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      I’ve been spending most of my time lately either praying to the porcelain God or wishing I felt other than I do. Nauseau being bad for writing (at least for my writing, perhaps you write great while sick to your stomach), please use this thread to talk among yourselves. I devoutely hope to return to […]
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How’s your new year going so far?

What resolutions (if any) did you make? I resolved to drink to much, eat unhealthy and be a grouch. I figure those goals are do-able.

This is an open thread.


108 Responses

  1. Well, at least your goals are realistic.

    • I’m thinking about trying to gain weight too.

      • I’m resolved to keep my job for another year. Not sure it’s realistic but it will keep me busy.

      • My son is 29 which means that I have successfully gained weight for 29 years no, except that one year when I lost weight. That was an aberration. I am going to lose weight this year and probably next year also. If only I could be addicted to something else than food and by food I mean sugar and fat. I think heroin might be easier to beat.

        What else? Hmmmnn.. I resolve to be less patient and kind. In real life I am actually quite patient and kind and I do not think it is working.

        • LOL. I have that patient and kind thing in RL too. You’re right, it doesn’t seem to work. I love it over here though because impatience is a virtue.

  2. I’ve decided to switch from my evening glass of red wine to Martinis for the year.

    • So, you’re giving up polyphenols for juniper? wikipedia says of juniper:
      “Juniper berries have long been used as medicine by many cultures. Juniper berries were used by native Americans as a herbal remedy for urinary tract infections. Native Americans have also used juniper to treat diabetes; such treatments by the Navajo, for example, are under clinical study[2]. Clinical studies have shown that treatment with juniper may retard the development of streptozotocin diabetes in mice.[3] Native Americans also used juniper berries as a female contraceptive.[4] The 17th Century herbalist physician Nicholas Culpeper recommended the ripened berries for conditions such as asthma and sciatica, as well as to speed childbirth.[5]”
      I dunno, it sounds too healthy.

  3. Happy New Year sir.

  4. Hey LooK! Claire McCaskill is totally OK with the Senate Democrats losing its filibuster proof majority ( for all of the good it’s done them):
    “It’s OK if I don’t get reelected”
    It’s Ok for us too, Claire.

  5. Damn! The BFF is back on the wii. Is there a methadone treatment for it?

  6. Is it just me or was that the most pathetic ABC New Years’ “Rockin’ Eve” or what last night? Jennifer Lopez in a jacket that looked like it was made of human hair, entertainment from the Disney Channel in Las Vegas along with Alan Thicke’s son (who the hell? what the hell?) and a “DJ” who just stood behind what looked like a cardboard box attacked by the Bedazzler queen. Even the Peas couldn’t rescue that hot mess.

    • Face it, SoD, we’re where it’s at. There is no life force left in the nation of cover-up and spin. Underground in plain sight from now on.

      • Jeez, maybe we should all just throw ourselves off a bridge.

        • After being subjected to a New Year’s performance from Las Vegas by a Disney Wizards of Waverly Place lip-syncing singer, I was thinking about it — but then that was just the wine talking.

        • LOL Just saying if the choice is ABC or the Confluence, I’ll take TC.

    • it was really boring.

    • We missed ABC because we were watching Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on CNN. Much more fun.

      • my pseudo spousal equivalent was watching “the first 48”. I went to be early too.

      • I loved the parts that I saw. Anderson kept laughing.

        • as much as I sometimes cringe at the things Griffin says, she is damned funny.

          • I’d rather watch Gilbert Gottfried do commercials for Head-On.

            “Apply directly to the forehead”

          • I think she’s a mixed bag. When she’s funny, she’s hilarious. But, when she misses, she really misses. I just enjoyed how Anderson didn’t know what to do but keep laughing at her insanity.

            I still think Kathy had the best Oprah joke (when Oprah gets a papercut, she goes, “Stigmata? Stigmata?”)

      • Did anyone see Kathy Griffin with Richard Clarke awhile back? I can’t remember where I saw it. Must have been Bill Maher cause I only watch about 3 shows on TV. She started coming onto Clarke and he started to blush and giggle like a girl. It was hilarious.

    • I don’t know if it was ABC or the other network station, but have did you see the newest teen sensation, Justin Bieber? This kid, 15, has had 4 top 10 songs in the past year or something, and he looks and sounds like…well…a 15-yr.-old. Absolutely awful. At least Taylor Swift is talented. There must be a LOT of tween girls out there spending money. I tried to watch the two channels, but they were both so pathetic, I went back to the Twilight Zone marathon. It was a blissfully quiet New Year’s after a manic Christmas.

