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Zombie lies and the lying liars that tell them

I ran across this pile of shit over at Cinie’s place:

I remember the moment when the last vestiges of the admiration I had once felt for Bill and Hillary Clinton vanished.

By May 2008, Barack Obama had opened up an all-but-insurmountable lead over Hillary in the contest for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination. The former first lady was asked why, therefore, she was prolonging the battle, risking significant damage to the party in the process.

“We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California,” she replied.

To raise the spectre of political murder in any campaign would have been startling. To do so against Obama – whose status as the first serious African-American candidate for the White House had obliged him to have secret service protection from a conspicuously early stage – was disgusting.

Hillary’s comment was even more incendiary because it came towards the end of a campaign in which the family that had dominated Democratic politics for most of the previous two decades had shown little reluctance to play the race card.

I don’t know who Niall Stanage is but he’s dumber than a drunken Blogstalker.  First of all, Hillary won the popular vote and only trailed in the pledged delegate race by 17 delegates AFTER the Rules & Bylaws Committee decision on May 31, 2008 AND with 908 “uncommitted” pledged delegates and all the superdelegates still not counted.

Secondly, the RFK Fauxrage has already been thoroughly debunked. Hillary was not “raising the spectre” of anything, against Obama or anyone else. The whole incident is a prime example of the pro-Obama lunacy that ran amok in Left Blogistan during the 2008 election.

Last of all, the only people “playing the race card” during the election (and repeatedly ever since) were Obama and his supporters.

So I would like to invite Mr. Stanage to kindly fuck off.

(zombie graphic courtesy of Joseph Cannon)

174 Responses

  1. As for the Secret Service protection:

    The government is not aware of any specific, credible threat against Obama, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the decision. But his office has received hate mail and calls and other “threatening materials” in the past and during his campaign, the source said.

    Three Obama campaign officials who discussed the issue on condition of anonymity also said there was no specific threat against the candidate.

  2. I have so often wanted to write to my friends and family Obot members and tell them how i absolutely despise their behavior during the primaries and after and the fact that they voted for Obama. I have to hold back, because I am afraid they might take it personally.

    • May I suggest?:

      For the first step in the treatment process you will need to obtain a fish about 18 inches to 2 feet in length. Fresh fish are available for a reasonable price in most large supermarkets, but for those on a budget you can obtain not-so-fresh fish for free from the supermarket dumpster.

      Secure your patient to a chair with generous amounts of duct tape, leaving their head and shoulders exposed. Blindfolds optional. In a loud firm voice say “Nobama“ while striking your patient across the face with the fish. (Don’t hold back, really smack them) Continue saying “Nobama” while striking them back and forth in the face with the fish. Go ahead and yell it if the neighbors can’t hear. Keep doing this until your arms are too tired to continue.

      This won’t help your patient but by now you should feel much better. Repeat Step 1 as often as you feel like it, but eventually you may need another fish.

    • Good job with your comments at FDL, Teresa.

  3. Any movie with a zombie clown is worth a look-see:

  4. That Niall guy is completely creepy. Could not scroll fast enough
    to get away from him.

    • Zombies are like that.

      • makes perfect sense now that you explain it!

        • Why would anyone choose to write about all that now? None of it even happened this year. What a completely idiotic piece. That guy should have his computer taken away and be sent to work at McDonalds.

          • Obotic entropy. They can’t stop the cult tactics they developed during the primaries.

            Obama’s polling is tanking and Clinton’s continues to rise. The “Clinton would have been just as bad” cr*p isn’t getting a lot of traction outside of KA circles.

            Whenever Obama’s polls sagged or some criticism seemed to be getting traction during the primaries, attacking Clinton was the equivalent of an orange alert during the Bush years. Public opinion going against you? Like clockwork, the nation’s “security services” are put on orange alert. Polls drooping against The One’s favor? Manufacture an intolerable sin of Clinton’s and freak out about it. It was a rile-the-troops tactic they repeated ad nauseam.

            The problem is that many OFB just can’t seem to “move on” and don’t have the wit or the imagination to do anything but fall back on old habits.

            McDonald’s is an excellent suggestion. A nice repetitive job is just the thing.

          • I thought they needed Palin to run against, but if she doesn’t run his motto in ’12 will probably be, “It’s all the SoS’s fault!!!” Sadly for him, it’ll only work with his twenty-seven percenters.

  5. They’ve been getting on my nerve, these expat Obots with strong opinions about American politics and life. This Stanage person is another one, like Sullivan. I run into them in real life and online, from Europe Asia everywhere, they are rabid and righteous, often the first to invoke accusations of racism. They helped Obama get elected, they see him as their Potus too. It’s uncanny, been driving me nuts, specially the ones I come across personally. Naive but arrogant like BO.

