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A Couple of Brave Souls Dare to Praise Hillary Clinton

Ben Smith, a pudgy little man filled with bile

For the past few days, the Villagers and their media buddies have been poring over the trashy new book by John Heileman and Mark Halperin, Game Change. The person who seems to be having the most fun with the book is Ben Smith at Politico, who seemingly has been in the throes of an extended orgasm as gloating again and again in print about the supposed demise of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Smith’s ravening, slavering hatred of the Clintons reached a climax today when he vomited out this repulsive bile-filled piece: Game over: The Clintons stand alone According to Smith, there is no one left who will stand up and defend either Clinton. They are universally and resoundingly hated and despised by everyone in politics and “journalism.” Here’s an example of Ben Smith’s putrid prose:

“Game Change” peels back a decade of careful renovations off Hillary Clinton’s carefully constructed public face, casting her in the terms that defined her at her lows in the mid-1990s: scheming, profane, sometimes paranoid, often tone-deaf.

The authors report that Clinton and her aides plotted behind allies’ backs to enter the 2004 presidential contest and that Clinton herself favored some of the nastiest tactics, such as suggesting that then-Sen. Barack Obama had been a drug dealer, in the 2008 campaign. And she continued to believe — without evidence, and long after her concession — that he had, in effect, stolen the Iowa caucuses by importing out-of-state voters.

Her husband, the former president, is depicted as canny, but flawed as ever: making key errors, as has been widely reported, in South Carolina, and raising his own aides’ suspicions that he was reprising the extramarital wanderings that exploded during his presidency.

“Everybody talked. Anybody that tells you they didn’t are lying to you,” lamented one former top Clinton aide, who mused that perhaps for the first time in a career of leaks and betrayals, the Clinton’s innermost circle of loyalists been breached.

The result leaves the Clintons exposed and isolated, their darkest suspicions — “us against the world” — validated.

Excuse me for a minute. I think I’m going to be sick.

OK, back. Today a couple of courageous people did come forward to praise Hillary Clinton–and lo and behold, they did it under their own names, rather than hiding behind anonymity, as most of Heilemann and Halperin’s sources did.

First up, Peter Daou, who was communications director of the Clinton campaign.

…this is not about psychoanalyzing Hillary Clinton or probing her personal attributes — others have made a living doing that. It’s not about making her out to be a saint. Nobody is. This is about describing how she ran her campaign and how she treated her opponents when the cameras and microphones were off.

Was I on every call and at every strategy session? No. Can I vouch for every single thing said and done at the campaign. Of course not. But having participated in countless senior strategy meetings, crisis management and rapid response drills and emergencies, “war rooms within war rooms” (a term used by Heilemann/Halperin), debate prep, calls, emails and private conversations with the candidate, and having slept with my BlackBerry under my pillow and been stationed at the center of her communications operation for the duration of the campaign, I can confidently state that Hillary Clinton did not push for ‘vicious’ or dirty tactics against any of her opponents, nor did she encourage or ‘cheer on’ that behavior from her staff. The ethos of the campaign, which she conveyed in word and deed, was that she would win because she was best prepared, worked the hardest and had the most compelling ideas.

She was centered, dignified and focused throughout, although her frustration and pain did show through at some moments. She knew the media environment was stacked against her, against any woman. She knew what she was up against and drove forward into the furious headwinds of sexism and rightwing-fueled Clinton-hatred.

Daou also speaks to the gloating media critics who want to muddy the Clintons while pretending that Obama is pure as the driven snow.

…I have little tolerance for critics who simplify the whole election as some sort of reflection of the supposedly terrible character of Bill and Hillary Clinton, conveniently ignoring the Obama campaign’s brutally effective hardball tactics and overlooking the infinite dimensions — and messiness — of a presidential image/message war.

Next to stand up for Hillary is MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough in a piece called “The True Character of Hillary Clinton.”

…what I saw throughout Hillary’s 2008 campaign was a candidate who kept fighting back even after being badly wounded in Iowa, negligently served by her staff, and treated miserably by a biased press corps….

I thought the 48 hours before the New Hampshire primary were the most humiliating any national figure of Hillary Clinton’s stature had to endure in recent political history. It was a political execution that was broadcast across the world in slow motion. And it was ugly.

But Hillary Clinton had other plans. The New York senator shocked every pundit and pollster from Manchester to Manhattan, outperforming the final NH polls by a dozen points or more.

For the next few months, the Clinton campaign took one body blow after another. The media coverage was deplorable. In fact, it was so biased in some quarters that more than a few living legends of broadcast news privately shared with me the embarrassment they felt toward their own profession.

Still, Clinton kept fighting on.

