51% to 46% among voters 50 and older.

    A total of 8% of likely voters say they have already voted by absentee ballot, with Brown leading Coakley 54% to 44%, with 2% for Kennedy.


    (BB-remember, Brown can be voted out and replaced.)

  40. OT, but I went to DU to check out the “unreliable Hillary voters” thread… we are supposedly “gals” now.. …

    And look what I found.

    that is one creepy little boy thread.

    • DUmb is one creepy little boy blog.

    • The big question is, is “gals” a promotion or a demotion? I can never tell.

      • It’s one step above Bee-otch

      • women has always seemed such an easy word to say and type. It never ceases to amaze me that ladies, girls, gals etc…..any thing but “women” is used by anyone left of center or anyone who claims to be for woman’s rights, liberal or moderate republican.
        We are WOMEN, is that so hard to get a grip of?

        Anyway….ick to all those people speculating on Bristol’s sex life, how often or in what way she participates. It is so creepy even DU devotees should be there asking the thread be shut.

        • Unfortunately trashing Palins is pretty much their favorite sport over there. They are actually possessed.

          Most mature Dems left (or were tombstoned) during the primary. A long time prolific poster (female) was just tombstoned this past weekend for pointing out problems with the Dem party as regards their treatment of women and HCR.

      • Actually, before this, I used ‘gals’ a lot. When I was in college, we were talking about how there isn’t really an equivalent for ‘guy’. Males can be boy, guy or man, but females can only be girl or woman (ok, well ‘lady’ but I won’t go there). Usually the lean is toward ‘girl’, which (surprise!) puts females on the below side. The mother of one of my friends said when she was younger they said ‘gal’ (no irony, no insult) but unfortunately it had gone out of use.

        So I started using it as the counterpart to ‘guys’ but sadly, I wasn’t able to spark a revival.

        • I don’t mind if other women use “girls” or “gals.” It’s only when sexist men do it that it bothers me. Weird, huh?

          • I just use “ladies” for everyone. After all, the men present should understand that “gal” is being used as a gender neutral and that they are naturally included. 😀

        • It was pretty standard to say “guys and gals” in my salad days.

    • Gals?

  41. To bostomboomer and others here who are making a decision about how to vote tomorrow – I feel for you and support you in whatever conclusion you reach. I am sure I speak for almost everyone here.

    Deciding how to vote should not be this hard but deciding how to vote last November was a very long and difficult process for me. I have been voting for parts of five decades and had never faced such a dilemma. Anyway, the party sucks now.

    • I agree. Most of what I’ve been offering up has been from a political analysis POV – why I think the reasons are that Brown is doing so well, not necessarily telling anyone to go vote for him.

      You have to look at what is in politics if you are going to be able to respond. And what is is that he’s a fairly moderate, personable guy who connects with the working class and who has conducted himself well, with good humor and dignity. Refusing to see that, and insisting that he’s a wild-eyed neo-con monster just because you want him to be is not helpful. That’s why I keep “defending” him – so that we have a clear grasp of what we are fighting. Because if more Browns are out there, it will do NO good to try to tar them as Cheney reincarnate if they aren’t. Look at what is in front of your face instead of fighting PAST election battles.

      If the Dems had any sense, they’d look at him and question “What is he giving the voters that we aren’t?” rather than sneer and flip it off as a bunch of ignorant voters being “scammed” by a Republican. If the Dems keep fighting the old foes rather than the current ones, they are going to get creamed.

      • Thanks guys. I appreciate that very much.

      • WMCB, on January 18th, 2010 at 4:53 pm Said:
        “I agree. Most of what I’ve been offering up has been from a political analysis POV – why I think the reasons are that Brown is doing so well, not necessarily telling anyone to go vote for him”

        Assuming that you would really rather see Coakley as Senator….

        It’s late in thts day to talk about how to present Brown and others like him, but this may keep coming up. In short posts aimed at people who need an introduction to the basics of this contest, I think “anti-choice GOP pig vs pro-choice feminist who voted for Hillary at Denver” is fair enough.

        Beneath his personable style, even at best I think there is a real, serious gap in priorities here. Unless some ‘conscience clause’ was necessary for the bill to survive a veto (Was it?), then adding any ‘conscience clause’ at all to the bill is in my judgment evil. To add any difficulty or delay at all in getting emergency contraception, just for the ‘conscience’ of the anti-choicers, shows very bad priorities. (I agree with Coakley that if someone has such a ‘conscientious objection’, they should not be in this kind of job in the first place.)