    • Came close to decking a f*cking superior Brit on Christmas Day in Houston. Same crap. What are they feeding them over there. Worm food?

  6. Niall’s bio:

    “A native of Belfast, Niall has covered the U.S. since 2003 for The Sunday Business Post. He has also reported extensively on Barack Obama for The New York Observer.

    He is a former editor of Magill magazine, and his writing has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The American Spectator, The Irish Times and The Irish Independent among many other titles.

    He lives in Harlem, New York.”

    There are also YouTubes of his FNC appearances.

  7. Can’t.Let.the.witch.win….must.destroy.

    • Actually I don’t think the rationale is to destroy Clinton as much as it is to deflect attention from the failure that is currently POTUS, – who better to pick on to deflect attention away from the defects, cause it’s worked so well in the last 15 or so years.

    • And what about those Gallup poll numbers on being the most admired woman in the US—and Michelle being only number 4 behind Hillary, Sarah and Oprah. Now that was really mean and racist of Hill to manipulate those numbers like that and make Michelle a looser—and a looser to Palin. Clearly, she is leading a right wing smear campaign to set herself up for 2012 and take away Michelle’s WH garden, her chef , her state dinners, her date nights on Air Force One. Mean, mean, mean.

    • Look at the comment section on that piece. Someone agreed with the Stanage fellow’s CDS column and went off on their own Hillary bashing (“Hillary is entitled, spoiled child riding her husband’s coattails”) –another person agreed with those comments cheering on Palin/Bachmann 2012. Then the original commenter was like Oh gawd no she’d rather have Hillary.

      • Lol! And like I said yesterday, Hillary is “entitled.” And “spoiled.” And “a child.” If you used any of those phrases to describe Obama, you’d be accused of being a racist, using infantalizing imagery.

    • Good managers realize that if the people working for them look good, usually they look good too.

  8. We do not have an elephant in the living room. We have a cadaver; it is the Democratic party and all its hangers on and officials. It really needs to be cremated, buried or perhaps given Myiq’s rotten fish treatment—probably not— very messy.

    As for the confessional Obots—if they are still hanging on to their HRC CDS then they have not quit using; they have not seen the lightbringer is a dimwit; they are still in denial. We can hope for recovery but few recover—most are either institutionalized or they die.

    • Rahm better squelch the meme that it’s Obama’s advisors that are the problem, or he’ll be looking for work by 2012.

      • And if he screws this up, who would want him….oh forgot, K street but he’s already working for them isn’t he?

      • Remember how Obama always blamed his staff during the campaign? It’s a pattern. He needs to have incompetent staffers so he can chide them and avoid the blam for anything on his watch.

    • Flipping love this imagery, Jangles. On the last thread…my pearl of great price probably lost in the shuffle…in Louisiana we like to say Yankees put their crazy relatives in the attic; southerners proudly display theirs in the parlor.

    • Confessional Obots! I just got a fantastic visual of expat Obats walking into a booth: Bless me father for I have sinned. I voted for hope and change but it was the false prophet who tricked me..

      Perhaps we can set up a confessional here for expat Obots to relieve their consciences. I for one would like to be on the penance review board.

  9. Was this a new post? If the disillusioned Obamatrons think dredging up this nonsense anew will somehow mitigate their twisted decision-making skills, they are hopelessly lost and crazed. That Bobby Kennedy comment was total crap from the git-go. Robert Kennedy, Jr. came out and discredited the so-called Progressive slant on Hillary’s statement.

    And the Clinton-derangement is no elixer either. The Progs are going to have to admit the truth at some point or they will remain a pathetic joke: they were had, badly. They sold their souls, willingly. And their behavior was absolutely disgraceful.

    I would suggest Mr. Stanage go into treatment. First step? Look in a mirror and repeat these words:

    I was f**king wrong!

    • It was posted yesterday evening.

      • They are grasping at straws, because Obama indefensible at this point.

      • Good grief! They just cannot give up the Clinton hatred, can they? But in my estimation, they shot their wad when they accused the Clintons of racism, and then leveled that accusation against anyone who questioned Barack Obama’s suitability.

        I find it interesting that Jane Hampsher’s first instinct is to pull out the race card when challenged. It’s all about Barack Obama being a black man, she says.

        No, it wasn’t. Not for the Democratic opposition. It was all about a totally unqualified, inexperienced and unaccomplished candidate reaching for the POTUS.

