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I am officially over-the-hill

I ran across this post at Salon and realized I am ready for the old folks home:

The ladybits have seen hot pink pubic dyes and dollar sign stencils. They’ve encountered jewelry of the pierced and clip-on variety. They’ve been available in different flavors.  They’ve even recently become aware of labia tinters.  But this week they really sat up and took notice when actress Jennifer Love Hewitt announced on “The George Lopez Show” that she has pimped out her yoni with Swarovski crystals. Or, as she put it, “It’s called vajazzling.” Of such great import was the news of the Ghost Whisperer’s crotch bling that Broadsheet actually received a press release from the Lopez camp about it. I shit you not, America.

Discussing her new memoir “The Day I Shot Cupid,” debut author Hewitt said that after a painful breakup, “A friend of mine Swarovski-crystalled my precious lady and it shined like a disco ball,” adding the imperative that “women should vajazzle their vajayjays.”

If anyone wants me I’ll be out front yelling at the neighbor kids to get off my lawn. This is an open thread.

292 Responses

  1. I am speechless on this one.

  2. That’s lo-rent. She can afford diamonds.

  3. well, so much for the starving, dead children in Haiti.

    Twinkle, twinkle, little tw**

  4. i used to like her when she was plain

  5. many years ago tv was called ” America’s vast wasteland”.
    This is one reason why. Who the hell cares enough about a silly twit to be interested in what she does with her tw**?
    I do believe that sometimes a break is needed from all the problems of the world but this is not it.



  6. sigh … skewed priorities to say the least.

    Mind you I am not a prude. Whatever floats your boat and all. But doesn’t it occur to any of these women how vapid they appear.

    For me it was when I read that Beyonce had a $5 million dollar wedding ring!!! (http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20224021,00.html) A $5 million dollar rock on a finger when there are people starving, inner city kids going without education. You can start a freakin foundation with $5 mill. OK it’s her finger not her labia. No matter, the lack of taste and decorum is astounding.

    Conspicuous consumption is so last century.

  7. I’ll admit it. I like nice things. These are not nice things. With all those means, they choose to be losers.

  8. What part of “private parts” does she not understand?

  9. I’m joining you on the front lawn, miq.

    I won’t click the link and watch one second of that Obot Lopez’s show. But… ummm….that sounds like it might be uncomfortable. Hers must be ugly if it needs that much decoration. Or it has low self-esteem.

    Cripes, I’d better quit thinking about it. In fact I’m sorry i wasted one minute doing that already.

  10. What barbiturate cocktail is Andrew Sullivan on?

    Obama himself is now going to campaign for Coakley in a huge gamble. How on earth did Massachusetts’ Democratic party manage to do this to the president?


    • Andrew Sullivan needs to be sent to rehab. Dr. Drew needs to do a koolaid intervention with him.

    • Andrew’s infatuation with Obama is so obsessive, he should be arrested for stalking.

    • Do what to him? How did they manage to contaminate him with girl cooties?

    • Interesting quote here. At least one Dem insider thinks Obama going to MA is the kiss of death:

      “Obama is radioactive in polls,” said one senior Dem operative who has seen the campaign’s internal numbers. “Every time they dropped his name in a poll, it was awful. So you just can’t take those kinds of chances.”


      • During the course of the day, I’ve shifted back to your POV, WMCB. I’m tempted to vote AGAINST Coakley.


        I can’t believe I’m thinking this….

        • Do whatever you think is best, bb – because neither choice is good.

          The best I can say about Brown is that regardless of his personal views, he does seem to be clued in enough to know he’d be there to serve the people of Massachusetts, not his own party machine. I’m not sure of that factor anymore about Coakley, after her cave-in and subsequent behavior kow-towing to the DNC and pharma and insurance lobbies. Flitting off to a big event with the money boyz last week just turned my stomach.

          Me, I’d vote against the current corporate machine, which happens to be the Dems – and deal with the fallout later. They are the clear and present danger at the moment, and I don’t think feeding their power and hubris, even with someone I agree with on a lot of stuff, is something I’d do. But I totally understand if you can’t pull a lever for Brown.

          • WMCB, I have been leery of weighing in on this, mostly because of some PUMA’s stance on voting for all women. I used to live in Boston so I know some things about MA.

            When I saw the debate I thought Brown’s answer about the people’s seat was excellent. Honestly it looks like a Hobson’s choice to me if I were an MA voter. Coakley seems quite clueless on a number of matters. I am also against the healthcare bill as it is and enraged about the Cadillac tax and unions. So Brown throwing a wrench in it would please me. I would vote for Brown, Obama scheduled visit to MA makes me want to even more.

            I get to vote in my own Illinois election on Feb 2. Hope things get as exciting for us.

          • “The best I can say about Brown is that regardless of his personal views, he does seem to be clued in enough to know he’d be there to serve the people of Massachusetts, not his own party machine.”

            Really, do think he’ll the party machine will let him stayed “clued in” to serving the people of anywhere? The GOP works in lockstep, all the time!!

          • afrocity,

            Coakley has been very useful pro-choice as AG for years. She’s a workhorse (and voted for HIllary in Denver). Here’s what else she’s done:
            Coakley has a formidable track record on issues that have been thorns in the side for Obama, who has been accused of being soft on Wall Street and unwisely extending the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. As Attorney General, Coakley forced a huge settlement with mammoth investment bank Goldman Sachs and has called for increased regulation of the financial sector. Like all the candidates in the Democratic primary, opposed President Obama’s plan to escalate the war in Afghanistan.
            Coakley also went to court to challenge the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce tougher emissions regulations, and challenged the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, which imposes federal limitations on same-sex marriage.