Scarborough goes on to enumerate the many times Hillary fought back during the 2008 primaries, and finishes with this high praise for Hillary’s character:

Character is rarely revealed in its sharpest contrast after a glorious victory. Instead, you find out what a person is made of after they sustain a soul crushing defeat. In her long, tortured march toward Denver, Hillary Clinton showed more character, more resilience, and more true grit than any presidential candidate I can recall.

And in that losing cause, Secretary Clinton served as a great example of character not only for my young daughter, but for us all. It is that type of strength that we need in our leaders now more than ever.

Thank you Peter and Joe for being unafraid to stand up to the slick, slimy Villagers and their ugly, envious, bile-ridden media courtiers. I salute you both!

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167 Responses

  1. Please excuse the purple prose. I couldn’t help myself.

  2. Scarborough is a Republican, and he can be a class-A jerk, but there are times he comes through so beautifully you want to hug him.

    [Repeated from the previous thread]

    • I think Joe is working at the wrong place.

    • Scarborough used to follow Olbermann on MSDNC, and I’d run to change the channel as soon as Olbermann was done (I liked that toad back then, I’m ashamed to say).

      Didn’t always make it in time, and I came back into the living room once to find Joe (and Pat Buchanan) expressing their outrage that a very minor white collar criminal was actually going to have to serve some prison time.

      After I picked my jaw up off the floor I sat down to listen to them, and by the time they were finished my opinion of both men–but especially Joe–had changed substantially.

      You see, the minor white collar criminal they were defending so vigorously was a woman and a Democrat.

      It was Martha Stewart.

      I cancelled my cable as of 11/1/08, but before that I tried to catch Morning Joe on the rare mornings when I was awake that early, and I seem to remember Joe defending Hillary more than once when she was being attacked by Brezinski, Schuster, et al.

      And hasn’t he been an Independent for quite awhile now?

    • Joe was actually very complimentary and supportive of Hillary during the campaign IIRC.

      • I remember that. He was one of the few tv talking heads who actually treated her fairly.

        • At one point during the primaries, Joe called Hillary his girlfriend!

          • Yeah, they used to tease Joe that he had a crush on Hillary. That’s the one thing that made him (& Cramer of Mad Money) ok for me. They didn’t join the sexism and they were unafraid to say that Hillary was the best Dem candidate.

          • I remember Joe before he started calling her “his girlfriend Hillary.”

            When Hillary lost Iowa, Joe was drinking the Obama koolaid and joined in on the pile-on. The only person on MSNBC who had the decency to acknowledge that what the media was doing to Hillary was a pile-on was wingnut Pat B, which doesn’t say anything good about MSNBC.

    • I am vindicated. I love Joe Scarborough, and watch clips of Morning Joe just for him, even enduring the pain inflicted due to dumbness of Mika and Barnacle.

  3. !!! BostonBoomer, Thank you!!

  4. Go Peter Daou!

    It’s nice to see Joe Scarborough being consistent with the way he was when he started praising Hillary in the days leading up to the Pennsylvania primary. I was wary at the time of his defense of “his girlfriend Hillary.” Can never be sure with these media-types. Just seemed like a way to go against the MSNBC grain and drive up ratings. But, Joe’s being consistent, so he gets credit for that.

    • I always felt he really respected Hillary even though he’s a Repub. I remember those days as well but while he said nice things those around him at MSNBC were pathetically in Obama’s camp. I hate MSNBC for what they revealed about themselves during this election. They always make fun of Fox but their obvious love of all things Obama is just plain infuriating!

      • I did get a sense that he respected her for her fight all along, but I wasn’t sure if he’d flip as soon as she was out of the race. He’s stuck by giving her credit for her resilience, and that’s an admirable trait.

        The Morning Joe gang is still pretty bad when they go into chat mode, though. Their coverage of Hillary while she was in Africa got pretty juvenile at some points.

        • Joe likes Hillary. When edwards endorsed obama all the pundits were saying Hillary was depressed and sad and the same night of the endorsement Joe’s wife was admitted to the hospital for complications with her pregnacy. The next day after the endorsement Hillary called Joe’s wife at the hospital and talked to her to see if she and the baby were okay,if the doctor was doing certain things, and if she needed anything to call her anytime. After they call both Joe and his wife looked at each other and said “Wow”. He told this story on morning joe.

      • I remember him and Gail Collins of NYTimes were discussing how Hillary Clinton broke the Commander-in-Chief mental barrier for women. By her strength and toughness, she made it possible for people to see a woman as a Commander-in-Chief.

        I remember his fantastic comment then, “you know, as a red state kind of guy, I would have been most comfortable with her picking up that [3 am] phone call. That’s a hell of an achievement.”