    • Ditto. I’m glad I don’t have to make that choice.

  42. Wow. I took a look at the internals on that InsiderAdvantage poll that just came out. Brown leads heavily among the young voters.

    61% Brown, 30% Coakley among voters 18-29 years old. The Democrats must be crapping their pants, because if they lose the youth vote, they are SCREWED in 2010 and 2012.

    • That’s really awful.

      • That would be the same youth vote the Dim-o-crats threw us under the bus to get.

      • I can’t help but wonder what it means. Are the kids just a bunch of misogynist twits who love to get their woman-hate on, or is this really bad news for Obama? I’m not sure; and there’s a part of me that worries we’ve raised a generation of very intense, and unbelievably shameless, misogynists. From where I’m sitting, it’s a bit scary. That curling iron comment comes from a very ugly place.

        (Note: In no way do I think that Brown had anything to do with the comment. But the person who shouted it out has serious issues.)

        • It may be partly that, but I don’t really believe that 60% of young MA people are misogynists.

          I think part of it is that Brown is just a good candidate. I think a HUGE part of it is Obama, and the Democratic congress, and disgust at how their hopes were played.

          • I hope you’re right. And if I weren’t an atheist, I’d even pray you’re right. 🙂

          • nobody likes a fraud. And when you play kids like that….. forget it, you’ve lost them, probably for good.

        • Oh, and I’d add that the fact that he was a grassroots candidate helps with the young. He got zero dollars from the R senate committee. He has gotten some logistical help this past week, after they woke up and figured he might win, but he was not a GOP machine candidate from the start.

          If the young are soured on machine politics, and realizing that they were scammed by the ultimate insider in Obama, that would be appealing to them.

        • Pretty much, yes. It reminds me of A few years ago, talking to an exchange student and a guy we both know. The exchange student was male, and the other kid made a sexist crack, and with me, I just tuned it out I’m so used to hearing this bs, and he was genuinely, legitimately shocked. And I remember thinking, you’re shocked? But that’s just how it is, we ignore it, we put up with it. That helped me see it doesn’t have to be this way.

          But, you should be scared. I don’t know how it used to be, but it feels scary out there sometimes. And I don’t know what Obot youth could be responding to besides Brown’s scaryass lunacy, his gender, or his smarmy insincere crap with the truck and the 5 houses like Obama’s man of the people I shop at Target schtick. Whatever it is, it’s not encouraging. If they’re periodically feeling their hopes have been dashed and they act it out by getting hepped up to act out practically the exact same scenario once again, this right wing phony baloney moron will be our Savior, we’re pretty much screwed IMO. This scenario can play out indefinitely.

    • *cough*karma*cough*

      • …Pleased to me you, can you guess my name… Apparently it’s Karma. And it’s not taking any prisoners.

    • He’s handsome and well spoken.

      And they don’t really know much about him so they can project their hopes and dreams onto this handsome, cool package.

      Remind you of anyone else?

      • Scott Brown is handsome, yes. But I never could see what the big deal was about 0bozo’s ;looks. Seriously, put a red ball on his nose & he looksjust like a bozo. In other pix he looks like a horses butt, whlle in still others he looks like a ghoul. Not by any stretch would I consider him handsome, Pug ugly, definitely, but handsome…. not hardly.

    • Maybe it was that nude photo from the law school days!

  43. The MA Senate race seems to be causing some serious battles in the blogosphere.

    Lines have been drawn, blogs have declared for Brown or Coakley, trolls are spamming, and commenters are insulting each other.
    Reminds me of..the 2008 presidential election!

    As a Hillary supporter that endured nasty abuse from Obots, it really sucks to see this happening all over again.

    I was thrilled to see Coakley’s interest in the Senate seat and was on a private email list that was fund raising for her before she declared. I contacted women who I knew would support her.
    She has been nothing but a disappointment.
    From healthcare to national security to the ugly, dirty race she’s running, I could never vote for her.
    She may have supported HRC at one time but she is part of the Obot army now.
    I used to think the *Old Dems* had some secret plan to take back their party but maybe the power has gone to their heads.
    I don’t see any signs of mutiny-am I missing something?

    • I missing something?
      Just the magical purple flying unity pony.

      • Are you dropping acid again?

        If you are then quit bogarting it.