        • the best I can say about Brown is it sends a message to the Kennedys that they aren’t in charge any more

    • That Andrew cracks me up. He’s one of the best comedians.


    Lemme out Goddammit!

  12. You need to check out the Axelrove – Obama hit piece on Coakley at Politico, weak candidate…
    Obama’s visit is mathematical: Coakley’s polling, a Democrat involved in the race said, has shown that certain key Democratic demographics, …less affluent women and African-Americans

    “A huge block of voters who have a favorable opinion of Obama aren’t with Coakley,” the Democrat said. “He’s got to go get them for or she loses.”

    Are these people crazy there are only two groups that still support Obama Blacks and under 28 every other group in gone read the polls…

    ok maybe I would vote for Brown I want Obama out of office

    • Now I’m sure they are trying to sink her…a visit from the Grim Reaper himself, and then Barney Frank screaming “If Coakley loses the healthcare won’t pass! …no shit sherlock, that’s why she’s down in the polls

      • I think so too.

        • they are the assholes that made her give in to the HCRA in the first place…. effin azzhats

          • It’s really plain to see if you’re not looking through kool-aid goggles.

          • Now they say:

            “Senate Can Pass Health With 51 Votes, Van Hollen Says”

            Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) — Even if Democrats lose the special election to pick a new Massachusetts senator Tuesday, Congress may still pass health-care overhaul through a process called reconciliation, a top House Democrat said.

            That procedure requires 51 votes rather than the 60 needed to prevent Republicans from blocking votes on President Barack Obama’s top legislative priorities. That supermajority is at risk as the Massachusetts race has tightened.


          • Yep, if they don’t change much in the bills, then they can get away with that procedural thing that only requires 51 votes in the Senate. I don’t know what the details are for when it’s just reconciliation or when it changes enough to require the full vote.

      • Yep, the Dems don’t want the healthcare bill to pass because it will sink them in the midterms.

      • but Barney did warn the Party and Obama not to dismiss the Base
        January 9, 2008 03:59 PM Barney Frank.Refight the Nineties? for Huff Post

      • Naw, they’re not that clued in. They really still think Obama can save the day with a speech and smile.

        They should have just let the Big Dawg handle it.

        Even though I’m still torturing over what to do, I will laugh if Coakley/Obama/hcr goes down just because Coakley didn’t wait to say how she’d vote on hc until after she was elected. She was crusing into the Senate seat until she let down her base and riled up the anti-hcr crowd. I’m quite sure she was pressured by Obama people to state her support. If they’d just kept their mouths shut ….

        • I’ve been agonizing all day long! I want so badly to see that bill go down. And I’m still angry about Martha’s betrayal. What to do, what to do?

          I’m going to have to ask the Universe for answers.

          • Do you have an Ouija board? magic 8-ball? Fortune cookie?

          • I don’t envy your position, bb.

          • At least there will be a female Green Party candidate to vote for in the MA gubernatorial race because I know most people here would never even consider voting for Deval Patrick.

          • Female green candidate? Cool. I’ll have to google and see who that is.

          • I’m having a really terrible time, too. The only thing I know is I can’t vote for Brown. But everything else makes me swing one way then the other.

          • It’s a tough decision and I’m thankful I don’t have to make it. I’ve read so many good arguments for either way on today’s threads. I feel there is something off with Coakley, she doesn’t seem so in touch with the needs of the voters, is more concerned with supporting the current administration. But, she might be the lesser of two evils.

            Personally, I’d try to shut off my noggin for a day or two, see some movies, reflect, and do a final gut-check Monday night. You’re smart and have all the facts, and since we can’t really control what happens (or accurately predict it??) – you’ll be happiest by voting your conscience, no? I hope that might help.

            I’ve been unemployed forever, so my noggin is atrophying. I find it quite easy to turn it off these days. ; )

          • http://www.massgreens.org

            Has more on Jill Stein

          • Coakley used her leveredge to get Stupak out of the HC bill, by saying she would “reluctantly” vote for it without Stupak. This seems to me a realistic, if small, victory.

            They will pass the HC one way or another: by 51 votes, or by delaying seating the winner of MA, or by some GOP not showing up for the filibuster. Making a small mitigation in it is better than nothing, and a GOP anti-choice Senator.

      • Sounds like Barney is now a Brown supporter 🙂
        I am sure Mr. Frank is also wise enough to know that if Obama stumps for Coakley, healthcare won’t pass. This is just gravy for Brown’s campaign.
        But wait, those elections in NJ and VA were just about local issues….nothing to do with Obama and how happy everyone is with the way things are shaking out in washington.

  13. The first sign of ancientness occurred when I noticed that the Playboy centerfold girls are all substantially younger than I am.

    Another milestone came when I realized that their birth dates revealed that they could be my daughters.

    Then I realized that the entire culture had changed, and the very concept of a Playboy centerfold was no longer a reference point understood throughout society.

    Finally, I stopped noticing nudity altogether.

    When you reach THAT stage, my friend — THAT is when you start yelling “You kids get off my lawn!”

    • Age doesn’t stop Hugh Heffner…while channel flipping last night, got the scoop from E! – He’s 80-something, new #1 bunny-friend is 22.


      • I’m pretty sure that the bunnies are just for show. It’s still creepy though. (Cut to Joel McHale doing his “I’m a boat captain” spoof.)

        • I agree, just for show.

          However, HH acts like he’s “committed” to the bunny du jour. totally creepy . They quoted him last night, saying something like, “she’s everything I want in a woman”.

          Must have a vajazzled vajayjay.

          Now they can “vajazzercise” together.

