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Is Obama a great politician?

Is he live or Memorex?

I was reading the comments to this post at TalkLeft and saw this exchange between Big Tent Democrat and a commenter:

Obama is a good pol (none / 0) (#16)
by Big Tent Democrat on Sat Jan 16, 2010 at 10:50:52 AM EST
Carter is not.

At the least, Obama will reinvent himself and bounce back like Clinton did in 1996.

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I’m sorry (none / 0) (#17)
by Ga6thDem on Sat Jan 16, 2010 at 10:54:01 AM EST
but Obama is not a good pol. If he was the party wouldn’t be looking to get smacked in the next two elections.

Obama doesn’t have the political skills that Clinton had. Obama is terrible at policy much like Carter and in the end that’s what matters. Obama can’t seem to produce good policy and that means to me that he’s not a very good pol.

[ Parent ]

He;s been badly advised (none / 0) (#18)
by Big Tent Democrat on Sat Jan 16, 2010 at 10:56:17 AM EST
Not only is he a good pol, he is a GREAT one, for himself.

Even now, his approval numbers are holding up while the Dem Party collapses around him.

Now I don’t want to pick on BTD because I generally agree with him, but when it comes to Obama his judgment is seriously flawed. The most obvious proof of this was his decision to support Mr. One-derful because he was the “media darling.”  Hello?  The media are NOT our friends.

But what BTD says in the comments above is not something unique or unusual – we have heard for nearly three years now that Obama is a gifted politician with superior oratorical skills. I previously discussed the myth of Obama’s ability to speechify, but today I want to examine his alleged “mad skillz” at politicking.

Obama won his first election in Illinois by eliminating the competition from the ballot. That might be the “Chicago way” but it’s not what we normally think of as a political skill. Once in office he carefully avoided controversy by voting “present” something like 130 times.

Obama ran for Congress in 2000, trying to unseat Bobby Rush.  But he got his ass handed to him by the former Black Panther who said:

“Barack Obama went to Harvard and became an educated fool. Barack is a person who read about the civil-rights protests and thinks he knows all about it.”

Then around 2003 Barack became magic. The Democrats gained control of the Illinois State Senate and new Senate President Emil Jones let Obama boost his profile by claiming sponsorship of a number of bills other Democrats had been pushing for years. When Obama ran for the Senate in 2004 he was trailing Blair Hull in the Democratic primary until allegations Hull had abused his wife magically surfaced in the media.

Obama’s opponent in the general election was going to be Republican Jack Ryan, but dirty details of Ryan’s sex life magically surfaced and Ryan was forced to withdraw, leaving Obama facing perpetual also-ran Alan Keyes. Notice a pattern? In the only race determined by the voters where Obama faced a quality opponent (without any skeletons) he lost.  Badly.

So what things did Obama do as a U.S. Senator that demonstrate his political skills?


Obama’s run for the White House keyed on several things, none of which was his political skill. He received massive amounts of money from Wall Street and other big-money special interests. He was the media darling. He was supported by the Democratic party establishment.

Even with all those advantages he got fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, who cleaned his clock in the debates and kept winning primaries by double digits long after the media had anointed him the “inevitable” winner.

In the general election Obama was trailing John “Crypt Keeper” McCain until the financial meltdown magically reminded people how bad the Republicans were at running the country.  Obama won an election any Democrat without felony convictions should have cake-walked, but his approval ratings peaked during his inaugural address and it’s been downhill ever since.  Sure his approval ratings are higher than those of the Democrats in Congress, but nobody ever loved them anyway.

So, other than the “Beer Summit” can someone please provide an example where Obama has even demonstrated average political skills?




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180 Responses

  1. I just caught this at Hot Air:

    In July, the very last time Barack Obama held a press conference, Obama took the time to offer his thoughts on the professionalism of the Cambridge Police Department in their arrest of his friend Henry “Skip” Gates. After saying that Sergeant James Crowley “acted stupidly” despite not having “all the facts,” several of Crowley’s colleagues expressed their support of him by announcing that they wouldn’t vote for Obama in 2012. Their union has found a way to make their displeasure known much earlier — by endorsing Scott Brown over Martha Coakley.

    That was his LAST press conference? No wonder he stopped talking without a net script.

    • BTW, The policemen’s union in MA has endorsed Brown. Perhaps it was payback for the “beer summit?”

  2. Obama is A politician. Some on the left still don’t even get that much.

      • they are still trying to figure out whether he is a good man who is weak or a good man who was duped.