        • Which reminds me… Coakley was against decriminalizing marijuana although that passed handily with the voters last election. Many people were not happy with her stance on that back then. Basically Matha is “the fuzz”…. LOL (and is married to an ex-cop) so perhaps that is a factor in her lack of appeal as well.

          • I’d forgotten all about Coakley’s Medical Mary J tantrum!

            She also wants to make it hard for doctors to prescribe pain meds and her reasoning is that people are easily addicted.
            So if you are sick or seriously injured, Martha says just suffer!

    • She’s run a dirty race? Are you kidding me?

      Talk radio has done nothing but disparage her unfairly 24/7. The worst she’s done is accuse Brown of being a Republican, which he is.

      She’s being accused of being pro child rape for cryin’ out loud!

      And how is she the Obamabot candidate? If you recall, just a few weeks ago the Dems were for Capuano. She was the outsider and she was better off for it.

      “From healthcare to national security to the ugly, dirty race she’s running, I could never vote for her.”

      Holy smokes, does that comment ever remind me of ’08. I’m surprised you didn’t call her “THAT woman!”

      • Someone in her campaign is accusing Brown of wanting to refuse treatment to all rape victims.

        • Dean of Boston College Law School spoke out today on that flier, and how wrong it was.

          Yah know, if you are going to take him on over conscience provisions, then DO THAT. He tried to have it both ways (ensure care for victims while still allow for religious conscience) and that approach has drawbacks – POINT THEM OUT. All you do is make yourself look scummy when you try to say he’s a heartless bastard who wants poor sobbing injured women turned away from the ER.

          I personally think that Martha has succumbed and is letting Axelrove take over and run her damn campaign. Really bad move on her part.

          • I know they did send people from the WH staff to help her. I doubt if she knew about the flyer.

          • I think she made a mistake letting the white house help at all, but that is probably the price she had to pay for them to promise not to knee cap her.
            you know, none of us here has ever run a national campaign for anything. If I were in MA she is exactly the kind of democrat I would want to give a chance to. I would vote for her and let her know exactly why I almost didn’t.
            If I thought electing Brown would kill health care reform I would vote for him… but the Obama admin doesn’t care what democrats think or the country in general. They are going to arm twist for this crappy bill and get it passed no matter what.
            In that case, I am sorry, but it is a no brainer to want Coakly in office rather than Brown.

          • On the other hand, that ad came straight from the DSCC, and based on what I know about these committees, they often run ads not approved by the candidate. The DCCC did the same to our Dem candidate in NV-02 back in 2006. She didn’t want to run a nasty campaign, but the DCCC ignored her. Could be the same thing here.

          • One drawback to Brown’s amendment is that a victim who wants emergency contraception WOULD be ‘referred to another facility’ — which DOES mean turned away if she wanted the pill immediately.

            The pro-life hospital might offer to treat her injuries — but the hours spent there would delay taking the pill so might result in pregnancy.

            And if her injuries are serious enough and she is stressed and confused and given drugs, she may not manage to leave the pro-life hospital in time to get the pill.

            The advertising art picture on the second page is appropriate: a woman in a wheel chair who can’t get the pill because she’s unable to leave the pro-life hospital.

          • clearly, she has – it seemed like that happened during the holidays

        • Someone in her campaign? Suppose I make a nasty flyer and sign Brown’s name to it. Are you going to believe Brown really did it? Anyone can put any name on anything.

          Actually it was the MA Dems name, and not even Sargent thinks Coakley’s campaign did it.

          Anyway the first page of the flyer is crazy, but the second page is pretty accurate.

      • who listens to the talk radio neanderthals is this town? they’re cavemen.

        and I guess you didn’t get the rape flyer, then?
        I did not appreciate finding that piece of sh*t in my mailbox.

        and was not impressed with the cutesy pic of the dead plant captioned “this bush is brown”
        and then a pic of Brown captioned “this Brown is Bush”
        please-who is the clever one here?
        John Favreau?

      • and, yes-she sold us out on healthcare.

        declared there was no taliban in afghanistan after 8 CIA agents were killed.

        where have you been-under a rock??

        • she didn’t sell you out. You were already gone. And her remark in the taliban was more or less correct. They are mostly gone from Afghanistan and working from some place else now… in other words SHE OPPOSES THE TROOP BUILD UP. I wish more democrats did too.