    • Yeah, I’m actually still wondering if he has some kind of hidden agenda. I have no clue what it would be, it just seems so odd that he’s one of the very, very few people in the political and journalistic establishment who doesn’t start frothing at the mouth over her.

  5. Isn’t it interesting that the people who had nasty things to say about Hillary wouldn’t go on the record, but the people who admired Hillary were willing to pen their names to their articles…. Now, which stories are you likely to believe?

    BTW, Ben Smith is truly a sick little man for trying to use other people’s unattributed remarks to stick a knife in Hillary and Bill Clinton, all the while pretending to analyze gossipy Beltway chatter in a book that no one should waste their time reading anyway, if the excerpts are any indication.

    • Ben Smith is a sick little man, and Politico is a biased, and lame site.

    • You’re right of course, but the insane Obots will claim that the anonymity of the sources just proves what a bitch she is- they’re scared to talk openly because she’ll destroy them!

  6. That’s very nice to see from those two who said what should be said by all. Hillary’s character throughout was clear and obvious.

    I understand the propaganda and dramatized hate for political reasons during the campaign. Obviously that show was to get Obama elected. Anyone on the Obama side or previously on the Republican side that actually believed that crap shoveled in the name of nasty politics is the real looser. They’re basically cult members who believe lies and are manipulated like mindless puppets.

  7. Ben Smith and Dana Milbank, couple of class A sexist bigots from Yale. Man, would I love to see them both fall, hard.

    Yes, Peter is solid. Joe’s a good man too, though I’m not in sync with his politics, and he’s been dropping a few promotional tweets for Ford lately.

  8. The book is such sleeeze and even if it were true, where does a journalist come of with carrying out assassination. Yes. That is what it is, assasination of character; of values; of any humanity that can be found in the pages of this bleed.

    Time magazine has a new low going on here, just employing a man like Halperin makes them co signers to the sickening undocumented gossip presented narrative.

    Joe Scarborough can come out and defend Hillary but where are the Democrats? If not one responds and challenges this, I say take them down at the polls. As far down as they can go.

    Oh…and Halperin thinks Barack is “awesome”.

    • Halperin graded Barack as “awesome” in every debate too, consistently giving him higher marks than everyone else.

      • LOL, now that’s funny.

        It’s actually still amazing to me how really badly Obama did in those debates. The whole time I was having Reagan flashbacks saying to myself, “um, he’s supposed to be smart and a great communicator. Am I the only one seeing this.”

        Yea, he along with many in the media were riding the wall street selected candidate all the way to the bank. Hopefully at least the knew what they were doing and were doing it for tons of money. I’d hate to think that any actually believed it.

    • Speaking of double standards–what would happen if Palin or some female journalist gushed that someone was “awesome”? They get more immature everyday. Lack of credibility is credibility.

      • You mean to tell me he actually said O was “awesome?” Oh brother…just when I think it can’t get any more sophomoric.

  9. Thank you BB for offering some much needed balance to the latest feeding frenzy.

    “It was a political execution that was broadcast across the world in slow motion. And it was ugly.”

    That really says it all doesn’t it. It was painful to witness–but as Joe points out, her strength, in the face of it, was awe-inspiring. Even critics were won over. That’s why I don’t believe any of this b.s. Her record and character speak for themselves. And so does the character of petty little “men” like Ben Smith. He’s now officially on my boycott list.

    I also heard on the radio that Willie Brown was defending Bill on TV, saying, “Bill Clinton doesn’t have a rac*st bone in his body.”

    Hillary & Bill will survive and thrive after this latest outbreak of CDS passes. The other glaring and obvious tell about the juvenile bias of this book: almost NOTHING about questionable Obama in it. Yea, he’s a saint, we know.

  10. No problem. The “pudgy little man filled with bile” is truly a nasty villager .. along with his ilk. Another fellow jealous of Bill, no doubt.

    I always liked Peter Daou. He was a popular blogger but then he supported Hillary and was treated terribly by the Obamablogs. Yes, thanks to Joe, that was well done. Sometimes pundits one dislikes for years can still surprise.

    I wish Hillary would run again in 2012 but since she decided to join the Obama admin I can’t see that happening unless she leaves his company NOW because She can hardly criticize her own admin after 4 years loyal Obama SOS.

    IMO She should have remained Senator but another run as Prez was not in the cards for Hillary AFAIR. It think for her it was 2008 or nothing.

    I was devastated when she joined the Obama admin. But I
    doubt Hillary believed at the time that “messiah” Obama would ever fall so fast …

    And his approval ratings will go down unless something bad happens to the homeland. Then the terror and fear of the citizen will easily push him into a second 4 WH years ….