      Happy New Year Conflucians!

  7. BTW, it looks like 2010 will involve some wedding planning for me. My daughter, who was in the Big Apple yesterday celebrating New Years, got engaged while skating in Rockefeller Center. aye yi yi. They want to get married in NYC and have the reception at their favorite vegan restaurant there.

    Are banks lending money yet?????

    • I suggested that eloping was “in” — the text message was not responded to. I guess that was a “no.”

      • Yeah, my mom tried that crap on me too. She said that all of the elegant people had very small affairs. You know, city hall, small receptions, just a few family members and friends over for cake and tea.
        I saw the pics for her very nice wedding and reception. It wasn’t a pull out all of the stops wedding but it wasn’t no city hall shindig either.
        Still, weddings don’t HAVE to be expensive. The big ones are sinful wastes of money for sure but the small creative ones can be a lot of fun. Check out this circus themed wedding. Very creative and it looks like it was a blast.
        Circus Themed Wedding

        • That is adorable!

          Sometimes the wedding itself is the most memorable part. I absolutely LOVE this couple’s wedding entrance. It makes me tear up every time. I’ve never seen so much joy expressed in my life so perfectly.

        • my step sister just got married on Halloween and they wore costumes. then they took all the children in the family (family also meaning close friends) trick or treating before hanging out in the yard drinking.
          It would not be my choice, but that is what it is all about…doing what suits you rather than fitting in to some mold of what a wedding should be.

          One of the nicest weddings I was ever at was the daughter of a good friend. I was the photographer (did some professional work when I felt like it). Her Mother’s live in best gay friend who was also a very good replacement father, his lover did the flowers and catering. Russell also performed the ceremony. The whole thing took place at our very beautiful church, the ancient Spanish monestary in N. Miami Bch.

    • Look for creative low cost venues in NYC. I got married at Phipps conservatory in Pittsburgh. Cheap and pretty. All of the flowers were free. The cost of the site was minimal. There have to be a zillion such places in the City.
      Never been to a vegan restaurant but it sounds really boring. You might want to remind the bridal couple that depriving their guests of decent food to prove a point might not make for a memorable reception. I had a friend who wanted a dry reception not because she was an alcoholic but because she was a self-righteous prude when it came to alcohol. Her mother talked her out of it and a good time was had by all, er, except the bride.
      I’d go with an Indian restaurant and let the vegans work it out with the kitchen.

      • This is going to be tough. It will no doubt be a small crowd (our family is small and he’s just going to have to keep the list down), but we do not spend money on meat – ever. I think she’s going to have to think this through. The restaurant they want in NYC is a vegan restaurant that is far from boring however. Carnivores frequent the place because the food is incredible. The cost….is another thing. I’m more worried about picking up that tab on top of the tuition we’re already taking on. I wonder if finding another location but having them cater it is cheaper.

        Holey moley…this is going to be time consuming. I used to be a wedding planner and caterer and I’m all too aware of how all-consuming this process is.

        Yikes yikes double yikes. I think first order of business is fundraising….anyone interested in purchasing the entire collection of Care Bears?

        • we do not spend money on meat – ever.

          You hunt?

          • Nope.

          • You must grow your own the old-fashioned way.

          • Sorry, SOD. I get the vegetarian thing but veganism just never made and practical sense to me. It sounds too much like a discipline without a rationale. Like anorexia. Yeah, I’m sure there’s some ethical reasoning for it and if that’s your cup of tea, go for it. To me, it will always remind me of religious fundamentalism and people who abstain from dancing and card playing or Mormons who wear blessed underwear or something. Veganism is completely unfathomable to me.

          • Well not to get all preachy because I’m not into converting others but it has more to do with our belief that we do not possess an inherent right to dominate other living beings to serve our needs unless it is a matter of survival. Again, that’s just our belief.

            Actually, I don’t have any issues with meat eating as a matter of survival. It’s more the factory farming and abuse of animals that tips the scale for us. If people were brave enough to see how these animals are treated before they end up on their plate or on their feet and shoulders, including dairy and eggs, more people would refrain. It’s just another leg of the corporatist exploitation routine.

            I do understand that those in poverty have limited choices, but we can afford to go without meat, and so we do. But that’s just us. We don’t eat anything that involves the use of animals in its production. We just had a house full of people for a week and served only vegan. We’ve become quite skilled at cooking animal-free.

