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Heaven and Nature Sing

Good Morning, Everyone!

No matter who you are or where you come from, there once was family member of yours long, long ago who woke up on a morning like this one and praised the light for coming back. It is the return of warmth and illumination, the promise of growth, the banishing of fear and the light of reason.

Whatever your holiday tradition, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or Human Light, we at The Conflucnce hope that it is a happy one, filled with friends, family and the inner joy of just being alive.

30 Responses

  1. ‘Morning, Riverdaughter – Merry Christmas…

    and happy holiday to all…

  2. Merry Christmas, RD and all Conflucians!

  3. Good morning, riverdaughter! It’s a gorgeous sunny morning here, and I am feeling a connection to humankind and all our cycles over the millennia.

    As a Christian who does not believe the all myths are true (not even mine), I am reminded this morning that Myth is True, which is an entirely different thing altogether. Perhaps there are some conflucians who will get what I mean by that, but even if not, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and Blessed Light to all anyway. 🙂

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice to all! I am personally grieving today for my little dog who passed away on Dec. 9. She is my avatar at right. Will be going to family for Christmas today and I hope all of you have a happy holiday season and joyous new year.

  5. I should add that though I don’t post much the Confluence has saved my sanity throughout the horrible 2008 dem primary and all that has happened thereafter.

  6. Good morning Conflucians. Peace and goodwill to all.

    Re: “the banishing of fear and the light of reason.”

    We heard a wonderful, very short sermon last night on fear, taken from the Christmas angel’s first remark to the shepherds being “fear not”. As the minister said, if you allow fear to overwhelm you, any other message that follows is likely to be either ignored or misinterpreted. Seemed very timely, to me. Lots of fears in the world right now that inhibit our ability to proceed with reason.

    Fine post, RD.

  7. You always say it just right riverdaughter!

    Merry Christmas and God bless you and all your family.

  8. Morning Riverdaughter & Merry Christmas to The Confluence!

    ps: gee remember listening to Cat Stevens and Elton John as teens?
    James Taylor, the Beatles?

    Geez. Our whole era in songs. Yesterday, I was downtown and in the big Restoration Hardware the Beatles were plastered as advertising in the windows. Hmmm….. somehow, I’m not sure that all four of them would have agreed to that kind of thing…

    I walked around the downtown here and realized how much it has changed — it was icky and most of the things from my childhood are gone. I hadn’t been down there in a long time and it was very sad looking. Like Santa Monica north? Sort of.

    Our parents are no longer with us, so, we will go out again today and maybe take in a movie. Then maybe go up to the old Mission and look at the creche.

    I saw artists I know around town in the few small local stores that are still here. Moving may be part of the New Year. LAND. In case of a victory garden or something.

    Good wishes to all — MIQ, Dakini, Boston Boomer — all the writers here and little B, yourself, and all the constant followers who I have seen over the last two years at my fav political Liberal Dem blog, ever. Your icons have always made me smile!

    And RD. I’m really glad about your sofa!

    MIQ our state is really falling apart to a scary level. I saw it yesterday, believe me. Yikes, MIQ.
    North looks better? Here not so good. Dems who weren’t for Reagan in the 80’s and weren’t for the Term? Well — our state!
    Palin reminds me of the 50’s — but where are the 70’s style Dems?
    Out here they went into vineyards.

    I used to love that song of Cat Stevens’ — had that on a record — Tea for the Tillerman. Nice memory!

    hugs from 3,000 miles away.

    • ps: gee remember listening to Cat Stevens and Elton John as teens?
      James Taylor, the Beatles?

      Elton John was my favorite as a teen and a James Taylor concert in 1977 was the first date I had with my hubby back then.

    • and my favorite Elton John Christmas song:

  9. Merry Christmas, all! Have a glorious day – stay warm and stay close!

  10. I’m watching the Bad Santa marathon on Spike and feeling better about my life.

  11. Blissful Christmas to any of you celebrants out there!

    Dzogchen Santa

    • Isn’t there a Christmas Buddah? My friend the Buddhist minister used to have this statue he hauled out every Christmas. I forget the bodhisattva name though.

      • the little fat guy people mistake for Buddha is called Hotei, or the happy monk, he has a big huge bag that basically has whatever people want in it … when people say that buddha is the fat dude, I tell them they are basically switching santa claus character with jesus character … Hotei is an emanation of chenrezig who is the boddhisattva of compassion … same boddhisattva that the Dali Lama is supposed to be an emanation of ..

  12. Jeff Dunham’s Holiday Tips (maybe NSFW). 😆

  13. Well, good morning again. Stateofdisbelief, yep. The songs!
    RD & Co. We took in a movie yesterday, and, I highly recommend it to everyone at the Confluence.

    “Up in the Air”

    It really spells out what has happened here? And the character of the young girl explains a whole generation for all of us. It is one of the finest films I’ve ever seen. Clooney and the young girl both work for a company who sack people in large corporate atmospheres.

    It’s brutal in its honesty. But, the values of the young girl are what are most interesting — when you see it? You will know why “the logo” worked so well. Target marketing works on that gen — it’s all they know.

    Later we walked through the mall here and looked at the stores — the chains that have moved into town. Even they are just like the film. Human as widget. That film is such an eye opener you won’t even believe it. Just excellent.

    I hope they can get an Oscar — it’s that good.

    Have a great weekend! — 2010. It’ll be here soon.
    That film is so powerful the themes are still with me.

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