    • Obama is dubya 2, so I fully expect him to get a second term precisely the same way dubya 1 got a second term. War.

      • I don’t think “war” will work a second time. Obama is worse than Carter and no one would have elected him to defend the country.

        • http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2010/01/12/cnn-poll-americans-split-on-success-of-obama-presidency/

          Americans are giving Barack Obama a split decision on his first year in office, according to a new national poll.

          Forty-eight percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Tuesday say Obama’s presidency has been a failure so far, with 47 percent saying Obama has been a success. The poll’s January 12 release comes just 8 days before Obama marks one year in the White House.

          looks like he’s going to need something

          • He’s a one termer unless “a miracle” occurs before 2011. Opinions of him are hardening fast and they should since he’s so obviously a tool of the oligarchy.

            War worked for Bush because it was such a shock and his persona was made for it. Phony and totally fucked up but made for it. I knew he would win in ’04 when I was watching a focus group on c-span and some women were concerned about taking their kids to the mall because they were afraid of a bombing. This was in Summer of ’04 and Bush was going to get a 2nd term, you could see it coming.

            I will bet now that in the face of another attack or war, Obama will be blamed because it’s not such a shock anymore. It would literally kill any chance for re-election. But I think the economy will take care of that anyway.

          • He needs to give a nuther SPEECH! We haven’t been hectored recently.
            Surely Jon Favreau has more Faulknerian prose to disgorge, and Obama
            can read it like a metronome.

            I was thinking of his prototypic speech (part Axelrod
            rerun of his First Hope+Change(TM) campaign–the one for Deval Patrick and part Favreau, and it went like this:

            “From the snows of Iowa to the sludge of Maryland. Word, just words. We hold these truths. I had a dream. Yes, we can! Yes we can!”

          • I think I heard that speech or something just like it 😉

        • They will manufacture some crisis. You can be sure, they won’t give up this immense amount of power without a fight.

        • Ralph,
          I am not the only one who believes that the GOP will take over again in 2012 because what the voters dislike most is a weak president and a weak party.

          And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the next Prez is Bush III.

          • Yes, There’s been a meek effort to float that pile, too.
            I still think the Bush legacy (Illegacy) will make it super tough for Baby Bush.
            Besides we already have Bush III

          • Don’t you mean Bush IV? Obama is Bush III, remember.

          • I don’t have a clue who will run but I do know that Americans will generally vote for “strong but wrong” over “weak but right” most of the time. That comes from Bill Clinton and he’s very seldom wrong about politics 😉

          • Yes, “strong but wrong” over” weak but right”

            that is what I meant to say, too

            LOL@BushIV –

          • hmm, what did Americans vote for in 2000, 2004, and 2008? Corporate and spineless?

          • strong and wrong fits W., but Obama?

          • For Obama, I think the light skin and no negro dialect won over all the white guilt crowd. It sounds grotesque but it’s probably true.

            And let us not forget, his blank slate was written upon by all kinds of voters imagining he held “their” positions.

          • I’d say America voted for emotional manipulation. Bush and Obama threw in an emotion (hope, compassion) along with some kind of statement about the status quo (whether to conserve or change). I think the swing voters who voted for both Bush and Obama don’t really care what the policies are, they just want to feel better about them.

    • Call me naive. But I think Hillary put her country first and decided that some grownups were needed in that cabinet.

      Just like the impeachment fiasco, she put her own hurt aside to do what is best. I have always thought that she saved Bill’s (and spineless democrats’) skin by sticking by his side. The soap opera would have been unbearable if she justifiably lashed out at Bill and left him to fend for himself. I don’t think his presidency would have survived the battle.

      • I think that is a very profound way of putting it. She did put her country first…and decency first. Some people just can’t wrap their minds around this concept. But, in reference to Hillary, I think decency is a good word to use. Too bad it is so rare.

    • It’s not inconceivable that Hillary would run against Obama in 2012. After all, RFK served as Johnson’s AG and still ran for the Democratic nomination in ’68. She’d have to resign as SOS relatively soon to be able to pull it off, but it’s certainly not impossible.

  11. I’m sorry but I happened to watch morningjoe the day of the book club selection with the authors. It was a slimefest beyond all slimefests. I could barely contain myself but had to see NBC in action. Chuck Todd, Lawrence Odonnel and all the shitheads were on reveling in the gossip and innuendo. No matter what Scarborough wrote that is quoted above, I heard no pushback from him, none. NBC played with the book all day. I don’t watch the network but had to check in now and then just to see it. No matter what Scarborough has said, he doesn’t have the guts to say it on air. We all know the Whitehouse communicates with that show during its airing. Its pathetic and sick. He’s trying to get the women viewers, do not watch. I contact their advertisers, I want to see the media go down and go down hard. Read Glenn Greenwald at Salon please.