      • Exhibit A: Hollywood

        But the game, it seems, is bigger than him, bigger than all of The People.

        Because it uses The People. It uses them as fuel and as fodder; it bleeds the hope from them and substitutes it with fear; it is run by tyrants steeped in a tradition of oppression. Only they don’t oppress with the immediate application of armies and gulags and stormtroopers. They oppress gradually, slowly, steadily…with sugar. They suppress with intoxicants. They dazzle the eye with semblances of old pride and faded glory, both too diluted to have any practical effect upon a sated and dispirited population.

        They have successfully bamboozled The People into having faith in a system which is incapable of reciprocation.

        And so my president, for whom I have the utmost respect, is the most visible of dupes. Hell, given his savvy, he probably even knows he and his country have been rendered incontrovertibly, tragically superfluous.

    • In the ’08 primary, Bill Clinton campaigned in the small town where I was raised. He and the townspeople no doubt immediately relished each others’ folksiness and down-to-earth qualities. Even though I didn’t attend the rally, just thinking about that meeting still makes me smile. Bill Clinton has the southern warmth and appeal that Obama will never have.

      Obama is too egotistical and above-it-all in his condescension. I have recently read both of his books and they are all about him — not about reclaiming anything for this country, not about anything that screams, “this man should be president”, but about someone attempting to sort out who he is, what is his identity. Someone, among SF liberal elites, who would say all those crass things about small town Americans. Someone who thinks he is one of the elite.

    • He’s not a good politician by any means, but “politician” is the job description. Lyndon Johnson was a masterful politician. Obama is someone promoted way beyond his competency, but I am not sure in what area he is competent. Can someone enlighten me?

      He does look good in a suit? Competent as an “empty suit”?

      Oh, Emile Jones got payback for his district by “making himself a U. S. Senator”–of course, tax payers were the ones footing the bill.

  3. do any of you watch the reality tv program “survivor?” this last episode had a guy who probably played the game better than any other. skillful, manipulative, lying and disruptive…all in the name to keep the group off kilter, meanwhile aligning himself (supposedly) to gain support as he was picking off his supporters behind their backs. well, everyone would have thought that he would have won. not. a very quiet woman played in the background and stayed under the radar, kind of like obama did during all of the political “experience” he was gaining by not voting, eliminating his opponents through technicalities and getting everyone else to sing his praises and carry him on their shoulders. so, to say he is not a politician is incorrect. like the young woman on survivor, he won. ultimate gamesplaying of a different sort. politician none the less.

    • I never said he wasn’t a politician. But there is more to political skill than winning elections, otherwise Joe Biden, Harry Reid and Robert Byrd would be masters of their craft.

      What has Obama ever accomplished while in elected office?

    • I have the exact opposite opinion. Obama was the manipulative schemer who stretched the rules to his advantage. Unfortunately, the country wasn’t as smart as the Survivor panel, and he, unlike Russell, was rewarded for it, and won.

    • Half the time it seems like neither he nor his team know what they’re doing. Insulting voters, for example, seems incredibly stupid. Disenfranchising states seems incredibly stupid. It looks like they go out of their way to offend and alienate–and yet, they win. So maybe it is 11th dimensional chess. Maybe they’ve figured out what works. Until it all comes crashing down, if ever, maybe while appearing for all the world as if they’re bumbling morons with no discernable political skills whatsoever–maybe they have the whole thing figured out.

      • Maybe the one thing nobody has figured out, which team is he really playing for? I always called him a faux Dem. It appears his tactics favor Brown, not Coakley. His mouth may say one thing, but the results are just the opposite. “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch……..” type of thing.

        • I can sure buy he’s working for the other team. But then again, everything seems to work out for him in the end. He’ll probably tour the country on a message of, “Hey, dumbasses, vote for me because while I have contempt for you I haven’t finished screwing you over yet” and sweep to an amazing victory while we’re still wondering how he does it.

      • They won because of one person, Bush. The reason he won the nomination is because Pelosi and Reid thought they could do anything if he was Pres. Not so much if Hillary was Pres.

  4. Try this one on for size:


    When Mr. Obama was inaugurated one year ago this week, he and his party had big majorities in the Senate and House, enjoyed the backing of much of the country and were confidently preparing to enact an ambitious legislative agenda. Republicans seemed directionless and the conservative movement exhausted.

    This weekend, Democrats are struggling to hang on to a seat held by Mr. Kennedy for 46 years in one of the most enthusiastically Democratic states in the country. Conservatives are enjoying a grass-roots resurgence, and Republicans are talking about taking back the House in November.