          • I don’t know what they do in those factory farms but whatever it is it’s delicious.

            But aren’t plants living things too?

          • Oy…the “plant” argument. Ya got me.

          • BTW, keep in mind this veganism thing is *my* deal — the only time I expect others to comply is when I’m paying for it. To date, that hasn’t caused any issues, but this wedding may put that to the test.

            People do tend to get defensive tho when it’s raised. It’s one of those issues.

          • I’m totally with RD on the vegan thing. Too much like church to me.

          • SOD, my 15 chickens are my best friends. Would never think of eating one. But it’s like the Monty Python Every Sperm is Sacred thing. Every egg is not sacred. I agree with you 100% on feed lots, factory egg farms, but anyone can keep a few chickens. They’re absolutely delightful people. And they just insist on sharing their eggs with me. Call me the Chicken Whisperer.

        • I still recommend an Indian restaurant. Come to think of it, I have eaten at a vegetarian (but not vegan) restaurant in NYC. The food was pretty good but extremely expensive. I was going through a vegetarian phase at that point but wouldn’t dream of imposing that on other people. I wasn’t doing it for ethical reasons. I was doing it as a challenge and to lose weight. To me, there’s nothing better than a thick veal chop coated with porcini mushroom rub and grilled to medium rare with a crispy edge of succulent animal fat. Yummm….
          Betcha tandoori chicken is cheap and the vegans could still eat the samosas and massaman curries.

          • Yeah, we eat Indian quite often since there are several vegan options and they’re usually good at adapting for us, but Indian is such an acquired taste. That’s really tricky.

          • When I go out for dinner I usually order the “All Meat Special”

        • Yes, marriage is tough on top of tuition.

          Better to get married at your home where you know where to get all the ingredients for vegan cooking. Guests might find it expensive staying in NY too….

    • Congrats SOD!

  8. Who turned on the snowflakes?

    It’s giving Firefox the heebie-jeebies.

  9. It was good to see Colbie Caillat however. Her success is due to her own gumption and real talent. She marketed herself solely on MySpace. We need to see more real people recognized for their talents instead of these factory-made performers with re-engineered voices that don’t hold up in live performance.

  10. I spent the evening at a house party, drinking martinis and smoking cuban cigars with a variety of people. There were a few Cubans, a South African married to a Panamanian, an Eastern European, and a Colombian, as well as various Americans.

    The 2 topics were the economy and corruption, and the consensus was that the USA is screwed, and being looted by the few. The words “oligarchy” and “banana republic” came up more than once. Many of these people have seen failing regimes from the inside, and seemed surprised and and saddened that we can’t see what is happening here. It had the feel of watching a marriage fall apart – the dismantling of someone whom even if you didn’t particularly like them, you always thought they more or less had their shit together.

    It was bittersweet to me that only as my country goes down the tubes is it revealed that these average cynical and critical foreigners really did deep down have a great respect for her despite her faults and missteps, and feel she was on some level “better than that”.

    Surprisingly, it was not a depressing evening. Lots of good cheer, and friendship, and one Cuban grandma (with perfect makeup and BLING, baby) who DANCED all night long. I hope my hips will drop, pop and shimmy like that when I’m 75.

  11. Scanning the comment section on Janes “primary wars” pos, looks like a lot of bs about “Clinton third term,” Hillary wouldn’t have been different, etc. Even Jane herself joining in on that type of talk.

    These progs still don’t get that the difference is not about the “people around Obama” — it is Obama himself (or Clinton herself had she been elected.)

    I know what Hillary would have done. I wouldn’t have loved her when it came to Iraq and Afghanistan, but I know she would have made a more solid case to the American people than that half-assed speech Obama made when he announced the troop escalation. I am also 100% sure no one would have been giving her a frakkin Nobel Peace Prize while she was overseeing the American war machine. The left would have been ON her ass, they would have been holding her feet to the fire, she would have had to give the left something CONCRETE for them to turn out in 2012. The left would not be marginalized the way it is now. In fact, the right wing would probably be drowned out by left-wing criticism of Hillary. As it should have been. That would have been a real war between her hawkish tendencies and the anti-war left. Instead we’ve got the left so caught up in arguing whether anything Obama does is his faul that the useless rabid neocon criticism from the likes of Dick Cheney and John Bolton are what is dominating the airwaves as the criticism of Obama.