    • I just was talking about Morning Joe in my last comment. It gets really bad when they go into chat mode. They got very sophomoric discussing her Africa trip, Joe all the while saying he “really likes Hillary, but…”

      I think part of Joe’s praise of Hillary’s toughness may be genuine but it has also been about getting women viewers. That was what I suspected back when he started doing this schtick in the middle of 2008. There’s a void on that network since it’s so blatantly pro-bama and anti-Hillary… he’s going against the MSNBC grain to pick up more viewers.

    • glennmcgahee,

      I haven’t watched MSNBC since spring 08. The last time I watched Olbermann was when he maligned Hillary in his Special Comment. After he thanked the Clintons who had been so nice and helpful to him. Yup, that is Olbermann for you.
      There is not a single person on that cable channel that I respect and that includes Maddow who truly embarrassed herself with her Obamalove. But she so admired Matthews … and she got her own show.

      I don’t watch TV news anymore. Not, NBC, not CNN, not PBS, and not FOX.

      Yes, I am off to read the Greenwald article and the Daily Howler who taught me so much about the TV pundits over the years, esp. MSNBC.

      • Glenn Greenwald is too good for Salon.

        There are things that I like about Joan Walsh, but lately she’s been writing columns that involve, “I got into an argument on twitter…” She’s been trying to find an angle to the Obama presidency, and I don’t think she’s hit her groove yet.

        • Joan’s favorite passtime since the summer has been making fun of Palin and accusing strawmen or real men of racism. Not much new, same old drumbeats without the Obama cheerleading. Occassionally, she’ll try and course correct, like this piece today. http://shar.es/aFPVZ

  12. thanks bboomer, reading Daou and Scarborough really picked up my day.

    I’m amazed, though, that both articles appeared at HuffPo. Did Ariana lose her faith in The One?

    The comments, though, are as vile as ever.

    • I don’t think Ariana ever had faith in the one. I think Ariana is in it for money and power. Simple as that. She road the gravy train for the cash. If there is more money somewhere else, that’s where she’ll be.

      • I actually give Ariana more credit than that. Whenever I saw her talk about Clinton (or any powerful woman), she manages to do some serious damning with faint praise. Yes I agree she’s all about the money and rubbing elbows with famous people, but she seems to also have an axe to grind as well.

        • She does have an axe to grind…at the Republicans for their shunning of her husband when he admitted he was gay and left her. She was very vocal about it and switched parties.

        • Arianna is consistent in her CDS since her New Gingrich pupil days. David Brock dedicates her 3 pages in Blinded by the Right

      • Arianna is a businesswoman. She’s good at it, too.

        What she is not is a liberal.

  13. And Scarboro also says Clinton lost in her march to Denver when we all know she did not lose until the Convention when they did not allow a Roll Call. Clinton won the majority of the people’s votes. She won, Obama lost. Until the fix. He’s still losing – he’s a LOSER and this is a desperate attempt to hurt Hillary and prop Obama up. Obama operatives are behind this piece of trash.

  14. Not crazy about this section of Daou’s piece:

    The fact is, both campaigns slogged it out, played rough, and one came out victorious. And it would be wrong to act like only Hillary faced historic obstacles. Barack Obama was a formidable candidate and opponent who faced almost insurmountable odds. He deserves all the credit for winning and even more credit for appreciating Hillary’s value when the contest ended.

    [Why won’t they discuss the fraud?! I know, job protection…still, HE DID NOT “WIN”]

    This is great though, especially the last line:

    Still, it’s important to state for the record, contra Game Change (or at least Politico’s interpretation of the book), that if anything, Hillary’s campaign let her down, not the reverse. Nor was it just one person’s fault. Her entire senior team bears responsibility. I take responsibility for the role I played. It’s easy to demean her when you’re an anonymous source for a book (and an easy way to absolve oneself of guilt), but let’s get real: far too often, she carried the campaign through sheer force of will and through an endless wellspring of personal fortitude.

    • “Her entire senior team bears responsibility.”


      Hillary’s campaign team let her down in a big way. She was maligned daily, she was called all kind of names, the media lied, …but her campaign team lacked the appropriate courage and didn’t have her back.

      Instead of defending Hillary 24/7 – They WIMPED OUT!!! They were weak and didn’t want to upset their village buddies, no doubt.

