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      The Amazon goes, we go. This map doesn’t look like it’s in danger, though it’s bad, but… So many #Climate emergencies worldwide, it’s hard to keep up. But #AmazonRainforest burning is stand-out global disaster. Every red dot below represents a significant fire pic.twitter.com/AZ6IaOO1Pv — John Gibbons (@think_or_swim) August 21, 2019 The Intercept has an exc […]
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News from the Land of the Ice and Snow

Well, I’m actually snowed in today . . . I tried getting out yesterday afternoon & couldn’t make it out of the cul-de-sac & since then we’ve had nothing but snow (well, we’ve had nothing but snow since before Christmas) so I’m not even going to try today.

And if things weren’t going to be bad enough this year, our furnace went out Sunday night and it’s just barely limping along now. Luckily our house is well insulated and even though we’ve kept it off at night (as the temperature dropped to about 3°) the house hasn’t gotten below 55°.  Still.

OK, enough whining . . . . These links come from BostonBoomer (with my deepest appreciation) and I’ll find more throughout the day:

WH sex scandal: Peter Orzag dumped his pregnant gf for ABC newswoman

Please post your favorite links in the comments & I’ll post an update to this as I find more.


72 Responses

  1. Apparently 8% of our DNA comes from a virus. Which makes studying evolution/dna even more fun and interesting:
    OK, let the evolutionary flu jokes commence. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry about the snow. That’s the reason why I moved to Seattle. You don’t have to shovel water.

  3. Do let us know eventually exactly what you did to insulate your house!!!

  4. This video came up on my StumbleUpon… it’s six and a half minutes long, but it seems to fly by.

    “The Known Universe” by the American Museum of National History.

  5. The estate of Philip K. Dick will be going after Google for IP infringement. It’s now pretty clear that the Android based systems and especially the latest model, the Nexus One are names and themes from “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” (aka Blade Runner) because the androids are Nexus models, the latest of which is a Nexus Six.
    While I understand the conflict here and wanting to protect such things, I’d think it would be cool if the people in some product devision were such fans of your work that they’d want to use concepts or names in their themes. But I guess you have to keep tight reigns on that stuff.

    • Sean Young was like a Nexus Seven. Who’d wanna settle for Nexus One.

    • Why do you need to keep tight reigns on that stuff? This whole “ownership is forever” crap bothers me. Restaurants can’t sing Happy Birthday anymore because someone wants royalties? Still?


  6. In 1985 temperatures here went down to -13F, e1 in the tiny village I was living in had just put in gas fired central heating, instead of their old wood stoves/kerosene heaters. Of course all the tubes froze and the new central heating wouldn’t work. This lasted 2 weeks. I remember burning out my electric blanket-there was no other way of getting warm.

    These are great fotos of Florence at that time. I think it rivals 1709 as one of the coldest winters in history.


  7. Guy Posts His Sister’s Hookup List To Facebook… And Tags All The Guys

  8. As we all suspected, spiky penises get the girl:
    To find out they zap the penises with a laser. Don’t try this at home kids.

  9. It’s cold in South Central PA too. I looked up RD’s Wassail recipe from last Christmas. https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/12/25/holiday-open-house/

    I made mine without wine so that I could drink it all day and still function. Cheers!

  10. Here’s another one of those it’s good for you, no it’s bad for you, no it’s good for you things. Apparently exposure to the electromagnetic waves associated with cell phones helps you against altzheimer’s:

    • That’s like that old joke:
      Q: “What’s the cure for smoking?”
      A: “Cancer.”

      It’s interesting though that this study basically proves that cell phone use does affect the brain cells, one way or another.

  11. If you count back nine months from the birth of Orzsag’s love baby, the date is the day the Lightbringer signed the Stimulus Bill — coincidence, I think not.

    Howdy Katiebird — great to see you.

  12. Politico:

    The Center for Public Integrity takes a look at Republicans for Choice, a PAC (which I’d never heard of) run by Roger Stone’s ex-wife, Ann Stone:


    Zach Roth suggests that this accounts for the dearth of pro-choice Republicans in Congress; I think the primary process bears a bit more blame for that. After all, the better-known Republican Majority for Choice spent 87 percent of its money campaigning, according to the CPI report — to little effect.

    Anyway, shocking that a group associated with Roger Stone wouldn’t be entirely on the up-and-up.

    I know the teabot wing of the GOP is convinced they will do better by running hard right, but a lot of steam is taken out of the Dem scare tactics when the GOP doesn’t run on social issues. Then voters really have to look at the individual candidates and what their economic agenda/record is… (oh.. my bad… I see why neither party wants that.)

  13. What happens to you if you win the lottery:

    “Teenage Lottery winner’s death investigated”


  14. A reasoned opinion on terrorism:


    It’s magical thinking: If we defend against what the terrorists did last time, we’ll somehow defend against what they do one time. Of course this doesn’t work. We take away guns and bombs, so the terrorists use box cutters. We take away box cutters and corkscrews, and the terrorists hide explosives in their shoes. We screen shoes, they use liquids. We limit liquids, they sew PETN into their underwear. We implement full-body scanners, and they’re going to do something else. This is a stupid game; we should stop playing it.

  15. I just got myself excused from jury duty this month for having a suit pending against NOPD. Not a way I’d recommend avoiding jury duty. Being drinking buddies with public defenders is a much nicer way.

    • Glad to see you’re suing them Daki.

      • welll, so far it’s just in the Department of Integrity, but when my charges come up we’ll see how far I have to go … my intention is to join an ACLU suit against the criminal sheriff’s office to for violating civil rights of inmates also. If my broken rib would’ve punctured my lung, and I was trying desperately to get medical treatment, and something really dreadful could’ve happened to me. This is a painfully slow process.