        I’d remind Ms. Hampsher that MLK’s words are very specific: to judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin.

        Now who’s the racist???

    • He needs more than treatment. I suggest an exorcism near a bonfire.

  10. Great comment left on Stanage’s tripe by someone named
    ParagAdalja at 31 Dec 2009, 8:58PM.

  11. RD, you really must want me dead. I think my BP just shot up to 600!

  12. OK, folks, you know what to do. Go over there and take him down.

  13. Here’s some typical CDS illogic:

    1994, Rwanda, the conflict between Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups led to an estimated 500,000 to 1 million Rwandans, mainly Tutsi, being killed. Although the Clinton Administration and the “international community” was aware of what was taking place in Rwanda, no action was undertaken.

    Did Clinton cause the problem in Rwanda? No.

    Did Clinton block any action by other countries? No.

    • Let’s not forget that Clinton caught hell from the GOP for a problem he inherited in Somalia and when did take action in the former Yugoslavia.

  14. Obama’s epic Fail is bringing out the CDS as a distraction again. Mary just posted this on the previous thread, and it needs to be retrieved and confronted if true:

    Mary, on January 1st, 2010 at 6:03 pm Said:

    Just to let you all know, I actually WATCHED the C-Span morning show Jane was on. When “that woman” called in and supposedly attacked her for “destroying the Democratic Party,” Jane didn’t say a damm thing about the 2 candidates being the same.

    What Jane Hamsher did was look arrogantly at the camera, down her nose like Obama does, and reply that many of the Clinton supporters just couldn’t support a Black man for president. And then she ignored the caller completely.

    Trust me…..I was stunned, watching it. I saw it and heard it MYSELF. I don’t give a damm what she says she said. I heard what she said.

    I’ll never read Jane Hamsher again.

    Look it up on C-Span.

    • Well, that’s all they know how to do is call all of us racists.

    • The latest Hamsher CSPAN is listed as November 26th. Jane’s comment infers that it was recently. Does anyone know what date Mary is talking about?

      • Here is Jane’s comment from yesterday:

        I had a woman call up and scream at me when I was on CSPAN the other day for all the horrible things Markos and I had done to Hillary Clinton during the primaries, telling me that I had destroyed the Democratic party.

        • It was on Thanksgiving. The “screamer” starts at 25.50. #1: the woman did no screaming, or even raising of her voice. #2: Jane’s answer is different than she represented.

          • Jane’s answer isn’t just different than she what she represented; her actual response to the caller’s comments was to marginalize her once the call was over by referring to that “certain class of women” who left the party to vote for McCain, and who felt Obama’s race was a factor. In other words, she made the caller out to be off her rocker.

        • http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/id/215996

          My attempt to post the video went to moderation.

          It took place on Thanksgiving. Jane misrepresented both the caller and herself in the exchange.

          • Oh, the “screaming” woman begins at 25.50 on the video.

          • wow. just wow.

          • “they don’t share our values or Hillary Clinton’s” and “our blog didn’t take sides”. Reminds me of a thread i saw on DU where they are now angry at Rush for having insulted Chelsea. The same people who defended the “freedom of speech” of the MSNBC tool who talked about “pimping Chelsea”
            I was feeling sorry for her when I saw B0bots excoriating her for a black face Lieberman photo she posted on her blog in 2006 – but I now see it’s just karma.

          • She’s a complete fraud. She’ll twist and turn however she needs to for maximum audience numbers. She has no principles.

          • Well, the supporters of O showed an unusual ability to criticize rather than defend. Non-supporters were told how stupid they are, and not one Obot could come up with a reasonable description of BO’s value.

            Now they are all trying to pretend they had a logical, but skeptical level of support that could easily be interpretted as casual because they would have been just as happy with Hillary had she won the nomination.

            They continue to believe they are smarter than all the readers.

            FDL is trying to convert words into actions. It’s hard to not see the value that could have had if she had been principled throughout the election process. Too bad she destroyed her character; considering the source is unavoidable. I think she over-played her hand.

    • I believe I know Mary. When I was over at Political Animal doing my Obama or Clinton thing, she was doing the same thing. Very logical, fair-minded, civil (as was I which will probably surprise you as I’ve been nothing if not profane these last few days). Some bully accused us of being the same person posting comments under different handles. I was naive and didn’t have a clue that this was the original sin of the blogosphere. A few people actually came to our defense. It was vicious. I can’t exaggerate how much. Some kind of derangement syndrome…just have never been able to figure out what.

    • I was starting to warm up to Jane again after her work on the health care reform bill, but after her latest post and the comments on her thread, I see I was wrong.