  5. I wonder how long the “it’s all Dubya’s fault” meme is going to work with any one but Booman and Andrew Sullivan.

    • “It’s all (fill in the blank)’s fault” is an excuse for failure.

      Using it implies bad things have happened and/or good things haven’t happened.

    • He needs to stop that if for no other reason that he’s called on W for help with Haiti.

    • I am still trying to figure out how they will frame the loss of their majority in the House on bush….it goes against logic BUT the perhaps the change they were looking for?

  6. Funny, really.

    The very first comment in that BTD thread begins with “Gimme a break….”

    They’re not playing nicely with BTD anymore.

  7. At the least, Obama will reinvent himself and bounce back like Clinton did in 1996.
    My favorite bit is that he says “at the least.”. Gosh he has some pretty high expectations. And at a minimum, at the least, he will be as good as Bill.

    Really BTD? And what evidence of even the slightest political skill are you basing this on?

    • it’s that 11th dimensional kungfu chess again!

    • You said it, DandyTiger!

      I can’t think of a slightest political skill Obama has. I couldn’t do it during the primaries when he was forced to answer questions during the debates, and I can’t think of a single skill now after a year has gone by.

      I don’t count Obama’s speeches because IMHO they are fake, dishonest and droning, You couldn’t pay me enough …. n, thnk you.

      He does like wormongering and now included a fourth country (yemen) in his warpresident agenda. Yikes? Hardly a political skill since Nobel prices are handed out also to scary folks like Kissinger who made sure blood was flowing for years before he was given his price.
      Hardly a political skill.

  8. Obama is a spokesmodel. Saying he’s a good politician is like saying Kermit the Frog is a good person. To get there, ya gotta be willing to ignore the string pullers and willingly buy into the illusion of reality.

  9. BTD is exactly right:
    “he is a GREAT one, for himself.”
    Despite all of the angst of some Obots trying to figure out Obama’s “politics”, they are quite simple…It’s all about him. Obama’s political goal?? One word “Historic”. All of the people, groups, etc. that Obama has used to get to “Historic” are under the bus, the Dem. Party will also be severely wounded but Obama will still be historic.

    Obama isn’t a tool or anyone, including corporations. He learned well in the environment of the “Illinois consortium”, one hand washes the other. Co-opting the business groups that block any Clinton health reform was brilliant…the law will screw the vast majority of the American Public but it gets to the goal of being historic.

    He has done his thing, he has no interest in actually being President; I will not be surprised if he doesn’t run again in 2012.

    • If you think about it, what would be in it for him to run in 2012. He’s already achieved what he wanted: the historic thing. It’s not like he really wanted to be president or do anything for the people. Now if he’ll win easily, he’ll certainly run. But if it looks like it will be hard, I can see him bailing out.

      • You think? He’s so egotistical, and he’ll be hard pressed to spin that as anything but a colossal failure of historic proportions. And it’s not like he’d hesitate to cheat, which gives him more control in the game than out. Cheaters tend to like their odds.

      • He probably doesn’t want to trudge the “Bataan Death March” again, it was nearly too much for him the first time.

    • Without powerful friends Obama would still be voting “present” back in Springfield.

    • It appears that he’s never been interested in any job once he had it.

  10. Oh shit! First play from scrimmage and the Cardinals ran 69 yards for a TD

  11. If Obama is a great politician, so is Bush jr. Both were able to sell themselves to powerful groups and manipulate the media to their advantage. If that’s the test of a great politician, I want a bad politician.

    • well, bush’s brain= Rove and obama’s brain = axelrod … both had surrogates that helped them run dirty plays, I’m not sure if that’s a smart politician or just some one that will do anything to win an election

    • Bill and Hillary made powerful enemies and were (are) hated by the media but despite that they won and kept the support of the voters and pushed their agendas forward.

      • Bill and Hillary had their backs up against the national media from the beginning (1992). Bill talks about this in My Life. How he got a call from Roger Porter at the WH, pretty much telling him because he was the one Dem who had a chance to win, they would have to destroy him:

        “Here’s how Washington works,” he said. “The press has to have somebody in every election, and we’re going to give them you.” He went on to say the press were elitists who would believe any tales they were told about backwater Arkansas. “We’ll spend whatever we have to spend to get whoever we have to get to say whatever they have to say to take you out. And we’ll do it early.”

