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Christmas Kegger

C’mon in, guys.  This is a no frills holiday party.  I was super busy today.  Had to go to not one but TWO Ikeas today.  You wanna know why people in NJ are 49th on the happiness scale?  It’s because any time they want to buy anything, they have to compete with 42,000 other people in NJ who want the same damn thing.  My new living room rug is back ordered until February at Crate and Barrel.  And the Newark Ikea had the basement sofa I wanted (I had to wait a whole year after the reno to buy it) but the covers for the damn thing were in Paramus.  Then, I had to drive back to Central NJ, where we are in the middle of everything but close to nothing, through Paramus and Paterson where other New Jersey drivers think there is not enough noise pollution in the world so they must use their horns.  But now I’m home, thank God.  I had to wait about 10 hours before I could pee.  There just wasn’t any time or opportunity.  I’m going to relax, dammit and the first person who gets between me and the keg is going to get his knees broken.

Happy Chrishannukahmas and a very merry Kwanzadan. Put down you shopping bags and take a load off.  Rico’s on the deck out back with Florence.  There’s a keg of some kind of beer or ale type thing out there.  It’s in the snow bank to keep it crisp.  Never Summer I think.  The local beer emporium scored it a 97.  Pretty good.  If you brought anything, just set it on the sideboard in the dining room.  I have one of those orange cheeseballs with the nuts on it that no one wants to admit they really like.  And I’ve whipped up some piggy back dates.

Our musical entertainment comes from the annex up north.  Remember the McKenzie Brothers?  No?  Ok, remember “a beer in a tree”?  Ringing any bells?  Have another Never Summer.  It’ll come back to you.  Everyone sing-a-long now:

Ladies, gents and Shoobies, don’t mess up my living room.  If you want to punch someone’s ticket for being a kool-aid drinking jerk, take it outside.  And take the trash to the dumpster while you’re at it.

Party on, Conflucians.

52 Responses

  1. Outta my way, Rico. I need a refill.

  2. Ummm…. Drambuie and good friends! Hi Riverdaughter!

    • Rusty nail? What’s the specialty in Kansas? Do you guys bring hot dish made with cream of mushroom soup or are you the fried ravioli with marinara types?

      • I’m the type that hangs out at virtual parties where no one expects me to bring anything at all.

        What’s a Rusty Nail?

        • It’s Scotch with Drambuie and a twist o’lemon. Happy Holidays!

          • Sounds delish! (except the Scotch…. I’ve never had that??)

          • Well, according to the website I looked at, Drambuie is either made from or flavored with Scotch–it’s described as a Scotch based liqueur flavored with honey and other spices, so if you like Drambuie, I guess you’d probably liike it?

  3. I see that BB also has a party thread. I guess we all need a break.

    • That’s OK. But I’m not taking mine down because I found a wonderful video of Elvis singing Blue Christmas in 1968.

  4. SOFA!


    You go RD.
    YAY & Merry Christmas in sofaville!
    next up fab rings!



    • I had to wait a whole year, vb. I made do with a cheap daybed frame and a twin mattress. not ideal for watching TV. You’re never quite sure if you should be watching the movie or getting ready for bed.
      i waited a long time for a sofa. if it hadn’t been for an unexpected and unanticipated windfall at work, I wouldn’t have gotten it. Anyway, I had to bust my nuts for it today at Ikea and then lugging the boxes back home, breaking the cardboard up into housing association regulation size. You know the drill? you can’t sneak the cardboard to the dumpster because someone is probably watching? Very creepy

      • We used to have a cardboard Nazi person who would drag unbroken down cardboard out of the dumpster and place notes on it, asking for people to break it down. She was also known for putting it on people’s porches, if she knew who it was. Someone also saw her climbing out of the dumpster with contraband. She was a trip. She move about a year ago.

      • Ooh, did you get one of the leather ones? Those have such great lines, so sleek.

      • Man, that Newark Ikea is like a whole country by itself. Congrats on the acquisition.

        • I find the Ikea in Newark/Elizabeth overwhelming. I much prefer the one in New Haven, CT. Far more manageable.

          • The best Ikea is the Brooklyn one. We take a free ferry to get there and it’s rarely crowded. Sure beats the bus from Port Authority out to Elizabeth.

      • Well, it’s Christmas Eve and I remember when you posted about that sofa. RD. I never had time to pick out sofas either, yet. But, right now? I’m glad you got the sofa.

        One of these days I am going to get a comfortable sofa and reading lights and you know, stuff I have postponed getting in this lifetime because I was so busy doing other things. This year seems like a turning point in a way.

        Sometimes so much depends upon a sofa…
        Comfort. I have one my mom gave me — it’s an antique but it is not one of those big sink into ones that spell comfort.

        ps: It was nice to see Rico again…
        What a year.
        What a decade.

        Hope you have a great holiday. I have never been to an Ikea. I think there might be one to the south but? I always wanted to see the Scandinavian-ness of it all.