      • I’m coming in super late on this (been setting up this year’s CSA business, it takes tons of time) but I wonder if this isn’t a new meme. Obama sucks, Hillary was great, but she didn’t win because her campaign staff let her down, not because of Obama’s duplicity, or Hillary being a bad candidate.

        Then in a couple years, when Obama is even worse, the Village can have Hillary save the day. Or, if that doesn’t happen, they can explain away the loss of the exeplary candidate as due to her staff, not their misogyny and Obama’s cheating.

    • Daou’s “little tolerance for… conveniently ignoring the Obama campaign’s brutally effective hardball tactics” is probably as close as we’ll ever get from him. It’s job security like you say, but I think there’s more to it. I always feel like he’s trying to ges through to the people who voted Obama in the general but aren’t nuts enough not to see the wild disparity between the way Obama is treated and the way everybody else is.

      • It’s scaffolding. You can only convince people of what they’re ready to know. People are ready to figure out that Obama is an empty suit (step one), but they won’t be ready to know that the campaign was a vicious clusterfuck crassly and cynically engineered by the Obama campaign, the DNC, and corporate supporters for awhile yet (step two).

  15. Germans protest whole body scanning at airports.

  16. RD and gang – Have you seen this article by Tracy Clark-Flory over at Salon?
    She links to this blog. 🙂

    • Yup. She works to help people in need, while people like Ben Smith spew hatred and envy.

      • It must be very, very, very bad as I can’t find any uploads on youtube and information is tricking out. I do know people who have family there, but thought I wouldn’t tie up their phone lines. I will give them a call tomorrow, but my thoughts are with them and my prayers.

    • Indigo — check your mail {{fingers crossed}}

    • Bill Clinton is the UN Haiti envoy. I would guess he is involved with something right now.

    • When I heard about the earthquake in Haiti my very first thought was “it must be karma”

      …the earth herself is shaking in revulsion over the way the poor of Haiti have been screwed over by corporate and US backed juntas and coups, including the most recent one where the US government went tsk…tsk…bad…bad…coup….but did nothing substantive to actually force the coup leaders to negotiate.

  17. The 2008 campaign made it a political sport with journalistic approval to attack women candidates and the message is; Don’t Get Uppity Women Folk!

    You don’t see them referring to to hiking governor and making fun of him on a daily basis, but Hillary, Palin and NOW a terminally ill Elizabeth Edwards, that is just fine and dandy. 😦

  18. Great post, Boom.

  19. Thanks for this post, it really is heartening after the latest crap flung about. Silence from Bill and Hill? I mean, what can they really say at this point? (that won’t be misconstrued anyway)

    Oh wait…. both had almost immediate, heartfelt statements about the disaster in Haiti.

    Congrats on your recognition over at Salon, you deserve it!

  20. Now they are going to drop the requirement that business provide insurance for employees?


  21. Thank you BB — Peter Daou rocks!

    (his articles supporting woman’s rights in the US & internationally kick ass)

    & as for Mr. Smith (or Solis-Doyle-Hillary-turn-coat-Axelrove pal) ………..his writing is just a nauseating replay of all the pretty-&-privileged DC high schoolers playing up to the homecoming establishment —

    The breadth & depth of sycophantile-suck-up-itude continues to amaze!

    thanks BB, for the fierce TC truth-telling –

  22. HuffPo has a pretty good post up by Tom Watson.

    Cartooning of Elizabeth Edwards

    For a woman in American politics, there’s simply no floor space between harridan and sainthood. There’s nowhere to stand, no place to exist, no neutral platform from which to speak. No gray. Bitch or angel, and too few of the latter.

    Take Elizabeth Edwards, dying of cancer and the target of the post-2008 whisperings of campaign aides eager for revenge and an off-the-record chat with political Dirt Devils Mark Halperin and John Heilemann. For a while on what passes for the public commons in this country, Edwards was the Mother Theresa of the Democratic Party, holding on her illness-ravaged shoulders the shame of her husband’s infidelity and the progressive dreams of followers who judged her calls for public healthcare to be legitimate.

    No more. Cheered on by a Washington media rooting section that could only be portrayed by a cackling Heath Ledger brought back from the dead and replicated to fill every seat at Politico, Edwards is now caricatured as a shrill, unhinged she-devil rending her garments in airports and slicing the Achilles tendons of underlings with the vicious alacrity of a demanding hellcat.

    • LOL!

    • This piece has pundits up and down the Beltway scratching their heads and requesting a translator.

    • What do you expect from a media that belittles Hillary and says that she’s not fresh faced and has too much baggage and then when Sarah Palin comes along they deride her for being no Hillary Clinton.

    • Nice to see it’s written by a man too.