        • Wonk the Vote, on January 16th, 2010 at 5:12 pm Said:
          Bill and Hillary had their backs up against the national media from the beginning (1992). Bill talks about this in My Life. How he got a call from Roger Porter at the WH, pretty much telling him because he was the one Dem who had a chance to win, they would have to destroy him:
          “Here’s how Washington works,” he said. “The press has to have somebody in every election, and we’re going to give them you.” He went on to say the press were elitists who would believe any tales they were told about backwater Arkansas. “We’ll spend whatever we have to spend to get whoever we have to get to say whatever they have to say to take you out. And we’ll do it early”

          This fits the media pattern: Hillary, Gore, Palin, etc. But why would they ADMIT it to Bill?

      • Interesting, and the Obamas are adored by the media (who still seem to tingle at every word), have lost the support of the voters (well he has, Mrs. Obama is doing pretty good) and have just pushed around a lot of Democratic Senators.

  12. I really enjoyed reading this post but I don’t know why it matters whether Obama is a great politician or not. What I do know is nothing has really changed from the last administration to this one. Does it really matter which party is in power when we have Pete and Repeat at the helm? Maybe people think this is important because Obama had such a quick rise to POTUS but the truth is when you have the backing of big business and have more money than dirt, as well as prominent people from BOTH parties pushing for your presidency the real questions we should be asking is who is Obama and why is he president? Why was he chosen because it is quite obvious someone or some entity wanted this man to be president? It wasn’t any of us and we are still dumbfounded by the “common” people we know that are still under his seemingly “spell”. For me, it is hard to understand how the party of my youth, Democratic, became the corporate generated party of today. If someone can answer that for me it might help to clear up all of the confusion about Obama.

    • Good questions.

    • This is agreat article on the history of how corporations took over America with the help of both parties. Long, but worth the read. And like dakinikats ecomoics pieces, it is easy to understand.


    • I read that in the 70s (during the Carter era) the Democratic Party realized that it had to sell out to the corporations in order to have the funding that the Republican Party was getting.

      Too bad public financing wasn’t considered.

      Susan Sontag was saying in the early 70s that one wasn’t voting Dem or Repub, but rather AT&T or G.E. (I forget which corp. conglomerates she was citing, but you can fill in your favorite.)

      The number of lobbyists started proliferating after Watergate. Between the time Hillary left off working on Nixon’s impeachment and the time that the Clintons returned in 1992, the number of lobbyist increased a thousand (?) fold. It was a completely different Washington.

  13. Fun article on the Bobby Rush campaign-“Is Bobby Rush in Trouble?” By Ted Kleine
    March 17, 2000, Chicago Reader

    “He went to Harvard and became an educated fool,” he says scornfully of Obama, and declares, “We’re not impressed with these folks with these eastern elite degrees.”

    Obama’s overeducation left him with an “ivory tower” outlook, Rush charges. In a debate on Cliff Kelley’s WVON radio show, Rush, the old street fighter, talked about leading marches to urge punishment for Gregory Becker, the off-duty cop who killed a homeless man in 1995.

    “It’s not enough for us just to protest police misconduct without thinking systematically about how we’re going to change practice,” Obama said in measured, mellow tones.

    Rush jumped on him.


    “Barack is viewed in part to be the white man in blackface in our community,” says Donne Trotter, who detests Obama. “You just have to look at his supporters. Who pushed him to get where he is so fast? It’s these individuals in Hyde Park, who don’t always have the best interests of the community in mind.”


    There are whispers that Obama is being funded by a “Hyde Park mafia,” a cabal of University of Chicago types, and that there’s an “Obama Project” masterminded by whites who want to push him up the political ladder.


    Obama didn’t help his record in Springfield when he failed to come home from a Hawaiian vacation to vote on the Safe Neighborhoods Act. His vote wouldn’t have made a difference, but Obama’s been a strident supporter of gun control, so a lot of voters thought he’d disappeared when his voice was needed most.


  14. Okay, the Democrats have completely gone off the rails. They care for nothing but POWER anymore, and votes and the will of the People be damned.

    Sorry, but this clip of Ed Schultz saying he’d cheat and commit voter fraud to beat Brown just INFURIATES me. If we don’t have a democratic voting process, we have NOTHING. I suppose after the RBC, I shouldn’t be surprised. But they don’t even care to hide it anymore – they are fucking FASCISTS.

    I’m really at the point where I want the Democratic Party to go down in total flames so we can rebuild from the ashes. I don’t care if I agree with you 100% on every policy issue, the voters MATTER. And I won’t stand for even things I agree with being shoved down the throats of the People against their will. NOTHING, not UHC, not an idyllic and just society, NOTHING is worth giving up democratic principles for. How you achieve things MATTERS.