    • We noticed the geezer status approaching watching Late Nite w/Conan of all things. Several of the bands were off our radar and couldn’t recognize the song either. So we’ve embraced it and now hubby rants about the driveway not the lawn….lol

      Anyway, ran across an interesting article/book review yesterday that your post reminded me of.


      “The historian Elizabeth Fraterrigo asks us to accept a somewhat unlikely premise, which is this: A ti**y magazine that has been culturally irrelevant since the late 1970s was at the forefront of many of this nation’s most important social upheavals and reconfigurations. It is to her book’s credit—and, it must be said, to Playboy’s—that one closes her book largely convinced that she is right.”

  14. just read this at NJ reporting a he said she said

    …A senior Dem said the Coakley campaign asked the WH for a campaign visit. and she says

    … she had not asked Obama to campaign with her.

    Smart girl, instead of OBambi they should send Hillary

    • See the quote I posted above. Word is that internal polls showing linking her to Obama is the kiss of death.

      IMO, so is campaigning on “If you elect Brown, HCR is dead.” Um, yeah, and since most people oppose this piece of crap bill, that would motivate votes for them HOW? The Dems are freaking out of touch in lala land.

      • “If you elect Brown, HCR is dead.”

        Is that Brown’s campaign slogan or hers?

        • Ya know, I knew it was gonna be bad. We all knew it was gonna be bad. But I never imagined it would be this colossal nightmare clusterf*ck on steroids and crank. Someone give me whatever Sully’s drinking. I think I’ll need some strong medicine to get through the next few years.

        • Both at the moment.

          • There is definitely a disconnect in one campaign or the other when the slogans of both appear to be the same, as in this case. Given the poll numbers, it’s obvious which candidate is out of touch with that slogan.

      • what about Governor Deval Patrick, Obambi’s buddy

      • I never ceased to be amazed each and every day.

        • From the tweeting, sounds like OFA may have activated some of their national lists for Coakley. Everyone’s getting involved. Gavin Newsom is sending mail. Just got an email from Dodd urging me to help out, saying “do it for Teddy.”

          • I got one of those too. I don’t even know how he got my e-mail address. Like anyone is going to listen to him?

          • You got one from Dodd? The Democrats are really losing their bench. They could at least as Weicker, he’s gotta be more popular among Dems. 😉

  15. while you are yelling at them to stay off your lawn, remember to tell the little bastards to stay away from the apple tree too!

  16. “It looks like a little disco ball down there”

    …and the devil said, Okay, you got a deal. … True story.


  17. Since this is an open thread and the initial topic is “out there” can someone pleeeeaaaase tell me wth is going on with the first cake on this list of “Worst Birthday Cakes.” ???


  18. hmm and it looks like the markets are going to be tanking as Mass voters go to the polls on Tuesday. It appears there are signs of rising consumer defaults in the JPMC earnings reports today.


    glad I got my sell orders in before 4

  19. In Power Push, Movement Sees Base in GOP

    HOLLAND, Pa. — The Tea Party movement ignited a year ago, fueled by anti-establishment anger. Now, Tea Party activists are trying to take over the establishment, ground up.

    Across the country, they are signing up to be Republican precinct leaders, a position so low-level that it often remains vacant, but which comes with the ability to vote for the party executives who endorse candidates, approve platforms and decide where the party spends money.


    Advocates hold up the example of Las Vegas, where a group of about 30 people who had become friendly at Tea Party events last spring met to discuss how they could turn their crowds into political influence. One mentioned that there were about 500 open precinct committee positions in the local Republican Party.

    They recruited other activists and flooded the committee — the Republican Party says it now has 780 committee people, up from about 300. In July, they approved a new executive committee, and Tony Warren, one of the organizers and a new precinct committeeman himself, said six out of seven executives are “constitutional conservatives,” in keeping with Tea Party ideology.

    With the bulk of Nevada’s population in the Las Vegas area, the local committee was able to elect a conservative slate to the state party in December, including a state chairman who has said he wants to make the party “safe” for conservatives.

    As recently as last spring, Mr. Warren said, “we didn’t even know how the darn party worked.”

    Wonder if the current GOP will disappear?

    • I’d like it to split and make the religious right irrelevant.

      • Tea partiers here may be an aberration but those I’ve talked with have not been religious right at all. Admittedly it’s a very small sample. I hope that’s generally true but really have no idea.

        • Most of the ones I’ve met around here are more libertarian-leaning than anything. Those ones are pretty nice and reasonable, though we still disagree on a lot.

          The real hard-core libertarians are just as nuts as the fundies. But neither of those are a majority among the tea-partiers I’ve met. Anecdotal sample, not scientific by any means.

    • The Dem party works the same way and has the same local structures and could probably be taken over in most places the same way. The top is rotten and balanced on a foundation of empty air. Compliments of modern tv pundit politics.

  20. Ouch! That all sounds so very, very, very painful. Count me as being among the overthehill crowd, too.

  21. Ooops! Wrong site corrected.

  22. My goodness.

    wtf…..vajazzling is bizarre on so many levels. Worse still, she devoted a chapter of her “book” to it.

    I feel more out of touch with “that side” of our country every day. Who are these people?

    • It would seem we’ve raised a generation who, literally, just want to play with themselves. I guess this is the next level down from navel gazing.

      • next level down from navel gazing
        LOL. Literally.

      • It’s sad; another step down the path that gives girls so many negative messages –

        – they are objects to be decorated
        – your au naturel body is foul; clean it up, make it pretty!
        – money buys (fill in the blank)

      • I don’t mind them playing with themselves. I mind them telling me about it.

    • Who are these people?


  23. I just watched above video. By not watching TV I really don’t miss anything thats for sure ( I never watch TV news and entertainment shows).

