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Get down and par-tay!

Rico here. We’re wrapping up the decade tonight in style.  RD’s BFF brought some nice champagne and if we can drag him off the wii, maybe he can have a glass.  But you can order whatever you like.

Stateofdisbelief says this is a good time to let go of whatever’s been harshing your mellow.  She recommends something like Lorna Tedder’s Burning Bowl Ritual.  Sounds like something Jane Hamsher might want us to do with all of our primary 2008 hangups.  Hey, I loved the primaries.  So many good parties as we watched Hillary win big state after big state.  Lots of friends, good drinks, great music.

As a matter of fact, here’s a piece of music that I’m sure Hillary would like.  Look for the Silver Lining sung by Fay Claassen.

The bar’s open, ladies and gents.  And you know the drill.  Take the trigger words out to the balcony and then dump the bastard over the railing.  Florence is taking coats in the second bedroom down the hall to the left.

RD is serving some chilled herbed shrimp, scallops and pasta, a nice green salad and chocolate decadence cake for desert. Don’t get it on the new carpet.

Happy New Year!

82 Responses

  1. Ohhh, so NOW the BFF wants to cook. just pass the bottle.

  2. Happy New Year, RD, TC, etc.!!!

  3. Oh goody. I’ll have some chocolate decadence cake with my iced tea. I’ll skip the main course.

    • I can have my personal chef make yours without seafood.

    • BB!! I was just thinking of you–I’m having a Sam Adams Chocolate Bock. (He’s from your neck of the woods, well was.) Happy New Year. And there’s the chocolate part.

      • Happy New Year, Sophe! I had to quit drinking many years ago, but I’ll enjoy the contact high from the rest of you.

        • It’s the Boston part that made me think of you! Happy New Year!

          • OT to my Boston peeps, Flyers fans are all over and gettin’ kinda rowdy, reconsider before putting on that Bruins scarf or hat (luckily in my case I was only hooted at by suburban moms, though they chased me a couple blocks. 😉

  4. Happy New Years Conflucians, one and all, and a great decade ahead for everyone as well!!!

  5. Brook just saw Avatar at the IMAX. Her text reads: OMG! IT WAS AWESOME!
    It was the second time she’s seen it. She doesn’t usually shout when she texts so it must be good.

    • I just came back from Sherlock Holmes, I loved it, the whole science versus trickery. I see what TC has been doing as very Holmesian, that is, to reveal the science, behind all of the trickery.

  6. The champagne is delish. Very crisp. The BFF got his recommendation from those two wine snobs in the WSJ. So, I guess that paper is good for something.

    • Whoop. Made it back in time. The snow falling here is very nice, though it may be hiding the blue moon. I am a recovering non-alcoholic, which I will not explain, but will have a glass of champagne with everyone. 🙂

  7. Just back from a house party at friends, where the Cuban grandmother did ALL the cooking. I’m stuffed.

    I was drinking pomegranate martinis all night, so pour me another! I want to drink good riddance to 2009.

  8. My 100-year mom is gently snoozing in her bed, and I am finishing up our packing as we go back to San Juan, P.R. tomorrow morning. It will be a good new year’s day back home. Happy New Year!

  9. i would hope things change 4 the better in 2010 but hope & change . but look where hope & change got us.

    • We’re going to reclaim those words in 2010. Geesh these kids doing the countdowns on TV seem to get younger every year.

  10. (waving) HAPPY NEW YEARS!!

    I’m being bullied by a little yorkie who thinks if he hits me enough, I’ll give him treats….. Sadly. He’s right.

    Oh, well. Rico? Do you still have my boxed Merlot under the sink?

  11. Happy New Year, TC

    (And Sinatra is playing Times Square!)

    • Happy New Year, Sophie!

    • And John Quincy Adams is tweeting–already, this decade is looking up. Happy new year Sophie and everyone!

      • Happy New Year, Seriously!!

        Have you been hearing thunder tonight? It’s been quite a mix of weather here today.

        • Happy New Year, bb! No, I haven’t heard thunder so far, it’s getting cold, though, and with all the slush the driving conditions aren’t great!

  12. Happy New Years! The fireworks went off over the Mississippi as usual and Karma’s shaking under the bed, poor thing!

    • Happy New Year dakinikat!! Haylee’s a brave tomboy but she doesn’t like the fireworks either.

  13. Happy New Year!!! Woo hoo!

  14. Happy New Year All!!!

  15. My fave is Karen Carpenter and New Years.

    Happy New Year to the cast of characters who play at TC especially RD, BB, RB, Myiq2xu, SOD, Dakini, Wonk and more than I remember. It is 5:22 am here on the Mexican border, the Blue Moon is beaming in the western sky like for sure things are going to be brighter and better in 2010. The coyotes are singing crazy out there among the greasewood, ocotillo and teddy bear cactus and maybe they are on to something or they drank too much tequila.

    It is amazing what that moon is doing to a barely visible desert landscape—that landscape just looks at our antics and our woes sighs and sits, occasionally shaking us up.

  16. Conflucians, thanks for being here everyday when I open the TC door. I’m not sure how I would have gotten through the last year and a half had I not found you in spring of ’08 – may 2010 exceed your wildest expectations as it starts a happier new decade! 🙂

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