    • We already know the Dems cheat at voting. That’s why my primary vote in Michigan was stolen from me and given to Barack. Unfortunately, I didn’t vote for Hillary. Oh, that’s right they stole some of those too because they figured people wouldn’t have voted for her if Barack had been on the ballot. Don’t get me started with this. The last two days I’ve had two Dem calls for money. I had to remind both of them about my vote being stolen on May 31st, 2008. I told them I’m not over it yet….perhaps NEVER!

    • The old ends justifies the means approach. Throw out democracy to save democracy. Throw out civil liberties and the constitution to save us from ourselves. Trust us, we’ll be benevolent dictators.

      Right. I think many horrible, brutal, totalitarian regimes started just this way. Welcome to the “new” Democratic party.

    • what a buffoon.

    • We are essentially the Weimar Republic at the moment and have been accelerating toward it’s end since 2000. I don’t see anything to slow it before the elections of 2010/2012, if we get lucky then.

  15. Here’s BTD’s great politician:

    Political Wire:

    Obama Approval Rating Takes Hit
    President Obama’s job approval rating has fallen to 46%, according to a new CBS News poll…

    Key finding: “Domestic issues — and not his response to terrorist threats — appear to be driving the president’s approval rating downward.”

    Greg Sargent:

    Poll: More Think Health Care Reform Isn’t Ambitious Enough
    Could Obama’s dip to new lows on health care be driven partly by the fact that the reform proposal isn’t ambitious enough?

    The internals of the new CBS poll suggest that this could be the case: They show that more people think reform doesn’t go far enough in multiple ways than think it goes too far.

    Political Wire:

    Obama Would Lose to Generic Opponent
    A new Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll finds 39% of Americans would cast a ballot for President Obama in 2012, while 50% say they would probably or definitely vote for someone other else.

    Carolyn Kay

  16. I’m reading this during a late lunch.

    It’s your fault there’s sauerkraut clinging to my laptop screen.

  17. News is saying they’ve evacuated terminal 8 (the American terminal) at JFK airport in NYC. Someone is in custody, no real info yet what happened.

  18. No.

    • Front paged at Huff Po:

      WATCH: Obama Slams Banks For Selfishness In Weekly Address: ‘It’s A Sight To See’ Couldn’t watch it, but I suppose somehow Obama becomes a hero.

      They are truly pathetic.

  19. OT:

    Saw this over at Uppity. YouTube of our SoS arriving in Haiti.


  20. ARG Poll highlights It’t the women stupid!

    -Brown pulled in 48 percent to Coakley’s 45 percent
    -independent voters, Brown leads 58 to 37 percent.
    -Coakley only 71 percent of Democratic voters, with 20 percent opting for Brown. (PUMA)
    -among women she only leads Brown by six points, 50 to 44 percent. …YES, maybe now they will take Stupak or Nelson tripe out of the HRC bill

  21. Let’s see: he decided to run after Wall Street and the wholr DNC/dem elite/media assured him of their backing. He copied the speeches/campaign of Deval Patrick and whined and threw tantrums all along – looking tired and spent while both Hillary and McCain were looking fit making twice the appearances he deigned to make.
    He made remarks to Joe the Plumber about “spreading the wealth” only to put the burden of his corrupt HCR on the middle class. He declared he never campaigned on a lot of things, forgetting there was a you tube.
    Copenhagen. NY primaries. Response to the underwear bomber. Cluelessness as to how unpopular HCR is with voters (risking Coakley’s seat by having her toe the line BEFORE being elected). Brilliant, I tell ya!

  22. Here’s a B0bot exchange in a discussion about the potential disastrous effects of a Mass loss on future elections

    3. Not Every Candidate Has The Charisma of Obama or Clinton
    and the reply comes:
    No disrepect to

    Bill, but Obama wins in charisma hands down. It’s genuine and funny, not fake.

    cue in that cardboard video with identical smile time hundreds

  23. I bet Obots would just love to be back in those lovely summer days of 2008 when He was at his peak. Sorry kids, you had to grown up sometime. This is for them (a favorite song of mine):

  24. Amazing stuff this new found wisdom

    Obama has net favorable rating in MA, But the intensity of voters who view him unfavorably, or who disapprove of his job performance, is so high that an appearance with Coakley could bring out more GOPers ready to vote for Brown than it could Dems …”Obama is radioactive in polls,” said one senior Dem operative who “Every time they dropped his name in a poll, it was awful.