      I think you’re absolutely right, fif. The CDS is coming back up to cover for these people’s indefensible behavior in 2008–now that they realize the “light-bringer” really came from the dark side.

  15. Check this comment by one of the Guardian geniuses:

    Do check out Clinton Chronicles on youtube. Even if only a tenth of it is true, it matters.

    Me again. Yes, do.

  16. When I saw this:

    Democrats Join Calls for Napolitano to Step Down Following Failed Attack

    I wondered who had Janet in Dakini’s Office Pool but then I saw this:

    New Jersey State Senate President Richard Codey, a Democrat, wrote a letter to Napolitano this week calling on her to step down.

    and I wondered WTF the fuss was about. Then I saw this:

    Democratic strategist Dan Gerstein also said Napolitano’s response to the incident should be the last straw.

    and lol’d. Danger Stein is LIEberman’s last campaign manager. He has slightly more credibility than Dick(head) Morris.

  17. WTF is going down or about to go down that all these screwed up distractions are needed now? Or is this about the crotch bomber and Obama’s poll numbers? Gotta force him back up before he falls completely over.

  18. Man, these delusional, bat shit crazy Obot blogs (oh, sorry, I mean progressive blogs) are actually kind of entertaining. They’re completely bonkers. Watching them try to re-ignite CDS and the race card is kind of quaint. It shows how much these still think about us. Apparently, they can’t live without us, one way or the other.

    This is great. I’m no longer angry with them. I’m now watching them with popcorn and laughing my ass off. They’re so over the top now that it’s no longer upsetting or irritating. It’s just good comedy.

    • “bat shit crazy Obot”

      That’s redundant.

    • Yes it’s great comedy. Actually Jane’s traffic is catching up with with DK, and her audience is changing in composition and she’s adjusting to that. Kind of a moving target.

      • Meanwhile we’ve been consistent for nearly two years now.

      • What does that mean? Forgive the ignorant question. Who has historically had more traffic. Never could figure out all the confusion on DailyKos so never got hooked. FDL was better organized and much easier to navigate. Never could understand what everyone saw in DailyKos. So confusing. I’m a web developer, I would never put out a site that goofy. This site, TC, is much more user friendly. Who wants to read a flipping manual to get around a blog?

        • In Q4 FDL grew to almost half DK traffic. Until summer, they had only been one tenth of DK’s size. The healthcare challenge helped Jane and she realizes too that her audience now is not as Obama friendly. She’s not sure of the new crowd’s posture on Hillary, so she’s playing it safe with CDS. She’s lost some of her hardcore Obot regulars, so they’re feeling their way through, uncharted territory.

          • If you blog for money (salary, donations and/or by generating advertising revenue) you write to please someone else.

            Many bloggers (like Digby) allowed concern for revenue to dictate what they said. That’s selling your integrity.

            You can’t be a “little bit pregnant” or a “little bit of a sell-out.”

            Joseph Cannon:

            If you wish to operate without any censorship, you must sneer at stats. Free yourself from all thought of reward or result. Do for the sake of doing, and to hell with the outcome. All bloggers should run their sites with the mad glee of a guy trying to get fired from his job. The only truly free speech is free speech — as in unpaid.

  19. Dandy Tiger, I love you.

  20. Okay, I’m gonna get shit-faced.

    If moderating gets erratic you know why.

    • What if we all get shit-faced. Now that would be a funny day at the blogs. I’m game.

      • Were you here for our “Drunken Rant Open Thread?”

        • For a little while before I passed out on my keyboard. May have typed stuff, don’t remember…

        • Missed it…was working like a dog until recently. Now living on dog food. But this is worth it!

        • Wish I had been. Been around though. Remember when Hillary did her conversation with bloggers? I believe River Daughter was one. Hillary perked right up when she realized that. Am I remembering correctly? Love the confluence concept…Allegheny and Monangahela. My coal miner father was from Pittsburg. Met Daisy Mae (aka Mama) from Dog Patch in 1942 while in the US Army and settled down in Brittany, LA. The rest is history. LOL

      • Ack! I want to join in, but have to do freaking billing for hubby! Doing that drunk is not a good idea.

    • Go for it, Babe. I’m there…an easy drunk. On my first martini too. Hear that Dandy? There’s p***y to be had round here.