          • “…her remark in the taliban was more or less correct. They are mostly gone from Afghanistan and working from some place else now…”

            Dream on.

            Mon Jan 18, 2010
            “Kabul “under control” after brazen Taliban assault

            KABUL (Reuters) – Taliban gunmen launched a brazen assault on the center of Kabul on Monday, with suicide bombers blowing themselves up at several locations and militants battling security forces from inside a shopping center engulfed in flames.

            While the shopping center siege was on, a suicide car bomber drove a vehicle painted as a military ambulance to another shopping mall nearby and blew it up, killing police and security officials. The government said it was not an official ambulance and denied it showed that fighters had infiltrated the army.”


        • My system can’t do videos. I’ve seen a text quote saying “They”. Was she referring to the Taliban or to the terrorists, or someone else?

      • Capuano never had a chance. The nomination was Coakley’s and everyone knew it.
        Are you sure you’re in MA, Gayle?

        And it was pretty Obot-like for her to change her mind on the healthcare bill overnight.
        Looks like rubber-stamp material to me.

        She supports Obama every issue except the Afghan surge.

        • Most democrats do support Obama on every issue. His stand on the issues is not what is wrong with him. His hidden agenda and the way he got the nomination is.

          Coakly stood up for Hillary when no one else had the guts, she is hardly rubber stamp material. She probably thinks that passing something is better than nothing. I disagree with her, but then I disagree with Hillary on some stuff too.

          • Actually Bill and HIllary have both said that passing something is better than nothing, and Coakley’s statement at her website agrees with them.

            Dunno – but I don’t think Coakley should be punished for agreeing with Bill and Hillary.

        • Oh come on, stop pretending you are not understanding what some one is saying. Capuano was the Obot choice. He was the establishment candidate and we all know it. Whether he had a chance or not is hardly the point.

      • I think Catarina is here campaigning for Coakly, she is the worst spokes person for Brown I can imagine.

        • You just don’t know when to quit, do you?
          Starting to think perhaps you are campaigning for Brown.

          Thank you for clarifying though, that Al Qaeda is pretend.

          watch this gunfight, this ought to keep you out of trouble for a while:


          • You are running a campaign here for a republican and you are being as unpleasant as anyone. I’m just disagreeing with you. I think smart democratic women are better than conservative men for the good of this country, people in general and women in particular.
            Do you really expect to run your campaign for Brown completely unopposed? Politics doesn’t work that way. = )

    • yeah, republicans are so much nicer when they campaign. Brown is a saint and oh my gosh, we just have to raise the troop level in Afghanistan. Brown would be much better for national security….if you like being threatened with terrorism and love sending more young kids to die in a place we will never control.

  44. Tweety and company have declared ‘Coakley’ losing the Senate seat to Brown, with him leading by nine points and comparing her to Hillary (“a candidate in 2008”).

    They are also playing all the negative sound bites of Coakley, which is like running an ad for the Brown campaign! I get it, CNBC is just not into woman candidates and will help out to get them defeated.

    • Axelrod’s orders, probably.

    • Well that’s one of the few things that Coakley may actually have going for her right now… Tweety and co. are declaring her candidacy dead… reminds me of the pile-on leading into NH.

    • That’s the way they’re spinning it. All the blame will go to the female candidate. They’ll crucify her. What do you think this will do to other women who are considering running for office? It’s not hard enough for them already?

      This so called protest message some are pushing will be lost. Her career will be ruined and you’ll get nothing for it. Nothing but Scott Brown.

      But look on the bright side, the Dems might find a good looking young Dem man to run against Brown next time around. Yay.

      • Um…you’re being a little bit condescending, aren’t you? We are the ones who saw through Obama to begin with. We didn’t just get off the turnip truck.

        • I’m not trying to be condescending.

          If we can’t manage to rally around an experienced, qualified, progressive female candidate, one who stuck it out and fought for Hillary Clinton when so many others didn’t, I don’t know what it is we’re fighting for. This is the website that introduced me to the 30% solution. Well, why aren’t we working towards it now?

          What’s the end game, BB? Why does Coakley have to be the sacrificial lamb?

          Mike Barnicle is on MSNBC as I write this saying flat out: “This isn’t about Barack Obama, Obama is popular here, this is about Martha Coakley.”

          Women will suffer for this, that much I know. I honestly hope you’ll reconsider your vote BB. I think a Brown win will be a disaster for all of us.