    Yesterday O’Donnel shrieked and whined about Reid’s improper language (I think it was the dialect bit she never heard of ….. oh please, never read a book or watched a film, Ms O’Donnell?) …. today its Jennifer who chose vajazzling to overcome her unhappiness (something I have never heard of). And something I will hopefully forget the moment I click the submit comment button.

    But the imp. point is that here we got another pundit topic of choice people will talk about for days to come…. vajazzling to make you feel better … and the nitwit actress is proud to talk about such an imp. topic and the silly host thinks it is a fine topic for his show cause it will drive his ratings up and entertain his happy guests.

    Thats TV for you.
    Most importantly, these trivial pundit discussions, with their topic of choice, here it is vajazzling, will not just drive ratings up but mostly distract the viewers away from all the important topics of the nation. The topics Americans should discuss:
    The very serious topics like wars, death and suffering in foreign lands, …rendition …. warrantless wiretapping … Yemen – which may be the war of tomorrow. Etc. etc.

  24. OT..Another Dem Congressman calls it quits. Vic Snyder , AR second, won’t run for reelection. He is a physician, left leaning, who I suspect is disgusted with Obamacare amoung other things.

  25. She can get a matching vajazzled Mercedes:

  26. Next fad: Pejazzle.

  27. She he should see my penis, its dazzling, but understated.

  28. Back to the comments. It is a shame that Coakley declared that she was on board with the HCR bill before she even took office. Has she read the bill? NO. So it doesn’t matter whats in it as long as Dems win? Not my kind of Senator. I was for her before I was agin her. I really want to see a Democrat say “wait a minute here”. They would get major respect.

    • Coakley has read the bill — both House and Senate versions. She held out for the final version to drop the House Stupak language, which she refused to vote for.
      there are important distinctions between what was passed in the House and what was passed in the Senate. […] the House provision would effectively bar any insurance plan accepting government subsidies from covering elective abortions. The Senate bill, on the other hand, would allow such insurers to sell plans covering abortions, but would require women to pay for that portion of the coverage separately — from a letter from her campaign

  29. just because the lips move doesn’t mean it’s a yoni.

  30. I posted this on a prior thread but wanted to make sure everyone is aware that Hillary is going to Haiti tomorrow.

    I think she looks exhausted but she probably calculated that she could get about two hours of sleep on the plane. I think Hillary would swim there if she thought she could do something when she gets there. She is absolutely unbelieveable.

    BTW – I heard on the tv this morning (think it was MSNBC) that Hillary is “in charge” of the relief effort. That is the first time I had heard such a statement and the first thing I thought is that the White House (or media) is setting her up in case the process goes south. Has anyone else heard Hillary characterized as “being in charge”?

    • I heard that too. HRC has always said that the USA is working with the govt. of Haiti & other governments. She’s been very careful about that. It’s another MSNBC thing.

    • Also heard it. Also saw HRC speaking about Haiti. She looked totally exhausted. I wish Bill was going to Haiti instead of MA. They would both do more good there. The conditions are horrible. Two different reporters saying that who have covered other disasters around the world said that the most overwhelming thing on the ground there is the smell of death.

  31. If Martha Coakley wants to play it smart, she’ll ask Obama to come to Mass. to campaign for Scott Brown.

    That would finish Brown off, for sure.

    • That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day 🙂

      • Obama is going there to campaign for Coakley so I guess the White House has decided to put her out of her misery. I am actually surprised that he is going.

  32. just gota ask any of you girls out there …..vajazzling ?

    • I have a daughter in university and a mortage to make. A hair cut is a luxury on my salary. When I want to feel good about myself I rewrite my CV. That’s about the extent of what I can afford to do.

  33. Big Pharma threatening to oppose the bill over 2 year cut in exclusivity rules

    The most likely explanation is that PhRMA would withdraw its support from Democratic candidates in 2010, and in fact move quickly to support the challengers, threatening the Democratic majority in key races. Asked whether that implicit retaliation would fit the profile here, the source said, “I have not heard that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.”

    Regardless of motive, it does strike one as a sign of the country we live in, where a corporate trade group basically holds the success or failure of legislation in their fingertips.

    If the President and Congress can lose PhRMA’s support based on this relatively minor tweak to their profit margin, then there’s nothing really stopping them from changing everything about the structure of the deal. “This is an outrageous move, and the Congress and the President should just go forward with the bill,” the source continued. “They think they’re the 101st member of the Senate.”

    • Spineless 0 will say, “Let’s make a deal.”

    • And speaking of Pharma:

      U.S. Attorney: Johnson & Johnson paid kickbacks

      BOSTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors said Friday that health care giant Johnson & Johnson paid tens of millions of dollars in kickbacks so nursing homes would put more patients on its blockbuster schizophrenia medicine and other drugs.
      Prosecutors allege Omnicare pharmacists then recommended that nursing home patients with signs of Alzheimer’s disease be put on the powerful schizophrenia drug Risperdal, which was later found to increase risk of death in the elderly.


    • The most likely explanation is that PhRMA would withdraw its support from Democratic candidates in 2010, and in fact move quickly to support the challengers, threatening the Democratic majority in key races.

      is this kabuki?

      • Speaking of kabuki, from FDL arguing that ending Coakley kills the bill, “Listen to Harry Reid, Olympia Snowe just wasn’t interested in coming around, ultimately.”

        No comment.

    • Horrors! And if the Ds lose their majority, we might actually get rid of this stupid expensive health-insurance-co-bailout bill.

  34. “This is an outrageous move, and the Congress and the President should just go forward with the bill,” the source continued
    The Black Agenda Report had the best description of this kinda crap…”It’s like Pro Wrestling” the outcome is determined; the rest is show and people believe that it’s real.