  21. Like I said earlier let there be snuff juice everywhere and fish scent filling the air!

  22. OT. Some fantastic news here in Charlottesville:

    …That’s 1,200 acres, just south of Charlottesville, to be preserved as a state park indefinitely. If I had a bottle of champagne, I’d pop the cork right now. The paperwork has been filed, the deed has been filed at the courthouse, and Governor Tim Kaine will be here to make the official announcement in a couple of weeks, during the last days of his administration. The conversion to parkland will save county and state government $222M, making this a sort of a financial windfall, insofar as it prevents us from spending a whole lot of money that we would have needed to spend had the planned housing development gone in.

    I may even decide to not hate Kaine. Well, for a few days anyway.

  23. IQ, how’s it going with the shitface part? I’m going to get another one. Be back in a minute.

  24. My son just said, “It sounds like you’re having a seizure in there.”

  25. I got distracted by the house you can win on HGTV located in Santa Fe, NM. Wow, that’s a fricken nice house. Me likey. They can keep the stupid car though.

    • I already decides that that house will be mine. You can visit.

      • Great party house. If any of us gets it, we’ll have to have an annual lost weekend TC party there.

        I entered. Statistically it’s probably the same as not entering.

      • You can all come visit my atelier. That Great Room is totally wasted as is–those windows!. Toss out all that neutral-tone offend-nobody furniture, put up a flat worktable and a drafting station, wheel in an easel or two and it would be a wonderful studio.

        • Maybe the pictures don’t do it justice, but–yick! It’s so blagh. The amateurs from Small Space Big Style do a better job than the professional decorators.

          • Yep. Gorgeous house, furnished with a total lack of individuality.

            I do like the painting, though. It looks kind of petroglyph-y, the one thing that seems to belong in that setting.

    • I see that they give you 500 grand with the house. I’m guessing that money will go to real estate taxes.

  26. *banging head blearily*

    Uggggh, am catching up on hubby’s billing, which was 4 days behind because I was sick as a dog all this week til yesterday. It is the most boring kind of data entry imaginable. I’m down to the last day (today’s patients), and he did a BUTTLOAD of new admissions. Crap. He’s off the weekend, so I HAVE to get them entered tonight – otherwise whoever is covering him tomorrow won’t be able to do their billing, since the patients won’t exist in the system ….unless. I. Put. Them. In.

    *whine* Not to mention every damn one of them has some annoying coding glitch that I have to go ’round my elbow to work around. If the system kicks out another diagnosis telling me “Your primary diagnosis is a symptom” (not allowed) I am going to say FUCK IT and just give them ALL…um….GALLSTONES or something,

    • Sorry – carry on. I just had to have a brief tantrum. I need a damn drink is what I need.

  27. Maybe Joan Walsh should stay off Hardball or her mask may drop more often so that the dumbass shows. She sounds like one the W defenders. Give aid and comfort to our enemies my ass!


    The climate right now is that Republicans use everything they can to undermine and delegitimize this president. And it‘s actually un-American. It‘s traitorous, in my opinion. Do you want to give aid and comfort to our enemies? Continue to treat this president like he wasn‘t elected and he doesn‘t know what he‘s doing! He knows what he did. He knows what he‘s doing. I‘m proud of him. I believe that he has the stalwart, resolute nature to get this done…

    • The unAmerican thing is played out, and–Seriously, who cares? Am I supposed to care who Joan Walsh is proud of? We’ll stop acting like he doesn’t know what he’s doing once he starts demonstrating all these wonderful qualities she “believes” he has. That’s some high quality analysis.

    • Lately I’ve gotten sense that Joan is fighting business pressures at Salon, more than usual, harsh out there. Since the Obot critical core has unraveled, she’s looking for the sweet spot on the left. But like MSNBC, all she’s got for now is anti-Fox. Millenials have dropped off politico blogs since the election. So Joan and other prog bloggers are spending more time recruiting on twitter and facebook. Arianna continues to crush everyone for online political news. An order of magnitude bigger than Politico, TPM, DK. Drudge is closer but still half Huffpo’s reach and much smaller pageviews.

      • Salon is between Politico and TPM in size. Revenues are down for everyone. Even Arianna is going to face some financial and business model tests this year.

    • Is she just copying from Coulter’s books now?

  28. I added a little comment on The Guardian too
    Wow! You mean the word just arrived in UK about Keith Olberman’s rant that was e-mailed by the Obama campaign to all the media back in April 2008?
    You must upgrade your computers, people. A faster connection might help you get angry about 2009 events in US. Like the escalation of the war in Afghanistan. Or the forcing of all Americans to buy into an unreformed health insurance system. Or legitimizing of torture as a policy tool by not treating it as a crime. Or making Bush look competent for propaganda reasons…Hopefully, you’ll get wind of those events by the end of 2010

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