    When it comes to domestic policy, hands down Hillary would have been better. She’s a workhorse. She knows it’s the economy stupid. She would have been BETTER THAN BILL–I think her tendencies on domestic policy are to the left of Bill, as much as people like to conflate the two with each other as if her presidency would have been a carbon copy of his.

    And, we had LEVERAGE–she would have HAD to deliver something to the left or the base most assuredly would let her know that they would not be saving her ass in 2012.

    • Preach it!

    • We really need to give up on some of these people.

    • You know, I would like to have decided for myself if Clinton would have been as bad or worse. That was the whole point of the primaries, wasn’t it? To have the voters decide who the nominee was?
      So, Jane is saying she can’t stand who she ended up with but it was OK for her and her party to deprive the rest of us of a choice. Because her judgment was so much better? Is that essentially what Jane’s argument is?

      • Where were all these “there is no difference between them” arguments two years ago?

        Back then it was “Obama is THE ONE!”

      • seems like the argument over there is that they knew Clinton would have been bad so they wanted to take a chance on Obama.

        Honestly, to me, Jane’s argument seems to just be that she wants to prove she is not a Clintonista.

        • Jane is apparently clairvoyant. Or she is saying that her prophecies are better than ours, right? SOD suggested yesterday that we pull out our predictions from the primary era and hold them up for scrutiny.

          • I think that would be good, next to some of the credo section, along with some of the things he has done FISA, etc., and of course the erosion of women’s reproductive care rights.

          • I hope the frontpagers see your comment, WV. I think that’s a good suggestion about putting it next to the credo up top.

        • in those cases ask them what they base their opinion of Clinton on and then challenge them to provide proof.

          • Proof?

            They don’t need no stinking proof!

          • Oh well you know what the proof is ? That Bill is supporting Obamacare! It’s all Bill Clinton’s fault!

            Bill is wrong about the bill being worth passing and is defending the indefensible. His support is entirely political–he can’t go against the Obama Administration on this, for more reasons than one, but yeah he is taking the wrong stance.

            At the same time, I don’t think the way healthcare has gone under Obama is the work of Bill Clinton. Give me a break.

      • That’s what I take away from it. It sounds so elitist doesn’t it?

        • it’s worse than that, imho. Jane played the “oh some crazy Hillary supporter badgered me on CSPAN the other day” card.

          I think that whole post is about proving she’s a legitimate critic of Obama and not one of those bitter knitters from the primaries.

      • RD — The Hillary-supporting owner of the blog where I’ve been a regular since the primary received huge amounts of hate comments, and so did we commenters there. The hateful comments remained high after we didn’t automatically switch our support to Obama at the end in June. It got so bad that long-time dem/progressive regulars left, one was banned. It was tough for all of us, but , especially for the owner. The easier route would have been Jane’s.

        I don’t know Jane very well. I have supported some of her issues, but I’ll remember that she didn’t fight for the best candidate. She comes across to me as someone who protects her turf at all costs.

    • Being a Hillary-can-do-no-wrong person, I would have had to *make* myself be honest and speak out about her taking us further into Afghanistan. I don’t know how she would have handled the financial crisis (probably superbly!), or how she would have dealt with the blue dogs if they dared to vote against her.

      I know that she would have been making me proud right now, after her first year.

      • here is what I know about Clinton. You can believe she means what she says. If she ever reversed herself she would tell us all why. She would work hard, not sit back and expect advisers to deliver her a legacy.
        She is not arrogant and she is way smarter than Obama…. and she speaks better. She doesn’t talk in meaningless gobbledygook.
        she may have done some things I didn’t like, but I could trust her to do as she said.

    • saying Hillary would not have been better sounds just like the right saying it was okay for bush to steal florida because Gore would have been worse. Saying she would be Clinton’s 3rd term is sexist and no one should be able to say that and get away with it on a supposedly feminist blog.

    • She would have nailed health care, the housing crisis (one of her top priorities), and green technologies for starters.

      There is just no comparison, and they are grasping at straws now that the Hollow Man has been exposed.

    • But here’s my biggest question: What would have been wrong with a third Clinton term?

    • Agree 100%.

  12. MIQ! That vid cracked me up — it seems to symbolize the mood of the country or something.

    ps: I was looking at land in Texas — pretty little ranches oh — under 200,000…..



    the denim jackets and the chicken resonate with CA arty types even if the song doesn’t quite —


    they seem friendly…

    hugs from SoCal, coast that is.


  14. Great so far hanging out with this profane bunch. Guess that’s the upside of unemployment.

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