    Just like Big Insurance doesn’t want it to pass..right!!!..Just look who showed up at Coakley’s fund raiser in DC.

    • At least with pro wrestling you get to see some chair throwing and piledrivers. All we get is a random “You Lie!” I want my admission price back.

  35. From NY Times:

    Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, on Friday asked the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, to remove a special provision in the health care legislation that would have the federal government pay for all of Nebraska’s costs of a proposed expansion of Medicaid, the federal-state insurance program for low-income Americans.

    In his letter to Mr. Reid on Friday, Mr. Nelson argues that the deal for Nebraska was always intended to be temporary.

    “This was intended to serve as a placeholder that would be removed during the conference negotiations and replaced with a mechanism applying to all state governments,” Mr. Nelson wrote.

    • Were his pants on fire at the time?

    • This stuff is just unbelievable.

    • He got spooked when they chased him outta Pizza Palace.

    • Bullshit. Or if it’s true (unlikely) , then the Dems LIED again regarding the HCR being “deficit neutral”. Because if the plan all along was for the federal govt to take on the full cost of expanding Medicaid in all the states, that is a HUGE budget-buster.

      So which is it? Is Nelson lying, or was the party leadership lying?

      • it’s really not deficit neutral now that they’re exempting people from the excise tax …

        • Well, it wasn’t deficit neutral even before that – they just made it look that way with fancy accounting. If you are counting 10 years of income vs. 5 years of expenses to break even, that ain’t neutral.

          That duplicity just burns me up. Be fucking HONEST with the people for once. Tell them the cost, tell them precisely what you want to do, and how. If they want it, they will support it and be willing to pay for it. If you have to lie and obfuscate to get it passed, it’s a BAD idea, period.

    • OMG: How long is his nose now? That takes CYA to a whole new level. Let’s see that is the Cornhusker Kickback, yes. Maybe he discovered that vote buying is vote buying and it might even be illegal.

  36. OT but kind of to the point: Did you see the story about the circus that has a new baby elephant they have named “Baby Barack”. So funny on so many levels.

  37. well, this is certainly interesting …


    NASA is trying to sniff out which employee brought a baggy of cocaine into the hangar that houses Space Shuttle Discovery at Kennedy Space Center in Florida this week. The space agency is preparing the shuttle for a launch to the International Space Station in March.

    Spaceport officials said an employee found the bag Thursday morning outside a bathroom in the restricted shuttle hangar, Orbiter Processing Facility No. 3. The employee notified security, which conducted tests confirming that a “small amount” of cocaine remained in the bag.

    Because access to the hangar requires a security badge, officials know about 200 NASA workers and contractors were around the facility at the time the drug was found. NASA said that while there are “no indications” that anyone was high on cocaine while working on Discovery, drug testing of employees in the area have been conducted.

  38. Arthur Silber is back and discusses the Coakley v. Brown race

    I’ve seen stories about how much money is being raised in connection with various political causes — for example, for the two major candidates in the Massachusetts election next week. So (some) people still seem to have (some) disposable income for those battles they view as important; the amounts raised by Coakley and Brown are staggering to me. I’ll try to write about that election in more detail soon, with a view to the larger issues it involves. From my perspective, a vote for Coakley is utterly indefensible and contemptible. Brown is also awful, although he doesn’t appear to be notably more awful than most other politicians trying to get to Washington or already ensconced there. I view voting for “None of the above” as an honorable choice. And I will further say that, if I lived in Massachusetts, I would be somewhat tempted to vote for Brown, if the thought of doing so didn’t afflict me with hysterical paralysis. I say that for only one reason: in the specific context of this election — and given that one of the primary reasons Coakley’s supporters urge a vote for her is to “save” the health insurance bill (a bill which is the corrupt product of a corrupt system, incapable of being “improved” no matter how much they tinker with it given the vile corruption at its core) — a Brown victory would deliver one overriding message: Stop Fucking With Us. That’s a message worth delivering, I think. It might slow the bastards down just a little bit; gridlock and confusion among the monstrous governing class are very positive assets now. And at this point, time is critical. Much more about all that soon, I hope. But a vote for Coakley is close to unforgivable as far as I’m concerned; all the arguments in support of such a vote rely on a series of critical errors, which I hope to explain in detail in some long-planned articles. If you vote for her, I suggest you have the following tattooed on your forehead: “Please fuck me until I’m dead, and I’ll still vote for you as long as I can!” But, hey, if you get your thrills that way, enjoy it, pal.

    • For a second, I thought that said “Arthur Miller is back.” I was shocked, but very happy. Now I just feel empty…

    • I think if I were stuck in MA that would sum things up for me. The other thread going on there that would turn me to ice would be Kerry lecturing me about what I needed to do for Teddy”s legacy (or Kerry lecturing me about anything).

    • Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

      I suggest you have the following tattooed on your forehead: “Please fuck me until I’m dead, and I’ll still vote for you as long as I can!”

      • And again, Gillibrand vs. Ford is different how, exactly?

        • It’s a primary for one, if it’s anything at all.

          • But Gillibrand (or Coakley on the Hudson, if you will) Voted and will vote yes. Ford is a horrible DINO who is not nearly as bad as Brown, but he says he will vote no.

    • I don’t think a Brown victory sends that resounding of a “stop” to DC. If there was a real chance of stopping Obamacare, that would be different, but I don’t see what is the upside of DC reading this as independents going tea party. The only upside I see is that the loss of Kennedy’s old seat will be concrete electoral consequences for the Dems, and they do deserve that. But, we still have a populist left that isn’t being heard.

      • The anti-HC, anti-Obama message has already gone out. Reid will pass HC one way or another even if Brown wins: delay Brown’s seating, 51-vote ‘reconciliation’, or bribe some GOP to push the wrong button.