          • Barnicle is a liar. I don’t have to buy into his fake narrative. But I’m not against Coakley. I wrote several posts about her. I was proud of her for standing up for women. But she stabbed us in the back.

            I don’t know what you mean about reconsidering my vote. I haven’t decided what to do. I certainly won’t vote for Brown, so I don’t know what you mean.

            Don’t assume you know my thoughts.

          • We refused to feel guilty in 2008. Why should we start feeling guilty now?

          • This election is a referendum on Obama and the New Democratic party.

            It IS NOT a referendum on women politicians.

          • MyIQ, it may be a referendum on Obama, but it will be sold to the American public as a referendum on liberal women being out of touch with what the American people want.
            This might not matter to you, it’s not your bull that’s being Gored.
            No one is asking you to feel guilty, just urging you to see things a different way. That is what discussion is all about.
            I am not sure what you think will happen if Coakly loses, but Obama will NOT take the hit.

          • ummm, Ox

          • So Massachusetts voters should base their decision on what other people MIGHT think?

      • Gayle,

        Do you live in Mass.?

        • Yes.

          • Well get out there tomorrow and vote your conscience. I want to vote for Martha, but I don’t want abortion to become unavailable because of this HCR bill. I don’t know what I’m going to do….

          • “I don’t know what I’m going to do….

            Get in the booth and vote your conscience. You won’t regret your decision.

          • I apologize, Bostonboomer.

            I thought you said you were not going to vote for Coakley and that you were sorely tempted to vote for Brown in an earlier thread. I’m fighting the flu so I guess I’m not reading (or writing!) very well.

            And I agree with you on both Stupak and the Senate’s version of the bill. I hate them both.

            If we had more Coakleys in office, this kind of BS “compromise” legislation wouldn’t happen in the first place, right? Isn’t that the whole point of the 30% solution?

            PS: I’m trying to respond to you directly, but you don’t have the reply message after your comments to me. So this is in the wrong place. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well tomorrow.

          • I have been sorely tempted to vote for Brown–just because I’m so angry. But I don’t think I could actually do it. But I don’t know if I can vote for Coakley either.

          • BB,

            Coakley has been fighting for abortion for years as AG, successfully.She will fight for it as Senator. Brown would fight against it, and even make it harder for rape victims to get contraception.

            Coakley already got Reid etc to agree to take the Stupak language out of the HC bill. That was the price of her saying she would vote for a final bill. But she hasn’t voted yet. She’s still got the bargaining power.

          • BB,

            Coakley has been fighting for abortion for years as AG, successfully.She will fight for it as Senator. Brown would fight against it, and even try to make it harder for rape victims to get contraception.

            Coakley already got Reid etc to agree to take the Stupak language out of the HC bill. That was the price of her saying she would vote for a final bill. But she hasn’t voted yet. She’s still got the bargaining power.

  45. Krugman:

    Wow. A video clip has surfaced from 2008 in which Scott Brown, the Republican candidate for Senate in Massachusetts, clearly suggested that President Obama may have been born out of wedlock.

    I’m sure some will try to dismiss this as an isolated stray remark. But it’s clear if you watch the video that there’s a broader context: Brown is clearly aligning himself with the Limbaugh wing of the GOP, in which slurs along these lines are standard fare. And as Steve Benen points out, claims about Obama’s illegitimacy were an integral part of the birther craziness.

    • Except they weren’t integral to the birther craziness.

      Krugman has turned into an Obama groupie.

      • I swear they slipped something into his drink when they invited him to that WH shindig last year. He’s been a total Krugpod ever since.

      • yes he is a WH groupie no better than the Bushies now.

        All the rest of the A-list left who have sold out I really don’t miss, but I do miss Krugman. I thought he was different from the Village. Guess not.

      • Damn. That’s so disappointing.

    • Apparently Brown is in league with The First Lady:

      “Obama used the roundtable audience, as she did yesterday, to describe her husband’s understanding of women’s issues through the prism of the strong — but sometimes struggling — women in his life.

      His own mother, she said at the beginning of her remarks, was “very young and very single when she had him.” And, Obama added, he has observed his wife’s attempts to reconcile motherhood with her career aspirations.

      “He sees me, his wife, who struggles every day with that guilt that we all hold deep in our hearts as women,” she said. “That guilt that you don’t have the choice to stay home, and even if you do, you feel guilty.”