    He’s just to divisive to polarizing! We knew that of course.

    • He seemed to bring out a lot of one time voters when he ran. They’re back to sitting home and watching TV and doing nothing else again but occasionally answering the phone to say yes on polls. It’s odd how he’s like poison now to other candidates.

  25. the above is from the NJ Hotline Blog Reid Wilson

  26. Obots theme song about Obama:

  27. Politician? Obama? Who would you put on your list? Churchill, FDR, Clinton B and H, T. Roosevelt, Truman even, Washington, B Franklin, Lincoln—elected leaders who got things done. Obama, nevah, evah.

    My pick today and one of my great pet peeves with the great communicator—Obama and “let me be clear”:


    • Honestly you’d almost think he’d start to annoy himself. Like, hey guys, you make me say this everytime I’m about to dissemble, it’s annoying me and the audience, let’s mix it up a little.

      Maybe it’s like reading to a kid, the words are coming out but his mind is a million miles away and he’s not paying any attention to the meaning of what he’s saying.

  28. In a musical mood. Another nearly perfect song:

    • Bill Withers is mesmerizing.

      I like the youtube description:

      It’s an incredible song, here performed live and even better for that.
      Simon Cowell please take note. Proper talent can sing and play live and doesn’t need Autotune.

  29. “At the least, Obama will reinvent himself and bounce back like Clinton did in 1996.”

    In your dreams, BTD,
    just because Obama is the one he has been waiting for doesn’t mean …. well, what does it mean ….
    nothing. Because he really doesn’t have a clue what statecraft means. So in what kind of a president would he reinvent himself? A truthful one who keeps his promises? He hasn’t kept his campaign promises so far and his followers seem to be as sycophantic as ever …. right, BTD? So why should he do it then?

    Is Obama a good politician? No. He is anything but …
    When has he ever been a good politician. Example, please.

    The media and his sycophants and devoted fans treated him like a messiah (isn’t that scary?) and you, BTD ,thought that meant he would be elected because he was so popular – and once elected Obama would be a good politician (whatever that means) leading the country and the world. Just like that. Dream on some more.

    Obama cannot be compared to Bill Clinton because he has zero knowledge about just about anything. Bill Clinton was truly smart and knew what was going on in the US and in other countries as well (i.e. european eductation and health care, for example). I bet Obama doesn’t have a clue what “Staatskunst” means. Because he is lacking it 100%.

    But one thing I know for sure. Michelle Obama who never was proud of the USA for about 50 years is now proud of this country because Americans elected her husband. Yippee! And that pleases Michelle, the Obamafans and BTD like no tomorrow.

  30. Homework for everyone, go listen to all the Bill Withers songs on youtube. Funny how you forget about people you really like and then rediscover them.

  31. The Clinton theme song/motto:

  32. We need an ad like this for healthcare

    • The discoveries of healing science must be the inheritance of all. That is clear. Disease must be attacked, whether it occurs in the poorest or the richest man or woman simply on the ground that it is the enemy; and it must be attacked just in the same way as the fire brigade will give its full assistance to the humblest cottage as readily as to the most important mansion. Our policy is to create a national health service in order to ensure that everybody in the country, irrespective of means, age, sex, or occupation, shall have equal opportunities to benefit from the best and most up-to-date medical and allied services available. – Winston Churchill

  33. There’s a new open thread up top since this one is getting longish!

  34. Obama’s not a politician. He discovered through his life that he appealed to people who needed power but couldn’t get it themselves. He liked having people open doors for him, and escort him up the ladder without having to do anything. Once those people discovered he couldn’t do the job, they just rewrote the expectations and retitled the position if they could get away with it.

    He found the best pay and connections in politics. He could do absolutely nothing and still enjoy a upper-class lifestyle just by being him.

    I have visions of his “people” sitting around drinking beer, groping cardboard cutouts, and cooking up “I bet we coulds” just to amuse and challenge their manipulation skills on a mass scale. How else does the guy win the Nobel Peace Prize having broken his own party in half (never to be repaired), stated his intent to expand the phoney wars, and never done a thing to bring about peace anywhere? These are a bunch of jokers who get a kick out of watching how easily they can manipulate the masses just by carefully crafting the words he says.

    BTD simply refuses to admit he hates the Clintons. He wouldn’t have been given a home at TL if he told the truth.

  35. In two letters, NO.
    Not even mediocre.

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