        This is the first decade I feel like having home be the most important thing, seriously!

        What I want now is land? Just where?
        This is the year of restlessness.
        Land. A barn! Oh well…

        hugs RD & Co.
        ps: I saw these great Amish barns for sale in the web — the real thing. A barn and a sofa! And a puppy, again. I want to plant some trees and roses. Dunno. Maybe a different state? Country?

      • Shame you had to break that cardboard down, the thousands of folks Obama put out on the streets could have used a whole section to make a wall.

  5. We bought some dear friends a lovely replica 19th century absinthe fountain for Christmas – with the nifty spoons and hand blown glasses etc.

    With the way this week has gone, I’m eying it covetously, lying there under the tree. I’m about this close to just opening it, and pawning a toaster or something off on them.

  6. Help! It’s 11pm and I’m at a mall 2 hrs from home. My shopping is far from done. I have no food for Christmas dinner, the daughter is still shopping (this freaking mall is open til midnight!) My feet hurt, I haven’t eaten dinner, the Cheesecake factory is at the whole other end of the mall…Rico!! Double Expresso paleeze! I’ll nevert stay awake for the drive home.

  7. Hi folks, Rico…

    yeah, I’ll have what she’s having.

  8. Happily for me, my best friend will be here for Christmas. We’re looking forward to the usual lovely late night service tomorrow at my tiny neighborhood church and a low key Christmas. New Year’s Eve should be nice though, since the local store had black angus prime rib on sale for $4.99/lb. Way to say goodbye to a mixed year.

    Rico, I’ll have some of that special beer.

  9. I’ve escalated to a Cabernet Franc from Jones Winery.

  10. Interesting of you to decide that if they’re standing in the way of you and your keg, they must be a “he”.

    Ah, to have a nice cold beer from a keg. Which kind of beer? I’m drinking diet ginger ale with a splash of sparkling cherry. No alcohol. I can’t dare have a hedache in the AM. Too much to do. Am I the only one who considers the day after Christmas their favorite day of the year? It is the day that is the farthest from the next Christmas. Ah, if only the holiday came once every 5 years, maybe I could enjoy it. I have no children. Maybe kids would make it better.

    Didn’t make my hand-dipped chocolates this year. Tore my shoulder taking care of my “downer dog,” so I couldn’t cut the nut caramels that I dip, so I said ferget it. Didn’t shop much. Gave myself the freedom to send relatives who always send impersonal gifts, reciprocating impersonal gifts….Fruit Company fruit baskets, mostly. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to get Omaha Steaks, Mrs. Fields Cookie Towers, or whatever happens to be on sale at Harry and David, but it just doesn’t say, “I thought about YOU, personally.”

    Anyway, wrong holiday, but I’m always thankful for places like this one, with voices of sanity, even at this insane time of year.

  11. My favorite Christmas present is waking up to find Riverdaughter posts on TC in the mornings!!!

  12. For RD

  13. Dr. Socks put up a picture of her tree, it’s gorgeous.

    • Unless she’s kidding and it’s really the White House tree or something, because damn, that’s a nice tree.

  14. Have been chatting over the last week and a half from NYC by way of Newark Airport, who was here in Las Cruces for IV treatments. The first day he was talking up how great stress was for getting work done and how living in the city was great; the second time I saw him he mentioned that the problem in NYC was that business was everywhere, no countryside.
    Today, he announced that it was nicer HERE and that he would come back, even though there was a Dr. in NYC that would follow the protocol he’s on. His wife wants to see Santa Fe.

    I told my mother he was “Las Cruces-fied”…

    Another convert. I enjoy looking at pics on the web of my old stomping grounds of NJ but I wouldn’t go back!!

  15. Ladies and germs, The Chemist’s Drinking Song:


  16. They voted for the monstrosity at 7 AM. Now insurers and pharma can go shopping. Tabloids touch it

    • All to provide a legacy (any legacy) for the empty suit and fraud the DNC rammed down our throat. After all it’s “history’.

      Mean while to Everyone: Merry Chrismas!!

    • Historical! And guess what–Reid first accidentally blurted out No and then had to correct his vote to yes.

      • Good catch! That says it. Or was he trying to have it both ways? That seems to be the Democratic stance. Here’s one half a loaf (despite Obama’s “nine tenths of a loaf” claim), we tried to give you more, sorry.

  17. Ikea? I hope you had some apple cake while you were there. Mmmm …

  18. Merry Christmas everyone! Off to drag kids out of bed and make some cookies. Wishing all of you the best this coming year!

  19. I love the carpenters; ok now that is one of my new Xmas favorites. Thanks BB and RD for the tune, Rico, Daki, SOD, Myliq and the community here that makes TC such a special place. Merry Christmas and all that other stuff too.

  20. Get their knees broken? Kind of tough!

  21. Merry Christmas, all.

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