      “He has seen me struggle with this my entire life,” she added. “Trust me, Barack understands the struggles of women.””


      • How does she not have the choice to stay home?

        • I just cannot take anything she says seriously.

        • well, for most of their marriage Barack was a pretty pathetic provdider if I’m not mistaken it was MICHELLE who put food on their family.

          Barack didnt become Master HeMan Patriarch of the House until Ted Kennedy found him at the drugstore and decided to make him a STAR!

          I dont take anything she says seriously either, but I think Michelle did “have to” work in order for their family to be in the upper middle class they wanted (and deserved) to be in.

      • Excuse me?? We ALL hold guilt deep in our hearts because we’re working mothers? JEEZ! If there wasn’t a senate race today, working mothers around the country would be all over that shit. Who the fuck is she to tell me I should feel guilty? What if I don’t feel guilty? Does that make me a bad mother?
        She owes us a big apology. That’s worse than the cookies and tea moment that Hillary had. I want to see Michelle Fucking Obama, Hospital industry lobbyist extraordinaire, eat those damn words.

  46. Quoted remarks about Hillary Clinton that appeared at Dailykos and other prog blogs:

    Just slit her throat, lock her in a car boot, and drive the car into river in West Virginia. Ain’t gonna let no whore screw with the man

    The heinous Hillary hag with a bullseye on her forehead is reason enough to vote for Obama

    And a Drive-By Won’t Be Out of the Question. What goes around, comes around. The stupid fucking bitch !!

    Talk About WHITE TRASH that bitch better keep looking over her shoulder.

    if hillary is elected we’re gonna be stuck with whomever she picks as a running mate for the remainder of the term after she gets assasinated.

    And I’m supposed to get worked up about what some moron yelled out at a rally?

    Sorry, no can do.

    • Not to mention Obama giving her the finger and brushing her off his shoes.

      No, sorry. No sympathy from me for the progs.

    • Yes. Most definitely. We must get worked up. This sort of hate speech can’t be tolerated. Let me repeat that I don’t think Brown had anything to do with the remark. But the remark, and the person who made it, must be called out. It’s not okay which “side” it comes from because it all comes from the same, ugly place. (Although it really sounds like something an obot would come up with.)

      • I agree the statement was outrageous. So who do we get angry at?

        A faceless voice in the crowd?

        • We confront the attitude. Whoever it was may be faceless, but he’s not voiceless and his sick statement is getting lots of airplay. People must be made to acknowledge the misogyny that women candidates face and not accept it as a given. And, of course, we need to rub the obots’ noses in the fact that that they are no better than the faceless (alleged) Brown supporter. They’re the ones who started open season on women candidates. But then I doubt they really care.

          • I haven’t seen anyone suggest there was nothing wrong with the statement. The question is who said it and whether Brown laughed at it.

      • I didn’t say it was OK. I said it is irrelevant to my decision about my vote.

    • So you’re taking out your anger on one of Hillary’s biggest supporters?

      I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone here.

    • aren’t they both the same thing.. bratty boys at rallies and bratty boys at dkos? Both instances are misogyny against women.

  47. Jeebus!:

    A new InsiderAdvantage poll conducted exclusively for POLITICO shows Republican Scott Brown surging to a 9-point advantage over Martha Coakley a day before Massachusetts voters trek to the ballot box to choose a new senator.

    According to the survey conducted Sunday evening, Brown leads the Democratic attorney general 52 percent to 43 percent.

    “I actually think the bottom is falling out,” said InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery, referring to Coakley’s fall in the polls over the last ten days. “I think that this candidate is in freefall. Clearly this race is imploding for her.”

    I said Obama would drive the final nails in Coakley’s coffin.

    • If it does turn out that way than it will confirm that BO is the kiss of death for any Dem running in Nov.
      I guess he’ll be spending a lot of time golfing in Hawaii.

      • No, don’t go to Hawaii! Go campaign for Nancy and Harry, puhleeeeeeeze!!!

        • That will be the real test. If incumbents start dropping then it’s officially a (national) backlash. I hope that’s the case but I’m not the most optimistic person around.

          NO INCUMBENTS 2010!

  48. Doesn’t look good. Obama should have stayed away.

    @jaketapper: RT @ktumulty: coakley rally, set to start in five minutes in middle school gym, is 3/4 empty. they’ve pulled curtain across middle of gym.