    • Finally, someone calling out that ‘Devil Book’ written by “political Dirt Devils Mark Halperin and John Heilemann”, two morally bankrupt angry menz.

      If anyone has ever had to deal with illness and had their husband out having an affair, which is the equivalent of dancing on your grave while you are still on Earth to kick the dirt in your face, and then have these two Dirt Devil Fools Halperin and Heilemann encouraging the public to do the same. Oh, the shame, the shame, is there no decency left in this country and where in the HELL is that cheating husband of hers, and why isn’t he defending the dying mother of his children, the wife that stood by him and loved him for decades. Some men can redeem their souls, others chose to be cowards and there is the real story.

    • The Madonna or Whore dichotomy lives on in its newest media incarnation..

  23. From Foggy bottom’s homepage:
    To help, text “HAITI” to “90999” and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill. Or visit Red Cross and Mercy Corps to make a contribution.

    • I also went to the Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiers) website. Here’s what they have posted:

      “MSF’s Trinite trauma center hospital, a 60-bed structure and one of the only free-of-charge surgical facilities in Port-au-Prince, was seriously damaged by the quake. Although difficult to confirm, hundreds are reported to be wounded while the Haitian capital is massively damaged.

      At the moment, MSF teams are trying to ensure the safety and continued care of patients admitted to Trinite hospital and to establish a capacity to respond to new patients. At its Maternité Solidarité hospital, a 75-bed emergency obstetrics facility also in the capital, pregnant women, new mothers, and newborn children have been evacuated from the facility due to structural damage and as a precautionary measure. MSF also operates Martissant 25, a health center in the Martissant slum and its immediate surroundings.”

  24. Roseanne Barr has put up a conversation she had with Mary Daly:


  25. This is the new prevailing campaign theme: run against the Dems. Trouble is, even Dems are running as anti-Dems. Bizarre times we live in:

    NYT LEAD WEDS.: Harold Ford Jr. is serious about challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for the Democratic nomination, against wishes of party leaders… Developing… ‘If I am elected senator from New York, Harry Reid will not instruct me how to vote’…

    An insider says ‘There has been no decision’ about a run…

  26. I gotta say – Even though I’m not a fan of Scarborough’s politics, and taking into account his non-On-Air defense when the authors came on his show (at least he didn’t happily snicker along)… that statement he wrote is pretty remarkable.

    My eyes welled up.

    I disagree about any duplicity – he could’ve better exploited any ulterior motives on air if he wanted.

    No… something that touching really has to come from the heart:

    “In her long, tortured march toward Denver, Hillary Clinton showed more character, more resilience, and more true grit than any presidential candidate I can recall.

    And in that losing cause, Secretary Clinton served as a great example of character not only for my young daughter, but for us all. It is that type of strength that we need in our leaders now more than ever.”

    That’s some high, glorious, praise…. read it and tell me you don’t weep a little at being reminded so eloquently of our loss… talk about finding your voice.

    • I watched him quite a lot during the primary. The Huff-Po piece is entirely consistent with what he said about Hillary then. I think it’s sincere.

  27. I wrote a comment on Ben’s hack job at Politico, and Politico sent me a message that they had deleted my message because I had violated their posting rules. I double checked, and I cannot find an evidence that I violated Politico’s comment rules. I was straightforward in my disagreement with the post, yet I used appropriate language and wrote nothing offensive. Interesting huh?

    • What was your comment? Would you mind posting it here?

    • You must have not been into bashing women folk and whooosh they deleted your comment. Please post it hear, we would love to see what Ben doesn’t want to hear.

    • This is from last year. Ben doesn’t mind certain types of comments on his blog.

      Ben Smith,

      Below is a sampling of the comments on the Sarah Palin / John Kerry piece that has remained on your frontpage since this morning. I will spend the rest of my afternoon sending same to every legitimate online news site I can think of. I will email same to all of the cable news programs. I will email it to Governor Palin’s office. I will indicate that they are courtesy of Ben Smith and Politico who happily indulge such libelous sexist language on their site and column. Look forward to seeing your mugshot on Fox, Ben Smith. Here follows the comments. They remain up on your site hours since the timestamps, presumably with your blessing:

      This b-tch got jokes. Hey Sarah, why the crabs infested snatch?
      Posted By: | June 26, 2009 at 11:09 AM

      I don’t know Sarah, why do you have a wrinkled six foot long labia totally covered in herpes sores? What, are you trying to be the first person in the world with their own built in parachute? And why does your face look like a salmon head? hmm?
      Posted By: | June 26, 2009 at 11:13 AM