        Either way HC passes. The difference is we get an anti-choice GOP pig senator.

    • Maybe I live in a strange hood, but I don’t know many people who are persuaded by someone who doesn’t live in their state and doesn’t know anything about the situation or any of the long term factors people are weighing ranting and raving about how simple it is and if you don’t do what he says, he’ll never forgive you. I’m willing to go with it, but am I disqualified from voting altogether since I kind of already defied Arthur due to the whole, he hates Hillary thing?

      • Heh, we’re Americans so we rant. Feel free to take what you want and throw the rest away.

        Your vote belongs to you and no one has any right to tell you how to use it or not. Vote your own conscience and be happy about it. I don’t live in MA and that’s my only advice.

        • I understand why people are upset. It’s just that it’s very emotional for us. People are crying, I spoke to a woman who was thinking of applying to emerge mass, this group that holds classes for women to train them to run for office, and now she’s not gonna bother. And I know that no one is listening to Silber or anyone who’s like, I live in Utah–vote Brown! so it shouldn’t be so irritating, but it’s like, it’s really difficult and having the whole situation portrayed as if it’s easy feels a little bit like that Granny Doc thing, you people are not smart enough to have valid reasons for voting, You’re deluded sellouts, do what we tell you. Especially for everyone who had a hard time protest voting, but did, and now are back to being deluded sellouts.

          • I’ve read enough here that I really feel for all of you in MA, especially the people who were such dedicated Democrats. I have to admit that maybe I was never a “dedicated” Democrat because when push came to shove I always voted for the best person, regardless of party.

            The person I feel the most sympathy for is Martha Coakley. She seems to be a good person in a bad game. If she loses, it will be the fault of those who pressured her to change her position and support HCR. The rest seems to be window dressing to me.

          • Seriously… as an outsider, I hear ya, and I’m sorry you guys in Mass. are going through such a nightmare. It’s a really tough call.

          • Thanks all of you for saying that. I’ve been on a lot of sites today and almost all of them have the majority of commenters laying out categoricals one way or the other, as if the answer is so eary and clear. Every time I read one of those types of comments I want to do whatever the opposite would be.

            I’ve always been happy to live here but today I wish I lived in some other state.

          • In a way, it’s The Perfect Storm. If it were anyone but Brown, people wouldn’t be so upset. And if it were any of a long laundry list of Dems, it would be a lot easier to take. We’re not just voting straight Demg, but when most of the options always suck and there’s one candidate who has a couple of positives and she’s the one going down while everybody else rolls on–yeah, it’s hard. And when for the first time some people might be potentially willing to vote for a Repub under certain circumstances and they get Brown–the universe hates us.

          • Thanks, Wonk. 🙂

            *hugs* It will all be over soon, hang in there, Valhalla. I think that idea you had of people who decide not to vote for any of the three writing in FDR is great. When Kerry ran unopposed and 30% or something of the ballots were left blank in the race, people took notice.

  39. Who is that moron? I’ve never heard of her or Lopez, but at least Lopez is somewhat endearing.

    Guess I haven’t missed much by pulling the plug, and I thought it was just that fool Chris Matthews and all of the Bu$h enablers.

  40. So how does she get the Swarovski crystals to stay put – superglue? Piercings?

    I suspect I don’t really want to know the answer.

    • LOL My husband asked the same thing.

      Bedazzle my lady parts? With 4 kids I barely have time to shave my legs.

      • If I had 60 hours in a day, I wouldn’t have enough time to glue tiny rocks to my labia.

        Can you imagine going to bed with someone for the first time only to find Swarovski crystals where none would naturally occur?

        “What do mean, what are those? They’re crystals. They energize my chakras – where are you going? Why are you running?”

  41. Glenn Greenwald nails another one. These asshats make cointelpro look like nothing.

    Obama confidant’s spine-chilling proposal

    Sunstein advocates that the Government’s stealth infiltration should be accomplished by sending covert agents into “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups.” He also proposes that the Government make secret payments to so-called “independent” credible voices to bolster the Government’s messaging (on the ground that those who don’t believe government sources will be more inclined to listen to those who appear independent while secretly acting on behalf of the Government). This program would target those advocating false “conspiracy theories,” which they define to mean: “an attempt to explain an event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who have also managed to conceal their role.”

    Glennzilla is far too good for the US media! I’s sure glad he’s around though.

    • He even includes a takedown of the shill one, Krugman.

      Paul Krugman, for instance, in 2005 angrily lambasted right-wing pundits and policy analysts who received secret, undisclosed payments, and said they lack “intellectual integrity”; he specifically cited the Armstrong Williams case. Yet the very same Paul Krugman last week attacked Marcy Wheeler for helping to uncover the Gruber payments by accusing her of being “just like the right-wingers with their endless supply of fake scandals.” What is one key difference? Unlike Williams and Gallagher, Jonathan Gruber is a Good, Well-Intentioned Person with Good Views — he favors health care — and so massive, undisclosed payments from the same administration he’s defending are dismissed as a “fake scandal.”

    • That was a great piece by Glennzilla. Where is the outrage from Liberals? I continue to be gobsmacked that so many liberals whom I thought believed in…um….LIBERAL principles really only believe in whatever advances their own agenda and power.

      It truly is mind blowing to me. Official secret Govt propaganda arms directed at the American people is okay, so long as it’s “our side” doing it for a “good cause”????? What the fuck has happened to the Left in this country? It’s as if they believe tyranny can only arise from the party with the R, but if a D does it to “help the poor downtrodden” then it’s not tyranny, it’s for your own good.