  16. Can anyone clarify something for me? Again, still kind of new to the States, so I’m not entirely sure about how this stuff works. What happens now with the health insurance bill? They’re saying they’re going to combine the Senate and House versions (is this what they meant by “in committee”?), but WHO gets to do that? And then does the new version have to pass the House and the Senate again? Does it get voted on again? By who? And then, if we had a President with scruples, they could still veto it for sucking, right?

    • Senate and house leadership plus others (like the heads of the individual committees responsible for the bill will meet in a committee to combine the bills. The new version must pass both houses. The bill must pass with a majority and in the senate be filibusterproof. The president could veto it several ways … just out and out veto it or pocket veto it (which means he places it to the side and doesn’t sign it into law, but doesn’t send it back with a veto on it.)

      • Thanks. I’ve got to get my hands on a copy of US Politics for Dummies. Or rewatch Schoolhouse Rock.

      • Just to clarify — a pocket veto veto is only a veto if congress recesses while the bill is put to the side — and I believe that there is also a certain number of days that it can sit there (otherwise I believe that it is automatically passed even without a signature).

  17. Hillaryis44’s latest post discusses Andrew Breitbart’s appearance on FOX. http://www.hillaryis44.org/2010/01/07/barack-obama-at-war-with-hillary-clinton-and-thank-you-andrew-breitbart/

    Breitbart made some really good comments about Obama and Hillary:

    HANNITY: All right, Breitbart, Hillary knew nothing. A conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government, you get back in, no problem.

    BREITBART: Well, I find it strange that this is coming out after the — what happened with the plane bomber over Christmas. I think what you have here is a case of finger-pointing within the administration. And perhaps some — some turmoil going on between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This is a huge piece. It’s written very negatively against Hillary Clinton, and there’s innuendo and implications in there that somehow she knew something when it looks like it was the Department of Homeland security that issued this waiver.

    … HANNITY: Do we have a president that just doesn’t have a clue about where we are? That we have an enemy that’s out to destroy us? Do we have an administration that’s clueless? Do we have an administration that is endangering the American people?

    BREITBART: Well, I think the answer is yes to that, but I think that in terms of pure symbolism, this was a guy who was supposed to come in take over where the supposedly inept George Bush, you know, left off.

    This is a guy who treated a surf board accident with his kid more seriously than he treated the underwear bomber. He went out to play golf once he found out about, you know, what had occurred. But when he found out that a friend’s kid’s chin got a cut on it, he quit his golf outing.

    HANNITY: Well, all right, so the question is, you know, who is responsible? And, you know, Gibbs wouldn’t say earlier today whether or not people should be fired over this.

    In your opinion, because I think Napolitano should go. I don’t think she has any experience. Leon Panetta doesn’t have any experience. You know, I mean, the whole list of people that are not qualified for the positions they have is staggering.

    So should anybody be fired? Will anybody be fired? Or are they just tone deaf to the fact that we have a War on Terror?

    BREITBART: That’s the answer, is that they all come from that basic orientation. I think that, quite frankly, Hillary Clinton, if she were in charge, would actually be a hell of a lot tougher than Barack Obama is. And perhaps that’s what this entire article in The Washington Post is about, is that she’s been standing off to the side and allowing for these people to hang themselves with their inept behavior.

    • So what’s WAPO’s implication, that Clinton is supposed to do her job and the jobs of Obama, Penetta, and Napolitano also?

      • Mommy! I need help with my homework! You have to come fix it for me!

        • Exactly. She was responsible for getting him elected. She’s responsible for doing his job. She’s responsible for everyone else’s job. It sucks to be Mommy.

          • Mommy needs that mug that WMCB has–“Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”

          • Or Mommy could go a little punk–“I believe in tough love, you’re on your own, you stupid f—.” Lol Even Mommy has her breaking point.

      • Of course. I mean there’s football to watch and golf to play. Come on…

      • Part of her job descrip for the last 3 years has been to do Obama’s homework for him, let him cheat off her paper, and be the villain in his story.

        • That’s a hefty job description. It shows that they respect her abilities and don’t care one bit about our country!

      • ah yes!

  18. OT:

    There is a guestbook at legacy.com for Mary Daly in case anybody is interested in leaving a comment.


  19. I’m just wondering if Obama received his undiebomber call at 3:00AM…………

  20. Must be in the stars right now… first Wanda Sykes did her Underwear satire, then the Knickerbomber debacle, now this-

    WASHINGTON — A man was taken into custody and later hospitalized for a mental observation after he took off all of his clothes and began a jog a few blocks from the White House.

  21. This is kind of interesting. Hillary’s hosting a dinner tonight for the technorati, pretty much all Obamafans.


  22. Am I the only one to note that the picture at the top of this post is creepy in a horror film sort of way?


    Hi KB! Hope you find yourself warm and cozy real soon. I absolutely despise the cold.

    • you getting flashbacks from The Shining?

      • Wendy? Darling? Light, of my life. I’m not gonna hurt ya. You didn’t let me finish my sentence. I said, I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just going to bash your brains in.


        Great…I’ll need some help falling asleep tonight. Now where did I put that bottle of scotch?

    • . . . It’s good, isn’t it. Sadly she’s completely covered by the snow now.

      (waving at SoD !!)

  23. we’re makin it to 75degrees here today in South Florida, then rain and another wallop from a cold front for the weekend. Imagine saving all year to come to the beach and its 40 degrees all week. That was last week here.

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