      This B I T C H really does not understand this is not helping her cause…really Sarah Heathe “I can see Russia from my house” Palin. Tacky or Track or whatever your son in Iraq’s name will never be 1/8th of the military man John Kerry was…idiot.
      Posted By: | June 26, 2009 at 10:54 AM

      Sarah speaks! Hey Sarah – how is that retard kid of yours doin?
      Oh, and before you assume it’s someone it’s not, I was referring to Bristol.
      Posted By: not David Letterman | June 26, 2009 at 11:22 AM

      The only thing Palin knows about is how to treat the herpes. We need more than that in a leader.
      Still, I do respect her overcoming her affliction and the heartbreak of herpes to become governor…even if it is BFE Alaska.
      Posted By: Belladonna | June 26, 2009 at 11:24 AM

      Hey Sarah – how is that b@stard grandchild of yours doing?
      Oh, and before you make any assumptions about who I am talking about, I do mean Trig.
      Posted By: not David Letterman | June 26, 2009 at 11:29 AM

      Sarah Palin gave me herpes, the crabs, the drip and syphilis. What a dirty s-k-a-n-k.
      Posted By: Todd’s best friend | June 26, 2009 at 11:31 AM

      Hey Sarah – why the long, droopy, stretch-marked breasts?
      Posted By: a wonderbra | June 26, 2009 at 11:34 AM

  28. I like McCain’s answer to Lauer

    • Me too. John McCain has personal integrity and Lauer could learn from that.

      And when it comes to half-a$$ed vetting, I only have two things to say: Barack Obama.

    • Sort of put Lauer in his petty little place didn’t he. McCain’s all right.

    • Matt Lauer is just another “Talking Monkey” trading in gossip and innuendo.

      These so called “Journalist: are nothing more than fly larvae feasting on their favorite meal……SH$T!

      I don’t like McCain’s politics but I have to give the man credit here…He refused to lower himself to the level of the rest of the ” Media maggots!”

  29. Obama wants $33 billion more for the Afghan war…..”Obots: Best-est, most decisive war President ever!!!!”


    WASHINGTON – The Obama administration plans to ask Congress for an additional $33 billion to fight unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, on top of a record request for $708 billion for the Defense Department next year, The Associated Press has learned.

  30. Printin up some more cash. What’s a few more billions on the deficit.

  31. On the surface, resurrecting all the campaign slime and slinging it against a sitting Secretary of State is (dare I say it) unpatriotic. I can only surmise that Hillary’s stellar approval ratings are taking their toll on the collective Obamanation’s self-esteem. No way this attack is being waged without the tacit, if not explicit, approval of the White House.

  32. I heard Joe Scarborough defend Hillary Clinton on air. He obviously has a great deal of respect for the woman and the race she ran. As do I.

    The additional statement that you’ve provided here is really wonderful, particularly that she is a great example to his young daughter. I have a suspicion that HRC would love that.

    It’s also good to hear her one of her staffers, Daou, come out and speak so highly of Hillary and stand up to the garbage spew that so many so-called journalists just love to participate in. They are absolute slugs.

    As far as the “glee” these Washington types take in slamming the Clintons and claiming their death? Have they looked at the polls recently? Are they paying attention to what’s happening in Massachusetts or remember New Jersey and Virginia several months ago? They’re laughing at their own demise.

    Needless to say, I think the report of the Clintons’ death has been greatly exaggerated.

    Thanks for the piece! Appreciate it.

  33. Remember when the “Hillary Clinton memos” were news? Bob Somerby called them a “big nothing-burger” when Josh Green tried to make them sound incriminating.

    But they clearly show Hillary refusing to take the low road, despite what Heileman and Halperin now claim.

    • That can only mean one thing. The anonymous sources for the new book must be right and the memos must all be a pack of lies. /snark

    • That is so Machiavellian! Ready with preemptive fake memos in advance!

    • If the Clintons were truly “dead”, why wouldn’t the tipsters want to shout it out, be counted and dance on their political graves?

  34. The Clintons have gone global, where they are very popular! Politically, dead? You have to be kidding. Bill’s global Initiative is HUGE. The Clinton foundation circulates more philanthropic money and produces more successful development initiatives than any government in the world. Hillary at the state department is also focusing on development, particularly on lifting the status of women and girls worldwide. These guys are not going anywhere!!! Many people in the world love them, regardless of what the jealous pols and pundits here in the U.S. say.

    The Clinton are entrenched and will continue to be involved in politics and world affaires for the rest of their lives.

  35. The Clintons are of the most respected people globally.
    Mark Halperin can write all he wants, Halperin is a “mediawhore” who is infamous for gaining favor with whoever is in power, like Chris Matthews, but much uglier.

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