  49. Great. Now asshat Kerry has opened his big mouth, ominously warning of a “dangerous atmosphere” around the Brown rallies, and that they are all bullies and threatening and intimidating teaparty loons, just like SARAH PALIN!!!

    Jesus H Christ, these idiots WANT to lose. Can they not insult and demean the voters of the state for 5 minutes?

  50. Coakley’s campaign manager is all over the local news accusing the Brown campaign of threatening Coakley.

    Enough already-can’t wait till this is over!

    • poor Brown, what a saint to put up with all of this. They are not saying he wants to harm her are they. Isn’t it accurate to say that some of his supporters have said they want to? Or are threats of violence against women candidates just all peachy with you?

      Catarina, I think you have let being pissed at Obama get the best of your judgment.

  51. I can’t believe this is happening. Nate Silver says Brown is a 74% favorite to win.

    Thank goodness whoever wins only has a two year term.

  52. I really appreciate the care and consideration TC’ers from MA have devoted to this election. It’s been gut-wrenching for many, and wish you all good luck as you cast your votes.

    The party’s desperation at the 11th hour is proof enough for me, that our vote only counts when it furthers Obama’s agenda. Obama’s appearance, in full campaign mode whining, in his Preacher Drawl, about “we need politicians who can walk the walk, not politics as usual” and Coakley’s arrogant, out-of-touch campaign, say it all. How can we trust these people to represent us?

    I am completely at peace in my decision to give MC a vote of “no confidence” by declining the absurd invitation to do Activate calls today. I’m not busy and could have easily done a couple hours. We cantankerous “hillary voters” have come this far as dems in exile. IMO, there will be an opportunity next time around, hopefully with a “unified” voting bloc, to vote in candidates who represent our needs.

    • woah, I understand that Coakley made some mistakes but now you are tarring her with the same brush used against Hillary. Are you so sure she is arrogant and out of touch? Or is that just a really easy thing to say about women who do not act like dopey little girls?
      She was a Hillary voter too remember and much more loyal than most.

  53. RD, the answer to your title question is NO.

    The flurry of big name Neo-Liberal Dem support, none of whom actually supported her, is astroturf. It costs nothing to send out e-mails. I got some. Then nothing. No list of organized phone banks. No scripts and number lists. Just an e-mail pointing me to mybarackobama. I don’t even have a mybarackobama account.

    Of course they knew that directing everyone through that url would depress help from Hillary supporters and independents.

    Of course they knew that arm-twisting her into declaring unconditional support for HCR as a condition of party support, then explicitly tying a vote for her to “saving” HCR, particularly in MA, would drag her down with HCR’s sinking approval.

    Of course they knew that sending Obama there, filling the TV and papers with pictures of the two of them side by side would be the coup de grace to boost protest vote sentiment.

    They didn’t support her in the primary. They don’t want a liberal, unpredictable woman anywhere near the Senate. They don’t even want those 60 votes that create the expectation for things like public options and wall street accountability. They thought they’d have to wait until November for that gift, and look, Christmas has come early!

    They knew just how to stop her while keeping their hands clean. They knew it would work, and it has.


    • Wow, now that’s worthy of a Tinfoil Tuesday Award.

      Obama and the Democratic leadership are publicly backing Martha Coakley because they want her to LOSE?

      • You think they can’t read polls? You think they don’t conduct their own polls, or just can’t interpret the results? What’s you’re explanation?

        Oh, right, they’re just idiots.


    • Adrienne in CA, Jeebus, that’s almost as twisted as the twisty-as-corkscrew Dems we’re dealing with. I’ve already freed myself from the idea that the legacy parties are accountable to the electorate; but I guess a corollary to that is that winning or losing any given race is no longer relevant to them. What’s relevant is, no doubt, the payoffs. At some point, the Ds were just going to hand the keys back to the Rs anyhow; in some ways, I’d rather just get it over with, get through that…

  54. Coakley should be able to count on the “new, improved coalition of young, hip, urban voters”. Just ask Donna Brazille. If she loses, ask Donna what happened. Don’t come crying to us old bitter, former Democrats and don’t blame the candidate.

  55. Adrienne in CA,

    WOW. And yeah, I think you might be onto something here. As we all know, she was not their first choice. She probably wasn’t their 2nd or 3rd choice either. Not having 60 votes gives them all kinds of cover, doesn’t it? Now they won’t have to pass anything that makes their corporate overloads unhappy.

  56. Remember Harry Truman.

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