      I swear to god, shit like this is going to make anti-state loony libertarians of me. I didn’t like Big Brother when he was Red, and I don’t like him Blue any better. LEAVE my fucking individual liberties ALONE, you bastards! And if this intrusive State crap is what the Left is becoming in this country, then count me out. As a matter of fact, count me its sworn enemy.

      • I’m not really surprised. It sounds pretty much like the way the Obama campaign astroturfed the lefty blogs.

        • Yes but acts like taxing people who hold “controversial” opinions etc effectively cancels the First Amendment. I find it hard to believe any small-d democrat could make such proposals. They really are un-American.

      • I’ll join you in that. I don’t think any elected official or their enablers have principles anymore. Fuck ’em!

      • And me also, WMCB.

  42. MA election is probably over tonight. NQ frontpaged a clip from a radio show that Coakley did tonight.
    She didn’t know who Curt Schilling was. Host and Coakley talked about Clinton and Obama coming to campaign for her. Then talked about Rudy also coming. Then the host says “Curt Schilling…” She cuts off saying “another yankee fan”.

    After insulting Fenway park fans, now this.
    I think it is over.

    • Coakley’s spokesman tried to say it was a “very very deadpan joke” but if you hear the clip it didn’t sound like a joke. Her campaign is falling apart.

      • Either way it will be over soon.

      • According to The Caucus…

        A senior Democratic official on Friday described Ms. Coakley’s chances as “within striking distance.”


        She’s now behind in her own internal polls.

        • This entire situation is sad. Coakley, with the assistance of Obama and the Democratic establishment (Kerry, the Kennedy clan), has killed her chances in a race that should’ve been fairly easy for her to win. Coakley is a bad campaigner but she shouldn’t take all the blame for what has happened. Obama has ruined and will ruin a lot of Democrats who are up for reelection this year. If the Democrats want to save their own hides from being thrown out, they need to turn against Obama the way many Republicans turned against Bush towards the end of his second term.

          • It is a sad situation. Her downfall was giving into the DC crowd when I’m sure she was pressured to support HCR. Her original instincts were correct and it’s a shame she couldn’t stick with them.

            Now I read where she’s -3 in her internal polls while Brown’s internal polls show him +11. The +11 number is almost surely bogus but ahead by anything is amazing.

      • I heard the clip. She was befuddled. She had no idea who Curt Schilling was – it was obvious.

    • What I don’t understand is iof you don’t know who he is why not admit that you don’t follow sports that much. It isn’t a crime and a lot of people might have found it relatable.

      At the very least we would have known that she wouldn’t have been obsessed with getting steroids out of professional sports.

      • She called the BoSox former ace pitcher a “Yankee’s fan.”

        Them’s fightin’ words.

        • I went to the parade stood next to a big group who screamed, “Go Sox!” and then, “Go back to Arizona, you effing Republican!” Lol

          • Well we provided some of the DECENT Presidents anyways back when they were required to do more then look purty and spokesmodel for the corporations.

            Anyways, I hail from the Appalachian area of Virginia and we are un edumacated- or so I hear.
            We couldn’t possibly erudite and uneducated racists at once.

            Fox hunting Dandy?

            They hunt Bambis in the parts where I live. I live in a veritable camo jungle every November.

            I don’t think people here would know what polo was either. They do love them some auto racing though. (yet another *sport* I don’t get the fascination with.)

          • I think if Obama wins your state in the primary, you’re automatically erudite. You may even get free airfare to travel to other unsmefumacated states to taunt us with dollar bills (“this is what you think a President looks like, isn’t it? Isn’t it?”) along with automatic mastery of all the rules of polo. Congratulations! And please refrain from smacking us in the face with the dollars, those things hurt.

          • Here in Texas Hillary won our primary and Obama won our caucuses… I invite the erudites among us to throw all their dollar bills at the rest of us for emphasis.

        • I couldn’t even tell you the name of a baseball team in Virginia- let alone tell you who fields what position.

          Then again I usually figure out who I want to win on the Superbowl based on which teams uniforms I like better- unless the other team runs a United Way or other charity related commercial- it’s a complicated algorythem I know.

          If it weren’t for the food and the men I’d have skipped Superbowl Sundays a looooooooong time ago.

          • Is there a baseball team in Virginia?

          • I have no idea Seriously.

            (and yet my life would still be complete if there wasn’t a team)

            I think the team we are supposed to root for as far as “home team” for football is Redskins.

            I do know about our college football team. Why? You need to in order to understand traffic patterns- oh and have I mentioned I happen to like eating the food that goes along with games? Mmmmmmmm hot wings, chips and dip, hot dogs with all the fixins’…….

          • Lol Sounds good. There’s a baseball team in DC because remember the controversy about their caps having a W on them? And Bush started wearing one, but the Dems were like, uhhhhhh no.

          • Come to think of it, Are there any professional sports franchises in Virginia? It seems weird, Virginia is a large state and it gets nothing?

          • Virginia has squat. Nothing professional. It has some single and double A farm teams. And of course college. UVA and VTech sometimes have teams. Usually not. What, me bitter?

          • 🙂 Well…you have Presidents. Our foolishness with little balls and little sticks can’t compare to your erudition.

            There’s a saying, people in MA have three topics of conversation, sports, politics, and the weather. Take away our sports and we’d be screwed. Although, I have relatives who got into a fistfight over high school football, at a wedding where they were ushers and with the groom, so–I guess we’d survive. As long as there’s little league.

          • Erudite is right. Many people around here don’t have time for professional sports, what with all the fox hunting and polo. I wish I were kidding.

      • Ayup. A female lawyer AG who is pro-choice and works for women’s issues and voted for Hillary in Denver — and she doesn’t follow sports either.

        My kind of gal!

  43. iNaked iPhone application


    This blows away the “Nude It” application by processing infrared light through a specific light filter….Breakthrough technology (no pun intended 😉

    Sort of fits with the vajazzle theme.

  44. WaPo finally realizes Obama has some verbal tics

    In a presidency in which everything is murkier than Obama could have imagined, the “let me be clear” preface has become a signal that what follows will be anything but.

    What took them so long?

    • LMAO! Jeebus, we picked that up a couple of years ago. So much for the intelligentsia.

      • We warned ’em:

        “Obama is radioactive in polls,” said one senior Dem operative who has seen the campaign’s internal numbers. “Every time they dropped his name in a poll, it was awful.

        • Ya reap what ya sow, new coalition. Good luck with that getting re elected thing.

          I try hard not to be bitter aboutt the chance our coalition had to actually move our country forward that was thrown away.


        • How many times did we tell them “Obama will ruin the Democratic brand”? I know I said it loudly and often.

          The NooDems are out on a limb and sawing hard.

      • God it’s like Ronald Reagan all over again. We kept screaming he’s an empty suit, he can’t communicate, he ums and aas, and of course the famous aaaaaaaaaannnnd, and all the other tics, and oh by the way, he’s not really that bright. Take away his teleprompter and he’s a bumbling idiot.

        The bottom line is, without standing next to Hillary and being able to say: “what she said,”, he can’t seem to say anything.

    • WORM is ‘perfectly clear,’

  45. I am at work and can not link. The memeorandum has a copy of a letter sent out by the Cambridge Police endorsing Brown. It was sent out to clear up any misunderstanding of who they endorse because Martha Coakley’s husband was a former Cambridge policeman.
    I guess that beer at the white house did not impress them.



    • A Cambridge police endorsement for Brown might be like an Obama endorsement for Coakley. Not necessarily a good thing.

  46. Oh, Lord, how out of touch can the Dems get? Obama is doing robo-calls in MA telling people that Coakley “shares his agenda”.

    Pssst! DNC! The reason she is tanking is BECAUSE people think she shares your agenda. I don’t get it. Do these idiots REALLY think that the public lurvs their sorry agenda? Are they that STUPID?

    • Yup.

    • They think putting Obama on the ballot will bring out the Obot vote since independents are already running away like cockroaches exposed to light.

    • Spammy ate my reply.

      • We’re not supposed to repost–but no one would know.

        • All I said was that the Ds still think putting Obama on the ballot is a winning strategy to get out the Obot vote, since independents are running away from them like cockroaches regardless.

        • LOL… well I tried replying you and that went buhbye too.

          • I would never encourage outlawism, but I’ve heard that making little breaks in suspect words has been known to snooker Spammy in the past. Not always. But sometimes.

          • I think it was the word c—roach… let’s see if typing it like that goes through…

          • (All I said was the Ds think that getting out the Obot vote is a winning strategy since independents are running away like roaches regardless.)

          • Spammy is weird. Loves Gregor Samsa, hates Tony Montana? If he were smart, he’d disable “Spammy,” rendering us helpless.

          • Obots don’t seem big with the long term thinking. There are a lot of reasons why they wouldn’t necessarily go out of their way to help Coakley–she’s a Hill supporter, she’s female, they think they can get one of their own in in a little under 3 years, they have no party loyalty, they’re mad at Obama and can take their anger out on someone they’re predisposed to hate and then vote for him anyway….Explaining how this affects ze One not necessarily so easy.

          • I think the Obots have moved on from America’s Top Prez and are onto a different reality show.. there’s a new season of Project Runway.

          • I suppose privileging what Obama brought to the table over what Hill brought to the table made sense from a party building standpoint.

            Remind me again, what did Obama bring to the table?

          • a speech from 2002. a baritone voice.

    • His exact words are “She’ll be my ally.”

      Jaysus…..can they be more tone deaf???

    • And the Iraqis will welcome us with flowers and candy. Yes, they really think people love this disaster of HCR. That’s how hey destroyed Coakley’s candidacy to begin with. She was doing fine until they got to her.

  47. O/T, but in relation to Haiti, I said it before in this blog that in the context of “Game Change” and the sudden outburst of Clinton-hate in the media just last week, in a tragic way, the earthquake in Haiti showed Americans once more why Bill and Hillary can never be put down. They may lose battles, but they will always win the war, because despite being politicians and all that it means and entails, their hearts and convictions are in the right place. No political personality in the past two decades have risen above all the viciousness leveled against them than Hillary and Bill. And other voices in the media are noticing:

    “Can the Clintons save Obama and the planet?” (http://www.sdnn.com/sandiego/2010-01-15/columns/oconnor-can-the-clintons-save-obama-and-the-planet#ixzz0clu8EEoH)

    “Clinton to the Rescue” (http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-01-14/clinton-to-the-rescue/)

    • I’m so proud of both of them for not even responding to Game Change…..just keep on doing the right thing, brush off the noisy trash.

      True leaders, our Clintons.

    • Thanks for your link to Colleen O’Connor—a LONG time Dem from SD county and a great article. Comments were ugly but I tried to add some love.

  48. I keep getting e-mails from Dems begging for “help” with the MA race.

    Every time they ask for money for Coakley I’m donating more to Haiti instead.

  49. From People:

    Chelsea Clinton plans to do her part to raise money for Haitian relief efforts by co-hosting a special 90-minute spin class in Manhattan.

    • That ought to work! I love that dynamic picture of Chelsea. I had the pleasure of meeting her when she was campaigning for Hillary. Chelsea is gracious and genuine.

  50. I would like to see Bill go to Haiti and let O clean up his own mess in MA.

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